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Troy Drayton shares thoughts on the Dolphins


Dolphins players and former players have been telling you what they think about all things relative to the franchise in the days since the regular season ended and owner Stephen Ross flirted with the idea of replacing Tony Sparano in a manner that failed protocol.

Former tight end Troy Drayton, who played in Miami from 1996-99, was a guest on Armando and the Amigo on 640-Sports in South Florida and I share with you the interview above.

Drayton shares his opinion of the season. He shares his opinion of the last few weeks (hint: he used the word "fiasco"). I asked him if people like you, the fans, will forgive and forget going forward.

Eventually the conversation turned to Chad Henne. Drayton saw what you saw. "He regressed," he said.

But Drayton has an interesting take on Henne going forward. Drayton also talked about Tyler Thigpen, whom he apparently likes more than Henne at this point.

Click the link and listen.

And come back later as I'll upload an interview we did with former University of Miami, New York Giants, St. Louis Cardinals RB O.J. Anderson. You will appreciate the story he gives you about how Bill Parcells dealt with him back in the day.


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Here's the thing guys, every year, we come up with excuses why the team can't win, or what they need to win. In '06 it was QB/offense, in '07 it was Saban screwed us up. In '08 it was Pennington couldn't get us to the big dance. In '09 it was WRs, this year it's the OC/QB Coach.

I don't mean to be down on Henne, but I'm sick of players that need the Sun, Moon and Stars perfectly aligned in order to win. Sometimes, the players just need to play through it and will themselves to win. And that's what I'm looking for.

As much as we like to say, Bellichick makes mistakes. Remember those 4th-downs he goes for, and gets stopped all the time on? He's not perfect. His coaches aren't perfect. The ball doesn't bounce perfectly for them. They have injuries. But somehow, someway, his players come through in the end. They play when it counts.

And that's what I'm looking for here. I want the players to play when it counts. Then, if they STILL lose, then we can talk about this coach or that style or whatever. But let's all at least agree that we want players here that play their best when it counts.

No one really pays attention to the fact that with Henning's run, run, then pass offense Henne may have had been close the league leaders in number of 3rd and longs faced. DC's blitz young qb's in that situation.

Marshall isnt a speed demon threat to make DC's pay for blitzing and Hartline couldnt beat 2nd corners deep. 3rd and longs were when Henne looked his worse. DC's would blitz the hell out of Brady and Manning too on 3rd and longs if there wasnt a reliable deep reciever they could throw to making them pay for that strategy.

Guys the answers have been right in front of your faces all season long. Youve been seeing purple and calling it blue. LOL...........

fox hired by denver.

i've watch henne up close for 60+ PRACTICES. i hate to say it but the guy doesnt have it. henne doesnt have fun with the position,doesnt interact with his receivers and has no internal clock. i've seen him kills plays with no one near him;he doesnt have that 6th sense. he does have a good arm but never uses it to his advantage. when we get a receiver on a deep route he doesnt put some air underneath it to let the receiver go get it(run underneath the ball). he rather huddle with coaches than team mates. very, very discouraging and no progress from year to year. thigpen is raw but very exciting,willing to learn and take %chances when odds favor the receiver(like marshall one on one). thigpen is alive,loose and just needs to be coached up. he is young and shows a willingness to audible;something henne wont do. thigpen will throw a jump ball to marshall;something henne wont do. after parcells left he was quoted as saying henne didnt develop the way they thought he would.

Henne has struggled w/the deep ball since day 1. He's had plenty of chances to hit deep passes & missed. Whether he was short, long, the receivers are too slow....chances were there, he just didn't connect.

DC, fair, and i do not think anyone is arguing saying he was far from good last year and we need a upgrade.

What most people here are saying is there has been enough to at least keep him and let him compete for the job.

If he looses and fades into the sunset so be it. I will not apoologize for my opinion, because on most points if coached differently people can conquer many of these problems.

However if he wins the job and goes to the pro-bowl, it would have been a nightmare if we dropped him.

So the risk of keeping him has more reward potential than risk

Joe, you are absolutly correct, but go watch Michigan games. He had many different receivers, and i saw a stregth for the long ball with him in the college games.

How coaching can effect that is: "Look Chad if you see somthing deep make sure you put the ball where either the reciever can get it, or no one can get it."

In practice Chad nailed most of these passes. But the problem is, in game if you miss, you MUST try again with the same 1-2 participants. I can tell you that never happened.

Fox new HC in Denver

Troy Who?

Poizen, I watched him at UM. I liked him coming out. He looks nothing like the QB that played there. Something happened to him, I'm sure coaching has something to do with it. Can it be corrected or is he too far gone? Not sure.

Based on the fact that he's the only Qb on the roster with a lick of experience is the only reason he's coming back at this point.

Hey, ALoco, how is your brown monkey? I believe his name is Apocolypto.

If you become raucous at a restaurant/sports bar you can be sure they are going to throw you out on your can.

Joe there are 2 things that would not suprise me in the least. 1 would be that Henne is the starter next season. There are too many teams that have problems at quarterback to just assume we will get a veteran that is an upgrade. Mix in the lack of offseason programs such as OTA's Mini Camps, and the possibility of a shortened training camp. The job may end up in Hennes lap. The other scenario that wouldn't suprise me would be this. We do sign a veteran quarterback, we also draft a guy(which round doesn't matter) and have a couple others in camp(assuming there is one) Henne loses the competion to the Vet for the starting job. The rookie looks great, and one of the longshot guys outplays Henne as well. It wouldn't suprise me at the end of camp that Henne gets outright released. 2 different scenarios that are just as possible as outrageuos as they may sound.

asmando what about the TOM CABLE factor?

Do I like Rex Ryan? Yes. Do I like Bill Belichick? No.

Shula and Buddy Ryan couldn't be farther apart in personality. But one is a HOF'er and the other a very good Coach.

DD, him failing sets Miami back. I think that's how allot of us feel. I wanted him to succeed. I was a staunch supporter of his throughout the season. Andy and I had our back & forths with it. The way I saw it was, as the o-line deteriorated, so did he. Is it a coincidence? I don't know. With the O he was in, the coaching, the predictability, I have a hard time imagining any QB succeeding here.

It sucks for him, but he has to be evaluated by his play on this team as it was assembled. That's the breaks!

I too would not be surprised by any scenario you listed except 1. I can't see them releasing him outright. Just keeping him as a 2nd or 3rd stringer eliminates us needing to draft or sign a guy to replace him. He's under contract for 1 more year, find a way to utilize him. Even if it's not on the field.

Well Joe, that is the big if. the problem is he seems to approve BEING coached since I have not heard of or seen him challenge coaches. he seemed to be a yes man.

Hence why there is no emotion good or bad, it is almost like it was not his decision.

I do recall two great plays that he made where he threw some rockets that could of been picked but were caught, both by Bess. Both times he came to the bench and got an ear full. One of them the time out was called right after, so i really do not know what else he was getting lectured on.

In my opinion, since things wer going well, give him a high 5, pat himm on the arse and say good job, but be careful.

I don't know, just a lot of handcuffs pointed to coaching, and no one can find a successful NFL QB that was coached in that fashion.

It is a fact that a mistake in drafting your future QB can set back a Team for at least one year.

Poizen, question for you, since you were a QB, and I respect your first-hand experience.

So, when you're playing, sure, the coaches call the plays, and you go over the game plan all week, and your getting coached during the game.

But, as a player, when a Coach calls a play, and you're reading the defense, and you SEE they're defending the exact play you've called, when YOU were in that situation, did you ever audible out of it? And I'm assuming you played in high school/college, not the pros.

Also, can you shed light on this thing where if Henne looks down or away from the defense, and then looks back up again, it's hard for him to spot the defense again (like he loses focus). What's that about? Can that be coached? Or is that just a problem with Henne?

Hey what's up fellas?

Same dead horse, I see.

Poizen, I agree his depth perception is what does him and most other QBs in. He just doesn't have that part of his game down. Let me ask you, that is not coachable is it? How can you make someone see something they can't see to begin with?

Accuracy can be improved with mechanics and spacing, and proper feet setting where 1 QB coach or OC see's it different from another but what he see's is a struggle a coach can't overcome IMO.

Andy/Poizen, one thing about Henne (and I'm a Michigan fan, so saw lots of their games), he did throw the long ball well, but missed almost as much as he made. So he wasn't terribly accurate even in college. Just an FYI.

Joe...That is the best thing anyone has said here in awile(refering to Hennes failure) It would have made everyones nerves a little more settled had Henne not played so poorly the last month of the season. Trying to revamp an offense is hard enough. But when the number 1 component is failing, it just adds to the challenge. I was rooting for Henne, not for his sake. But the whole franchise.

Henne's best throws in college were the ones where he didn't need to go through any progression. It was just 3-5 step drop, throw. Like a timing throw, didn't have to read defense or anything, just had to step back, load and fire.

That could be his problem. He can't read defenses quick enough.

They should have drafted Manningham instead of Henne.

has (RALPH) ross appointed Ryan Mallet the next Dan Marino yet???

childress for OC??? Sparano sure likes washed up coaches...obviously hasnt learned a thing from last year in Henning debacle...look for him or Dallas Cowboys tight ends coach John Garrett to get the job....

We're talking about Troy Drayton? Troy Drayton man. Not Zach Thomas, not Dan Marino, Troy Drayton. Its Troy Drayton man. Not, not Zach Thomas, Troy Drayton. Troy Drayton man. We're talking about Troy Drayton man. Really? Not Dan Marino, Troy Drayton man. Its Troy Drayton. Drayton man.

DC Dolfan,

We basically just asked the same question.

And same here bro, die hard Michigan fan. What are the odds 2 Miami/Michigan fans not living in either place lol. Anyway I saw a lot of Henne too all 4 years worth and let me ask you bro did it seem to as it did me that he regressed at Michigan by his Senior year?

And you're right Mario Manningham had the best double move in college that year so he would have non-NFL caliber corners from Northwester, Indiana and other schools beat by 10 yards. Henne can't make that throw in the NFL when it has to be perfect or close to it. Henne has Braylon for a year, Avant who had the best hands of all the recent Michigan receivers and them guys on the college level made Henne look better much like a Marshall has done for QBs he played with in the pros. At the NFL level I think Henne's average accuracy and the well pointed out "depth perception" by Poizen makes him far too inconsistant and back up material.

DC @4:39 that is certainly a viable explanation. But, if that were true:

A. Could they not spot this in their evaluation?
B. Depending on the answer to A., why draft him?
C. Why not change the offense to more quick throws?

No matter the answer, it all points back to Sparano, Ireland, Henning & Parcells.

DC Dolfan to add to your 4:39 point about Henne not being able to read a D fast enough. That is what I was saying about defenses bringing the blitz against Henne. And I know all Qbs struggle under pressure from the blitz but the difference is with Henne the blitz don't even have to get there. Just blitz and Henne can't read everything that is going on and folds.

Against both the Raiders and Titans teams that didn't blitz and brought just the front 4 because of stubborn coaching philosophies Henne looked pretty decent. Against teams that have good defensive minds like Mangini in Cleveland and Belichick they brought the blitz non-stop and Henne couldn't figure out what was going on and where his reads should be. Even against Detroit a team that doesn't blitz much made adjustments to Henne. Suh would start over Center and then get up and shift after Henne was already at the line and getting ready to snap the ball. Do you think this was coincidence they didn't do this at no other point this year? They did it to mess up Henne and so they did. He folded in the 4th quarter when the game pressure was high.

Andy, Michigan was my 1st choice for college. Got in early admission. Made the mistake of visiting Ann Arbor in Winter. UGH!! Was like below 0 degrees. Plus it would have cost 16K a semester (and they wouldn't give me financial aid). Suffice it to say, I went to UVa.

Yeah, I had high hopes for him, but he wasn't the same by Senior year. Sure, he beat Florida, but, too little too late. You can't lose to Ohio St. 4 times and be a legend in Michigan. With all those receivers he had, he ALSO had Jake Long, and Hart was running the HECK out the ball. That team should have been better. I don't know, I had better feelings about them with Elvis Grbac and Brian Griese than Henne.

There was one game, I think it was Notre Dame, final year, and Michigan won, but it was a shootout. That might be the best I ever saw Henne. After that, he flamed out. So when we took him in the draft, I didn't have a great feeling about it. But we just got Long, and with the QB troubles here, and the Trifecta, I was onboard and excited. Last year, I gave him a break since it was his 1st year. I even gave him a break earlier in the season. But later in the season, with that scared look. Where we were holding our breath every time he dropped back. That's when I cut the guy loose.

I guess these guys don't understand. You and I, our hearts were broken by Henne in college for 4 years. We're not gonna let him keep breaking our hearts in the NFL. Enough's enough!

Poizen, question for you, since you were a QB, and I respect your first-hand experience.

So, when you're playing, sure, the coaches call the plays, and you go over the game plan all week, and your getting coached during the game.

But, as a player, when a Coach calls a play, and you're reading the defense, and you SEE they're defending the exact play you've called, when YOU were in that situation, did you ever audible out of it? And I'm assuming you played in high school/college, not the pros.

** High School mostly and college for a year and a half(Not D-1 by any means.) I did audible out of it, but luckily I was given the freedome of 3 play calls i felt comfy with. I even had a little more feedom than i think Henne did.

Also, can you shed light on this thing where if Henne looks down or away from the defense, and then looks back up again, it's hard for him to spot the defense again (like he loses focus). What's that about? Can that be coached? Or is that just a problem with Henne?
**Well, I am not sure I agree with this evaluation of him. Or at least i did not pin point it. The thing is, he should not look down, but away from 0-1 yes. If it is a 3 step drop he probably does not have a RB blocking, so his primary concern is to locate a possible blitzer than start the progression. In a 5 set drop if the RB blocks well and he gets his time there should be no reason unless pressured to not find your targrt, unless instructed to drop down after progression.

Henne's best throws in college were the ones where he didn't need to go through any progression. It was just 3-5 step drop, throw. Like a timing throw, didn't have to read defense or anything, just had to step back, load and fire.

That could be his problem. He can't read defenses quick enough.

From some of the scouting tapes especially that I saw, his biggest negatives in college was not trusting newer receivers to run the hitch route or the 8 yard in/out pattern so he would hold the ball until the receiver telegraphed or started the move.

Also that he would not throw off to the back shoulder enough looking for the bg play than the conservative gain. He did throw more jump balls in college.

Thanks Poizen. Now, one more on the audible. What if they told you not to audible (can't really believe Sparano told Henne that, but). You're a player, you can read the defense, you know the play called won't work. Do you listen to the Coach? Or play to win and audible even if you might get yelled at?

I'm just trying to understand how much of a choir boy Henne is.

On the spotting the defense, there was an article on the sun sentinel yesterday about it. Very interesting, you should check it out. I'd love to know your thoughts on that. I'll try to find the link for you.

Poizen, here's the link to the article:


Seriously, since you were a QB, you're probably the best resource on here on Henne's problems and if they are fixable. Take a look at the article and tell me what you think, can he be fixed?

DC Dolfan,

Lol yeah Ann Arbor in the Winter is tough. I went to Temple close to home.

I think if I am not mistaken the shoot out where Henne came back in was Michigan State. Was it the overtime game? Anyway Henne had his moments but I agree Henne never gave me that confidence. Remember Henne's Junior year #1 Michigan vs #2 OSU and Henne was horrible early got better when the game was out of hand and when it got close he threw another int. I was done with him after that. His Senior year was down with Applachian St debacle. I remember him being injured but the fans and myself feeling the confidence of a freshmen Ryan Mallet. He only completed like 45 percent of passes but fans loved his arm and swagger.

Wouldn't be ironic all these years later to see history repeat itself....

Roger Goddell: "And with the 15th pick in the 2011 NFL draft the Miami Dolphins select QB Ryan Mallet, University of Arkansas.

This guy's conclusion was Henne is not good at re-acquiring the defense once he takes his eyes of them. I dunno, I never played QB, but THAT sounds like a problem to me.

im with craig, do not bring childress here.

Guys, please stop missing the point here. No one is saying he is the end all be all answer, nor that odds are he is.

What i am saying at least is coaching, OC/Head coach/QB coach, there are things you can point at that was not Henne. All those things combined can cause confusion in a guy over coached and being told NOT to make mistakes.

He threw int's I get it, the ones that were his fault, most were, some you can tell who the play was designed for because he tried to rush a 5 reciever progression and they tried to fit it in as he was about to get hit.

The point is guys, I am not saying you are wrong in any sort of way. All the people wanting him out could be right. The problem is WE DONT KNOW, and his contract is favorable for us to keep him. But there are things that show he could be good, but he needs to believe it and he needs to be confortable with freedom, then he needs to get some freedom.

then if he fails or does not win the job, good riddencs.

Andy, lol. Temple's cool. Love Chaney. Sketchy part of Philly though. I remember taking my then girlfriend to law school, and the RA at her dorm pointed to a grocery store behind the dorm, but warned, "don't go there after dark." LOL.

I think it might have been the Michigan St. game, can't remember. Unfortunately I remember all those miserable OH. St. games. And PLEASE, don't talk about Appalachian St. But yeah, that would be very ironic if Mallet beat out Henne AGAIN!!

I like Denard though, great athlete. Of course, he won't make it in the NFL, but great college player. Defense SUCKED though. Horrible. Unwatchable.

I'm not gonna argue with you Poizen, you should have said earlier you played QB. You're gonna be like the Reference Guide on this blog. I appreciate 1st-hand experience (that's why I respected what Greg z. said he saw in camp).

I guess we'll see, Henne will get his chance. I'm still of the opinion he'll disappoint us again. But, he can still prove me wrong.

DC Dolfan,

Temple's campus is brutal. I wouldn't walk to the dorm's after dark on campus let alone to a gorcery store.

Yeah Denard is a better Pat White. He has no future as NFL but amazing speed and athlete. I hope Brady Hoke gets the D turned around and more power sets, hate the spread.

Anyway I m out guys. Have a good one.

bill, when you say, "I'm with Craig." Do you mean, "I'M with Craig." Or, "I'm WITH Craig?"

It still doesn't sound right either way dude. Can you just keep it at your 0-16 prediction. That's how I picture you anyway. As an old, cranky contrarian guy like the old man in "Up."

DC, thanks for giving me more, I would not get the article to come up. My evaluation is slightly different than his.

What I see is a robotic progession guy, then check down. If all are covered, for some reason he just tucks and runs at the end of the season. Some times he had time, some times he did not.

Earlier this year we saw him try and fit it in to smaill windows at this point, which hell, i actually likes. But if things went wrong, have you ever seen the reception he got going back to the bench?

Anyway, Let's say i am all wrong on this, which is possible. Here is my thougt. Is it correctible, I think it can be. What I would like to see here is if his hot receiver is covered, but one on one. he needs to take a chance and eith give a back shoulder, or a high lead pass. I say high because in most cases the receiver should be between he and the corner/safty. Allowing him to be the first to touch the ball. The key here is, there will be int's. but at time you have to tolerate that. that is what brandon Marshall pointed to in his rant about wanting Thigpen...

Not sure if that helps.

clarification. Back shoulder on a streak route, lead high pass on a slant break.

You guys that want Childress AND Donovan McNabb do realize that they'll be bringing a whole new offence with them to Miami right? So what happens if things turn out the way most of you think they will and the team struggles next year and the team gets rid of Sparano. You're now going to be looking at your THIRD OC and third offence in three years. Not good!

I like Brad Childress as an OC and I think he can help this offence but I think he will have to adjust the offence to the guys we have, which will probably be most of the guys who played last year with 3-4 new players added.

Yeah, that's good analysis Poizen. I agree too, he needs to take more chances. Don't get me wrong, I almost LOVE INT's (not really, but I'll explain). All the greats throw INT's. You don't put up stunner numbers unless you take chances, and if you take chances, sometimes you come up short. So I don't really care about INT's. AS LONG AS I know you can come right back, forget about it, and keep throwing. But between Henne and the coaches, you KNEW when he threw a pick, it was run time, checkdown time, prevent offense time. No chance to come back with that time of mindset.

But, I never saw the reception when Henne came to the bench after one of those tight throws. I'm gonna check the replay games to see if I can spot any. I imagined he'd hear it though. I knew he was on a tight leash.

But really this is great Poizen, thank you man.

I like Chille as offensive cordinator. But please not Mcnabb.He is washed up. Go after Kobb or Orton.

And please Poizen, MORE PUMP FAKES!!!

Don't get too caught up in predicting who will be the Phins pick at 15. They will trade back (again) to regain that 2nd rounder. They will pick whatever injured DL is available with one of those picks (Merling 2008 sports hernia, Odrick 2009 broken leg). With the other pick they will go after whoever they think NE wants (Pat White) just because they don't want NE to have the upper hand (which they and 28 other teams already have).

Well DC, me being a QB/ coach for a couple years, does not make me more right. It just means i had to study some stuff. that being said, what I studied/preached/learned was different than that of many other people, some much more successful than I.

That being said, I have actually seen QB's taught the way Henne was taught in the pros. The funny thing which no one brought up an i didn't because it contridicted my opinion is.

"Why do they not trust Henne enough and why do the over coach him?" this is a valid question. there are trust issues and if he was Peyton Manning there would not be any, so there are problems they see in practice.

The problem with that is, Coaching not to fail is a disaster. He is an athlete, and part of being an athlete is growing your own instincts. And he clearly did not have a chance to do that. Peyton Manning learned from making mistakes. BIG MISTAKES. that is why he is so good now.

So my hope is soemone lets Henee go out there and play, let him screw up, if makes the same mistake 3 times, he is useless.

You know what i mean...

0-16 prediction. hilarious i never said that. i said going 0-16 to finally get us a new staff and to draft luck would be ideal

no way on kolb . tired of giving up high draft picks


LOL, DC, Pump fakes are a must. I agree, wspecailly with his arm.


Really appreciate your 05:11 PM Post.

Ok, Craig's back, time to leave.

No, just kidding Craig, you're still my man 100 grand. I can debate with guys like you and Poizen and DB and DD. It's the a-holes like bobbyd12 who can't just state their opinion and accept someone's contradictory opinions that effes up this blog.

But doesn't matter to me. I'll be here each and every day until Miami finds it's way back to glory.

Anyhow, time to shove off. Good talkin' to you guys today. Catch you later.



Poizen, that's all I want to see. I want to see Henne's INSTINCTS. You said it exactly. Let's see what he can do without anyone in his head. Just what he's learned up 'til now.

Good talk man. See you next go 'round.

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