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If Henne is like Brees, Fins should be like Chargers

Many of you that believe in Chad Henne have often drawn a favorable comparison between him and Drew Brees.

Brees, you often point out, was not a good quarterback his first three years in the NFL. The turth of the matter is if you look at Brees the first three years of his career and you look at Henne his first three years, and the similarities are obvious.

Brees didn't play much his rookie season. Brees didn't play much his rookie season. Both started as second-year players and suffered the typical struggles young quarterbacks often encounter. And then both seemed to regress their second seasons as the starter.

When you compare their two years starting, Brees had 28 TD passes and 31 interceptions. Henne has had 27 TD passes and 33 interceptions. And Henne's completion percentage is higher and he's thrown for more yards.

So, some of you have argued, it is entirely possible Henne follows the same path Brees followed.

And I hope you are correct.

But ...

You cannot write a warranty for that idea. So I suggest we carry the comparison further.

If you want to compare the quarterbacks as possible twins, I suggest the Dolphins follow the road the Chargers followed.

After those first three years with Brees, the Chargers had no idea he could be their QB. But they knew they had to guard themselves against the idea Brees wouldn't ever be much good. So in April of 2004, with Brees on the roster, the Chargers did what the Dolphins should do in this coming draft.

They drafted a quarterback.

The Chargers took Phillip Rivers with their first overall pick. It was brilliant. Rivers was not able to beat out Brees as the starter in 2004. The fact is Brees finally started coming into his own. But the insurance policy was nonetheless in place. (Actually, the Chargers picked Eli Manning and then traded him for a chance to land Rivers, but you get the drift. They got Phillip Rivers.)

It was a great piece of personnel work by A.J. Smith.

He didn't need Rivers right away because Brees finally started producing. But no one looked at him crossways and questioned why he protected the franchise's best interest by adding a highly touted rookie QB.

Brees went on to play well in 2004 and 2005 but he injured his shoulder at the end of 2005. Smith, as uncertain about the injury just as the Dolphins were, opted to give Brees a carefully crafted contract offer that protected the team against that injury being serious. Brees declined it and went on the market and eventually signed with New Orleans.

And the Chargers handed the reins of their offense to a QB who had been sitting and learning for two years. Rivers was an instant hit and has been among the NFL's best QBs ever since.

What's the moral of the story?

Yes, maybe the Dolphins need to have patience with Henne because he could blossom into a latter-day Brees. But, absolutely, they also need to have the wisdom to guard against that not happening.

Just like the San Diego Chargers did.


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I respect CraigM a lot...but if we think the way he thinks we will have another 10 years of THE SAME...

Craig...its the fact that the phins have not taken risks and have continually drafted NON GAME CHANGERS, that we are wehere we are..

Maybe Newton will be a bust...so might any lineman FFS...or any Centre...or any NT...any frikkin player...

But the one thing this franchise cannot afford is MORE OF THE SAME....same old same old...lets trade down...lets pick up Olinemen...or some other fat fukk who cant move

Well.....Craig...hows that workin for us so far?

Go for broke...If Newton has "it"...commit and pony up

Henne is like Brees?....just the idea shows signs of being delusional. Why would the Dolphins aspire to be the Chargers, they missed the playoffs too. Horrible blog.

Sono....Armando is making the point that Henne CANNOT be compared to Brees simply becuase they were both flops in the 1st 2 years...

Its like all elephants are grey....there is a grey animla...therefore its an elephant...its a NON SEQUITER...it doesnt necessarily follow...the Brees comparison is BOGUS 100%

What Ross has done is the BEST thing to happen to the Phins in years...he has put the afterburners on these guys to GET IT RIGHT now...no more 3 year plans...where has that got us?...nowhere...dont fall for this BS that you have to develop QB's...youl see it almost immediately in most....Brees apart....but the sighns are pretty apparent...shyt you can see it Sanchez...hes got it....time to admit it..

Now Sparano et al have to make amove...no more jerkin around taking run stuffers or fat immovables...you gotta get GAME CHANGERS....and a QB...

Ross is right on

I would take either Newton or Kaepernick with pick 15...i dont care if its too early or too late...when you look back at past drafts did that REALLY matter if you got a bullseye?

You get a conviction and you JUMP IN...

Next pick Oline...then a TE

If Henne is like Brees, than Dolphins are like Chargers.

Best point you have made in a long time.

Remember that probably 50% of all draft picks whether high or low become BUSTS...it dont matter jack if you commit a 1st or a 2nd or a 3rd.....its really all the same....

Just pick your man and select him...doesnt matter if he is a projected 2nd 4th or 9th...its all bullshyte

mando, I wrote about this scenario over a month ago in this blog during a discussion with Craig M. Stop ripping off my material!

bigalfy, you are right on with the total bust rate of all 1st picks - they don't turn out half the time regardless if theya re Qbs or LGs. It's time to stop ignoring on a position that accounts for over half the success of a team in today's league - let's go - grab the QB 1st pick. No more fiddling around!

Henne has the ability to be a upper tier QB in the league. He needs more conistancy from the O-ine and recievers not dropping balls in their hands.

Henne did stink it up a bit last year, but all of you judging him from last year... you need to understand that coaching could have easily caused his problems. Over-coaching and over-control.

This post by Mando gives us hope since Henne will be here next year competing to be a starter. We need a positive out look after last season, so all you haters maybe should warm up to the idea that Henne is not as bad as YOU think he may be. His abilities point toward the fact that he could be much better anyway.

That being said, the point is to get someone here vet or rookie who we can look at and say HE is better than Henne, then let Henne compete, and if Henne wins the job it is a win win. I do not care who we get, I personally do not think one QB in this draft is even close to being good enought to compete with Henne we have today. Next year there will be some great QB's in the draft. That being said that is my opinion and I could be wrong.

Just a shout out to DC who is on here all the time. In the prev blog he was the one to bring up Brees/Henne comparison before Mando... Did Mando steal this from DC??? :)

I disagree with taking a QB early or at all in this draft. There are too many holes that need priority. First OL and RB are top two followed closely by TE and Speed WR. Drafting any QB will be a setup for failure and a wasted pick.

One thing that absolutely needs to happen is to trade back for a second round pick. Trading back twice for more earlier round picks would be even better. And absolutely, under no circumstance, trade a draft pick for a QB.

Then draft:
1) Torrey Smith WR
2) Ryan Williams RB
3) Best Available OG - John Moffit?
4) Best Available C - O'Dowd
5) Rob Housler TE or Schuylar Oordt TE in Later Rounds
6) Best Available OL
7-1st) D'rel Scott RB
7-2nd) Best available ILB

With the exception of the first two picks. The rest could change in order of Best Available.


I'll respectfully disagree with you. The Super Bowl was more evidence that to be successful in this league you don't continually reach for picks. The Steelers and Packers BUILD year after year and they are right more often than they are wrong. Mark in Toronto, you used the picking of Roethlisberger as a 'gamble' for them. I hardly think a team that needed a QB at 11, where he was ranked to go, indicates a gamble. We've got a bunch of guys supposedly rated in the first round that the 'experts' can't even agree are first round picks. This is not the year to be gambing further, with no second round pick. We're not the New England Patriots, who if they are wrong on someone can always say 'Oh well. We have many more picks to cover up our mistake'. We don't have the luxury of being wrong again. Part of the reason we were 1-15 and 4-14 and even 7-9 the last two seasons is because the talent level on this team isn't good enough. Time to get it RIGHT and stop messing around.

And Bigalfy, Pat White was a risk, a potential game-changer. He's not even on the team after been taken in the second round. John Beck was supposed to be a 'difference maker'. Ted Ginn. Chad Henne. All gone except Henne. We can't keep being wrong and expect to improve. We need to hit on the draft picks like Tampa and KC did this year and the success will come. Simple!

Guys we ALL want succes from the QB position. This isn't about sticking up for Henne. I'll celenrate whoever is playing the position. I'm just not convinced the way to do it, in a supposedly poor year for QBS and no second round pick and plenty of holes on the roster, is to invest the next 4-5 years in a first round QB. In the last five years we've drafted John Beck, Pat White and Chad Henne in the second round. Why does drafting a QB in the FIRST round automatically change anything? The year we drafted these guys they were supposedly the best guys available at their position. The reality is drafting a QB is just too tough to evaluate and I for one don't want to see a first round pick invested in one. Take a guy 3rd or 4th round if you want and spend the next three years developing him. He can take over from Henne at some point if the results from him aren't any better.

Bigafly....your a man after my own heart....right down to the way you break up your sentences.....lol

No need for me to post anything on this topic....Lord knows I said it all a million times.....I am even tired of typing it.....

Bigafly has already said everything I would have said in much the same fashion.....


Mark in TO,

I just want to be clear on your stance on this draft for the Dolphins. Are you saying regardless of what QBs are still availabe for us that we pick one at 15? I know what the mocks are saying but I think there's a good chance that the Cardinals, the 49ers, the Titans, the Vikings and maybe even the Bills look QB in the first round. Are you saying if anyone of the first round QBs are gone, then take whoever is left?

Also, I know you and others want this badly. I'd be interested in hearing from all of you how the Dolphins fill the other holes on the roster, with no second round pick and the likelihood of free agency happening long after the draft. I'd be interested in knowing who we get in the draft and then with the likelihood of free agency not happening until possibly two weeks before the season starts, how comfortable you would be being able to fill those holes then.

I'm not being sarcastic here. I'd just be interested to know how you would go about filling the holes. I'm assuming most of you would just look at 2011 as a throw away year and who cares about the record, no?

plain and simple HENNE SUCKS!

There are atleast 3-4 good qb's in this draft maybe even more and the dolphins need to pick 1

This shouldn't be a debate. You take a QB every year. The best organizations acquire one every single year. We need more picks though. Trade down or trade away one of the DEs (Starks, Langford, Merling, Odrick). If Cam won't be there at 15, then trade down.

Promichael it was Jeff Ireland fault he admitted it on the radio show I heard it and in the round table like three weeks ago!! SOOO. Wrong answer bro!! These guys can't even draft volunteers for the arm forces!

Your boy IR sucks and if you think he is picking a QB in the draft all you Guys are to be disappointed......they are going to trade down, but it doesn't really matter the coaches cant coach anyways and JI can't draft either!! ANOTHER YEAR OF MEDIOCRITY!!

Ahhh...we won't be drafting anyone in the first round. That pick will be traded and we'll have 2 second round picks. those picks will go to a RB and an OL.......we'll work on pulling in a veteran QB as an insurance policy or pull in a QB (depending on who's around) in a later round.

The Brees situation was atypical. Perhaps Henne will mirror Brees and turn into something special. I hope so. But comparing Henne to Brees is like using a random statistic to prove a point. Each year we ignore the elephant in the room handicaps the franchise one more year into the future. The current regime better nip this QB situation in the bud, or die trying so to speak.

If cam netwon is not drafted by the fins then then it is a bad draft. We have not drafted a first round qb since 83 Marino it is time

Let's remember also that Rivers rose swiftly in the draft based on the Senior Bowl and Combine performances....I suspect that will happen to Cam Newton for sure and possibly the kid from Nevada...Point is, Dolphins cannot sit back...My preference would be to move up and take Newton or move back to later in the first and take Kaepernick, Locker, or Mallet. If they wait until the 2nd round those guys will not be there...And, hopefully Henne will be better next year and allow the rookie to sit for at least a season. I personally think Henne will improve but his ceiling is really "above average" not "elite". Which means he will need to be replaced sooner of later...

I hear this argument all the time, 'We've never drafted a frst round QB since 1983'. Part of that is because we never had a need for one because the greatest QB in the game was on our roster in Dan Marino. That would be like the Colts drafted a first round QB with Manning as their QB. A more accurate statement would be that we haven't drafted a first round QB since Dan Marino retired, which was 1999. So it's been 11 years.

Now it's not that we haven't had some first round QBs on our roster since 1999, which some guys will have you believe is the only way to win. Cade McNown, Daunte Culpepper and Joey Harrington were all first round QBs and something tells me I've probably missed a couple along the way too.

Scam Cam is a bust. Once Scam Cam gets his big check his guaranteed money, he will give eveyone the finger just like Russell did.


Thanks for noticing man! I try to tell people I have all the answers, but no one believes me. LOL, just kidding. Also, others brought up the Henne/Brees connection before me, so everyone steals from everyone else.

Anyway, the conundrum for me is two-fold:

- I strongly believe you can't win in today's NFL without a TOP TIER QB (possibly a 2nd-tier, but he'd have to play above his grade in order to win, and I doubt he could do that continuously to win more than sporadically.

- With all the poor drafting previously here and with the special situation (CBA) this year and no #2 pick, Miami is behind the 8-ball with lots of holes to fill and not a lot of picks (+ who knows when FA will take place).

There's no easy answer unfortunately (is what I'm starting to accept). There are drawbacks to drafting a 1st-round QB (this year particularly). There are drawbacks to continue improving elsewhere and not at the QB position.

That's why I'm loosening my desires to encompass a 2-yr plan (not a 1-yr plan). That plan includes drafting well this year, filling some holes we have on offense especially (RB, TE or WR, oline, QB(?)), and then finishing the deal next year (and through FA). To me, if you're serious, it means drafting a 1st-round QB (either this year or next year).

Problem with waiting is it means another year said draftee could help the team. Problem with doing it this year is there may not be a worthy-enough choice when we pick.

Because I'm not a talent scout, I won't say if this guy would definitely or definitely not be a wise choice (I'll leave that to Ireland). If we don't draft a QB 1st-round, I'll accept until proven otherwise there wasn't a good option (or we wanted to wait until next year, when we'll have a better idea who Henne will be in the NFL).

But, I refuse to argue anymore with those that say you can win without top tier QB talent. In my mind, that's a settled issue, you can't. And in the next 2 years, that position must be addressed and settled more than it is today, and that's my #1 priority over anything else on this team.

No guarantee we can even find a trade down for 2nd partner but this is def the only option if available: we need the 2nd pick more than ever with fa uncertainty then we still need to pick best offensive guy on the board (that could be a qb) but only if he's the best guy.

If some qb's gain stock at spandex try-outs others will lose stock but as u guys keep saying not much between qb's we might get a half decent chancer with the second or third pick - but get the best guy on the board from

QB,OL (except LT),TE,WR,RB

any starter other than a qb will improve Henne's stats, he aint franchise, but all fa and draft qb's are serious doubts too, at least he's got experience and has had some (ok not many) close to great performances.

but as important as anything is improved coaching - make a play-action a doubt instead of rb and qb halfa**ed disguise like last season - db's always knew what was happening - at least try to confuse them


If we draft Cam the draft is a bust.

Craig, good point @ 9:29am. We have had prior #1 QBs on our team. But they were either bouncing back from injury or showing failure and/or bust status.

That's why it's time to choose the guy WE want, in a draft, and develop him. Not take someone else's trash and try to turn them into stars. I only look to FA this year for competition for Henne. I don't expect that QB to be the QB of the future here. I expect him to be a band aid.

The Fins ARE like the Chargers Armando... No Super Bowl rings! Don't get me wrong, Rivers is very good but the best you can say SD did is replace a future Super Bowl QB (for which they got nothing) for a very good QB and therefore wasted the firt pick in the draft which could have yielded a lot more value.

Get a free agent to push Henne and continue to coach him up. Stop looking for the next Marino. Would be nice but I don't think he is in this draft.

Drafting a first RD QB while while you have one of the best on your roster is LUDICRIOUS....

I mean thats like drafting AARON RODGERS....when you have BRETT FAVRE.....nobody would do that......

Thats just plain DUMB.....

The Chargers have a lot of similarities as the fins and are also polar opposites too, First off there coach is horrible(Same as the fins),there GM seems to know how to draft(Unlike Miami)And are also a 8 and 8 team, The chargers and the fins wont be doing anything till they change the head coach..IMHO..

Cuban...nice contrast...and accurate too...from my perspective.....

Now i'm back out.....peace FIN FANS

Can't really argue with Cuban on thos facts, nice post.

Armando your premise is false. Brees had just injured his shoulder in the final game against Denver. The injury was bad. They had to draft a QB. Everyone was uncertain about Brees recovering or do you not remember Saban's medical staff passing on Brees?

LOL @ Kris, I think even if Miami had Payton Manning the coaching staff would lose at least 4 games because of blunders.. E.G, not calling time outs To go for a TD late in the second half(For fear of a turn-over,ETC,ETC., Things wont change in the upcoming season kris, Vegas has Miami finishing at best at 5 and 11.... Sad..

Using the best player available in the first round will not be a waste for the Dolphins. Trade down, get a second rounder, and position-pick the rest of the rounds.

Mojo, Dont have any confidence in manag............. Oh nevermind....

A closer to home -- anectdote.

David Woodley had just taken Miami to a Super Bowl and they still drafted Dan Marino. Always kick the tires and look to long-term improvement of hte team.

Cuban, I guess I'm not as down on mgmt as you (not saying I'm right by the way). I can't see any situation where we go 5-11 this year (even if Henne is QB and isn't better than last year). I don't think we're a horrible team, I think we're a mediocre team. Just like I think there's a bar to how high we can go (with the talent we have), I also think there's a bar to how low we can go. I think .500 is right around where I put us now.

Sparano hasn't coached well IMO on game days, but I think this last year was very good experience for him. I think he'll learn from his mistakes. I'm hoping he can eventually be a good coach (I'd say he was pretty good in '08). I'm worried most about his conservative nature (I think that will be his downfall).

But there are worse coaches and worse organizations in worse situations (looking around the league) than Miami.

Gary Stevens...
You are hitting the nail on the head. I wish I could have replied last night when I asked another poster who is adamant about not taking a QB in this draft, but who really want to get play makers on offense what his plan at QB was.
I agree with him (The conversation is on page 2) that it is a risk. And have already said that ALL QB acquisitions are a risk.

Gary... Where you are nailing it is what Shula's strategy concerning QB's was. He already had a QB in Woodley who brought him to the SB a year before... then turned right around and used a first round pick on Marino. Shula had no fear at all of drafting QB's he drafted plenty after Marino was well entrenched as the starter. Because he understood the value of QB's for trade and for future leadership and emergency help.
Based on what I am hearing from some... is they are ready to stay with Henne... NOT take a QB. And believe that in some magical way Miami is going to compete because they get 1 player on offesnse.
Yet the one thing... the very thing that all those who keep pushing and pushing and pushing the QB subject to "another time: cannot seem to wrap their minds around. Is that without a QB... we are going nowhere...PERIOD. And what YOU may think of the players coming out is nowhere near as important as what those who will putting every one of those guys through evaluational workouts believe. I feel that if there is no QB who is capable to run this team available. Tony and Jeff are not going to fry the thin string they are still hanging from to take him. No WAY these guys take a QB who does not show serious upside and capabilities. They simply cannot afford it. But NO WAY we as fan can do such evaluations from our armchairs either. If we could... we would get paid to do so.
Be it the draft, FA or RFA... Miami had better get a QB in here to take over when Henne fails... Or Tony and Jeff may as well pack up now.

Good Morning fellas,

Miami needs to do all it can to find the answer at QB. I see the Henne to Brees comparisons on the stat sheet but seriously Henne has lost confidence in himself, the receivers have no confidence in him (Marshall, Hartline who will be starters again in 2011-12) and the coaching staff benched him but had to allow him to play after Pennington's injury because Thigpen crapped the bed versus Chicago which was his audition to start. In my opinion Henne is doomed to fail now with no one on his side including himself.

The draft could play out big time for Miami. This is hypothetical but makes sense. If Cam Newton makes it at least #9 where Dallas is picking then Miami NEEDS to find a way to use them Dallas connections and trade up to get him. Think about it Dallas biggest needs are OL, CB and DE. Jerry Jones has never used a 1st rounder on an offensive linemen and that trend will continue. The pick isn't sexy enough for him. The CB position has 2 studs in Patrick Peterson and Prince Amukamaru and if the latter is gone because Peterson is going top 5 it makes sense for them to trade back because there are a surplus of stud 5 technique DE's in J.J. Watt, Cameron Jordan and Cam Heyward. Plus Dallas will block their biggest rival the Redskins from picking Cam Newton. That's a lot of hypothetical thinking but it's possible.

In a dream scenario Miami does whatever it takes to get Cam Newton to me. I think he is for sure BOOM or BUST but his potential is off the charts to me. His scrambling ability, size and arm abilities are worth it not to mention his is a winner and a leader on the field. So what you want about his background. If taking a lap top and cheating on a test at 18 are his biggest character concerns then he is choir boy compared to what other college and NFL players have done.

If Miami for some reason decides to g owith Vince Young in free agency then it essentially takes itself out of the 1st round for a QB but if they get Bulger or even McNabb then Newton still makes sense.

My dream depth chart for 2011

1. Mark Bulger - he doesn't come with the same ego as VY or McNabb and is a veteran who can fight it out with Henne. He is a year or 2 stop gap.

2. Chad Henne - I think Henne is going to make a very good back up one day. He is a capable passer but as a starter teams figure him out far too often.

3. Cam Newton - Some guys come in right away and play and some sit and learn. I think Newton should have a few packages, Wilcat, goaline and short yardage but nothing more as a rookie. In year 2 I'd give him the vote of confidence as being hands down the starter.

(I think Newton is going to Buffalo at #3 and will be the first QB taken. I just wanted to throw this out there for a coversation piece)

No one knows what the future holds with this draft. All of the QBs coming out can be duds or studs. Remember the 99 QB class. It was "suppose to be the best since '83 but the only QB to remain is McNabb. I like Armando's point and it speaks volumes. You have to give Henne more time. Even though the Chargers have a frnchise QB, they have to be pissed that they didn't see that they had a "Super Bowl" caliber QB that would win one before they did. All i am saying is, you better give this kid another shot. The offensive play calling was just that, offensive. Plus you had a bunch of conservative people teaching him how to play QB (pennington anyone?)

Henne is not nearly as accurate as Brees. Take a look on YouTube - look at Brees and passing accuracy and see the comparison of his accuracy with that of an Olympic archer (he creams the archer). Henne has a great arm for the long ball but is not in the same class as Brees in accuracy (or leadership for that matter).

the only problem is there is no one as good as rivers in this draft. Maybe gabbert but that's a maybe.
They absolutley have to draft a QB this year and also bring in a vet to compete with him. If it was me I'd draft a QB every year until we find one that sticks

Do you ever read over what you've written to try to weed out mistakes, Armando?

If you do, you should do it a bit more closely.

YOUR WRONG AGAIN!!! They took Manning (eli) and then traded with the Giants. Do some research or turn your job over to someone who knows football

Very clear here, the problem with Brees was the coaching and the offensive coordinator, he just did not wake up one day and magically became a better QB... same guy, same arm, same talent!!! the issue is that he found the right offense for him, the right coach, the right WR's etc..... same problem Henne is having down here.... we have seen this with QB such as Steve Young, Brett Favre and many others!!! GET HIM THE RIGHT SYSTEM...... SILLY FREAKING ARTICLE ARMANDO!

Trade down and fix the line, stop crying for a QB. There is no sure thing in this draft, there are 4 or 5 QB's that can be had in the middle rounds that might be very good. Fix the line, grab a fast RB or WR then find that diamond in the rough at QB. Rivers won 5 bowl games and was a college star, that draft was stacked with first round QB's, this one is not.

henne in 2011 = luck in 2012.

Let's see:

A GM & HC on the hotseat.
An owner who wants to see some "exciting football".
CBA turning everything upside down.
Team needs to fill multiple holes.
No 2nd round pic.
Weak QB class.
GM like acorns

Should be interesting, don't you think?

If Henne is the next Brees I'll blow somebody...Henne isn't even the next Cutler.

The Phins are like the Chargers:


Neither rivers nor Marino were able to overcome the crappy talent around them.

LMAO you guys saying Miami has other holes that need to be fixed are comical. Do you realize Miami has only 1 good year of QB play from Chad Pennington since 1998. Marino was done in his last season in Miami. But yeah let's address OTHER holes outside of the biggest hole for over a decade at the most important position in all of sports, QB.

So Miami will continue to win 7 to 9 games a year and be average because they don't have a QB. Comparing Henne to Brees in their first 3 years is fair but Brees' progression to now is INSANE and STUPID. Brees' could possibly be a Hall of Fame QB considering the Saints are a RB and pass rushing DE away from another Super Bowl and if Brees gets 2 rings with the numbers he puts up then he might end up a multiple Super Bowl winner and Hall of Fame QB. At the least Brees is a great QB who won a Super Bowl. Henne has no confidence, the coaches have no confidence and the receivers have no confidence in Henne. Henne will find his role when Miami finds their next starter because he will be a back up in Miami or somewhere else and that is where he belongs.

A good back up = average starter.

Great story. Except for the fact that there is no one nearly as good as Rivers in the draft or free agency. So I guess when they dont land the next Rivers you will point to this article and say you knew it all along and they made a huge mistake.

A team that finished 3rd in the division in back to back years and with a losing record in back to back years aren't a WEAPON away or offensive linemen away from turning it around.

This team is a QB away from competing. In my opinion that guy isn't out there in Free Agency or trade that guy is found in the draft. Can you miss in the draft absolutely but I'd rather go MISS in a guy like Cam Newton or Ryan Mallet then and offensive linemen like Gabe Carimi/Anthony Constonzo or everyones favorite blog word "WEAPON" like Torrey Smith/Kyle Rudolph. All them weapons and linemen will get Miami from averaging 17 points a game to 19.5 and still finishing 7-9 because the QB situation is bottom 5 in the league, period.

All you posters including Armando who are myopically focused on the QB position are simply delusional.

The top QB's in the league would have looked lousy playing for the Dolphins last year.

A QB needs protection to throw, the Dolphins cant do that. A QB needs a deep threat WR or 2, the Dolphins have zero. A QB needs a good TE, the Dolphins have a Fassano.

A QB needs a good playcaller, the Dolphins certainly do not have one of those.

Use the draft and FA to protect the QB, acquire speed at RB and WR, KR and find a playcaller who has to balls to be aggressive and the Henne will look much better.

That said you do no bring back a guy with a glass shoulder so sign a veteran QB to compete. Ideally VY.

If everything is still a mess next year, then draft a QB high when the talent pool looks better.


Until Sparano changes his approach to offense - ie: playing to win and not playing to not lose - then it doesn't matter who the QB is.

Totally agree with that statement y-not.

I'll take it a bit further.

Mr FG coaches scared and has zero idea how to play an aggressive style of ball.


Please describe next years talent pool....and please eloborate why it is better than THIS YEARS TALENT POOL....

Yes we know Luck is the 2 COMMING....

What upcomming juniors and seniors should we be looking at since this years class is crap......

please explain.....

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