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Franchise, transition tags out today but not for Dolphins

NFL teams can begin applying franchise and transition tags to their most valued projected unrestricted free agents starting today (Feb. 10) and that is notable to the Dolphins and you only because of my post yesterday about Paul Soliai.

Following that post, several of you e-mailed me suggesting the Dolphins use either the franchise or transition tag on Soliai to keep him locked to the Dolphins in 2011.

Um, not likely.

First, it must be said that franchise and transition numbers have not been officially released by the NFL. Secondly, the NFL players' union has vowed to take the NFL to court over the placing of the tags without a new collective bargaining agreement being in place. Finally, the idea doesn't make much financial sense.

The franchise tag, you must remember, is valued at the average of the top five salaries for players at that position. The transition tag is valued at the average of the top 10 salaries for players at that position.

For a NT/DT which is where Soliai falls, the projections for either tag are staggering. According to the good work of Brian McIntyre at Mac's Football Blog, the projected franchise tag tender in 2011 will be a whopping $12.3 million. The projected transition tag tender will be a whopper junior $9.4 million.

There is no way on earth the Dolphins will guarantee Paul Soliai that amount for one year.

There is no way, by the way, the Dolphins will guarantee any of their unrestricted free agents that kind of money. Thus you can be relatively certain the Miami Dolphins will not use either their franchise or transition tags in 2011 unless the rules or projections change somehow.

Why, you might wonder, would it cost so much to tag a defensive tackle that much in 2011 when the franchise tag number in 2010 was $7 million and the tranisition number was $6.35 million?

Blame Albert Haynesworth, who skewed the averages when his 2010 salary was $24 million.

Simply, the Dolphins aren't in make-Paul-Soliai-instantly-rich mode this offseason. They want to re-sign him. They've made him a couple of offers. None were exceedingly impressive to Soliai. None are said to have been worth even half of what a projected 2011 franchise or transition numbers might be worth.

So why would the team use either tag on him?

Oh, by the way, there is at least one nose tackle in this league worthy of a franchise tag -- Haloti Ngata of the Baltimore Ravens. He'll very possibly get tagged and will not be on the market when/if it opens following a resolution of the labor dispute.

What does that mean?

Good news for Soliai because that's one less NT teams will have the opportunity to sign, thus increasing his value. This kind of reminds me of the year the Dolphins had to pay Vernon Carey.

They didn't love the player. But there were really no other choices in free agency and the team wanted to address other issues in the draft. So they paid Carey. And he's been inconsistent since.

I get the feeling that is where we may end up with Soliai.


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It's about the money period. Fans are not even an afterthought and would have no influence picketing, screaming, kicking or crying. The NFL believes once the game is on nobody will boycott it, and they are probably right. At least they wouldn't believe otherwise until that happened. Basically, they are the bread winners and the fans are the suckers. Anyone who thinks anyone involved cares about the fans is extremely naive. Make no mistake, I'm calling all the fans who put up with it suckers, which means me too. I'd totally support not watching the season, not blogging or hitting the nfl sites (all increase ad revenue with site hits) for the full next season if they don't get it together this season. Let them all lose money for a full season, that is the only way the fans can speak, kick them where it counts.


Agreed. An 18 game schedule is absurd thinking. It's a violent sport, and the risks far outweigh the rewards.

What you will see is, players not giving their "all" - mostly because of the nagging wear and tear associated with the brutal sport. And some just go lackluster because they know the gruel ahead of them.

It's another, "dumbing-down effect". We will see more third and fourth string players by playoffs, that's a given.

Even - or especially - if you man each team with 65 players. Spare me...

I hate the preseason. I've seen too many injuries in that meaningless tripe to warrent its' use. The owners ought to do away with that entirely, if they insist an 18 game season.

Ps, NFL junky aside, (I am one of them) I think this CBA can be fixed sooner than later if the fan base threatens boycott.

I'll get back eventually. My next stop is at the New York Times. Looking for that blog-shere...


I used to be more of a sports fan. For awhile now the only team I follow in any sport is the fins. But, I have been thinking along the lines of Dr. It for some time now. Not sure its worth letting a perennial losing team bother me for one second. And in todays game, every season is musical chairs with the players, hard to feel allegiance as much when the guy you are rooting for today is suddenly on the team you are rooting against the following season. In baseball and basketball, I only watch the finals if it goes down to the seventh game. I'm really on the verge of checking out all together, or just watching the fins if they make it to the playoffs. Easier said than done, its a silly vice, addiction really...there are far worse addictions to have, but when the entertainment value offers more disappointment than entertainment...it makes me thing about whether its worth devoting any attention to it. But the blog is fun and I like spouting my opinion, so not ready to disappear just yet...


I think it is easy to say "If there is a lost season, I'm done" And that is fine. It up to that person. The NFL may even risk losing some casual fans, maybe some hardcores as well. But baseball for the most part canceled a season. Hockey followed suit, and cancelled a whole year. Baseballs attendance is at an all time high. And Hockey..well it's hockey and has always been a fan specific sport. The NFL knows they risk nothing with the fans. The majority will be back, and the revenue machine will be re-oiled and ready to roll. I would like to say that a lost season would be it for me. But I know I would be tunning in the first week games kicked off again. It isn't a matter of trying to be righteous(in my case) or proving a point. I just know I enjoy Fall, and winter Sundays on the couch, or in the bar watching games.

I do feel lucky. I have season tickets in Missoula. I perfer the collegiate games over pro games anyway. Just my opinion. I don't have to hop a plane. The atmoshpere is unique. The product is insanely good, and I have great seats(got lucky, there is a waiting list just to get on the list)So it is easy for me to say screw it, I'll find better things to do on Sunday. Deep down, I don't know if that's true.

What is going on here?

For every good read, I see ten or more worthless postings. And I mean WORTHLESS!



I never really got into college football. Come draft I check out the key players on YouTube. However I've been to a few college games and the atmosphere is great. I took my Brazilian girlfriend to a college game last year and she loved it. I had to explain the rules, but in the end she liked it way more than soccer which is like THE sport in South America. I've tried getting into soccer but no go...the field is too big...it takes too long for a team to get something rolling, most of the time the players are just chasing the ball like a tossed frisbee, and every now and then they get the passing together enough to make a goal, but its tedious for sure. I'll watch the World Cup but nothing else.

Marooned..Sweet now we have 11 or more that are worthless..Thanks for the contribution.

0x80...Footie is sweet. It takes awhile to get used to. If you do, it is a good watch. Check out Wayne Rooneys goal today..Awesome.

After reading back, (and contributing for months) DD is one of the more astute and worthy reads.
Again, you never fail. You are in one of your "instigative" modes.
You and your uncountable AKA's.
Worthless is as worthless does. I'd rather type to Forrest Gump than you, ten or twenty same person.



Do yourself a favor and...


What is a blow up doll? Are you one of those terrorists?

Again, you contribute to the one and twenty worst contributors...


What is your IQ? Oh dear, needn't answer that while you're on a plastictic hunt.

By the way, there are no more Light House Keepers. Given way to technology. Just janitors in those places, and tour guides.

You could be neither...

You are loosing this battle of witt... keep it up if you wish...

I'd rather talk football. But should you insist, change your name again and seek me out.

You will appear retarded again, markmy words-


Those guys didn't really "turn Japanese" despite how convincing the lyrics were.

In reality, they were just a bunch of cokeheads who wrote a good song one day.

Never actually turned Japanese.

Marooned on a Deserted Island ,


If you have guys haven't checked it out yet...Armando wrote aGREAY ARTICLE on our seach for a QB.....

And I don't just say its GREAT because it agrees and restates some of the many many points I have been banging my head against a wall trying to make.....

On another note...the Pats had two QBs in the playoffs this year...Brady and Cassel.....I mean Cassel is only 2 years removed from the belicheat roster.....that is a credit to their talent scout...but since the dude didn't start 1 game in college....how in the heck did he get drafted???

Oh well....just some thoughts ...check out the the Article...it's a good read....

Yep, you're really soggy petro...

Also Derick4Dolphins has a great,,,,response to somebody under the same article....

Really was an outstanding way to put all this Cam Newton= Jamarcus Russel idiotic talk to bed...

0x80 @11:20 PM....That is about the same mantra I fall under....

I want to believe that if there is a lock-out and the NFL misses even 1 GAME.....that I won't come back....but I probably will....

I know we can never bankrupt the Owners....but it would be nice to hit them in the pockest enough for them to feel it......

Kris, ask any Chiefs fan, or anyone who watched the Chiefs play. Any such person regards Cassel the way we regard Henne. Suffice it to say they're right ... the proof is in the pudding. We need to score points. The fact that Miami could often mount drives but not score when in scoring range speaks more to the inept and very predictable scheme the team employed than to anything else. Yeah, Henne blew at times, especially as the season wore on, but let's not suddenly lose sight of the facts: they couldn't run the ball and the playcalling was legendarily horrendous. Alas, I write that to write this: before we start anointing Cassel as an actually worthy Pro Bowler, and before we look at other, completely different teams as our barometer (front office included, especially), let's remember what the real problems are for this team--and whatever these problems may be, they're not that Miami is not like other teams.

Marooned, are you Armando? I only ask because you seem like a pretentious douche

Dishpan...you read way to much in to my post....I only stated the FACt that Cassel was in the Playoffs this year.....and i gave CREDIT to the NE staff for drafting a guy who hadn't started a game since Highschool....

I didn't give my personel opinion on Cassel....which is .....he is AVERAGE.....I predict the Cheifs will not be in the playoff next year....I also wrote on here during the a ss kicking that the Ravens gave them that they looked alot like us in 2008 and look for them to fall back to the middle of the pack in the comming years.....with the Chargers taking there usual place back at the top of their Division.....with their 1st RD drafted QB....

Every one on her KNOWS HOW I FEEL ABOUT 1ST RD QBs...LOL

So dish pan...I annoint Cassell nothing....but I give credit where credit is due.....it was nothing but a fact that I nor you can argue against.....as another matter of fact.....I never even mentioned Henne...let alone draw a comparison.....

But thanks for giving me the oppertunity to clarify myself....if you saw it that way....it is possible others may have interperted my post in the same.....

I'm not always the clearest poster

Kris, I understand your point. I responded to a post in which you refer to Cassel in positive terms. Given the tone of this blog--Dolphins need love, especially at QB--and coupled with your statements, that was my response. Plus, Armando cannot write a good article, which is prolly what I was really responding to.

dishpan, why do the Dolphins need love on this site? For their 7-9 performance two years in a row? For their reaching the Playoffs twice in a decade? For their horrible draft and free agency choices over the last few decades? For their coaching carousel since Shula left?

People say Miami's coming up. Sure they are, because it's almost impossible to do worse than 1-15.

If your kid kept choosing the wrong friends who brought him down you probably wouldn't think you just needed to "show him love." I'm sure you'd think about some "tough love." That's all the criticism is trying to do. Most posters here love the Dolphins, but they don't love losing. They don't love the same mistakes being repeated over and over again. They don't love the personnel decisions that makes you scratch your head and ask if anyone knows what they're doing.

But, one thing I'll accept is that it will take time for any new FO. That's the conundrum we're in with Ireland/Sparano. They may prove to be incompetent (if you don't believe that already), but the new FO will need some time to get it right too. This organization has been so mismanaged over the years it'll take time to get out of those weeds.

So, to help THIS FO, many of us are pointing out mistakes made by former FO's we see being repeated so hopefully the team can evade the repercussions from those mistakes.

One more thing about the QB also. If one more person brings up how we need to treat our QB with kid gloves, I don't know what I'm gonna do. Effe that! I need my QB to be tough. I need my QB to be able to "shake it off." I need my QB to have some balls. I need my QB not to let it get to him. Because, sure, we maybe overblame Henne for the 9 losses (or 8 since he didn't play vs. Chicago), but we also overcredit him for the 7 wins. So, that's the position, you sink or swim with the record. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

So let's stop babying Henne (or any QB). They play a tough sport, they need thick skin. Anyway, I don't have any allegiance to Henne (or another QB). I have an allegiance to the team, to victory. That's what I'm willing to "show love" to.

Is Valentine's Day the reason for all this "love" talk? My bad, I thought this was football.

Also, I think I'm showing Henne plenty love. Some here don't even think he should get another chance to prove himself.

I'm willing to give him plenty of chances. I don't advocate getting rid of the guy. I advocate trying to find someone who can lead better and win more until/in case that person is not needed due to Henne's improving in the position. Or, if a better QB is found sooner than Henne's improvement, I still think we should keep him as a backup (where he would be able to continue to develop and see if he ever can get to the level of improvement to lead a team again).

So I'm willing to give Henne all the time in the world to improve. I'm just not willing to punish the team/fans if that process means continued losing records.

With all that said, we DO need a running game. Jamaal Charles would be a great model, but it's hard to find an athlete like that.

Hopefully we can do that in conjunction with upgrading the QB position.


I was cooking Valentine's day breakfast for the wife....pink pancake's w/chocolate chips...and and Eggs with Cheese.....

I re-read my post and I don't see where I stated anything positive about Cassel....I only stated the FACT that NE had two QB on their roster who have made the playoffs...albeit on different teams......and different circumstances.....

and to piggy back off of DC Dolfan.....I Alot of us are jiust tired of seeong the fins under acheive...and while I still llve and support my team...the HONEY MOON period is over.....and the only way to bring it back is to win...in the playoffs.....period...

It is 15 years of futility with sprinkles with TWO 1st rd playoff losses.....That for me Dishpan is unacceptable.....and lets get started with our awful home record this year...Great ROAD RECORD tho...but Ticket Holders want to see their team WIN AT HOME...coupled by the occasional loss...not vice versa.....although I think anybody can tolerate either...if we had won enough to get INTO THE PLAYOFFS and WIN A GAME.....

II do have a question for you Dishpan...whats with the hate for Armando's writing....

He writes things that I agree with and some I disagree with....but when I "call him out"....if you can call it that...I keep it within the context of THAT particular article....why do you seem to not like him at all?

Or am I reading to much into it?

If Henne's arm was that of Pennington...very few would be on here to defend him....but because we are told he has a CANNON..(and I say told...because I haven't seen it and I have watched every game he has started in his carreer).....and can't recall any game were he was airing it out.....although he has like 6 or more 300 yard games i think....can u say Enigma.....

Any way...I think fans should take the DC Dolfan approach.....don't fall in love with a player....save your allegiance for the TEAM.......and cheer for the player...and most of all...hold players accountable...we all know QBs GET TO MUCH CREDIT WHEN THE TEAM WINS....and ALL THE BLAME WHEN THEY LOSE...its just the way it is....

In the SB...Rapistberger gets the loss...and hardly anybody rembers Mindenhoff fumbling away the ball when they were driving for the go ahead score....in a few years...I won't even remember........

Dolphins need love as in Dolphins need help

Where did cocojoe go?
I rank him in there as top posters - meaning he also has a good spin on things...

Kris, I really don't see the need to belabor the point, but since you ask, I wrote that you refer, as in "make reference," to Cassel in positive terms. You seem shocked at his not being drafted, presumably because he has made a "positive" impression on you. Thus, you make positive reference. Go Phins, screw everyone else

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