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Mike Dee counters why stadium upgrades make sense

The last post gave reasons, unsophisticated though they may have been, why adding a roof to Sun Life Stadium and performing other significant upgrades bothers me if the bill is paid by someone other than Dolphins and stadium owner Stephen Ross.

Well, the post bothered the Dolphins.

I got a call from media relations senior vice president Harvey Greene telling me A. I am stupid. B. I am wrong on the topic. C. That club Chief Executive Officer Mike Dee wanted an opportunity to speak with me so he could explain why I'm stupid and wrong.

Seriously, the idea that Dee wanted an opportunity to explain the club's view on the matter is the real reason the Dolphins were calling. So I spoke with Dee for 35 minutes and he gave the club's viewpoint on the Sun Life Stadium upgrades issue.

What follows, in the spirit of fairness, is a Dolphins' take:

The club is working feverishly to gain the ability to tap local tourist bed tax dollars tied to hotel stays in an effort to upgrade Sun Life and other facilities in South Florida.

To correct the record, I said in the previous post that the New Orleans Superdome, built in 1975, has been awarded a Super Bowl coming up. It should be added that Louisiana is pouring between $300-$400 million in upgrades into that stadium. Also, the amount of money the Dolphins need for their upgrades here is $200 million, not the previously stated $250 million.

That money would go toward upgrading the stadium's orginal 1987 lighting that has to be improved for the benefit of modern television technology. The money would go toward upgrading what Dee terms as an "inadequate" video system infrastructure. The money would bring a number of seats 18 feet closer to the field and add 3,500 seats, thereby increasing the number of seats between the goal lines and probably making the place louder -- seemingly creating a football game experience superior to the one fans gets now.

The money also would go, most notably, toward buidling a canopy-type roof over the stadium that would guard fans against the elements while still allowing the playing surface to remain out in the elements.

"Doing all those things would bring us just above the Mendoza line, or in the zip code of where we need to be as a facility capable of attracting Super Bowl and BCS title games," Dee said.

The upgrades would also add approximately 30 years of shelf life to Sun Life Stadium, Dee said.

Understand that Sun Life is the only dual purpose facility that regularly competes for Super Bowls. Understand that the BCS contract expires in 2013. The upgrades, Dee says, would bring the facility more closely in line with its Super Bowl competitors and increase South Florida's chances of staying in the mix for BCS title games.

"The landscape is changing and it has us concerned," Dee said. "Facilities have come online that are newer and perhaps more attractive to the NFL. Dallas is going to be competing for Super Bowls over the longterm. It won't be a one-off award to Dallas. They’re already gearing up bids for 2015, 2016. They're also interested in attracting the BCS.

"New stadium competition today is far greater than it was in the 80s. We take the possibility that we could be out of the Super Bowl rotation as real. Even if we wanted to get a Super Bowl every eight to 10 years, taking the view we’re just like Tampa and we can make due with the way things are or doing minor upgrades, there's a good chance we might not get those games. We don't want to take that approach without debating the potential consequences with the community."

The approach the Dolphins want to see South Florida take is that the league's biggest game comes to town perhaps every four to five years.

And, Dee makes the point, that will not happen unless Sun Life is upgraded. 

The construction of the original Joe Robbie Stadium was done through private funds in the 1980s. Three years ago, then owner H. Wayne Huizenga invested $250 million in upgrades, primarily to the club level and concourses, but did not attend to the greater needs outlined above. 

So I asked what I think is the most pertinent question: Why doesn't Ross pay for the upgrades to his stadium?

"It's well documented what we paid for the franchise," Dee said. "I don’t want to go into details now but we are willing to share once the process goes forward. Basically we're dealing with constraints the NFL places on ownership as to the amount of debt you can take on."

Dee made the point the current stadium debt is $235 million. The debt on the franchise sale is significant. Ross, it seems, is working under a budget partially placed on him by the league. And paying $200 million for upgrades would be over his budget.

Dee said that doesn't mean Ross isn't willing to make this a public-private venture. Although he declined to say how much Ross would be willing to contribute, he said that figure has been shared with investors and they are apparently comfortable with the figures.

They are eight-figure numbers.

"It's a significant investment," Dee said.

The Dolphins have state legislators working with them. Bills have already been referenced to committees that would raise local bed taxes levels from the current six percent cap. If the legislation fails, the issue is dead for the time being. Obviously it would not be brought back up until the 2012 legislative session at the earliest.

If the legislation passes in Tallahassee, the Dolphins move on to the next step: Getting local politicians to approve.

"We're trying to bring the conversation to the table locally," Dee said. "We would do it in as transparent a way as possible. Even those that oppose us say we’re doing it with all our cards face up on the table."

Dee said there would be town hall meetings, open houses, and public hearings on the issue. "It would be a process to make the public aware of what's at stake," he said.

There would not, however, be a ballot measure put to the voters for an up or down vote. The measure would be decided by the politicians the voters elected.

The Dolphins are fighting this legislative fight and, results notwithstanding, vow to continue bidding on Super Bowls that bring a financial benefit to South Florida. South Florida has already submitted its interest to bid on the 2015 game.

"We’re not going to stop going after Super Bowls," Dee said. "We’re going to go after them as much as the community wants us to go after them."

But that comes with a warning. If future bids don't include a stadium that has undergone significant upgrades -- upgrades the Dolphins want financed through a public-private partnership -- the chances of succeeding in getting future games decline.

That's why making the public portion of this venture a reality is important, Dee said. That's why failure would be problematic.

"It would be disappointing if we're not successful," Dee said. "We're prepared to live with that. But unlike others, we're not saying we're going anywhere. We’re going to be here. We've been here 45-plus years. We're going to continue being part of this community even if the upgrades don't happen. That doesn't make South Florida not a great place. It would just make it a place that doesn’t host big events as regularly as we've come to expect."


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Darryl..that is true..we do need a lot of guys to play better.

Lets take a poll. Who will be the starter at QB for game 1 in 2011 NFL season.

A. henne
B. Someone else

Although I want it to be B I think it'll be A. I just don't see us getting anyone that can beat henne this off season to start season opener.


Really good post at 12:27pm. People on here will say I will dfend Henne regardless. That's not true. He has fault in this too. The QB play NEEDS to be better in order for us to better. No question! All of it....playcalling, execution, time management....all eleven players on offence.

Henne will start the season Boulder

d-dense, I don't think you have to worry about Sparano making Henne the starter automatically. Yes, he was a moron last year, but after this offseason, I'm pretty sure the guy learned his lesson. Heck, he would have benched Henne for good last year if there was someone better behind him. So, as long as someone is there who plays QB, Henne will have competition (and frankly, I don't even think Sparano WANTS Henne to win the starting position). I think Henne makes Sparano nervous for his job.

And that's why, to Boulder's question, I see someone else winning the starting QB position, with Henne relegated to a career backup role.

Henne will have to play really well in order to start. Sparano is coaching for his job in 2011, he is not going to let Henne decide his future for him if he has another QB that can actually hit a receiver in stride more than once a week. Henne leads his receivers right into a defender 90% of the time, thats if he didn't under throw it, over throw it or have the pass batted down.

Henne can help himself by working in the hybrid-spread offense this offseason. 'Cause that's what's coming folks (if you believe the OC). And I'm all for it!


Interesting. I was in agreement with your post right up to the point where you said Henne wouldn't start the season and Henne would become a career backup. I just can't see anyone who is out there being a better option. I think they will have too much competition for guys like Orton and Young and won't want to give up the picks or be beat out by other teams. For a guy like Young, he's going to want to know he's the starter before he goes anywhere and I don't think the Dolphins will give him that type of guarantee. It'll be an ipen competition whoever it is. You can look to teams like Tenessee, Minnesota, Carolina, Arizona, SF and others to look to add a QB either in FA and the draft. Best option is going to be something like a guy like Marc Bulger.

Ross should pay down his debt so he can pay for the improvements himself. The Dolphins are a private corporation. If they want public money then public should partake of the profits. If the Dolpins don't make money they he bought the firm so he would have a place to party on Sundays.

And lets be honest, it is the large corporations that make most of the profit from a Super Bowel (Hilton, Coors & Pizza Hut as examples). Waiters, the ladies that clean up the rooms, and taxi drivers may be busy for a week but I doubt that adds up to hundreds of millions of dollors. Not even close.

They want to take your money people and live even more like Kings & Queens. Millionaires without shame.

I'll back up Craig with some actual facts. Heres some TD:INT ratios of guys in their 1st 2 years of PT

Elway- 47:52 (1st 3 years)
Aikman- 31:46 (1st 3 years)
P Manning- 52:43
Brees- 28:31
Young- 11:21 (19 games/2 seasons). And that was after having the USFL experience under his belt.

TomBrady wasnt "TOM BRADY: SUPERSTAR" his 1st couple seasons. He was more of a game manager. Remember the 1st Pats SB. Everyone talked about how they won as a team with no stars. Bledsoe was QB in the AFC championship game that year. Half the Pats fans wanted him to start the SB. The next year they were a .500 team that missed the playoffs.
The point is Henne has all the tools to succeed. He may fall on his face this coming year, in which case I'll say its time to move on. But the list of QB's who took more than 2 seasons to hit their stride and have it "click" for them is a long one. If I didnt have a life, I coulda made that list much longer

No doubt that hosting major sporting events is a benefit for "some" members of the communittee, specifically restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues likely patroned by the visiting fans. If what the Dolphins claim is true and the benefit to those that have a likelihood to benefit believe that said benefit is greater than the cost then this should be easy and the owners of these affected establishments should be willing to voluntarily contribute a Stadium-Upgrade-Fund and no legislation to force anyone to pay should be necessary. Hotels, restaurants, etc., should just increase their charged rates according (without legislation) and then pass the additional funds to the Stadium-Upgrade-Fund.

Oh... but the Dolphin front office doesn't think that will work? Could it possibly be because those businesses likely to benefit, after evaluating what is best for their OWN INTERSTS, have concluded that that inventing (since that what it would be) in the Stadium-Upgrade-Fund would not have a suitable return? Hmmm.....

The Dolphins can dress this as they wish but using the force of legislation to compel those they claim will benefit is very thinly veiled political corruption.

Here's why the opinions of the out-of-town fans matters on this subject.

The Super Bowl and the boon that comes with it comes to Miami *maybe* once every five to ten years. During that time the Dolphins will play between 40 and 80 home games (potentially more IF the product on the field were to ever warrant another home playoff game).

So while none of those games will individually bring the economic tsunami that a Super Bowl would, out-of-town fans like myself would bring their families to South Florida more often if the team could win with any kind of consistency. If we estimate that each fan coming to Miami will spend $1000 between hotels, restaurants, tickets, parking, souvenirs, etc that generates $5 million in local spending for every 5000 fans. Multiply that by just 40 games and you're already talking about $200million or $40million PER YEAR. And if the Dolphins could somehow manage to find their way back amongst the elite teams year after year these numbers will be much, much higher. Getting on a run like the Patriots, Steelers or Colts have been on would literally bring hundreds of millions of dollars to South Florida. That's a fact.

I've noticed while watching the games from my home in Southern California that the local fan base hasn't exactly been flocking to the stadium these days, and with a 1-7 home record that is completely justified but that also underscores why putting the team first and not the stadium offers the best solution for all that ails the Dolphins.

The myopic view of just fleecing out-of-towners for every cent possible is juvenile and for someone like myself who really enjoys going to South Florida and generally thinks highly of the area, the people who spewed that sentiment aren't doing anybody any favors with their dimwitted diatribes.

if the F/o cant replace Henne
ireland goes back to being a scout
and tony a line coach

count on it

One more Henne fact:

He has started 28 games in the NFL

14 of those he has had a QB rating over 80.

Thats pretty solid for a young guy. It speaks to consistency, not lack of ability. Not being handcuffed by Henning wont hurt either

Craig, I'm just using intuition to make that prediction. Like last year, Sparano will have a preference for QB (last year it was Henne). He won't (and doesn't) see it like you guys. Yes, he'll agree with the playcalling at times, he'll agree the oline and run game needs to improve, but what I think Sparano will see in glaring, stark colors, is all of Henne's missed passing attempts. The overthrows, underthrows, etc. And I don't think he wants to test those waters again. Add to that the hybrid-spread, and Henne's lack of mobility (which can't really get fixed since that's just who he is), and to me, Sparano will give anyone and everyone a shot at the starting position before he gives it back to Henne. I see Henne as their last choice honestly.

Now, you may be right, the last choice might be the best option (would mean it's the only option), but again, I don't see that. I see a 1 if not 2 new QBs to give Henne a run for his money. And Sparano will probably want to go with one of them if at all possible (just my gut feeling).

GP, Henne has all the tools to fail too:
- no leadership skills
- lack of mobility
- lack of confidence
- low release increasing batted balls
- doesn't read defenses quick enough
- poor football IQ and situational game management
- inaccurate

Not saying he can't get better and most of those, just saying he has just as many bad qualities as good qualities. So, having "all the tools" isn't really reason to start a guy. The guy needs to show he can play consistently (that means overcoming obstacles, since it's hard to ensure everything will be 100% right all 16 games during a season. A good QB can nullify bad play elsewhere, and that's what's needed).

Craig, I mean Ryan Mallett or another Qb of 1st round grade talent. Not another 2nd round qb like Henne and White. I am sick of this franchise thinking they are smarter than everyone else and thinking they will get the next John Elway in the 2nd round while everyone else passes them over at least once. I am sick of this franchise plugging the most important position with 2nd rate talent.

Is there a worse QB in the red zone than Henne?

It would behoove Ross and Dee to pay close attention to what's going on over here in LA. We have been without pro football for over 10 years due to the simple fact that we don't have a modern facility. And for over 10 years, several developers has proposed their plans - all based on public financing - and all have been soundly rejected. Momentum finally kicked in yesterday with the announcement by AEG president Leiweke that a new stadium will be financed 100% by private money.

If the nation's second largest media market can go without a team for 10 years, how can Ross expect the fine people of Miami to support a new roof? I get it. I get that by regulations, Ross can't incur a certain debt percentage - that paying $200 million is over his budget. But in this economic climate in which local services are being cut, why go after public money (even if it's tourists' dollars) when private investors can certainly cover that cost? No elected politicians will risk their necks to support bed taxes if their constituents resoundly reject the idea.

BTW, developers got $700 million from Farmers Insurance just for the 30 year naming right. How much did Sun Life paid for their naming? Try a little harder, Mr. Ross, that's all I'm saying.

I would love to see Henne take off and be the guy, QB problem solved right ?

The real Henne issue is game speed,
many kids come out of college and face the same problem

he struggles with the shotgun, because it requires him to take his eyes off the DB's
even for a second, it makes him have to re-do his reads.
he has the same issue with play-action,

the situation really shows itself in the red zone, the field compresses, linebackers
drop inton pass coverage etc.

these things have exposed themselves to sophisticated defenses and it has truly caused Henne to regress

it would be easy to blame his shortcomings on the o-line or play calling,
but there is more to it than that

can he overcome it, thats a big question mark,
most kids do not, some do

All I know is one group is gonna be EXTREMELY damaged come the season. Because this QB topic has been debated almost as much as the Israeli-Palestinian issue. And those (like me) who have made their positions clear and stuck with them, will be pilloried if they are wrong. Yes, I think most if not all of us don't care about who's right and who's wrong, but we're so ingrained in our respective positions, that it's human nature that one party will feel vindicated, and will let the other party know they were wrong all along.

I, for one, will be here to take my medicine if I'm wrong. All I say is, go easy on me!

I have done my due dillegence on this. Trying to find actual facts, instead of projections. It was hard. But this is what I dug up. Final economic totals for lasy years Super Bowl in Miami. 333 million dollars. With over 98000 visitors to the area. The average income of these visitors was 220 thousand dollars per year. The average visitor spent 401 dollars per day, over 1 week. Now add the build up, and planning that goes on(I have no hard numbers for this)and the total goes up even more.
Then I went to the Florida Law book, and read how these funds are distributed. And only 1 percent of the now 6 percent from these bed and food taxes can go toward proffesional sports teams. Any more would require a change to Florida Law. The Dolphins are proposing a hike of just 1 percent to a total of 7 percent bed tax. What I don't know is how much of the proposed 7 percent the Phins are after.

7 percent is a very low bed tax for a tourist area. This is 2 percent lower then what Hotels in tourist area of Montana pay. Not only do these Hotels pay a flat 6 percent rate. But also a 3 percent Resort Tax that is applied to EVERYTHING(except gas, milk, eggs, bread). These taxes(very unpopular) Are the lifeline to tourism. Like it or not, they are only meant to promote further tourism. If the numbers I have are correct(I believe they are)As a city, you cannot pass up 333 million dollars of Tourist money.

Actually, we are mirroring what's happening in Egypt now.

There's one side (my side) that is tired of being oppressed (by losing) and wants change. We want Mubarak (Henne, Sparano) to leave. Then there's the other side, the stability side. They want continuity.

It's almost like those Civil War re-enactments they do around here.

Now we just need camels and we'll be official!

Look, I do not want to throw Henne out the door, but I simply can't think the franchise (notice I typed franchise, not administration because I think they may have conflicting objectives)can afford to wait another year to think Henne will be the long term answer. In case he isn't there has to be another long term solution in place before teh next draft. The next guy will have to be able to start game 1, 2012 or else we will look at the 2012 being Qb'd by the modern day Gus Frerrotte - no future - no point.

I've got it. Just turn Joe Robbie Stadium into the world's largest WalMart and build a football only stadium downtown.

Just thought of something right now. Our QB position mirrors exactly what Buffalo was facing going into the last draft. Trent Edwards (another non 1st round pick talent) had a lot more questions than answers surrounding him. Yet, Buffalo goes the safe conservative route and drafts CJ Spiller instead of trying to move up for Bradford or even rolling the dice with Jimmy Claussen. Turns out Edwards doesn't even survive week 4 or whatever it was and gets cut outright. Is plan B on the team? No, does Buffalo feel good about their Qb position going into next year? Not particularly, sure Fitzpatrick had some nice games and played to the maximum of his abilities but is he really nothing more than "the modern day Gus Frerotte"? maybe Claussen doesn't turn out to be anything, who knows - but at least there is something there to work with. Buffalo? No future, no point to 2011.

let's learn from history here folks.

Henne and Marshall can no longer coexist together. That is obvious. Something has to give. They'll keep Marshall over Henne. Henne will be backup in 2011, gone in 2012.

When did they ever coexist??? Didn't realize that they had.... Just saying...

jw, I disagree. I think losing breeds contempt. If the team starts to win, all these guys are the best of friends.


personally, I could care less who is right, or wrong.
we need serious competition at the QB position.
a new OC means there will be a new playbook

bring in a couple of gunslingers, let them battle it out and the best one will be the starter.

I as many feel that we are closer than it appears,
we are a QB away from the playoff's
and a couple of pieces from contending

actually it was henne's fault. constantly throwing into double coverage, throwing to the wrong side. he has poor decision making skills along with to many other negatives to point out. who knows what these jokers will do at qb. maybe they won't do anything and hand henne the job once again, but all i know is if they do bring in a fa, henne will not be the starter, and if they don't and henne is the starter, he will finally prove to the non- believers that he doesn't have what it takes to be a nfl qb.

HENNE is going into his 4th year and has been regressing. this isnt what you want to see in your franchise qb. henne becomes another wasted 2nd round qb pick to go along with beck and white.

DC: I agree with you on most of his shortcomings. He's never gonna be mobile, but who cares? He's not any slower than Manning or Brady or most other pocket passers. The one thing I do worry about is batted balls. Thats pocket presence, I'm not sure if that can be learned. I feel sliding in the pocket is an instinct thing.

However the other problems are speed of the game issues that D PHIN FAN touched on. As well as reading defenses. Those are problems most young QB's have. If you look at successful QB's, you can tell by the numbers, somewhere in 30-40 games started range, the game slows down for them.

Guys like Marino, who come out slinging in their rookie year are few and far between. Most guys need a little time to mature. I'm not guaranteeing the guy is gonna be good, but you cant close the book on him yet, its too soon. Why spend a 2nd round pick on someone, have him show flashes of brilliance, and then give up on him so quickly? It doesnt make sense to not give him one more year. The numbers bare it out.

check out the you tube video called chad henne is a joke. that sums it up right there!!!! some funny sh$t!

I think Henne will be the starter and will suprise many on this forum.

dolphin 77, I respect your opinions, and don't agree.

But I have to say this. your facts, that you claim are facts are far from facts.

I am not sure what games you watched this year, Henne was bad A LOT more than we can allow him to be.

But he had many good moments also.

Well, we have to bring the Super Bowl to Miami so we can see what a football game between two good NFL teams looks like. You know, you can along hang onto those Shula era memories for so long...

GP/Poizen, as you guys see, best thing the organization can do is bring in competition for Henne. When Brees regressed, they still had a QB on the roster. Then they took Rivers (well, Eli, but they got Rivers). When Brees won the starting position, that gave the team cover that he was the best option.

Same should happen here. Give Henne competition. If he wins the starting position, you'll hear mostly everyone who doesn't have much faith in Henne shut up, because he won fair and square.

All this endless talk about QB when the most important issue to resolve is the leader. TS not HC material..has proven he can not lead his cooridnators because he doesn't know enough. So he rides with them no matter how bad they perform. (Pascoa???li, Special Teams, Henning). Sparano can't even speak his native language about a 6th grade level. We are stuck one more year with him, hopefully they won't choose another coney island hot dog vender.

DC, according to greg z who says he was at all the practices last pre season, Henne didn't win fair and square. He says Henne was awful the whole time and Thiggy clearly out played him. There is no fair and square with this team.

jw, I read greg z., also. I know TS doesn't like Henne(he benched him) and it seems incredible to me that any HC would not notice that his QB sucked in training camp. So, who forced Sparano to start Henne? BP, Ireland, Ross? Probably, Ireland with Ross's backing.

DC, You know I agree with competition, and GOOD competition. I could care less if Henne starts or not. I just think he has the skills to be that good. I just want the team to win, so bring on competition, just please make it good. Not Vince Young... :)

Maybe this Owner and the FO learned their lesson, and maybe not. We'll see.

jw/oscar, I think between Henne/Thigpen, on their face, it's hard not to like Henne better. He's bigger, better arm, better resume. So, with what Henne did in '09 (not great, but a good start), I think that's what won him the job.

Next year will be different. Henne will be in Thigpen's place (out of favor with the coaches) and so the competition will have a fair shot to win the job.

But really, we should ALL want Henne to win it. It's easier for us fans and the franchise if Henne ends up being the guy. Then we don't have to waste picks in the future. So, I may not WANT Henne, I may not THINK Henne can do it, but I sure HOPE Henne can, that's the best scenario.

Garbage Plate....good to see you back....

I I saw you posted some stats of past ALL WORLD QBs...TD to INT ratio....in an argument for Henne...but you didn't post Henne's....its hard to come up with an assesment with out all the information.....

Also when I noted that 57% of the last 20 SB winners were first RD QB's...you never came back and either refuted it or even acknowledged it.....

Knowning that.....does that change your stance on taking a QB in the 1dt RD....with 1st RD talent?


Do all of you know that Vince Young has the best winning percentage of all likely FAs out there this year?

Now, his leadership skills, that's a problem. I'm not saying I definitely want him. But I like that win-loss percentage, it's better than .500.

Mark in Toronto....great post....I don't rember the time....but the gist of it was a WIN WIN situation...and thats exactly what it is....

Any Dolphin fan with common sense should only want a best for this team...If that is Henne...then great...if its someone else great.....lets just get this thing solved....and start winning!

Also, not sure he's a FA, but what about Kitna? He played great for Dallas this year. He's no long-term answer, but don't you think he can step in and hold it down until we get a draft pick coached up and ready to play?

Yea, I have seen it. DC. That being said until this year their O-Line play was incredible. Look what Collins did with that line. C.Johnson about 2K in yards...

Thats my point about Henne, you build the O-line and any QB could be good, but with some of the skills Henne is SUPPOSED to possess he could be a monster with time.

DC....i would go a step further...what makes me nervous is his lack of accuracy....his inablility to be effective without Chirs Johnson....and his baby-like attitude....

In my mind he is a progress stopper because he will want to be the long term solution and will cry if he isn't touted as the savior....

OK, DC. But, going to another subject, how can Henne perform adequately in 2009 and then suck so badly in 2010? How could John Bonamego coach the ST's well for 2 years then fuc-up so badly last year? Something that makes me thinkthinkthink....

DC....Kitna could do well.....we have seen that a Vet QB can win in this league...its boring and ugly....but not turning over the ball greatly increases your percentage to wn a game....

Think what oscar....

Kitna would be nice, If this O-line holds up. Kitna is a statue at this point. with the o-line we had last year he would get crushed. Hell even Thiggy could not get away fast enough.

I would start Pennington if the team doc puts his JOB on the line and clearts him.....but if he goes down after the 1st DE runs PAST hi...that DOC should be FIRED

Think that we need(and already have) a reliable quality control Coach, kris.

Poizen/kris, we agree then. For ANY QB to be successful in 2011, we need to fix the oline/RB situation. I think that can be done (at the very least). But I agree VY is a big "if." But he's like a shiny surface in the sun, that shimmer from those wins makes him look very appealing.

oscar, 1 answer: EXPECTATIONS. In '09, Henne came off the bench. The very fact that he could throw a TD made him adequate to the mind of many, since we weren't really expecting too much from him.

But in 2010, he was the starter, with almost a year under his belt, and therefore the expectations were greater.

Also, I don't agree Bonamego coached the ST well for 2 years. They were pretty bad this whole tenure (Sparano). Ginn was the reason they shined a little, but not too much (on coverage).

If there's ONE QB we should ALL be able to say we've seen enough of, it's Pennington.

Don't get me wrong kris, love him, best QB we've had here since Marino. But, c'mon, can you bare seeing him getting tapped on the shoulder and going down again? This last time, if it wasn't so pitiful it would have been comical. He wasn't even touched. I've laid a baby on a bed harder than the way he fell, and he got hurt. Pennington is done. He needs to hang up the cleats and go into coaching.

At least, if Henne goes down, I know he'll get up. Pennington, if he's patted on the back a little too hard that might be the end of his career.

Please, no more Pennington!

I don't think anyone here is claiming Henne is "everything". Sure we'd love to have another Marino, and Henne is not, nor ever will be.

And I don't believe those expressing to give the man another year have opted out of a QB competition starting immediately, if not sooner.

With the CBA in limbo, the FO is stuck in a rut regarding the FA supplement.

Not like there's a ton of talent out there just itching to get to Miami anyway. Or a college QB proven any better than what we have in Henne.

Transitions, etc. and all...

(I am for drafting Andy Dalton, or perhaps even Sanzi, or Mallet for that matter, but that can take a back burner to what really needs to be done for this team. When I say back-burner, I ain't saying turn off the stove, but one must be realistic. None will start next year in the NFL with any great success. And all would have failed given the same team Henne was forced with last year.)

I know it sounds drab, but the team needs to address the Oline, followed by a young speedy running back. And take a serious look at our SpecialTeams. They aint that special.

Our defense can stand on its own for now - although jaded - could use an FA adjustment when the CBA is final.

If Henne can't make the transition to the NFL in his fourth year, we'll know it before our bye-week.

I feel sorry for whomever has to take his place. Because in all honesty, I can't see anybody coming in and making the difference unless we get the line right, and a running game.

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