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Super Bowl live blog here from Dal, er, Arlington

ARLINGTON -- Jerry Jones must be livid.

According to the NFL, there are a limited number of sections in temporary seating areas inside the stadium that have not been completed and will not be completed. I guess the late-breaking fact that the Super Bowl would be played in this stadium took the folks taking care of such things by surprise.

"We are working to resolve the matter and expect that by game time, most of the fans affected will have been accommodated in their seats or relocated to similiar or better seats," and NFL statement reads. "Those fans that are affected by this will be directed to the Party Plaza area while the matter is resolved."

Well, that's not going to happen. The newest statement from the NFL is that 850 fans were relocated to similar or better seats while 400 fans could not be relocated inside the stadium.

The NFL has promised a refund of triple the cost of the face value of the $900 tickets. Notice that its the "face value." Most fans here have paid sometimes three or four times the face value of the tickets to begin with. So I'm sure they're not too thrilled about this little issue.

I must say, this stadium remains a marvel. But it's not in San Diego or Miami or New Orleans. So it is not optimal for a Super Bowl, in my opinion.

Bottom line is Miami never had an issue with fans who had tickets to the game not being able to get in. That is unimaginable.

On the field, former Dolphin Erik Walden (ankle) is inactive today. Frank Zombo starts for Walden.

There's a live Super Bowl blog here in the comments section this evening. Join me there.


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Yeah, I see a possible Malfunction happening...


When you look over at A-Rod and Cameron Diaz. Do wish that you could whisper, "Say hello to my lil' friend" in her ear?


Mr. Capers is outcoaching everybody here. Bur the Steelers are hard, ain't they?

Is it just me or does Will I Am look like Mike Tomlin a little lol.

Was that Slash? Looked like him.

Yes cocoajoe, that was "Slash."

Yeah Joe, Looks like Slash "Jumped the Shark".....

This has been a nice SB halftime show!


I Hate Techno though.........

Cuban, they wanted to make sure that the show was both entertaining and safe. With safe being the key word! LOL................

I'm with you Cuban but it makes rap almost tolerable.

David Gilmour or Roger Waters. Or something historic: Gilmour and Rogers next SB.

Still ironing out the wrinkles, but hope to have my time machine up and running for next year's SB halftime show. I will feature Elvis, The Beattles, Rolling Stones, and Michael Jackson! LOL................

Hines Ward now has 10 career post season TD catches.

Coco, Would love to see that Bro......

Charles Woodson is out with a collarbone injury according to Fox.

Maybe it's just me, but I feel the momentum shifting in Pittsburgh's favor already.

GB looking too comfortable going into this 2nd half. Steelers are going to come back IMO.

OK Guys, Have a great night, I got a couple "Pineapples" to attend to and hopefully rest in a shaved patch... peace to you all........

mando I'm still trying to figure out why the Fins front office is so far behind GB & Pitt... I know they passed on some of the players and coaches on both teams I can't figure out why they are still on the payroll....

Harrison, Woodley, and Polumalu have been very quiet on defense thus far this evening. It would be really terrible for GB to awaken any of those 3 sleeping giants on defense.

Well, that's one less video photog covering the Super Bowl.

el coach, who are you specifically talking about?

A td here and its a game again!

ITS A GAME AGAIN! LOL............

watching this is getting me depresed its been almost 40 years since the fins have won a SB and based on some of the moves our front office and owner have made in this offseason looks like it will take another 40 years to even make it to a SB.

yep. This steelers unit has two rings. That TD should wake GB up.

el coach, not the time or place...just sayin

el coach,

If a simple thing like watching a ball game makes you that depressed. Then you have 2 options:

1. Stop watching
2. Prozac

Mando I'm talking about our last two recent front office regimes...

OOPS! One of those sleeping defensive giants has just awakened! James Harrison.............

el coach, obviously the previous front office is gone. This front office? They are on a short leash.

GB playing scared now. Someone should have told them they don't give out prizes at halftime.

el coach,

I know it shows just how pathetic the post Shula era has been. But this is the best regime we've had since. JJ built a nice defense but that was about it.

Although im not sold on TS I think Ireland has done a good job for us. Then again time will tell right, but yes im depressed too.

My advice for the depressed? Capt. Morgan Spiced Rum.

For all the Dolphin fans depressed, send me $49.95 a month and I'll have prozac hand delivered to your homes. But I must warn you that I may disappear after your first payments! LOL.........

lol Dying, if i wasnt in the service i would take you up on that hahaha. ohh and btw cocoajoe i prefer Crown brother lol.

True story: Leaving the hotel yesterday to go get dinner, I passed Captain Morgan in the hotel lobby. Guy spoke exactly like a british type.

Donald Driver is a helluva offensive weapon to not be able to put in the game. Rodgers is really missing him. Jennings too.

Mando...LOL...did he have a parrot?

Armando, if you met Capt Morgan I'm sure it was with the top off of the bottle. The real Capt Morgan has been dead for well over 100yrs now! LOL...................

rodgers do no looks the same from the play off

J. harrison has been a non-factor tonight.

I didn't notice the parrot. He was talking to some woman, which is the reason I know he had a british accent.

Also, he wasn't dead, dying. That was the REAL Capt. Morgan. I just know it.

armando if u see the Real Cpt. Morgan star running

I know, I know Armando. I once met Capt Morgan while riding the "Cutty Sark" too! LOL........

well guys, at the end of the 3rd. quater everybody is loosing against the line 45.5 high/low

Armando, if it'll make you feel any better. I have an old pair of Jolly Rodger boxer underwear I'll let you have. And they're REAL too! LOL................

Super Bowl MVP has begun. Your thoughts?

Right now I would go for Nick Collins as SB mvp. His pick 6 is the game's difference right now.

Brian Hartline has snuck into the SB wearing Jordy Nelson Packer jersey. Up and down! LOL.....

Yes - TD! Let's go Pack.

Turn off the lights, the party's over now.....

Get 'em Dandy Don! LOL................

Tough one Mando

After that 3rd TD pass, I believe Rodgers is now odds on favorite to win SB MVP!


Is Charlie Batch available?

Rodgers now 19-33 for 240yds 3 td's and about 10 dropped passes from his recievers! LOL.........

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