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Ireland's choice: Right thing vs. popular thing

You know the scenario. The Dolphins need to become a more dynamic team. They need big plays on offense. They need possession-changing plays on defense and somebody needs to set an alarm under the special teams and coax a kick return or punt return TD out of them sometime this century.

The Dolphins need to thus draft someone that comes with his own personal Batman show soundtrack: Pow. Bam. Kaboom.

We all know this. The Dolphins have admitted this ...

And then they draft a center?

Or any offensive lineman?

Or a safety?


That is the dilemma Miami general manager Jeff Ireland might (I do stress this is hypothetical) face on draft day in April. We want somebody that will wow us. Owner Stephen Ross wants someone that will bring glitz and glamour and put butts in the seats.

And the best player on the board might be someone that does neither but could still be the best available player on the Miami board. Or the best option in Ireland's opinion. Or Just the right thing to do.

How would Ireland navigate that?

The answer cannot be known until it happens. But be certain it can happen. Simply, there is a possibility the 14 teams picking ahead of the Dolphins pluck the most dynamic offensive players off the board -- guys such as Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert or A.J. Green and Julio Jones or even whatever homerun hitting running back you think is worthy.

And suppose someone such as Florida center Mike Pouncey is the highest rated player on Miami's board at the time. Or maybe OT Nate Solder is Miami's highest rated player left on the board. Or maybe a safety such as Rahim Moore or Roberts Sands is the guy.

Would Ireland have the courage to pick an offensive lineman after the team has spent so many past resources on positions that don't score TDs? Would he be OK with adding to the defense when it's the offense that begs help?

Would he go away from doing the popular thing that will get him applause from folks at the Dolphins draft party at the expense going with the highest-rated guy on his board that perhaps plays a position that excites no one and could get him roasted publicly?

It is a tough call. It is why Ireland makes the proverbial big bucks.

I would tell you the Dolphins had a GM that made that difficult and unpopular call before. Remember in April of 2007, the Dolphins had a good feeling that Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn would be available at No. 9. And the Wednesday before the draft, GM Randy Mueller had dinner with owner Wayne Huizenga and told him he would not be picking Quinn because, well, he didn't think Quinn was that good.

Huizenga didn't necessarily agree but let Mueller make his own bed. Mueller made that bed instead by picking Ted Ginn Jr. No, that choice didn't work although hindsight tells us Mueller made the right call not picking Quinn, either. The point is Mueller did the unpopular thing because everyone (including me) wanted Quinn.

Had Mueller picked a good player instead, he might still be employed. Of course, had Huizenga picked a better head coach than Cam Cameron, Mueller might still be employed. Neither happened. But the point is Mueller took the harder public relations road.

I cannot tell you which way Ireland would go. I haven't asked him about this topic. But my thinking is he might also do the more difficult thing, the more unpopular thing, if he thinks it's the right thing. It would make people upset, for sure. It might even make Ross upset, for sure.

But I get the feeling Jeff Ireland is stubborn enough to stick to his guns and go down blazing if he must.

If the player Ireland picks is the right guy -- and shows it right away -- Ireland can survive the storm of making an unpopular pick. Obviously, you make a less popular selection and compound the problem by choosing a bust, you've doubled your pain and you're out of a job anyway.

But you go with the unpopular pick and it ultimately turns out to be the right selection, your reputation is improved long-term.

So what do you think? Would Ireland let his rep suffer a bit at the hands of fans and second-guessers in the short-term? Or would he bow to the pressure and pluck the next QB or WR or RB on his board to satisfy the masses and his owner?


We might see. 

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U people r freakin' retarded. Miamis defense was ranked 7t in the league and was one of the youngest in the league. Our O_line had another outstading year andwe have the best wr in football andthe best 3rd down wr in the league. We have to great running backs who we dont run enough with an they culd easliy pass 1,000 yrds each. I say we trade henne and a first and second round pick to get a top 3 spot an draft Cam Newton. He is one of te best Qb prospecs the league has seen in years and would fit perfectly in a offensive mind set like the Dolphins


A couple of month ago you were very high on Cam Newton. I didnt see it then, though I do see it now.

He could be the stand out QB in this draft, however he will not be available at 15 and I totally agree with your case against trying to move up.

Also, I believe you are right on about adding talent around the QB position and then addressing a QB early in the draft next year if necessary.

There are alot of people on this blog who do not seem to really think this thing through.

Many people want to blame Henne for all that ales the Dolphins. It is just not that simple.

Our oline was embarrassing. Bottom line

NFL Network is showing the entire "History of the AFL" series. Really great stuff if you haven't seen it before.

Really shows how influential the "other" league was. They were even the first to adopt the socialist-style economics that Rozelle and the NFL later copied to guarantee each franchise would be healthy and able to compete, even in the smaller markets.

Armando..Are you banned from your own blog? Is this the new format? No new posts from Thursday to Sunday?

Oregon Dolphin fan,

When I look at it now, even though never to get out of injury prone status, Smiley and Grove were a roll of the dice by the then trifecta. We hurted at so many starting positions offensively and defensively they really didnt have the luxury of following up the Jake Long pick using other premium picks(1st/2nd rd) on quality young starting olinemen.

When Smiley/Grove failed the can of worms opened up again in 2010. One mistake was picking Pat White with a 2nd rd'er. It should have been used to grab a olineman then, but they were still holding out hope Grove and Smiley became more durable.

Then by 2009's end again again both injury proness kicked in. Therefore prime reason to move on at 2010's season without them.

The order of 2010's draft was predicated on what seemed at the time a weakness at NT and moving on from JT. Instead of waiting a couple seasons for a rookie NT to develop the strategy was Starks to NT and use a high pick to get a quality DE starter to replace Stark at DE(Odrick.)

Guess Odrick's injury was a blessing in disguise for Soliai as he really came on in 2010. Anyway, 1st and 2nd rd picks to replace Soliai as NT starter(no Ferg), JT(Misi) at solb eliminated a Ist or 2nd rd'er on the oline. Hence the 3rd rd pick was used at oline(John Jerry).

3rd rd'ers are not exactly projected as yr 1 starters. That's usually why theyve dropped. But Jerry showed some promise and could be a quality starter in yr. 2.

But I still believe the fo needs to spend a 1st or 2nd rd pick on the oline this year too. We need at least one more olineman capable of pro bowl calibre play besides Jake Long to really have a very good online.

We also need a more dynamic type wr to go with Marshall. Marshall is more the definition of a possession wr. That's why I also believe we need to spend either a 1st or 2nd rd pick on this wr too.

This guy needs to be a dynamic speed wr, even though officially he will be labeled the #2wr, he needs to be of #1wr starting quality.

Once the quality wr's issues of the offense is fully taken care of. Then if Fasano or whomever's paired with him(I think will be Mickey Shuler) aren't sufficient invest a 2nd rd'er in 2012 on TE.

I say 2nd rd'er in 2012, because if the qb problem cant be fixed in 2011 that 2012 1st rd pick has to be at qb. No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

I know that some here favor a rb early and so was I at first. But now I believe adding a quality olineman and quality wr will help boost the run game.

As there will be a little better line play and it will force DC's to take at least one defender out of the run box. That quality wr will eventually force a double over top of him.

If the DC doubles him and not Marshall you can throw jump ball more easily deep to Marshall and let him out physical a single defender. for the ball. DC's have to double both or pick his poison. Doubling both opens up more room for the run game and more room for the TE's in the passing intermediate passing game.

The next phase in the passing game would be finding a TE who can also blow the top off of defenses. But I say do this with a premium pick in 2012, as just adding a quality olineman and quality wr via draft with premium picks opens the intermediate passing game more to the TE's we presently have on the roster.

We do this and 2012 a premium pick on a TE that can blow the top off of defenses would give us a passing attack that could easily be top 5.

We know what we need, we just gotta go about the right phases of doing it. Imo, the way I prescribed seems most efficient.

Howdy Y'all,

The great QB debate rages on...to be settled on draft day.

I see the logic in filling "other" needs like OL, RB or WR early but the Dolphins have been missing a star power QB since Marino. The names that have come and gone have been many.

This reflects how few there are out there that can get it done and how hard it is to find gold at QB. To me that means we have to keep taking their shots until someone pans out. You may be able to pull Tom Brady out of a hat late in the draft once every Haley's Comet but I would rather take pointed shots.

If they are sold it is Cam Newton then try to figure a way. That would have to start by him falling as least to pick 7 or so. Without a CBA in place and without a current second we are down trade up firepower. With a mediator involved maybe the CBA gets done in the 11th hour and both sides decide they don't want to lose major $$$$ over a peeric victory.

I would be fine if they can trade back and gain a second for Colin Kaepernick. I get EXTRA insurance at QB and go after VY as ferocious as I could. Between the encumbant Henne, a mobile QB and proven NFL 30-17 winner in VY and a young gun with wheels, a cannon arm and great college resume in Kaepernick we should have a recipe for exciting and intense QB competition.

Our late first would be C/G Mike Pouncey or WR Titus Young.



I believe if not spending a 1st rd pick on our qb, we may as well hurl a 4th rd'er at Ricky Stanzi. Even if Stanzi never develops into a solid or spectacular starter we still may have hugely upgraded the backup qb position. And it only cost a 4th rd'er.

Even if Henne doesnt work out remember we also need a backup too(Thygpen isnt answer). At the very least Stanzi immediately replaces Thypen. But we gotta have immediate quality help at wr/oline.

Rob my view is that if surrounded by a little more solid help(premium picks at oline/wr), if still not progressing 2012 frees us to undoubtedly use a 1st rd pick at qb, no questions asked. Even if we needed to trade up to get it done. I just dont see having the luxury of doing these things this year.

Getting a qb 2nd rd guarrantees us virtually no better than getting a qb of Stanzi's stature except we would have paid more dearly for it. Even if Stanzi moved into the 2nd rd I wouldnt pull the trigger. I would still wait and pull the trigger on the best qb available 4th rd. That at least gives best chance of upgrading Thypen.

We really need to think this qb thing fully through and replace one qb at a time. Maybe the 1st replacement may need to be Thygpen not Henne. Remember in 2012 we'll have more flexibilty in what we can do concerning a qb 1st rd if Henne still isnt improving in 2011.

I believe this may be the most sensible route for us to approach this.

Next years draft class at QB might not look so good... with luck being totally outta reach cuz the phins aint going 5-11 or worse. Newton is a once in a decade type of talent and Locker has that athletic ability that is rare as well. The top 4 qbs would all be upgrades hell the top 6-8 QBs could be upgrade to henne/ thigpen I think this year is actually a very good draft class for QBs


Our primary problem is we dont have the luxury of trading up for a qb in 2011. If we did this it would be at least 2-3 seasons before being to add anything significant around to help his development. By then many Dolphin fans would have labled that qb a bust.

Moving up may involve a slew of premium picks we desperately need now to improve offensive positons that arent called qb. However if we can improve those positions in the 2011 draft. I would be game to give up a 2012 2nd rd pick and 2013 1st rd pick to get a qb of Andrew Luck's pedigree.

Think about it, if we have 1st solidified pieces around him in the situation we would be bringing him into. The greater we would be accomodating his immediate success. It would be more of a Matt Ryan situation for him to immediately walk into.

Also if we drafted a qb 4th rd it may also solved the Tyler Thygpen backup situation at least. I definitely dont think moving forward with Thypen as a backup is a good thing for either.

So in 2011 solve the backup qb situation and if Henne doesnt progress the way we would like. Throw the kitchen sink at trying to move up and get Andrew Luck in 2012. That's when we can more afford to do so after more solidifying other key starting offensive positions in 2011.

Newton still doesnt come with a SB guarantee and there are too many question marks surrounding him even though he could still turn out to be a good one. The Dolphins are one team who truly cant afford to gamble in this draft especially. We hurt in to many areas.


Boise St's. Kellen Moore also comes out in 2012. He and Andrew Luck will definitely be the cream of 2012 qb draft crop.


I do think there is a huge difference between Stanzi and Kaepernick. Their body types and speed/mobility are very different.

In the throw first NFL (Rules condone it, SB proved it) we have to keep taking high shots to ensure getting the player they scout that fits what they want to do. If I thought our back-up was the problem I would have more of a replace Thigpen attitude. I actually believe Henne can be the culprit and I want to turn the heat up on him.

I know we have a new OC. I strongly believe that a QB that can threaten the LoS and then pass the ball or take off when the pocket breaks down (and this was too often in 2010) buy time, extend plays and really gash a DEF on the ground will be better. Both Big Ben and Rogers were able to escape the rush and extend plays and make a nice throw.

For me, with Henne the throws that should be the most routine have bad ball placement of overthrows. The deep routes, the touch passes, the up and over the LB's drop it in passes. Sometimes even generic 5-7 yard slants were tossed into the ground, over or behind the WR?

I know we could nail down a Titus Young or Jerrel Jernigan burner type... my fear is Henne will miss the smaller, faster receiver.

I believe that by getting VY as a vet QB we can stop worrying about training a drafted QB to be #2 so quickly. He has lots of winning NFL experience and the wheels to buy some time when the OL breaks down.

I totally respect and understand your arguement. I just believe that getting a QB that you want versus whats leftover in the 4rth is not a luxury, it's an absolute requirent.

My order would be Newton (although I think he will be out of reach), Kaepernick, Mallet. I would want Kaep or Mallet in the second round or very late 1st if after the combine and the Pro days the tea leaves say so.


With Mallet He has an NCAA record with 63 completions of 30 yards or more over the last two years.

He had 32 TDs to 12 Ints last season and is 6'6" 238lbs. He has the frame to handle NFL rigors.

He also played in a Pro style OFF in the SEC while at Arkansas. Definitely earned his stripes vs good competition.

Let's face it Henne, Orton, VY, Flynn, Kaep, Newton, Mallet, Locker, Stanzi, Ponder... they ALL have questions.

I would roll with VY and Kaepernick and that would be my route for better QB play, more exciting offense in 2011.



With the serious depletion of offensive talent compounded by not having a 2nd rd pick. I really dont think we have any other choice but to think trade back and gain a 2nd rd pick first.

That being said, and again, the serious depletion of overally quality offensive talent. If we're concerned about fielding a decent offensive team in 2011, the absolute best way is to add quality draft pieces.

The best way to add quality draft pieces guarranteeing fielding our absolute best possible offensive unit in 2011 is un questionably using 1st and 2nd rd picks at wr and oline.

Doesnt matter if Henne's over or underthrowing them. If this is still the case with Henne in 2011 we use a 2012 1st rd pick to replace him. At least we're in a better position to draft a day one starting qb and insuring a best case scenario for him to succeed in his 1st season because we've taken care of that in 2011's draft.

We can use high future draft picks to go after Andrew Luck. Or if we can get him then move up the required spaces to go after Kellen Moore. But who's to say if we drafted a qb 4th rd and 2011 the guy doesnt shock and replace Henne.

If that occured, we didnt have to use our premium picks at qb, solidified the oline and wr positions, and wont have to go after a qb in 2012. Plus we've given that young qb better weapons for immediate success.

Whats up fellas...Looking at trade back scenarios and it is going to take some good fortune, and some help from other teams that have a stockpile of picks. New England has 2 picks in each of the first three rounds. Indirectly, they may be our best shot at moving into the second round.

Not with a trade with them. But with another team that makes a trade, or a combination of teams that make trades that eventually ends up with us as a partner. Does this make sense? It will take the perfect storm of trade activity, but it could happen. Denver has 2 picks as well in the second round, but one came from us, and they pick way ahead of us in the first.

What makes the most sense would be trading down with a team in the first that has multiple picks in the third, then picking up a 5th or a sixth from said team. NO, and San Diego both have multiple third round picks.

San Diego could come into play as well. They have 2 picks in the second round, 2 picks in the third. The problem is in a direct trade, they are right behind us in the first round, so switching picks may not land us that second, but perhaps a third.

Teams with multiple 4th round picks include SF. Jax. Buff, Philly.

This post may be a little confusing. And I have my mad scientist hat on as far as mixing up trade scenarios. The point is that it may take multiple teams shuffling picks for us to get into the second round. The combination of possibilities is endless. To try and guess is a difficult task.

Looking forward to Armando's next blog entry on March 12th.

I think what some of you guys are overlooking is the fact Henne isnt what you could consider a complete failure at qb. We were 7-9 not 3-13. When you can only win 4 gms max with your starting qb who's been in the league at least 4 seasons, no questions about it, the guys a complete and utter failure.

Though highly brow raising, Henne's situation isnt grave enough to take one step forward and 2 backwards in the process. That's exactly what drafting a qb 1st rd will do for us.

We gotta guarantee ourselves the best possible chance of getting 2 day one starters on offense from this 2011 draft. If we dont do this the chances of Henne being any better decreases let alone trying to place a rookie qb in the exact same situation.

6.6 255 lb Franchise QB cam Newton OR NOTHING!


I didnt know San Diego has 2 2nd rd picks. That would be perfect for us to trade the #15 pick for 2 2nd rd'ers.

This may sound crazy to some but what we need to is guarantee ourselves the best possible chance of landing 2 day one starters on offense. I believe we can accomplish this with 2 2nd rd picks.

We can still get a quality day one starting olineman and wr with two 2nd rd'ers. If need be we can elevate one of the 2nd round picks to top 5 in this rd by trading say a 2012 3rd pick to move up.

Because of the state of affair on the offensive side of the ball. I believe having two 2nd rd'ers(with potential to trade up higher in the 2nd rd with one of them) is far more valuable than a single #15 pick and no 2nd rd pick to boot.

As I already stated, it is gravely important we give ourselves the best possible chances to land at least 2 day one starters the offense. Drafting afyter the 2nd rd you're hoping to be more lucky than good in attaining this.

We aim to win yesterday rather than tomorrow.


After moving up to get Newton. How do you propose making him a good qb when he has the exact same cast as Henne and you've used up all of your ammunition to acquire him?

Also remember, moving up that high to get him will also cost premium 2012 picks(1st rd and at least a 3rd rd'er). Plus we wont be able to have a 2nd rd pick in 2011 neither.

So I guess you're proposing to just begin adding the proper cast around him in his 3rd season(2013). Because the overall cost of getting him doesnt allow you to do anything meaningful until then.

So I guess you're totally writing off both the 2011 and 2012 nfl seasons for us. If you were a nfl gm you would be fired before you see him prosper. That's providingn he doesnt completely fall on his face with the huge question marks surrounding.

Dan...Good post. This seems to be the theme of the last 2 weeks.


If we got both Charger 2nd rd picks moving into the top 5 of the 2nd rd is like having a very late 1st rd pick anyway. Once you get past 25th in the 1st rd it pretty much a glorified 2nd pick.

So Im 100% onboard with two 2nd rd'ers for our #15 pick. Hell, if they want it bad enough we maybe able to even sucker them for a 3rd rd pick to boot. Two 2nd rd picks and a 3rd rd pick for the #15 overall would be a complete coupe for us. LOL.................

Pull the trigger if you theink NEWTON is your Franchise QB....even if QB is the only good thing that you fix this draft ot will have been exceptionally successful....

In FA get ORTON or YOUNG as the starter...and plug a few bits and pieves...

Attend to other matters next year...but get the ENGINE in the car working before you buy the wheels and the doors...

Even just getting an upgrade at QB will see us at 10-6 straight up....

Dying Breed...I agree, and posted this last week and got lambasted. My point was what is the difference between a late first round pick, and an early second? Not much. Now this argument becomes a little more difficult with San Diego because they pick at 18. I combat this with saying we have to choose players that can play now. And there is plenty of value in the second round to fill those needs.

Even if we switched with SD 15 for 18 and could grab a second from them, that would be fine. But if we could some how wrangle multiple second round choices. I'm all for it.
Like you said, I think. Trade back with SD, grab their second. Then perhaps trade back again with a team like Chicago. Pick at their spot 29, and aquire their second. Something like that would be sweet. I could be dreaming. but it is fun to play GM.....

Any combination that would give us multiple second, and even multiple thrids would be a good deal for us. Even if it involves moving out of the first round to do this. Seriously. For our needs, we can fill them in the depth in those rounds. These are still considered premium top shelf players. Plus it may force the FO to pull the trigger on a playmaker, instead of going the safe route and choosing an offensive lineman...just sayin' before I get called out as a fool.

Ok, start.

Imagie youve traded down and got a 2nd rounder...and your 1st and 2nd picks are AVERAGE at best...Pouncey is AVERAGE folks..average....thats 2 more wasted picks to throw on the wasted pick heap which is piling up beautifully...

CraigM is right in that these guys, ireland et al CANNOT PICK talent...they are mediocre at best....they cannot be trusted ti hit a bullseye at 3 inches away...

I would prefer if they DIDNT go the safe route...they cannot get that right anyway...

My view is that if you are strong on ONE particular player, and we really need a QB...dont be afarid to trade up..why is everybody afraid to do that?...its not like we dont waste 50% of our picks anyway...JUST DO IT.!....

Rob in OC...last year you and I said Brandon Graham....I still think he will be very good...and I agree on Col "Kiper"nick..

I like Newton and Kipernick...either I think has massive potential...but QB is really tested between the EARS...
Who has the right MENTAL MAKEUP to become great?...thats why Tebow will make it...he has what you need in his head 100% in tune...
Not just about arm strength...its about DRIVE, CONFIDENCE, Inner beleif...you gotta KNOW that your the best and you gotta want to prove it...all that and a team 1st perspective...thats TEBOW....
If either Newton or Kipernick have that kind of mindset....you gotta pull the trigger

Clint Eastwood...Fistfull of Dollars. He would have made a good GM...

DD...great movie...the soundtracks are freaky


You're not seeimng the "BIG" picture. Trading up to get Newton not only throws out getting a starter with a now absent 2nd rd pick. It also severely hampers 2012's draft as most likely it will take at least a 1st and 3rd 2012 pick to move up that far.

So now you're looking at 2013 before adding anything significant around him. Huge gamble for a qb with one major college starting season.

If he turns bust we still have the same problems in 2013 that we have now because not only is he bust but also cost 2 seasons of being able to greatly improve the team.

How long do you guys want it to take to finally gets very good team here. Was not over and entire decade not long enough for you?


I would grab a wr of #1wr starting grade to replace Hartline. Then FSU guard Rodney Huston.

Huston is just slightly undersized but I believe he can easily add about 10lbs of muscle and be a day one starter. He's easily the best pulling guard in the draft. That's what our oline misses most with the departure of Smiley. Incognito primary weakness is being able to pull.

Rodney Huston is also projected as a nfl center by some experts. His versatility could be huge.

So those are 2 day one starters BigAlfy.

DB..I see what your saying...but if this organisation thinks Newton is the guy....they absolutely should trade up....that may require our 1st and 3rd...so what?...do it...if we move up to say 7 or 8 he may be there...or at least close...

It dosnt throw out getting any starter at all DB...is Odrick a starter?...was Ginn?...how bout Jerry?...nope not really...you may miss anyway on your Lineman...

If you REALLy beleive that the QB is there...that need trumps everything...do it..

You can plug needs in FA and loer draft rounds...as I say...if QB is the ONLY thing you fix...then you have had a STELLAR draft..

The question is this Is NEWTON that guy?

DB...at a 50% bust rate on our drafts at least...there is no garantee your trade down will be succesful anyway...

Pick your QB....and pull the trigger...Henne is a backup

The more homework you do in the Draft the better players you are going to get- said by Jimmy Johnson, not me.

All that I can say to all of you advocating a 1st rd qb in 2011. Dont be shocked if again we're looking at the exact same scenario in 2013 or 2014. Haste sometimes does makes waste.

There are scenarios when timing supercedes urgency. Sometimes urgency is timing of urgency, not urgency of timing.


Before the injury Odrick was penciled in as day one starter at DE, As for Ginn it was just a huge error by both Cam and Mueller to select Ginn 1st rd period.

Ginn wasnt a polished route runner and I dont even get into the rest that you already know. Cam-Mueller both deserve flat out F grades for the amount of homework put into fully evaluating Ginn.

Then they got rid of the only veteran wr on the roster to boot(Chris Chambers). That was a classic clinic for young gm's everywhere in how not to do things. They basically invested a #9 overall pick to get an at times dynamic kick returner. Even if there was chance he could be a good wr they instantly ruined it getting rid of the only vet wr on the team(Chambers).

To show even more how foolish the Ginn #9 overall pick was. The last game he played he broke his ankle on the td return.

That game was late January, early Febuary. Yet in April your fo is making him the #9 overall pick not 100% certain something could go awry in just his rehab alone.

Its pure insanity to draft any player that high slightly 2mths after such a serious and known injury.

There are varied causes of insanity, DB.

Instead of picking th highest rated player on our board we should pick th highest rated player on NEW ENGLAND'S board!!! They seem to always pick players that pan out.


i hope ireland knows more than you, and us!!

@ 7:54...I was not advocating trading out of the first round for third round picks. It sounds like it in my post. What I meant by aquiring 2 thirds was this. If we could move down a few spots in the first round and could add another third round pick in this transaction I would be for it. The way I worded this earlier left a lot to be desired.

Wow I guess I am a fan that doesn't understand football very well.I believe Henne and Henning were the reason that our passing game was slightly below average. Some have said it was our interior line that forced Henne into bad decisions, which is why our running game was so bad(because of poor interior line play.). But that isn't right. Our O-Line is a fantastic pass protection line, they just lack the intensity needed to run the ball effectively.I can think of 3 teams off top that can't run the football to save their life but their passing game saves them week in and week out. The teams are the Colts, Chargers and Patriots. I mean look what LT did in New York and in San Diego they thought his career was finished. If we had a better QB or maybe with our new OC our offense will improve. But we should adjust to life without Ricky and/or Ronnie and focus on our potential to have an elite passing game. I mean the hardest part is already done the, O-line. Let Pennington become a QB coach and help whatever young QB become great. By the way I like Henne...at the end of his sophomore season when he aired it out I got those Marino-esk goosebumps too. I say draft Julio Jones or sign T.O. and light it up. (joking about T.O. but give the man some respect he was the best receiver in Cincy)


I see the logic you are applying but there are certain things that you want to stay away from in drafting...Gaurantees is one. Because we make a trade and end up with two 2nd rounders does not ensure 2 successful day one starters.

I know that finding starters is the goal but you have already seen many busts, some even up in the Top 10 overall of drafts past. Drafting is such that QB Andrew Luck could be a total bust. What is said is that when someone shows all the signs that they "should have been a stud" and aren't, the pundits and other scouts, GMs etc give you a break as most of them were thinking the same way. What that would show you is there are no absolutes in drafting.

As we look at the "inexact science of drafting" and clearly see there are no absolutes, this means that you can't have an absolute way of drafting as you are stating. In otherwords saying that we HAVE to trade back and we HAVE to get an OL or WR or we are jacked up until 2013 is laying out absolutes. You saying if we take a QB in round one and have no 2nd round pick means that WILL be jacked up until 2013 is an incorrect absolute.

There is ALWAYS more than one way to "skin a cat" to coin the phrase.

One of the things you are missing in your analysis is if the player that gets chosen actually works out? What if Cam turns out to be a big stud in the 1st? What if Kaep or Mallet actually work out in the 2nd and we were to get our hands on a second and take one of them?

Good QBs find a way to make it work. Peyton kept losing WRs and just kept rolling. Cutler had basically the cast of WRs in Chicago and he made it work to get into the playoffs.

Brandon Marshall, Hartline, Bess is a pretty decent start. They are missing one key WR but that would be enough to get things going for the right QB.

It will be interesting to see how the Bifecta try to address the team needs this year. I am saying there is more than one way to arrive at the end result. You are saying if we don't get two starters in rounds 1 and 2(need to get it) then we will be hosed until 2013 if we take a QB early.

Let's see how this thing unfolds DB.


DD... twice in one week? I could be so lucky.

How are you man? Saturday night blog action. I have been under the weather since Wed.

More to your point, having a 2nd or two 2nds or multiple thirds would be great.

If we had to exit the 15 spot altogether that would not bother me at all. This year there is not really anyone I project being at 15 that would be a value pick imho.

How bout you? You have any player that would be at 15 that you would have to have? I say if somehow Cam Newton is there he would be a possiblity and would heat the pick up for some exciting trade offers too.



Trading down only to grab an extra 3rd rd pick I dont see how it helps to much. 3rd rd'ers arent usually quite ready to start thier 1st yr. But you can press and you sort of get just what we got out Jerry in 2010.

Im sure you remember the "3rd rd" wr Turner. Actually ended up cutting him the following season.

We need to give ourselves the best chance of landing two day one legit starters from this 2011 draft. You guys see everyone of any significant value as a starter in free agency are slowly being franchised.

Where you guys suppose we get these legit starters from if not thru free agency? THE DRAFT! To give yourself the best possible chance at drafting 2 legit day one starters you need to draft them 1st and 2nd rd.

After 1st and 2nd rds, drafting a day one "legit" with LEGIT being the key word. Drafting a player 3rd rd and beyond becomes more astronomical after each passing rd.

Actually we need 4 new legit starters to be able to feel comfortable with our offense on the whole. Just by gaining only 1 extra 3rd pick and still not having a 2nd rd pick are still not odds I like so well.

We need a 1st and a 2nd rd pick. I would even go for swapping the #15 pick for two 2nd rd picks. It maybe our best chance of landing two "legit" day one starters on offense in 2011.


You dont get what I mean. Nothings guarranteed thats why you have to put yourself in the best possible position.

BEST POSSIBLE POSITION is what Im talking about, not guarantees. Drafting a player 1st and 2nd rd puts you in that best possible position. Sure you can screw it up if you dont do your homework on the player correctly. That would be the gm's fault.

If you noticed the history of the nfl draft you'll see more day one starters come from the 1st and 2nd rd than any other rd in football. Its more of a matter of correctly doing your hoemework on the player to make sure he isnt way over rated.


Joe Montana was a 3rd rounder? RB Terrel Davis a 6th. Our own D Bess a FA. RB Leg Blount a FA? Zach Thomas 5th round. Tom Brady, C Jeff Saturday, WR Marques Colston, Jason Taylor, the list goes on and on and on.

I see you are VERY passionate about the Fins and the best possible strategy to better them in this draft. Having two 2nd round picks would be awesome in my opinion as well.

In my scenario I would use one on a QB and that is were you and I part ways in thought process. You say best OL, WR (in either order) and I say QB and BPA between WR, OL, RB, DT.

In me choosing a 2nd round QB is where I can't see the doom and gloom scenario where there is no way we can add anymore players until 2013.

Can you elaborate please?




Even if there was one single player more than worthy of picking at #15 it still doesnt help us much because we need multiple new starters on offense. One player doesnt make us significantly better.

It would be a different story had we already a 2nd rd pick. Our fate dictated that we pick at #15. But with no 2nd rd pick and multiple offensive holes. Our "SITUATION" dictates that we need to some how prlay the #15 pick into either a 1st and 2nd rd pick or two 2nd rd picks.

Remember it's all about placing ourselves in the best possible situation to add at least 2 legit day one starters on offense. If we acquired at least one more legit day one starter in rds 3-7, it would be one helluva nice surprise if we could spring away from the 2011 draft with 3 legit day one starters.

But first the primary focus should be to place ourselves in the best possible position of allowing that to happen.


If homework were all it took for teams to win at the draft it would be a LOT easier.

The rounds would fall in order and you would always see the best guys come from the 1st round. That isn't the case.

I guess the better way to say it would be with tons of homework you may find out somthing that would cause you to take a player off of your board.

In his attempt to do the ultimate amount of homework, Ireland asked then yet to be drafted Dez Bryant if his mom was a prostitute? Of course it came out and was a BIG deal in the media. In their findings (homework) I guess he was not a player they wanted as they traded out of the early spot and then let Dallas grab him a few spots ahead of where they landed.

The jury is out still but he does appear to have lots of play making ability and seems to have a good to great future in front of him.

The homework that Ireland did lead to the "Odrick" pick and the jury is way out on him due to the early injury. I was not high on the pick then and I am not still. As a true die hard Dolphins fan I want Odrick to pan out and be a Pro Bowler which would mean I was wrong about him. Time will tell.

My point is simply ackowledging the crapshoot part of it. Whether they take a guy at 15, trade up or trade back they have to hit on players no matter what round or... we will be destined for mediocrity for a long time.

Cheers bud



Why does everyone think Im so stupid that I dont know starters can come from 3rd rd and beyond. Check nfl history for yourselves.

Im talking more day one starters CONSISTENTLY come from 1st and 2nd rd. After that the odds begin to drop significantly.

What part of "giving ourselves the best possible chance" of landing day one starters you guys arent comprehending? NFL history itself will show the largest number come in 1st and 2nd rd.

Hell if we get two day one starters with a 1st and 2nd rd pick and got EXTREMELY LUCKY with 1-2 more starters from 3rd rd and beyond. That's would be 3-4 day one starters total.

Anyone getting a day one starter from 3rd rd and beyond is more lucky than skilled. If they could have projected that players value that high then the players would never last that late in the draft anyway.

We need to get at least 2 as close to sure fire day one starters as we possibly can. Your best chances of doing this always has and always will be the the 1st and 2nd rd. We dont have time to wait for luck alone.



Im done, know matter how I try to explain and simplify it you guys still dont get it. I just hope Jeff Ireland does. If not we'll still be a middle of the pack at best team.

When we eventually hit rock bottom, the less we'll have to fall.


wut do u think of these three players, how ever we need to get them(trading back or out of 1st altogether)QB:Dalton or Kaepernick, RB:Kendall Hunter or Jacquizz Rodgers, and WR: Titus Young. After that do wut needs to be done: OL, TE(Wesyle Saunders)

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