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Mike Dee counters why stadium upgrades make sense

The last post gave reasons, unsophisticated though they may have been, why adding a roof to Sun Life Stadium and performing other significant upgrades bothers me if the bill is paid by someone other than Dolphins and stadium owner Stephen Ross.

Well, the post bothered the Dolphins.

I got a call from media relations senior vice president Harvey Greene telling me A. I am stupid. B. I am wrong on the topic. C. That club Chief Executive Officer Mike Dee wanted an opportunity to speak with me so he could explain why I'm stupid and wrong.

Seriously, the idea that Dee wanted an opportunity to explain the club's view on the matter is the real reason the Dolphins were calling. So I spoke with Dee for 35 minutes and he gave the club's viewpoint on the Sun Life Stadium upgrades issue.

What follows, in the spirit of fairness, is a Dolphins' take:

The club is working feverishly to gain the ability to tap local tourist bed tax dollars tied to hotel stays in an effort to upgrade Sun Life and other facilities in South Florida.

To correct the record, I said in the previous post that the New Orleans Superdome, built in 1975, has been awarded a Super Bowl coming up. It should be added that Louisiana is pouring between $300-$400 million in upgrades into that stadium. Also, the amount of money the Dolphins need for their upgrades here is $200 million, not the previously stated $250 million.

That money would go toward upgrading the stadium's orginal 1987 lighting that has to be improved for the benefit of modern television technology. The money would go toward upgrading what Dee terms as an "inadequate" video system infrastructure. The money would bring a number of seats 18 feet closer to the field and add 3,500 seats, thereby increasing the number of seats between the goal lines and probably making the place louder -- seemingly creating a football game experience superior to the one fans gets now.

The money also would go, most notably, toward buidling a canopy-type roof over the stadium that would guard fans against the elements while still allowing the playing surface to remain out in the elements.

"Doing all those things would bring us just above the Mendoza line, or in the zip code of where we need to be as a facility capable of attracting Super Bowl and BCS title games," Dee said.

The upgrades would also add approximately 30 years of shelf life to Sun Life Stadium, Dee said.

Understand that Sun Life is the only dual purpose facility that regularly competes for Super Bowls. Understand that the BCS contract expires in 2013. The upgrades, Dee says, would bring the facility more closely in line with its Super Bowl competitors and increase South Florida's chances of staying in the mix for BCS title games.

"The landscape is changing and it has us concerned," Dee said. "Facilities have come online that are newer and perhaps more attractive to the NFL. Dallas is going to be competing for Super Bowls over the longterm. It won't be a one-off award to Dallas. They’re already gearing up bids for 2015, 2016. They're also interested in attracting the BCS.

"New stadium competition today is far greater than it was in the 80s. We take the possibility that we could be out of the Super Bowl rotation as real. Even if we wanted to get a Super Bowl every eight to 10 years, taking the view we’re just like Tampa and we can make due with the way things are or doing minor upgrades, there's a good chance we might not get those games. We don't want to take that approach without debating the potential consequences with the community."

The approach the Dolphins want to see South Florida take is that the league's biggest game comes to town perhaps every four to five years.

And, Dee makes the point, that will not happen unless Sun Life is upgraded. 

The construction of the original Joe Robbie Stadium was done through private funds in the 1980s. Three years ago, then owner H. Wayne Huizenga invested $250 million in upgrades, primarily to the club level and concourses, but did not attend to the greater needs outlined above. 

So I asked what I think is the most pertinent question: Why doesn't Ross pay for the upgrades to his stadium?

"It's well documented what we paid for the franchise," Dee said. "I don’t want to go into details now but we are willing to share once the process goes forward. Basically we're dealing with constraints the NFL places on ownership as to the amount of debt you can take on."

Dee made the point the current stadium debt is $235 million. The debt on the franchise sale is significant. Ross, it seems, is working under a budget partially placed on him by the league. And paying $200 million for upgrades would be over his budget.

Dee said that doesn't mean Ross isn't willing to make this a public-private venture. Although he declined to say how much Ross would be willing to contribute, he said that figure has been shared with investors and they are apparently comfortable with the figures.

They are eight-figure numbers.

"It's a significant investment," Dee said.

The Dolphins have state legislators working with them. Bills have already been referenced to committees that would raise local bed taxes levels from the current six percent cap. If the legislation fails, the issue is dead for the time being. Obviously it would not be brought back up until the 2012 legislative session at the earliest.

If the legislation passes in Tallahassee, the Dolphins move on to the next step: Getting local politicians to approve.

"We're trying to bring the conversation to the table locally," Dee said. "We would do it in as transparent a way as possible. Even those that oppose us say we’re doing it with all our cards face up on the table."

Dee said there would be town hall meetings, open houses, and public hearings on the issue. "It would be a process to make the public aware of what's at stake," he said.

There would not, however, be a ballot measure put to the voters for an up or down vote. The measure would be decided by the politicians the voters elected.

The Dolphins are fighting this legislative fight and, results notwithstanding, vow to continue bidding on Super Bowls that bring a financial benefit to South Florida. South Florida has already submitted its interest to bid on the 2015 game.

"We’re not going to stop going after Super Bowls," Dee said. "We’re going to go after them as much as the community wants us to go after them."

But that comes with a warning. If future bids don't include a stadium that has undergone significant upgrades -- upgrades the Dolphins want financed through a public-private partnership -- the chances of succeeding in getting future games decline.

That's why making the public portion of this venture a reality is important, Dee said. That's why failure would be problematic.

"It would be disappointing if we're not successful," Dee said. "We're prepared to live with that. But unlike others, we're not saying we're going anywhere. We’re going to be here. We've been here 45-plus years. We're going to continue being part of this community even if the upgrades don't happen. That doesn't make South Florida not a great place. It would just make it a place that doesn’t host big events as regularly as we've come to expect."


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NATIVE = bobbyd for sure. It is one of his trademarks to poke fun at someone in the snow and laugh how its warm where he is. Another trademark is to suggest because he is a native only his opinion matters because he pays for tickets.

No use in responding to a mentally unstable person, you'd have to be mentally unstable yourself to expect any kind of civil response.

Ahh, thanks K-Dog. I was getting worried that my dead relatives were trapped in their caskets and would need me to free them. Phew!


I hear this argument all the time from guys that we're a run first team and a run only team. On the contrary, part of the problem last year was the fact that we had Henne throwing the ball 40-45 times a game, largely because the run game was so ineffective. That's simple too much to consistently have your QB throw every game and expect to win consistently. Rothlisberger doesn't throw that much. For the life of me I can't understand where there wasn't more outrage last year over our ineffective running game. If we could have run the ball we would have run the clock out on Detroit and not forced Henne into making plays. The problem was we couldn't run the ball and Henne was in a 3rd and 7 or 3rd and 8 too often and the defence knew what was coming. Run game needs to be the number one upgrade this off-season.

Mark in Toronto, you need a new tune!! That same single note you keep playing over and over again about 'needing to take a QB in the first round' has become dull and boring. In a year with so many needs and no second round QB, this is not the year to take a first round QB.


The Management, please stop antagonizing bobby. I already miss him very much. This blog is totally lost without him. Who else is gonna cheer for continued mediocrity? Who else is gonna show us the love and tenderness we're missing in our lives? Who else is gonna make us feel like a million bucks?

Maybe if we all pray, figuratively hold hands and bow our heads, and say, "Oh, Captain my captain," maybe then our fearless leader will return to us. Until then, this blog will deteriorate into a diatribe of realistic observation, and that's no fun for anyone.

So, please, cease and desist!

I'll take a consistent playoff caliber team who plays on a dirt field over a sub .500 team in a billion dollar palace every time.

Mr. DC, Quite to the contrary, I was not antagonizing your revered friend, merely cautioning other unsuspecting bloggers against dealing with a lunatic! My intentions were truly for the good of mankind.

Mando, kudos for rating high enough on the team's radar that comments, especially unflattering ones, not only warrant a response, but time with one the key players.

There aren't a lot of media guys in the rest of the country that get that kind of respect.

I love Mike Dee!


P.S. Thanks for sparing my job, sucker!


Craig, we are in complete agreement. Don't get me wrong, I want a running game. I was thrilled with the '09 season (as far as the run game).

What I'm getting at, is ground 'n' pound isn't a winning strategy anymore (in today's NFL). It's too easy for pass teams (see Indy/Saints in our games against them in '09) to catch/surpass you if all you can do is run for TDs (which usually means long scoring drives).

I don't want Ingram because I'd RATHER a speedy RB. So we can run, but have the chance to break it open and take it to the house. I almost threw up that game that Ronnie had the 50-yard run from the 1 yd line, AND GOT CAUGHT FROM BEHIND! I'd rather not see that again (and that's what you'll most likely see from a Mark Ingram). We need speed. If you want best of both worlds, then take Bilal Powell (Louisville). He's got the speed to break it open. Ingram does not. Plus, Heisman winners don't have a good track record in the NFL.

So, I'm all for a balanced attack. I'm NOT all for 10, 11, 12 play drives as the ONLY way to score.

I got this Craig.

Mark, what's Chad Henne? Chopped liver? LOL.

With all the INTs from the AFC QBs, I thought Henne made the ProBowl!

Got him Craig!


Then we agree on your points. I'm not for Ingram at 15 either, for the same reason that I don't want a QB at 15....it's not a great VALUE pick. I think there are other backs that could be had later in the draft that could help us and a trade back IMO is the ideal scenario. The guy I want is Williams from VT but there are other backs that could be good as well. I think you have a better passing attack when you show that you can effectively run the ball too. I think we're a long way from being an allout passing team, it just goes away from Sparano's philosophy but I do agree to be effective we will have to throw the ball more and more effectively.

Mark, I'm not prepared to give up on this QB after two years when there was so much around him that was wrong last year. If you listen to all the so-called 'experts' it's what they are saying too. QB cupboards are pretty bare out there and to give up on a 25 year old guy with so little else out there is crazy. If he falls flat again this year and it's ALL HIM, I will agree with you this time next year....not before.

Craig, wouldn't mind Williams either. He's fast, he's a tough back, he's crafty, I like him a lot (other than he's a VaTech grad, and I'm a UVa grad, and that's oil and water). But I'd swallow my pride if we got Williams, he's a good kid!

damn why couldnt the super bowl be in NJ this year... so i can see them freeze and complain about it


Agreed....and I think he'd be good value in that he really should be a first round back. Didn't know you were a UVa grad....I won't hold that against you...LOL.

Any good Super Bowl parties to go to Sundays guys? I'm at a party Sunday with my girlfriend and a bunch of lesbians. I'll be there with my authentic Marino jersey and she'll be there with my Williams jersey on. At least I won't have to worry about trying to impress the women there and will be able to enjoy the game...I think it's going to be a very good game!

Armando, dude, you just folded up like a cheep suit. How sad. You were big/bad yesterday... and now you completely give in to 'Phins management. Wuss.

Geez Craid M. You never give up on Henne. He sucked all year, he's had 2 years to get to the point of being a QB in this league.

Fact is Henne would be lucky to be a backup in any other NFL team.

Enough already the time to get a first rate QB through the draft of through trade is in 2011.

Quit saying that it can wait until 2012, we can't!!!


I HATE going through this argument all the time but you don't give up on a 25 year old QB after two seasons. It's also what all the experts are saying. Would you agree that perhaps all the problems with the offence last year weren't on Henne? If you do, then you owe it to the kid to make things right around him, otherwise you haven't solved the problems, and I don't care who you bring in.

Take a look at the list of free agent QBs out there. All a bunch of journeymen, 34-39 year old guys. Tell me Henne isn't better than 80-85 per cent of the guys on that list. Give me the name of a first rate QB, that you KNOW will be better than Henne and I'll agree to give it a try.

chad couldn't even hit the toilet with his pee, i had to hold his weenie and aim for him until he was 15.

Craig, I've been to one of those (a lesbian party with my wife). Got in a lot of "Men suck, no they don't" discussions. But those chicks can drink, that's for sure.

I'm just watching at home, no parties. Sign of the aging process taking effect, I'd rather stay home in my drawers watching the SuperBowl than go to a party and "mingle."

By the way, my idea of a perfect Dolphins team, the Raiders game. Henne played like his name wasn't Henne, Ricky/Ronnie ran for over 150 yds I think. Defense held. Total team effort. Balanced. Put up points. And we won! I'd like to see that for 16 games next year.


The Raiders game was a good example of what we'd love to see. I think the first two games of the season and the game against the Titans was another game. Maybe even the game against the Packers too. Consistent effort and execution over a full 60 mins. With the right changes, the team could play like that on a more consistent basis. I really believe the team realized that things were lost under Henning's lead late in the season and mailed it in on offence the last 3-4 games of the year. I don not believe this team is as bad as their record showed.

And yes, I'm looking forward to the lesbian party DC....probably won't have any exciting stories for you guys though....LOL.

Did you tell me you were 38 DC?

Don't give up on Henne. Not yet. Like Craig points out, (and so have I on various posts) alot of his woes were not even his fault.

I can not even count the number of times the reciver couldn't hold on to the ball when it hit them between the numbers.

The Oline couldn't hold a pocket, nor run block.

Henning was miserable, and did absoluetly nothing to take advantage of Henne's strenghts.

True, Henne does seem to lack some killer instinct, but given the amount of crap he's had to endure, I believe has wilted his ego.

"It's all Hennes fault." is a bunch of bullsh!t

Give him one more year (with a better team and coaching) around him and then make a fair judgement.

If no improvement, throw him to the wolves.

I don't live in Florida but will these upgrades increase the Fins chances of winning? If "yes" then I'm all for it. If "no" then tell Mike dee to go back and fix my beloved Fins FIRST before he is concerning the organization and community with hosting superbowls and BCS games.

Dang Craig, stop making me older than I am. I'm 37 dude. 38 is over the hill!

I agree with (A.) Amando is stupid.

The stadium is fine. Invest the money in more bars, and better food stands.


Great post at 11:12am. Totally agree....

DC, then 43 must REALLY be over the hill!!....sad but true!

I think we need to invest the money in more strip clubs. Who need a roof when you have boobies

Just wondering Mark, Who do you suggest we make our QB? Just anybody? Anybody as long as it isn't Henne?

Are you preparing to try out as a walk-on? If so, I'll see you there, because I want to see your efforts first hand.

Hell, who needs Henne when we got our MVP in mark toronto...


I'd rather have VY over Henne any day. Henne may have played for a lousy OC, but the fact is he's not liked much by his own players. Even Marshall preferred piggy. I for one would like to see a more balanced game which includes running and passing.

Henne is at best a backup in this league. I don't think his performance over the last 3 years warrants giving him another try.

I think the mind set is that Henning locked Henne in, the fact is that Henne has no leadership skills. The only game he played looking like a leader was against the Raiders.

That said, why do you think that Henne merits one more game as the Dolphins QB?

I wonder if marshall is the problem for henne.
We should trade marshall and get our 2nd back this year and just call it a pat white experiment gone bad.

There is a reason that marshall has never been to the playoffs. He's cancer


You talk about leadership and then you mention you'd rather have Vince Young over Henne. I think that's funny!! Don't you realize that the Titans are getting rid of Young because of LACK of leadership. Do you consider a good leader someone who throws his pads into the stands out of frustration or walks out on his team mates? How about someone who is often moody or late for mettings? I'll trust Jeff Fisher's judgeent before I trust Young.

And you want to listen to Marshall, a guy who wore out his welcome in Denver and became disruptive to his team in practice and in games. Let me tell you what Brandon Marshall cares about....HIMSELF. He's interested in getting his stats so that he can get his big pay day. Again, I care very little about Brandon Marshall has to say. He wore out any credibility he had from his time in Denver.

Marooned, Mark wants us to draft a 1st-round QB (I believe his preference is Mallett).

Tony Sparano, Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins, benched Chad Henne twice in 2010. That was likely a group decision between himself, OC, QB coach...that speaks volumes. Haven't seen Sanchez, Flacco or Ryan get benched.

wily o, that's because they didn't have pennington as their backup and henning as their OC

Craig M.

You are great at avoiding or answering questions?

why do you think that Henne merits one more game as the Dolphins QB?

"Why do you think Henne merits one more game as the Dolphins QB?

Please don't say "cause you don't give up on a 25 yr-old QB. Standard answer given by you to Joe Schmoe.


To answer your question, Henne deserves another cahnce after only two season because of the fact that so much of what was wrong about him wasn't his fault. Any ineffective running game, porous OL, lack of seperation from his receivers, including a plodding TE, too many dropped passes and above all an inept offensive co-ordinator who had no answers and didn't even know how to utilize his best weapon in Marshall. Is Henne the answer? I don't know.....and neither do you or anybody else at this point.

Do a little homework....go back and look at some of the top QBs in the game and tell me how they looked after two years and tell me you KNEW they were going to be top QBs in the game. You didn't. I didn't. Nobody did. The story still has to be written on Henne.

Tony didn't have Pennington as a backup in game 16. I'm not saying the problems were ALL Henne, but when the Head Coach benches the QB, he has to have been disappointed in his performance for some time.

Oh and didn't the Titans part ways with Jeff Fisher as well? So, I think your wrong on that one, I'm not saying that VY is great, but with his limitations, I think he's still a smarter QB then Henne.

Most of us could care less if we host another Super Bowl, we just want to see our team playing in a few!

So upgrade what goes on between the white lines on Sunday and not in the stands. Ross and company are jokes.

Also on board with unloading Marshall while we can get something for him. It sure won't be a second rounder based on last year, but we need to cut our losses and move on.

Put a better product on the field and the money will come via. more nationally televised games. It's like asking for a new paint job on a race car that's the slowest on the track!

Ok guys, I said this before MANY, MANY TIMES. I have not given up on Chad Henne (after 3 years, not 2 Craig - you can't act like his redshirt year couldn't have provided any guidance on how to play this game). However, I am afraid of leaving this franchise's future in his hands completely. I want insurance, I want PLan 1A on this team. yes, I want Ryan Mallett or a reasonable facsimile. i want a guy that is not afraid, that will gun it out, that is battle tested against the best defences in college. We can all agree that this is Chad Henne's last chance. You can't keep this guy after year 4 and thinking he's the answer if he stinks it up. And I don't want to wait until next year to find the guy becuase if you do then you are looking at the next option to start at 2013 at the earliest instead of 2012.

This is a win win scenario. If Henne is much better next year then our QB problems are solved and we still have a marketable asset for trade in a Ryan Mallett if he shows the goods in preseason and camp - teams will be willing to trade good draft picks for a good qb who can start.

If Henne stinks then we have a "Ryan Mallett or reasonable facsimile" to start in 2012. By not drafting a good qb this year - we will have a bullcrap qb scenario next year.

If Henne is a top 15 qb, we make the playoffs next year whether or not we even have a 1st round pick this year.

On the other hand, if Henne continues to stink then it doesn't even matter if we draft Adrian Peterson at RB. After all, how many wins did he bring Minny this year despite having a good line, excellent WRs and a decent defense. When your Qb stinks, the rest of your team stinks. This is the only position that matters and deserves the sole focus of this administration this year.

The best QBs play in january - not the teams with the best players at all other positions other than Qbs.

And the bottem line on Henne is, he set so many records at Michagan that alone should suggest this kid's got something special. It is a shame he was forced to play with what he had around him these past couple years.

Getting rid of Marshall is a very good idea, ALL THINGS CONSIDERED.

Draft a QB next year, please...

Craig M.
After 2 years Eli and Peyton, Flacco, Ryan , Marino, Favre ( after he was told Flacons coach he'd never be a starter, that's on film ) Rothlesberger and Rodgers. They all showed signs of leadership, ability to read the field , make good decissions and not through to the check receiver 9 times out of ten! Do YOUR reasearch!


You should go back and check on Drew Brees' second season in the league when he was benched for DOUG FLUTIE and finishing the year 4-12. Did THAT speak volumes?

Geez, I wish guys would think before they open their mouths...

Breese had the skills, henne doesn't. Breese had the smarts, he had the X factor, he had good decision making... You cannot compare him to henne. You can't teach those certain gifts that some people are born with..Henne was born with a big arm, and that's about it

Mark in Toronto,

I totally agree, the QB is a must position for us next year. We really don't have much of a choice regarding Henne competing nest year. I don't know what Craig M and others see in him?

GulfDolphin, I'm not sure what Henne's college experience has to do with him being a GOOD Miami Dolphins QB? Some QB's have problems transitioning from college to the PRO's and that seems to be the case with Henne. Though, I totally agree with the comment you made regarding drafting a good QB. On that we can agree.

Craig. You are brilliant. You cite one example out of 9000 possibilities and want to say that confirms your argument. Peyton, Rodgers, Flacco, Ryan, Big Ben and a whole slew of others didn't get benched. The point is, if you can stop and actually think for a whole half a second, despite other issues with the offense, Sparano benched Henne twice, so obviously he saw some things that were wrong with him.

Consider everything, not just one measly example out of 100 that supports your reasoning and try to suggest that is proof.

Geez I wish some people would think before they write.

The best thing is to bring in competition..let them compete...and if Henne beats all of them out then so be it. I'm not against Henne, but he hasn't shown me that he is a starter in this league today. Also I seriously doubt Henne would beat too many QB's in a competition, especially in decision making and game smarts. I just want us to win, and get back to being a perennial playoff team.

Mark in Toronto,

Not looking for a fight but you are blinded by your love for Ryan Mallett. What is it you see that so many others don't? You say a 'reasonable facsimile' but what does that even mean? Who are you referring to? I don't see it this year. I'm not for adding a young QB 'just for the sake of adding a young QB'.

d-dense, the reason Fisher isn't back, after they told him he was coming back, is because the team FORCED him to fire some of his coaches. Chuck Cecil, one of his best friends and his defensive co-ordinator was fired by the owner. Fisher realized that he was a lam duck coach and was drawing from a smaller pool of coaches to fill out his staff after most guys had been hired. The fact he claimed to be burnt out seemed like an excuse to me.

Guys, Mark has it just about right. Craig makes some good points about Henne being mismanaged, but, bottom line is no one knows if Henne can turn it around or not.

Because he's still young and on the payroll, he should get another shot. BUT, he CAN'T be given the position, he needs competition. AND, we need insurance in case Henne proves he's not capable of being a good QB for this team.

So, we should be looking to give Henne competition through the draft, and then in FA whenever that happens. That gives Sparano a fall-back position if Henne stumbles, and doesn't ruin a whole year for us. We can't go another year "mailing it in" in Dec. We must compete. Someone must be there to step in if Henne doesn't cut it.

Craig you seem like the type that could wake up in the middle of the night with your house on fire and say wait, no need to run just yet, I believe the weatherman called for rain tonight! Mr.Pollyanna you are to the extreme.

a la the Cowboys with Romo and Kitna.

The fact is that we, nobody, knows who will make the leap from college to the NFL and be successful. It could be Ponder for all anyone knows..I doubt it, but it could be. The fact is you have to take the best guess with the information that you have and hope you got the right guy...we haven't made that correct call since Danny was our leader..


'Brees has the skills. The smarts. The X factor'.

So why did the Chargers bench him in his second season for Doug Flutie. Why did they draft a QB with the FOUTH overall pick after his second season and commit $40 million to him. The only reason that Rivers didn't start over Brees was because Rivers held out so long in his rookie season and didn't give himself a fair chance to compete. They gave up on him and let him walk away for nothing when he became a free agent.

Most overused cheesy word of the day...

Craig M... I have been making the point you brought up earlier(about passing 40 times a game)since training camp. I have been reading the archived stuff when Armando goes missing.There are perhaps 3-4 quaterbacks in this league that can do this and be succesful. Come playoff time NONE. It doesn't matter who we have behind center. When we regularly have to put the ball up this many times we are going to get beat.

I think that the Chicago game is the best example of this. I know it was Thiggy, but what were we doing? I don't think the running backs got 10 carries. We need to establish a running game. If we don't do this. We aren't going to get any better.

Back to Henne. His problems are wll documented. We can argue all day as to if it was his fault, or not. It doesn't matter. The offense as a whole need to improve. Can the play calling get better? Yes it has to. Does Henne need to get better? Of course(nobody will argue this)I will make the point that all 10 other offensive players need to play better. It was a bad season for the whole unit.

Craig..all of those decisions were made by the charger's FO..that's not to say that another teams FO would have benched him. You are talking about one incident that a few ignorant people made. It just isn't a good argument my friend. I'm not arguing with you, just wanted to bring facts out

I can agree with that DC Dolfin as long as we're saying that Henne isn't the starter. He needs to compete just like everyone else.

My concern is that Sparano again mistakenly goes to Henne, no matter what. Our OC doesn't really sit well with me either. That's another story, but this whole management and coaching fiasco really has changed the dynamic's.

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