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If Henne is like Brees, Fins should be like Chargers

Many of you that believe in Chad Henne have often drawn a favorable comparison between him and Drew Brees.

Brees, you often point out, was not a good quarterback his first three years in the NFL. The turth of the matter is if you look at Brees the first three years of his career and you look at Henne his first three years, and the similarities are obvious.

Brees didn't play much his rookie season. Brees didn't play much his rookie season. Both started as second-year players and suffered the typical struggles young quarterbacks often encounter. And then both seemed to regress their second seasons as the starter.

When you compare their two years starting, Brees had 28 TD passes and 31 interceptions. Henne has had 27 TD passes and 33 interceptions. And Henne's completion percentage is higher and he's thrown for more yards.

So, some of you have argued, it is entirely possible Henne follows the same path Brees followed.

And I hope you are correct.

But ...

You cannot write a warranty for that idea. So I suggest we carry the comparison further.

If you want to compare the quarterbacks as possible twins, I suggest the Dolphins follow the road the Chargers followed.

After those first three years with Brees, the Chargers had no idea he could be their QB. But they knew they had to guard themselves against the idea Brees wouldn't ever be much good. So in April of 2004, with Brees on the roster, the Chargers did what the Dolphins should do in this coming draft.

They drafted a quarterback.

The Chargers took Phillip Rivers with their first overall pick. It was brilliant. Rivers was not able to beat out Brees as the starter in 2004. The fact is Brees finally started coming into his own. But the insurance policy was nonetheless in place. (Actually, the Chargers picked Eli Manning and then traded him for a chance to land Rivers, but you get the drift. They got Phillip Rivers.)

It was a great piece of personnel work by A.J. Smith.

He didn't need Rivers right away because Brees finally started producing. But no one looked at him crossways and questioned why he protected the franchise's best interest by adding a highly touted rookie QB.

Brees went on to play well in 2004 and 2005 but he injured his shoulder at the end of 2005. Smith, as uncertain about the injury just as the Dolphins were, opted to give Brees a carefully crafted contract offer that protected the team against that injury being serious. Brees declined it and went on the market and eventually signed with New Orleans.

And the Chargers handed the reins of their offense to a QB who had been sitting and learning for two years. Rivers was an instant hit and has been among the NFL's best QBs ever since.

What's the moral of the story?

Yes, maybe the Dolphins need to have patience with Henne because he could blossom into a latter-day Brees. But, absolutely, they also need to have the wisdom to guard against that not happening.

Just like the San Diego Chargers did.


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Nice piece of work Mando I have faith they will get this fixed and maybe drafting a QB and a new OC will light a fire under Henne's butt.

Interesting point. Clever article. Reads, except for the lack of editing, like a good old Armando piece from before the ESPN days.


They are a mismanaged underachieving joke. I live in San Diego. I know the story. They fired a 14-2 coach and hired a coach with a losing record who had never beaten them (from the same division). That's like the Patriots firing Bill and hiring Mangenius. All that (Chargers) talent is wasted. I consider the Chargers to be a laughing stock. Then again, my beloved "Feed the Wolf" Dolphins are a punchline for the last 10 years too. Yes Hootie, they make me cry.

1st thing henne will never be brees, or rivers or any other qb. 2nd if they want to win which they better,sparano, ireland, meaning they, then they will get a fa qb, or trade for one because their jobs are on the line, and i will say it again it will show everyone that henne is garbage becausse he won't even win the job as the starter, so that will prove to everyone that he is junk and needs to move on from the dolphins or they can hand him the job and the three or four stooges will be sent packing! sparano, ireland, henne, and daboll!

The fact is that allot of teams would realease Henne this year. He was a joke in the last 2 games.

Armando, I've got the solution!

Trade Chad Henne to the 49ers for Ted Ginn!

I like this logic...it makes sense. However, in my mind the Chargers let go of a Super Bowl winner and will never get that with Rivers. That is where the genius breaks down. Another Marino stat guy. Let's hope we are not doomed to that fate...again!!

Wow, I hope th fo isnt planning on using a lot of the blueprints for disaster Ive seen here. But the scariest thing of all is that they just may do it!

If so, I'll see you guys at SB 98!

armando ur dumbass

titus young is not going 1st rd Jon Baldwin /
Torrey maybe


If Titus Young shows well at the combine I think he could sneak into the late 1st but (like you) I say he's a better bet as a 2nd rounder right now.

If he Mike Mammula's the combine then #27 thru #32 in the 1st is a definite possibility.

His slight frame probably drags him into the 2nd. The visions of a DeSean Jackson type player means he probably can't make it to the 3rd.

Just my 2 cents.

I see a ton of wide open debate on the old "To QB or Not to QB" in the opening round. Great stuff...

bigalfy...Long time no chat bro. Love your passion for drawing back the bow and letting it fly. While I, like you, am all for the Kaepernick pickup and see huge upside. I would rather nab him at the proper value if at all possible. Only takes one team to fall in love (see Tebow).

At 15, Kap being a reach would come to mind. I actually thought the Ravens giving up so much and going after Flacco was a reach...but it worked out. Ozzie is a whiz GM.

Like you said, identify your talented player and pull the trigger on him. I just want the "other" player we can have if we manage to trade back, grab C/G Mike Pouncey with a late #1 and then can grab QB Kap in the 2nd, that would suite me fine. I would also pursue VY like crazy. That would be a great competition. I think VY would start, Henne would be 2nd this year and Kap 3rd. The following year Kap climbs the depth chart.

A great draft scenario for me...

1st round (trade back) C/G Mike Pouncey FL Great bloodlines, versatile and should fit right into our NFL Oline for a decade.

2nd round QB Colin Kaepernick Nevada (some couldn't pull the trigger on yet another second rounder QB. I say you have to keep drafting QBs until you get one you want to hitch your wagon to.)

3rd round WR Jerrel Jernigan or WR Randall Cobb or RB Derrick Locke Speed at WR or RB and ST comes up a bunch of notches.

4rth round NT Phil Taylor Baylor. Gotta have a NT if Solai goes down. I don't care for Starks there.

5th round TE Julius Thomas Portland State or TE Schuylar Oordt Northern Iowa Both athletic guys that are nice big targets.

6th round John Clay Wisconsin New hammer in town. Ricky wants out.

7th round BPA

After the draft grab VY to challenge for a starting QB and I expect him to win it from Henne fair and square.

Kaepernick has a strikingly similar build and skillset of VY so you don't change the OFF at all if VY goes down. I believe Kap passes Henne on the depth chart after a season to learn.

This draft would bring a nice blend of needs for both speed and bulk.


Leonard Hankerson or Julio Jones &
get Veteran QB or any with talent. Running backs are a dime a dozen, so fix the line and your problems are solved.

Most QBs who stink their first two years stink for their whole career. Drew Brees is the exception.

Don't forget that no matter who our QB is, we still have Ireland, Sparano and that rag-tag, bottom of the barrell offensive coaching staff, a bad O-line and oh yeah, Ross is still the owner. This team goes nowhere for many yrs to come, they have sealed their fate by years of bad mgmt and drafts.

As you're all aware, The Dodsworths recently switched from Time Warner to FiOS. As you may not be aware, FiOs has a function called "Media Manager" that enables you to watch YouTube videos through your DVR.

The Dodsworths also have a DVD recorder and do not like to leave alot of empty space on their home-made DVDs. Hence, The Dodsworths have embarked on a project of filling up free space on their DVDs with YouTube videos that The Dodsworths are reasonably certain will never be shown again on television.

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2) 6-minute clip from the 1982 AFC Championship Game (Miami 14 - NYJ 0), featuring A.J. Duhe's dramatic 35-yd. interception return for a TD.

3) 6-minute clip from the opening game of the 1989 regular season where the Bills beat the Dolphins on Jim Kelly's last-second QB sneak for a TD.

Here are some other YouTube videos The Dodsworths are considering recording when we have additional DVDs that have empty space at the end.

1) Mean Gene Okerlund interviewing WWF wrestler The Magnificent Muraco in 1985, and Muraco extolling his "Spartan's regimen," and then proceeding to eat an entire box of donuts in about 15 seconds. (Estimated time - 2 minutes)

2) 4th quarter highlights of heartbreaking 1981 regular season game between the Cowboys and the Dolphins where David Woodley sets a record for Dolphin passing yardage, but blows the game with 5 interceptions. (Estimated time - 8 minutes)

3) WWF wrestler Roddy Piper smashing a coconut on Jimmy Snuka's head (1984?). (Estimated time - 2 minutes)

I welcome further suggestions.

One thing i have not seen mentioned is how Brees got out of his funk. Apparently on his own time he would go out on the field with his receivers put a blindfold on and start throwing....

Sure everyone wants to get drafted, but NO QB wants to come to the Dolphins. The post Marino Dolphins have been QB killers. The higher-ups have NO idea of what talent is or what their teams needs are.

What Armando failed to include is that the Chargers already had a great offensive line and a guy named LaDanian tearing about 1400 yards a season.

The Charger offense didn't have to rely on just what the passing game produced. In 2005 LT ran for more that what Ricky & Ronnie did last year combined.

Yeah Henne may or may not be the franchise QB we desire, but even if we had Brees right now - he would be a much better QB with a good running game and a stronger OL than we currently have.

Colin Kaepernick is the guy we need.

Mallett - NO
Gabbert - NO
Newton - maybe
Locker - NO

Kaepernick has all the tools, strongest arm and fastest legs, get him!! And a winner right from his first college start onward. Go check him out and tell me he isn't better than the other QBs in this draft.

Good article and analysis. I would add though that it is my view that Brees and and Henne are different in one very important aspect that you don't measure by statistics - competitive heart. When Brees throws a pick, he gets a very determined look and comes back hard - even when he throws yet another pick. Henne just gets a stupid grin on his face then brings his sloped dome back out on the field and throws another pick playing scared. Brees always played with determination and thus far, Henne has never shown determination - he folds up every time something bad happens. That attitude won't change - he was like that in college but had a better cast around him.

Need a competitor - please


I agree with JT on the heart of a champ, Brees, being a key difference. Also, the comments on Brees while he was in San Diego is very far from the truth. Spanos and the Charger organization was already hinting at replacing Brees with Rivers the entire last season Brees was in San Diego. When Brees had the shoulder injury, San Diego got the out they were looking for. They did not want to pay him the big money he whould be getting under a new contract and the contract deal they offered was one everyone knew Brees whould not accept. All this while the doctors clears Brees saying his recovery would be at or near 100%. Brees had and has all the qualities you want from a top QB in the NFL. No one questions his leadership on the field. Compare that to Henne that can not even be a team captain much less the leader of this team.

All this leads to my main point. The Fins organization has not valued the QB position since the days of Shula. They think they can win with a QB that doesn't lose games. All I have heard over the last decade from the team was advice to their QB like "Avoid costly interceptions", and play concervitively". So, they end up with the QB situation we have been living with for really the past 2 dacades. Even Jimmy Johnson tried to limit the role of Marino in his last few years. I has hopes for Henne thinking would finally provide some stability and top performance at the position. However, the coaches ruined him. They made him into "Robo Henne" and it will take a lot of work to turn him around. I don't see the fire within him to make that kind of commitment. I hope I am wrong, but I would bet I am right.

So... Here we are stuck without a solid QB on staff and no good prospects in thed draft. There may be a dimond in the rough, but the track record would indicatte the Fins would either not draft him, or draft him only to make his sharp edges fit in their round hole. In other words, they will ruin another QB.

Wait till next year and do whatever it takes to get Luck...in the meantime get some speed and large agressive offensive linemen... we can win with Henne...!!!!

Everybody seems to be missing the boat. To make the dolphins offense improve right away (especially since we don't have a round 2 pick), we need to go after Vince Young. He has an awsome win/loss ratio and gives you that scrambling threat much like Michael Vick or Cam Newton but that would free up our first round pick to grab Mark Ingram, which we desperately need a GREAT running back and he has been compared to Emmitt Smith with his running style. We can no longer count on Ronnie or Ricky and with Vince Young and Mark Ingram, we would instantly be a contender.

Miami needs a running back in the first round.I would like to see them get one in the second round,but since they have no pick in the second the first round will have to do.The dolphins need a physical workhorse runningback like a Marc Ingram.He can carry the ball 20-25 times a game and maybe that will limit Henne's mistakes and he will throw the ball less with a better running game.Miami does need another back because Brown,Williams, and Cobbs are no better than third down backs.

@ Scott. - I think you have it backwards, Vince Young has missed the boat. He is a time bomb ready to explode. He had it all in Ten and gave it all away. IF Miami can get him real cheap as a back up the. Fine but I don't see him starting and being an elite QB in this league any time soon. I hear everyone on here wanting a flashy running QB but look at the super bowl teams that have won it the past 10 years. They have all been good pocket passers. Even Big Ben is a good passer more then a runner. When I think of VY I don't think of great passing QB. IMO.

ryan mallet was hennes backup at michigan before he transferred to arkanas

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