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Sunday offerings: Shula's thoughts, crazy fact about Tomlin

DALLAS -- Super Bowl Sunday and this one feels different because it will not only signal the end of the NFL season (never a good thing) but could signal the final NFL game for a long, long time unless the players and owners find a way to forge labor peace.

Some things, however, do not change.

One thing that hasn't changed for some time is how former Dolphins, or players the Dolphins should have drafted or signed or kept come to this game wearing another team's uniform. Today's game is a reminder of a coach that might have led the Dolphins starting in 2007 if the powers that be would have made a different decision on him.

Yes, Mike Tomlin might have been the Dolphins coach if the folks who interviewed him for the Miami job in January 2007 would have seen what the Steelers eventually saw only days later.

Instead, you'll flip when I tell you what the folks interviewing Tomlin for Miami saw instead. It borders on racist, actually.

If you follow me on twitter you know I spent some time with coach Don Shula this week. He's the best, and not just because his number of victories say he is.

Shula is a lot of things to the Dolphins these days. No, he doesn't make decisions or have any say over the roster as he used to. But he is still the compass that tells us if things are right or wrong with the franchise.

And, like many of you, Shula found the 2010 season to be a disappointment for the Dolphins. My Sunday column basically gives Shula the floor. And he shares his thoughts on Chad Henne, on the manner Stephen Ross handled the flirtation with Jim Harbaugh, how that affected Tony Sparano, and what the organization can do from this point forward to overcome its hardships.

Shula also shares one time when his relationship with then-Dolphins owner Joe Robbie was much more tense than Sparano's ever got to be with Ross following the Harbaugh debacle.

I'll be doing a live Super Bowl blog from Cowboys Stadium this evening. It is the only live blog from this venue on this site. So accept no imitators. See you then.



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If you are not strong enough in your convictions, the media can influence you. I remember some saying, -they run first and then is only pass, pass, pass-. Others said, -oh, but I love Shula-. Any Poll is a little bit less than crap in these days.

Wow, they just showed a map of the country, and had it shaded for both sides. Only 3 states were shaded for the Steelers. This makes me feel much better about the bet I have layed. $500.00 Parlayed the Steelers, and the under the payout is just under 3-1 for basically a 2 teamer. This is the last chance for degenerate gamblers like myself to get close to even for the year...Like I said yesterday. Stay away from my betting strategies. I have been pummled this year.

I'm really curious to see how the Steelers play without Pouncey. I've always been of the belief that the centre position is one of the most important positions on the team. You can't run effectively between the tackles without good centre play and keeping the NT neutralized. It will be interesting to see how Pitt game plans for the loss of Pouncey. I believe we've had subpar play from the centre position last year and previous seasons. It's why I feel the guy I want in FA next year, even more than Mankins is Ryan Khalil. He'd make all the difference in the world next year to our run game.

This game is a difficult to call.

Pittsburgh is just plain tough as hell and always shows up on Sunday.

Green Bay appears to have peaked at the right time and is playing like a well oiled machine.

I am going with the Packers in a close one.

Note - I hate Pittsburgh!

Oscar, what I remember, is everybody being shocked by the news.

Is it just me or is Armando and others fascinated with Sparano. I keep reading the same old quotes > Sparano is the most dramatic turnaround in NFL history – going from 1-15 to 11-5 in one year<

PLEASE...If you think that is an accomplishment I have a pile of snow up here that's yellow to sell you.

ANY Coach... Yes... ANY COACH who was in Miami at that time would have had results far better then 1 -15 record. Would you all be drooling if they went 2-14 and said that was an improvement?

Listen... Our record was the Softest in the league. We played against division rival Buffalo and outside division teams that sucked just like the Fins. We threw in the wildcat package which no team knew much about and it worked. Yes... Credit the Fins that it worked. It was NOT Sparano who brought in the wildcat package it was Tuna and the OC.

If you are going to credit Sparano with that then by all means you had better credit him for when it failed which gives us back to back phethatic seasons and the upcoming season is destine for the same.

In the end that 11-5 season was due to many things that shaped that season and much of that was not of the Dolphins doings. Soft schedule and we LOST to the normal superior teams which proved that we did not belong there. Yes, I'll take that season as an exciting one and that's all. The TRUE boiler plate for the Dolphins and Sparano and company was the last season and the prior one. BOTH losing.

Sparano was running scared to make calls that would have won a game. He was playing like a loser coach he is. No game plan, no balls to call big plays when it counted as he played it SAFE. In this high offense league a coach that plays it SAFE ends up with a 7-9 record.

We are what we are. Nothing more and nothing less than a losing team. We fans will suffer again next season and the next and the next until they get rid of these losers in charge.

I for one won’t be getting excited about the draft as I already know the outcome. We will draft junk and miss on opportunities to draft high caliber players.

Just because the TUNA is gone does not mean that the Tunas philosophy didn’t remain with the GM, Coach and the owner. Until we purge the Parcells mentality of drafting we will fail.

R & R Express,

I am VERY undecided on this game. There's a huge towards the Packers from the so-called experts but I don't read into that too much. Something about that Steelers organization on the big stage....they just find a way to get it done! No question Rodgers has to be lights out today for the Packers to win....that's key for them! I just think the Steelers have too many things going for them....with five hours to go I'm leaning towards the Steelers.....it might change again!

Exactly, NY "G". Parcells chose Ireland, Sparano and a OC who I will not mention. He chose them because they shared the same philosophy.

It might be the Harbaugh thing scared both of them enough to try to change direction. But it's kinda hard (especially Sparano) to change a lifetime of convictions.

Craig M,

I like what you wrote about the loss of Pouncy. Could be the key to the game. I expect the NT Raj and Mathews to have big days today.

Dam, the Dolphins need a bad ass at Center.

The rapist likes to stand in and benefits from his size but Mathews is a good tackler and has the speed to really disrupt the Steeler passing game.

The Packers are the more dynamic offense and guess what fellas, dynamic offenses win games.

Packers by 20.

The Steelers get what they deserve for having the game against the Dolphins AND the SB against Seattle handed to them by the refs.

Mr FG sucks and Tomlin is overrated just like Cowher.

Watch the Packers run the ball on the 'best LB's in the league' today.

Packers let's not forget were a #6 seed in the woeful NFC. Barely beat Chicago. They are OVERRATED. All LeBeau has to do is focus on one thing and one thing only, stopping Rodgers, GB has no chance to beat them by running.

Pitt 24-17.

green bay wins 27-24, rodgers is auto in a dome

Darrillo....a man after my own heart....i said the same thing earlier.....weaker conference=weaker team....

Pitt Locker room says of the Center position..."ONE STANDARD"....

I believe them....

Look for one early fumble and then Pitt gets it together.....

Look for Rodgers to leave the game in the 2nd or 3rd quarter with a concussion..(we know he's prone)

Steelers 34
Pack 17

The Dolphins downfall began when Huizenga listened to the IDIOT FANS DEMANDS and dumped Shula in favor of Jimmy Johnson.

Don't even TRY to pretend you weren't one of them.

The smart NFL teams ignore their stupid fans who know absolutely nothing and have zero patience. Miami needs to do the same.

Artie....if Shula didn't retire then....then when?

Your a SMART fan...not like us IDIOT fans....so what year should he have retired?

Or should he still be coaching?

I'm serious

I'm an IDIOT fan....I need you to tell me the answers...since you post as if you got them......

What year should Shula have walked away from the game?

and under what circumstances?

Shula had 13 years with the BEST QB TO EVER PLAY THE GAME....he got to one SB...ONE!

He never got Marino a legit 1,000 yard RB (i'm not counting Sammy Smith's 1,013 yards or whatever)

He never built a Top 10 Defence

Never replaced Duper or Clayton

and in the early 90's he was given a Super Team....much like that of the Jets of the past 2 years.....lost AFC Championship game....So at least he went down fighting.....

There were games when Danny would get us up by 20 by half time...and Shula would come out in the 3rd quarter and begin to run out the clock....with our non-exsistent running game.....and we would lose.....

ANd I began to think that maybe the game has passed Shula by....he lost his killer instinct.....

I thank Shula for the memories....but all good things come to an end...

Headed over to Georgie's Alibi in Wilton Manors for the game.

It's a great spot for those of us of the "other persuasion" but straights and breeders are made to feel welcome as well.

Monster sized screens, too!

Just get the Sparano a QB and a couple good wins and all will be fine. I do agree stability is the best recipe for success...too much transition has hurt the franchise.


Kris pretyy sure your wrong about shula. Her's his record.

Shula has a 2-4 record in Super Bowls. He won Super Bowls VII and VIII and lost Super Bowls III, VI, XVII, and XIX.

D-dense....stay with my post...the subject...and the context.....were talking about the end of Shula's carreer...not the beginning.....

and the questions was when should he retire...and possibly why he should have retired.....

That was the conversation....the the history of Shula....

Take the whole post and its context...not just one line out of it....

In fact...I never mentioned Shula's record as a whole...i'm not sure why you are either....


I got that Aloco...he was the best there ever was....my question is.....when is/was he suppose to retire....or was he gonna coach forever?

Wipe the tears from your eyes....read my post for what it is...and answer the question.....it is 2011 right now....TODAY....

When are the Dolphins fans gona let Coach Shula retire?

I like the part on Armando article with Shula he wanted to punch Joe in the face!!

I feel Shula him self thinks Henne is not going to be able to fix those mistakes he keeps making! I just look at the intangibles of Henne and it not vey much! I hope and pray this guy wakes up and turns it around!!

But something In my gut says no he won't.

I will sign a F/A QB line Hasselback because he is a vet and play in the Superbowl and playoffs experience.......let them two battle it out and may the best man win and I think Hasselback wins!

Let's grab Brady Quinn, second chance!

Melbourne, I'm headed over to Georgies Alibi too! RAINBOW SUPER BOWL PARTY!!!

Idiot fin fan! That's funny or is it that your are

Tough game to call...

Pack gets the nod 31 to 24. Pitt has better DEF but I like the entire package GB brings a bit more.

Enjoy the game Fin fans. If Goodell and Smith start REALLY intensifying labor talks they may still be able to pull off a final agreeement...things look grim.

It's VERY sad as 1987 sucked for NFL footballs sake.

They have a commanding lead over ALL other sports in popularity. Why they would want to jeopardize that and lose millions of dollars let alone fans is beyond me.

Billionaires and their toys (sigh)


I don't see the game as close as the consensus has it. 34-16 Green Bay.

packers are a #6 seed
packers have no running game
ben > aaron
troy DPOY
steelers physically tougher

I give GB the edge only if they start off to a fast lead, otherwise like Pitt in a close game.

I want the Packers to win so that Brett Favre will retire in humiliation.
Well, that plus I HATE Pittsburgh.

The Packers will win because the way you beat the steelers is spread the field throw it to the WR TE protect Rodgers!! If Mexico pass for 200 plus yards I think Ridgers will do even better!

Tomlin is not the reason there in the super bowl.That is the same team Cower had.

R&R? You really think Farve is retiring in humiliation with a GB win?? He is a multi millionare on easy street for the rest of his life, has a ring....all the tail (almost haha) he wants...doesn't' get much better than that.

dr. q,

Brett Favre doesn't care about anything except how the football universe perceives him.
If GB wins, he will look like an idiot for dissing his team and looking elsewhere to continue his quest of vanity.
He was financially set for life before all this went down.

R&R I don't think his world is quite as tiny as yours. So he waffled season after season about retiring and GB just didn't want to wait through another off season of that. In the end, its peanuts. He is going into the HOF. What had transpired is trivial compared to what other athletes had to overcome...Ben, Vick, Ray Lewis, ect. Farve will get his shot at ESPN or whatever if he needs more attention, or he will get his share of cheerleaders...You are making a paper cut sound like a heart attack. Foolish.

GB has been playing lights out football. That will end in the next couple of hours. Even with Pouncey out, Steelers win.

AFC way tougher than NFC this year. If anything Pitt should be favored. Ben has proven himself in the big game twice already.

Mr. Capers is outcoaching every body here. But Steelers are hard, ain't they?

Armando and my fellow fin fans,
The Mike Tomlin thing is only one little example of just how ignorant, pathetic, and plain stupid this so called organization has been. Its a shame that these morons are allowed to represent this fabulous city. And it hasn't gotten any better with this joker Mr. Ross leading the pack. This guy is a joke! This team is the laughing stock of the league. I can't believe this group of loosers are allowed to compete in the NFL.

Tirefinfan that was ruthless! My you are frustrated! I with you on the coaching staff

Some of them have coaching experience but Ross doesn't so to mr he gets a pass he learning on the job but these other idiots doe!
But my dad sways said to me don't under estimate no one because when you do it will come back and beat you right on the a s s!
So I'm going to hold judgement on this owner and staff because of what I was tought!

I love my PHINS sways and forever



Lets be honest here, if Tomlin or McCarthy or whoever would have been our coach they would have been just as much of a failure as who we had because we do not have a QB. Tomlin did not win one SB and get to another his QB did. McCarthy is a SB winning coach not because of any special X's and O's he is awinner because of Aaron Rodgers. If Rodgers had become Alex Smith GB would have fired him and Thompson. It is all about the QB in todays NFL. If you have a great one you win and keep your job of you do not have one you lose. The only team in the playoffs this year that did not have a good QB was the Jests, all the rest were either elite or above average (I am not counting Hasselbeck because Seattle was not really a playoff team). So how complicated is it, draft a QB every round until you find a great one and then Miami will win a playoff game. If you took either of those QB's that played last nght and put them Miami they are a playoff team and maybe a SB team, that is how much a QB means to a team.

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