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And Sun Life needs a partial roof why?

In North Texas, an arctic cold front is chilling folks to the bone and has airports in the region on minute-to-minute status with flight delays and runway closings. Schools and businesses in the area are closed. Transit isn't running at 100 percent.

North Texas hosts Super Bowl 45 on Sunday.

In Indianapolis, the feels-like temp is 13-degrees F with a 100 percent chance of precipitation today and tonight and snow expected tomorrow.

Indianapolis hosts Super Bowl 46 next February.

In the metro New York area, it's 35 degrees F with ice pellets dropping from the sky, depending on where you're located. There is also a light, freezing rain in the air and there's a 40 percent chance of snow this weekend.

New York hosts Super Bowl 48 in 2014.

Can someone remind me why the Dolphins and the NFL want to put a partial roof over Sun Life Stadium again?

Last year when the Super Bowl last visited South Florida, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell carried water for the Dolphins, saying he believes Sun Life Stadium needs a partial roof and some significant lighting upgrades so it and South Florida can ensure itself a continued presence in the Super Bowl rotation.

After it rained during the February 2007 Super Bowl at the facility, Goodell fielded complaints from sponsors and other NFL bigwigs upset they got wet on Super Sunday in South Florida. Nevermind that the temps locally were in the 70s.

Well, that worked for a me for a minute.

And then the NFL waived its weather requirements and awarded the game to New York, with its ugly, non-descript, open-air, $1.6 billion stadium in the swamplands of the Meadowlands. And the NFL encouraged Tampa Bay -- in the same state as Miami and with an open air stadium -- to continue bidding for future Super Bowls with no mention of that area needing a roof on its stadium.

And suddenly that rain complaint rang empty.

Then the NFL awarded a Super Bowl to Indianapolis. And the idea that sponsors have to be somewhere warm and fun and sunny got tossed because Indy is none of those this time of year.

Then the NFL awarded a Super Bowl to New Orleans for 2013. And the idea the NFL requires you to have a new stadium to vie for and win a Super Bowl bid got tossed because the Lousiana Superdome opened in 1975, a decade before Joe Robbie Stadium.

So all of the NFL's arguments for Sun Life Stadium and South Florida not being adequate Super Bowl venues are thus ... to put delicately ... crap.

The truth is the NFL was interested in lighting upgrades at Sun Life and those are legit with today's new HD and LED TVs requiring more specialized lighting. But that upgrade would cost perhaps a few million dollars -- nowhere near the quarter-billion or so the Dolphins are seeking to do all of the upgrades for their stadium.

The truth is it is the Dolphins that want the partial roof.Sun-Life-rendering

And the truth is they do no wish to pay for it.

The club has hired lobbyists, gone before local county commissions, and had numerous meetings and ear-tugging sessions with state legislators, just so the upgrades that primarily include the partial roof can be paid for by, well, someone else.

This, by the way, is a significant break from the history of the facility. Joe Robbie built the place on his own dime. Wayne Huizenga signed off on approximately $250 million worth of renovations and upgrades as late as 2008.

Now Stephen Ross, Miami's new owner, wants public funding (tax dollars) going to the next upgrade. Oh, he makes the case the dollars would be siphoned from hotel bed tax sources, meaning tourists would basically pay the freight. He also makes the case those tax dollars cannot be used on, say, police or books or fire fighters or teachers. And, of course, he makes the case that adding a roof to the stadium could, possibly, perhaps, maybe, bring another Super Bowl and the economic boon that comes with it to South Florida in the next decade.

But Ross does not mention in his argument other factoids.

The fact is other local facilities were in line for those bed tax dollars before Sun Life Stadium. Ross doesn't mention that local hotels are in competition with places abroad like Mexico or the Bahamas or Puerto Rico and thus could lose business if word gets out South Florida is a much more expensive place to stay and vacation. (Quickie aside, last year the Dolphins partnered with the Bahamas, encouraging Dolfans to travel there, even while South Florida beaches and hotels could have used more business.)

But I digress.

Ross doesn't mention that South Florida might get a Super Bowl in the next decade anyway. And he doesn't volunteer to cover the difference if the economy that remains in recession mode now gets worse and there's a shortfall of bed tax dollars to cover the cost of his stadium upgrades. Such a shortfall might then be the responsibility of tax funds that do go to police and other services.

All this while Ross is calling for a no-huddle attack during early season home games so the Dolphins can use the hot weather advantage they enjoy early each season -- an advantage the addition of a partial roof might dilute.

Having said all this, I have to think about where I stand on this partial roof idea. I have to consider the meaning of this idea and the manner it is being presented. I have to regard how much trust I have in the politicians and lobbyists that would be behind it. I have to consider where I believe the economy is likely to head and what effect losing one Super Bowl might or might not have on my town. I have to regard that billionair Stephen Ross wants tourists to pay for upgrades to his stadium.

Considering ....

Still considering ....

And then I have to tell you, if Ross wants to drop a partial roof on his staduim, he is more than welcome to do so. It's his stadium, after all.

But buy the argument about it being an NFL requirement for having nice weather at the Super Bowl? No. Buy the idea that it will bring more Super Bowls to town? No. Buy the idea of paying for it with public monies? Oh, hell no! 


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Texas Stadium is only 5 yeas older then JRS/Pro-Player/Dolphin/land shark/Sun life stadium, Should tourist be worried about paying 35% tax on there hotel room, cause its at 24% right now.............When well Miami be to expensive for visitors to come down there???????

Texas Stadium opened (I think) in 1971...JRS in 1987.

Funny to think of Joe Robbie as one of the "older" NFL venues but at this point it is.

No question, they'll have to do some substantial things as the years go by to keep it modern but I don't foresee an entirely new stadium anytime in the near (or not so near) future.

Eventually, it'll probably come down to a major restructuring of what's already there, ala Soldier Field.

If it doesn't block the sun from the field, then do it. With Ross's money, with bed tax money, with locals tax money. Just do it. It could potentially make it much louder while still scorching the opponents.

If it doesn't block the sun from the field, then do it. With Ross's money, with bed tax money, with locals tax money. Just do it. It could potentially make it much louder while still scorching the opponents.

Posted by: Jessie Z! | February 01, 2011 at 02:04 PM


It would DEFINITELY do that, with sound bouncing off the roof (and you can ask the Seahawks what good sound engineering can do with a partial roof).

Add to that the existant plans to move seats cloer to the field and you'd have a much louder home environment (provided the team ever gets its act together, of course!)

Not arguing the taxpayers should finance it...I don't believe they should...just purely the aesthetics. The Dolphins would have a better home-field advantage in my opinion.

My Bad DR., Could sworn the Cows played at different stadium prior to 1985..., I stand corrected..

Did Barbara, aka bobbyd12, really leave? Please let it be true & not some sick joke. Please o please!

His ignorance is only super-ceded by his arrogance. What a schmuck. If he left this blog, albeit only temporarily, it would be a gift to everyone. He doesn't know how many people's day he just made.

Now, can we convince Mando to move the blog somewhere Barbara can't find it when she returns?

ross has already moved to plan b. he is having j-lo serena and gloria stand up in the rafters so that their collectve big fat axxes can shade the stadium on day games.lol

i already miss bobbyd.

Armando: you've ignored too many important facts. Ex.: renovations (superdome), the one-off nature of cold-weather SB awards (as a thank you from the NFL for renovations or new stadiums) and the fact that we'd still have lower bed tax rates than most major tourist destinations. Oh yeah, and that Ross has said he's willing to contribute a significant sum.

It's not worth risking our spot on the super bowl rotation. Every 10 years isn't good enough! One super bowl pays for this project. Don't be so short-sighted.

I hope he thinks twice about coming back. Maybe he'll bang his head & get amnesia & forget all about this place.

It'll certainly be weird not having the biggest whiner around anymore.

LMAOROTF At Lil Aloco, Your on a roll..........

Goodell is an idiot and has been playing the heavy handed thug since he came into the league. Screw the roof... Goodell will be gone in a year or two, with any luck . I surehope Ross dopesn't cave in to this prick.

Who the hell is Brito?

I wonder if the NFL will drop the Roman Numeral stuff when we hit Super Bowl 50?

That would be Super Bowl L. Maybe they want everyone to pronounce it "Super Bowllll?"

How about SB 54? That would be "LIV." Tie-in to the stupid nightclub in the stadium? An homage to actress Liv Ullman?

The best would be Super Bowl 59..."LIX." You can use your imagination on the marketing possibilities for that one.

Who the hell is Brito?

Posted by: oscar canosa | February 01, 2011 at 02:45 PM

Boring, overplayed artist who has his stuff all over South Florida.

The multicolored ramps at the stadium are his work.

looks cool now all they need is a jetsons elevator and i'm sold

Actually, now that I think about it Super Bowl "L" cound have a Latin theme...market it as "El Super Bowl."

OK, I'm getting weird now. Outta here. Seeya!

Hell, I don't mind seeing football played in inclement whether. That's what it is, a Wild Game.

I think that along with the roof they might as well go ahead and add a heater also... Cause we wouldn't want them to be cold....

It's too bad the Super Bowl isn't being played in Indy or NY this year. With the storms we're getting up here this week the NFL would be scheduling a Miami or San Diego Super Bowl tomorrow.

i'm old school so i believe football should be played on real grass in all kinds of weather in stadiums without roofs.

One sign that you're supporting a meaningless team:

the blog in late January is discussing a partial roof on the stadium!

We SHOULD be discussing purchasing Chad Henne a partial set of balls to make him complete. Then maybe he'll have some confidence.

That's all right people down here are such fair weather fans (no pun intended... Well maybe a little...) it's almost to the point there is more opposing fans than actual dolphin fans.... So maybe we should impose a tourist tax....

I personally liked the name Pro Player Stadium and/or Joe Robbie Stadium..thys my top two

Dane...I don't think really it's fair weathered fans...I honestly think there are so many of us tired of the teams Miami has been fielding since Marino left...I think a lot of people are deeply hurt by our once proud prestigious franchise... I believe that's where a lot of animosity has been built up...just sayin


That's all right people down here are such fair weather fans (no pun intended... Well maybe a little...) it's almost to the point there is more opposing fans than actual dolphin fans.... So maybe we should impose a tourist tax....

Posted by: grrreatdane | February 01, 2011 at 03:39 PM

But according to Barbabra, Bobbyd12, only S. Fla fans are "REAL" fans. Real fans don't get outcheered by the opposition in their own stadium.

Armando you jackass. the roof would shade and shield the fans not the players. look at the drawing you imbecile. i like the idea. many beautiful and great stadiums have a partial roof.

roof or no roof miami should become the premenant home of superbowls period!

The nightmare just keeps on getting worse and worse. I work hard my money, not going to waste at any more home games and definitely will not support tax money towards Ross destruction of the Phins. There are gonna be multiple blacouts next year when we implode and there is talk of the LA Dolphins. What a mess.

Ain't capitalism great?

By the way, dr. roberts, not only did Joe Robbie believe in MLS(in which he was wrong) but also in MLB in South Florida(in which he was right). A Visionary man, without a doubt.

I will say, to deflect off the nabobs of negativity, that your boy Cameron Wake got stiffed. When JT got Def. Player of the Year, didn't we go 6-10? Not a great record, so why wouldn't Wake get ONE vote? The guy was the best pass rusher in the league period. That's the first thing non-Dolphins fans talked about when they found out I was a fan. "That Cameron Wake is impressive." You don't know how many times I heard that.

We was robbed!

Still, the Stadium is wrong, for all three Sports.

Cowkilla, no argument here.. Actually agree.. Just trying to make a funny...


Super post and your points are all excellent. Mr. Ross is too wealthy to need support paid for by the public. A hotel tax is not a 'free lunch' for the community. And why should all visitors to Miami need to be forced to pay for services that do not benefit them; most will never see a Dolphin game, yet alone a Superbowl. It would be better if they spent their money where they want to (local restaurants, bars, retailers, a hard copy of the Miami Herald, etc.) rather than fund welfare for billionaires. Again, excellent post!

Is this stupid iPhone app wrkin

Amen, Armando! Testify!!!!

Ross didn't have a clue. 1st, he thought Hollywood glitz would help, it didn't. 2nd, he thought late games would help, sorry. Then he misinterpreted what Goodell said, wrong again.

Hopefully, he'll understand at some point that the stadium is 23 years old and was designed to accomodate several sports. Well meaning but like a lot of one size fits all, it doesn't do anything well. No amount of money is going to turn this stadium into something it ain't.

Dane, Yessir, I understand my friend.
Also I agree about your assessment about the iPhone app as well

It's a simple app u think they could write the code... But I guess it's t advanced for the it deptmnt at the hearld... Stick to writing news articles...

Where is 0x80 I bet u he could write the code for them!

Roger Godell is a complete MORON!!!!! he is lining his pockets with $10million plus per year..... and keeps destroying the game week after week with rules, regulations and stupid decisions such as the SB hosts.... out of all place in NY with an OPEN STADIUM if sponsors complained about 1 rainy day in South Florida in over 10 Super Bowls just wait till they get 24" of snow!!!! they will beg Sun Life Stadium to take them back.... F. U. Goodell!!!!

Hey, Mando,

I live in Atlanta, so couldn't care less about Miami politics, but I must say that I completely agree with you that using public fundage is crap. I am tired in general of people trying to use the government as a weapon of plunder. Developers trying to use eminent domain laws to steal private property, people trying to legislate charity, sports teams trying to bully municipalities about stadium concerns, etc.

The Federal Government's functions to spend on were originally limited to National Defense, International relations, Interstate relations, Interstate commerce, and International commerce. All other Governmental functions were supposed to fall to the states, and further down to the local municipalities.

The States, and municipalities weren't supposed to be spending money on things like "encouraging tourism" and such, it was up to private industry to bring in the money. Governments don't make money. Governments don't CREATE jobs, other than government jobs. Any time you hear a politician talking about creating jobs, you can guarantee he is really saying that he is really telling you he is going to spend more of your money.

All levels of government need to pass a version of the Fair Tax. No more income taxes, no more corporate taxes (as corporations don't pay taxes anyway, they just pass the taxes to the consumers), no more property taxes, or ANYTHING other than a retail sales tax. When you tax CONSUMPTION rather than PRODUCTION, YOU decide how much you pay in taxes every year, and begin to limit the power of our government officials, and make it a government by, for, and of the people again. Sorry for the rant, but this is a big issue for me.






I am sure the roofs probably retractable... Cause it seems to be canvas... Which brings up the question why such a hefty price tag???

my guess is the price is overly inflated. they are cooking the books. adding cost that isn't there which in effect increases profit and sucks more money from the taxpayers bank accounts.


by the way i heard on the news someone went to the bank to cash a 30,000 grand check and they didnt have the money...what does that tell you?

It's American gvmnt. At it's worst... Or at it's best... Lol

supposed to say $30,000...$30,000K dollars I wouldnt expect a bank to have

It seems to me that the public (and the politicians) would be more likely to spend their money (tax dollars included) on a stadium for a WINNING team! Maybe if we actually start winning some championships, then spending cash on the stadium would be more pallatable.

Sorry! Typo! "Palatable".

Booby is gone! Thanks for that...PS. Don't come back after the draft c0ksucker

bobbyd?? sad , that dude had some serious issues.

The Roof In Fla is a BAD $$$ Mistake and Stupid Idea...

Yeah Bobby went out with yet another angry rant...peace the F out Bobby...don't come back

It's funny how the wealthy don't want to be taxed. But when it comes down to shelling out their own cash for a project. They run to the government for money.

That said, there is already a bed tax in Miami. That money is supposed to be used to develop commerce in that tax zone. If Ross, and the city of Miami truly believe that the NFL is going to skip out on staging their premiere event here. Then Ross can put in for those funds just like any other entity. These bed taxes are used all the time for stadium improvements, Areanas, and convention centers. The thinking is that the improved faclities will draw more people to the area.

This is where I disagree. I don't think that Ross is being held with a gun to his head to get this done. Some corprate sponsors were upset because they got a little wet. Big deal. Like I stated earlier. Miami is probably the perfect city to host this event. The game is more then the 60 minutes played on the field. Think about every corprate event held throughout the week. Many of these companies come from northern, or colder climates. Isn't the weather enough to lure the NFL back to South Florida? Add the activities, beautiful people, great food. And you are hard pressed to find a better place to stage this circus. I cannot, and do not believe that the NFL would stop coming to Miami because there is no roof.

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