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Franchise, transition tags out today but not for Dolphins

NFL teams can begin applying franchise and transition tags to their most valued projected unrestricted free agents starting today (Feb. 10) and that is notable to the Dolphins and you only because of my post yesterday about Paul Soliai.

Following that post, several of you e-mailed me suggesting the Dolphins use either the franchise or transition tag on Soliai to keep him locked to the Dolphins in 2011.

Um, not likely.

First, it must be said that franchise and transition numbers have not been officially released by the NFL. Secondly, the NFL players' union has vowed to take the NFL to court over the placing of the tags without a new collective bargaining agreement being in place. Finally, the idea doesn't make much financial sense.

The franchise tag, you must remember, is valued at the average of the top five salaries for players at that position. The transition tag is valued at the average of the top 10 salaries for players at that position.

For a NT/DT which is where Soliai falls, the projections for either tag are staggering. According to the good work of Brian McIntyre at Mac's Football Blog, the projected franchise tag tender in 2011 will be a whopping $12.3 million. The projected transition tag tender will be a whopper junior $9.4 million.

There is no way on earth the Dolphins will guarantee Paul Soliai that amount for one year.

There is no way, by the way, the Dolphins will guarantee any of their unrestricted free agents that kind of money. Thus you can be relatively certain the Miami Dolphins will not use either their franchise or transition tags in 2011 unless the rules or projections change somehow.

Why, you might wonder, would it cost so much to tag a defensive tackle that much in 2011 when the franchise tag number in 2010 was $7 million and the tranisition number was $6.35 million?

Blame Albert Haynesworth, who skewed the averages when his 2010 salary was $24 million.

Simply, the Dolphins aren't in make-Paul-Soliai-instantly-rich mode this offseason. They want to re-sign him. They've made him a couple of offers. None were exceedingly impressive to Soliai. None are said to have been worth even half of what a projected 2011 franchise or transition numbers might be worth.

So why would the team use either tag on him?

Oh, by the way, there is at least one nose tackle in this league worthy of a franchise tag -- Haloti Ngata of the Baltimore Ravens. He'll very possibly get tagged and will not be on the market when/if it opens following a resolution of the labor dispute.

What does that mean?

Good news for Soliai because that's one less NT teams will have the opportunity to sign, thus increasing his value. This kind of reminds me of the year the Dolphins had to pay Vernon Carey.

They didn't love the player. But there were really no other choices in free agency and the team wanted to address other issues in the draft. So they paid Carey. And he's been inconsistent since.

I get the feeling that is where we may end up with Soliai.


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Utdolfan, that's a remarkable statement for many reasons. I wonder if he's chaffing from straddling the fence.

Keep eating red meat fellas. Watch your arteries clog up like a sheatty toilet.

Cleanse people, cleanse yourselves. Then stop eating red meat, pork and anything with high fructose corn syrup. Your body will thank u.

It would appear that nobody cares wether a deal gets done or not...

I know the details of things can be boring......

Happy Friday all...take the next few days off....on me...I insist!

DC..All the beef I serve at my restaraunt is local. All grass fed with no hormones. I buy whole hogs, and butcher them too. I like knowing where my food comes from, my customers like it because it is delicious. I don't eat a whole lot of Cow. But deer, elk, sheep, is all red meat, and very good for you. As far as pork goes..I would rather be a jet fan then give up pork....That magical animal.

kris, I care. I think it'll get done around end of preseason, so not surprised they cut off talks. Really, it's a money thing, and the owners aren't budging. So they're gonna play the most expensive game of chicken.

And to answer your question, yes, I'll still love the Dolphins if there's no football. But if a whole year goes by without football, the NFL will lose LOTS of fans (just not passionate ones like us). People will find other things to do, and won't be rushing to come back when things get settled.

Pork was probably hardest to give up (ribs, chops, pepperoni, bacon), but once I did (like 20 years ago) I've never looked back.

I can even get turkey "cubed" steak. It's awesome. Drown it in A1 and you can hardly tell the difference (well, you can, but you fool yourself into thinking it's the same).

DC.....peppperoni gets me very time.....

lol. Well, when your Mom dies young of a heart attack, your grandfather dies young of a heart attack, you're willing to make sacrifices to survive.

I like peeing on myself.

Darryl, didn't realize you had a restaurant. Does the restaurant have a website?

Sean Rogers in DC today. I thought he'd be better. He's too sometimey.

What's up guys???, Hows your friday nite progressing??

0x80...My web site is down..The kid that did the design is in Romania doing snowmobile stunt shows..There is a really cool arcticle from the new york times last fall. If you google New york Times Cooke City you can read a little about it. It is a bar- restaraunt. Check it out if you would like.

I have a really good friend that played in the NFL for a few years. He was on the Saints Super Bowl team. But got released. He played center for the Cardinals, and Rams. I don't really talk to much football with him. But I asked him who was the toughest player he went up against. He said by far it was Shaun Rodgers, when he felt like playing. He said if that guy was focused on playing he would have been a dominant player. But sadly, he doesn't put much effort in to the game. Not a very good team guy. I hope that Rodgers is not on our radar.

I wonder if Jesus ate Triscuits?


Petrograd is a blog killer. Along with the other bloggers posting nonsense. It's kind of sad some are that bored or that lonely, no hobby, rather than devote themselves to something or simply read a book, they post inconsequential statements in the hopes of getting attention or getting a laugh by any means.

Having studied human behavior, most certainly Petrograd, the pee lady, and the few others that pass by here with their frequent off topic comments are regular bloggers in disguise, looking for a reaction, like a child playing with a chemistry set, hoping to mix a bunch of stuff together to draw smoke.

Pretentious douche

Darryl, are you by chance Schneider? Couldn't really be sure what was specifically about your restaurant from the google search.

Anyway, if you are using local ingredients for your restaurant, think about using local programmers for your website. They'd appreciate the business and your website would be UP, not DOWN. There really is no good reason for a website that isn't doing intense ecommerce to be down.

if you close your eyes, the even a bj from a trucker at the local stop will feel nice.

There is no football to talk about,-. So we might as well derive into other topics. How about Religion? Cyclones? Petrograd, where is moist?

0x80...Yes that's me my true identity revealed. Iam an illiterate when it comes to computer stuff. The kid I hired to do my site is a local kid. I just can't reach him because he is off doing backflips on snowmobiles. That article had a cool picture of the bar, and told a little about what we do. Plus it was the New York Times so it makes me feel cool..lol.

Mr-....I am guilty as any about getting off topic.(take this page for insatance) This happens sometimes when there are slow days. The random posts, and the jibber jabber(myself included) can some times be a bummer. But you can always choose to skip, or ignore these posts for a topic that may spark your interest, or even better lead to a constructive opinion. I personaly choose to be a part of Armandos blog because there is usually good debate, sometimes mixed with personal stories, and even an occasional off the wall coment. If it is something I don't like, I have the option to move on. Most of the posters here come off as smart, and passionate fans, happy to have a platform to express their views. Name one blog that doesn't get a little sideways when the topic gets stale.

Darryl, cool. We'll have to talk sometime. I cooked professionally in fine restaurants for about 5 years, but that was a long time ago. I still think about having a restaurant someday, but the logistics and the long hours keep me away. I still cook at home all the time, simple food, usually fast to prepare, but always quality ingredients. When I have a special date I go all out to impress. From what little I've heard, sounds like you cook some good food out that way.


OX80. WHA did you cook when you were working as cook ?

what did you cook


Will Allen is back
POSER BOY CB sean smith who dropped 10 interceptions last year needs to go

Give em up w pick #15 for 6.6 255 lb QB Cam Newton


Funny Pats tagged their guy. Do they have a better grasp in things than we do? I quess we already know that answer.

No way Cam Newton will be available at 15. Look for Buffalo to grab him #3, if not Washington or Minnesota.


Sign Soliai. We have 4 starting DEs and no second round pick. I don't think we will get a second for Odrick, Langford, or Merling, but Starks? Hmm.

I read a suggestion that this blog might be better suited if we wrote about politics, social stigmas and the likes. Anything but football. I think I'll stick to the football, and the biggest obsticle the NFL is now forcing: CBA

The owners are prepared to sit out the entire season. They are financially (due to the contracts they hold with the broadcast affiliates) prepared to take this negotiation to 2012. It appears the owners are holding all the marbles.

Who suffers?

Of course the players suffer. Although they may make hundreds of thousands and millions a year, the career length of a player isn't very long. There are exceptions to the rule (Farve, etc.) but some last less than a year. Taking even one year from that career is a waste of good furtune.

Who suffers most?

The millions of die-hardened fans which are the bedrock that made this NFL what it is today.

When looked at this way, it is obvious neither the owners OR the players really give a crap about us.

It's all about money, as always (and I can understand that philosophy). But I just feel like the entire NFL treats us fans like fodder.

A side note: Since the owners have the players by the balls on this one, the players union might ought to give in a little, and a little more; and vise-vera. I know it isn't easy parting with a billion bucks. But somebodies got to do it. And it isn't likely the billionaires will cave in. And it doesn't look like the Players Union is relenting.

The offer on the table as it stands, ain't a plate of scraps. It merely redistributes the money in a different way. It still remains in NFL. It pays salaries, taxes, charities, etc.

So I hope they get their crap together and sign the dotted line soon. Because if they don't, the cash cow of america might not rush to the feeding trough two years down the road, glad to be back in the stadiums. And our overseas project will suffer even a greater injury.

I wish we fans could start our own band-wagon of dissent. Threatening a boycott of the NFL, and create picket-line protests at every stadium, or anywhere suitable.

This should be on every Sport Journalist's Blog Sheet...

get some new blogs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gulf, do you really sufffer? I mean c'mon. Is there NOTHING else that interests you, nothing else worthwhile you can think of to occupy your time with? We'd all be better off occupying our time with something more worthwhile. The owners hold the marbles, let them blow it, let them and lose a fan base. I have no pity for the players. 95% of them if they've played two years are already way ahead of anyone else their age financially, they can move on to something else.

Also if the owners are refusing to show their balance sheets, they are refusing to show credibility. Screw them all, crooks, cheats, and liars.

That's right! You gotta be hard to live in my hood! What set chu claim fool?

Brandon Banks, Fat Albert, CBA is turning the players into a criminal syndicate!

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SI.com is reporting the following---Bill Parcells is back. Sort of.

Parcells was part of the group that consisted of Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano who sat down and talked with QB Andy Dalton of TCU. At least according to his father he was quoted as saying this to a local paper:

F---ING wonderful!!!

GulfDolphin....I was about to award you POST OF THE YEAR!!! (calm down...it has absolutly no real value)

The right below your post DR. IT...posted a nice rebuttal....and he got me thinking about the other side of things.....

I haven't decided on which side of the fence I am going to come down on....but its possible I may fall on the side who chose to get FREEDOM back on their Sunday's and become only a casual footbal fan....

As opposed to the football fan I am now........ who only lives for DOLPHINS FOOTBALL.....

Good post by both of you.....I attempted....and failed miserably to foster some type of discussion earlier.....in fact it was in this same never ending blog....

I guess people will talk about it when their ready...and not before....

In any case...i enjoyed both of your views

thank kris,
Dr It, Of course I have many interests outside of NFL. Just passionate about all of them.

Thanks for the input. But lets see who's two posts makes more noise...

I have the following interests other than football:

Lebanese shampoo products
Telly Savalas
Rabbit urine

is Rodgers worth more than Soliai?

regarding money I have no problem sharing the wealth but as a great artist said "When it is a question of money, everybody is of the same religion." -Voltaire

Cam Newton is a pipe dream now definitely a top 10 pick not falling past minnesota for sure... Locker is the best bet at 15 atleast the Pats wont take him 17 then

Pats have plenty of picks, ammunition to move up and get who they want. We have jack sh_t.

I wouldn't worry so much about Soliai right now. We have a much more important position to fill,-QUATERBACK! If Henne is the starter once again come opening season, with this new elite coaching crew, we will be the most boring team to watch-again! Besides, it took Soliai 4 years to get it right simply because he wanted to get paid? Hell no. Let some other team over pay for his services. He's not even in the top ten DT in the league. I'd rather they paid the big bucks to some other more consistent monster. Lets get our priorities straight.

My mock draft

Trade back to acquire a 2nd rd pick

1st- FLA G Pouncey
2nd- VTech RB R. Williams
3rd- FSU QB C. Ponder
4th- UM ILB Colin McCarthy
5th- Lou RB Bilal Powell
6th- Oregon ST C Alex LinnenKohl

Rest BPA

There will be no 2011 season.

The owners have nothing to lose so they can afford to hold out at least a year. The majority of the players are set well enough financially so they will not give in much and probably would even enjoy a year off.

It's being reported that ESPN has already started looking at options to fill the Monday night slot. Their top two choices so far are a new real tv series featuring Brett Farve or the Romanian Gay Mens Basketball League

Pete I have to disagree with you. Right now the negotiation is in a state of which side will break first. Yes the owners have the television money that they will collect. But 400 million dollars in lost revenue per week(regular season) is a lot of money that is at stake. You are assuming that every owner is the financial situation that they can absorb that punch?
The players on the other hand are far from secure. Do not take for granted all of the players that make the average, or minimum salaries. We have no idea how what their financial situations are. We can't assume they are all financialy set. The first thing that will come up is the loss of health insurance. This expires March 4th. It doesn't sound like a big deal. But I'm sure that the owners will try and see if that exposes any crack in the unions armor.

I don't expect any real negotiations until summer time. When the real threat of lost revenue is around the corner. And the players realize they are going to lose a years salary. The owners seem to be the side that will not budge in the negotiation. We are really talking about how to share the reported 10 billion dollars in revenue. I understand the owners take a billion off the top, and then the remaning is split 50/50 between ownership, and the players. The players want part of the billion of the top, the owners are saying no way. This is just one of the issues, but the one where both sides are farthest apart.

Now this is how I understand the situation. If I'm wrong, or anybody has more to add. It would be much appreciated.

I wasn't saying the players were set for life, but set with at least a couple of hundred thousand dollars handy to facilitate a career change. Don't underestimate the stupidity of the owners, they won't even agree to open their books in order to verify their claims. Sure sounds like they have something to hide. This could easily be a game of chicken where neither side budges. We've had one strike shortened season, we could have another or no season at all.

You're thinking the same thing I am. It's about the money, not the fans. What both sides tend to overlook is, without the fan-base, there would be no NFL. Or at least it wouldn't be lucrative enough to invest billions.

Again, I cannot emphasize enough that the fans should start clammering for CBA resolution.

One doesn't really need to hold a picket-sign, and get roudy in the streets - that was a metephor. Just simply voice your opinion and DO NOT FEED THE TROUGH.

Again, this should be on every sport journalists blog sheet.

Ain't saying it will make any difference, but Egypt made changed in 18 days.

Um DD,

Its also about 2 billion off the top now, compared to the 1 billion under the last contract.

Smaller issue: 18 reg.season games, and rookie caps, and distribution of $ to the retired.

Smaller still? Least of the haggling...

Gulf...Thanks. The 2 billion dollars is definitley the hangup in this negotiation. I'm also on the players side as far as the 18 game schedule. Why shouldn't they be compensated for more games? The owners argument that there will be expanded rosters therefore more contracts is weak(imo)

Both sides agree there needs to be a rookie salary cap. The players want that money to be divided between veteran salaries, and the pension. The owners think they shouldn't have to give up that money. Like you said this is small potatoes compaired to the 2 billion dollars the two sides are locked up at.

In a perfect world. The fans would go on strike agaisnt the teams we all love and support. Make our voices heard. Sadly football is like a heroin addiction. It's hard to say no to something that makes you feel so great.

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