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Miami's top personnel needs

A smile came to my face Tuesday when I was driving around town and one of our so-called Dolphins experts on the radio started barking out the Dolphins needs for the coming draft.

Wide receiver, tight end, interior lineman, kick returner, quarterback and running back.

I don't know if the "expert" was doing these needs in the order his mind has concocted them. I do know that's not the order the Dolphins have their needs currently pegged, based on conversations, texts, and emails I've had or exchanged with several team and NFL sources.

(Disclaimer: No one that tells you he knows the exact order of Miami's needs is telling the truth, unless that person's name is Jeff Ireland or Tony Sparano, and even then you might have to consider they might be working a smoke screen.)

(Disclaimer II: Neither one of those guys is telling folks the order of their needs, something that is really mundane but they guard as a draft secret.)

But I can tell you neither wide receiver nor tight end is at the top of Miami's needs list. And I can tell you neither runnning back nor quarterback is at the back end of Miami's needs list.

I think the more accurate order of Miami needs is running back, quarterback, interior lineman, speedy returner (If he's a WR or a RB all the better) and then a WR and TE.

Here is my thinking:

Have you looked at the Dolphins coming RB situation? Ronnie Brown is scheduled to be a free agent. Ricky Williams is scheduled to be a free agent. Patrick Cobbs is scheduled to be a free agent. Lex Hilliard is unsigned, although the Dolphins should retain his contract rights based on the fact he's been in the league only three seasons.

So none of Miami's running backs is signed for 2011.

The last time the Dolphins faced this kind of situation at a position was 2009 when they had Will Allen as the only experienced cornerback tied to a contract. They drafted Vontae Davis in the first round that year. And then they drafted Sean Smith in the second round.

Need solved.

This year? Running back, people.

Think running backs.

Yes, perhaps either Brown or Williams could return for 2011. But that is only an option. That is not the plan written in concrete. The Dolphins might find a RB in the draft and then go into free agency and love the idea of someone available there. No one can predict.

But we can predict the Dolphins will be eyebrows deep in the running back market this offseason.


Well, Chad Henne is on campus. But Chad Pennington is a free agent and may or may not continue playing, depending on how his shoulder rehab goes. Either way, I do not think Pennington comes back to the Dolphins. Been there. Done that.

Love Pennington but if you re-sign a QB whose throwing shoulder has been surgically repaired three or four times and the last time you needed him, his shoulder dislocated without any contact, you are a candidate to buy land in the Everglades.

You go to that player in an emergency in the middle of a season if no one else is available. But to sign him as a backup? I think the Dolphins will try other avenues first. And second. And third.

Tyler Thigpen is an option. He's a free agent. He was the backup after Pennington got hurt. He's an option.

But the Dolphins need to add one and perhaps two more solid, more promising quarterback options if they can. They need a young guy they can groom, someone out of the draft probably. They need a vet that can challenge Henne for the starting job because, frankly, Henne needs the competition and isn't necessarily a sure-thing to win any competition anyway.

So quarterbacks. Big need.


Seems like a bit of a luxury. Yes, if a stud falls to the Dolphins, absolutely a speedy guy would be wonderful. Titus Young of Boise State comes to mind in the second round (assuming Miami acquires a pick in that round). But as the top priority?

Last year, in talking to a highly placed club decision-maker, I asked about Vincent Jackson. I was told the Dolphins were headed in another direction. And they went in another direction. They didn't think spending that much on another WR was the way to go.

I don't agree with that because you can never have too many playmakers. But that wasn't the internal thinking at the time.

That coupled with the fact Miami has promising young WRs on campus in Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore, I think the team will view that position as something of a luxury and not the No. 1 priority. The situation may change between now and the draft in that, well, we cannot predict what will happen in the coming months.

Who knows? Maybe Brandon Marshall gets traded once trades are possible again. Yeah, I said it.

But right now, wide receiver isn't the top priority and probably not in the top two.

Interior lineman? Ab-so-lute-ly.

If and when free agency comes around, think Logan Mankins. That same conversation with the club official helped me break the story that Miami had contacted the Patriots about Mankins when he was in a contract dispute with New England.

Mankins is still unsigned.

Yes, it would be expensive. The Dolphins have proven they have no issue with spending money on the offensive line in the past. It makes sense in that Brian Daboll is now Miami's offensive coordinator and he saw Mankins early in his career when both were in New England. And adding Mankins would diminish New England so that's a plus.

So think of him as a free agent priority if he's available. 

Otherwise, the Dolphins could add an interior lineman in the draft.

The Dolphins will try to find a speedy return man. It's been three seasons under the Parcells-Ireland-Sparano administration and finding that dynamic return man has been a failure. The Dolphins have been able to put no significant speed that scares the opposition back returning punts or kicks. They've tried. But they've failed.

So look at that as a priority. But again, the top priority? No.

Tight end has been a priority for the Dolphins for some time. Yes, Anthony Fasano got a new contract but the Dolphins understand an upgrade is in order. Last year they liked Tony Moeaki in the draft. Loved him. He went to Kansas City and is showing himself to be a promising player. Those are the breaks.

The Dolphins may try to identify a tight end in the draft. But will they do it high? I do not know for sure. But is that the priority going into the first day? I have a hard time believe that's the ticket to solving Miami's offensive problems given the level of talent already at that position on campus relative to the lower leve of talent available at other positions on campus.

Bottom line: Think running backs and quarterback. 


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Trade Henne and Thigpen for 2nd round picks? Ha! Thats my new favorite post ever. Hysterical. Exactly what team would give up a 2nd rounder for Thigpen? Why not a 1st rounder, lol. How about we offer thigpen to Denver for the 2nd pick but only if they throw in Champ Bailey?

Fellas...For further posts...We cannot trade players that are free agents.We have to sign them before we can trade them.

What do you guys think the chances are we try and trade Brandon Marshall? We wouldn't get more then a second rounder and maybe a 6th or 7th thrown in. Is there someone out there in the second round that is better then Marshall? I doubt it. This guy did not forget how to play football. He was grossly misused in the offense last year. Yes he dropped the ball to many times, and yes he is an enigmatic personality. But this team needs playmakers. Not to get rid of them.

Darryl: Anyone who advocates trading Marshall is off their rocker anyway. The guy is a monster. Part of Henne improving is having the confidence to throw to Marshall even if he's not wide open. Let him be the playmaker he is.

I think Henne got stuck in the middle alot this year. On one side he's got Marshall on his case telling him to throw it up to him, on the other side you got Henning, Lee, Sparano telling him dont make mistakes, go thru your progressions, ect. Damned if you do, damned if you dont. I say let it fly, let Marshall make plays. He's bigger and stronger than pretty much anyone covering him.


I like the plan, I really do (especially putting Vontae in the nickel spot). I think that's creative defense and something an elite defense should be able to do to create their own mismatches.

But, think about it. Your strategy basically sounds like fix everything else, then find the QB. However, by the time they find the right QB, many of these guys will probably be gone (lots of movement in the league now). A franchise QB, likely coming out of the draft, as we've all noted in the past here, will take 2-3 years (at a minimum) to develop. Without that, you're not winning Playoff games (in all probability), you're not going to a SuperBowl.

So, to me, get the franchise QB 1st. That's ultimately your biggest need (for the last 2 decades) so no pick trying to get that is a waste IMO. A waste is all the other picks, since they'll never in and of themselves amount to anything, without a QB to lead them.

Chargers to me had it right, and it was a win-win (though maybe they got rid of the wrong guy), or maybe they need a new Coach.

Brees (I think a 2nd-rounder) wasn't progressing how they liked, so they got a 1st-round QB (I know, their pick was much earlier, but they didn't take Rivers remember, they took Eli). So when they got Rivers, they had 2 top-round QBs on the roster and a vet. Brees won the competition, was the starter, then got hurt and traded (he was expendable).

If we can find a guy that as good if not better than Henne, then the pick won't be wasted. Because either one will have some trade value if we choose to dump them. If we hit on the jackpot, then even better.

Only way that pick is a waste is if the guy is a complete dud (Ryan Leaf). I think in the Owners and fans eyes, that's a risk worth taking.

So who is it DC? Who's the franchise guy thats gonna be there at 15? Cam Newton? Thats alot longer than 2-3 years. Locker? I dont have enough space or time to list all the reasons he's not the answer.

I keep hearing get a QB, but who? It would be a wasted pick. You already have 2 years invested in a young QB. See it through. See if year 3 for Henne is a breakout one. If he does progress, then you wasted the #15 pick. If Henne bombs, you got a very iffy set of guys to choose from.

That said, I'm not opposed to someone like Stanzi or Dalton in the 4th. Or whoever has the biggest arm of that group

the only QB worth taking in the first round is gabbert. if he drops out of top 5 we should do whatever we can to trade up and take him or just wait for the later rounds to take a QB.
Jets went from 17 to 5 to take sanchez.

DC: The Chargers got nothing for Brees. Nothing. Had they stuck it out one more year with Brees and not drafted Rivers, they coulda used that pick on Fitzgerald, Sean Taylor (RIP), Winslow, D Hall, ect. Robert Gallery was really the only flop at the top of that draft.

One sobering note from that draft: Dolphins take Vernon Carey 2 spots ahead of Vince Wilfork. UGH.

Gabbert looks impressive when you watch him in that Missouri offense. But i worry about these guys who work solely in those college spread offenses and put up huge numbers. They never seem to translate to the NFL. Going all the way back to the Houston QB's Klingler and Ware, Any Gator QB. Alex Smith. Ty Detmer. Losman.

GP, see, this QB pick wouldn't affect Henne either way (other than putting pressure on him to play well). Henne WILL get another year (at least offseason to win the starting job). This is a Plan B pick if we realize this year that Henne's not the guy (which I think the best you can say is it's 50/50 right now that he's the guy). And you're right, Newton and the others might need longer than 2-3 years. That's why you can't procrastinate on this.

Bottom line point, Miami fans (and their Owner) will not accept any longer overlooking the QB position for some distant perfect time (either when the draft is perfect, the draft spot is perfect, etc.). That's what you guys have to understand. It's been TWO DECADES! One year is too long to wait for most of us. We need to see movement on this front yesterday, today, THIS YEAR. We won't accept not drafting a QB this year (including the Owner). And if he doesn't progress to a prodigy, we won't accept not drafting a QB as soon as that assessment is made.

It's a very simple thought-process. You can't win a SuperBowl in today's NFL without an elite QB. Therefore, do whatever it takes (picks, money, etc.) to acquire one. I know some of you hate that strategy. But blame the past leadership on the team. They've made it so that's the only strategy fans/Owner are willing to accept at this point. They can't keep watching a team with a bumbling offense, they just can't.

And, to your question as to who, my answer is ANY OF THEM. Any one of the 4-5 top QBs will give the team some breathing room to do the other things you guys are saying and not have the Owner/fans all over them (since we're smart enough to realize QBs need time to develop).

But I hate to be the bearer of bad news for you guys, my time has come (I mean my thinking). Watch. This team will have a singular focus to find that QB. Believe me, I'm with you GP. If Henne wins that position outright this year and plays up to his potential, that's be the best of all circumstances. It'll mean we can stop "wasting" picks. It'll mean we can finally have some continuity at the QB position, for a while. I would like nothing more. Unfortunately, that's an iffy scenario, and we can't do like Shula with Marino, and not have a Plan B.

DC..Thanks for the shout.

I agree we need to fix the problem at quarterback. I don't know if any of these guys will be the answer(avaible or possible first round qb's) Personally, I don't like any of them. That said if the FO was to go quarterback in the first round I understand the choice. But lets say they do, even go as far as taking a guy in round 2. We are in the same spot as we are now. We still have to find a free agent to compete with Henne, and develop the youngster. Now I get that at some point we will have to do this, and why not do it now. I just don't see any of the guys being the right guy to try and develop.

If the Fo sees any of the first round guys as the player we MUST have. Then boom pul the trigger. Let him learn his craft behind whoever is the guy this year. Let him sit and learn for 2 years, as long as it takes. It just comes down to I don't think any of these guys are the right choice. Your point about how to go about developing a guy(SD way) I agree with. We just have to find that guy. Easier said then done.

GP, they got nothing because he was hurt, and they messed up. But my point is having 2 starting-caliber QBs on your roster is a GOOD problem to have (see the Philadelphia Eagles).


It's a long waiting game at this point. The draft will come, and we'll convince ourselves in the end that their picks give hope. The real suspense will be the first 3 or 4 games. If we start off 3-1, all the year ends turmoil will be the distant past. If we start 1-3, Sparano will be the first coach on the hot seat.

With so many new coaches on the staff, it will be that much more difficult to see this team performing well right off the bat. The cards are not in this teams favor next season, however stranger things have happened. I guess that is why we watch.

Wow, that Dan Snyder article is hilarious...

To a couple of your points DC: Miami has not neglected the QB situation the past decade. It's just the attempts were misguided. Not only did they miss the bullseye, they missed the whole dartboard. Culpepper, AJ Feely, Pennington and Henne were all attempts to address the QB issue. I believe the book is still out on Henne, Chad P was a stop gap. Either way, effort was made.

Obviously, Its much easier to win a SB with an elite QB, but to say it cant be done is wrong. Ask Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer. They have the same amount of rings as Peyton Manning, Brees or Favre. Jake Delhomme just missed. As did Rex Grossman and Matt Hasselbeck. Roethlisberger was 9-21 with a pick in his first SB, they won. Brady was not "elite' his 1st year, he was more a caretaker for a really good team. (half the Pats fans were screaming for Bledsoe to start that game)
I think we both want the same thing, but for me, Plan B if Henne flops this year (and if he does, we'll have a reasonably high pick), wait one more year to draft a QB. Henne's contract will be up, and if needed, find a Pennington like stop gap. If Henne flops, either way we're back to square one, might as well wait one more year and not waste #15 this year.

didn't stafford and bradford come from a similar type system? spread?

@ 0x80: Good point about the staff. If they fail to put guys in a position to succeed, its all a moot point.

Cant help but look at Sam Shields as an example of what good coaching can do for a guy. Highly recruited, almost no impact for UM under Randy Shannon, now hes starting on a SB team and making plays in the playoffs to help them get there.

GP, we neglected it by not drafting a guy (with a high enough pick to increase the probability he would work out). All those guys you mentioned (besides Henne) were FAs. Exactly where we are now (hoping to get a FA). That's the point, been there, done that. For us at least, taking someone else's Garbage (no pun intended) isn't working (except Pennington, but that was a 1-year stopgap). What we haven't tried is drafting a 1st-round QB.

To your 2nd point (about not needing an elite QB to win the SB), all your examples are almost a decade old. And me and others have pointed out that times have changed. The NFL has changed. Who knows, maybe it changes back at some point. But this is a copycat league. Right now we're in a period where elite QB play is the best indicator that you're a Playoff/SB team.

Heres my argument against Locker:

Let me something positive 1st. It says something about a guys character who passes up the draft to accomplish something with teammates. Wash. was a Pac 10 laughingstock when he and his classmates got there. Their goal was to get the program to a bowl game. He stayed to accomplish that with the guys he came in with as freshman. Thats awesome and commendable.

However: 2 games v. Nebraska combined 9-36 127 yards
Vs. Stanford: 7-14 64 yards
Vs. UCLA: 10-21 68 yards

Those are 4 serious clunkers. To me thats a red flag. If you're a top NFL QB prospect, you cant have a third of your games be that bad. Everyone is entilted to a bad game here or there, but thats crazy. Whats he gonna do against NFL competition? (and UCLA stunk this year)

GP, it's a caution flag to me. But this isn't an exact science. Henne had a TERRIFIC resume. Yet, he might be the worst QB of his class (as of now). Just saying there's lots of factors that go into whether a guy is successful in the NFL.

DC, its not like i was bringing up Doug Williams or Jeff Hostetler. All those guys played in SB's inside the last decade. I didnt even mention Kerry Collins or Rich Gannon who was a real late bloomer. Or Eli Manning, who I wouldnt consider elite. Above average, yes, but I've never watched him and thought "wow, he's unreal". The guy did throw 25 picks this year.

Really over the last decade, there have been just as many non elite guys as there has been hall of fame types. I guess we just disagree on what to do with #15 this year. I still say Plan A: Julio Jones. Plan B: best O-lineman available. Worry about QB next year if needed.

None of the top 5 QB's are better than the top 4 that come out next year. There will be a better QB between 25-31 next year than there will be this year 1-10

Boulder: Stafford played in a traditional offense at Georgia.

Oklahoma threw alot with Bradford, but it was mostly 2 and 3 rec sets. Nothing like Missouri or Tex Tech or Hawaii, the true spread teams

What also gets lost in the "elite" QB conversation is they usually have an "elite" O-Line. In most cases elite QB's are products of the O-line protecting them.

GP, I'm just the Messenger bro. The person to blame is either Chad Henne or the coaching staff that so messed him up we're in "house-is-falling" mode for a QB.

By the way, one thing you said earlier, that if Henne fails, we'll most likely have an early pick to get a QB next year. I disagree on that. I think Henne is at worst a decent QB. I can't see him going 1-15 EVER. I can't see him going 4-12. Not with the talent on the team now. Good news on Henne (if you consider this good news), based on his career so far, this is his floor, he won't get any worse than he is now.

So, if Henne fails, I still see us as a mediocre, middle-of-the-NFL team. And that means a pick in the mid-to-late teens. That's what we are now. Unless we're willing to trade up, I never see us being as bad as '07 again. That means next year's pick will be in the same place as this year's (of course, the class might be better with more choices). But I don't see us doing worse than 6-10, 7-9 with Henne.

But, yes, I agree to disagree. Ironically, I like Julio Jones. Not sure he's a mid-1st-round pick, but I do like him.

Armando, thanks for coming down on corporate welfare, sports team owners trying to extract free money from the taxpayers. I'm not a fan of you writing style, your jingoism, or your religious preaching, but at least you stand against billionaires trying to steal even more money from the lower and middle class. It's sickening that they expect free money from taxpayers, and then want to charge them to enter the stadium.

GP/Poizen, it's good that there are various views on here how to improve. In the end, everyone will cheer a winner. So if the FO uses this as motivation to go with one way over the other, AS LONG AS it improves the team, they'll be congratulated.

nobody knows nuttin...total krap shoot. not fans, not scouts, not gms...every year millions are flushed away on loser players. as well, teams rarely start off where they left off the previous year, rarely. every season is a new deal. too difficult to project or assume anything. individual players routinely exceed or under achieve expectations from one season to the next. all this chat is nuttin more than passing time. nobody knows nuttin.

I agree, I meant if Henne fails, we'll prob be in the same position, somewhere in the 13-16 range. In which case its time to draft a QB. To me, next years crop looks better. After Luck, you got Landry Jones, Kirk Cousins, Weeden from Ok. St., Nick Foles (Ariz.) At least equal to, but prob better than this years bunch.

Poizen is right, there is always someone else coming down the pipe. Also right about the O-line needing attention. I'd be more than happy if they took the best T available to play RT and moved Carey inside to G.

I hope Armando didn't just roll over a die in regards to speaking out against government-funded upgrades to the stadium. He had it right the first time. It's a bad idea.

I hate this IPhone app can't beleve I actually had to pay for this...

hey mando, do an article that features some prospects the Fins should look at. At least 3-5 per position needs with updates on how they are doing. here's my list;

QB Colin Kaepernick, Nevada
G/C Mike Pouncey, Florida
QB Pat Devlin, Delaware
RB DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma
LB Casey Matthews, Oregon
WR Jerrel Jernigan, Troy
RB Da Rel Scott, Maryland
WR Leonard Hankerson, Miami
WR Aldrick Robinson, SMU
CB Ramon Broadway, Arkansas – depending on how he heals up on his ankle injury. Will be a FA pickup if he is not fully healed
CB Buster Skrine, Tennessee-Chattanooga
G Justin Boren, Ohio State
WR DeAndre Brown, Southern Miss
G Will Rackley, G, Lehigh
G Thomas Claiborne, Boston College
QB Andy Dalton, TCU
TE Charlie Gantt, Michigan State
TE Stephen Skelton, Fordham

Agreed, DC. Have a good one boys, gotta go pack for a ski weekend. See you next week

Left guard and running back. In that order. Add a free agent left guard and running back. Spend the money. Trade down and use draft picks for quarterback, reciever/returner or DB/returner, as well as BAS (best available selection), whatever that is.



Garbage Plate,Poizen...I agree with both of your points. I don't know that it will certainly work out this way. But this year of all years is shaping up to be one where developing a quarterback is a chore. Imagine a rookie that doesn't get any reps during the offseason. You cannot get those days back. Training camp could be shortened as well. So what we have is an offseason where this rookie gets no chance to learn the system, or get familiar with the offense. It puts him a year back in a lot of ways. Now sure these things can be overcome, it just makes it even more difficult. To your point about wating one more year. I agree. With the talent coming out, and all of the potential hiccups. I think we would be better off.

NO RB IN THE FIRST ROUND! If you can find ANY gem of a player in the late rounds, its at RB. Ingram isnt worth it. if we are capable of dropping back and acquiring a second rounder, i would like us to draft qb FIRST. there is depth at the position. Id be happy with most of the QB's that would still be available in the late 1st. Ponder, Kaepernick, Stanzi. all of these guys have tremendous upside. Ponder and Stanzi would have a relatively smooth transition, and Kaepernick is a stud. like someone posted previously, its time to nut up and take a Qb in round 1. But i do think it is a need for us to recover a 2nd rounder. go fins.



Garbage Plate,

You got it! You say we couldn't get 2nd round picks for Henne or Thigpen yet everyone writing today seems to think Henne or Thigpen are good enough to run the offense and score points, double ha,ha. Our Q.B.s couldn't even bring 4 round picks!

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I'm going to keep putting this in until someone agrees with me:
I've been a Dolphin fan for almost 40 years - the Dolphins are about as close to winning a championship as the Browns are - this team doesn't have the talent (QB, RB, OL and secondary) to win and they don't have the character or heart to win.
I've told this story before - I hate Chris Berman - when the Dolphins "fired" Don Shula and hired fat Jimmy Johnson they had a short special on ESPN - Berman said "The Dolphins will rue the day they let Don Shula go." I was ready to drive to CT just to punch him in the face - but I thought, hey - they'll win the Super Bowl a few times and all will be forgotten - boy was I wrong and the worst part is - Berman was right.
Think of all the embarrassment this franchise has put us through since Shula left - *losing 92 to 2 to Jackoffville in the playoffs - *fat Jimmy quitting and then staying and sucking - getting blown out three years in a row in the playoffs - *NE knowing our plays and fat Jimmy not changing anything up - *Wanny never able to win the big game at the end of the year - *going 1-15 - *drafting Ted Ginn Jr. and his family - *following that up with a 1-15 season - *fat Tony Sparano going 11-5 with the easiest schedule maybe in league history and then losing at home (I see a pattern here)- *the whole Dez Bryant situation - going 1-7 at home - AT HOME!!!! - *the whole coaching fiasco after this terrible season - on and on it goes.
I don't ever remember being embarrassed when Don Shula was the coach of this team - they were the class of the league - what do you guys think? I'm sick of it and it doesn't seem like this Ross idiot has any clue what he is doing. I don't see a championship anywhere on the horizon.

The NFL needs to start picking MVPs for the Conference Championship games and the AFC MVP needs to receive the "Don Shula Trophy" or the Coach of the Year needs to win the "Don Shula Award" - This guy did more for football than Lamar Hunt could do in 5 lifetimes!

The Dolphins should...

Resign Ricky and let Ronnie go (despite his age,hes still the more productive back)

Resign Incognito as our starting Centre

Sign Carl Nicks as our starting LG (just as good as Mankins and younger and probably cheaper)

Trade back and pick Pouncey in the 1st (he can be our starting RG)

Our Offensive line is now sorted.Then grab Ryan Williams in the 2nd round whos alot more 'explosive' than Ingram. Now our RB's are sorted with the Williams twins lol

Then try to grab D.J Williams in the 3rd

Then the rest of the draft,grab a K/P returner,CB,ILB and QB


I agree 1000%. Problem is there's so many geniuses on this blog they even think they could coach the Dolphins. They have the maybe it will be better next year. Some are even so dillusional that they think Henne can turn his game around ( yeah o.k. ).One great stat a lot of people seem to forget ( amd it's not the 17-0 season ) is that before Jimmy a-hole took over and wanted a better running gane and drafted Karim Abdul Jabbar ( even though he had the best passer in Q.B. history ) was that the Dolphins were the winningest (% ) pro SPORTS team in history !

ALoco..The food cost is a little high. Thats ok, I'm doing it for the locals, and my friends. I'm not worried about making a ton of money that night. The Porchetta I will cook in my stone pizza oven. This way the skin gets super crisp, and the vegetables carmelize under all the deicious pork fat. I think You would enjoy this meal.

Darryl, I dont see any Elk on the Menu, isnt that a Staple up over there??????

Go Dolphins??

Jay let me be the first one to agree on certain things you posted! First I don't think we need any help on defense yes!!! Yes even the secondary!! I do agree on QB RB TE Especially OL......as far as Shula is concern that was the biggest mistake the PHINS ever done!! but eventually Shula was going to retire sooner than later. I think that the PHINS are under the mercy of Mr Ross hopefully he can be a successful NFL owner as he is with his billion dollar real-estate business. So let's be happy the guy wants to speed money on players and coaches.......so it's no as bad as you making it out to be let's wait and see and support this team threw good and bad times!!


What up Menace??
I would have to serve farm raised Elk. Against the law to serve anything someone shoots to the public. Since all of these folks hunt Elk, it wouldn't fly so well.
I have been reading some of the archived stuff. A lot of it is pretty funny. I just read a good one where I was arguing with Hot Ashley about what our record would be. I thought 11-5 was about right. She knew better then I. In fact she called me a bufoon....funny stuff.

Darrly, Hot Ashley(Pineapple princess) Is Quite th card sometimes, I just wish I could Fold sometimes.......




Hankerson, Ponder and Greg Cooper will be available. If we dont get one this regime is a joke. U got rid of Ginn, then the.Offense & Special teams became the worst in the league. Some logic. Now ur crying for speed. Ireland, please get it Right for a change.

Agreed cubans daddy. There's certainly a common denominator in the team's struggles

slow day.....

Lots of Chefs and GM's here.


We trade Cameron Wake for a 2nd Round Draft pick. We use that pick to draft a QB who is a total bonehead. Nothing but hardened marrow between his ears.

We then sit and wait for the next 15 years to see if he "develops". If he succeeds in turning into anything, each one us has to buy Armando a steak!

Gone 24 hours (because I have a job) and find another 80 posts. I enjoyed the read. So much so that I will be back here tonight to write you a bed-time story.

For some, it might make some sense, to other, it may cause you to wet your bed in nightmares.


Ps, MAndo, Two of us here wrote that dude Scott on U-tube, chastising him for his plagerism of this blog as his own writing.

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