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If Henne is like Brees, Fins should be like Chargers

Many of you that believe in Chad Henne have often drawn a favorable comparison between him and Drew Brees.

Brees, you often point out, was not a good quarterback his first three years in the NFL. The turth of the matter is if you look at Brees the first three years of his career and you look at Henne his first three years, and the similarities are obvious.

Brees didn't play much his rookie season. Brees didn't play much his rookie season. Both started as second-year players and suffered the typical struggles young quarterbacks often encounter. And then both seemed to regress their second seasons as the starter.

When you compare their two years starting, Brees had 28 TD passes and 31 interceptions. Henne has had 27 TD passes and 33 interceptions. And Henne's completion percentage is higher and he's thrown for more yards.

So, some of you have argued, it is entirely possible Henne follows the same path Brees followed.

And I hope you are correct.

But ...

You cannot write a warranty for that idea. So I suggest we carry the comparison further.

If you want to compare the quarterbacks as possible twins, I suggest the Dolphins follow the road the Chargers followed.

After those first three years with Brees, the Chargers had no idea he could be their QB. But they knew they had to guard themselves against the idea Brees wouldn't ever be much good. So in April of 2004, with Brees on the roster, the Chargers did what the Dolphins should do in this coming draft.

They drafted a quarterback.

The Chargers took Phillip Rivers with their first overall pick. It was brilliant. Rivers was not able to beat out Brees as the starter in 2004. The fact is Brees finally started coming into his own. But the insurance policy was nonetheless in place. (Actually, the Chargers picked Eli Manning and then traded him for a chance to land Rivers, but you get the drift. They got Phillip Rivers.)

It was a great piece of personnel work by A.J. Smith.

He didn't need Rivers right away because Brees finally started producing. But no one looked at him crossways and questioned why he protected the franchise's best interest by adding a highly touted rookie QB.

Brees went on to play well in 2004 and 2005 but he injured his shoulder at the end of 2005. Smith, as uncertain about the injury just as the Dolphins were, opted to give Brees a carefully crafted contract offer that protected the team against that injury being serious. Brees declined it and went on the market and eventually signed with New Orleans.

And the Chargers handed the reins of their offense to a QB who had been sitting and learning for two years. Rivers was an instant hit and has been among the NFL's best QBs ever since.

What's the moral of the story?

Yes, maybe the Dolphins need to have patience with Henne because he could blossom into a latter-day Brees. But, absolutely, they also need to have the wisdom to guard against that not happening.

Just like the San Diego Chargers did.


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I think he was trying to say a tradedown and Merling for a second. To be honest I don't think we need to include Merling to trade down. Merling is good for depth purposes. He may step up and show something this year...let's wait and see.


Pats also use it out of neccessity. They no longer have wr's striking fear of god into anyone. Actually they now have a more fearsome duo of TE's than wr's. So running 2 TE's and interchangeble wr's plus Whitehead becoming another recieving threat works for them.

Its more taking advantage of roster personel strengths rather than genius to any degree.

I don't think this will be a popular opinion, but I wouldn't mind trading out of the first round if we could grab 2 second round picks. I would then take Titus Young(I'm on the bandwagon too) then Kendrick Burney with the 2 picks. We address Wr, and nickel corner. A lot of people are on the BPA. well at 15 the best player avaiable will most likely be a DE. That is fine, and I understand the strategy of BPA. But we need position players that can fill our needs. The best argument against this strategy is that WR. isn't at the top of that list. That's fine, insert another position if you want. My point is that we need players, If we can get 2 for 1 why not?

you guys talking like you know better than all of us,we must draft a QB IN THE FIRST ROUND . BE HAPPY AND NOT ANGRY FLORIDA MEN .


Wasn't saying we'd get a 2nd for Merling alone. If we packaged him with our #15 we could trade down in 1st round and pick up a second. On his own I wouldn't think they'd get more than a 4th for him. I am thinking that we traded down with the Chargers and got their later first, a second and Dobbins? I think I am remembering that correctly? Maybe it was a third and Dobbins? Anyway Merling is worth more than Dobbins was at the time.

Mostly I am in agreement with you. I just feel that O-line is the way to go. Solidify that and every skill position is suddenly more productive.

Most who post here have the Fins best interests at heart. As it should be.

Each of us has a solution to cure the teams many woes, by advocating players of their liking. This blog serves a secondary function as it allows a comparison of notes.

However, some posters (and I am just as likely as any, depending on your view of things) have a wish list that is unattainable.

There are those who chant that the FA market is open for easy pickings. Some even throw around our secured draft picks to trade to other teams for Kolb, V.Y., etc. That's not even possible as the CBA is stuck in a quagmire.

There is no FA, and when those doors are cracked, there are 31 other teams ready to compete for the same quality player.

Some create an illusionary 2nd round, even if it means slinging our chum to another team in order to pick this treaure or that. Geez.

For what it's worth, I go to the web-site "Toolbox" mock draft, and "Rivals" power ranking to get a much better grasp of the talent within this organizations reach.

I often wonder what Chad Henne would be worth to another team a year down the road, had he not taken even one snap as a dolphin...

Probably a 1st rounder. And that might have been the case if Pennington didn't break up so easily. Hell, I'd have tossed in Pat White for free if he hadn't gotten slaughtered by Ike Taylor.


Remember when Aaron Rodgers was potentially going to be picked up #1 by San Fran, and if they went with Alex Smith then Rodgers would not fall out of the top 10....? And wasn't Marino meant to be selected much higher? I'm sure there are more examples like this without going to the extremes of Tom Brady or Kurt Warner type stories... Who can predict what the draft will provide....

Nice post DB

Posted by: DyingBreed | February 14, 2011 at 09:07 PM

That is the essence of making predictions on a blog about this time of year.

It's an inexact science and a whole bunch of fun. When people put out their own ideas and then have to wait to see the thrill of victory, or the agony of defeat with them coming to fruition...or not.

Some people refuse to let their opinions fly for fear of ridicule or opposing ideas. Bah, what's a blog for but to exchange all sorts of ideas about the topic. In this case, the Fins!

That said, I am staying with your original QB. I like Kaepernick. My logic is, as you said so many QBs in this draft have about the same grade, skillset or similar amount of warts. When that is the case give me the killer superior athlete with a great college resume. Kap is that guy to me.

I think once he catches onto the speed of the game at the NFL level, his physical skillset will be a giant asset.

I also saw something that predicted he would have a crazy high Wonderlic score. He seems like a decently smart individual in his interviews but doesn't come accross like a Mensa type guy to me. If he blows up the combine and kills the Wonderlic he will be on the rise bigtime. Possibly in the first round.

Unless Ireland and Co identify him as a the Wonder QB I can't see them drafting a QB in the first round that can't start competing this year.

If that is the case we may be closer to your Stanzi call than we all know.



Giving up a player to "trade down" in any scenario is ludicrous. If a team has a certain player targeted they're ready to lick your balls to move up.

Sitting at 15, a team more willing to deal is sitting I'ld say 29th or further. A secound rounder isnt such a big deal for them becuase its so late it practically giving up an early 3rd rounder.

Jimmy Jam,

Now the Merling Idea isnt bad at all if we got a late 2nd rd pick and could use him to trade further up in the 2nd round. Say having one of the top 10 picks in the 2nd rd.

Now I would love that!

GulfDolphin has an interesting point, as does DB: As it stands no active players can be packaged with a draft pick in a trade, anyway so all discussion of such is moot.

Might they use the old "Player to Be Named Later" (when they've already really agreed on who that player is)?

Well, good night gentlemen. Nice discussion tonight.


I agree with you. I wasn't advocating the trading of a player to help trade down, I was just clarifying what Jimmy Jam was saying.

To be honest, I see no reason why we can't pull something off similar to what we did last year with the Chargers. I've already said I expect the Saints, who have a team to win now, are likely to want to move up ahead of the Patriots to grab a guy like Mark Ingram if he's still there at 15. I would be in full agreement to making a move like this if we got something like their first and second back in return.


Reason I got off of Kaepernick isnt talent. Some saying his stock may have risen to 2nd rd.

So as we said no qb is head and shoulders above the rest and we have so many offensive needs. Address some of those with the premium picks if a guy like Stanzi could possibly still be available 4th rd.

That's why I changed my line of thinking. Kaepernick was projected between 4th-6th rd at the time. His price has soared at the gas pump.


Seeing Mankins and now the talk of the Raiders TE possibly being franchised too has placed an even greater premium of parlaying a 2nd rd pick. That's why those speaking trade up, which will require giving up future picks, for a qb that doesnt have legit franchise grades is totally ludicrous.

Instead of moving forward there's greater chance of moving even further backwards going that route. I wished they could see this.


Totally agree. Anything along those lines is truly short-sighted and irresponsible. It's what the guys on here give Ireland and company criticism for.

Henne like Breese... HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHahahahahahah


My biggest fear in this whole thing is that we now have an owner who meddles where he doesn't belong and INISTS on the drafting of a first round QB to appease the fans. It's 'organizational suicide' and it's what the Raiders do best.

The thing that plays so hard against us is Free Agency falling behind the draft. I honestly believe that Miami would rather address the QB issue in FA then the draft in this particular season. I believe that for a few reasons, as Armando and some of you have pointed out, there are some who feel Henne is not a signed and sealed death deal. Some feel Henne slumped as many Sophomore starters do. Some feel he was dealt a crap hand with Henning's pathetic play calling. And (rightfully so) some felt inner O-line protection was inadequate.
If Miami could avoid using a high round draft pick on a QB, I think they would be as happy as can be. "IF" they could trade for a RFA QB like Young, Hanie or Flynn, it would not only save the pick/s but create a competition base for Henne in camp.
I'm not sold on Henne on any level, he blew that bus up in 16 games this past year. But, since he is not going anywhere unless they give him away for a crappy low pick... why not see if he is still salvageable before discarding a possible QB for this team?
I know many including myself have serious visceral reactions when the issue of Vince Young coming to Miami is brought up. I'll only say this, Do not be one bit surprised to see that very thing happen. He does win games and he would be attainable. In honesty, if they throw a uniform on the guy, I'm behind him 100%. Right up to the point that he breaks the "Last chance" deal. I would hope he is smarter then that... Hope... I said.

we coulda had Breeze

thats why they need Locker or Newton Cam preferably

I like Stanzi to be draft in the 3rd round.

Coulda, shoulda... Perro.
Saban made his choice and he was wrong. It happens to teams all the time.

As far as believing that Ross is meddling with the team...

I believe Ross has had to learn a few tough lessons. I feel he has been naive concerning media attention to everything that moves on a team. I believe he also realizes that it really is not the media who is watching what goes on so closely, it is instead the agents of the coaches and players who cry foul or who release information meant to kick up dust to in what ever way benefit his client or hurt a party who is hurting their client.

I don't think Ross is going to become a Al Davis or a Jerry Jones by a damn sight. I believe Ross put his finger on the burner and found that it really was "Hot" and will not be too quick to repeat the mistake.

In my opinion. Ross made the correct move in keeping Sparano. If you look around the league at all the other teams in Miami's situation, they all did the same thing, they either resigned or promoted from within instead of chasing yet another "Supercoach" who would wave his magic wand and fix it all.

We could argue the Harbaugh situation until blue in the face, we could believe the company line, we can believe the conspiracy theories or the ESPN "Guess mode" explanation. And what we would have done at the end is waste an hour or so of our lives debating a subject that really is a non issue now.

Truth be told, I believe the entire league is approaching this season as a great big "Wait and see"... I feel like this can be the sort of season that you can make work for your team. It is a good season to build continuity and team strength. It would have been a God awful year to do a complete rebuild, particularly since it can very well be September before these players see a practice field. I would hate to be starting completely over with a new HC and entirely new staff and front office and not get to speak to my club as a whole until September.

Ross did okay. He made a dumb move but he is far from being a fool.

Yeah perro, the guys in FO elected to take Culpeper over Breeze and I was fooled into thinking that we might have a chance in our division.

That bubble burst the very first game I saw him play wearing a dolphin jersey. Drummed up to be our knight in shinning armor, his monsterous performance more resembled a Nightmare on Elm Street.

With seemingly everyone worth a darn that fits our bill of needs now being franchised. More than ever we need a 2nd rd pick than gambling on 1st rd qb's without a franchise grade.

Every year that we cant fulfill our other "pressing" needs is just one more full season we stay behind the 8-ball as far as gaining ground on other elite teams.

Andrew Luck was the only qb eligible to come out this season with a legit freanchise grade on him. He decided not to enter this year's draft.

Over reaching for a 1st rd qb in what remains is closer to fact than fiction with this year's remaining stock. Even if by miracle the guy did turn out great, still we're a year away from filling the other critical offensive positions by what we had to give up to get him.

On the other hand, if he turns out to be a flop neither is the qb position addressed nor are the positions ignored to get that flop.

Hey DB,

Roger that on QB Kaepernick. His stock is up and he should blow things up at the spandex olympics. This could see a further elevation.

It's hard to say where a guy will go but he is like a physical freak and he displays intelligence in interviews I think he could be a suprise 1st rounder.

That said, I think the guy has mad upside and would really to see him rocking a Fins uni.

I certainly see your QB Stanzi arguement...address other needs with early picks.

Unless someone falls (and they do sometimes) I feel the only 2 players I really like at 15 are DE Cameron Jordan because he has that type of talent in my opinion. C/G Mike Pouncey although that would be a touch high to me but he is talented. and Cam Newton. I actually like Colin Kaepernick better as he can be taken lower in the draft. Newton is a big, strong armed guy that is tough to bring down and athletic so I could think of worse choices. Simple offense at Auburn and 1 year of real production scares me though.


I don't think we'll draft a QB early I think if we do it will be in the later rounds. We have Todd Bradstater whom we just signed when the season ended and he's 6-5/225lbs. I think we'll probably pick up a veteran. Probably Young or Bulger, a stop gap, and let the competition begin in camp. Although I don't think they'll tip their hand on QB until after the Draft. Like everyone says they may surprise us this year and maybe do it right or throw another curve ball out there. If they draft a QB, we won't bring in a veteran, if we don't, who will be the one they think can win us more than 10 games next year??



Not having a legit franchise label qb in this draft makes it even more unpredictable than usual. Hell Stanzi's projected 4th rd but who's to say he wont blow up the spandex olympics and move into 1st-2nd rd status too.

Thats how close the separation is between the 1st rd qb's all the way down to say the 4th-5th rd qb's. If the 4th-5th rd qb's blow up the combines they'll vault to 1st 2nd rd stock.

Thats another huge reason Im totally against trading up or drafting a qb at 15. You're getting a guy that may only be slightly potentially better than say the 4th-5th rd grade qb's. It's total insanity, not to mention not being able to address other critical need areas with a premium pick to both.

So if you strike out youre not only striking out once but up to 3 times. Thats because you didnt trade back to gain a 2nd rd pick and your 2nd pick is actually your 3rd rd pick and 3rd rounders more often than not are not first year starters.

So if that 1st rd qb doesnt pan out youve gotten zero starters out of the 2011 drafted. Even greatly complicated because fa's on our need list seem to be slowly gaining franchise tags meaning we could possibly not improve even one starting position from the 2010 season.

We finished 7-9 in 2010, not adequately addressing anything is football suicide.

Drafting a QB is always a risk. I have seen guys who where thought to be as you say over and over... "Franchise grade" and thought of as "Sure bets" who fell on their collective faces. First one that comes to mind in Ryan Leaf who was touted just as high as Andrew Luck was before choosing to return to school. The second is Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn or Carson Palmer... those are recent guys.
Miami could wait until we are all dead and gone for a "Sure bet"... draft the guy and watch him go down in the first day of training camp with a career ending injury. I have seen it in Miami before with Yatil Green. 2 seasons, 2 ACL/MCL tears, 1st year the left leg 2nd year the right leg. One of the most highly sought after WR out of the "U" in the 90's.
Now, I am not disagreeing with you, because as I wrote in a previous post above, I feel in this particular instance, I would rather Miami go the Free Agent/RFA rout then use a pick for a QB. But the issue is we are not going to see FA for some time and are guaranteed nothing in it. Leaving the team very exposed.
10 years ago you could compete with a "Game manager" QB under center. That is no longer true. With the rules being so slanted to the WR and offense, whoever has the most competent QB who can exploit that advantage is going to win.
So I ask you... if you are afraid of taking a educated and well evaluated acquisition at QB in Miami because you have convinced yourself none of the above are capable... how are you going to compete should we not do well in FA and if Henne is as bad as some suspect after all excuses are expunged from their effect on him?
I don't mean this in an argumentative way, but you seem adamant on a level that seems unwilling to accept the possibility that you could very well be wrong about a couple of these players who are coming out of school.
Just wondering if you think that could be true or not?

Db, the upside of Locker / Newton if they are to pan out with that kind of potential would be bigger for the dolphins than any one position maybe even the draft altogether.
Rob OC, Cameron Jordan and Ryan Kerrigan would be great pickups de/olb alongside Wake but then u'd have to move Misi to the inside Also Alama-Francis showing alot of upside and Edds coming off injury Ithink we are set alinebacker atleast in this draft. But if we were to go Defense Kerrigan be my choice #15


You basically answered your own question using the Ryan Leaf comparison. If qb's with a franchise grade can flop then how much greater are the chances qb's without a franchise grade can flop.

Knowing this and the fact we have other pressing needs on offense to take care of makes it even more crucial to get starters from this draft. Trading up or taking a qb 15 poisons our entire draft because there's 95% chance he wont start.

Now not having a 2nd round pick eliminates getting another starter. 3rd rd are players projected not to be starters thier 1st yr although it can happen. The odds just dont favor it.

All of this means even if in the future the qb works out, there's still a very high chance we come out of the 2011 draft with zero 2011 starters from it. Also meaning the 2011 team itself basically improved zero from 2010's team.

I think there is a big potential gap between the 1st rd grades big 4 and the rest of the draft with Kaepernick and Ponder looking like 2nd rd picks... yes those two could have 1st rd grades but they won't go 1st rd. Cam Newton, Locker, Kaepernick, and Mallet have physical freakishness while Gabbert Dalton, Stanzi, and Ponder are more high on intangibles. I'd take a chance on high talent if it were to drop to us at #15 becuz the phins need some serious playmakers and I think everyone is in agreeance after watching that offense fielded. Best case scenario we draft Cam Newton and he is a allstar rather than getting a serviceable c/g that Sporano will mess up anyways QB= MVP


Just like I just stated to Derek, having no 2nd rd pick and using a 1st on a qb means at least 85-90% chance we come out of the 2011 draft with zero 2011 starters. The entire 2010 offense itself was to awful to have this happen and means we virtually start 2011 with virtually the same 2010 offensive players.

Plus with these available qb being so closely separated the combine will decide each's eventual draft fate. With a great combine a qb graded 5th rd can easily move into late 1st or early 2nd rd.

None will be 1st year starters and all may have greater chances of being middle of the pack starters or career backups. Still one maybe two of the entire bunch could hugely shock.

Problem is that the one or two who could hugely shock could be one of the 1st rounder or just as easily one of the 4th-5th rounders. There isnt any major separation amongst any of them.

For all of our needs we cant afford to risk not getting a 2011 starter from this draft class over those very bad odds. With this qb class we nearly stand as great a chance of getting a decent qb in the 4th rd as we do the 1st rd because none have franchise grades and the degree of separation between any of them isnt that significant.

There are Free agents that can fill that void while yes the best might be franchised they aren't the only ones... QB is the position that needs most urgent attention... OLine can be filled with later rd draft selections. we don't need to be drafting G/C 1st rd. that yields no improvement from what we already have almost all lineman need a few years to gain strength to compete immediately unless your name is Jake Long and you were drafted #1 overall

If they resign Ronnie our offense has starters at every position except LG , C, and QB. Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace still have a bright future and event though an upgrade at the # 2 TE is needed Fasano is definitely good enough to get the job done. QB should be the most urgent becuz without a star QB your just the browns or the saints before brees

Cam Newton maybe the most bust prone of all of the qb's in this draft. For one he is a 1st year starter at the major college level.

For two, his greatest claim to college fame was running the ball. We all know that isnt going to happen on a consistent basis in the nfl.

For three, he played in a very simple offense and hasnt seen even a nano from college defenses compared to what he'll see in the nfl against some very ingenious nfl dc's.

Being only an one year big level collegiate starter and not being from a pro style offense will really work against him in the nfl. The more he tries to run the more prone he will be to season ending injury.

I wouldnt be absolutely shocked if Newton eventually makes it as an nfl qb. I just believe as only an one year major collegiate starter will work against him moreso than the other qb's of this year's bunch.

Sure he'll make some plays with his athleticism. But the team he lands with also needs for him to be a nfl qb too. Thats a lot to ask for a qb with only one year starting experience even on the major college level.

Sanchez... Newton is 5 times the athlete he is

Cam Newton maybe the most bust prone but he is also the most obvious star available and what he brought to Auburn was nothing but Wins and a national title but i guess that means nothing


We can sign Donald Duck to be a starter. But it still doesnt mean we have a true starter.

Marlon Moore and Wallace, neither one could even unseat Hartline. Im not ready to hold my nuts on either just yet. As far as Im concerned right now we still need a dominant #2wr.

Patchwork offense is why we're in the mess we're in right now. we need to spend quality picks on quality offensive players if we're ever to work our way out of it.

Bess is the # 2 receiver we don't need anyone else maybe a speedster in the slot and KR PR Moore seems good enough for that

Still with the qb song? Give it up. There isn't anything that is going to upgrade Henne. I think he is going to do well. He isn't Brees, he is Henne.

Draft a running back and some o line help. Sign a FA tight end. Sign an o line guy to help. There are lot of offensive holes to plug. Why waste everything on one guy. Maybe you think they should just draft qbs.

I like Titus Young if we were to trade down or Kyle Rudolph at TE in 2nd w trade down though


You wanna completely trust a one year starter who was predominantly a run first qb coming into the nfl?

For one, no nfl qb makes a living for long being run first. Two, he only has one year's starter experience at the major collegiate level.

Dude, I dont know about you but to me it seems like the perfect mix for higher than usual bust. Doesnt mean he'll be a complete bust but the odds are much greater. What part of 1st year collegiate starting qb are you not understanding?


Now you're speaking my language. Titus Young trading back for a 2nd. But with the 2nd rd pick I believe we need to spend on an offensive lineman that can come in and start day one.

If we got a 2nd rd pick by trading back, I would like to see the team use maybe Merlin to trade up to top ten in the 2nd rd. Then we get 2 really good 2011 starters. Then use a 3rd pehaps on qb because none will be 1st year starters anyway.

Since this regime has been here theyve spent only one premium pick on the offensive line and zero at wr. It really reared its ugly head in 2010.

Hope know one counts using a 3rd rd pick on John Jerry as a premium pick. Because far more often than not 3rd rounders are not 1st year starters. You saw those issues first hand with Jerry in 2010.

Not saying Henne would have completely rocked the house had he better talent around him. But if we were better set with overall offensive talent around Henne we may have been at least a wildcard playoff team.

Only thing Henne has proved for certain is he's a ways off from being a franchise qb but I still cant say with great certainty he's a bonafide bust either. There just isnt nearly enough around him to accurately make that call.

exactly what Armando is saying about the brees rivers situation IT makes great sense preparing for that almost inevitable fact we need a new QB

John Jerry was high on lot of peoples boards w 2nd rd talent getting him in the 3rd was great i think he will start next year RG with Garner or Icognito in the C we need a real good LG that is a fact... Danny Watkins or Carimi in the 2nd rd maybe but they will prolly go late 1st Pouncey looks good but i've heard hes nowhere close to Maurkice though i wouldn't mind taking him either... Still Newton or Locker would be my choices in the 1st rd

1 year or zero years Cam Newton is a great player it makes no difference if you play 4 years in college (Henne) or 1 year (Sanchez) if anything NFL coaches should be ecstatic to work with such raw Talent. And Newton is not a run first QB he is a QB and they ran a lot of option at Auburn he just did what was called. Newton has a good arm. Have you seen any of his workouts? I would be surpised if he isn't a top 10 pick

i still totally believe in Henne. When he first came to the fins he was a diff qb with a lot of poise in the pocket, rifle passes and accuracy. with a new system hopefully he gets that back and is put in winning situations. He is doing well even considering and that 's without any running game at all this past year. My fear is as soon as he goes to NE or wherever, he definitely will be the qb he is capable of. Is till totally believe in his abilities. He needs support and the back up offensive team to do it.

this is what i'd do:
If Mallett, Gabbert or Newton are there at 15 then our pick will be coverted by other teams.
trade down, pick up a 2nd and then do the following

1. Mike Pouncy - OG/C
2. Kyle Rudolph TE
3. Kaepernick - QB
4-7. RB, WR and O-line and ST.

Armandoo, thanks for reiterating what we have posted all season. Henne ain't got IT draft another QB, maybe pick up a FA and let them compete.

Henne is not even close to the athlete that Brees is. The comparison has nothing to do with either Qb's ability. Brees is quick with the ability to move around the pocket. Please no more nonsense. The only comparison is that Nick Saban almost went for Brees when he was in free agency to become a Dolphin. Well Nick made the mistake and went for another free agent. That ends the comparison. Armando all due respect but this article makes no sense. Henne is Parcells' mistake as was Pat White. So the current regime has to move on and do the best they can in free agency or the draft. If the Dolphins have any cards to offer they should use those cards to get a quarterback with some legs and an arm. The preference should be with an experienced QB, because this regime will be gone by the time a rookie QB can develop.....good luck Ireland and Sparano!

The dolphins need to show the balls that the showed with selecting the usc pretty boy unknown sanchez. They need to trade up and get Cam Newton the franchise qb and stop trying to pack the stands on the cheap. The intangibles on this guy is off the chart. No qb coming into the draft had to go through the ridicule and scrutiny that this guy went through and continue to consistently play at a high level. Then you have media hacks that call the guy a one read qb, I saw plays being extended against Alabama and Oregon that required 2nd, 3rd, and 4th level options, when neither of the 4 options were to run the ball because the run was well defended and the guy won games. The hacks also call him the 2nd coming of Jamarcus Russell, a physical specimen that woo anyone in shorts, the stats don't lie, Russell was a underachiever in college, Newton Maximized every opportunity, this kid turned Auburn stadium into the most electric place in college football. In closing its strange how every draftable qb coming out of college get the immediate benifits of favorable comparisons, except for those coming out of the brown qbs. In this case they are compared to the last guy to steel a car, skip practice to smoke dope, spit on a fan, or swindle some little kid out of coca cola after the big game.


Read your work before you send it! I couldn't even finish what you were trying to write about. It was terrible. For example:

Brees didn't play much his rookie season. Brees didn't play much his rookie season. Both started as second-year players and suffered the typical struggles young quarterbacks often encounter. And then both seemed to regress their second seasons as the starter.


We won't fix everything in this offseason, so draft players that can contibute at needed positions, 1st rd pls add a starter for OL, 3rd round a speedy RB that can contribute to ST, 4th round to Nolan, 5th a QB (extensive research is a must), 6th n 7th best chance to contribute, keep ronnie and soliai, add a QB & OL in FA, hope Henne and 1 of our young rb/te/wr will develop and we at least improve and set solid foundation

Unless the franchise tag is removed from the CBA that's signed it looks like we lost out on the chance to get Logan Mankins

You know. Drew Brees is the only example! You usually know by now if the QB has "it" or they don't!
And Henne don't!! Draft Cam Newton! That kid is going to be huge!!!!! Everyone says newton only threw to open receivers but hello. He found the open man right?? What else do you want? Oh not always an open man in the NFL. Ok that's when he takes off!! Touch down Miami!!

What you failed to mention in your Brees/Henne-Miami/San Diego analogy is this...

San Diego let Brees go and turned to the QB they drafted as "insurance".

Since then, Brees has won a ring. I wonder if San Diego would still stick with Rivers if they had to do it all over again.

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