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Franchise, transition tags out today but not for Dolphins

NFL teams can begin applying franchise and transition tags to their most valued projected unrestricted free agents starting today (Feb. 10) and that is notable to the Dolphins and you only because of my post yesterday about Paul Soliai.

Following that post, several of you e-mailed me suggesting the Dolphins use either the franchise or transition tag on Soliai to keep him locked to the Dolphins in 2011.

Um, not likely.

First, it must be said that franchise and transition numbers have not been officially released by the NFL. Secondly, the NFL players' union has vowed to take the NFL to court over the placing of the tags without a new collective bargaining agreement being in place. Finally, the idea doesn't make much financial sense.

The franchise tag, you must remember, is valued at the average of the top five salaries for players at that position. The transition tag is valued at the average of the top 10 salaries for players at that position.

For a NT/DT which is where Soliai falls, the projections for either tag are staggering. According to the good work of Brian McIntyre at Mac's Football Blog, the projected franchise tag tender in 2011 will be a whopping $12.3 million. The projected transition tag tender will be a whopper junior $9.4 million.

There is no way on earth the Dolphins will guarantee Paul Soliai that amount for one year.

There is no way, by the way, the Dolphins will guarantee any of their unrestricted free agents that kind of money. Thus you can be relatively certain the Miami Dolphins will not use either their franchise or transition tags in 2011 unless the rules or projections change somehow.

Why, you might wonder, would it cost so much to tag a defensive tackle that much in 2011 when the franchise tag number in 2010 was $7 million and the tranisition number was $6.35 million?

Blame Albert Haynesworth, who skewed the averages when his 2010 salary was $24 million.

Simply, the Dolphins aren't in make-Paul-Soliai-instantly-rich mode this offseason. They want to re-sign him. They've made him a couple of offers. None were exceedingly impressive to Soliai. None are said to have been worth even half of what a projected 2011 franchise or transition numbers might be worth.

So why would the team use either tag on him?

Oh, by the way, there is at least one nose tackle in this league worthy of a franchise tag -- Haloti Ngata of the Baltimore Ravens. He'll very possibly get tagged and will not be on the market when/if it opens following a resolution of the labor dispute.

What does that mean?

Good news for Soliai because that's one less NT teams will have the opportunity to sign, thus increasing his value. This kind of reminds me of the year the Dolphins had to pay Vernon Carey.

They didn't love the player. But there were really no other choices in free agency and the team wanted to address other issues in the draft. So they paid Carey. And he's been inconsistent since.

I get the feeling that is where we may end up with Soliai.


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Don't get me wrong...i'm not against Ingram.....thats DC....when I said Ingram was safe...I meant that he won't come to us...and we won't ruin his career....much the way we are doin Marshall....

Bad attempt at a joke...I think I am much more effective when I just stick to the facts

And to clarify...I am not against Ingram...but I only want him if the the BIG 4 QBs are off the board....

Slim pickens huh Mando?

OK, they want photos. So, let's send them photos! The following article from an Atlanta CBS affiliate (I know..) ran a piece and is claiming to want to know more. So, let's give it to them.

Here's the story excerpt from the intelhub post on BIN today:

"Looks like the subject of chemtrails got some mainstream coverage out of Atlanta when a local CBS affiliate ran a story televising details.

CBS – “These are literally crimes against humanity, nature,” said Michael Murphy, a chemtrail researcher from Los Angeles. Murphy produced a documentary about the so-called chemtrail cover-up. He said he believes the chemicals in the chemtrails, aluminum, barium and others are making us sick.

CBS is requesting pictures to be sent to them of chemtrails along with comments.

CBS Atlanta wants your chemtrail pictures. Send them to pics@cbsatlanta.com.

Send away, people! I've sent a big batch and they've posted them! Time to uncover the biggest environmental crime of the century.

More important---Then contact your local paper(like the Miami Herald), weather channel, EPA office, local government, and say "Why aren't YOU doing something about publicizing this outrage like they are?"

Fair enough Kris, and really I am just posing the question more that making my vote for him.

At first I wasn't really sold on him, he looked kind of slow to me, but his isn't at all, 4:45 in the 40. Plus his dad was an NFL player, so he naturally should have more mature football smarts for his age...plus, hey having been coached by Saban, despite our hatred for him, isn't a bad thing either.

In a nutshell, there are some pluses to Ingram. I'm not the one who claims to know whether he is worth a #15 pick, but as well, RB is one of our more serious needs right now. I'm starting to think it isn't such a bad idea.

Here's a story Mando:
Henne is entering the last year of a contract that pays 650k/yr.
Should Phins extend him now before the draft?
Or take a chance that he demands a trade if he's not extended?
We need 2 QB's just to fill out the depth chart so if we draft a QB 1st round and/or sign a FA then both of those guys would be making more than Henne.
And in that scenario if I'm Henne there's no way that I wouldn't demand a trade.

Breaking news

President Mubarak is stepping down

0x80, yes Ingram IS that bad. First off, any team that gets a RB in the 1st-round should be frogmarched out of the facility (unless they get a caliber of player like Chris Johnson or Adrian Peterson). I don't hear anyone claiming Ingram is that good. Secondly, you're wrong about Ricky/Ronnie. In '09, they were only the 4th best RB duo in the league. So did they really regress that much last year, or was it the scheme and oline that messed up the run game? I say blame Henning/oline much more than the RBs. So, keep 1 (I'd keep Ronnie, he's younger and won't expect much since he didn't have a stellar year) and get a RB (who'll in the end probably be just as good as Ingram) later in the draft. Actually, you have potentially two RBs that can do what Ingram could do (Ronnie or Ricky AND Hilliard). Give Hilliard a chance to be the bruiser back, and pick up a speed back.

That's 100% absolutely what Miami should do, and anything else will doom this team and organization for the 2011 season (because not agreeing with me equals failure.

That last sentence was only 1/2 in jest.

Kris i found what Fat Paul and the Dolphins have been fighting against in the sky over their stadium and practice field.

this is the best info video with loads of news clips
gotta check it out on you tube:

"What in the World are They Spraying?" - Official Trailer

PriceMaster....Henne is in no postion to DEMAND anything....he has no leverage.....he was benched by his coach...

If Sparano had any balls he would have given Thigpen a real shot and not just have thrown him in there against the bears on a short week...with a banged up line....Its not an endorsement of Thiggy...its just bad coaching on Sparano to not explore and then close that door completly...one way or another....

Dc, not to contridict you, But NO, Ingram is NOT that bad at all. the problem is he just is not a NFL first round talent, on the surface that is. He is no faster or no better at finding holes than the Ronnie Brown we have today. I think Ronnie is real good, so that would be for me in my opinion, that Ingram is VERY good. the problem is he does not projest to be better than Ronnie, or Michael Bush who could be had far cheaper and still have a pick to play with.

That is my opinion.

I have a Defensive Evaulation System I use every year based on the Published NFL Tackeling data for the Dolphins. The NFL data is suppelmented by waited data on the kind of tackels that are made by the player. There are of course other factors I don't know how to include because I don't know the everyday habits of the individual players. But, here is the results for 2010 Dolphins:
1 Cameron Wake 2 Yeremiah Bell 3 Karlos Dansby 4 Chris Clemons 5 Koa Misi 6 Vontea Davis 7 Sean Smith 8 Kendall Langford 9 Bennie Sapp 10 Tim Dobbins 11 Paul Soliai 12 Tony McDaniel 13 Channing Crowder 14 Jason Allen (Gone) 15 Randy Starks There is a big dropoff after these players.

Just because your here DC, I will give some more insider QB talk:

Muench found quarterback to be an interesting position for Miami in the draft.

"The argument could be made that quarterback is the Dolphins' top need," Muench said, "but not from a draft perspective. Miami won't find a better quarterback than Chad Henne at pick 15, and trading up will prove difficult.

"If the Dolphins have decided to move on from Henne, then signing a free agent or trading for a quarterback makes the most sense. Regardless, they should take a chance on a developmental prospect in the middle rounds."

Draft a QB next year, far better chance for success.

What in the World Are They Spraying?

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Michael Murphy, and Paul Wittenberger

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DC, way too often stats are quite misleading. 4th best duo doesn't say much to me, maybe most teams have more of a feature back than constant rotation like R&R have had. They both go down WAY too easily in my book, I can't pin that on the OC. I have been one of Ricky's top admirers, and on the right team could have easily been one of the top 5 backs in history, but now...he is fumbling and not running over people like he used to. Ronnie is seems far less likely to be better this season than he is to be worse. Yes, I think they both regressed and will only regress more. What is the most number of impressive games Ronnie has ever had in a season anyway? Ingram is not likely AP, but neither are any of the backs that just got themselves in the Super Bowl.

Hilliard? Man that I just don't see. He rarely gets on the field for a reason. I've never seen any real spark from him, nothing to suggest he is starter material.

One last thought...its no sure thing we will be able to trade down. If that is the case, Ingram may be the safest pick at 15 much the same way Long was the safest pick at #1.

I've said it in other posts, We really should try and get our hands on that crazy named Illinois running back! Even if we draft him earlier than expected. I think he offers a lot of the solutions to what our offense needs. He is durable and explosive and would be a good compliment to a Ronnie Brown, or someone like Ronnie.

Not an "expert" by any means...but Ingram may not be AP...but he could be a faster Marion Barber.....and I woudn't be mad having a "Marion the Barbarion" on my team.....LBs didn't want to tackle that guy...let alone CBs and Safety's....staight intimidation

Nor am I an expert. Kris, don't you feel that Ronnie had that same "barber" effect on safties. Ronnie one on one in open fiels plowed safties, even linebackers.

We can not forget the injury issue with Ronnie.

that being said, we can not forget with more conistant lines Ronnie was leading the NFL 2 years in rushing before a knee injury in each year. The guy can play when not hurt. I think a lot of the issue this year was the O-line all the way around.

He did poizen...but now he seems to be a shell of himself....and I don't think he ever ran with the sheer aggression that Marion Barber runs with.....

Far to many times Brown get arm tackled when Somebody arm makes contact with his Thighs.....that to me is unacceptable....he gave little or no effort this year....and that also is unacceptable....he was in a contract year...and played with no fire....what will be his motivation when he again...has security in the form of a paycheck?

Poizen, Ronnie doesn't do that any more, doesn't break through tackles like he used too. Could be injuries have caught up with him, plus I think he is about 30 now. Ronnies best days are behind him. Plus, even in his best days I wouldn't compare him to the Barbarian. A guy like Ingram is going to be a guy safeties don't want to tackle, especially late in the game.

This whole Soliai situation sucks. Many of you so called Dolfans will play the "told you so" card no matter what the Dolphins do. If the Dolphins sign him to big money and he becomes the next Haynesworth, we all will hear "I told you so." If he signs with another team and plays as well or better as this past year, we will all hear "I told you so." IMO the Dolphins should sign him and not risk the defense taking a step back in a year they NEED to focus on offense.

Poizen, my point exactly about Ingram (I know he's ok, but I, like you, don't see him at 1st-rd material). If we traded down and got in Rds 2-3, then fine. I'd still be against that pick (I want a fast RB, not a bruiser), but at least it wouldn't be a wasted 1st-round pick (like RONNIE BROWN and so many other mistakes we made 1st-round). By the way, I saw that piece on espn.com. Very disheartening (for folks like me). I guess it's Henne or whatever FA we pick up when CBA is cleared a week before the season....so basically that means Henne). UGH, it's gonna be a loooong year!!

0x80, you're being way too hard on Ronnie IMO. He did make the ProBowl, no? I don't see him as the horrible RB you do. His biggest negative IMO is he's injury-prone. Still, like you said, with so many holes to fill, he can still be counted on to get it done (with a Hilliard) and a draft RB. And, man, did you see the end of the '09 season? The fact Hilliard is a backup just means there were other backs better on the team. Remember Adrian Foster? He was a backup too. Look what happened when he got a chance. I'm not saying Hilliard is foster, but in '09 when he got his chance he wasn't all that bad. Again, he and Ronnie can handle their load with a new RB. I think that would be a good trio.

Poizen....I rember 08...and brown was leading the league in....but I don't remember any other year he had that great a year.....

As the 1st RB taking in the draft and I think the #4 selection over all...i would sum up his career as disappointing....

1st RB taken in that draft and 6 years later has NEVER led the league in rushing...regardless of injuries...and now splits time with a 34 year old back.....

He hasn't been a good investment.....

You know, 4 yards and a cloud of dust is pretty exciting when its working. Remember how we plowed over the Colts and the Saints the whole game, ate up time of possession, pounded them almost into oblivion back in 2009, when BOTH went to the SB that year? That was pure intimidation. Sure passing is exciting, but so is pummeling your opponent, if you are able to.

Could be, I have no basis to disagree with both of your opinions. I did see Ronnie run a few people over this year, so I do not think he lost it completly.

I would be lying if I did not admit that i saw wat to many shoe string tackles on him and ricky, and tripping over people on the ground. So I do get where your going.

I just personally would like some speed, and maybe grab power from a free agent, not sepend on a rookie. Like someone mentioned, tyou do not get many AP's from drafts that pan out right away.

DC...your post @ 11:26 ASSUMES that coaching staff plays and dresses the best 53....

I don't think its safe to make that assumption....

We ran Ricky and Ronnie even though game after game they did close to nothing.....would it have hurt to try another back?

I don't think starting another back would have made things worse...

Even if one of our backs got HOT for a drive...they were sure to COOL him off by substituting the cold back next series....

So I don't think we can make that ASSUMPTION that they played the "better" back...or "better" players for all we know...

Mark in Toronto... I gave you a shout yesterday about Forcier. The press up here had it wrong, so did I. Armando should we listen to the press?


Once again I'm agreeing with you...LOL. I'm not a fan of taking Ingram at 15. It's not that I don't like him, it's more that in a year where we don't have a second round pick it's not a great value pick. I think there ae other backs in the draft that can do what we want and they can be had anywhere from late 1st to the third. I also agree that we should bring back one of Williams or Brown and I'm guessing after Williams commments about Sparano and the organization that it won't be him. Brown regressed a lot last year but who's to say it wasn't the effects of his injury the year before or the line play or play-calling. I think after some more time to heal and a re-dedicated off-season that Brown could still be an effective number two back for us.

My first early prediction. Ricky goes to NE and gains 1000+ combined yards rushing and receiving.

0x80...what how many yards does he gain if he stays in Miami?

Is there anyone out there that believes these two things in THIS draft (2011):

1) don't draft a 1st-rd QB because there isn't many 1st-rd talent QB in the class, or there's better talent or just as good later in the draft.


2) draft Ingram 1st-rd?

If so, please out yourselves so I question your hypocrisy (if that's the word I'm looking for).

Because if you believe the former, with the MOST IMPORTANT POSITION on the team, then I'm really gonna have to question how you believe the latter, when history PROVES that it's even easier to find GOOD RB TALENT later in the draft, and no one is projecting Ingram to be anything LIKE an Adrian Peterson. Hell, he's probably not even Adrian Foster, who was undrafted.

Funny you say that, there is a lot of rumors that Ronnie will be in New England. I DO think one of them will be there and one will be here.

I prefer we keep ronnie, but I also think he has a lot left for another couple years.

I fully expect the Dolphin will lose Soliai this off-season. Yes, he had a nice season and contributed greatly to the team but what is he actually worth to the team? couldn't the same thing be accomplished by playing Starks at NT and have Merling, Odrick, Langford and McDaniels playing DT. I'm not saying I don't like Soliai or feel he's worth it, I'm just saying I think the organization will be hesitant to pay him too much.

Soliai is scary considering he was a backup, then finally found the ambition to play this year. the problem is, there are just not many other options. You almost feel like you have to sign him with our D philosophy. Unless Starks could really do the job. I still have my doubts there.

DC.....You know I want one of the BIG 4 QBs at 15 or sooner if need be....

But If we don't get him then I want BPA (mark and wolfman, Poizen)....preferably at a skill postion....

If its Ingram so be it......


Not sure if you're on here or not but there's a lot of talk that the Raiders will franchise Zach Miller and the Jags will franchise Mercedes Lewis. With that being said I still think lack of a pass-catching TE is still one of the biggest holes on this team. The only other guy who might be available is Owen Daniels. For my money, and the fact that FA may not happen until long after the draft, I think it;s imperative that we add a pass-catching TE in the first three rounds of the draft. We messed up by not grabbing one last year. We cannot go through this season again with no better option than Fasano. You're not giving the QB, whoever he might be, the tools to be successful

Poizen...I agree with you....Seems like NT play improved with Soliai in...seemed that Starks was invisible at the Nose....besides....if he shined at DE...then let him pl;ay there...it gives us depth....and possible trade bait with one of the lesser talented guys.....

I am tired of this FO trying to squeeze SQUARE PEGS...in to ROUND HOLES...

kris, when I said that I meant to say the coaches felt their were better RBs on the team (but I agree with them). Hilliard may be good, but he's not Ricky or Ronnie IMO (RIGHT NOW). But, agreed, we don't know what he REALLY is, because he's really only started those few games at the end of '09 when everyone else was hurt. And he did pretty well. Not Adrian Foster well, to demand a 1st-string featured back status, but well enough where yes, he should have been given some chances last year to play.

But, again, I caution anyone from reading too much (concerning RBs) last year. If people think Henne's job was made harder by lack of oline play, then they should understand the RBs job was totally decimated by the lack of oline.

Ricky is proven, so you can't really say anything about him. Ronnie (as someone mentioned) was the lead back in yards twice before he got hurt, plus is probably the best Wildcat back out there in the NFL, plus is a ProBowler, so I'm not really understanding all this hate on this site of him. I'm willing to see if he has anything left in the tank (obviously with a much smaller price tag).

What do chemtrails do to humans?

DC, nice try, but you don't make a valid argument. Your argument ignores one key issue:

In THIS draft, how do the 1st round QB's stack up against previous 1st round QB's, in comparison to how well this years 1st round RB's stack up to previous 1st round RB's.

It's a far more complex issue than just as you state it.

Kris, regarding Ricky, I say half that at best IF Henne is still the QB.

I think you guys need to realize that the decision for Soliai to stay in Miami doesn't rest solely with the Dolphins. Soliai will be an unrestricted FA and some team out there will overpay for him to play for them. Paul Soliai had a nice season and perhaps the light has gone on for him but it would be crazy to overpay for this guy if the bidding gets too high. The same thing could be used by playing Starks at NT and having the other guys play DT. Defensive line is one of the depth poistions on our team.

DC, what is with your obsession about comparing every back to AP? Those guys come around once every 5 years. The Bills took Spiller at #9, he is no AP either.

There is no exact science to this, the point system and all that is just a vague attempt to quantify things or give a little perspective. It simply comes down to this, when it comes time to make your pick, which available player do you believe can help your team the most. You don't pass up the one who can help your team most just because other teams haven't gotten the equivalent in later rounds, doesn't mean you will.

By the way, not sure if it's been confirmed or not, but good move by the Dolphins re-negotiating Will Allen's contract and bringing him back to be a nickelback next year. I like the two kids we have playing corner but Will Allen is good depth and it's good to have another vet back there. Doesn't make CB quite the priority this offseason it might have been without Allen.

DC....I don't see any "hate" for Ronnie on this blog....just analysis...the eye ball test if you will....using the word "hate" will only serve to get others riled up....and cause un-do strife on this blog....

I think the consensus on this blog is that Ronnie will be asking top dollar and most don't feel he is worth it....thats where my argument is comming from....

I don't blame Henne's bad play on the o-line...because I don't do revionist history...thru week 9 or so...our Pass Blocking was among the best in the NFL...it was after that time frame they began to disenergrate (imo)

Last If you feel that srongly about Ronnie...."leading the league twice in rushing...and making a pro bowl".....

and you compare Ingram to Ronnie.....why are you against taking Ingram?...

correction @11:57- You don't pass up the one who can help your team most just because other teams have gotten the equivalent in later rounds, that doesn't mean you will.

This is all BS without a CBA in place anyway. Once it is and salaries and tags (if they exist) get adjusted, there is no way that a DT tag will be that much. Tag the damn player. Pay the extra couple of million to see if his 2010 was real. If anything it will motivate him to do it again. Then make the decision next year. Like it or not, he proved to be the anchor of our line and stout run defense. Tag him and move on...

I expect that Paul re-signs an incentive based contract as soon as possible, but if Paul Soliai gets too greedy, Big Baby Rodgers might come to town for a couple of years.


Which part is BS? That if tag the guy you will have to pay him the average of the top 5 guys at the position? I see no reason why that would change. It's been like that for years. The reality is that Haynesworht drives the average WAY up!! There's no way this team will tag Soliai and pay him around $12 million a year. Let someone else make the mistake and overpay for a guy who has only who has only shown up for 14 games in his career.

taking a RB at 15 will be a mistake. We should get one in FA and one later rounds keep sheets and hilliard.

And picking a mediocre QB or Rb in the 1st round is a disaster in the making. Pick studs in the 1st round, not project QBs and certainly not RBs that can be had at any point in the draft. Chris Ivory, Keiland Williams and Legarrette Blount weren't even drafted last year...

0x80, I think the analysis of this year's crop of QB talent is comparable to this crop of RB talent (not much value in higher rounds, more value lower rounds).

Also, I'm using AP/Chris Johnson as markers. They were 1st-rd picks that lived up to their draft place. They became The Man on their respective teams. That's why I keep alluding to those players. What I'm saying is will Ingram be like them? If not, then history says you can get just as good or better talent later in the draft. So my point is, with all this talk of Miami messing up drafts year after year, taking Ingram might be the next mistake waiting to happen.

kris, I'm using hate as a slang word, where it means demeaning or finding fault with someone or another. I'm sure you've heard the term "haters", and usually it doesn't mean someone has real animosity towards someone else, it usually meant to say someone doesn't like an aspect of someone else. So, that's what "hate" meant in my post. And I've read lots of other posts where people are criticizing (if that's a better word for you) Ronnie Brown, and I'm defending the guy because I don't think he's been all that bad. Maybe not worth #3 in the Draft, but not a total bust either (somewhere in the middle).

I don't see Ronnie asking for top dollar. He knows he's older, he knows he's injury-prone, he knows his 2010 wasn't spectacular (if not disappointing), AND he's said he wants to stay in Miami, AND the CBA issue. I think taking all those, Ronnie will probably accept less money.

Either way, I think you're right, if that's what he's holding out for, then get rid of him. Or offer what you want to offer (if you're Miami) which I think shouldn't be top dollar (since it's easy to replace a RB, plus we still have Hilliard), and see what happens. So there we agree.

You may not blame the oline for Henne's play, but many others do (so they were the basis for my comments).

Lastly (see above) I don't feel "THAT STRONGLY" for Brown. I think he's been ok-serviceable for us (kinda like Soliai). He's done good things, he's done some not so good things too. I don't think he's a MUST KEEP, then again, I don't see a reason to get rid of him so quick if we don't have to. He may still have more he can do in this league. And I only compare him to Ingram in the "type" of back they are, not necessarily talent-wise. And I use that to make a point that we don't need 3 backs that are the same "type" (Brown, Hilliard, Ingram). I'd rather get a speedy back which we currently don't have.

And I'm not against taking Ingram. I'm against taking him (or any other back for that matter) in the 1st round. I can see taking a LB, DE, lineman, QB, even a WR maybe in 1st-rd, but not a back, unless that back is of the caliber I mentioned above. If he's still there at 2 or 3, I wouldn't be as against it (though I'd rather a speed back). Just not 1st-round, that's where my venom is coming from.

Dc well said. Just looking at last year I think keeping soliai is more important than ronnie brown. But you're right Brown wants to stay in miami.

CraigM, coming to my rescue, thanks bro! I feel like you after that Christmas game, defending Henne, lol.

0x80, no, you don't necessarily pass up a guy who can help your team because you can get someone else later, true, but you also need to understand history. And history A) hasn't been kind to Heisman Trophy winners in the NFL, but my main point is, B) has shown there is JUST AS GOOD if not BETTER talent later in the draft (it's been so in other drafts and in a couple of years I'm betting it'll be the same on this draft).

Take into account Adrian Foster was NOT DRAFTED. Take into account Peyton Hillis was a SEVENTH-RD PICK. These were 2 of the Top 5 RBs this year. My point is if you took an olineman say, and the best on the board (though it may not apply this particular year, but in general), he may make ANY RB just as good as the other (since line play is essential to good running in the NFL).

But, forget all that. What you need to know (about my view) is that I don't feel that Ingram IS the best RB in the draft, nor do I feel he's worth a 1st-round grading. So, that's my opinion on the matter (all this other stuff is kind of tangential to my main point). You may (I guess do) feel otherwise, and I can accept that. We'll all get to see who was right and who was wrong (just for fun, not like anyone cares) after the draft or in subsequent years.

Boulder, I agree. We have more players that can fill Brown's shoes than Soliai.

DC....I know your using the word "hate" in the most loving of ways...but there are some that look for gasoline to throw on this smoldering fire that is Armando's blog.....either by way of an imposter or just plain immaturity.....But I knew where you were comming from....

As far as Ronnie asking for top dollar...I don't know if he is or isn't...but for me...its hard for me to get excited about a back who was in a CONTRACT year and under performed so absymally....I would have to question what his motivation would be agter we sign him....incentive laden contract or not.....It could be as simple as Ronnie wanted out and wasn't gonna waste his talents (wear and tear) in miami anymore.....

I know others have blamed the o-line for all of Henne's problems...and I'm sure they didn't do him any favors in the run game...which probably made the passing game harder...but as far as pass protection.....he was easily getting 5 seconds against the most ferocious blitz last year till about week 9....i stand by that......


I'm tired of these guys making all this money that they truly don't deserve. I feel that each position should have a price and if you want to make more than fill it with incentives. You work hard you come up with the numbers you get payed more...plain and simple. I bust my balls day in, day out, on call 24-7 middle of the night, weekends, holidays. These guys would'nt make it a week doin what I do. Screw um.

kris, we agree. Ronnie's not worth top dollar no matter what. And I probably "side" with you on Henne, but let's face it, they didn't do him any favors. He had way more time in '09 than last year. I'm not saying he didn't have enough time a majority of the snaps, but he did get rattled more than I'd like to see ANY Miami QB get (especially one as mobile-challenged as Henne, lol).

So, for ALoco's sake (who said I only call out Henne), today I've called out the oline (minus Long), Brown and Ingram. Trying to be fair in my "calling out" of players.

I am a master jet engine mechanic, and a properly functioning Brayton Cycle gas turbine engine does not leave anything other than a rapidly dissipating trail of condensed water vapor.

These photos, one of which showed the trail venting from a wingtip, are clearly evidence of heavy particulates being sprayed in the sky. Tests (see the vid "what in the world are they spraying" for the best analysis)indicate that barium, strontium, nano aluminum coated fiberglass and ethylene di bromide are among the substances found in the trails.

By the way... the most appropriate agency to blast with questions and protests is the FAA. They are in charge of what goes on in the sky at all times...unless, of course, they are told to stand down for one reason or other. Suggest you call from a pay phone. No telling what their response might be. If they are doing what i think they are...they would not hesitate to put you on a list of trouble makers.

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