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Troy Drayton shares thoughts on the Dolphins


Dolphins players and former players have been telling you what they think about all things relative to the franchise in the days since the regular season ended and owner Stephen Ross flirted with the idea of replacing Tony Sparano in a manner that failed protocol.

Former tight end Troy Drayton, who played in Miami from 1996-99, was a guest on Armando and the Amigo on 640-Sports in South Florida and I share with you the interview above.

Drayton shares his opinion of the season. He shares his opinion of the last few weeks (hint: he used the word "fiasco"). I asked him if people like you, the fans, will forgive and forget going forward.

Eventually the conversation turned to Chad Henne. Drayton saw what you saw. "He regressed," he said.

But Drayton has an interesting take on Henne going forward. Drayton also talked about Tyler Thigpen, whom he apparently likes more than Henne at this point.

Click the link and listen.

And come back later as I'll upload an interview we did with former University of Miami, New York Giants, St. Louis Cardinals RB O.J. Anderson. You will appreciate the story he gives you about how Bill Parcells dealt with him back in the day.


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Craig...i'm not ducking you...just working....i'll answer your stuff later

Please, please, oh please, do not think of picking up Vince Young.

I live in Nashville and can tell you that he is nothing but a big dumb crybaby. And he can't take a hit - anything more than a hangnail and he's on the bench!

Remember his Wonderlic of 17 - he just cannot understand anything more complex than a sandlot play. Let's look at who else is interested in even talking with his agent - not a single team!

At least let's pick a QB who has an IQ in the triple digits.

Please, please, oh please, do not think of picking up Vince Young.

I live in Nashville and can tell you that he is nothing but a big dumb crybaby. And he can't take a hit - anything more than a hangnail and he's on the bench!

Remember his Wonderlic of 17 - he just cannot understand anything more complex than a sandlot play. Let's look at who else is interested in even talking with his agent - not a single team!

At least let's pick a QB who has an IQ in the triple digits.

David Lee instilled fear of failure. Sparano does the same.

You can see from how Sparano coaches scared and never takes a chance.

Give me a coach who says 'forget that INT and remain aggressive' to his young QB.

This OC and QB coach hire is critical.

try a wonderlic score of 6, thats what VY scored!!!!!!!!

It really does not matter who the coach is, quarterback, OC, who they draft or any other tiresome and worn opinions, as long as Belicheck is the coach in NE the Pats will always be the class of the Division.

Better get ready for 5 more years of domination considering the team he has put together and will enhanced with all of his draft picks for 2011.

It must be great to be a Patriots fan.

Very sad.


Am I the only one dying breed lost with that post about Griese ? He has nothing for today`s game, he had no arm to speak of and I can talk I actually saw him play before Woodley took over during the 1980 season. In today`s game if you go back and remember the 80`s there is only a handful of guys that could have played today (Marino, Kelley, Elway) if you can`t go vertical in today`s game, well your the fins of 2010

DB, did David Lee throw those INTs? Into double-coverage? I think I did overhear a conversation between the 2, it went, "Now, Chad, if you have no one to throw to, just throw one into double-coverage, you never know, you might get lucky."

But look, both of you are gonna get what you ask for. I don't hear any talk about trading Henne, dumping Henne, and Henne is still under contract, right? So, Henne will be in the mix next season.

But he'll have competition, so he'll have to beat them first.

Then he'll have fans like Greg z. checking his progress in training camp, and we'll see if he passes the smell test.

Then he'll have Sparano, with an itchy trigger finger, waiting for the first mistake to toss his *ss before Mr. Ross brings down the gauntlet.

If he can get by ALL that, and be decent, then, who knows, you might be right. But I wouldn't bet on it or hold my breath.

QB play needs improving, RB play needs improving, and OL sucks...can't run block. West Coast offense might solve our problems, Childress would help for sure...Now find a QB who can run the offense and we'll improve...McNabb, Orton, Mark Bulgar

You guys really are not with it at all. Maybe it's the sun in Miami but OPEN your eyes and watch Henne. A QB coach helps the QB succeed true but there has to be something to WORK with.

Henne is a robot, not accurate unless he is checking down, horrible leader, horrible body language, horrible decision maker, no pocket prescense, no mobility.

A QB coach can't fix all those problems. Bill Walsh can't fix Henne's problems. There are certain things that can be fixed such as mechanics, throwing motion and preparing a player for the game but you CAN'T teach a QB to be a leader, mobility, pocket prescense or how to win. They either have it or they don't. And Henne don't have "it". His ship has sailed to have "it" in Miami.


You also gotta figure Sparano was getting all of his qb advice from David Lee too. Lee was a total bum as qb coach!

Couldnt develop White, wasting a 2nd rd pick. Thigpen's not better than the day he arrived. Henne couldnt make any real headway under Lee neither. Whats the common denominator in our qb's fiasco? DAVID LEE! GOOD RIDDANCE!

I hope I have been wrong about Henne and would love to eat a heapin' helpin' of crow on that one. But to this point my eyes tell me otherwise. Give him a shot to compete with a veterain and rookie in camp and we'll see what happens. He's a low cost servicable backup at worst.

I hope I have been wrong about Henne and would love to eat a heapin' helpin' of crow on that one. But to this point my eyes tell me otherwise. Give him a shot to compete with a veterain and rookie in camp and we'll see what happens. He's a low cost servicable backup at worst.

DB lost me with, "the QB pieces are already here. Just need the right guy to make 'em work."

Yeah, if the right guy is GOD, lol!

DB might be the only person alive on Earth who thinks the QB pieces are already here, lol. That's why I love this blog, you can't get live comedy like this ANYWHERE!!! Better than Bill Maher.


So does Eli Manning but Chris Palmer as his qb coach coached him up to a SB win. Eli has the exact same mannerisms as Henne.

Throwing a pick into double coverage? I challenge you to name me one hof qb that hasnt thrown picks into double coverage numerous times. If that's your selling point I think youve sold yourself out.

DB, Lee couldn't develop White, how about the rest of the NFL? What's their excuse?

Sorry dude, sometimes a bust is just a bust. I bet your gonna say someone messed with John Beck too next? Only he was a 3rd-stringer in Baltimore and a 3rd-stringer in DC. But somehow, in some parallel universe only you live in, all these guys could have been excellent QBs.

My uncle could have been my hot aunt if he had teets too!


One would want a higher wonderlic score than 17.

Sure toughness is of value.

However, wasn't Dan Marino's score notoriously low?

And if he is some dumb why does he have such a high win percentage?

Why is it posting twice when I'm only hitting the button once? Damn windows OS.

Vince Young had to take the Wonderlic TWICE to get a combined average score. Enough said.

It does not matter who the coach is, QB, OC, RB or any tiresome, worn opinions. As long as Belicheck is the coach at NE, the pats will be the class of the Division.

Get ready for 5 more years of domination considering the team he has put together and the additions from this year's draft picks.

Remember this post while you are watching them destroy the Jets and think about how much better the Dolphins would have to be in order to compete with that team. I can only think of two or three Dolphin players that would be able to start for NE.

It must be great to be a Patriots fan.

Very sad.

Or, the common denominator in the QB fiasco is when you start with sh*t, then that's what you end with.

When you draft QBs from the B-team, they don't work out in the end, that's a just-as-plausible reason as the one you gave.

Go Patriots!

The Dolphins Suck chemtrails


I pity you because like most here have accepted what you see from our qb position based on what David Lee was able to present you. When a qb coach make it seem youve wasted a two 2nd rd picks(Henne and White) and a 5th rd pick(Thigpen) you may wanna also look into just maybe you cant accept the results that guy was able to deliver.

Lee hasnt excelled even in the least bit with any qb brought here. Suggests to me there may have been more of a qb coaching problem than just qb talent alone.


No one else could develop White? Where have you been. After getting cut White signed a major league baseball contract.

DC, it ok to step outside and get a little fresh air my friend! LOL............

Mags, you do know that no new CBA also means you can't sign draft pics, right?

Eli and Henne has the same mannerisms. Ok and the comparisons end there. Eli makes horrible decisions as evidenced by him being the sole reason why his team didn't make the playoffs IMO. But Eli has "IT". Eli makes a play when it matters. Eli wins games for his team. Eli doesn't have a bad game and feel compelled to tell his team and the media he is a starting caliber QB like Henne did. Eli takes it on the chin and keeps moving. Eli is far from great. He is a good Qb that has "it". Eli had "it" as a rookie and second year even when he played bad you could still see "it".

@ Andy NJ

I agree with you 100% nobody is taking into account the fact that Henne was told and I quote "your job is not to win games just not loose them" what really, can you imagine Sean Peyton saying that to Brees, they cut this kids legs out from under him from day one !

I will tell everybody out there that there wrong about bringing in Childress and his O cause Marshall, Bess and Hartline are best suited for that type of O and while were at it thinking sack machine Bulger is a better fit than say a Mcnabb till we can draft our guy is crazy go back and analize these 2 head to head.




Henne has a tendency to throw high. Mcnabb has a tendency to throw low. If this were Baseball, we'd be well on our way towards assembling a great pitching staff!

Yes, great QBs throw picks too. Except they throw more TDs than picks (that's kind of a sign that a QB is worth his salt, more TDs than picks, something your boy hasn't been able to grasp yet).

DB, I'm not trying to crank your chain, really. Don't take my cynicism personally. I would love nothing more than to be wrong and you right. It really would be better for the team if Henne was the guy. It would solve LOTS of problems if next year he miraculously turned into Aaron Rogers.

So, let me say this, in front of all here, no, not say, but beg:

Please God, I am only your vessel, I know not what I do, but please, PLEASE, please, make me wrong and DB/Aloco/Craig/bobby etc. right. Make Henne into an elite QB. And Sparano into a HOF Head Coach. Help them turn Miami into a powerhouse and a Playoff team. God, do this and I will humbly submit to those wiser than me, each and every day forward, and look to them to predict what I was unable to see, to provide clarity through the smog in my vision. I ask you God for this as your humble servant. Amen.

Ok, happy guys. I really just want to win ASAP!

Mando,he said the same thing about Henne that I posted in out live blog... so there. :)


Thanks for making my point for me! Eli was coached by Chris Palmer, Henne wasnt! Just being cut from Manning lineage doesnt mean you have "IT". Of the Manning lineage Eli was cut closer to "sh..IT" than "IT". LOL..........

I would like to see them get orton and keep thigpen with Henne 3rd string or go bye ,bye.
Henne should not take another snap for the fins

Andy NJ,

Clearly Henne regressed last year. However, I suggest you take a closer look at the last several games.

I recall Henne having 11 completions in a row and moving the offense before being pulled for a couple misguided wildcat plays then being inserted for a 3rd and long.

That seemed to happen all the time.

You cant complete 11 in a row in the NFL and be a complete bum. The kid has some tools.

And let's review; crap predictable OC, crap O-line, no deep threat speed WR, zero vertical aspect to the offense so always playing against CB's cheating up and LB's in passing lanes.

Plus led the league in having his WR's tip catch-able passes up for the D to pick.

It is easy to bash Henne. I do not believe that it is exactly fair though.

DB, when I said what about the rest of the NFL about Pat White, did you really respond with the MLB? You do know MLB stands for Major League Baseball, right? And that's NOT the NFL? And that probably means no one saw anything to develop in 31 other teams, when 1/2 of them are constantly looking for QB help? You do know that, right?

Blame Lee all you fellas, you are wrong. Henne is the equally to blame and IMO more to blame. If he is being drilled to not throw ints then why does it still happen?

I said it before and will say it again if the playbook was wide open and Henne had the freedom to air it out he would have thrown 25 ints. He could only read 1 side of the field therefore they played max protection because it wouldn't matter if you had more guys going out on pass patterns if Henne can't see them.



Henne deserves another shot at QB. The teams 1st rejuvenation act was to get rid of the OC and the QBC. This an indication that Coach Tony was not happy with that particular Parcell move.Let's see how Henne performs under another tutelage. If he fail this time then by all means cut him loose. We should focus, after putting all the coaches in place, on speed at the running back position and large aggressive offensive lineman, did I say large aggressive offensive lineman? Then we need to bolster up the special team folks. The defense can still be tweaked but if they sign McDaniel and Sinai, the D will be doing good. GO PHINS!!!!!

Oregon, I agree with you somewhat. Henne's output was largely a result of a slow predictable offense & a lousy OC. He showed some progress early this season but totally fell apart late. He struggled with making the right throws. Panicking behind a shotty o-line led to allot of inaccuracy.

With that said, a legit QB should be able to handle the pressure. He seemed lost at times. Can this be coached? Don't know. I do think he stays on the team & will have a shot to compete. I just can't see a Veteran of some kind not being able to beat him out.

Time will tell.

Sorry ALoco. I guess I get cranky when people try to tell me we have all the QB pieces here already, when we haven't been a consistent Playoff team since Dan Marino.

I'll try to be nicer to you though. Ask me for a recipe, I'll hook you up. Cool bro?

What upsets me isn`t spinning my wheels here bro`s it`s that we will probably be thrown for a loop on draft day and handed another back ass excuse for the reason we didn`t take our consensus guy, only to watch him be awesome for somebody else, starting to wonder if Ireland doesn`t have some naked picks of Ross or something.

They said Henne can't look away from the defense and then look back up and be able to quickly spot the defense again. So that's why he sucks in Shotgun, that's why he sucks in Play-Action.

So, the solution is there already fellas. Just make sure Henne NEVER drops his eyes. It's the anti-Medusa technique. You can't EVER LOOK AWAY. Problem solved, Henne becomes Favre. Why didn't we think of that sooner?

Dolphin players and fans have nothing

All they have is the Jets to root against

So now the Dolphins are up to the same bad behavior they have been accusing the Jets fans and crying about for years

pathetic & sad

The Dolphins Suck

The Farve of 2010 or the Farve of the 1990's?

Oregon you speak the truth, the problem is at least about Henne in this blog forum, is the haters will not look at facts.

DC, is not a Henne supporter, and he brings out 2 things about him i can not dispute,

He does not use a pump fake at all and needs to. and his glaring weakness that coaching can not fix is he is timid to stand up for what he thinks is right, and he does not talk to his teammates during games as a leader on the bench(at least that is the persception, and i agree with it)

All the other crap that is posted here is just crap.

The reason it is crap, is it can not be pinned on Henne 100%, there are many other factors, coaching OC, O-Line inconsitanciess.

You people bashing him act like he had 5 seconds to throw the ball every play. If he had numbers klike this and that was the case, i would be in.

but ANYONE watching the games KNOW that was not the case at all.

Toxic Florida chemtrails coming momentarily tothe skies near u

Go out and enjoy the toxic party in the sky


After the horrible job David Lee did with White why would anyone else want him? Plus White himself may have made it clear to any suitors he now rather play baseball. The David Lee experiment gone terribly ary may have been just that devastating on the kid.

For one Lee may have fiddled with his delivery so he couldnt even throw past the line of scrimmage at times. White was never as awful throwing the football in college as he was under LEE. This is clear evidence his throwing mechanics were clearly altered with.

A great qb coach doesnt try and re-invent the wheel. He just tries too see what he can do to make the wheel a little more efficient. Definitely seems Lee's approach is re-inventing the wheel. You saw the results. LOL........

The season over and

The Dolphins Suck

nother year
nother losing record

Save your breathe

The Dolphins Suck

Henne's pocket prescense is so bad that he creates pressure when it isn't there.

I don't know if you guys know but QB has a pocket to work with and when the pocket starts to collapse you step up, step back, step left or step right. Henne pulls the ball down and waits to take the sack. Or Henne's pattened move when you are as slow as the guys blocking for you the worst thing is to do what Henne does which is ALWAYS move to the right side of the field out of the pocket. Henne tucks and runs before there is pressure lol. Remember Cleveland guys weren't even touching him but he decided to tuck and run.

The dude can't see the whole field. That can't be coached. Henne no doubt puts in the time he just dont have the goods on a CONSISTANT basis. He has a a good game or 2 but just like I said the other day break down Henne tape and you see a lot of bad.

The good coaches will consistantly use that bad tape to make Henne suck. The bad tape on Henne is blitz him and even if the pressure doesn't get there he CAN'T process whats going on and he will pull the ball down instead of keeping his eyes downfield or his pattened move pull down and move to the right.

The reading only one side of the field thing is another annoying aspect for me.

This goes directly to Henning.

I recall Mike Irving pointing out how when you always have your QB under center and thus he has to retreat from the line of scrimmage with his back to half the field.

Doing this impairs your ability to see and read the defense.

Henning almost never had Henne is the shot gun and IMO that is simply an incompetent thing for the OC to do. I blame Sparano for this too.

And another thing,

This crap O-line didnt protect at all. Henne could not get to a 5 step drop without instant pressure.

The crappy pass blocking goes all the way back to the beginning of the season too. Henning had to call max protection to even have a chance to allow enough time to get a deep pass route.

Henning talked about it after the Bills game.

Three deep routs. 2 of 3 blown up by pressure even though they had max protection. it's in the thursday interview with Henning.

Bottom line. F ing Brady or P Manning would have looked bad with this coaching staff and O-line.

blah, blah blah


The Dolphins Suck


Im out fellas, Quick go buy your Henne authentics he is the next GREAT QB. LMAO.

You guys will see


WHEN THE NEW QB COACH AND THE NEW OC COACH THEY SHOULD ASK ALL THE QB'S , WHAT DO YOU NEED TO SUCCSED? then let them fight it out to see who's the starter ?

Speaking as just a guy on this blog, and not a fan, I'd love nothing more than Henne to get a chance next year to play. Just so we can ONCE AND FOR ALL see if Henne is worthy or not.

But, then people might say he needs 5 years, not 3. Or the stadium announcer made him nervous, so what could we expect. Or Sparano told him to go out there and win, and that's too much pressure to put on a young QB.

Andy, just so you know and i am not saying I know more than you.

I was a QB for 4 years, and then coached QB's after.

I guess i was good, however I was 5'11 and arm strength was great, but had problems with touch passes. I could coach it but did not have good depth perception on the arching long balls.

That being said, that is where i really FEEL most of his problem is over coaching. I can give facts to support it however i do not want to get carpel tunnel doing that AGAIN.

Look, he really needs a shot to compete with new coaches. I DID study fiem of him at Michigan, and that leads me to believe coaching has warped him.

Brad Childress interviewing do OC job

I know 1 thing, Baradenio from Sentinel is a moron. He posted a blog story stating that we need to go after Drama Queen of the Year: Vince Young. Im sorry, but oh forget that. I agree that the Dolphins do need more viable weapon at the QB position. BUT! I do not agree with reports saying that Miami needs Vince Young. He does not like doing what his coach tells him too. His childish and immature antics in the locker room is disturbance the Dolphins don’t need. Yes he has the ability to escape, but he also doesn’t protect the ball when he’s on the run. Case in point when he played the Dolphins this season he tried to escape multiple times and had 2 fumbles. Miami already has a QB on the roster that has escape ability and throw on the run…Tyler Thigpen. The one game in which Thigpen started for Miami vs. Chicago was an unfair test. He was playing behind a 2nd and 3rd string Offensive line. If you look back to when Miami played against him in Kansas City in 2008…he had 57yds rushing, 1 rushing TD, and was only sacked 3x’s. I think Tyler could be the Dolphins starting QB if he was given a fair chance and allowed to play behind the 1st string OL. Look what he did against Tennessee this year when both Chad’s went down. He came in and lead the offense down the field for the game clinching TD to beat the titans. Thigpen has a strong arm and can go downfield with the ball.

I have to back Thigpen because he played for the instate rival university(Coastal Carolina University) to my alma mater Charleston Southern University both of whom are in the Big South Conference. I say give him a fair chance.


No one really pays attention to the fact that with Henning's run, run, then pass offense Henne may have had been close the league leaders in number of 3rd and longs faced. DC's blitz young qb's in that situation.

Marshall isnt a speed demon threat to make DC's pay for blitzing and Hartline couldnt beat 2nd corners deep. 3rd and longs were when Henne looked his worse. DC's would blitz the hell out of Brady and Manning too on 3rd and longs if there wasnt a reliable deep reciever they could throw to making them pay for that strategy.

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