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Quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks

What can most of us agree on?

It's about the quaterback. In the NFL it is always about the quarterback. Quarterbacks, quarterback, quarterbacks.

Teams have won titles without great ones -- if you believe digging back over a decade when rules were different is fair. But if you're talking about the game lately, you cannot win it all without a fine QB.

That's the reason my Sunday column is all about quarterbacks. I tell you some stuff about Miami's history of chasing quarterbacks that might surprise you. I tell you stuff of the coming chase for a quarterback that is affected by the job status of coach Tony Sparano and GM Jeff Ireland. And I tell you how chasing vets like Marc Bulger or Kevin Kolb might be harder than you think.

One thing I failed to mention was a rising name among NFL people that should not be overlooked by the Dolphins: Green Bay quarterback Matt Flynn.

It's widely believed the Packers will listen to trade offers for Flynn this offseason because they understand Flynn may eventually depart via free agency and they would get nothing for him in return. so getting something now might be more palatable than getting nothing later.

Some NFL teams believe Flynn might be ready begin his career as an NFL starter. He'd have learning to do. He'd have to ripen a bit. But his performance in Week 15 against New England made some folks pay attention. Flynn started for Aaron Rodgers and completed 24 of 37 passes for 251 yards, with three TDs and one INT in the game.

So against a team that has had a QB advantage over the Dolphins for a decade, Flynn completed 64.1 percent of his passes and had a 100.2 rating. Yes, the Packers lost 31-27 to New England, but if you watched the game you understand Flynn did his part.

And that is at least worth considering if you're the Dolphins.

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Armando....I already started talking about this on your previous Blog...WHICH YOU LEFT UP FOR 3 DAYS!!!

Anyway....can I at least get a shout out.....

Flynn did look nice in that game...but its ONE GAME.....Henne has looked decent for a game...i'm sure....he has to many 300 yard passing games to not look good in at least one of them....

Like the jets in 09......he kooked dam good then....

If they got Flynn and he took of....I would love it....but as a staff with ONE YEAR to prove they know the difference between football and the backside of a horse....i doubt they will mortage their future on a one game wonder.....

Guess they will have to go back and look at his college tape....

Why isn't anyone speaking about Vince Young? I'd rather have him than Cam Newton.

Armando, why must you so often tell us in the blog what you told us in another article, and then go through repeating the points and highlighting several words that all link to that same article?

It's annoying. I'm not aware of any other writer that does this.

we fans on this blog love to talk about all the possibilities of improving our team from free agents to who we like in the draft and who we hope the dolphins will get. the last two drafts coupled with all the free agent misses and mis-steps have me convinced that we won't take the necessary chances to get more than just mediocre picks in the draft. we never pick weapons or move up for a real need. we left clay matthews on the board who gbay grabbed one pick later. as long as we have ireland/sparano in charge of talent we are destined to be nothing more than average. i like fellow bloggers ideas on talent much better than our front office selections. how about sparano's insistence that they drafted pat white as a QB when all of us knew he wasnt an nfl qb. same with patrick turner being the next keyshawn. ireland is just now realizing we need speed(in his 4th year) geez!!!!!!!!!!

I just received an email from Jeff Ireland. Thought I'd share it with you:

We can not waste a 1st round pick on a QB this year since we desperately need to reclaim the second round pick I gave away for Brandon.

I'm looking to add some speed on the return team, perhaps a Ted Ginn type, someone that can maybe as well stretch the field as a wideout on occasion. Next, a good all around ST player like a Jason Allen type would then shore up our needs there.

I see the need for one more LB, for depth, something like a Matt Roth who can play run or pass.

Also, we had way too many dropped balls last year from all the wideouts. I'm looking for a good, sure handed possesion reciever, someone like a Greg Camarillo.

We have not given up on Chad Henne, even though he appears to have given up on himself. We have the option of resigning Pennington, hey two Chad's are better than one, right? As well, I see perhaps an acorn QB from the Dallas practice squad falling into our laps come summertime.

I feel really optimistic about our decision making and what we are doing as an organization. It may not look like we are improving, but I can assure the our 7-9 2010 team was way better than our 7-9 2009 team.

Regards, Jeff Ireland

If he is any good. The other teams know it. Miami is not going to give up the draft picks necessary to get him. Because for some dumb reason, they think the QB position isn't that important. Not worth putting all their resourses into finding the real deal. Versus the backups they have coveted for the last 12 yrs. Makes no sense. Even if they did happen to get Flynn. Us fans can't trust they made the right decision. Given all the picks wasted on backup QB's in the past.

Not to down play flynn's potential... but the patriots defense was not exactly stifling last year.

Matt Flynn. Excellent player in the making. Someone else will get him and he'll start 10 years like Hasselbech did for Seattle.

ox80, i like ur post at 1:09. i'm very concerned about our complete lack of talent evaluators. i have zero confidence in our FO. we will be stepping over talent looking for acorns. we will again outsmart ourselves!

Packers find Matt Flynn in the seventh round even though he won a national title at LSU and wasn't exactly a secret to ANYONE.

Now they get to trade him for maybe a third or fourth round pick..

I can understand why a team like that wins the Super Bowl.

They are sellers. Us? we're always buyers.

andy dalton.
he won't kill a game, and that is what the dolphins need

I like Flynn's potential, but anyone that watched that game would tell you he easily could have thrown 3 or 4 picks. Plus, he's a west coast QB which means his learning curve will be that much greater going to any other offense (or so I've read over and over). Still think Kyle Orton is the safest, easiest transition, less expensive option out there. The guy is solid, has gotten better every year he has played, and probably wouldn't cost you a 1st rounder and a new contract like Kolb would. Sadly, I doubt Denver would really trade him. They have no loyalty to Tebow since the new regime didn't pick him. So if it comes down to Flynn or Kolb, I'd go with Flynn.

Matt Flynn should have been on everyones radar a year ago he just showed a lil more this year. He has played well when given the oppurtunity i think every time he got on the field in my memory not just week 15 but yea i don't see us wasting a 2nd rd pick on the guy either Jay Feeley ringing any bells

Dalton or Stanzi in the 4th rd Pat devlin in the 5th would be draft day steals

Kaepernick and Ponder in the 3rd rd but not in the 2nd

Mallet in the 2nd w/ Gabbert being the most overrated outta the bunch i'd take him if he fell to 2nd... Locker and Newton are the only ones worthy of 1st rd consideration IMO

I'm sticking to my guns with Newton going before # 15 and Locker is gonna be the pick unless they trade down. I'm not believing his stock dropping hype he is a 1st rd pick no doubt. So Newton if he is available then Locker otherwise i'd Trade down and look for value

matt flynn is a mobile qb with a good arm, but we already have one of those in tyler thigpen if we could trade Henne for flynn then we would have two and penny to instruct.

0x80 at 01:09 PM

That was some good stuff and exactlly what and how this bunch goes about things.

I took a lot of flack for saying this a while back but I'm gonna say it again: Some of the guys on this board could do better than these guys.

greg z we got Vontae Davis who should've been goine around 15 at 25 they pulled the trigger on high talent and it paid off... enormously. It is extremely hard to get elite DB and now we have one of the top corners in the game. We also have one of the top OLBs in the game w Cam Wake from the CFL. Starting to get the picture. OLBs are a lot easier to come by obviously. Get off the Clay Matthews train cuz Cam Wake is the better player at ROLB.

The Patriots pass defense struggled all year and last I checked that Packers offense that Flynn played with was pretty good.

Maybe he'll be a quality starter but those of you projecting it based on one game (and I know you're lying if you say you even knew who he was before that) are jumping the gun to an almost comical degree.

I noticed Flynn a couple year ago but yea i'd still agree on staying away from him but calling him a one game wonder is ignorant

Beerphin....I agree with your QB thinking...Newton/Locker....but I woudn't trade down if they're not there,,,i would just BPA....and get a QB in FA this year.....

I disagree with you on matt flynn looking good every game....he went in after Rodgers went down with the 2nd concussion and he looked horrible...but you can chalk that up to lack of practice I guess...he looked much better with a full week of practice against NE....

Any way the book on him as a starter....2-1....3 TD's 2 picks...85.2 passer rating,,, he has room for growth....

I guess what I disagree about the most is using the word "elite" especially when refering to Vontae Davis.....

I have said it many times"elite" is the most over used word on this blog...especialluy when your talking about a football team that has been to the playoff once in the last 10 years.....

elite means that any football fan will know who this player is....not just Homer's...

when i think elite CBs....i think of Revis...Assominuga (whatever)...and maybe Charles Woodson....

When I think elite QB.....I think Manning/brady/brees/rivers/

You see where i'm going.....Vontae is good to very good at times....but he is not elite.....

Elite means the other teams coaching staff is staying up figuring how to game plan against you....

Elite means you are a pro-bowler and in the running for offensive/defensive player of the year.....

I don't think any one other than Wake and Long fit the "elite category for us.....

I also think that as fans we should not elevate a player for doing his job.....

when he gets a pick 6 in a 16 game season...then maybe we can start the elite talk....but in reality it should be more like 3 pick 6's and 6 pick in total

the top 10 cornerbacks playing right now are elite in opinion meaning they are guys everyone else wish they had starting. I'd say Vontae's somewhere between 5-10 but still one of the best in the league and youngest... so that is where elite comes from

Armando, have you officially jumped on the Henne-is-never-going-to-be-good bandwagon?

You don't really say it outright, but you surely spend more time talking about FA and draft options than you do about Henne.

Henne can be just as good as Flacco and Ryan with the right mentorship. Not all QBs are the same, and perhaps the other two didn't need as mush coaching. But bad mentorship is far worse than no mentorship, and bad mentorship is exactly what Henne has received so far.

Remember Armando, when you stated that Henne looked/acted too much like David Lee?

Well there's new coaches in town. Daboll is younger and far more energetic than those dinosaurs that got the boot last month. And equally as important - Daboll coaches from the f'in sideline! Having a young energetic coach is a complete reversal from having senile Grandpa up in the booth during the game.

With the younger coaching, and a full offseason with B. Marshall, you're going to see an entirely different Chad Henne in the fall. The Chad Henne we all expected 3 years ago when he was drafted.

I don't see the value in mortgaging the future for a maybe player. If it isn't an 80 percent shot for a player don't take him in the top rounds. Maybe the Green Bay guy is good, but maybe he isn't.

Henne isn't that bad. Just get someone else to coach the kid. He will do fine. Draft a back at 15. Draft o-lineman next. There should be a tight end available in the later rounds along with a development qb.

I honestly think that Long, Davis, Bell, Dansby, Marshall, & Wake are the best at what they do. Bess is coming along fast too. It wasn't the greatest year for Ronnie and Ricky but a year ago people's optimism about them wouldn't be so low. I think they are elite as well. Ricky used to be amazing and Ronnie had one down year with an offense that stunk all around so i'm not ready to dismiss his worth as some people already have. There is a nucleus to this team they just need to build around what has worked and start fixing what hasn't... QB + interior line

Ricky I have a feeling is gone and he knew it... That's why he lashed out. I wouldn't be surprised if he has 3 more good years in him though not in Miami.

Speaking of ELITE...

I went through all the rosters for the first decade of the 21st century (2000 - 2009), and made a list of all the players that 'could arguably' be considered ELITE. That means not everyone may find all these players elite, but I don't believe anyone I left out would be considered elite, although I was tempted to include Tim Bowens and Darryl Gardner, I think they were very good but not elite. For the years that are not listed, its because there was nobody new to include to the list. Its pretty sad. And for those of you that actually go back and look at all those rosters, you will find the 'The Hall of Fame of Almost Mediocre Players'.

I tried to compile the list objectively, but for what its worth, a few of these players would not make it to my own personal elite list:

Jason Taylor
Zach Taylor
Olindo Mare
Patrick Surtain
Sam Madison

RIcky Williams

Wes Welker
Junior Seau (but well past his prime)

Jake Long

**oops, obviously I ment Zach Thomas above

I hope they go after a vet QB #1 Fix the OL so we can get back at least the same run game as 08&09.Speed at WR is important because when Hartline went down Henne went to complete meltdown mode.

A.J Feely. Tyler Thigpen. Jay Fielder. Brock Huard. Brian Griese. Sage Rosenfels. Gus Frerotte. Joey Harrington. Ray Lucas. Daunte Culpepper. Cleo Lemon. Trent Green. Josh McCown. Other than mediocrity, the one thing these guys have in common? We didn't draft any of them. We got them from other teams. Feely, in particular, is apropos right now, with all the Flynn talk. When will you guys learn that teams just don't trade away elite level QB's, unless they have much better already? I know that doesn't count out Flynn, but when was the last time you saw a traded backup live up to his hype? You might say Shaub, but if you really look at the guy, he is a garbage time wonder, and an under achiever. He has had an extremely solid run game for years, has had the best WR around, with good depth at the WR position, and a solid D, yet he has done NOTHING with it.

We have a new OC, and QB coach. look for the Phins to trade down, to pick up a second, and then to look for someone like Kaepernick in the second, or third round, not one of the first round guys. I know not drafting a first rounder will be as much of a repeat of history, for this regime, but I don't think there will be a first round bomb at QB available at 15 anyway.

Beerphin....thanks for the calrification.....

We differ on our opinion of elite....and thats OK....

I consider elite top at your postion....Since the league only has 32 teams....I keep the elite number to top 5.....

Davis is outside of that top 5 imo...and possibly could fall below the top 10....Shaun Smith played at an equal level late in the season...now if only he comes into camp with that mindset....then in my opinion we will have 2 very good CBs starting for us...and I know teams have won SB with far less talented CBs....

I believe Marshall is elite...along with Wake and Long...the rest....we could probably debate for hours.....

Grab Young (for zero draft picks) to fight it out with and push Henne. Then grab whats avaliable in the 3rd for another option to develop. Henne may have something to offer once the handcuffs come off. Young may not be an angel but he has lot of talent, is far from a wash and he may grow up within a year or two. If neither of these guys work out we have a rookie that is being prepared for battle in the near future.

I'd rather take a chance on Newton/ Locker than try out Young. Even Mallet is worth looking into before a proven problem I think red flags should be everywhere when a QB gets a coach of 15 yrs or whatever fired

0x80 at 1:09pm is a very funny but very true post. All the guys listed there are players from the other regimes. Ireland cut or traded those guys without having better people to take their places. Then he fills in the roster spots with scrubs from the Cowboys (because he drafted them back when he was there). How arrogant can this guy be? Look for Ricky, Ronnie, Vernon, Channing, Yeremiah to be let go in the near future for the next Cowboy retread. By the way Channing's replacement was going to be Bobby Carpenter but his Special Teams play got him cut two games too late.

Posted by: 0x80 | February 13, 2011 at 01:09 PM

LMAO! Nice work

Good Job Armando on QB article

All the more why the Dolphins need

6.6 255 lb QB Cam Newton

The fact Marshall still got 1000 yrds this year proves how much of a player he is... Wake Marshall Dansby Bess Fasano All great moves by Ireland shouldn't have passed on Bryant but Misi and Odrick might prove to be a great move if they both pan out if not the one big tarnish on Ireland in my opinion... I don't fault the guy for finding "acorns" maybe just his choice of words in both circumstances

Posted by: Ithaca Phin Fan | February 13, 2011 at 03:06 PM

With the younger coaching, and a full off season with B. Marshall, you're going to see an entirely different Chad Henna in the fall. The Chad Henna we all expected 3 years ago when he was drafted.

I wholeheartedly disagree with you. The Fins have a bunch of diaper coaches and coordinators, etc. NO experience in developing anybody. The ONLY experience is what we need to leave alone which is the DC.

The Experienced players like the Beast and the rest as the season grows along will lose all respect for their "diaper coaches" and cause a rift. Seasoned players want REAL coaches and coordinators who can actually HELP THEM and with this bunch of nothings we are destined to more of the same which will be at best... 5-11 if we get lucky.

When Ross fires ALL the LEFT over Tunas and hires a real GM/coach like COWHER is when we will begin thinking like a winning team vs the current thinking of playing scared like Soprano has done all along.

You cant change the color of the spots.. hence.. Hannie, Soprano, Ireland and company will have the same spots until they are purged from this team.

is flynn a free agent? If yes then why not? But I think vince young might be a better option

Flynn has 1 more year on his contract if you don't believe me read the article up there

Unless we can get newton or gabbert I think we should trade down and pick up the kid from nevada in the second round. And get a offensive lineman or a rb in the late first round.

flynn? forget about it... get cam newton if he falls to 15... show some guts already!

trading for flynn based on one game? I'm not so sure. Even henne has a good game once in a while

lets all repeat the other bloggers posts and see if we can get credit for it. seems like most come on here and read nothing more than the previous 3 posts, or say something that has been already written several times.

I'll take Vince Young and I have a feeling about Ponder. Draft O-line in the first(someday we need to get an O-line that's worth something).

Great blog Amando.

You are back on the offensive, and QB of all things. Let's keep some perspective though, the Oline...

I agree with many of your earlier blog's poster's, in that we need to concentrate on a future (if not immediate) QB. But I think Henne is indisposable, and obviously our starter. We could be worse off.

And my retort has always been, "get the Oline right, and any competent QB can succeed". The Redskin Hogs of the 80's is an example. Playing behind that oline, Henne would have killed opponets.

But that is neither here nor there. That was another era. To be frank, the 80's hogs would resemble piglets in todays NFL.

So yes, we do need to address the QB slot, without ignoring the Oline. And as it stands now - the CBA stigma - we must rely on our drafts.

We have 7 picks. # 1@15; 3@15; 4@14; 5@15; 6@14 and two 7th rounders at #14 and #15. The last one, regards to Jaxville.

Looking at our draft prospects - and intuitively speaking - we are only able to get QB Ryan Mallett out of Arkansas at #15. He is power ranked at 6.1(excellent),with a passer rating of 161.4. He's a pure passer. And the only reason he might be undrafted past the #14 slot is because many NFL teams will be glued to defensive picks, or busts...Additionally, all the other QB everyone is clammering about will be drafted by pick # 12 - Vikings.

Here is the quicksand:

For our 2nd pick in round 3, do we then attend to the oline, or special teams?

Special teams accounts for a third of the game. They make a difference. A game defining difference. Ain't saying the offense or defense isn't the meat and potatos, but the ST is equally important, and woefully emiciated last year. Frick that 3 point fist pump, unless it's a game winning kick in the end, not an every redzone priority.

So, do we draft Jerrel Jernigan from Troy U. next? Hmm, He's a multi dymo player. WR, RB, Kick/Punt returner. A Special teams delight. And he is projected to go either late 2nd, to mid 3rd round. Do we dare trade up on one of our 6th or one of our two 7th round picks to ensure his contract?

Hell no. I smell Ted Gin Jr. all over again.

Stick with the meat and potatos. We already have a kicker. He just needs to kick more extra points... Start from your own 20 and get it done, period...

Quicksand is one thing, concrete another...

Drafting a QB first means we cant get Pouncey, but guard Rodney Hudson out of Florida is ranked 29th in the top 100 picks. His only fault to my understanding is he is only 288 lbs. with fast feet. Growing up is easy in the NFL. Heck, in 6 months, he'll be the 300 lb product most teams dream of in regards to an ideal center.

He's within our draft range, (projected late 2nd to mid 3rd round). If we have to utylize one of our later picks to draft up to an early, early, third round, so be it. If Hudson is still undrafted at the beginning of 3rd round, I'll be stunned. If he is still around at 3rd round, and we don't pick him, I will go berzerk...unless something better presented itself prior...

These two bleeding wounds (QB and OG) are stiched as I see it. Of course, its a cut-throat system in the NFL. To get past my two hopeful picks is asking for a skinning.

Ya'll can squabble over the remaining 4 or 5 drafts picks and the SpecialTeams; CB issues, etc.

And by page 5, recipies, sissies, moisture, and each other's mama...

I read the past two days posts...

Oh, by the way, the CBA is one fan closer to closure. If Egypt can do it in 18 days, we can do it in...aw, this

Just as much as the NFL is a passing league, it's also a pass-rushing league. Look at Indy. Terrible defense for years but they survive bc they get sacks. We have 4 starting DEs for the most popular defensive scheme right now, the 3-4. We should look into trading Merling, Langford, Odrick, or Starks for a second or third pick.


The Jets did fine with Sanchez, and he simply ain't a franchise quarterback. Conversely, the Patriots lost out - to the Jets - with Brady under center.

The game ain't as simple as you want folks to believe. There's a lot more to it than quarterbacks, or the Rams would be a huge contender because they have Sam Bradford.

You really need to rethink this kind of simplistic approach to analyzing a complex game.


Armando's QB column was dead on! TS and Ireland don't draft Newton at 15, if available, they can be the next "Dumb and Domber!" let Newton compete with the experienced NFL QB, Henne....whom we picked instead of Ryan or Flacco.....geez!

Cam Newton won't last until 15, stop dreaming.

Besides, they are in win NOW mode, fighting for their jobs, a rookie QB won't help them win in 2011. Look for RB, TE, or OLine with 1st pick.

There are three QBs who will be drafted in the first round...Mallett, Newton and Gabbert. Locker is going to be this year's version of Brady Quinn and Aaron Rodgers, only he'll drop into the second round. In my opinion, Locker will be a huge dud in the pros. Good athletic ability but very poor accuracy. Accuracy isn't something that's easily taught. If I were in charge, I would do whatever I had to in order to get Mallett. There have been questions about his attitude, but I remember those same questions about Marino. Assuming questions about Newton's emotional makeup/attitide are settled, he would be my second choice. One thing is absolutely certain...Henne is not the guy.

Unfortunately, given the history of our personnel guys, we'll probably trade down and select another offensive or defensive lineman in the first round. We do need a Center and Guard. However, it's also true that we will be forever in mediocrity until we find a QB.

Watch out for the 1 hit wonders like Flynn. That's how we ended up with Jay Fiedler & Jay Feeley.

no one under center will excel with this line we have currently..not even brady

I haven't seen a lot of him, but I like what I saw from Andy Dalton of TCU during the week of the Senior Bowl. Wasn't perfect but made some good throws & is athletic.

vince young, d mcnabb or newton!! that's it. flynn just a one hit wonder.

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