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Quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks

What can most of us agree on?

It's about the quaterback. In the NFL it is always about the quarterback. Quarterbacks, quarterback, quarterbacks.

Teams have won titles without great ones -- if you believe digging back over a decade when rules were different is fair. But if you're talking about the game lately, you cannot win it all without a fine QB.

That's the reason my Sunday column is all about quarterbacks. I tell you some stuff about Miami's history of chasing quarterbacks that might surprise you. I tell you stuff of the coming chase for a quarterback that is affected by the job status of coach Tony Sparano and GM Jeff Ireland. And I tell you how chasing vets like Marc Bulger or Kevin Kolb might be harder than you think.

One thing I failed to mention was a rising name among NFL people that should not be overlooked by the Dolphins: Green Bay quarterback Matt Flynn.

It's widely believed the Packers will listen to trade offers for Flynn this offseason because they understand Flynn may eventually depart via free agency and they would get nothing for him in return. so getting something now might be more palatable than getting nothing later.

Some NFL teams believe Flynn might be ready begin his career as an NFL starter. He'd have learning to do. He'd have to ripen a bit. But his performance in Week 15 against New England made some folks pay attention. Flynn started for Aaron Rodgers and completed 24 of 37 passes for 251 yards, with three TDs and one INT in the game.

So against a team that has had a QB advantage over the Dolphins for a decade, Flynn completed 64.1 percent of his passes and had a 100.2 rating. Yes, the Packers lost 31-27 to New England, but if you watched the game you understand Flynn did his part.

And that is at least worth considering if you're the Dolphins.

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well, don't trust me... That sounded stupid on my part... :)

lets forget about thiggy. he won't be a phin next year. focus on drafting a QB. We have an offensive coach. If he can't evaluate QBs then what's he good for?

DC, well I only agree with 98% of what you are saying. For one, Henne was benched, he came back strong for one game and then faded. I really don't get the idea Henne will be any different whether we bring Orton in or Manning in, he will continue to have his indifferent nature, that is who he is. Can he get better, well, I suppose its possible. In the case of Brees/Rivers, that suggests that Bress never would have blossomed had Rivers not arrived. In that particular situation I don't buy the argument or the comparison. Brees just needed a few years to pull it together as most NFL players do. In Hennes case, one of the grand arguments has been does he just need more time or is he just not the guy. Until now, he has only given us reason to question whether or not he could be the guy.

Keep up the great blogging guys,

the bottom line - it's down to Sparano and his coaches to find an offense that does the biz, COZ HE OWES US after last season. Don't pin your hopes on QB vet or draft coz they're all a lottery, they need to take the best guy on the board in positions that we need. If FA is after the draft that might actually be a good thing for us.

I know I'm a nutter but I think Sparano is the coach for us and there's always hope in no names (offensive coaches)

“I’ve heard a lot of interpretations, none of them are correct,” said Sparano with a grin after this morning’s practice. “The way this thing came up is one day back in the spring, we had just not had such a great practice and I had a meeting with the group and kind of got into them a little bit during that practice about 7-9 not being good enough and how this football team shouldn’t be fat. They should be starving; they should be hungry and want to feed the wolf.”

This thought process falls in line with how Sparano has dealt with his team since he became head coach prior to the 2008 season. One of his most popular sayings over the previous two seasons has been, “Don’t eat the cheese.” That was his way of reminding the players not to buy into any positive hype being generated either on sports talk radio, television, in the newspapers or on the Internet.

the wolf is on life support, Sparano knew 7-9 was c**p and thats what we got again, I blame O-line, rushing game and Henne a bit but mainly Henning.

the wolf and Sparano will flatline together if Sparano doesn't feed it

I think he will

it's bl88DY hungry

Poizen well we will need to get a debate going between you and greg z when you are both here. Not that it matters a whole lot now. I saw none of it, so I can't comment, but I'd be curious to hear you two compare notes. But its good you mentioned that because until now I only heard gregs view.

On a side note...I have an eerie feeling either Thiggy or Penne will be on the roster next season. Sparano has some major man love for a few players...Long, Cobbs, Starks and Penne.

I think Penny will be here... Not to excited about it unless he was a coach. but I think your right there 0x80.

Hey all,

Fun time of year debating all things Fins improvement. Hope the CBA BS doesn't hose everything.

I can't see how Ross (the Owner) can make a mandate like "we need to be more exciting" can go undeeded by the F.O. staff. In most jobs when the boss or owner says you have to do "X" it's usually either comply, walk away or get fired.

It will be interesting to see how much the Bifecta are into thumbing their nose at the boss.

There are a couple of schools of thought.

One is they can draft with their same mantra BIGGER is always the way to go. They can draft OL and fill holes with big players as in the past and hope for more development from Henne, our new OC and general maturation of the OFF.

I think if they put all their eggs in that basket that could be a tough sell. Even with let's say shelving the WC Offense and better plays being called.

Some where along the lines they will have to meet the NFL's roster wide speed quotient. In this era of the rules being slanted to hands off for more OFF you need your share of players that can outrun and juke the DEF comp.

Bigger doesn't mean hurt less either (see Ronnie Brown, Odrick), in any era. Just like Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders made it in the big mans game, so can others.



The more i read your blog posts the more unimpressed I become with your overall understanding of the team.

In this blog entry you talk as if the Dolphins were just a QB away, which is just completely ridiculous.

Manning, Brady Rodgers, Ryan would ALL have looked terrible behind center for the Dolphins last year.

The O-line is awful, the receiver corps are weak, The RB's are not bad but ineffectual behind a O-line that cannot get to the second level.

The coaching staff is totally inept at time management, play calling, over all offensive philosophy and only excels at placing the QB in a coma by demanding that he constantly check down.

BTW, another year of Pennington would just be stupid, so he will probably be signed immediately.

i've seen my name mentioned so let me say that i've been to camp in davie every year for practices open to the public. i wrote back in august,which armando put in his blog, my observations of camp. first, penne had the leadership and command but i wrote"his arm is toast!;can't throw a 15 yd out" secondly, i lamented henne became check down chad,unable to lead the team downfield in practice. he killed plays early,couldnt slide in the pocket,couldnt throw a "touch pass" or fade. he was very stiff,robot like without results even while taking a majority of the snaps. i wrote that thigpen had more life to him,evaded people and extended plays. he also threw the deep ball and had conversations with receivers which henne did not. thigpen played relaxed and fast;henne was stiff and tentative. those concerns surfaced in every game i watched during the season and ended with a benching by sparano. henne was benched in favor of a guy whose arm was "shot". that said it all and confirmed what i had witnessed.

Greg, I didn't make it to camp but one time last year and it was a wash. But several of my buddies were able to make it most days practice was open. And they told me the same things you reported.

If I am TS and I have to produce right away and be exciting. I am complying with what owner Ross wants and compiling a least of exciting players... all of them in the draft and out. I would see which were available and could be picked up for the proper price.

My list would be fairly short at each skill position as there are only so many human joystick type players, period.


Vince Young: Exciting...check. 30 wins and 17 losses in his career. Remember Fisher power struggling with owner Bud Adams to put in Young after the Titans went 0-6. VY almost got them into the playoffs. Pretty insane. Super athletic, 3rd overall pick, can really threaten the line of scrimmage with his legs, can be had for possibly no draft picks (huge).

Orton: Mainly because he has won lately and more than just a handful of games like Flynn. Did great with a player we already have in BM. A journeyman type that could easily compete with Henne and win a starters job. Unclear what it would take to get him. Maybe too much?

Drafted QB This regime has to go groomer as there is too much pressure to win now. If the keep Henne as their #1 guy they may be able to draft a QB earlier.

I would say there are only two serious QBs in this draft that are exciting from a dual threat perspective. One is Cam Newton and two is Colin Kaepernick.

Cam Newton,...exciting...check. He will most likely go before our pick at 15 imho. Every year people fall in love with pure athletes and he is one. Big, strong, can run with a big arm. Only really one big season and that may be the single thing that douses the Fins interest. BP always said guys from big schools doing it for a long time. Depends on how Ireland thinks with BP gone. I just can't picture Ireland going away from that at an early first round price.

Colin Kaepernick....exciting...check. I will not belabor the stats but he has some very impressive ones. Big, tall and really fast for his height. Serious velocity arm both Peyton Manning and Eli commented on at their camp. A 64.9% passer last year.

If they take what Ross said to heart and go big on the exciting OFF part they will pick up QB VY in the off season and draft a great groomer and similar skillset in QB Colin Kaepernick. Henne can compete with both and see how things fall.


I don't like the idea of trading for a one game wonder...I do agree with beerphin that we should go after cam newton or locker in the first round...don't draft mallet as he showed no heart in his bowl game and at times during the season...I do like idea of ponder IF available with our third round pick but that would be such a huge gamble to take because if he isn't there for us in third round where does that leave us?

cocoajoe, yup,i just tried to report what i saw daily. we are fans from central ny but i plan 3 week vacation in august near davie so we can watch practices and talk to players. maybe a few of us can have a beer down there sometime in the future. we went to the last 2 games in buffalo and we played so bad. we need a qb desparately; i like orton,kolb or v.young as free agents/trades. in college cam newton at 15(he reminds me of v.young) or even a 6-7th rounder like mcElroy from bama. someone with a pulse who can extend plays.

aloco. henne is the leader of the gang of defeat.lol

As for more exciting players to bolster the teams lower than average speed/movement quotient.

WR Jerrel Jernigan
WR Titus Young
WR Randall Cobb

RB Randall Hunter
RB Derrick Locke
RB Noel Devine

If they can snag one these players from each list in the proper round we would get a huge boost in field position on ST.

Also, the need to creep into the redone 14 plays at a time and then settle for a FG will be diminished as these players can score from outside the redzone. The quick screen, bubble screen, pick play, Wes Welker drag over the middle kind of stuff that nets great yards after the catch with a fast, quick athlete fielding the ball. Defenders know they can't touch them downfield or its a flag.

Add VY to further pressure the defense to leave guys in the box to spy on the QB and voila... someone has to break open.

VY's movement skills would help the OL deficiencies by extending plays where our OL gets beat.

I know it's a paradigm shift from those that like the statue type QBs that just gunsling. Those Marino type guys are few and far between. It's hard to build a stonewall OL that protects a QB that can't move from these zone blitz, come from everywhere DEFs like Jets, Pitt, GB and others run. Sparano is a former Oline coach and he is still juggling our OL into the 4rth year.


Why is it that this team always targets backups do we have something against top tier talent or what. Can this team please wake the hell up you cannot win titles with mid round draft picks and backups that people let go cmon already get me the top talent already did they or did we not even notice what THE HEAT did or what cmon Dolphins get with it already...........

we are good at aquiring mediocre talent. we are scared to pull the trigger on real talent. we are playing "not to lose" both on and off the field. its a recipe for continued mediocrity! ireland/sparano need to grow a set. we dont want the ball to begin the game and we dont want premier weapons????????????

Rob in OC,

I like your thinking here. I would be stoked to see VY. And I have been pointing out here for some time the glaring absence of a true speed WR to balance the field for BM.

The organization has to find one somewhere.

However, I doubt Mr Fg is going to change anything about his offensive approach.

We may have to stay at 15th in the 1st round. Ireland may have clever ideas but sometimes your trade partners dry up come draft day.

At 15, unless LB Von Miller is there (snowballs chance)I really only like a couple of guys in that spot.

DE Cameron Jordon is beast at DE. At 290lbs and with a ton of moves off the ball he can be a hugely versatile player. He has ProBowl bloodlines in that his father played TE for the Vikes a good while. I would bet he can displace any of our mediocre DE types. Sorry it is not a huge need but his talent would be a welcome upgrade. Wake needs more help to get rid of double teams. Pressure on the opposing QB always wins games.

OL Mike Pouncey. His twin bro plays center for Pitt. Admitting that 15 would be a bit early but this is just in case there are no trade partners. Versatile plaing both C/G. A top OL guy that will play for a long time in the NFL.

If Cam Newton is here (I am predicting he goes earlier) you have to take a hard look from an overall package. I would rain check him and try for Kaepernick later but, I know a lot of people like Newton and he has game.

Another dynamic we are seeing is the "Vick / Tebow" effect. There are certain players that people buy tickets to watch and those are two of them. Jersey sales and tix sales bear it out. In building a bigger than life fan experience I am sure Ross and Dee would love to have a few Fins players that can just flat out draw a crowd. Guys like VY, Newton, and Kaepernick are just those type of rare athletes that have the wow factor to be such draws.

Winning suplants all theory crafting.

The Bifecta is on a short leash and needs to make the playoffs in the next year that gets played.

I am not a fan of drafting Ingram (Heavy duty, 3 yards and a cloud of dust type). I think other RBs that get drafted in 2011 will have better careers. You can find RBs later. Try to trade Cobbs and Ricky if he wants out. It may come down to just releasing both.

Brown is better than most think. The new OC will grind with Brown more which should help Brown prove his worth more.

Off to work...


I got no problem bringing in someone capable of rendering Henne the # 2 QB on the roster as long as we still draft someone with pks # 1 or #2.


Thanks Oregon Dolphin fan,

I second your thinking as well.

VY has warts... just like they ALL do including Orton, Henne and all the draft pick QBs.

I think after seeing Incognito and BM change their tunes (for the most part) that whatever rap VY has on him, he can too.

Going to a new team has a sobering effect for many. He will be another year older and because the Bifecta is so squeezed to produce he would have a true open shot to be the starter. Fisher never was 100% behind VY and it took the owner and losing 6 straight games to force the change. VY almost pulled off a never before type miracle to guide an 0-6 team to the playoffs.

In the end, rules being slanted towards OFF, no touching of the QB if he gives himself up, no head shots, no knee shots. The scrambling QBs should be able to pick their spots to run and get down or out of bounds before major damage is done.

VY is a winner in overall record by a pretty large margin over Henne. He is worth the tire kick for sure.


I said it during that game, I guess that makes me the NFL Nastradamus!!!

Just need a solid center and a quick strong back and we are there. We already have 4 wr, 2 te. Henne is good enough, we'd be dumb to draft any of these mediocre clown qb's this season.

Greg and cocoa, The reason your name was brought up is from what I saw in practice on the days I attended, with a buddy of mine, we were impressed with Henne's zip on the ball and his ability to find the open guy. there were check downs at the practice I was at, but they were designed that way. They coached bothe Thiggy and Chad more on the check down thatn the actual play. When Sparano was asked about that he claimed it was to prevent more negative plays than you can accept.

Henne did not look bad at any of the practices, robotic? at tiems I saw that but it looked and sounded like coaching.

Flynn?????? If one game is all it takes to impress then we're really in trouble. Besides, didn't we already see this movie....wasn't it called "A High Pick for A.J. Feeley...the Next Marino"?

I would love to see the Dolphins negotiate with the Pack for their backup quarterback. I think the Fins would be in like Flynn next year.

Two words; MARK INGRAM

Has it occurred to any Fish Fan that your QB situation blows b/c your coaching staff does as well? At least Flynn has played and played well against a top flight NFL team...how many has the college QBs? You must have locker room leadership to spare if you want V Young, cuz he is a subtraction of at least 3....

Flynn is good but his play time has been limited and there isnt much to go on. The price to pay for the limited time is too high for the dolphins. They don't have a huge window for error. Not this group. With Kolb and his time on the field, the Eagles will be asking a lot for him. A lot that we really can't afford. We can't spend draft slots or players. If Kolb goes anywhere its going to be to Arizona. As for the others like McNabb and Young..........no, we can't here either. We have to be careful when bringing in a veteran or free agent QB. We can't afford the extra baggage.

Yeah, we should trade a high pick for AJ Feeley...err, Matt Flynn.

What could possibly go wrong.

Miami is below marginal at this point. With that being said, the "system" in which Miami places its QB in SUCKS. You could have a good or great QB in Miami's system and they would be marginal at best. If you take someone like Flynn and put him in Miami's current system, expect 2 things. Expect him to fail and expect the fans to call him out and replace him. Henne is never going to flourish here with the current scheme and neither will anyone else that they put back there. I am not an offensive coach, but damn it man Hellen Keller could see the scheme sucks. I would probably feel better if she were running the show. The owner needs to do some serious soul searching and decide what he wants out of the Dolphins with this current staff.

In regards to acquiring Matt Flynn via trade...

I don't understand it. You are advocating giving up either players or picks (or both) for a guy based on one game? Isn't that what landed us Jay Fiedler and AJ Feely?

No thanks.

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