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Quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks

What can most of us agree on?

It's about the quaterback. In the NFL it is always about the quarterback. Quarterbacks, quarterback, quarterbacks.

Teams have won titles without great ones -- if you believe digging back over a decade when rules were different is fair. But if you're talking about the game lately, you cannot win it all without a fine QB.

That's the reason my Sunday column is all about quarterbacks. I tell you some stuff about Miami's history of chasing quarterbacks that might surprise you. I tell you stuff of the coming chase for a quarterback that is affected by the job status of coach Tony Sparano and GM Jeff Ireland. And I tell you how chasing vets like Marc Bulger or Kevin Kolb might be harder than you think.

One thing I failed to mention was a rising name among NFL people that should not be overlooked by the Dolphins: Green Bay quarterback Matt Flynn.

It's widely believed the Packers will listen to trade offers for Flynn this offseason because they understand Flynn may eventually depart via free agency and they would get nothing for him in return. so getting something now might be more palatable than getting nothing later.

Some NFL teams believe Flynn might be ready begin his career as an NFL starter. He'd have learning to do. He'd have to ripen a bit. But his performance in Week 15 against New England made some folks pay attention. Flynn started for Aaron Rodgers and completed 24 of 37 passes for 251 yards, with three TDs and one INT in the game.

So against a team that has had a QB advantage over the Dolphins for a decade, Flynn completed 64.1 percent of his passes and had a 100.2 rating. Yes, the Packers lost 31-27 to New England, but if you watched the game you understand Flynn did his part.

And that is at least worth considering if you're the Dolphins.

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Aloco..you mean the Chinamen Hyena Cower...that's your spelling I believe

Vince Young or McNabb??? You guys are really looking for trouble.

Arizona talking behind closed doors to Brett F.about a one year contract. And you think you have a problem.

Well, if we do get McNabb, at least there's potential for a movie in it:

Zombie Quarterback: Miami Edition.

Might even sell at the box-office.

In my opinion Miami is going to have to draft a QB in order to find the answer. I don't think the Eagles will be realistic in any Kevin Kolb offers considering Vick is going to be franchised and never plays 16 games anyway. I like Matt Flynn he is a winner. He won a national championship at LSU and always liked him there. I wouldn't read too much into his game versus the Pats. Yes at the time the Pats were dismantling everyone but the Pats D was bad this year and had to be exposed eventually.

Miami should seriosuly look at Cam Newton at 15 although I think he goes to Buffalo at 3. Gabbert whom I know nothing about because Mizzou gets zero coverage or TV here should be soon to follow and won't make it past Washington at 10. I like Mallet a lot and I wouldn't mind Miami showing balls and getting him at 15 but with all the bad press and picking Mallet apart 15 would be a complete reach it seems but hey Flacco and Josh Freeman were both thought to be reaches too.

You heard here first~~ Miami to give Jeff George a try out when and if they go to camp. The guy still throws a mean rock.

2011 is just wash season to decide whether to keep the current FO. Have zero expectations.

Flynn is aj feley jr......Flynn is a backup at best!
Do NOT touch...even with a ten foot pole.

Andy NJ

Andy NJ, Kolb not the answer!

Andy NJ, Kolb not the answer!

Matt Flynn looks like A.J. Feeley in 2002, before coming to Miami.


Well A.J. performed excellent that year for the Eagles. But that was under a West Coast Offense and all while supplying McNabb.

When there was time to be the starter, everything went wrong.

Flynn looks fine, but is not proven.


Gonna blow our season up like the Tzar Bomb. Dolphins 3 and 15 next year, Yes after a 2 week strike the players agree to the salary structure.

18 game season is a done deal. It will be interesting how the NFLPA spins it for their member/players. Hopefully there will be no players strike, but you never know.

I am naturally reluctant to open any www.com address (God only knows what virus that may bring).

bootris, how did you come upon this 18 game info?

More interestingly, what quack pins us at 5 and 13? Given the uncertainty of such...?
Just asking.

I shall bring news of China to you later today.

I knew this German guy, bought an ocean front home in Majorlandia, about 2 hours from Fort, and just checked out. Back patio overlooking the ocean, about 300 yards to the water, small little town, had his girls, live in maid/cook. Beautiful ocean there too.

Hey Mando Whats up. My parents used to rent a place to your mom on tamiami Blvd. Is this what you do to excite the masses. This people watch a few games on T.V. and they think they could evaluate football players. The only thing I know is that people picking the players aren't much better then these guys on your blogs. Just for once if the dolphin staff feel they like one of these QB's whether its a free agent or a drafted one go hard after them and say this is the guy were going to give every oppurtunity to win for us.

Some observations:

1) Eli Manning won a Super Bowl only three years ago. I think he can objectively be considered a mid-level quarterback. While he did have a great final drive in that game, most folks don't remember that he nearly threw an interception on that drive that would have resulted in a Patriots Perfect Season. Therefore, Armando, your theory, like the fallacious theory known as Man-Made Global Warming, needs work.

2) As I'm sitting here at the keyboard, my wife came downstairs and planted a huge Valentine's Day kiss on me. Actually, it was multiple kisses. WHAT A WOMAN!!! I'm looking forward to tonight. I just hope I don't Garo Yepremian it. Nahhh.

3) The weather is starting to get warmer. This might be the last day that the upper two-thirds of my driveway is still a sheet of ice. I regret that I didn't use it as a temporary curling rink. There are a few things that I miss about moving from Canada to the U.S. One of them is curling.

4) No matter how weird or dysfunctional Lindsay Lohan gets, I still can't help but feel that she is an amazingly attractive young woman.

ND - What does that mean, he almost threw an interception? That goes for all QB's. Manning led that team on an impressive run at the end of the season and through the playoffs along with a SB win and you are suggesting that because he almost threw an interception he is mediocre. Sounds a lot better than our last 15 mediocre QB's to me.

That's bells an flags people. Matt Flynn is AJ Feeley all over again!!!
We do not need a one week wonder!!
I wouldn't piss on this guy if his eyes were on fire!!
We need a real QB. Ortan, Young. Or even Kolb has played more than Flynn. Hell Cam Newton looks like a better QB. Green bays team is just that good ok. Warning has been posted!!!!

1) Oh, I forgot to mention, my wife is a man. He calls me his wife too.

2) No matter how weird or dysfunctional Albert Haynseworth gets, I still can't help but feel that he is an amazingly attractive hunk of monk.

Mike and Mike says the owners want another billion (2 billion total) off the top.

Newton isn't worth wasting our 1st pick on. Go after speed in the backfield and/or O linemen. Big, agressive O linemen. Give Henne time and confidence in his line he will be a different QB, one that we'll want to keep!

Hi Armando...

...The same rationale you cite for picking Matt Flynn (looked pretty good in a relief role on his previous) was the EXACT SAME reasoning Rick Spielman used when trading a 2nd round pick for the legendary A.J. Feely.

Just saying

Everytime someone brings up the (pretty obvious) point that the NFL has turned into a QB-driven league, some yahoo brings up that some QB or the other in the past won the SB (or got there) and wasn't a particularly remarkable player.

SILLY on so many levels! First, to get to the SB, a QB had to AT LEAST do their job (get the team down the field, and score more than the other guy while not making enough mistakes to lose). So, whether a QB is elite isn't really all there is to it. Were they elite (or close) IN THEIR RUN? And, MOST of the time, the answer is yes. It was YES with Eli (remember, Giants were a 6 seed that year. They had to beat some good teams just to get to the SB, and then beat an undefeated team. I think for that run you can call Eli pretty elite, even if he regressed since then.)

Second, people say that as if to compare that QB to Henne. Excuse me, but Henne is NO Eli, ESPECIALLY that year he won the SB. Henne couldn't even lead his team to back-to-back wins, so that erases any similarity right there.

No one's saying Henne needs to be elite either. What I'm saying is he needs to lead his team and reduce the mistakes and get the offense into scoring positions and capitalize on it (not by himself obviously, with lots of help).

But, the main point is most of you saying the QB ISN'T or SHOULDN'T be the focus are completely misguided and must like mediocrity. Because this situation won't get resolved without an answer at the QB position. That's not an opinion, that's a FACT!

Problem is we can't scout talent anywhere and draft like crap... its true our recent drafts have been better but the last time we drafted well was when jimmy johnson was here... at least he built a top 10 defense that kept us in playoff contention year in and year out... this FO has boosted our defense a bit but we're still just treading water...

DC.....you ALWAYS write what i'm thinking (on QBs)....ONLY YOU WTITE IT BETTER than I would have....

You know less typo's and such.....

you Micorosoft word using, teachers pet.....lol

Dolphins get 6.6 255 lb Cam Newton in the 2011 NFL Draft


Cuz Home said so

Whatever It Takes
Dolphins land zzz Best QB since Marino

Bigger than Big Ben

Running Miami`s New Spread Offense

Dolphin`s Shock The NFL World

Home is right again
Just like last year when Home`s only 2 Free Agant Pick 4 The Dolphins (which were posted at least 20 times)

LB Karlos Dansby
WR Brandon Marshall

U All Doubted Home Then
Said It Was Never Gonna Happen

Guess What?


Now Home has gone on record and says:

Miami Dolphins trade up & get 6.6 255 lb QB Cam Newton

Spread Offense Thrives In Miami

Miami a serious Playoff Contender again

Happy Valentine`s Day!

and you are right.....

we get examples from the 80's....and there is always the Trent Dilfer model...like anybody who nows football would want him to be their QB......

However what is always left out Dilfer's RECORD SETTING Raven's Defence.....and the FACT that DILFER"S offence went 5.....COUNT THEM 5 staight games with out an offensive TD.....but the D scored plenty....

If thats the model we want to follow....no TD's in 5 staight games....and win a SB.....well good luck to us.....

The Dolphins have been burn so many times via trade, this is the reason I hope they draft a QB in later rounds.

kris, sorry, always been good at English (and writing). But we're on the same page on QBs because I think we both watch football in this decade.

I think because it's been so hard for us here in Miami, fans are more apt to believe you can field a SB team (minus the QB) before you can acquire a QB that can lead a SB team. Or they say get the team ready first, then find the QB.

But, as we all know, it's not easy finding a franchise QB (they don't just fall from trees). Takes a lot of scouting, and a little luck. That's why I say do everything you can every year to try and fill that void. Look everywhere, try everyone, until that person is found. Might mean wasted draft picks, might mean trying FAs, might mean developing the guys on your roster. But you shouldn't just be doing one of those things every season, you should be doing ALL OF THEM EVERY SEASON until you get the guy that can lead your team. Eventually, you're likely to find that guy, and then you can really start winning in the NFL. Until then, you might win once in a while ('08), but it won't be consistent.

Agree 100% DC....bnut don't forget the QB from 08 is/was a former 1ST RD DRAFT PICK....I don't think its a coincidence that we won the Division that year.....I know the argument can be made NO TOM BRADY....and it might be true...but the jets and the pats made us play every game that season.....the pats finished 11-5 and the jets 10-6.....but the as the pressure mounted....the game never got bigger Chad P.....

and no need to aplogize for you perfectly puncuated and spelled post....they make for good reads....sometimes I go back and read my gibberish and think...OH DANSBY's GOD.....I really need to proof read this stuff before I hit post....

Yup, Penne was an elite (or very good) QB. And that's the year we went to the Playoffs, what a coincidink!

To show there aren't any hard feelings (because ALoco is gonna show up sooner or later calling us Gang of Defeat), I'd like to wish Henne a Happy Valentine's Day!

F Valentine's day....

I wish Henne a productive, organized, and progress filled off-season....He may still be the Starter come season opener....

If thats the case only Henne can make Henne better.....

We as fans can wish and hope and dream, blame the coaches, blame the o-line, blame the RB's, tout his QB rating and completion percentage, and see only what we want to see....

But whenever the 1st kick-off is....the starter can/will only be judged by one thing....WINS AND LOSSES.....

I dont care what everyone says we need because Sparano has plotted his revenge to Ross,He got himself a 2yr extension, got his son on the staff to get apiece of the action and has assemble the worst coaching staff possible to guarntee failure.So afer a 1-6 start he will be canned but he walks away a rich man and hia kid gets some cash to.I think all us fans deep down know 2011 is going to be just a rotten yr.

Flynn would be worth a 4th or 5th round draft choice. I wouldn't give anything higher for him...He's played two games...Reminds me of Feeley....Keep in mind, Flynn was not highly rated coming out of collect(7th round pick) so why should anyone think he has improved so drastically based on 1 or 2 game performances..

Food for thought:

Hasn't Ireland already stated they are open for business, looking to trade down the first pick? What does that say about their intentions to draft a 1st round QB?

Remember when we desperately needed a corner? They doubled down and took two. This team DESPERATELY needs 1 if not 2 RB's. Lex Hilliard is not the answer (sorry Darryl D). I know RB's can be found in later rounds... however....don't be surprised if they take Ingram at 15 IF they can't trade down. If all the Newton hype keeps up, he will not be around at 15.

FAN SINCE 71....lol...and I hope thats not true.....

JL RALEIGH.....You make some good points.....get ready for "what about Tom Brady" arguments.....

0x80....I woudn't put any stock in anything ANY GM says before draft day.....I would probably think he might do just the opposite......

Armando, why must you so often tell us in the blog what you told us in another article, and then go through repeating the points and highlighting several words that all link to that same article?

It's annoying. I'm not aware of any other writer that does this.

Posted by: 0x80 | February 13, 2011 at 01:06 PM

Don't read it then, go read Omar kelly he is right up your alley....Clueless.

Kris - yeah, ttrue enough, its a GM's job to smoke screen...thats usually my argument, its not in there interest to tell you what they want to do.

shaggy @9:43 - thanks for the constructive and informative comments, keep them coming, maybe even be bold next time and put your regular name here.

A.J. Feeley, that douche that played on the Jags then went to Buffalblow only to be benched by Flute, these guys are all one shot wonders, enough of this bargain QB crap! We need a real QB! I dont care if we have to tank the season and get Luck next year or if we have a convictio nand get a QB this year. Just do it!

I hope Brandon Marshall likes Green Bay. I see a second round plus QB Flynn heading south....

Someone's not getting any love at home. What's wrong kris, not in a romantic mood? Be a lover, not a fighter. Henne needs love too (maybe if he gets some he'll be more comfortable in the pocket).

Mando, I guess I get why you brought it up. but lets be honest here. Flynn had a really good game against a bad D, and a D that did not prepare well since they do not see Green Bay and or Matt Flynn before. Henne has had great games also. If we get Flynn it better be for a lower draft pick... Can not keep wasting picks on unproven talent that is NOT a draft pick. This smells like AJ Feely again...

WTF with the Vince young McNabb stuff? OK, maybe I want Flynn after hearing that noise...

lol Poizen, I'm not feeling McNabb either (VY might not be bad). My choice would be Orton or Palmer, but not for a higher draft pick than a 3rd or 4th (doubt that'll happen).

But bringin' in a vet will motivate Henne. It will let him know how good he needs to be to start (better than the next guy).

I hope we don't look at everyone else's number two quarterbacks, especially Flynn. I would take a chance on Vince Young as a FA. I hope we pull trigger on Newton if he falls to 15. If none of that is available trade down, get second pick and go after 2 rookie quarterbacks. If the brain trust want to save jobs they better make moves as such. We have failed miserably with old free agent quarterbacks. Please leave bench warmers where they are presently, on the bench.

My head hurts, even a top of Newton supporters here. Well, I hope someone sees somthing real in this guy that I dont. He is a good athlete at best, not sure about a good QB at all. Footwork and Delivery are a mess, a BIG MESS!

DC, I agree. Bring in a veteren, but not at a hight cost. I would root for him to win the job and push Henne to be better. Then maybe we can see the Henne, I think Henne can be.

I would rather revamp the o-line and get our running back situation figured out this year. Draft a QB next year. There is another possible Marino/Elway/Kelly/Eason draft.

DC, if Henne needs a vet to motivate him, then there is no hope for him. Wasn't Penne a vet??? You bring in a vet if you think he can play whether starter or backup, but not to motivate someone else.

Anybody remember that Scott Mitchell had a few good games and the Lions gave him big money. How did that work out? Rob Johnson had ONE good game for the Jags and the Bills fell all over themselves to get him. How did that work out? UB!!! One game does not a QB make...

0x80. 1. DC is not a Henne fan at all.

2. His point is a little different thatn the way you took it. henne does not need that motivation. However we need to bring in a guy that is perceived as better. We need to get a guy here we think CAN start, and then see if Henne beats him out. the truth is Henne has the talent and skill set to be a very good starter. We need a vet here that helps push him and not one tht gets bumped in the toe then blows out his shoulder.

Poizen, I know DC is not a Henne fan. But I've heard this 'bring in a vet to motivate Henne' argument once to much and I don't agree with it. At this level, if you don't already have it in you enough to do it on your own, you just don't have it. Can you name me a great QB that needed someone else to motivate him before he got good?

Secondly, according to greg z here, he was at all the open training camps last year and he said Henne did not beat anybody, Thiggy clearly out played him, Henne was annointed starter without even winning in camp. So again, Sparano needs some vertabrae realigned or something like that.

Henne does not have "IT" Like a Manning/Marino/Elway/Montana.

That being said he did not have the same o-line that the obove guys had either.

Henne however does have the same skill set as Shaub/Ryan/Flacco/

If it is ever realized i am not sure, but another point. Henne did not have the o-line of those guys either.

0x80, if Henne were ready to go, we wouldn't still be rehashing these same arguments (that we've all had for years). Obviously no one's 100% satisfied with Henne. Sparano's worried, Ireland's worried, fans are worried.

Henne can progress, or regress. But if he's not the guy, then there needs to be a backup plan (and Thigpen ain't it). That's the motivation I was speaking about.

Last year, after Penne went down, Henne saw he was the only real option on the team. If he sees someone else capable of taking his job, maybe that will give him whatever else he needs (other than time) to get in gear.

At this point, everything should be done to settle the QB position (including motivation that might or might not work). And it HAS worked before. When the Chargers picked up Rivers, at 4th-pick overall, they were pretty much giving him the job. Brees competed, played much better than the year before, and won the starting job. I sure would like Henne to follow in those footsteps (would be the easiest resolution to this problem).

I agree Poizen. Motivation plus another year plus a better offense to work with (oline, RBs, WR, TE) will at least give us enough evidence one way or the other. If all that happens, and Henne still can't capitalize, then we'll at least know he's not the guy.

0x80, also just to contridict Greg or whoever it was that said thiggy outplayed him... Complete BS, trust me.

Henne looked great in off season work out and pre-season. IMO he outplayed thiggy a ton, and a lot of thiggy was with the 2nd tier practice D.

So, not sure how 2 people could see the same thing and have such a wide difference in opinion. but thats my 2 cents to that.

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