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Roger Goodell writes op-ed about labor peace

The NFL is at a crossroads, folks, with players wanting to pull in one direction and owners trying to go the other. The NFL is threatening to uproot the labor peace that has marked the game since 1987.

And as we get closer to that March 4 moment when a path is chosen and an enormous problem ensues for fans because they might lose the game they love, watch and ultimately pay for, you are about to see the start of a public relations storm from both sides.

The first bolt in that storm comes from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell who has written an op-ed piece that will appear in newspapers (yeah, we still matter) across the country.

I would estimate it will take the NFLPA about two hours to craft a response. It is on the clock.

Meanwhile, Goodell's piece:

By Roger Goodell

One of the best NFL seasons in history is now over. We salute NFL players for their extraordinary talent and we deeply appreciate the tremendous support of the fans.

The hard work to secure the next NFL season must now accelerate in earnest. We are just weeks from the expiration of our collective bargaining agreement. There has been enough rhetoric, litigation and other efforts beyond the negotiating table. It is time for serious negotiations.

The current agreement expires on March 4, and I cannot emphasize enough the importance of reaching agreement by then. If we as a league — the teams and players’ union — fail to fulfill our shared responsibility to the fans and game, everyone will be worse off — players, teams and fans — starting in March.

This is an opportunity to create a better future for the NFL, to improve the game for our fans, and to expand the economic benefits for the players and teams.

Staying with the status quo is not an option. The world has changed for everyone, including the NFL and our fans. We must get better in everything we do.

The union has repeatedly said that it hasn’t asked for anything more and literally wants to continue playing under the existing agreement. That clearly indicates the deal has moved too far in favor of one side. Even the union’s president knows this — as he said on national radio on January 27: “I think what really happened is in 2006 we got such a great deal. I mean, the players got a good deal and the owners felt they got it handed to them.”

We need an agreement that both sides can live with and obtain what they need, not simply what they want.

Today’s collective bargain agreement does not work as it should from the standpoint of the teams. If needed adjustments are made, the NFL will be better for everyone. The first step is making sure a new collective bargaining agreement is more balanced and supports innovation and growth.

The NFL clubs want to move forward, improve the system, and secure the future of the game for the benefit of players, fans and teams.

The status quo means no rookie wage scale and the continuation of outrageous sums paid to many unproven rookies. In 2009, for example, NFL clubs contracted $1.2 billion to 256 drafted rookies with $585 million guaranteed before they had stepped on an NFL field. Instead, we will shift significant parts of that money to proven veterans and retired players.

The status quo means 16 regular-season and four preseason games — even though fans have rejected and dismissed four preseason games at every opportunity. We need to deliver more value to our fans by giving them more of what they want at responsible prices. This can be achieved if we work together and focus on more ways to make the game safer and reduce unnecessary contact during the season and in the off-season.

The status quo means failing to recognize the many costs of financing, building, maintaining and operating stadiums. We need new stadiums in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Oakland and San Diego; and the ability for more league investment in new technology to improve service to fans in stadiums and at home.

The status quo means players continuing to keep 60 percent of available revenue, in good years or bad, no matter how the national economy or the economics of the league have changed. From 2001 to 2009, player compensation doubled and the teams committed a total of $34 billion to player costs. The NFL is healthy in many respects, but we do not have a healthy business model that can sustain growth.

Companies with far more revenue than the NFL have gone bankrupt because they mismanaged their costs and failed to address their problems before they became a crisis. The NFL has a track record over many decades of making good decisions that have led to unprecedented popularity. Negotiating a fair agreement will result in billions in pay and benefits to current players, improved benefits for retired players, and a sustainable business model for our teams.

The current deal does not secure the best possible future for the game, players, clubs and fans. The next few weeks must be used to negotiate with intensity and purpose so we can reach a fair agreement by March 4. If both sides compromise and give a little, everyone will get a lot, especially the fans.


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Why the hell give a f*uck about a cba if you're a Dolphin fan. We've been in lockout since 1984. BTW, that was our last SB appearance.

Technically as Dolphin fans, every season played after the 1984 has been a personal lockout for us. LOL.................

Maybe we should pray for lockout. Dolphin fans will now be able to keep a little more money in thier pockets, avoid the frustrations of watching another playoffs-less season, and find something a little more constructive to do with your Sundays.

Just dont rob the little old ladies nor molest the women and kids! LOL..............

I could care less about there labor contract, time to watch baseball, then basketball, then read a book or watch a movie, let them go away. Bill

Yeah, but what happens to those of us that detest watching baseball on TV(our stadium is not ready yet) and that the regular season of basketball doesn't tickle us? I guess we have to tickle ourselves, or get tickled by another.

Listen, CBA, in the end, it's the Fan. Think about it.

Happy Capitalist...Isn't the NFL a Socilaist run enterprise to it's core? You are missing the point, as are the owners. One of the reasons the NFL is such a juggernaught is because it is such a great television watch. The television contract makes up the largest sum of revenue for the NFL. Guess what? It is DIVIDED EQUALLY between all 32 teams. This way even the "poor" can survive, and the "rich" cannot eat their own. Sort of like Baseball. Who you can compare to the the Capatalist..The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, but evry now and then get a lucky lottery ticket for a season. But are forced to sell back to the Capatalist, just so they can stay afloat.

Football is a socialist sport. Sorry, I'm sure you hate that word as much as the phrase distribution of wealth. Football has a salary cap..that is a socilaist idea. Football has a draft where the weakest are rewarded with a chance at a golden ticket, and where the sucessful are pushed to the back of the line. Again another socialist idea.

I appreciate your post, as it offered up a different opinion, or view point to mine. The owners make plenty of money. The game would not exist without the few men who have the ability to play it on Sundays. They are hardly looking for a handout, but fair compensation for skills very few on this planet possess. True there would be no pro game without the funding of the owners. But what would the game be without the players?

I totally believe in socialism for those needing a hand up, but not a handout.

I totally believe in conservatism when core values are not rotten to the core.

I believe in freedom of speech for those who dont confuse it with freedom of babble.

I believe in communism when communities are actually pulling together.

I believe in dictatorship only when the secretary types at least 65 words per minute.

I believe in government only when it has first learned to effectively govern itself.

Those great Athletes that jump over you standing straight, that demolish brick walls with their strength, if there was no game, would do fine in the Construction business.

Dying..Did you come up w/ that? If so nice post.

Those multi-millionaires that command and order now, if there was no game, would turn back to their buildingandbuildingandbuilding.

think I love u DB..lol

Yeah DD, its a DB original! LOL............

It appears to me we are headed for a lockout no matter what. Some of my friends are still on the fence...but everything I've read leads me to believe this is going to be a long process.
Yet another thing to hold our Fin's back another year! This is GArY with the silent "r"

they all make too much money as it is anyways fans should be the ones to reap benefits... Lower ticket prices and parking!~

I'm not siding with anyone but isn't the owner of the team is your boss? why should I have to open up my wallet to let John Q Player look at my finances, the players are making millions of dollars regardless of the CBA, and even mediocre players. I agree that a rookie player should'nt come in the NFL and make 45millon dollars, if he's good he will get his money. The players have too much say so about what the owners make, like the owners are on child support, player get with it and go support your families with the millions you will make this year, and besides if the fans don't show up you don't get paid.

They can play 18 games a season by just adjusting the amount of players allowed on the roster. That way no player would be allowed to play more than sixteen games and would sit two out while the subs play. It would be interesting to see which games the coaches would sit their star quarterback and other key players. Owners happy, players happy, and I'm happy.

Dan Patrick has the best suggestion to date that I've heard. Add 2 more playoff teams, subtract 2 preseason games and add a 2nd bye week. The owners get 2 more games in the playoffs where the prices are higher and the TV revenue is higher. The players get another bye week to heal and aren't subjected to 2 more regular season games. The record books don't get inflated numbers. The last and most important point the FANS get football the way they like it, without paying through the nose for it.

I love how people are all over the owners for being greedy..


Cops who put their lives on the line everyday get paid poorly, teachers who carve generations of the future get paid poorly and EMTs who save lives get paid even worse.

And Im suppose to feel bad for NFL players that get paid millions to work 6 months a year? PLEASE!!!

When an owner of a team, doesnt even get 50% of their own team profit thats rediculous. In no other big Corporate buisness will you find anything else like it or we would all have our salaries atleast tripled from what they are.

The NFL is right? First of the labor deal is not expiring. The owners opted out of it. The owners want the players to "fix" something the owners can't resolve for themselves. Owners can't agree on revenue sharing between themselves so they want the players to give more to them. This way Jerry Jones and Bob Kraft don't have to share their revenues with teams like the Buffalo Bills. I will always agree with the workers because owners will always try to screw them. People think if you're a good employee and you do a great job for a long period of time the owners will reward you. That's complete bullcrap. Unless you're a family member of the owner they don't give one crap about you or any other worker. Owners, regardless of the business, will always try to screw the workers. Always, always and always. Owners will to to squeeze every last penny for themselves and give as little as possible to the workers. It's like the oil companies. It's not enough to make a billion dollar profit they want two billion dollar profit. Greed pure and simple. It's the same mentality that has most of the products sold in the USA being manufactured in another country (China). Because why manufacture here if it costs you 25 dollars to make those sneakers and you sell them for 40 dollars when you can manufacture them in China or Vietnam for 5 dollars a pair and still sell them for 40 dollars. Greed. People who agree with the owners have the same stupidity as Joe the Plumber. They vote against their own best interests just in case some day they'll be rich.


The NFL players are already rewarded beyond what they need to be. You cant compare this to a real life employee becase we dont even come close to resemble the compensation they get, and most of us dont even do anything we love just something that is good enough to get by.

They dont work 40 hrs a week 52 weeks a year with 2-3 weeks vacation, doing their job is already a luxury and there are thousands of players that would love to replace them for alot less money that are still talented.

cba lockout benefits:

- at least 9 happier Sundays in 2011

- Henne can't regress any further

- jr. coaching staff will have time to progress

- Penne's shoulder can heal enough to make him durable for at least another two plays, possibly a full quarter

- Ronnie Brown will be on a record streak of no injuries

- Odrick can really heal and not be pushed into duty too soon

- Edds can really heal and not be pushed into duty too soon

- Sheets can really heal and not be pushed into duty too soon

- Sparano will have an extra year to figure out what Belichek did to him

- last but not least, no need to put the franchise tag on Patrick Cobbs

Roger talks about the cost of building stadiums...........most of which are publicly financed. Something smells here and it ain't roses.

Mando, got any idea what exactly Goodell does during his workday? I did a search, typed nfl commissioner duties....nada. Tried different key words like job description....nothing.

I was just curious what Mr. Goodell does during the day other than fine and/or suspend players.





Rewarded beyond what they need to be? The average career is two and half years. They should get as much as they possibly can in that short period of time. For those who play a little longer than the average they can look forward to a lifetime of medical issues. They can look forward to knee and hip replacements 10 to 15 years earlier than the average population. They can look forward to a life span that is 10 years shorter than the average population. Yes, they are rewarded beyond what they need. As for Mr. Capitalist what do you call the public subsidies to finance billionaires' stadiums? Here's the owners' definition of "distribution of wealth" privatize the profits and socialize the risks.

Deadly, are you a worker, or a CEO? If you're a worker, I wonder why you are siding against your own interests.

Players get paid so well because they formed a union to fight on their behalf. They put in the time, they destroy their bodies, their "careers" are extremely short compared to teachers, architects, etc., so, I don't see the problem in that. And to blame them for being well-paid is idiotic if you ask me. They don't tell you to pay thousands of dollars for season tickets. They don't tell you to buy merchandise, or buy snacks and drinks at the stadium for astronomical prices. The MARKET determined that (for all you Capitalists out there). I'm sorry that Americans value entertainment more than teaching our children, but there it is in black and white.

So, if there are billions of dollars of profit, what, you're saying all that money should go to the fat cat owner who hasn't lifted a finger doing anything for the team other than put up the front money (usually reaping tax benefits and breaks from local governments)?

I know this is foreign to most of you, but if all the money in Corporate America wasn't funneled to the very few at the top, businesses would probably function much better. Employees would be happier, therefore work harder, be able to afford the things corporations make and sell, putting more money back into the economy, raising the living standards of EVERYONE.

Yeah, sure, sounds too much like the dirty word communism (that's the devil). Actually, if you read your sacred religious text (be it Bible, Torah or Koran), you'd see they are much more critical of capitalism than anything else. The Bible even says, "Blessed are the Poor" and rails against the rich.

Once the American empire crumbles (much like the Roman empire) humans will realize they need to formulate a new way to assemble a society to function for the goodwill of all, not just the few. The NFL and organizations like it are showing that providing for the common good lifts ALL boats, NOT the trickle-down theory, which is a sham.

The age of the paternalistic "Leader" is gone for all you last-century thinkers. Facebook and blogs like this where ideas are spread are the worst thing that could have happened to those who currently have all the money and power in the World. People are waking up, seeing that others somewhere else get rights that they feel they should get too, and are realizing power is really in the People.

Football is a CHOICE.....

Like being a Soldier

A Fireman

A Botanist

A Garbage Man

Or whatever it is thay YOU CHOSE to do to feed your family....

I liken this defence of the POOR PLAYERS...and their SHORT careers to some type of idolatry

Its a CHOICE people....

These MEN also had a CHOICE to stay in school and get a 4 year degree in whatever....and possibly get Master's degrees and be some of the most eligible employee's in the Market....

ANDREW LUCK CHOSE to stay....many of us called him foolish....including me....maybe he isn't so DUMB after all.....maybe he AS A POTENTIAL PLAYER....understands that there is more to life than football.....something us fans have a hard time grasping sometimes.....

I pray that none of you or me.....fall on hard times.....or maybe I should say even harder times......

But if you do... will any of these players who at a minimum have earned HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.....or in excess of 100 MILLION DOLLARS.......be blogging/posting about you.....I doubt it......

and i'm not HATIN on the players....I could care less about the OWNER's as well.....I could care less if they lose 400 MILLION every sunday or whatever.......

The bottom line is that both sides will get what THEY CHOSE....

and you or I or the concession stand worker...or the janitor don't get a VOTE....

So feel sorry for one side if you want...and support the other side if it makes you feel better....


Just that GREEN stuff in our pockets


M.VICK.................. FRANCHISE TAG AT 16 MILLION


DC DOLFAN........... 24,000
DB........................... 14,000
KRIS.......................... 46,000



The average length is that low because of the new talent coming in year and year out and turning the bottom half of the rosters in the NFL. This is what happens when you have a luxury for a job. Everyone needs to know that has that luxury that it is not gonna last long, stay in school and earn that degree your talents get you for free. If I can play for 2 years and make a million dollars I would be estatic.

But what about the owners? They do not have a high turnover rate and without them making profit they can not stay in buissness. Too many people forget that the NFL is a buisness and if it is to stay successful the owners need to make more money.

Its sad that the owners have to rely so heavily on raising ticket prices so they can hopefully sell enough tickets to break even. The NFL makes 9 billion dollars a year but the fans have to pay higher ticket prices because its the owners main revenue that they need to count on? While some players will earn over a million dollars per game?

Now thats a structure that will eventually bankrupt the NFL, which is ran by the owners, not the players.

CUBAN MENACE...................12,600

Aloco's butchering the English language= Priceless.......

CROWDER........... 5 MILLION
CUBAN................. 12,600 THOUSANDS

Aloco, How much does Bill(The Hyena)Cowher Make???????

aloco = 8 pesos.lol

DC Dolfan,

Exactly! The players have it how we all should, but the fact of the matter is they are the ONLY ones that have it that way. So me or you, the guy who funds that possibility, the people who make everyone else rich, WHY SHOULD WE FEEL BAD FOR THEM?

Our careers are short, we put our body on the line. Who cares? If I went to my boss and told him how underpaid I was and that us employees need to get 60% of the revenue the company brings in how long do you think it would be until I was sent packing?

What union has ever gotten their people what the NFL players have gotten? NONE!

If corporate america had to hand over 60% of their revenue to its employees they would all be bankrupt. And thats exactly what will eventually happen with the NFL if it continues down this path.

Fire every single ungrateful player that wants too much and replace them with the other 10,000 + good talents out there that dreamed of making it to the NFL.

As we all know, if this was your company, they would just replace you and move on. Giving the players what they want will drive up the prices for us and its already sickning how much it is to watch a football game.



Aloco, How much does Timothy Geithney make????

F**k the owners,
They are greedy --period. If they did'nt have great athletes on the field nobody would come just to look at the stadium. They're so freakin' greedy they even put night clubs in the stadium ( really helped the fins w-l record ).They charge $8.00 for a draft beer ( it cost them .15 ). Then some dumbass owners think if you bring in a bunch of has been celebrity owners that will make the fans happy.Hell, you wanna make us happy bring in strippers. Then on top of everything else some make a mockery of the history of the team by embarrassing us with aa A-1 coaching fiasco.I know a lot of us love our team but we are being abused as consumers! If you went to a barber and he screwed up your hair you would'nt pay and you would'nt go back! If you buy a new car and somethings wrong with it you take it to the dealership and have them fix it! If you team is run by an inferior management team and owner, you pay good money for a bad product and then it's FFFF the fans. Let me ask you one question. If the packers and steelers were playing on an old sandlot would you go watch or do you need some fancy stadium with 12 dollar beers and has been celebrities to enjoy the game?? UNITE!!!!


Why don't you do a column on the fans treatment or lack there of. Interview the players and ROSS and ask them why they don't give a damn!!!

The owners don't need to open the books. The players work for the owners. If the owners want an 18 game schedule and a reduction in salary then so be it. If the players don't like it then they can move on and try something else. I am sure other players will step up to play replacement players). The current players don't know how good they have it.

Let the NFL dissipate, then maybe our colleges will crank out more engineers, dr's, scientists, our society will be less focused on the total frivolity of the NFL and more focused on competing globally at a high level. Our country is going down the tubes while we microwave popcorn and obsess about the Grammy's or the Super Bowl. We invented technology, led in it, now we lag far behind, all the major tech companies now have more foreign born engineers than Americans, while they continue to bolster the technological infrastructure in China, India, Vietnam. our high schools are something like 14th worldwide. Is that acceptable? Lets worry about getting our mojo back before we indulge in the overall utter uselessness of spectator sports...it's merely entertainment, no more valuable that a sitcom with the laugh tracks. Spend less time vegging out and more time enriching yourself or devoting your time to worthy causes, family, society or education. In the end its far more rewarding.

Mike - without the players there's no game.


the phans have been watching a scab qb for 2 seasons now. no big deal.lol

if the scabs take over the league next season, the phins can finally have a shot at winning the sb.lol

I actually would watch the replacements next year. Maybe we'll make the playoffs :-). The owners will win this battle and the players know it.

F the owners. The owners are paid by the FANS but the owners do not give a dam about fans.

The owners will win the negotiation because the league is totally on the owners side, evidenced by the slanted Goodell piece and the fact that the TV deal keeps paying the owners even during a lock out.

The TV deal and the guaranteed money is basically one group of billionaires protecting another group of billionaires in a fight against workers

Oh and by the way this will be a lock out by the owners.

The owners will cause the season to be canceled.

The players ought to fight to the end even if the owners cancel the season. However, I suspect the players will cave. The owners will end up with 60+%, 18 game season and the older destitute players will not be taken care of and will be allowed to rot and slip into Lue Garag disease without assistance.

BTW, it is amazing to me though not surprising to see people come on here and defend the owners in this. You people have minds that have been colonized by the Koch brothers and ought to have you head examined.

The season won't be cancelled its just the quality of play will drop off which for our team is not very far :-).
Let the players sit out a year and Brady and manning will be one year older. All said I think a lock out won't be a bad thing for us phin fans.

Mando, we would like all of your readers to know about the NFL Fan Strike. The NFL Fan Strike is a group of NFL fans that is boycotting all NFL licensed merchandise until a new CBA is reached. We are also planning a protest outside of the NFL Owners meetings in Ft. Lauderdale on March 3rd. We invite ALL fans to join us...We want our voices to be heard!!

If players don't feel they make enough money playing football, then I say find another career. Since when does the employee determine what they make. They get paid what the employer is willing to pay or they find a new job/employer.

At the end of the day the only real issue to me is making sure they have proper medical benefits and that players should have to EARN their salaries based on performance. So a rookie cap is essential. Also benefits for active and retired players.

After that - the owners shouldn't have to contribute to retirement, open books, or be told how much they can profit.

I really don't feel sorry for some idiot who makes $10 million over a 4 year career and then is destitute in year 5.. These athletes don't need 5 homes, 10 cars, millions in jewels, etc... Save your money for retirement like the rest of the world. Plan for your own future like the rest of us have too.

Owners may be billionairs, but they carry all the risk. Rookies who get $50 million guarenteed and flame out. Empty stadiums, bankruptcy, etc.. Just like life - the people taking the risks get rewarded if they succeed. People who work for them get paid while the work a fair salary. If anyone here wants to debate that players don't make a fair salary feel free because 90% of us will never make the money they make during their careers in our lifetimes.

Wake up players. You're blessed to make millions playing a game. I have no sympathy for you because you have a short career lifespan.. Players have more doors open to them after playing than anyone can imagine - they just have to be intelligent enough to budget and walk through them when their careers end!

Oregon Dolphin fan....

Are you amazed by free speech too.....you are not the only who has a right to it.....

Are you amazed that others may have an opinion diffent than yours.....cause it is possible......

I am NEVER amazed by how AMAZED others are...when they read and then blanket attack others who may see things from a diffent perspective then themselves.....

The truth is none of us have INTRICATE DETAILS on what is REALLY AT STAKE....we only know what ESPN/NFL NETWORK/insert sorts news channel here....tell us.....

I am amzed that some would blanket attack opinions....with nothing more than speculation...and more opinions......

FACTS trump opinions....opinions du not trump opinions....and therefore is no more important or valid then the next poster's.....


I think I didn't express myself clearly enough, I personally don't have a stake (other than being a fan) and personally don't care if either the owners or the players "win" or get more money or whatever it is they want.

I'm just saying this is how the NFL evolved. No one told the owners a few years ago to give the players so much of the pie. They democratically voted to accept the deal. Try telling your mortgage company that you don't like the deal you made on your house and see if they can readjust it more to your liking. A deal is a deal.

Now, the owners are saying their costs are going up, so they need more of the pie. The players are saying show me how much your costs are going up. Owners don't want to do it.

Deadly, to your point, which is the owners are the bosses and we can't do that in our jobs, you're absolutely right. But like kris said, everyone made the choices they did. Owners don't have to use Peyton Manning and Chad Henne (that's a joke) to sell tickets. If they want to pay nothing (or much less) than hire me to play on your team. I'll work for $100,000. But I promise you guys probably won't want to see me and those like me playing football. Other than being comical, I can't run a 4.2 40. I can't throw the ball 80 yards. Owners pay top dollar for top talent. If the players don't want to accept a pay cut, that's their right. Owners can lock them out, sell their teams, even dissolve the league.

Also, if you don't know what the owners make (which no one does) then how do you know their not making enough profit. And what's enough. Are they breaking even, having to put in their own money at the end of year, or are they not making the 20-30% profit they think they should be making? At least corporations (those that are publicly-traded) have to open their books and honestly tell folks what profits they have, what losses, etc. For the owners to say, "we need more money, trust us," isn't going to cut it (at least with the players). Again, the owners don't HAVE TO listen to the players, but they do if they want/need those players to make their money and have a league.

Also Deadly, you brought up if workers had 60% of the profits corporations wouldn't be able to exist. Well, what do you think of CEO's whose salaries have trended upwards compared to workers for decades. That's why things were more stable in the 50s/60s for the middle-class. They had more of the pie (than they do now). But now, our policies and tax code has gotten regressive, not progressive. That means that the disparity between rich and poor is widening, not shrinking. And that's not a good thing. That causes instability in society, and will eventually lead to chaos.

if the scabs take over. the phins will finally have a good qb in jeff george.lol. but serious too.

aloco,ask col. sanders if you can keep 60% of his profits.lol

look at egypt. it could happen here.

As an NFL starved, football junkie fan talking to his peddler (played by Roger "Jane, how do I stop this crazy thing?" Goodell)....

ROC...cough...cough..."Gimmie more stuff! GIMMIE MORE STUFF!!"...

RG "How much you want?"

ROC... "Gimmie"...cough..."Gimmie 18 dammit!"

RG "Well now we are talking." "It's is really gonna cost you though."

ROC "Whatchu mean man?"

RG "In order to give you 18, me and ALL 32 other dealers may have to lay low for a while... you know, chillax a bit and polish ma spinners."

ROC Cough..."Aw man, dat ain't right."... "What am I gonna do? HUH?"

RG "You will have the shakes a long time...then, if things stay that way a while you may not need me anymore." "Some can kick me, some will be in 18 paradise someday."

ROC "Aight den" (said in a Slingblade tone) "You do what you gotta do RG"..."I'll manage..cough...I'll manage."

Curtain drops.

LOL, seriously though. Both sides need to come together and give some. I can see arguments on both sides. As a fan nut that watches combine coverage, preseason games, every snap of a 35 to 3 Fins loss 16 games comes and goes too fast. I'm all for 18 games.

I think that 4 games is too many preseason games, especially to the paying fan. No discount yet no game plans, vanilla plays, lower level talent in droves on the field at the same time, coaches knowing the games don't matter so play accordingly.

Owners need to make sure the Old Vets and New players have some injury fund that takes care of the players imho. Especially the older ones when there was no surgeon generals warning.

Onwers/NFLPA should have some sort of auto/forced matching retirement money plans in place so that young, new rich players can't piss it all away and may be able to have something after they retire or get fired.

The owners are the owners so they should get to dictate much of what goes on in "their" league but, they can't even keep a unified front themselves so I don't know.

Agree with kris @10:18 on the voluntary hazard pay type job. It's not like cops can't automatically demand extra $$ after the bullets start flying. Although, it's human nature to ask for more $$ for most any job/profession and cops do it too along with most everyone.

Sorry, long winded rant. Gotta bail to work.



I knew when my posted ended up right after yours that it could be taken as a "response" to your post....

In actuality we were typing at the same time...and youi hit post before me....i hadn't seen your post before i hit send....

My post was just my thoughts....each day I get more sick of this lockout....and after listening to all the sources have decided that I could care less.....call it a premptive stike to the lock-out if you will......

My feeling have turned to this.....if there is a lock-out regardless of "who's fault"....I may not be back....i am positive it won't be in this fanactic capacity that I have put my wife thru....I will probably be more of a casual fan....

Maybe no Direct TV....and if i'm home...i'll watch a game...but i won't plan my Sunday's around the Dolphins.....

lol @ 2watt @ 12:34

and I agree with the poster who is calling for a stike.....

If the deal is not done within the March 3rd 1:59 PM....then fans SHOULD STIKE.....

after all you you/we pay a huge stake in the owner's and player's salary.....

The NFL is HUGE because WE say its HUGE.....

We actyally have the power to bring the NFL and player salary's back to the 40's and 50....you know...when this was the player's 2nd job...and the owner's were mere millionair's and not BILLIONaire's

I know we won't do it.....but I encourage eveyone to remind the NFL...players/owner's/commisioner.....where there bread is really buttered......



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