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Two vastly different opinions on Brian Daboll

I have a great amount of respect for Bernie Kosar. He was a star the minute he stepped on the practice field at the University of Miami as a reshirt freshman. He carried that stardom to a national title, a great NFL career, and a Super Bowl ring.

I also have respect for former Dolphins fullback and current Saints running back Heath Evans. He's smart and tough and he's got a Super Bowl ring as well.

So it's jarring that two guys who usually view the game through a similar prism disagree so vehemently on their opinions of new Dolphins offensive coordinator Brian Daboll.

Kosar knows Daboll from the offensive coordinator's last few years in Cleveland. Kosar was commissioned by Browns owner Randy Lerner to study the Cleveland offense and identify that which was right and wrong with the unit. Kosar came away convinced Daboll was among the things that was right with that offense.

"I know I've gotten a bit of a reputation for disliking and criticizing the way some offensive coaches have been doing their jobs lately, but I can honestly tell you Brian Daboll is not among those guys I would criticize too much," Kosar said during his regular Friday morning segment on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, on 640-Sports in South Florida. 

"Brian is a guy who knows the game as well as anyone. You can sit down with him, as I have, and talk about offensive football and strategy and come away pretty impressed with his ideas and his approach  ... Brian's work with Colt McCoy was one of the reasons he played better and better as a rookie."

Well, that's reassuring, especially coming from a former quarterback who played in Cleveland, Dallas and Miami. It gives hope that if Daboll was a big reason the game didn't seem to big for McCoy, perhaps he can help Chad Henne climb out from under his struggles of the past two years.

But later in the afternoon on Friday, Evans went on ESPN 760 in Palm Beach and shared an opinion of Daboll that was nearly the polar opposite of the one Kosar shared.

"The Dolphins probably just got worse," said Evans, who played in New England from 2005-2008 thus was there while Daboll was a receivers coach for Bill Belichick. "... When he was in New England, he was never a guy I considered the brains of the operation.

"Now, listen, obviously there's been a lot of growth from his stint with [Eric] Mangini. He probably learned a lot under [Mike] Holmgren over the last year he's been there with Clevleand. As soon as I saw it, I second-guessed the decision. A franchise that is really just struggling for success, why do you take an unproven commodity? ... I second-guess it ... In the coaching realm, I'm not sure that was the right decision for an offense that already lacks a lot of the things that it needs."

And so we are left hanging for now. We are left, I suppose, waiting to see Daboll do his work to measure what the Dolphins new offensive coordinator has to offer. At that point, we'll see whether Kosar or Evans are correct.


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The Pat White pick set us back substantially.

Chicago's offense sucks and they are very undisciplined defensively. Chances of their winning this game=0.

Can the NJY run the ball on the Steelers? Certainly. If so, can they keep Big Ben on the bench? Sure. Then, do they have a chance to win the game? To me, even steven.

Brian Urlacher is a great LB in that great Bears tradition.

This next season - if we even have one - is going to be an ugly start. Not just for the Dolphins, but for the entire league.

My elaboration is posted on Pg.5, 7:49 AM.

cocoajoe, let me know which blog you're on, because I got another funny antidote - but hits the nail on the head.

Be back after the game. Jet motor just torched...

I have been a Dolphin fan since Joe Auer ran back the opening kickoff in the Dolphins first game for a touchdown. After that thrill, not so good for about three years, but another two and we were Super Bowl Champions. I was totally disheartened by Dabolls hiring. We had to look hard for an offensive coach with a worse record than Dan Henning but we managed to ferret him out. I just don't trust Dolphin management anymore. Most of the heart went out of me when they traded the only decent pro bowl player the
Dolphins had to the hated Cheatriots. Yes, that was Wes Welker. I went ballistic then, but was so glad to see the back end of Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller that my faith was restored to a point. But the Dolphins have forged ahead with bad or questionable decisions on both coaches and players even after the trifecta was installed. I will give Daboll a chance to prove he can move da ball, and I wish him years of success in Miami, but sadly doubt still tugs at my football sensibilities.

Hang in there Rick, better days will surely come. It has been a long and weary road since the good old days, but I truely believe we are headed in the right direction. It may still take one or two years to be serious contenders, but barring some major trade/draft blunder, or critical injury, we will once again have a team worthy of great respect.

I really believe the days of the blunder are behind us...

I am a true life long DOLPHINS FAN, this is to all you so called DOLPHIN FANS. You guys call yourselves DOLPHIN FANS but, perhaps you've forgot the true definition of what a fan is. It seems to me that these particular types of fans are just BANDWAGON FANS only wanting to be proud of our team through the good times. Hello idiots, a true fans rides with their team through the good and the bad so suck it up and stop being winers or become a Niners fan. Since all these BANDWAGON FANS want to be critical of our coaching staff and players, why dont you be critical with yourselves pertaining to your loyalty as a fan of a GREAT TEAM such as the MIAMI DOLPHINS(Undefeated SUPERBOWL CHAMPS)

Hellll Yeaah!! You say it Kendal! I'll drink a toast to that post, anytime!

Spread the word man...there are alot ofso-called-fans on these blogs that are nothing more than bag-pipes beltching sour notes.

Hmm, where's that bottle of Jack?

Evan's has had a grudge against the Fins since they cut him...he hasn't shut-up criticizing since...who cares what Evans says...he's only fit to suck the skid marks out of Kosar's jock.

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