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Franchise, transition tags out today but not for Dolphins

NFL teams can begin applying franchise and transition tags to their most valued projected unrestricted free agents starting today (Feb. 10) and that is notable to the Dolphins and you only because of my post yesterday about Paul Soliai.

Following that post, several of you e-mailed me suggesting the Dolphins use either the franchise or transition tag on Soliai to keep him locked to the Dolphins in 2011.

Um, not likely.

First, it must be said that franchise and transition numbers have not been officially released by the NFL. Secondly, the NFL players' union has vowed to take the NFL to court over the placing of the tags without a new collective bargaining agreement being in place. Finally, the idea doesn't make much financial sense.

The franchise tag, you must remember, is valued at the average of the top five salaries for players at that position. The transition tag is valued at the average of the top 10 salaries for players at that position.

For a NT/DT which is where Soliai falls, the projections for either tag are staggering. According to the good work of Brian McIntyre at Mac's Football Blog, the projected franchise tag tender in 2011 will be a whopping $12.3 million. The projected transition tag tender will be a whopper junior $9.4 million.

There is no way on earth the Dolphins will guarantee Paul Soliai that amount for one year.

There is no way, by the way, the Dolphins will guarantee any of their unrestricted free agents that kind of money. Thus you can be relatively certain the Miami Dolphins will not use either their franchise or transition tags in 2011 unless the rules or projections change somehow.

Why, you might wonder, would it cost so much to tag a defensive tackle that much in 2011 when the franchise tag number in 2010 was $7 million and the tranisition number was $6.35 million?

Blame Albert Haynesworth, who skewed the averages when his 2010 salary was $24 million.

Simply, the Dolphins aren't in make-Paul-Soliai-instantly-rich mode this offseason. They want to re-sign him. They've made him a couple of offers. None were exceedingly impressive to Soliai. None are said to have been worth even half of what a projected 2011 franchise or transition numbers might be worth.

So why would the team use either tag on him?

Oh, by the way, there is at least one nose tackle in this league worthy of a franchise tag -- Haloti Ngata of the Baltimore Ravens. He'll very possibly get tagged and will not be on the market when/if it opens following a resolution of the labor dispute.

What does that mean?

Good news for Soliai because that's one less NT teams will have the opportunity to sign, thus increasing his value. This kind of reminds me of the year the Dolphins had to pay Vernon Carey.

They didn't love the player. But there were really no other choices in free agency and the team wanted to address other issues in the draft. So they paid Carey. And he's been inconsistent since.

I get the feeling that is where we may end up with Soliai.


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ronnie brown needs to play in a system that takes advantage of his skills. He was awesome when cam cameron was calling the plays.

Mark in Toronto @ 5:26.....you and me both man...you and me both....in terms of bein let down

I agree boulder. But a 2nd overall should fit into any and all schemes

Oregan, lets hope sparano took hard look at himself in the mirror and his conservative nature. Because if he didn't I don't care if montana is our QB we won't be better than 8-8 as long as he's the coach.

dish yes but he is what he is right now. The question is do we keep him and maybe he can become better with a new system or do we let him go.
I really think its gonna come down to how much money he wants and what dabol thinks.

Still 10 to 15 carries a game, and sometimes much less, and with legendary ill-fated playcalling, just isn't enough

Boulder I think you're dead on. I'm a Ronnie fan and I hope he stays, but I expect more

Mark in Toronto...Yes Forcier has to sit for a year. Good luck to him.

Yeah Lex Hilliard posts, my favorite. Everyone knows What I think about Lex. So I'll keep it brief. Yes, I am an unapologetic Griz Homer so my opinion is biased. But I saw EVERY game the guy played in college. Even though it was FCS he dominated. That is all you can ask. He held every rushing, and touchdown record until this year. I know this is not the University of Montana. But the guy can play, he just needs a chance.

Boulder: Sparano may have broken his conservative mold by hiring HIS new offensive coaching staff. We can question it all we want (I am), but he's taking a huge risk with the likes of Daboll, Dorell, et al. He didn't have to answer to Parcells, Ireland or Ross with these new hires. It's all on him. It's either gutsy or dumb - depending on how many games they win. Now let's see how daring/creative he is with play calling and game management.

LA, Either the hires will make them look like geniuses or look like complete buffoons, I'll take the latter BTW...

After watching Cam throw, I'm on the bandwagon. Cam or Ingram!

0x80, that's why I gave a qualified answer. I said he was a bust RIGHT NOW! You harped all on the bust part, but didn't even mention the right now part. Of course he can redeem himself. Henne can redeem himself, Soliai can (and is), Sean Smith, any player can redeem themselves. I'm speaking in the same fashion as a political poll (a snapshot at this time). Anything can happen. Odrick can be the next MVP of the league. He can also break his leg again and sit out another year. But, as of today, right now, 1 year in, as a grade, you gotta give the guy a D or F. You can fail 9th grade and come back and get on the Dean's List in 10th grade (doesn't mean you still didn't get a failing grade in 9th). That's what I'm saying with that.
Doesn't mean I say get rid of him, doesn't mean I say sit him and never play him again. Just means his year 1 to me was a bust.

As far as his grade, you were the one who said those don't mean much. I understood last year he was the top graded DE, still hated the pick. I thought there were other picks out there that were better suited for the team and their positions of need. That's the history of Miami, not only picking "busts" in drafts, but not getting the "right" guy for your needs. Sometimes getting the BPA works out, sometimes it doesn't, like you said, it's not science, it's taking your best educated guess. I just wish they would have dug into Odrick's health history a little further (or better), then they might have been able to forecast that he'd be injury-prone (which again, SO FAR, he is).

The more I think about it, the less I believe they will take a QB or RB #1. Everyone is thinking that, including Mando, ESPN, because that is what they want you to think. I say the first two picks will be either TE, WR or Oline.

DC, He has Osteoporosis, Chances are good he may never play again, How's that for a 1st round pick??

Ronnie Brown sucks. He played for Cam Cameron 4 football seasons ago and got hurt with an increased load. He has never been an every down back and when he gets the chance he breaks down. His better days are clearly behind him. He didn't average over 4 yards a carry in any game past game 4 this year. While Ricky who is about 5 years older and averaged 4.2 behind that same offensive line. The bottom line is Ronnie offers NOTHING as far as upside goes. Who cares where he signs. Go to New England as a pass catcher out of the backfield or chase a championship with the Jets for all I care but please be outta Miami and giving these dilussional fans hopes of you EVER living up to a first rounder and #2 overall pick.

0x80, Dont be surprised if they take a kicker....

DC - IMHO, calling a guy a bust before he has had a chance to play is a bit extreme. What is that based on other than you didn't like the pick? His ability thus far is 100% unknown. Can't see calling him a bust any more than I can see calling him a great pick. You speak of redemption as though he had done something wrong. Failing 9th grade is failing, doing something wrong. Skipping 9th grade to have brain surgery is not in my mind failing (a bust) at anything. It's merely an unfortunate circumstance.

The 'bust' term has an extremely negative connotation, indicates incompetence or failure. Getting injured in a violent game is unfortunate, but I'd hardly suggest an injury indicates failure.

Call it all semantics if you like. It seems though from the tone of your comment you are so pissed off about that pick that you are taking it out on Odrick, and not Ireland.

Good for Cam Newton. Dilfer was super excited about his performance today. A few tid bits that impressed me the most. Dilfer said Newton was extremley accurate, and on time. He said that his balance was perfect, and his passes were very tight spirals with pop. All very good reports. Does this mean that Newton is ready to play now? No. But according to Dilfer, all the scouts at the workout were besides themselves about what they had seen.

Sign Solai if he is the guy we need. I don't know. Nose tackles are always in the middle of a big mess of meat, so I can't tell who is doing what. 12 million for a fat guy. Hey, if Ross has the money spend it.

Well at least the espn.com agrees that the Phins need a back and will select one in the first round.

I am not a fan of Vernon Carey. He is either blind drunk or lazy at times. I am sick to death watching linebackers run past him on easy looking blocks, smokin our qb. He isn't even on the blind side. So he doesn't line up against the best guy all the time. (I know I ain't out there but who is feeding me 5 million a season) Don't worry Vernon, if I made that 5 million I would be eatin and drinking up a storm.


Sorry man....I've got to agree with 0x80 on this one.....and we had a nice little streak going on agreeing on things....LOL.

Was it bad luck that Odrick got hurt last year or a sign of things to come. Time will tell. The bust label doesn't fit at this point. A DISAPPOINTMENT to date? No question....but it can be erased going forward.

So I'll agree with 0x80 that to call Odrick a bust or even use that word in any context surrounding Odrick is a bit premature at this point.


I just wanted to correct you on one thing....I don't believe there were ANY scouts at Newton's workout today. I think it was for the media only. I don't know the rules on this stuff but my understanding is that scouts weren't permitting at today's workout. The media people that were there however, were impressed by what they saw.

Only thing I would say about it was I heard a lot of the same stuff after Jemarcus Russell worked out. I think it's way to early to get too high or too low on any of these guys.

Let's GO Ingram!! Let's GO Ingram!! Let's GO Ingram!!

He doesn't have to have 4.3 speed but he does have football speed. I am not going to go Mel Kiper and break this guy down but his body of work as a dominant runner in HANDS DOWN the best conference in all college football the SEC is obvious. He runs through, over and around people. He catches the ball like a receiver with his hands and not his body and just the the thought of him actually making it to Miami has me excited. If Miami wants to continue being a run first team they need the players to do it. Why would you not get the highest rated college player if that's what you want your strength to be. People saying there is no value at drafting him @ 15 are crazy. Just say he is not the guy you want but saying he has no value c'mon!

Miami won't draft a QB in round 1 because they are gutless.

Miami won't draft a WR in round 1 because they paid huge money for Brandon Marshall and resigned Bess and actually for some odd reason like Hartline as a starter.

Miami's other draft options are interior linemen which has NO VALUE as an early to mid 1st round draft pick. NT which has no value at #15 either and free safety which generally has no value at #15 (Polamalu was like 16 or 17) I think.

Andy NJ....nice case for Ingram....I like him too....if the QB this administration wants isn't there when the time comes......

Andy: I'm not high on Ingram or any RBs as our first pick. But then again, maybe you and Kiper are right because RBs can start immediately and lord knows Sparano and Ireland need an instant winner to save their behinds.


Yea man I like Ingram a lot. I never imagined him making it to Miami in any year. People tend to fall in love with the dynamic players that have the 80 yard run but finish the game with 20 carries for 100 yards. I'd much rather have the guy who breaks the 25 yarder and finishes with the 25 carries for 100 because he is more productive and keeps the chains moving. Don't get me wrong I'd love to have the once in a decade talents of Chris Johnson but me I'd take the Ray Rice types any day who can catch, get me 1400 yards and 10 plus tds at #15.

Craig M...I made a mistake. Your right it was just press. What Dilfer said was once the scouts saw the tape they would be besides themselves... I have gone on record as saying I don't like any of the first round prospects. But I would reserve judgement until after their workouts-combine-pro days. All this says to me is that it was a much better showing then say Tim Tebow last year. I like Dilfer as a F.A.G.(football anaylist guy) and he was very impressed with Newton. The only thing this means is that he is getting better which obviously is a good thing. I also am not getting on the bandwagon just yet, as there are too many questions left to convince me Newton(or any of these guys) are the answer.


yea they need to find an instant impact guy that is a sure fire starter not a rotational guy who ends up breaking his leg AGAIN (Odrick).

Who can argue that Ingram won't be successful? Give me a reason that shows you he won't be able to be a good player. He might not be Chris Johnson or Jamaal Charles when it comes to averaging 5 yards plus a carry but I will stick by comparison of saying he can be the Edgerrin James type who is every down RB who can do it all, pass protect, catch the ball out of the backfield and as a plus for Sparano and company he has run the Wildcat (sarcasm). There are other successfull college backs who are able to run over people with size and power (John Clay, Wisconsin) or dynamic speed like (Jaquizz Rodgers) but Ingram cuts when no other runners in college football do, he knows when to be a straight line runner to run through arm tackles and knows when to lower his head. Not to mention for an organization that preaches ball security over and over (shout out to Ricky Williams), Ingram had 1 fumble all of last season.


All very good points on Ingram and I'm on record as saying I think he's going to be good. My only question is, are we better taking Ingram at 15 and having no second round pick or could we accomplish the same thing with a back 10-picks later and let's say a guy like Rudolph or Titus Young? Wouldn't you rather have two quality guys instead of one?

Just a thought....

I'm officially on the Inram wagon....provided the BIG 3 in QBs are gone....

If were not gonna replace Henne...then we had better get him the best RB available with all of the traits that Andy NJ mentioned.....plus he played the best competition week in and week out...He could be the next Marion the Barbarion.....


How come you're not beating the drum that none of the last four Super Bowl winners had a first round running back starting for them, the way you beat the drum about having a first round QB and yet you want Ingram at 15. Seems like a contradiction to me.

What part are you not understanding kris? Go back and read it slowly if you have to....

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Andy: I'm really warming up to your advocacy for Ingram. The more I think about it, the more logic I see in it.

But right now I'm not committed to anyone because the big question is: will the FO pick at #15 or trade down (if any team willing) to second round? We can root for Newton, Ingram or whoever else in the first round all we want, but if we trade down, then we're looking at a different group of players.

Craig M, very good point. But not a contradiction on kris' part

Craig M....I hope you were joking at 7:52...you know...being funny....maybe sarcastic.....

Cause if you weren't....that could go down as one of the most lame, most idiotic, most blatent attempts to start an internet fight post of all time......

and considering all those thing....it would make you one of the most pathetic loser's to ever own a computer....and there have been a lot of pathetic losers to own a computer.....


THAT'S your response? THAT'S the best you could do?....

You come up with all these BS stats that we're supposed to take as gospel and then you completely ignore the obvious fact I just presented to you and still call for Ingram at 15 (if of course the QB's you want are gone). Pretty lame bud....


I see from your post at 8PM....we have a winner....and by winner I mean LOSER....

Not playing your childish game Craig....but good luck explainig to the Blog and yourself how the two go together.....seein that QBs and RB are...well you know....2 DIFFERNT POSTIONS.....

Find another way to get your rocks off tonite cause I'm not playing....

Have a good night.....guess you'll be dreaming about me.....

Interesting how kris only chooses to recite the stats that back his argument but has ZERO comeback when it goes against his thinking. Interesting also that the best he can do is resort to name calling.

I've got nothing further kris....

Andy NJ....in any case.....uhhhh....still liked your case for Ingram....Its a what have you done for me lately world...and because of that some of these guys will become irrelevant in a lot of our eyes because we won't see for a while...so in ways we forget what they bring to the table.....In DEC Ingram was the #1 rated RB....since he stopped carrying the rock his stock has dropped in at least some of our eyes.....

Your post was refershing because it was a reminder of what he CAN do/become.....as opposed to what he ISN'T

Geez...Haven't been around lately, but, some things never change, like Craig and Kris fighting, and you STUPID CHEMTRAIL MORONS!

What do chemtrails do to humans?

Marc....do me a favor....before you lump me in to to the lunacy....take a look at how it happened...then make a judgement....otherwise your just feeding into the nonesense and putting it back out there.....

Thats the fair thing to do.....

Kris, I've read the NONSENSE about both HAARP and CONTRAILS, and that's just what it is, NONSENSE. If you chose to believe that crap knock yourself out

Unless you're referring to you and Kris bickering, in that case, I don't care, I just know it happens all the time

Or Craig, rather

Marc....I do believe that nonesense as you put it and really could careless of you respect my views on chem/contrails or not....

Thats not what i'm talking about....i'm talking about the fight that you were quick to bring up with Craig M....

You put it out there as if it was a mutual fight....that cleary wasn't the case...and if your gonna bring it up...which you felt the need to....then you should accuratley portray it....it wasn't hard to follow...and peaked your intrest enough for you to mention again.....

Maec loves to be with fat men with big banana .

it doesn't happen all the time....I have zero intrest becomming a distraction on this blog.....

I offer football opinions...sometimes strongly....sometimes no-so-much....

I like debate....but for me this is no place to hold a grudge or grind your ax......

Yes I have gotten into it with Craig M on more occasions that I am proud of....but you can clearly see that was an unprovoked attack one which I only tried (at first) to defend myself.....

Then I insulted him and dropped the conversation....You see...for me and Craig M...there can't be conversation.....and I have no intrest having a 2 page back and forth with someone I know I can't reason with....

And in a way its a shame....because I still read his stuff....as he obviously does mine......but I know Craig and I have crossed a line were communication amicable or otherwise is not possible...so I avoid talking to him at most cost.....

In any/either case Marc....my point is still the same....be fair in your assements....and put all the info available to you on the table and then make a decission.....

If you feel the need to SPEAK ON IT....

Then be prepared to SPEAK ABOUT IT.....

Otherwise leave it alone....dragging yourself down into the slums with me and Craig M....only leave you down in the slums with me and Craig...it doesn't make you above it....

Anyway your silence speaks speaks VOLUMES.....

Have a good night Marc

Kris...I'm not one to involve myself in other bloggers squabbles. I like both Yours, and Craigs posts. Very good post at 9:06

This app sux it keeps on not loading the comments!! Miami hearld u suck!!!





moisture is...what was left on my fingers...after the incidence...at Miamigrad

Daryl.....thanks for the shout-out @9:17....I enjoy your stuff as well...especially after DB asked you to break it down in to paragraph format.....lol....

Keep posting man....many times you bring a view to this place that makes me go....hmmmm.....

Those are good moments when somebody can get me to re-think my position.....

peace and good night....

Anyone like the dolphins?

Pats to Franchise Mankins!! Moving on to Ryan Kalil...

Sorry, watching Rocky 4, any talk before the CBA, (collective bargaining agreement) is wasted!!! Why bother to surmise? It's a waste of time until the CBA is set....

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