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Two vastly different opinions on Brian Daboll

I have a great amount of respect for Bernie Kosar. He was a star the minute he stepped on the practice field at the University of Miami as a reshirt freshman. He carried that stardom to a national title, a great NFL career, and a Super Bowl ring.

I also have respect for former Dolphins fullback and current Saints running back Heath Evans. He's smart and tough and he's got a Super Bowl ring as well.

So it's jarring that two guys who usually view the game through a similar prism disagree so vehemently on their opinions of new Dolphins offensive coordinator Brian Daboll.

Kosar knows Daboll from the offensive coordinator's last few years in Cleveland. Kosar was commissioned by Browns owner Randy Lerner to study the Cleveland offense and identify that which was right and wrong with the unit. Kosar came away convinced Daboll was among the things that was right with that offense.

"I know I've gotten a bit of a reputation for disliking and criticizing the way some offensive coaches have been doing their jobs lately, but I can honestly tell you Brian Daboll is not among those guys I would criticize too much," Kosar said during his regular Friday morning segment on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, on 640-Sports in South Florida. 

"Brian is a guy who knows the game as well as anyone. You can sit down with him, as I have, and talk about offensive football and strategy and come away pretty impressed with his ideas and his approach  ... Brian's work with Colt McCoy was one of the reasons he played better and better as a rookie."

Well, that's reassuring, especially coming from a former quarterback who played in Cleveland, Dallas and Miami. It gives hope that if Daboll was a big reason the game didn't seem to big for McCoy, perhaps he can help Chad Henne climb out from under his struggles of the past two years.

But later in the afternoon on Friday, Evans went on ESPN 760 in Palm Beach and shared an opinion of Daboll that was nearly the polar opposite of the one Kosar shared.

"The Dolphins probably just got worse," said Evans, who played in New England from 2005-2008 thus was there while Daboll was a receivers coach for Bill Belichick. "... When he was in New England, he was never a guy I considered the brains of the operation.

"Now, listen, obviously there's been a lot of growth from his stint with [Eric] Mangini. He probably learned a lot under [Mike] Holmgren over the last year he's been there with Clevleand. As soon as I saw it, I second-guessed the decision. A franchise that is really just struggling for success, why do you take an unproven commodity? ... I second-guess it ... In the coaching realm, I'm not sure that was the right decision for an offense that already lacks a lot of the things that it needs."

And so we are left hanging for now. We are left, I suppose, waiting to see Daboll do his work to measure what the Dolphins new offensive coordinator has to offer. At that point, we'll see whether Kosar or Evans are correct.


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"I am deeply disappointed in Chad Henne", Bill Parcells, September 2010

Notice Daboll did not say anything about Henne when asked other than he is the QB on our roster...yikes! OUCH!

DA-BULL doesnt want Henne, read it again

we need a QB period...............

Do we draft or trade ?




hey fellas i warned u about bobbyd. seriously man, dude has some mental problems right now. id lay off the guy, let him vent his feelings about how bad of people we are, etc. he gets a little to serious for a football blog, honestly think he could do some damage to either himself or someone else.




yes aloco, i agree leave this guy alone for now. let him and his life calm down. guy really shouldnt be on here. dude should relax on the beach with a beer. come back in couple months.



I agree that Armando does a sh@# blog now. All he cares about is his radio gig, and it shows. It also seems like he has become very arrogant and believes he knows everything about football. I find myself spending more time on Sun-Sentinel and that never use to be the case.

Step it up Armando.




Brandon was not the right acquisition for this team. Considering we have no speed and no running threat, his value is not nearly what it would be on another team. Now if we can get some more weapons, dynamic players that scare defenses, he can become much more valuable. As it is now, on this team the way it is, no way he was worth 50 mil and two 2nd round picks. Ireland overpaid for sure.

Please explain the Henne Love.

Lets start with the red zone play,

He has shown nothing but shut down,

well in all fairness, he did send our kicker to Hawaii

you can guess that the speed of the pro game is to much for him. maybe not, but lets start with the red zone ?

And then we have the check down,
stats from check downs
really should not count, come on man,
he is the king of GET THE BALL AWAY FROM ME

We're not left hanging, it's obvious after extending both Sparano's and now Ireland's contracts that this regime knows nothing and the OC pick was just another blunder.

Maybe after about 7 or 8 more home games lost Ross will begin to get it.

RodSerling...its all just show business. Now that Ross is 'stuck' with the coach he tried to dump, he has to convince everyone that he is now thrilled with his current staff, show the utmost confidence in them, give them the benefit of the doubt. Once we drop below .500 next season and stay there, all the same doubts will appear and changes will come. Ross appears to genuinely like Ireland, but if the next coach demands someone else, he will have to accept it to get a real HC on the team.

I meant GM...

Ross was a teenager just a few years ago...

It's LATE! I meant Ireland was a teenager just a few years ago...sorry...on the phone and blogging same time.

I heard Tony wants to get rid of all our QB's and just run the wildcat with out 2 great kickers. If we get close enough he will try a FG, if not we will punt. Same as 2010.

Fans, learn to count by three's. GO PHINS !!!

Despite what some here may think, I do want the fins to win, I am a fan. I just don't think we can win with a coach that is dumber than mud. He can't even speak his native language coherently. He is a nice guy and a cheerleader, not a HC. Leadership starts at the top, we need a new leader.

I wouldnt take what Evans said to heart. He played for a cheating organization. So he knows nothing either.

From Dan Lebatard today:

Still, because fans traffic in hope, there is this feeling that the team getting a new coach or coordinator is going to fix something. Locally, and amazingly, the Dolphins gave Sparano a befuddling extension so that he could hire a great offensive coordinator, whereupon he chose the dismissed one from one of the few offenses in the league worse than his own.

Good lord this is the Dolphins.South Beach great weather beautiful beaches an owner with money and we couldnt even bag a decent head coach.This oc hiring is a joke this team should have been able to pick from a long list of canidates instead we couldnt find anyone decent to come here.Its sad and pathedic and it isnt going to get any better

I say again, No BIG moves without a CBA. These coaching and FO transactions are tactical not strategic moves. Had Ross FIRED HC and put some distance with Parcels (no BIG NAME wants the smell of Tuna around), BIG NAMES might have taken Dolphins seriously even without a CBA. But Ross effed up and he has to live with his decisions. Until Parcels is gone and CBA is in place, Tony is a known devil. New OC is, ironically as Ireland put it, a 'Bridge'.

This once proud organization is nothing but a stench now. This owner is a joke, we need a football owner dedicated to football, not glitz. Our GM is a child and the head coach is borderline illiterate. What a shame, huge shame.

Armando is Armandouche

Get a veteran QB, draft a QB, then have a competition to see who starts...

Some people want to see and are happy about what Ross has done and happy about the new hires...blind blind blind. For those who say "let's see how they do" or "I think ross made the right moves"...
Unbeefreakinleivable...this is a joke. I would be shocked if these clowns actuall make it through 2011 without getting fired. These were horrible moves and probably set us back yet another year.
Trust me here, I'm not being negative, I'm being real, and this is what my gut tells me. I am a Fin Fan through and through..but I can see through the BS also...this is a joke guys, these hires and keeping Tony and giving Ireland a two year extension today?? WTF? Joke joke joke...I'm sick of mediocrity.

Rotoworld reports that Sparano and Ireland hate each other.
Any idea if this hate started before the Jim Harbaugh debacle?

Killa, Gotta agree with you, BTW welcome to G.O.D(Gang Of Defeat)

Thanks Cuban, glad to be here with you.
Im not trying to be negative but when will the madness stop bro? I mean clearly these moves are questionable at best...it's sad man, all I want is for Miami to be great again man...

so far Ross is earning a solid "F" with his insane decisions

Express...I'd like to know the answer to that as well my friend

And the biggest thing we need...players players speed and playmakers

I agree that Ross is a bonehead...and that's just the tip man

Last year's team...well if you take Mike Nolan out of the equation and had stayed with Pasqualoni or someone on Pasqualoni's level, would have finished 2-14 or 3-13.
This is the mentality that ownership must adopt.
The Dolphins have some real serious problems yet the approach seems to be that our problems are only moderate in nature.
This will come back to bite in the a s s.

You people don't want to see, do you? Ireland(remember Dez's mother) and Ross(remember the insult to TS) are a couple of scumbags on a personal level. I believe that nothing good can come to this franchise from that pair.

Lousy guest on a lousy radio show and now we are all left wondering who could be right??? Ohhhhhh the suspense.

BTW, you can catch the Jets in the conference championship again for the second year in a row today. When was the last time you losers were there? When was the last time you won a playoff game?

Hey fishies have you started to scout the moms yet? Hope you have a head start on who all the sluts are - wouldn't want to waste a pick on guy like Dez Bryant when there are guys like Odrick & White out there. LMFAO.

The Jets can make it to that game anytime they want as long as they don't win the SuperBowl.
When is the last time they won a SuperBowl?

Wow, how low have we sunk! No one wants to come here, only a fired OC. Either Ross is a total moron or he is planning to tank this season to get Luck and a new staff. I think the ireland extension is just a disguise. Do we know the real terms of the contracts for either one of the stooges.
I think ross is thinking 2007 rerun, except this time we will get the franchise QB instead of the safe pick. One more thing, when was the last time a team won the SB and the Left tackle scored the winning TD? No dis to Jake Long but is he even close to NFL MVP.

Tony wants out of here but he had no choice but to stay. Will he sabotage the Team next year? I don't believe so, Tony is a stand up guy plus, if he has a good season he could take his pick of HC positions.

Deep in my heart I feel that Ross is planning to move the Dolphins out of Miami. Amen.

No way Ross gets the fins out of Miami bro..no way, too much history there

Tortured...you fool, compare the jets hardware to miami's trophy case and you got nothing man..your team is also old as hell, and you guys are only going down from here...I laugh at you comparing hardware against a storied team like Miami you fool. Well about 1966 with Joe crappy Namith, last SB you crap team won, get a life, and do research before you spew garbage out your mouth....I'm still laughing at you

Hahahahahahahahahaha tortured ahahahahahahahhah

Ross is setting up the team to fail next year so he can clean house. He ran out of options this year. From Rotoworld:

Dolphins signed GM Jeff Ireland to a contract extension through 2013.
Said owner Stephen Ross, "The decision to extend Jeff's contract as our general manager was an easy one." Easy for Ross to say, as Ireland was the guy standing by his side when the team pursued Jim Harbaugh. Meanwhile, Ireland left coach Tony Sparano out to dry and has embarrassed the organization on multiple occasions. Ireland and Sparano hate each other, and it's hard to imagine the two working together effectively in the future. The extension is a head scratcher, and the Fins have turned into a laughingstock. Jan. 22 - 11:11 am et


From Armando Salguero:

Never before in the franchise’s history has the hiring of an offensive coordinator been so lustily rejected by fans. I get it, by the way. I totally understand why fans are unhappy.
The Dolphins needed a new offensive coordinator to bring life to a unit that was No. 30 in scoring. Miami’s solution was hiring Daboll, who was fired in Cleveland partly because his offense ranked No. 31 in scoring.

The Dolphins are hoping that a coordinator whose offense never scored more points than the offense run by departed Miami coordinator Dan Henning will prove history to be a liar and himself to be an upgrade.

mike nolan singlehandedly tried to salvage the dolphin season. he somehow was passed over for head coach. ireland/sparano are a bad tandem and wont be fired until ross wakes up. i'm sure that sparano doesnt trust ross or ireland at this point. another 7-9 season will be the goal;trying to beat out the bills for 3rd place in our division.

According to the lastest reports, and twitter, the owners are prepared to sit out the entire season. They are financially (due to the contracts they hold with the broadcast affiliates) prepared to take this negotiation to 2012.

Who suffers?

Of course the players suffer. Although they may make millions$$$ a year, the career length of a player isn't very long. There are exceptions to the rule (Farve, etc.) but some last less than a year. Taking even one year from that career is a wallet crusher. Or a purse snatching if you insist.

Who suffers most?

The millions of die-hardened fans which are the bedrock that made this NFL what it is today.

When looked at this way, it is obvious neither the owners OR the players really give a rats-ass about you and me.

It's all about money, as always (and I can understand that philosophy). But I just feel like the entire NFL treats us fans like fodder.

A side note: Since the owners have the players by the balls on this one, the players union might ought to give in a little, and a little more; and vise-vera.

The offer on the table as it stands, ain't a plate of scraps. It merely redistributes the money in a different way. It still remains in NFL, and in our beloved country. It pays salaries, taxes, charities, etc.

So I hope they get their crap together and sign the dotted line soon. Because, although we cash cows in america will rush to the feeding trough two years down the road, glad to be back in the stadiums, our overseas project might just suffer too stiff a injury.

I'd like to attend just one bargaining round. Slowly walking around the table as negotiations were falling apart.

Then pull out the cattle-prod and start branding.

Gotta go, check on the crab-pots...

I will say that Daboll didn't have that much to work with in Cleveland.

Word is, he's a quality QB coach, but maybe O-coordinator is too much for him. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing what he can get out of the QB's on roster. His work with Colt McCoy, who was a bit raw coming out of college, is intriguing.

Anyhow, did you expect a star like McDaniels to come to Miami, after what came down earlier this month?

This talk about coaches getting something out of Henne is nonsense. Do you think Montana, Marino, Elway, Farve, Brees, Rodgers, Rothlisberger, Aikman, Rivers, Manning needed their coach to make them good? They were good, period. Henne isn't good, period. Aside from David Lee, he had a fair amount of tuteledge from Pennington too, the guy is a bust.

I'm over all this talk about coaches and management (Ireland, Sparano, Daboll, etc.). The most important ingredient of any good team is the players. So, until we see who we draft and pick up in FA (after, if, the CBA issue ever gets resolved) there's really no way to predict how Miami will do next year.

So, c'mon APRIL!

good qb's develop; henne's regressed each year. i dont have any faith in the front office ross/ireland/sparano. they deserve eachother.


You're back to your TYPICAL negative stuff again!! All this 'Sparano is a bottom 5 coach' and 'the Ireland extension is a joke'. What is it with you? Why do you even support this team? I'm fine if you have constructive comments to make about the team but you don't....it's the SAME note all the time. Name SOMETHING you've been positive about in the last year....SOMETHING please....I think a lot of us sick of the negativity that you continue to spout about our team! I wouldn't take it from a Jets fan and I'm not going to take it from you or anybody else. This is a blog for Dolphins fans and if you don't like them then do us all a favour and find another team....PLEASE.

One last thing....ease up on bobby12. There's nothing wrong with him other than he has to deal with negatvity from you and others on a constant basis. Honestly, it's tiring and frustrating. Bill, if you and I were friends, you're not somebody I would chose to hang out with. I don't like negative people and you take it to extremes at times bud......just food for thought, OK?

One last thing guys....Sparano is our head coach for this year, Ireland is our GM, Daboll is our OC and Henne is our QB, at least for the time being. A lot of us may not like all of that but that's just how it's going to be. Can we spend some time talking about who we're going to add this off-season, rather than the same boring re-hashing all the time. We go that a lot of you aren't happy....fine, figure it out.

I for one am very excited about watching a couple of great games today, so you're not going to drag me down. Enjoy the day and games today guys....I'm out!

Just because someone is critical of the team does not mean they are not a fan, it only means they care. Avoiding reality and playing make believe all is Alice in Wonderland doesn't make someone any more of a fan. The fact is, as pointed out not only by various bloggers, but recent articles by local and national sports writers, this team does not seem to be headed in the right direction. It's a fans duty to speak up when things are not right, and much is not right. Craig asks for a comment about one good thing in the last year....ok, it seems like Wake is for real, Misi seemed off to a good start for a rookie, even though many have complained about him, you have to give players time to develop, many of the best don't 'arrive' instantly the first year. Coming back next year will be Edds, Odrick and Sheets, so a few positives there. Beyond that though, it has really been the most dismal year I've seen period. The 1-15 team played harder and more competitive than this one. Sparano does not look like a HC for 1000 reasons and the owner tried everything in his power to replace him and failed. Some sites are reporting that Ireland and Sparano hate each other. The only OC we could attract was the only one that was worse than our previous one. So there is LOTS of concern and yes, LOTs to complain about, and really very little to cheer when the NE was 14-2, Jets going to second straight AFC championship game and Buffalo on the rise, we look more like a cellar team than a playoff team next year...and we are short draft picks with many desperate needs on top of it.



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