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Two vastly different opinions on Brian Daboll

I have a great amount of respect for Bernie Kosar. He was a star the minute he stepped on the practice field at the University of Miami as a reshirt freshman. He carried that stardom to a national title, a great NFL career, and a Super Bowl ring.

I also have respect for former Dolphins fullback and current Saints running back Heath Evans. He's smart and tough and he's got a Super Bowl ring as well.

So it's jarring that two guys who usually view the game through a similar prism disagree so vehemently on their opinions of new Dolphins offensive coordinator Brian Daboll.

Kosar knows Daboll from the offensive coordinator's last few years in Cleveland. Kosar was commissioned by Browns owner Randy Lerner to study the Cleveland offense and identify that which was right and wrong with the unit. Kosar came away convinced Daboll was among the things that was right with that offense.

"I know I've gotten a bit of a reputation for disliking and criticizing the way some offensive coaches have been doing their jobs lately, but I can honestly tell you Brian Daboll is not among those guys I would criticize too much," Kosar said during his regular Friday morning segment on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, on 640-Sports in South Florida. 

"Brian is a guy who knows the game as well as anyone. You can sit down with him, as I have, and talk about offensive football and strategy and come away pretty impressed with his ideas and his approach  ... Brian's work with Colt McCoy was one of the reasons he played better and better as a rookie."

Well, that's reassuring, especially coming from a former quarterback who played in Cleveland, Dallas and Miami. It gives hope that if Daboll was a big reason the game didn't seem to big for McCoy, perhaps he can help Chad Henne climb out from under his struggles of the past two years.

But later in the afternoon on Friday, Evans went on ESPN 760 in Palm Beach and shared an opinion of Daboll that was nearly the polar opposite of the one Kosar shared.

"The Dolphins probably just got worse," said Evans, who played in New England from 2005-2008 thus was there while Daboll was a receivers coach for Bill Belichick. "... When he was in New England, he was never a guy I considered the brains of the operation.

"Now, listen, obviously there's been a lot of growth from his stint with [Eric] Mangini. He probably learned a lot under [Mike] Holmgren over the last year he's been there with Clevleand. As soon as I saw it, I second-guessed the decision. A franchise that is really just struggling for success, why do you take an unproven commodity? ... I second-guess it ... In the coaching realm, I'm not sure that was the right decision for an offense that already lacks a lot of the things that it needs."

And so we are left hanging for now. We are left, I suppose, waiting to see Daboll do his work to measure what the Dolphins new offensive coordinator has to offer. At that point, we'll see whether Kosar or Evans are correct.


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Richard, my gut feeling is due to lack of options, they will probably stick with Henne another year. If we can get a real center, TE and a RB that scares people, it should be enough to see whether Henne can be a solid starter or not.

I'm going to slide into fantasy world here and say that to commerate the 45th anniversary of the Phins that we go to the Super Bowl :)

0x80 your right they will keep Henne but I have faith that your wish will come true and we will get a speedy RB and mid tier to upper tier TE during the offseason. Also hoping Wallace and Moore start growing and that speed demon Hartline learns how to catch

We are in bigger trouble than originally thought! JEFF IRELAND SIGN TO A MULTIMILLION DOLLAR EXTENSION, what has he proven!

Well, if he isn't cussed as much as Dan Henning was, then it is worth it..

sparano's bad but ireland is worse! players know it. gonna be a rough year for our fins.

Jeff Ireland getting the extension is GREAT news!! Finally some stability n this franchise!!

I trust the opinion of TWO SMART QUARTERBACKS over one average Running back.

There's also the chance that Daboll (who is ALLEGEDLY good at developing QBs) might be able to get through to Henne better than
the previous Coordinator.

Let us hope...

Ross is a lot smarter then I have given him credit for in the past. Man sees the importance of patience and sticking with a plan. A lot of you are not going to like it, too bad. The great teams are built by sticking with a plan and not changing FO's every three years cause the fans want to cry. So happy to be a Phin fan right now

Heath Evans???? who the hell is he? he's got a super bowl ring cause he was in a great team but he is no super star!!!... PLEASE ARMANDO!!


I Hope Kosar is right on his opinion for sure I will trust his opinion over Evans anytime at least he was a good QB in the pro and in College Evans has just been a very marginal player.
But I will really like to know what is Shula , Marino and Griese opinion they were true Dolphins.
Mando if you are going to ask for opinions at least get true Dolphins players. you also have 5 guys in the Miami media that can give you opinions Mandich , Cefalo , Rose , Bokamper and Nat Moore.

Not sure if someone posted this, but, did you hear that Ireland got an extension? First Sparano, now Ireland...Prepare for a few more years of mediocrity and "acrons".

"Feed the nuts"!

Contract extensions are meaningless, the fine print allows them to be broken at any time, it happens regularly. They are more for show than anything else. Need to at least look like you have faith in your leaders whether you do or not. Ireland has been a failure and the next coach after Sparano is fired next year will surely want someone new.

Some bloggers seem to think stability is a good think even if it means sticking with incompetent leaders. Sticking with losers doesn't make stability good, it makes it stupid.

On teams that have high offensive production the OC + QB + Talent = Success.

Compare Cutler's production this season vs. last season. What changed? Mike Martz was brought in between seasons to run an offense that took advantage of Cutler's skills. Same players, different system, whole different result.

Compare Cassel's one season as starter in NE with what he's done in KC. Same system, same coaching, s h i t t i e r players and a s h i t t i e r result.

I see one positive and 1 inevitability with Daboll:
The positive - he's young enough to be flexible so hopefully he works with Henne to play to his strengths.
The inevitable - now we have a 2nd trash pile to find our starters from: Cowboys and Browns.

5-11, your a idiot. They gave Ireland a 3 year extension. If it was one year then you wonder. Ireland got THREE YEARS. Ross is NOT putting out that kind of money with plans on firing him next year. NO WAY, NO HOW. Ross is a businessman. Buy a clue

God, the stupidity on this blog continues. Im going to give a guy a 3 year extension and fire him next year so I pay him 2 years to do nothing. DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

IRELAND is the biggest problem on this team. At least MOST of the players seem to like Sparano. We "churned the roster" and "Turned over rocks" and "searched for acorns" for 3 years and found TWO! The bottom of the roster has been a revolving door for 3 years and hasn't improved any aspect of this team period. Ireland must have thrown EVERYONE under the bus to keep his job. Wilford, wasn't me, Green, nope, Smiley, Groves, naw, Murphy, no chance, PAT WHITE...Nu uh, Pat Turner, naw, CAM WAKE, YES SIR! Bess...Yep, ME!, Carpenter, Heck no, Donald Thomas, No sir, Gibril Wilson, Parcells, Henne, Bill...

It was just Wake and Bess, the rest was all Tony and Bill Mr. Ross

The stupidity only persists when Bill Parcells fans like Booby come to preach about how great our team is after back to back losing seasons...

Lets see, 14 years, 4 different FO's, how did that work out? Yes, stability is a good thing, thats why the Steeler's owner Mr. Rooney said, "good, bad or in between, we stick with our plan and don't listen to the fans" PERFECT PHILOSOPHY from a WINNING FRANCHISE.

boobyd, The only idiot here is you...you are obviously super naive. The contract can be for 100 years, its totally irrelevant, contracts are broken as easily as a toothpick. Ross is a businessman, so what, we all saw plain and clear what a TOTAL idiot he was going out perusing every other coach out there while still having a coach on the roster...He may be good at real estate, its a buffoon as an owner of a football team. You are a big fan of incompetent people, good for you.

You are obviously a hostile person with serious behavioral issues. You don't know how to disagree with people without resorting to name calling and insults. You routinely disrespect and insult the same people that sent their condolences to you...pretty sad. Try therapy.

Seriously, is there ANYONE who thinks that passing on Dez (Was your mother a hooker?) Bryant and getting Odrick a good move?

We wouldn't be having any discussion about a legit #2, explosive WR OR returner with Dez opposite Marshall.


I don't get how you can have an accurate assessment of Ireland, with Parcells breathing over his shoulder the whole time. You weren't in those meetings and you don't know how much input Ireland had, Parcells had and Sparano had. To condemn Ireland because of back to back 7-9 season is ridiculous. Let's wait to see how he does minus Parcells before we can get an accurate assessment on this guy.

Rooney had leaders that were consistently winning and improving the team and making the playoffs, he stuck with WINNERS, he didn't stick with losers. HUGE difference. If your Dr. screwed up on your open heart surgery 3 times would you still stick with him?

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Shoot! I can't remember.

Well, I know Mandy had an article about cutting Grove for who was our center? The call supposedly went like this:

IRELAND: "Bill, Grove or (scrub)?"
BILL: "You're interrupting my golf game!" "You're the man now, you tell me Jeff"
IRELAND: "OK, Groves out"
BILL: "Is that all?, I have to cash my check"

I think it's fair to say that just about everything that happened this year was Ireland, but, regardless, I'm sure that he had input in the past as well. Plus there was the whole Dez Bryant thing...

Everything this year was Ireland? Based on what? Parcells left the team AFTER the season had already started. You think Parcells was sitting by idly, not commented on things and having no input? Ridiculous! The guy was still running the show until after the season started. The Dez Bryant thing we have no idea whether it was Ireland or Parcells but we do know Parcells is not a fan of taking a WR in the first round. To guess how much of the last three years is Ireland and how much is anyone else is a pointless exercise. I think the fact that Ireland got a three year extension shows that not all the bad moves were his.

I sure as heck dont know what to make of our new OC, but I do put more stock in someone who looks at the game thru the eyes of a Pro Bowl level QB rather than a journeyman fullback.

And to the point someone made about NE coaches failing elsewhere, not exactly. Look at the Chiefs. Haley, Crennell and Weiss. The Chiefs are a great example of good coaching + good drafting = turning into a contender. Look at their drafts from the past few years. Charles, Dorsey, B. Albert, Bowe, D. Johnson, McCluster, T Hali, E Berry, B Flowers, Moeaki. Thats a studly core of players. They havent swung and missed very much on draft day. Mix in a couple vets to show the young guys the way (T. Jones, Vrabel), presto! a contender for years to come. Thats only gonna get better. Keep in mind, getting to the point they are at now was about a 4 year process


Another great post from you man....great job! You're right on about KC and what they have done in FA and the draft. Great model to look at.

And I'll put more stock into what Bernie Kosar has to say than some journeyman fullback. What makes him a credible source? From his days in New England, when Daboll was still learning his craft and Bellichik was doing things his way? The correct response from Evans SHOULD have been, 'I'm not in a position to give an accurate assessment of the guy'.....MORON!

"An example of that happened in the offseason when the Dolphins first learned that defensive end Phillip Merling had torn his Achilles' tendon while working out on his own. Ireland called Parcells in his upstate New York home and asked what the team should do.

Parcells basically said, "You want me to tell you what we're going to do? You tell me what we're going to do."

The two men agreed to hang up, give Ireland a chance to study the situation overnight and propose solutions the following morning. The next morning Ireland called back and told Parcells his plan included signing "bridge" free agents on the market.

Parcells approved that plan -- much like a consultant might -- and Ireland put it to work, signing Charles Grant and Marques Douglas.

That was clear indication that Parcells wanted Ireland to fend for himself, think for himself, control the fate of the team ... himself.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/09/bill-parcells-is-stepping-back-from-dolphins-control.html#ixzz1BnTyYzpb

Kosar is the same guy who was pushing hard for the Hurricanes to hire Marc Trestman who is a joke of a coach so even though Kosar was a good player to me he doesn't know much about coaching. Daboll is a joke as well and the only reason he was hired by Sparano was because he poses no serious threat to him as head coach which was all that Sparano was worried about. That is what happens when you retain a coach who you were trying to replace. Even though he got an extension he knows he has a very short leash and is only going to do things to try to keep his job in the short term and not try to make the Dolphins better in the LONG TERM!!! I put the blame squarely on Steven Ross for this mess. He should have fired Sparano and Ireland and started over. Instead he botched the coaching search and now has retained two men who are only worrying about surviving 2011 despite those bogus extensions they just signed. Our beloved Dolphins are becoming the laughingstock of this league!!!

I'd love to see Dez Bryant in Miami, but I can see passing on him, whoever made the call. Lots of red flags, got into trouble in college, he had all the makings of your typical headache diva WR. We dont know about Odrick yet, but trading down also netted us Misi, who had a real nice rookie year. If Odrick turns into a solid player, it'll prob turn out to be a good deal. Unless Bryant turns out to be a superstar

Is this what passes for a blog these days? There is no analysis or new information here...I think I will stop reading this...

Well, here's the good news. We might be able to get Dez after all:



Odrick hightlights:


Nobody knows just how much Parcells was in charge or how much he let the IreAno duo in charge. All we can do is speculate. I get the opposite feeling though, that after the first year he was more of an advisor and let them two sink or swim on their own. Why he didn't take Ryan for a coach is beyond me if he was so high on him. I'm really not so sure the team is better off now than when they got here. After 3 years the only thing we have to show for it is a solid dline, a great LT and corner...that isn't much. The fact is we've gone backwards while the rest of the div has clearly gone forwards.

Also, you really need 3 years before you can really judge a draft. See how things pan out.

Except for the Pat White pick, I think most of us who raised an eyebrow at that one early on were justified. I have a couple friends that went to WVU, so I've seen alot of their games, and I couldnt wrap my head around spending a 2nd rounder on him.

Marc: More red flags around Dez. It says something that Dallas would even listen to offers for this guy after 1 year considering how good he looked. From what i saw of him, hes really gifted, talent wise, he should be a top 10 NFL WR for years

I tend to go with Bernie's opinion. He was a QB.

Dez looks like a great player, just too injury prone and not a disciplined in practice. They weren't impressed with his intelligence on that interview, he couldn't read defenses very well, so they went for Brandon. It was one or the other and they took Brandon, although I think Dez is a bigger threat when healthy, certainly faster, Brandon might be more valuable in the long run if we can get another serious threat on the field.

Garbage. What top 10 WR is NOT a PITA?

I know it's a moot point, but, just imagining him and Marshall of the same field, and the fact that that was a VERY REAL possibility makes one wonder.

5-11, total bullshyt, Rooney stuck with Cowher for 15 years to win a SuperBowl, and until Big Ben came along there were years Cowher and the Steelers looked awful. Bring your fairy tale elsewhere, your simply not telling the truth.

Yeah, Cowher had 3 losing seasons in how many?

We've had 2 out of the last 3...

5-11: I think we have a little more than you're giving credit for. In addition to the D-line, Long and V Davis, I'd include Dansby who was a monster this year. Bess is a top notch slot guy. Wake. Misi looks like a solid pick. Marshall. Sean Smith. I know his dropped INT's were frustrating, but in order to drop an INT, you have to be in position to make it. Punter and kicker both good. And 2 rookies who the jury is still out on, but i think can play: J. Jerry and R. Jones.

I dont think the team is too far away, but its hard to watch NE just rebuild on the fly while we suffer thru growing pains. The Jets built in a different way. Taking older guys and troubled players other teams wanted to get rid of. The old Raiders model. We'll catch up

bobbyd - you are the one in fairy tail land...Cowher had an AFC championship and SEVERAL playoff appearances along the way.

GarbagePlate - Fair points, what irks me is how inept the offense has become, truly the worst fin offense I've ever seen, and I still have little faith that Sparano can be a competent HC in this league. Time will tell.

1998 7-9
1999 6-10
2000 9-7
2003 6-10
2006 8-8

When has Sparano and Ireland had 3 losing years in a row? If I'm not mistaken they were 11-5 three years ago.

Ummm, 15 seasons THREE losing seasons TOTAL!

2006 8 8
2005 11 5
2004 15 1
2003 6 10
2002 10 5 1
2001 13 3
2000 9 7
1999 6 10
1998 7 9
1997 11 5
1996 10 6
1995 11 5
1994 12 4
1993 9 7
1992 11 5

I will side with Kosar.

However, Heath Evans has had success no matter where he has gone.

bobbyd - I noticed you left out all the years that run contrary to your statement, clever. 2008 was a fluke, super easy schedule and no Brady. It doesn't bother you at all the team has gone down hill the last two years, offense awful, ST worst in the league, 1-7 at home and losing some of those pathetically to some of the worst teams in the league. The players have obviously lost faith in Sparano, but not you.

5-11: i hear ya on Sparano and the offense. Watching the running game deteriorate was brutal. The o-line and running game have gone backwards. I dont have alot of faith in Sparano, but I had even less in Henning. I'm hoping he is addition by subtraction. Remember after the Tenn game (i think), Titans players were talking about how they knew what play was coming. I cant remember a well executed screen pass all year. So many times they would try to set up a screen and Henne had no where to throw it.

The kicker for me with Henning was the Bills game where Henne was something like 12 of his last 14 with a TD and on 2nd & 10 in the 2 min drill, he calls a wildcat play. That was painful. The fact that hes gone and we're a relatively young team gives me hope

Run Ricky Run is on WFTV...

Theres so many examples of Hennings ineptness, it has to get better without him.

bobbyd - just what is your problem with reality??? You ignore hundreds of facts that go against you and point out the few that barely even support your argument. Does Sparano really seem like HC material to you? Never was an OC or DC, can't manage a game, has shown no ability to change strategies at half time, stuck with an OC that continued to call runs on 3rd and very long, all that falls on Sparano...the head coach has to have control over the coordinaters and what they do, not blindly follow losing strategies. 3rd and goal from the 14 and its a run? And you are ok with a coach that tolerates that?

Bernie Kosar has a very bright Bulb. Plus, besides, he likes Cuban cuisine.

kosar eats too many black beans. led to many of his financial problems

Geez...Ricky is a freakin' HEADCASE!

So does Omar Kelly and he hasn't had any financial problems, yet.

kosar is an honest guy, not a crook.

Wait a second, carlito, but the subject was Cuban cuisine.

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