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Super Bowl live blog here from Dal, er, Arlington

ARLINGTON -- Jerry Jones must be livid.

According to the NFL, there are a limited number of sections in temporary seating areas inside the stadium that have not been completed and will not be completed. I guess the late-breaking fact that the Super Bowl would be played in this stadium took the folks taking care of such things by surprise.

"We are working to resolve the matter and expect that by game time, most of the fans affected will have been accommodated in their seats or relocated to similiar or better seats," and NFL statement reads. "Those fans that are affected by this will be directed to the Party Plaza area while the matter is resolved."

Well, that's not going to happen. The newest statement from the NFL is that 850 fans were relocated to similar or better seats while 400 fans could not be relocated inside the stadium.

The NFL has promised a refund of triple the cost of the face value of the $900 tickets. Notice that its the "face value." Most fans here have paid sometimes three or four times the face value of the tickets to begin with. So I'm sure they're not too thrilled about this little issue.

I must say, this stadium remains a marvel. But it's not in San Diego or Miami or New Orleans. So it is not optimal for a Super Bowl, in my opinion.

Bottom line is Miami never had an issue with fans who had tickets to the game not being able to get in. That is unimaginable.

On the field, former Dolphin Erik Walden (ankle) is inactive today. Frank Zombo starts for Walden.

There's a live Super Bowl blog here in the comments section this evening. Join me there.


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They're showing highlights of Super Bowl 17 here in Dallas.

John Riggins just ran over Don McNeal for a TD. Again.


Do you have any idea how much longer is NBC under contract to get the Supper Bowl?

The GB secondary may end up with mvp honors for this game.

Hi Armando,
any inside from Texas, regarding the labor talks?


Looks Like Ben Rapelisberger might have a pulled groin injury, I wonder if it was on that slip or was he at a junior collage in the Dallas/Arlington area last night... Mando, Investigate...

NBC gets the game in 2012 and that's it, is what I'm told by NFL official, dying.

"Squeeze'em" Suism puts Pitt on the board!

Armando, I just dont like the way Fox does the SB. It feels just like one of thier regular season nfc regular season games. I even like the way CBS does games better than FOX does it!

Somewhere in Miami, The fist Pumper is... Well fist pumping..

After re-reading some of my posts I need to step away from the coffee a little! LOL..........

Wow! GB should have gone for it on 4th down. They had a chance to go for the jugular and whimped out! LOL.............

Cameron Diaz is now offering to give Alex Rodriguez a warm shave and shoot him with a needle full of roids.

If Pitt comes back with a quick score they'll wished they had gone for it on 4th down! LOL..........

If the Steelers cannot run the ball and shorten the game, they're doomed. They cannot keep up with GB in a passing battle.

Armando, no offense but the herald paid good money for your SB ticket and all you can do is obsess about A-rod and and Diaz's on personal business? Can I have your press pass for next year's super bowl? Because it obviously seems you're not enjoying the game. LOL.............

Cuban, wonder what's really going thru his mind? I'm thinking, why can't I do that?

I drank way too much coffee today. I cant see or spell worth a s*hit! LOL.............

Donald Driver was taken to the locker room for x-rays. His return is questionable.

Armando: Are there more Steeler or Packer fans in the stadium?

Coffee, LOL@ Breed........

Dying, the Herald did not pay for my press pass. It was free.

And they will get what they paid for it.

GB secondary is game's mvp just like I stated earlier! LOL.................

Troy Palomalu has not been a factor at all.

Dying, got any rum? If not, any strong adult beverage will do. This will counteract the caffeine.

Armando, are thier any job oppenings in the Herald's sports dept? I need a job right around SB time next year! LOL..........

Green Bays Defense is full of ball-hawks...., Wish a certain team in So.Fla would Intercept a third of what these guys do... Uh Oh, TD Green Bay, This could be another blow out...


Loving this ... GB romping. Still pissed over the Fins / Steeler game earlier this year. This score serves those pompous and noisy Steeler fans.

I know, I was pre-med before I flunked out.

How did the Dolphins beat these Green Bay Packers? At Green Bay?

Aaron Rodgers is showing us what Dan Marino would have looked like with a defense! LOL...........

Hey Armando - Pitt huh?

Coco, I thought you were in Pre-Law.....

What a hit by Palomalu, and the Receiver hold the ball incredible catch....

Pre-Med, Pre-Law, it's all the same...LOL

If the Steelers are going to answer Green Bay's TD, they better not do it too quickly, if you know what I mean.

Mando, A lot of injuries if Memory serves me right.......

Armando, as bad as 2010 seemed, we maybe able to say that we at least beat 2010's SB Champions and were a bad call away from beating it's runner-up! LOL...........

man, GB's secondary are dropping like flies, not good for the Pack...

Cuban, you are right. But also, seems to be a lot of teams that don't start strong....well, you know the rest.

Was that the Hines Ward show or what, that drive! LOL..........

Great catch

Dying, my belief is that when/if the Dolphins ever actually manage to pull together and play complete games they can beat anyone in the NFL any sunday. issue was we were up one week down the next. One question though is why did they fall appart the last three games two years in a row? Coaching or execution?

Hey R&R, it's a 4-quarter game buddy. You heard?

both Shields and Woodson are having their shoulders looked at. the x-ray on driver's ankle was negative.

Hey Armando.
Just curious if the only way to get you to respond to a post of mine was the negative way.
You're busted.

Big Ben doing moves on the Back side of GBs secondary like they were drunk Coeds..

VA Phins,

Our late season swoons have been due to a COMBINATION of injuries, coaching, and execution. There hasnt been the one thing to put our finger on and say this is definitely it.

Pitt is going to make some adjustments, so is GB....go Cheeseheads!!!!

Cuban, you pulling for either one of these teams? Me? Steelers...don't know why.

LOL@Cuban! Is it still rape if she's to drunk to remember she said yes?

Mando, Whats Fergie Wearing???????????

Mando, Do you see a "Wardrobe" Malfunction for Fergie during halftime??????????

Not visible yet Cuban. I was tempted to say nothing but that would have been misleading and gotten you uncomfortable while on the blog.

Here we go ... the Miami Dolphins make their appearance at the Super Bowl (sort of).

Happy to see a steelers TD. pulling for GB but just want a good game. Rodgers looks awesome.

Wow, Rodgers, another plyer the Dolphins passed on in the draft.

They're dropping from the scoreboard.

I can see that Dying. However overlooking the injuries I think for the second year in a row there was a rift in the locker room, maybe TS is not as well liked a guy as people make him out to be.

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