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Two vastly different opinions on Brian Daboll

I have a great amount of respect for Bernie Kosar. He was a star the minute he stepped on the practice field at the University of Miami as a reshirt freshman. He carried that stardom to a national title, a great NFL career, and a Super Bowl ring.

I also have respect for former Dolphins fullback and current Saints running back Heath Evans. He's smart and tough and he's got a Super Bowl ring as well.

So it's jarring that two guys who usually view the game through a similar prism disagree so vehemently on their opinions of new Dolphins offensive coordinator Brian Daboll.

Kosar knows Daboll from the offensive coordinator's last few years in Cleveland. Kosar was commissioned by Browns owner Randy Lerner to study the Cleveland offense and identify that which was right and wrong with the unit. Kosar came away convinced Daboll was among the things that was right with that offense.

"I know I've gotten a bit of a reputation for disliking and criticizing the way some offensive coaches have been doing their jobs lately, but I can honestly tell you Brian Daboll is not among those guys I would criticize too much," Kosar said during his regular Friday morning segment on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, on 640-Sports in South Florida. 

"Brian is a guy who knows the game as well as anyone. You can sit down with him, as I have, and talk about offensive football and strategy and come away pretty impressed with his ideas and his approach  ... Brian's work with Colt McCoy was one of the reasons he played better and better as a rookie."

Well, that's reassuring, especially coming from a former quarterback who played in Cleveland, Dallas and Miami. It gives hope that if Daboll was a big reason the game didn't seem to big for McCoy, perhaps he can help Chad Henne climb out from under his struggles of the past two years.

But later in the afternoon on Friday, Evans went on ESPN 760 in Palm Beach and shared an opinion of Daboll that was nearly the polar opposite of the one Kosar shared.

"The Dolphins probably just got worse," said Evans, who played in New England from 2005-2008 thus was there while Daboll was a receivers coach for Bill Belichick. "... When he was in New England, he was never a guy I considered the brains of the operation.

"Now, listen, obviously there's been a lot of growth from his stint with [Eric] Mangini. He probably learned a lot under [Mike] Holmgren over the last year he's been there with Clevleand. As soon as I saw it, I second-guessed the decision. A franchise that is really just struggling for success, why do you take an unproven commodity? ... I second-guess it ... In the coaching realm, I'm not sure that was the right decision for an offense that already lacks a lot of the things that it needs."

And so we are left hanging for now. We are left, I suppose, waiting to see Daboll do his work to measure what the Dolphins new offensive coordinator has to offer. At that point, we'll see whether Kosar or Evans are correct.


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INTERVIEWER: "Do you miss your kids?"

RICKY: "Ummm, no, not really"..."Only when I think about them."

WHY DO I FEEL SOMEBODY IS TALKING TO HIMSELF....on a saturday afternoon.....

kris = aloco

And it took all this time for some People to realize that Ricky was weird. Hmm..

right on cue Aloco...i mean carlito....so simple.....

Aloco....take your meds....i like the cute "slow" Aloco....i don't care much for the many other personalities......there kinda mean...lol

Its been fun......gotta run...have fun talking to yourself Aloco.....and your many sign-in names....

yeah im 100 percent with evans on this one. and what another huge mistake today giving ireland an ext. can this get any worse?? whos next, henne?

5-11 no jerkoff, I go with the REALITY that the best teams, the ones that win year after year after year, stick with a plan and go with with it. I know that 3 years is never enough time to build a good team. I know that 14 years of constantly changing FO's has NOT WORKED. I know patience is the key to winning and I also know that I am right. I also know no matter how much crying and moaning like a little biatch you and your sisters on this blog do, Mr. Ross isn't gonna follow your advice. Fact is, he is doing EXACTLY what I have been advocating here for the past year, having patience and staying the course. So here I sit, happy as a pig in shyt because Ireland and Sparano both got extensions and there is not a thing you can do about it, no matter how much you cry. So you can sit here day after day, hour after hour typing about how your unhappy and it dont make a bit of diffence to me, and obviously dont make a bit of diffence to Mr. Ross and the Dolphins. So, I have better things to do right now then argue about the fact I LOVE what the Dolphins are doing. If your unhappy either A. Find another team or B. Continue to sit here and biatch. Have fun either way, you lost.

I love how some people who had obviously never seen "Run Ricky Run" comment on it before even seeing the enrirety of the documentary.

By the end, it's clear Ricky has restored a good relationship with his children and is in a good place mentally and spiritually.

To comment on the earlier part as if that's the sum total would like be reading 35 pages of War and Peace and telling everyone what the book is about.


im not into the name calling to help my arguments.... i see a disturbing pattern of behavior here from bobbyd. im hoping its just an imposter acting like him. but if not this man has some serious issues and maybe they have come from the result of his loss in the family? months ago he always acted like a spoiled child many times but never to the extent he is now. im a little concerned about his stability. his hate goes way beyond any normal football talk. i would suggest either ignoring him or just calmly talking with the guy. just my thoughts

Dang man, are you the all knowing man. You must be right on everything..what are the winning lotto numbers for tonight man?
The fact is as much as you think this is a good idea...many think it isn't a good idea. Personally I think Ross is making a huge mistake

I did finish watching it. Guys a HEADCASE, no way around it...

The reality is that JJ quit, Wannstedt quit (stepped down), Saban quit, and only Cameron was fired. Next Parcels was brought in to turn the team around, and he even left town before his 4 year contract was up. He clearly had more praise for Ryan than he's had for Sparano, its odd he didn't select him to begin with. It's very hard for someone out of the loop to make a call on Ireland because we just don't know how much of a part he has played up until now. Sparano has been out there in front of our own eyes though. Likable guy, he just doesn't strike me as HC material. The fact is, offense, defense and Special Teams all fall on this shoulders, he is responsible, but he seems unqualified to direct his coordinators and merely lets them go their own merry way no matter how ineffective they are. He entered 2010 without a bonafide 2nd string QB, for him to not be aware Penne was a love tap from being injured is inexcusable, and clearly they didn't see Thigpen as a valid #2. For 3 years he has tweaked the oline nonstop into nothing. So, too many egregious errors for a HC in my opinion, not to mention the team consistently being dead flat at home and not being able to muster up an ounce of energy to beat lowlife teams. I don't see him outwitting any of the finer coaches in this league. If he starts off 0-3, he will quickly lose the team if he hasn't already. Thank Ross for making him look like the very last coach he wanted, so if the owner isn't behind him, its just that much harder for the players to buy into a coach that seriously underachieves.

bill_c @ 5:40

Agreed 100%, I read that and thought of Jack Nicholson in the Shining! That dude is extreme for sure, seriously disturbed more so than some of the other bloggers that go a little too far at times. I just don't even bother engaging him even on the rare times he writes something I remotely agree with.

i agree 0x80, thats the main issue here. some people are acting lik ross was behind sparano. he tried every angle out there to replace him. thuis franchise is a mess and will continue to be until they find the right people to do the job. and we know it isnt the current regime

Well, you're entitled to your opinion but the documentary makes it abundantly clear that Ricky is doing quite well by the end. Good relationship with his children, respected by his coaches and teammates, and mentally strong.

It's all right there in the words of the actual people who know him best. But I suppose you're free to imagine your own reality on that.

I'm glad you've lived a perfect life. It would be a shame if you ever did something screwed up and were judged by that the rest of your life regardless of how you've evolved and matured from that time.

All these negative commentaries about the Trifecta will be invalidated if it is proven that Mr. Ross interfered with their football knowledege. Me?, I believe it.

Without a better QB it don't matter who is calling the plays. I will be trilled when see what this unit can do in the pre season. Remember last pre-season this team struggled to score and keep on for the whole season.

bobbyd, not that you even deserve any kind of response, but the Jets are going to their second AFC championship game in their second year with a new FO. That right their invalidates everything you've said. The simple thing you fail to realize is that stability is only valuable when you have competent leaders. Stability with incompetent leaders is pure stupidity, something you apparently understand very well.


It is very probable that the Pat White selection was carried out by Ross=Ireland.


BP does not like troublemakers in his Teams so it is highly unlikely that he had anything to do with hiring Brandon Marshall.

bobbyd, one more point that contradicts you...see ox80 @5:43. Even the owner that you praise so much for maintaining stability was not in favor of stability when it came to the HC.

And being very savvy and seeing where this guy was coming from, BP walked away early.

soooo negative...its sickening. just fyi, the dolphins beat every one of the teams in the final four...what does that tell you. it tells me two things, 1. the phins are a lot better than the 7-9 record they put up and 2. the chicago bears are going to win the super bowl. people the phins were 1-15 3 years ago and clearly have a good nucleus of players. more talent must be acquired and developed and there is no reason this team cannot compete for the super bowl for years to come, assuming a qb is somehow acquired....

tommk are u drunk? they got shutout by the bears, lost to pitt. lost to jets. beat jets, beat gb.

I agree strongly with your commentary, tommykk.

GB was missing a whole bunch of starters when they beat them too. Those starters are back. I see GB-Pitt in the final.

You really think that the Bears will win the SB, tommy? I would love to hear your reasoning on the matter.

Well we kinda beat pit if the ref wasn't sleeping wit tomlinson 8 inch dick

The big question is, has Mr. Ross learned from his past mistakes? The guy is new in the football ownership business and like everybody else in that position, he deserves a chance. We'll see.

One fact for tomorrow's games is that M. Sanchez does not do well in extremely cold weather, although he is getting better at it.

Oscar, don't be fooled. Ross is a big boy. Been watching sports since before most of us were born. He knew very well what he was doing and risking. How many sports figures and politicians in his lifetime has he seen use that old excuse 'didn't know the media would be so agressive'. It's nothing more than a convenient way to wiggle out of a sticky situation...doesn't fool anyone though.

ross is clueless when it comes to running a team. the "for show" contract ext he ended up giving out is a joke

I, personally, have put all that in the past, 0. For me, fresh start for everybody. We'll see.

Now, there is no way for Anybody to escape the scrutiny of Others.

Oscar...ok, fresh start. How would you rate the coaches in the afc east? I rate them:

1. Belichek
2. Ryan
3. Gailey (Even Jerry Jones has said one big mistake was that he didn't give Gailey more time)
4. Sparano

If I rated the coaches for all the teams, Sparano would probably be #32, at the moment I can't think of anyone who seems worse.

sparano is def a top 5 worst coach in nfl. maybe the worst. norv turner could be worse

I'll cast my vote for Norv over TS. Norv has a nasty habit being great at only coming close, but I still think there is at least some measurable intelligence behind his iguana appearance.

Oscar regarding Sanchez not playing well in the cold, he did pretty well against the Pats last week. It looked pretty cold to me.

I've hated the jets since before many here were born. Going back to the 1968, since at the time I was in Baltimore as a colts fan. They moved to Indy and I to Miami, anyway I think Sparano is one of the worst coaches at least in the AFC east.

Thinking Ross thinks that the lockout might affect next year anyway. Personally, I think he handled this whole thing too above board.

Hopefully, TS improves. I'm willing to give him a chance, first 4 games of the year!

Not that anyone here would remember, and not that it matters at all, but I was on record preseason here saying they had to start 3-1 for me to believe in them. Once they lost back to back to NY and NE at home early on, I completely lost faith. For many it was that must win Cleveland game, but for me, not taking care of business against your two biggest foes early on was the breaking point. After game two we didn't have a two game winning streak all year, pretty bad. My call for next year is TS will be a lame duck coach by midseason, if they start out fast, he may keep his job until the end of the year, but I think things will fall apart quickly with another slow start...his first 4 games record of the past 3 years 1-3, 1-3, 2-2 (losing the worst 2 possible NY,NE). Ended his last two seasons on 3 game losing streaks. I'll be really surprised if he lasts beyond 2011, especially now that we know what the owner really things of him.

I trust Kosar's opinion on this one more than Evans. Evens might have a hidden agenda we are not aware off, he might have had a run in with Daboll and is trying to stick it to him. Bernie is coming more from an analytical side.

cowkilla, 5-11 and the rest of you. Who cares if you don't like it?? Really, who gives a shyt what u think??? Certainly not Mr. Ross and the Dolphins brass. All youdo on this blog is cry. FACT: Sparano is the coach FACT: Ireland has been extended thru 2014. FACT: All ur biatchin, complaining and crying isn't gonna change that. You can spin it anyway ur little heart desires, Sparano is the coach, Ireland has been extended period. Get over it and stop crying cause NO ONE CARES FACT: I'm happy and that's all I care about. Now take ur ball and go home. Oh, and I renewed my Season Tickets with a smile!!!

Well since someone made the point about former Cowboys and Browns possibly being a target, I'm going to examine the pending free agents for them to see who we may/should go after...


DE Matt Roth - Considering his history with us I think you can count him out.

LB D'Qwell Jackson - Basically a Channing Crowder clone. No thanks.

CB Eric Wright - If the price is right he would be a good fit but I think he will end up making more than he's worth.

FB Lawrence Vickers - Would be a backup to Polite so not necessary.

OLB Marcus Benard - Would be a good rush specialist for us but I think he is restricted and will be tendered.

SS Abram Elam - Young enough that he could still emerge but he's a liability in pass coverage and wouldn't start over Yeremiah.

TE Evan Moore - I think he's also restricted but if he gets a low tender, then he could be a target. He's one of those athletic former basketball player types and he would make for a good tandem with Fasano.

DE Robaire Smith - Too old. Would rather us re-sign McDaniel.

DE Jayme Mitchell - Honestly never heard of him but supposedly he is fit for a 4-3 so he wouldn't fit our scheme.

K Phil Dawson - Wouldn't beat Carpenter.

OG Floyd Womack - Could be a decent depth signing.

QB Seneca Wallace - If we still run the wildcat he could be an option but I kind of doubt it.

WR Chansi Stuckey - 27 is supposed to be the age that WR's start to peak. He was a Mangini favorite who could easily crack in as the #4 WR. One to watch for.

... so Cleveland honestly doesn't have a lot to cherry pick from with Evan Moore being the #1 guy I'd want and Stuckey being a possible target.


OT Doug Free - Could become one of the top free agents in this class but Miami doesn't need a LT so someone else will break the bank for him.

OG Kyle Kosier - He's 33 and an injury risk but he could easily start for Miami. I doubt we chase him though.

DE Stephen Bowen - I could definitely see him as a guy Sparano would want.

SS Gerald Sensabaugh - Pretty good strong safety but not a need position.

DE Marcus Spears - Reminds me of a lazier Kenny Mixon.

DE Jason Hatcher - Another guy they could chase for some DL depth.

FS Alan Ball - Was horrible this season and even though we could use competition for Clemons, this isn't the cat to do it.

WR Sam Hurd - I like this one. Hurd can contribute on special teams and be a solid 4th receiver.

OT Alex Barron - former FSU 1st rounder is a bust. He was beaten like a drum all year long.

... so for Dallas I could see on of the DE's being a target for the rotation. Sam Hurd would help in more than one spot which is valuable. He had 14 solo tackles on special teams this year.

bobbyd = escapee from the psycho ward.

Dude nobody gives a shyt what you think either, in case you haven't noticed. If you are happy putting your faith and $ in a hopeless, inexperienced FO, in a coach the owner tried but failed to replace, good for you, be happy, and then don't complaining later about how you invested in a disappointing team.

White Stupid Ass, unlike you, I don't complain, I follow and root for my team, win or lose. Here's a Kleenex and a doll, now go play like a nice little girl

Nobody is bytchin or cryin here. Just exchanging ideas, just talk, opinions, nothing to get upset about.

bobbyd = kkk on steriods.

Used to be people would go out, have fun and root for their team and enjoy life. Now people treat it like life and death, if they don't get their way then they quit on their team. It's not life or death, it's a "GAME" grown boys play. Some dumb ass will always say I'm wasting my money, well I have fun tailgating and having friends and relatives come down for the weekend. Not a waste of money at all. Whether they win or lose I still go home and it has no effect on my life.

boobyd you were complaining just a week back that you put your hard earned money into season tickets and for what? Looking for sympathy? If you don't like the product, invest in something else, but you can't invest in something you know is not a good product and then complain afterwards. Look at the bright side, at 5 - 11, at least you'll have a pretty good chance of seeing them win one or two games.

Lots of frustration on this blog - and with good reasons. I, too, have had a dark cloud hanging over my head for months. But we can all root for the Steelers tomorrow, right?
I would certainly start the offseason with a light heart once the Steelers ram the football down fat Rex's mouth.

Holmgren's evaluation of Daboll carries more weight than Kosar and Evans' - and it isn't pretty. Still I'll take a wait-and-see attitude with Daboll and wish him great success. Then again, we don't have a choice anyway.

I want Sparano to fail
I hope we go 5-11 next year
I won't buy Dolphin fear
I won't go to any games

You know how ridiculous you people sound??
People shouldnt go to a GAME and have fun because u don't like the coach?

What a joke

LAP - I saw that evaluation by Holmgren too, it definitely wasn't assuring. If you have his comments handy, go ahead and post them, or the link.

0x80: It came from a previous Darlington article.

"Holmgren pinned the Browns’ lack of production in the passing game on an offensive game plan that didn’t throw as often as his teams generally did during Holmgren’s storied coaching career. He said wide receivers didn’t get “as many touches” as he’s used to.

“Brian has a belief in a system and how he moves the football, how he’s going to do it and if anyone were to interfere with that too much, it would really throw a monkey wrench in most things,” Holmgren then told reporters.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/01/18/2020803/miami-dolphins-hire-brian-daboll.html






Chad Pennington thinks very highly of Dabol, and that is someone who's FB IQ I greatly respect.... remember that Holmgren wants the West Coast O in Cleveland, and Dabol does not fit that philosophy!

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