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Dolphins send a Valentine's Day greeting but ...

...Do you care?

Is it going to make you renew your tickets?

The Dolphins are these days being thoughtful with their most valuable fans, their season-ticket holders. Today the club sent this heart-shaped football in the form of a Valentine's Day card to its season-ticket holders. And the message is simple:

"We'd love to have you back"

So the club gets an A for thinking of you. It gets an A for timing. It gets an A for effort. It also gets an A for marketing.

But does it work?

Does it make you adjust your thinking on how the Dolphins are doing otherwise?

Obviously, there isn't a whole lot the club could be doing publicly to make you feel better about things. There's nothing by way of player or coaching staff acquisition anyone could be doing to impress you. The staff is set after the hiring process was completed before the Super Bowl. The player acquisition period has not begun -- although I did see a headline asking how the club is doing with its free agency approach when free agency hasn't started yet and re-signing a player such as Paul Soliai is impossible based on the 30 percent rule.

But I digress.

The question is do little gestures like the Valentine's card work? Do they take the edge off the razor you want to take to someone's head over in Davie?

Remember that it is a new offseason and the Dolphins are as undefeated today as the Green Bay Packers. Obviously, you also remember that wasn't the case last season and certainly not when the team played at home. 

But are you still angry about that? Are you so angry that, as the person who passed along the card to me said, he wants me to go off on the team in my column and on my daily radio show every chance I get.

I haven't been doing that, by the way. But I'm wanting to gauge the temperature in here on a love-filled Valentine's Day. 


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It's a nice gesture... What it does it keeps the Dolphins in the fans minds, which is all they are trying to do during the offseason.

I thought it was cute. I bought season tickets for the first time last year and will probably renew, though not because of the greeting. We get a good deal if we do so before 2/23, so this was a reminder of the impending deadline.

'Mando - Signing bonuses don't count against the 30% rule, I believe. So there is a way to get a deal done (albeit maybe not an ideal way). And the little v-day gesture is a nice way to say thanks to the fans - but it doesn't change that winning is the only thing that makes people feel better.

I got no problem with the team trying to get season-ticket holders to renew. This marketing campaign is exactly what the business side should be doing (this of all years, since who knows what the product will look like on the field come Sept. or whenever football starts this year).

And, if I were a season-ticket holder (I'm one of the dreaded out-of-state fans) our mediocrity wouldn't keep me from renewing this year. The CBA WOULD! I don't want to pay to watch scrubs, or have 1/2 season of football. That's the only thing that would make me rethink tickets this year (because as a diehard fan, I want to see my team regardless).

Awesome idea for a column! No, really. I'm serious. I'm not being facetious at all.

Living in Cali so no chance for season tix.

I would sign up and go if I felt moved to do so. The V-Day thing is a thoughtful gimmick but I doubt that is why anyone will buy seat packages worth thousands.

Season tix holders will renew their season tix if they like the direction of the franchise. Otherwise it's ciao.

As a DirecTV viewing fan, it is always disturbing to see so many orange empty seats.

Just have the $$ ready to get the draft picks signed and whatever FAs under contract. That will steer season tix as much as anything imho.

'Nuff said bout this topic.


get a qb.

I'm not angry, not bitter, and nothing like that means much to me either way. Getting good players will keep me interested and happy over time.

get a coach and gm who play to win and they'll fill the stadium! draft some weapons.

Just Win Baby!!!

Didn't work for me. Lowering the ridiculous prices would be a good step Wee certainly overpaid lately. Blende have k pay the same price to watch scrubs like last time? Maybe thats a good thing. We went the super bowl that year

I think it's a thoughtful touch to send out a Valentines Day greeting to season ticket holders. Also think that's the least the Dolphins or any team, or business for that matter should do for it's customers.

I heard what they did here in Phoenix for some of the Suns lower level ticket holders was to have players actually call season ticket holders and personally thank them for their support. Thought that was pretty cool.

As a Miami Dolphins season ticket holder, I find it extremely difficult to justify spending this amount of money on season tickets when there is no collective bargaining agreement. In other words, the Valentine's Day Card does not change the fact that there is no CBA.

I love the Dolphins, always have, always will... as long as Carl Peterson stays away.

While unpopular, I applaud the team for bringing back Ireland, Sparano, and crowd. I also am a fan of seeking out other QB's, but giving Henne the chance to succeed this year.

Happy Valentines Day Armando!

For Valentines Day my (long-suffering) sweetheart bought me a Dan Marino Jersey signed by all 15 different Miami Dolphins starting QBs since 2000.

I'm particularly fond of the Ray Lucas and Gus Ferrotte autographs -- they don't make QBs like that any more.

I am mad as hell, and I wont take this anymore. I will not renewing my tixs. I predict Sprano will be fired mid-season at 1-7.

Bah Humbug!

Get a GM, a Head Coach & ..........then we'll talk.........but only if you promise to get a QB.

yes, the valentines card has made forget the miserable season and made me a new believer in these incompetent losers. i wished they sent the card out sooner. i also wish i didn't burn all my memorabilia yesterday. oh well.

Who cares?!!!!!!!! There will be no football next year, Sparano and staff will be let go, and we will be starting over again in a new system. So what does it matter what we feel about a sport who doesn't give a s**t about us? Who cares about the team either way, there's a good chance we wont be seeing them play for two years!! One of the owners just made fun of Peyton Manning and Drew Brees at a negotiation. Now the players are even more pizzed saying that the owners obviously don't respect any of them if they don't have respect for two of the classiest players in the league. It's in Yahoo sports, hello, read up people, the NFL is done for a while and you're all wasting your time coming in here every day to rip your team. Yeah Mando, please do what the stupid moron asked you to do. Please rip the Dolphins every chance you get because that's obviously going to help make them better. I swear to every thing that is holy this is the most ignorant blog on the net.


shout out to Kooch... keep your head up buddy!

Does the moron who suggested you rip the team every day realize that you have to confront these people every day in the workplace? How stupid can one person be? This isn't water gate! You are reporting about a sport, nothing more, and you rely on info from the people in the organization who make the decisions. You would like to be able to have access to the club house, locker rooms, players, coaches, gm, assistants, and owner. So this idiots idea is that you insult these people every day until they hate you so much they stop talking to you? That's really going to help out your career!

You have a radio show that was given to you BECAUSE OF THE MIAMI DOLPHINS! No Miami Dolphins,,,,,no Armando and the amigo. You have a blog that is solely yours to write what you want because of,,,,wait for it,,,the Miami Dolphins! Why bring up what some supposed fan wants you to do? Who wants to read venom about their favorite team every day? What kind of low life simpleton gets off on that? Stick to reporting the news so the rest of us continue to read. Please do not cater to the 2% of fans that have no common sense.

Hey wasn't Kooch the same guy who was lambasting Ricky for doing illegal drugs? Isn't alcohol a drug and isn't drinking and driving illegal? jackass.

worst to first in 2011 it is the Miami Dolphins the power of postive thinking. Go Dolphins if I was living in Miami, dolphins tixs would be a must have. I am a long time and sometime suffering dolphins fan,but they are my team.

Long time fan in NJ since I saw Marino play his first game in the Orange Bowl in my college days. Remember those days? Parking in the Cubans driveways. Good Times. Why don't they realize what they have to do? It is pathetic. Living in the same town that Parcells is from when in NJ, I can tell you that he was not the answer or is Ross. Doesen't anybody on staff want to ask Shula to consult? Oh that's right he won!!


LOL @ Gary Stevens

Valentines Day is the dumbest "Holiday" we have. Hurts my wallet every year. Thanks for reminding me that the Dolphins damage my wallet every year the same way as this forced romanticism does too.

3 Players can flip this team.
1) trade for Kevin Kolb
2) sign Plaxico Buress
3) Draft Mark Ingram.

This is achievable. Give up what you have to to get it done and even with this lame duck coaching staff we can make the playoffs. Provided the lack of a CBA doesnt "do" us all.

Hey ROSS!!!!

Here is what we want for Valentine's Day but you FAILIED to provide.

2) FIRE IRELAND aka is your Mom a Hooker.
4) DRAFT A QB IN THE FIRST ROUND this year and next.
5) BENCH Hennie
6) FIRE SPARANO.. Opps, already said that.

This is a football team and we dont give a rats butt about Gloria estefan or whatever crap you are peddling. This isn't a used car lot this IS the NFL so begin leading the team like a REAL NFL owner should or GTFO.

PS... Happy valentines day!

rip them every second you get Armando. that's all they deserve at this point. Awful on the field and an embarrasment off of it. I just dont understand who can fathom going to these games any more? Why turn a miserable 3 hour experience into something like 6 or 7 hours. Mike Nolan will finish next season as HC after about the 3rd local blackout of the season.

Scott Lewis..

Shula understands what he sees and this team and owner, coach and GM are a train wreck.

Shula wouldn't dare tarnish his great record and reputation for winning. Shula is WORLD CLASS and this Owner and HC and GM are nothing but leftover TUNA and the fish stinks from the head down.

Any lawyers in the house?

"No NFL Player Contract entered into in a Capped Year and extending into the Final League Year or beyond may provide for an annual increase in Salary, excluding any amount attributable to a signing bonus ... of more than 30% of the Salary provided for in the Final Capped Year, per year, either in the Final League Year or in any subsequent League Year covered by the Player Contract."


Forget sending the cards to fans, how about doing something positive to the team to get fans excited. Like give a reasonable contract to Paul Solila to keep him with the Dolphins. I think that would make more people happy about the state of the franchise over a stupid valentines day card.

Whatever you do with the QB position in the next two years, Dolphins organization, do something! I have enough perception and football knowledge to tell you that, at the very least, Chad Henne is not a leader. You can see it on the field, in the huddle, and you can see it on the sideline. Leadership cannot come from a wide receiver who throws tantrums, or a left tackle, stud or not. This team, particilarly this offense, needs a leader. Chad Pennington was a leader but his body is broken. You have to go back to Jay Fielder before you see any at QB, he had heart but just didn't have the physical tools. We all know how long it's been since Marino. Try, try again, Dolphins. What we have isn't working. For all of you who keep saying "draft a QB", I agree, we should every year, but start counting first. How many teams need a QB that are before us in the draft and how many QB's are there worth a first round pick? Do the math. We lose. Get Ingram in the first round and put some fresh legs in the running game.


What's a "Donky"?



A donky is very similar to a donkey but has been cross bred with Guatermalans or Costa Ricans. They're much smaller than Donkeys and try to sneak over the border.

Aloco, What's a "Donky"?

sorry quig but you are so far from being right it's a shame!

i will renew for sure screw these fair weather fans, maybe they should take up pocket pool.

I have been a Dolphins season ticket holder - living in Pittsburgh - since 1990. I am done - they can send me free tickets this year and I'm not doing it. I have had it with this team. I'll still root for them but I am done getting caught up in this frustration. My wife said ever since I "gave up" the Dolphins I have been a different person. I can't stand inefficiency and that is what this team is all about. We have an owner who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground - a GM who couldn't put together a team if he had the first 10 picks in every draft for the next 20 years and a bunch of players who are cowards with no heart. Look at the Packers - they had 19 guys on IR and had to use a CB who only played 8 plays the whole year for 3 quarters in the Super Bowl and still pulled it out - that is heart/courage.
The Dolphins used to be an important team in this league - those days are long gone. Who would have ever thought we would be wishing for Wayne Huzienga to come back? The owner, the GM and that fat Bill Parcells can go ruin someone else's team. Although it is in my blood to root for the Dolphins - they will never - and I mean NEVER - make another penny off of me.

F'em. whoever spends 1 red cent on them next year is just as stupid as the owner and organization. the only way the bulls--- stops is to hit them where their bottomline is. NO RENEWALS and no money should be wated on them.

The thing about Cowher is - he never really had a good QB until they drafted Ben. He took a team to the Super Bowl with Neil O'Dognuts as his QB and almost went with Kordell (who was terrible). Whatever team he coaches will have the nastiest LBing corp in the league after a year or two and they will win with defense. I'm not saying he is the answer for the Dolphins but he knows how to win without a QB - the Dolphins don't have a QB, not even close.

Jay, Welcome to G.O.D(Gang of defeat)(Or as aloco would say "Gang of defeet"....Your a welcomed member..

I am an 18 year season ticket holder. This is the first year I got calls to try to get me to renew (I got 3 of them already). I heard via the news paper that there was not going to be an increaase this year. What I didnt know was that to stay at the same price I had to get at least 50% in by Feb 23 (the first payment). I explained on the phone that the season was not over yet and I was being asked for money already! Not cool! I would LOVE to send a message to this organization about the direction they are taking by not renewing my tix, but I would never get my 4th row lower bowl seats back. So for now, I pay the $50 extra and see how it goes. I wonder how much longer I shell out this kind of money.

Jeff, Just remember you cant take it with you.....

It's not about taking it with you Jeffie - its about rewarding mediocrity - or actually rewarding outright suckage.
I understand there is going to be a bad year now and again but I just don't see any hope on the horizon - they have no QB - no RBs - their over priced O-line sucks and the owner doesn't have a clue. Their secondary stinks and their front 7 isn't anythig to write home about - i don't care what the "stats" say - stats are for losers. Especially since I went to 7 games last year and they lost EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!


Posted by: ALoco | February 14, 2011 at 06:30 PM

Individuals such as yourself hide behind a keyboard and type nonsense. If YOU don't like COWHER by all means let the world know as that is your privilege. YOU are free to type your comments such as the above which was unwarranted and unprovoked.

I will not engage with your nonsense as your not worth anymore of my time other then the 31 seconds it took to post this.

I say fork the card! Save that money to sign QB's and Playmakers!

No love here until I see some positive change

Don't need no Valentine's Day heart, the same way I don't need no celebrities. Need a head coach, a GM and a whole new team who can play football.

G. Stevens, that was funny dude.

By the way, did the jersey include Pat White's signiture? I understand he had to relearn alot of the fundamentals a kindergardner takes for granted.

Took a few minutes to search for some You-Tube highlights regarding Lucas, Ferrotte, and White.

White has twice as many highlight reels than Lulu and Ferret combined. Nearly all six of them were Ike Taylor's slaughter hit that brought out the meatwagon.

Cuban, you said it best..."You can't take it with you!" Death is absolute, the Pharaohs erected pyramids to protect their treasures, but centuries later they could not take it with them.....so, chill out guys, after we are gone, few will remember anything we've said or done. It is what it is! Whatever the Dolphins do, it's beyond our control....all we can do is opine....

Armando, tell them to stick their coaches, both new and old, and season tickets up their posterior opening until they can deliver a product worth our money! These are hard times and they make more than we do....but we are supposed to support them and modify a stadium on our backs...... Not likely!

I told them that before I re-new, I want to see them re-sign Big Paul. I understand the offend is a work in progress, but if I saw the defense regress via a key departure, I was done. I could care less about the Valentine's card.

Jayhall222 can I have your tickets then?

I'm sure Bobbyd12...aka Barbara...is elated with the card he received. The Dolphins just ensured his fandom for another decade!!

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