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Ireland's choice: Right thing vs. popular thing

You know the scenario. The Dolphins need to become a more dynamic team. They need big plays on offense. They need possession-changing plays on defense and somebody needs to set an alarm under the special teams and coax a kick return or punt return TD out of them sometime this century.

The Dolphins need to thus draft someone that comes with his own personal Batman show soundtrack: Pow. Bam. Kaboom.

We all know this. The Dolphins have admitted this ...

And then they draft a center?

Or any offensive lineman?

Or a safety?


That is the dilemma Miami general manager Jeff Ireland might (I do stress this is hypothetical) face on draft day in April. We want somebody that will wow us. Owner Stephen Ross wants someone that will bring glitz and glamour and put butts in the seats.

And the best player on the board might be someone that does neither but could still be the best available player on the Miami board. Or the best option in Ireland's opinion. Or Just the right thing to do.

How would Ireland navigate that?

The answer cannot be known until it happens. But be certain it can happen. Simply, there is a possibility the 14 teams picking ahead of the Dolphins pluck the most dynamic offensive players off the board -- guys such as Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert or A.J. Green and Julio Jones or even whatever homerun hitting running back you think is worthy.

And suppose someone such as Florida center Mike Pouncey is the highest rated player on Miami's board at the time. Or maybe OT Nate Solder is Miami's highest rated player left on the board. Or maybe a safety such as Rahim Moore or Roberts Sands is the guy.

Would Ireland have the courage to pick an offensive lineman after the team has spent so many past resources on positions that don't score TDs? Would he be OK with adding to the defense when it's the offense that begs help?

Would he go away from doing the popular thing that will get him applause from folks at the Dolphins draft party at the expense going with the highest-rated guy on his board that perhaps plays a position that excites no one and could get him roasted publicly?

It is a tough call. It is why Ireland makes the proverbial big bucks.

I would tell you the Dolphins had a GM that made that difficult and unpopular call before. Remember in April of 2007, the Dolphins had a good feeling that Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn would be available at No. 9. And the Wednesday before the draft, GM Randy Mueller had dinner with owner Wayne Huizenga and told him he would not be picking Quinn because, well, he didn't think Quinn was that good.

Huizenga didn't necessarily agree but let Mueller make his own bed. Mueller made that bed instead by picking Ted Ginn Jr. No, that choice didn't work although hindsight tells us Mueller made the right call not picking Quinn, either. The point is Mueller did the unpopular thing because everyone (including me) wanted Quinn.

Had Mueller picked a good player instead, he might still be employed. Of course, had Huizenga picked a better head coach than Cam Cameron, Mueller might still be employed. Neither happened. But the point is Mueller took the harder public relations road.

I cannot tell you which way Ireland would go. I haven't asked him about this topic. But my thinking is he might also do the more difficult thing, the more unpopular thing, if he thinks it's the right thing. It would make people upset, for sure. It might even make Ross upset, for sure.

But I get the feeling Jeff Ireland is stubborn enough to stick to his guns and go down blazing if he must.

If the player Ireland picks is the right guy -- and shows it right away -- Ireland can survive the storm of making an unpopular pick. Obviously, you make a less popular selection and compound the problem by choosing a bust, you've doubled your pain and you're out of a job anyway.

But you go with the unpopular pick and it ultimately turns out to be the right selection, your reputation is improved long-term.

So what do you think? Would Ireland let his rep suffer a bit at the hands of fans and second-guessers in the short-term? Or would he bow to the pressure and pluck the next QB or WR or RB on his board to satisfy the masses and his owner?


We might see. 

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I think if the highest folks at the skilled positions are not on the board Miami will (and should) look to move down and pick up extra picks...Depending on where they land (hopefully late first) they might still have a shot at Ingram, Mallet, Locker, or Titus Young..If not, at that time pick the best available by need starting with OL or LB..

I agree that there is very good value at running back in this draft. There is no reason to draft a running back in the first round this year.
Here is a list of some backs that should be around in rounds 3-7

Shane Vareen
DeMarco Murray
Jaquizz Rodgers
Derrick Locke
Delone Carter
Tawain Jones
Noel Divine
Damien Barry
Deion Lewis
Jordan Toddman
Bilal Powell
Chase Reynolds

The better question is what pick has Ireland made that was the right pick?

First, he needs to sign Soliai regardless of knowing what the salary cap is. This team CANNOT waste this years early round choices on defense. Second, he needs to draft the best available OFFENSIVE player. This will help the Dolphins this year. Unfortunately unless there is a new CBA before the draft, the Dolphins cannot trade away any players. And if there is I would suggest they trade away Devon Bess for something like a second round. The Dolphins have young receivers that can fill Bess' role just the same. And lets face it, Bess can catch and he is quick but he's not fast and he can't break tackles.

I say Draft Best Available at the time of our pick. Weather it be an Offensive guy or a Defensive Guy. Free agency is still an option on Offense too. Deangelo Williams will be out there, Darren Sproles, Jason Snelling, Mercedes Lewis, Hushmendzeda, Randy Moss, Steve Smith, I mean there are quality FA's out there. We can always improve from the No. 7 defense to the No. 1 if we go Defense with the first pick. But IMO and entertainment purposes, I think Ireland will go with Best Available.. I would Hope...

Win, Loos, or Tie... Dolphins Till' I Die!!!!

Ireland has to do what's necessary to make this team better. It's not about keeping the fans happy, it's about putting a competitive team on the field. If he's trying to please the fans pretty soon he'll be sitting with them. Do your homework, be prepared, talk to people and your scouts and draft the best player available. Yes we have holes but there's enough holes that whoever you pick should improve the team. Just don't pick another DL again this year.

Offensive line is THE priority. Without improvement, this offense will continue to be terrible. The problem I have is, can this staff evaluate O-Line talent? They have failed badly so far.

Finally took a look at the TE class this year. Dismal. The DE class is outstanding and yet Ireland took Odrick (who cannot hold a candle to this year's first round crop) when top notch TEs abounded. Things that make you go "Hmmmm?"

Assuming the Fins can pick up a 2nd round pick (which is not as easy as some here think - unless there is a new CBA, no players can be traded - for picks or players) and so there has to be a "must have" for someone who picks after #15 to get a second. So, assuming that happens, look for two Offensive linemen in the first 4 picks.

At TE, they may stand pat or find another in FA (if there is FA).

At WR, unless a really speedy guy is available, they stand pat and try to develop Moore and Wallace.

At RB, they retain Cobbs, though I don't know why because he has lost a couple of steps and isn't much of an RB or returner. They probably keep Ricky (if both sides can get past his comments and he actually wants to stay here), because he is better and will come cheaper than Ronnie. Hilliard is in the fold. Sheets could be the change up they are looking for but I'd look for them to fill this need in the latter half of the draft.

Defensively - we'd all love for them not to go there - I think they'll grab an OLB in the 2nd (if they get a pick) or 3rd. It is possible they go for ANOTHER DE because they see potential to improve there but then they have trade bait IF a CBA is reached. At Safety I think they stand pat again. Bell is on the downside but was still the most prolific tackler last year (I believe). Jones and Clemons will battle it out at FS. I think Jones has a much better upside.

Ireland bites the bullet and takes two linemen and an OLB or convertible DE in the first three rounds (again, assuming they pick up a 2nd). RB, WR, and maybe a plug in TE in the latter rounds plus a throw away stab in the dark on some unrated player (acorn).

Not exciting and I don't like the defensive player pick but it makes sense and is what I believe they will do.

JJ..nice post.. What do you think we would have to give up to get a second round pick? There probably isn't a team that is going to say hey take our late first round pick, and our second round pick. So we can move up and take your pick at 15. It isn't going to work that way. We will have to include a later round pick, or a pick from next year so a deal makes any sense. It makes draft day trades very difficult if we cannot include any players, just picks.

I would do whatever Ross wants to do.... he may not always be right, but he is the boss, and has all the cash!! Not trying to be a sellout, but try it Ross's way, and if it doesn't work out, maybe next time he will let you do it your way. Who knows, anybody that rich maybe has a Midas touch, and whomever you draft my be turn out to be golden, even though it may not seem like it now.... but on the other hand, we could end up like the Cowboys.... all show and no go!!

He has to do what's necessary to keep his job and he does that by putting a competitive team on the field....end of story.


i have been reading your articles for some time now--I JUST DONT GET WHERE YOUR COMING FROM ,LOGICALLY SPEAKING!
ireland has screwed up so much that the reason there are many so gaping holes is HIS MESS!!
why we are continuing to believe that he will help fix a situation that HE helped create is beyond logic!!


ross ,like everyone else, knows that he doesnt have a great g.m. in ireland nor a quality head coach now--but why pay so much money if the season may be limited or even lost completely!!

there is ZERO reason to think that ireland can turn his lack of success in miami around!!

Could somebody tell me who our starting O-line was last year, and how many of them were injured. Will any of them be returning to help out this year. Where is our O-line as we stand right now?

What do the Dolphins need extra picks for? These buffoons would only screw up that pick anyway. Just look at the picks in the last 5 drafts. How many are still with the team? How many draft picks did we give up to get our 'next' quarterback? I would rather go down in flames like Al Davis. Pick the biggest and fastest players and throw it 50 yards every down!!!!

We need to fix the off line first no one can do anything behind that line

Hey MENSAH, are you always this STUPID or are
you making a special effort today ?

to state that Ireland is the reaosn for the dolphins mess just show complete ignorance, your either are four years old or a gator fan.

when Ireland and Parcells took over this team they had zero talent to work with, in three short years they have change the personnel and we have a very young up and coming team, he is doing a great job, but of course your miopic brain won't allow you to see it.

why don't you go back to watching beverly hillbilies reruns you jack ass.

We need to move Carey to rt guard. Draft a rt tackle find a center in free agencey. Then get our 2nd round pick back. then go rb wr then a te a rookie qb is not goind to help this year. This is just my thought

we have 6 picks id like to trade down in the first so we have a pick in the second. Then start doubling up like they have in past years. take 2 qb, 2 recivers, 2 runningbacks, and a lineman or tightend. yeah 2 young qb's might take time but they can push each other and henne. Maybe that way we find a gem.

Henne was arm tied to the oc. I think, that he is a good QB with the right OC. We need a bruiser center/rb/ and a return /wide receiver to stretch the field. These people dont know talent when they gave fazslow our TE a new contract.WOW shows why you sell the team with these brains.

Quinn has not been any worse than Kolb, Henne or McCoy and ther are plenty who still think that those three are viable NFL QBs.........

I'd be fine with a quality OL as the pick. They make or break the offense. What I'm NOT fine with is reading that player in training camp is at center one day, guard the next, and on the sidelines a week later because they are trying to get "chemistry".

I just don't see how we trade down this year. I'm sure there are scenarios that exist that I do not have the capablitiy to forsee. but just looking at the teams behind us. And their needs. They don't need to move up to grab a player that they can get in their original position. Out of the top 12 picks, there isn't a wow player that is out there. Plus, there are plenty of defensive ends, and lineman that are similar in ability. That teams can wait and get their guy. Find me a team in the later part of the draft where it makes any sense for them to trade up with us.


i dont know what your initials stand for but it should be MORON!!

this team is poorly constructed,talent level is thin and the results are objectively shown in repeated subpar seasons!!
i wont even get into poor drafting except to state no one would have picked jake long over future FRANCHISE Q.B.,matt ryan!!

in summary,the collapse by the dolphins the last 2 seasons was not by accident-by anyones standards this is NOT A good team!!

I'm going to go out on a limb about Cam Newton on draft day. I believe many teams will not draft him because it will be a nightmare to sign him. His old man had this "highest bidder" mentality at the university level, imagine what he will be like with real money on the line. Unless he dazzles GM's with his knowledge of pro style defenses I think he will be available at 15.

DD - I agree. Without being able to include a player (such as Merling or Crowder) they'd have to include a later pick. Really, Merling should fetch a fourth on his own, Crowder a third. I can see one of them packaged with the #15 for a lower first round and a 2nd rounder. I don't, however, see a CBA being done in time to be able to pull that off. UNLESS they can play the "Player to be named later" card (the player, of course, would already be known to both teams).

Glaring omission in my post: I did not forget about QB, I just think it will be addressed through FA (if they have it). My gut tells me they bring Vince Young in. Sparano doesn't have many strengths, IMO, but keeping head cases in line is one of them. Marshall's small explosions are proof of that. In 2009, given the issues Miami's offense had last year, he would have gone nuclear. I believe Sparano had a lot to do with helping BM with that. I think VY loves the game and is looking for another chance to prove he can mature (his numbers are really pretty good - especially in the win column - so I think he's a viable and significant improvement at QB).

How's it...Darryl Dunphy? Good to see you around the campus...

Sorry for the long post guys, I used many names in it.

Jimmy Jam,

Great post man. I hope you don't mind, but I would like to address on a small level your question and statement...

"The problem I have is, can this staff evaluate O-Line talent? They have failed badly so far."

I would add this. This staff really has not used the draft to address the O-line nearly as much as they have scoured free agency to do it.
**Matt Kopa> free agent from Stanford.
**Joe Berger> UFA Poached from Dallas
**Richie "bag -o- doughnuts" Incognito> FA
**Ray Feinga> signed off PS Dec. 8th.
**Allen Barbre> was a GB 4th round pick in 07. played 25 games, then placed in IR. Signed by Seattle 9/28. Poached by Miami as FA 12/28. I have high hopes for this player!

**JOHN JERRY> Our own 3rd rounder. Will be in 2nd season. Great in pass blocking, Abysmal run blocker. Needs development that was not expected.

**Lydon Murtha> Poached from Detroit PS on 10/20/09, so far has been very spotty. It is only 3rd season but needs to show improvement

**Jake Long> Another Miami draft product. Long is a Hall of Fame player should he stay healthy. He goes in the ring within a few years of retirement. We should have drafted Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco. 20/20 hindsight never fails.

**Pat McQuistan> Traded to Miami on 9/03/10 for undisclosed draft pick. I hope it was no more then a 6th or 7th. Pat was there in some tough spots. But is no game changer by a damn site.
**James Marten> Was signed as FA in'10. Have no clue about this guy.

**Vernon Carey> Another Miami draft product. Just signed a 6 year $42 million contract. If he is not down by 30lbs and in better football shape by August, I see him going to RG. Carey is NOT a product of this management staff but is indeed a player we need to keep healthy. When he got hurt, Henne got killed and the run game disappeared. Even when healthy he gave up sack because of his weight. Needs a mentor/OL coach who can handle him.

**Nate Garner> Was awarded off waivers to Miami from New York Jests on 09/31/08. Had a great camp and had the LG position nearly locked down until he injured his foot. I feel Nate can bee that pulling LG we need and I hope an entire season off has let him get 100% and ready to give our line much needed help. I think many have forgotten about this guy and he "In my dusty opinion" is exactly what Miami is looking for for their O-line.

Beyond these guys, Miami has gone through a blinding number of FA O-line guys. Truthfully, Guys like Grove and Smiley are fantastic players. But the injury bug had destroyed what we thought we were getting long before we ever got to enjoy it. Had those 2 player had full blown career energy and no injury isues. Ronnie and Ricky would look much different on paper. And I feel Henne would have been much better at what he does. Grove and Smiley helped Pennington get this team into a play-off run. Then, after we gave them tons of cash... They were gone.

So I'm not certain that we "cannot" get or pick good talent. I feel we need to learn from mistakes when it comes to players who are banged up and on the market as FA.

Armando -- Randy Mueller did not pick Ted Ginn with the 9th pick in the draft.


Big difference. I expect a correction and apology in tomorrow's Herald.

Everyone's assuming Carey can play inside. What concerns me most about that is that Carey is already severely challenged to stay healthy playing as an exterior offensive lineman. Its much tougher staying healthy on the interior.

I wouldnt bank on Carey be the answer playing inside. He cant stay healthy playing outside.


Our O-Line was horrible was overblown to help Henne. Both our running game and our O-line reputation were sacrificed to help Henne and I would like to offer proof by asking a question.

How would you defend Henne if you were a Defensive Coordinator?

I would stack the line with 7 or 8 players, bringing blitzes from different angles shutting down the run game and forcing Henne to beat me with his arm and his head. Henne would have to prove to me that he could beat the blitz, figure out where the blitzer was coming from and figure which WR was going to have single coverage, if any. Henne could not figure out those things and that it why our running game was stagnant and one of the reasons our O-Line looked as bad as they did.

Come on smart guys, asks yourselves How you would defend against Henne and be honest, you will see why the offense truly looked bad. Lets have some answers.

All I can say is.......remember when the Texans took Mario Williams instead of Reggie Bush? EVERYONE laughed at them. Well, here we are, Mario Williams is a stud and Reggie Bush is a dud(for a supposed number pick that is). I hope we trade down in the first and pick up a second. If we don't get 2 SOLID O-Linemen this offseason(draft or FA), nothing else matters! Need to resign Fat Paul also to an incentive based contract and avoid another hole.

1. Pouncey
3. Fast WR
4. G or T
5. TE
6-7. Whatever


Derek - you make good points. To add to that, I think I remember that there were not a lot of good O-linemen available in FA those years. Smiley and Grove had a track record of injuries and that was the knock form the beginning.


Long LT
Need one (LG)
Incognito (C) (but need one anyway)
Carey (slide to RT)
Need one (RT)

Garner, if he can come back, is good enough to be a starting G - or a very, very good back-up. I think Incognito is going to be a good C. He's mean and I like mean, but they would be foolish not to get another one even though Garner is capable.

Murtha and McQuistan are decent back ups. Depth only. Berger is a good backup if he can recover from the knee injury.

I, too like Jerry and maybe he can move to LG if Carey moves to RG. He (Jerry) is going to be starting caliber and I'd hate to see him relegated to the bench. If Carey loses the weight and gets his motivation back on track he might stay at RT but I think he is better suited to RG.

So, add two above average to great guys and we've got a line with depth. It won't be all star but way better than 2010.


Error: Carey, slide to RG



The draft isnt such a tough decision for us. We need to go in with the mindset of giving ourselves the best chance to come away with 2 day one starters on offense. No matter the position.

Best chance to accomplish this will be trading down for a 2nd rd pick. No qb 1st or 2nd rd, it maybe 2-3yrs before he can start. We have too many holes on offense to sacrifice waiting 2-3yrs before a qb is fully ready to become a starter.

Top priority 1st and 2nd rd should be wr/oline. Not neccessariy in that order, but the 1st 2 rds nonetheless. Each need to be day one starters and drafting both 1st-2nd rd gives us the best chance of seeing that happen.

Aloco - I will try. Meanwhile your ADD meds are in the mail.


Miami Dolphins owner Steven Ross & Home want to Draft
6.6 255 lb Franchise QB Cam Newton

Dolphins will do whatever it takes to draft Cam Newton

Ireland will have to go out there and find better offensive lineman

RB DeAngelo Williams should also be signed by the Blowfish

Miami will then compete and possibly win the AFC East


Why do you guys suppose that Carey can be an answer at RG? He doesnt stay healthy playing on the outside. IMO, that makes him a primary candidate to have even less chance of staying healthy playing inside where there's even more collisionary contact and greater chance to be injured.

Carey moving inside scares me to death, he cant stay healthy playing where there's a little less contact and conjestion.

Ireland is a Dumass and will lose his job this year because he thinks that the boss has no say so in his own franchise, just like some of you.

Stephen Ross spends a billion dollars on an NFL franchise and some of you think that he doesn't have a right to say how the product is handled and what kind of product is given to his customers, I am glad that you guys don't own multi million dollar businesses and I understand why you never will, you don't think that you have a right to control your own business.

Ross: I want a Dynamic, Explosive, Exciting, Aggressive, Fun offense.

Ireland: I can find a acorn in the 3rd or 4th round for that, but I like the big slow guy in the 1st thru 3rd.

week 8 and the Dolphins are 2 - 6 or 3 - 5.

Ross: What happend?

Ireland: we are set for the future on Defense and that makes a more dynamic offense right?

Ross: You're Fired!!! and take Sporano with you.

Derek...Relying every year for help from free agency is a sure sign your orginization has problems. Now before people start naming free agents that have helped teams, I get it. Free agency can have a positive effect on your team. My point is that if every year you have to go out and sign multiple free agents to feel competitive. Trouble is coming.

These guys are free agents for a reason(their team doen't thinks they can find equal or better for less). It isn't like baseball where guys can hold teams hostage. The salary cap dictates you can only spend so much. This said, if a team cannot develop it's own talent. You get stuck trying to make up for this by continually reaching in free agency. If the Phins want to be serious contenders. Our own draft picks are going to have to pan out better. Yes there is going to be misses. But developing guys in your system is the best way to run a franchise(IMO) If every year you are shopping for mercenaries, or re-treads. You can end up going nowhere.


Forget about Newton. He's now projected to go at #3 to the Bills. We'll be getting an up close and personal of him twice a year.

Dolphins r getting QB Cam Newton

Just The Way It Is


We don't really know what will be available. And it doesn't matter what we think until the next 16 or 20 games are played.

He is here to build a team. Let's see what happens and when it does we can crap on him then.

QB Cam Newton, LB Karlos Dansby & WR Brandon Marshall
r were all Home predictions
Posted and printed months b4 the deals

Cam newton is going to be a Miami Dolphin

Home said so

Thats why



I just dont see how a team with as many crucial offensive as we do. Can afford to bypass a chance to land 2 quality starters for a qb that may not be fully ready to become a starter for 2-3yrs.

This is my greatest draft a qb 1st rd issue. If we didnt have so many other key offensive personel issues I would be saying go for it just like you. I just dont see where we really have that luxury even though it maybe a need.

I like Ireland. He's cocky, arrogant, and sure of himself. With that said, let's not kid ourselves-He has to have a 'GAME CHANGER! He won't survive 2011 without one! I'm a season-ticket holder since the 70's and am not going to renew this year unless I see a concerted effort towards this goal! I don't believe in the ground-n-pound philosophy that Parcells implemented! If we don't find 'Mr Excitement' for our special teams, I'm staying home on game day!


Point taken about injury but the only bad one i remember is this year and most of the year he was on a bum wheel. My thought on guard was that I was under the impression he had started at Guard at UM until his final two years when he switched to T. I could well be wrong on that. The year he came out a lot of guys (including Wanny) were saying he'd be a better NFL G than T and that they put him at RT to fill a need and against VCs wishes. Couple that with his diminishing mobility and you have my, possibly flawed, logic. He is a good lineman but he isn't getting the job done well enough at RT. He is too well paid and too good to be on the bench. I doubt they move him, though, as they know what they've got in him at that position and it's easier to find good guards than Tackles.

Cam Newton will be ready from day 1 to start in the NFL

Dont over think and try to find a "yeah but"

Cam Newton is Amazing

Chance of a life time for Miami

If the Dolphins have to throw the whole boat to get it done or "Pull a Ditka" or something similar they will

Ross & Home will make sure of it

Henne is a career back up
No Leadership skills
Too soft

6.6 255 lb Franchise QB Cam Newton OR NOTHING


Heard the same kinda crap about Mike Vick & Tim Tebow

Yeah but
Yeah but
Yeah but

STFU already

Cam Newton is ready and gonna run the best spread offense in the NFL


Cam Newton OR NOTHING!

On offense alone we need to upgrade these positions with better starters:

#2wr Hartline?
RG Questionable at best
LG Incognito cant pull
RT Carey serviceble; often injured
C No explanation needed
QB Henne questionable at best
TE No verticle threat
RB Brown's impact questionable

Guys, that's 8 starters on offense that can use upgrading or replacing altogether.

So someone please tell me how we can really afford to draft a qb 1st rd, no 2nd rd pick, and it maybe 2-3yrs before he can start. Are we going to continue to bring in more B-grade starters to replace b-grade starters by drafting them 3rd rd and further out?

That's one of the primary problem our offensive personel now.

everyone talks about a qb, like that will fix the team, we had dan and it didnt get us to the promised land, with dan there it was said he needed a running back, or the defense was good enough

while the qb is the top dog, plenty of teams make it with a just good qb

Hartline is fine just need a QB like Cam Newton to actually throw to him and put the ball where its suppose to go
Inconitois fine
Carey is fine
Ronnie Brown is fine
Yes we could def use a real good TE

Stop Crying and Butch It Up , Man

Problem is O-line needs to improve & stay healthy and
Cam Newton needs to line up in the shotgun w a spread offense 4 & 5 wide

Why the Dolphins got rid of Always open Kevin Curtis is beyond me.

Really coulda used this excellent WR w Cam Newton and
B-Marsh Bess Hartline Wallace Moore


To move up to the #3 position to get Cam it will probably cost at least a 1st and 3rd pick in 2012. It also eliminates having any firepower to get a 2nd rd pick this year.

So even if we got Cam, he starts day, it'll be 3 seasons before we can even begin to place adequate personel around him because the price and sacrifice was so heavy getting him.

By that time the entire Dolphin nation would have labeled him bust. I highly doubt we win 3-4 games max with Newton starting over the next 2 season. Especially considering what he'll have to work with will virtually be what it is now.

Play the tape all the way to end Home. Dont stop in the middle.

The team is not as bad as u think Dying Breed
Exact same team, eliminate Henne & substitute Newton
Prob looking at 11-5 instead of 7-9
A lot of possibilities w Cam Newton Ronnie Brown & B-Marsh in the Wildcat or Spread

Why are you out to psycho-analyze an imaginary conversation between Ireland's ego and alter ego? Is this really reporting? Come on, Armando!

Look, as a fan, I hope Ireland will be picking a guy in the draft that is both at the top of the board of available players and fills a need position. I think he can figure a way out to do both. Now, if a really good player that should be in the top 5 is at 15, then pick him, regardless of need. Ireland will do the right thing for the team as best as he can do. Drafts aren't about popularity contests to save one's own job.

Bills r not getting Cam Newton


Blah, Blah, Blah

Home heard all the same junk last season when Home said Dolphins are going after Karlos Dansby and Brandon Marshall will be a Miami Dolphin

Fact is Cam Newton will be starting Franchise QB for the Miami Dolphins

You are a bunch of cowards on this forum, none of you had the sack to answer my question because you know that it will only lead to the same conclusion, Henne was a big part of why the offense failed last year.

Come on tuff guys, tell the truth, how would you defens Henne if you were a DC.

Ireland and Sporano will be gone if they take an offensive linemen or defensive player, if there is a Exciting offensive prospect o the board and that is certainly what should happen FIRED.

The boss has said what he wants if the GM doesn't want to listen to him, he can go work elsewhere. If he listens and does what Ross says and there is a problem, he can certainly say that he did it the bosses way.

I too am a season ticket holder and I am tired of the boredom that is on display from this team. The boss wants to sell tickets and win, but Ireland thinks he knows better, it isn'y his team, he is an employee, give the boss what he and the majority of fans wants and that is not another fat slow big guy, who doesn't sell jerseys or put fannies in the seats.

I wouldn't mind if we pick the best player available regardless of the position. Look, how many position are there on the team that couldn't use a little help? Left OT? Big receiver? Position receiver? That's about it. I'm not sold that another corner or safety is a bad thing. You never have enough good defensive linemen. One inside linebacker slot is still not locked down. Is everybody certain that Misi is the answer at outside linebacker?

An offensive guard or center isn't sexy but it could be our biggest need. Sure I'd love a speed receiver who runs back kick-offs and punts or freak of a quarterback or a running back that is a cornerstone for the next decade. But I want a lot of things I can't have. I believe the average fan is sophisticated enough these days he will back the right choice, not just the sexy choice.

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