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Dolphins send a Valentine's Day greeting but ...

...Do you care?

Is it going to make you renew your tickets?

The Dolphins are these days being thoughtful with their most valuable fans, their season-ticket holders. Today the club sent this heart-shaped football in the form of a Valentine's Day card to its season-ticket holders. And the message is simple:

"We'd love to have you back"

So the club gets an A for thinking of you. It gets an A for timing. It gets an A for effort. It also gets an A for marketing.

But does it work?

Does it make you adjust your thinking on how the Dolphins are doing otherwise?

Obviously, there isn't a whole lot the club could be doing publicly to make you feel better about things. There's nothing by way of player or coaching staff acquisition anyone could be doing to impress you. The staff is set after the hiring process was completed before the Super Bowl. The player acquisition period has not begun -- although I did see a headline asking how the club is doing with its free agency approach when free agency hasn't started yet and re-signing a player such as Paul Soliai is impossible based on the 30 percent rule.

But I digress.

The question is do little gestures like the Valentine's card work? Do they take the edge off the razor you want to take to someone's head over in Davie?

Remember that it is a new offseason and the Dolphins are as undefeated today as the Green Bay Packers. Obviously, you also remember that wasn't the case last season and certainly not when the team played at home. 

But are you still angry about that? Are you so angry that, as the person who passed along the card to me said, he wants me to go off on the team in my column and on my daily radio show every chance I get.

I haven't been doing that, by the way. But I'm wanting to gauge the temperature in here on a love-filled Valentine's Day. 


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As a season ticket holder of 20 years plus years this is what I need from the Dolphins:

I want to see a letter, apologizing for past failures. Explaining the reason for those failures and telling me what will be done to correct them.

I want to see what their plan is to avoid past mistakes and to increase and demand higher expectation including those of the Coach.

Other than that, it will be fed to the shredder.

I am not a season ticket holder and I do not live in Miami anymore. But I have done my part.
I have canceled my subscription to "Dolphin Digest" and canceled mt DirectV "NFL Sunday Ticket" subscription.

I have basically lost all interest and respect for the Dolphins as a team and an organization. Mr. Ross. It is your fault along with Bill Parcells that we are in this mess. AGAIN!

I hope one day to feel again, like I have for over 40 years concerning the Dolphins. I have always loved the Dolphins.


"And all I want is for you guys to stop the embarassments and start the winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Well said by TheTruthHurts!!!!!!!! My thoughts exactly.

Yeah, send a freakin' card that should really make the team better!

40year, there is no such thing as a fair weather Dolphins fan. If you root for this team and buy tickets, you are a real deal fan of the team. They haven't won anything since 1973-74. So to say fair weather is just not possible. This team has obsessed fans if anything. I obsess over the fact that they haven't won in years. So for a fan to get frustrated is perfectly normal in my eyes.

I had season tickets and had to let them go the year before last but I was planning to get them back this year or the next. The thing that will determine it for me is the lockout. If they don’t resolve it soon I definitely wont be renewing this year or next. Since I had given up my season tix I have still been going to a few games each year. I think the owners are greedy as hell and this is the only power I have in the situation. Goodell has said that 18 games is what fans want. That’s BS. what fans want is to not be forced to pay full price for preseason tickets. There is a difference. Goodell is looking at it from the greedy owners perspective not fan perspective.

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