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The latest on the Paul Soliai contract situation

Last week I promised to get a comment from agent David Canter on Paul Soliai's contract situation and pending free agency bid. I failed.

Until today.

Today, you see, Canter did his weekly guest spot on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo and that is typically when I can corner the busy guy. Well, today he came on the show and the picture of the Soliai negotiations he painted was not necessarily grim, but certainly steeped in the possibility this isn't going to necessarily end how the Dolphins planned.

"Let me tell you this and take it however way you want," Canter said, "If the Dolphins don't pay Paul Soliai, there will be plenty of other teams lining up to sign him as a free agent, I know that ..."

Alrightie then.

That sentiment came within the context of productive, professional talks with the Dolphins, according to Canter, who was quite complimentary of Miami general manager Jeff Ireland. In fact, Canter said he spoke with Ireland earlier this week and the two plan to talk again in Indianapolis during the NFL combine late next week.

Canter did not discuss numbers or specifics of the negotiation with me. I know, however, through a Soliai family source that Miami has made the nose tackle several contract offers. The latest, interestingly, about 10 days ago was a one-year offer.

That obviously was declined as the sides don't have a deal today.

As to numbers involved in this matter, it is pretty clear the Soliai family is looking for a big payday. The numbers floated to me were $6 million per year average with (obviously) a large guaranteed bonus factoring into the math. I have no idea if that number is a starting point or the point where Soliai wants to be at.

I would not be too concerned this deal is currently not done. Frankly, the 30 percent rule limits how a deal can be written unless it includes a huge signing bonus. And the Dolphins have told Canter they aren't eager to do a deal without really knowing what the league's cap rules will be going forward.

That obviously is a reference to the uncertain labor situation between owners and players that is hovering like a fog around all 32 NFL teams now.

One thing is certain: Once the rules are agreed to and free agency begins, Soliai will be on the market to the Dolphins and everyone else. And either the Dolphins will pay or, if you agree with Canter, someone else will.

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Incentive based contract I'm a little concerned that he gets payed then eats himself out of the league . But he has played like the nose tackle we have been wanting go a long long time.

$6m per year avg for someone of Paul's physical gifts and age is a fair price. Get it done Ireland. This is one of the hardest positions to fill on a team and we have a good one.

As you're all aware, The Dodsworths recently switched from Time Warner to FiOS. As you may not be aware, FiOs has a function called "Media Manager" that enables you to watch YouTube videos through your DVR.

The Dodsworths also have a DVD recorder and do not like to leave alot of empty space on their home-made DVDs. Hence, The Dodsworths have embarked on a project of filling up free space on their DVDs with YouTube videos that The Dodsworths are reasonably certain will never be shown again on television.

So far The Dodsworths have recorded the following YouTube videos onto their DVDs:

1) 2-minute clip from the 1973 AFC Championship game (Miami 27 - Oakland 10), featuring Larry Csonka's 11-yd. TD run.

2) 6-minute clip from the 1982 AFC Championship Game (Miami 14 - NYJ 0), featuring A.J. Duhe's dramatic 35-yd. interception return for a TD.

3) 6-minute clip from the opening game of the 1989 regular season where the Bills beat the Dolphins on Jim Kelly's last-second QB sneak for a TD.

Here are some other YouTube videos The Dodsworths are considering recording when we have additional DVDs that have empty space at the end.

1) Mean Gene Okerlund interviewing WWF wrestler The Magnificent Muraco in 1985, and Muraco extolling his "Spartan's regimen," and then proceeding to eat an entire box of donuts in about 15 seconds. (Estimated time - 2 minutes)

2) 4th quarter highlights of heartbreaking 1981 regular season game between the Cowboys and the Dolphins where David Woodley sets a record for Dolphin passing yardage, but blows the game with 5 interceptions. (Estimated time - 8 minutes)

3) WWF wrestler Roddy Piper smashing a coconut on Jimmy Snuka's head (1984?). (Estimated time - 2 minutes)

I welcome further suggestions.

Soliai to sign with J E T S - jets jets jets!!!

6 mil per season is alot and there are good to border line better than Paul Soilia!! But I will sign Just because we rised the kid and he hasn't reach his full protenial so all depends on Paul if he wants to play for the laughing stock of the NFL!!

But I love my PHINS'

Can't the Phin's just franchise him???

All riiiiigggghhhhhhhttttt Dodsworth!! Oh, and Mando, Pay da man. Who else are they gonna get. You can't take a step back by losing your core players. Yea the guy might take his big payday buy $200 worth of bonbons & just take up space. But he also might be on the cusp of being an elite NT. You have to chance it.

Agreed Mark, I say pay him.

kris, to your last post (about the CBA), my favorite line was when you said you plan your Sunday around the Dolphins. LOL! Right there with you bro.

I doubt anything will change that for me unfortunately. I love the whole ride, from Week 1 to Week 16. If football is temporarily suspended, I'll be hot, but I'll come back. I've watched all sports throughout my life (football, baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, even skiing, pretty much everything except hockey and golf). I've since pretty much lost interest (as far as watching religiously) in every other sport but football. I love this game, I love how it's played, and I love to be a fan. Now that I don't really play sports the way I used to, this is one of my only competitive outlets and hobbies, so I'm pretty much in it for life.

So, I'd be no help to the players, since I won't penalize the owners if there's a lockout. I'll be right back when football starts up again, fanatical as ever.


How about the famous "hook and lateral" 1981? Chargers at Dolphins.

Fake spike Dolphins at Jets.

You probably already have those anyway but those are two that come to mind.........


Withnail, I think if they franchised him they'd be paying him way more than 6mil, so doubt that's in the works.

What's Deon always say... Pay the man!

With no clear, strong #2 NT on the team (I thought Starks was much better suited outside)
We don't want to go fishing in the draft for a starting NT. Nolan finally brings some respectablility to our DEF and then you are gonna let his biggest spoke come off the wheel?

NT = Crazy important to a good 3-4 DEF.

Hell no. Pay Solai and pray he is enjoying the accolades of his new found motor. If he walks the hole to fill will be deep...literally and figuratively.

Mr. Solai... Just ask yourself..."Why sould Haloti Ngata get all the pub?"...You are just as strong a mean bra


Excellent suggestions, JoeFromOrlando!

However, I previously recorded those two items. I'm looking for clips on YouTube that I never recorded on VHS or DVD and that one can be relatively certain will never be shown again on television.

Count me in. PAY THE MAN! Solei has proven his worth. He comes to play every week and leaves it all on the field. I think his best days are ahead of him.

Also with Kris and DC. I plan my Sundays and Mondays AND Thursdays around fins games. If they are playing nothing else happens.

Question to anyone:
Wasn't the last time we had a stike shortened year (early 80's) the same year we played the Redskins in the Super Bowl (2nd time)?

Sorry "strike".......

They won't franchise him because of the insane contract Dan Snyder gave Albert Haynesworth driving up the franchise price for nose tackles.

I would like Soliai on the team next year but I would be VERY concerned about the return on that investment with this guy. I also think Mike Nolan is creative enough to make it work without him. We are loaded on the dline, Tony McDaniel would be much cheaper to re-sign and this front office has been great at finding defensive linemen.

4th and 15 to fryer for a td down the right sideline.

Thank you Nathaniel.

If I can think of any other obscure Dolphin moments I will post you......(you probably already have the prayer that Stabler threw to win the playoff game Dolphins at Oakland 1974 or 75?)



2 watt,

Was that a "yes" in reference to my question?


If it was me. I'd let him test the market. I don't think the other teams are going to give him more $$$. And if they offer less, you can get a much better deal. He has a weakness and thats his weight. Time for Miami to use that fact to their advantage. It's worth the risk to wait.


2 watt,

LOL..........I was thinking when I was typing that you would send back that on eword reply! Ha Ha. Thanks for the chuckle.


Joe, yes it was (Redskins v. Dolphins). Remember it well.

I was actually thinking that too. Maybe a shortened season will give us a better chance to make the Playoffs.

One can hope!

kosar and the browns were a thorn in the phins axxes for years. how 'bout aaron craver plowing over the blow hard db on the browns and going untouched for a td. the phins won that 1 btw.

You don't have to franchise him to keep him without a long term deal done. You can put the transition tag on him. Why they haven't yet is beyond me.

good lip talk from duper/clayton and the browns db's.lol


I have a foggy memory but it seems we (Dolphins) beat the Steelers? 73 or 74 playoffs on a fake punt by Larry Seiple.

Also may be the same game Griese took a deliberate safety to seal the win.

Am I my thinking clearly?


come on guys. aj duhe and the stinking jets/todd @ the ob.lol

j.offerdahl and l.oliver finally beating the f'n bills/kelly. levy said himself after the game.you'd think it was oliver who beat us but it was offerdahl who killed us.

How does Canter know other teams will pay him? Isn't he restricted from talking to other teams until the start of the next League year? How is this not tampering?

I thought until the league year ends, Soliai is property of the Phins. So Canter cannot speak to other teams until he truly becomes a free agent.


"Maybe a shortened season will give us a better chance to make the Playoffs."

I have been thinking this also for some time but have been reluctant to even suggest it! LOL.

We might have won that game if Theisman had been blocked instead of knocking down that sure pick 6 by our lineman. (Baumhauer?)


he's axxuming.

bokamper joe. and he probably would have dropped it any ways.lol

kimba was running his mouth before the sf sb and it got on their locker room wall and well, the phans no how that sb turned out.lol

2 watt,

In the rain no less. Great game but I think Dodsworth already mentioned that one. (Jets at O.B)

That Bills game was huge too!


2 watt,

I knew it was one of the "B's". Yeah just our luck he probably would have dropped it! LOL


on a sour note. i was at the ob during that cold and dreary playoff game against the seahawks.the phins lost. we got lost leaving the ob.where's my car man.lol. never forget all of the seahawk players celebrating on the sideline.still makes me puke.

on a gleeful note. i was also at the jet mon.niter when l.hampton rushed for a buck 45.. phins won 45-3. sat on the 50 behind the puck green bench 6 rows up. had a conch shell with us.lol. we also used to sneak in air horns and we'd sit
in the closed ez at the ob. louuuuuuuud.!!.lol

Dear Mr. Nathaniel Dodsworth

Your mentioning of wrestlers past and it recently being valentines day got me to thinking about Stan "The man" Stasziak who had what he called the Heart punch

Once he hit you with his heart punch the match was over then the medics would enter the ring to restart your heart.

It sure looked real to me way back then.

Soiled :)

the botswana beast.lol. they found him and threw some make up on him and told him,get in there.lol

2 watt,

Yeah it was easy to get turned around there at the OB. Happened to my brother and myself also! Had to walk back to the stadium to get our bearings.

Sorry about the sad memory but fortunately things got better (compared to these days) after that.


yeap. that's exactly what we did joe. went back to the ob and started over.lol

NT very hard to come by pay the man

nice chat boys. bbl.

2 watt,

Conch shell.......now thats a great idea! Wish I had one at the Fins/Chargers Playoff game (hook and lateral). I was so hoarse after that for a couple days. Would have saved my voice!


Great chat guys. Gotta go also. Hang in there fellow fans. More good times to come. Be patient.


i say put a tag on him and let him sign with what ever team he wants that way we can get two first round draft picks from what ever sucker that want to pay the big bucks he is looking for

Dan Marino's SECOND retirement speech Nat

Oh, and SOLIAI should be paid, but, wouldn't suprise me if they don't

Dolphins should offer a RC Cola and a Moon Pie....what the Hell, throw in a bucket of KFC.

JoeFromOrlando, you're referring to two different games.

1) In the 1972 AFC Championship game, the Dolphins were trailing the Steelers, and Larry Seiple ran for a first down from a punt formation. That turned the momentum in favor of Miami, and they proceeded to win 21-17, and then defeat Washington in the Super Bowl. There is currently no YouTube footage of this game, other than the NFL Films yearbook for the Dolphins' 1972 season, which includes a segment on this game.

2) In a 1973 Monday Night Football game against the Steelers, Don Shula had Bob Griese take a safety late in the game. It worked out okay as the Dolphins held on for the victory. Dick Anderson had a fantastic game - something like 3 or 4 interceptions. I think he ran back 1 or 2 for TDs. YouTube currently has the MNF pre-game show, and much of the first quarter. I've been thinking of recording these.

Best thing Sparano can do for his staff is sign Bryan Cox. THAT'S a linebacker. Fierce, played angry, hit hard, love him.

Pay the young man. He has shown he can play. Give him a safe contract with a cut clause if he does not meet playing shape and or performance numbers. Four years, last year opt out, 3 million a year, 12 mil signing bonus prorated over 3 years. That's 6 million a year.

Marino to Nat Moore helicopter catch. Then play it for all our slippery handed receivers.

Ooops, that 7 million a year. Who cares about the details. Jeff! Get the deal done. We don't need to be looking for a replacement. We don't need any distractions from getting Newton, Young, Mallet or all 3.

I orginally didn't think it was that Soliai was that big a deal..but after reading Rob in OC post among others...I am beginning to think Soliai has us over a barrel....previous history of poor play and all...

We don't know, what we don't know and because of that we can't let Soliai walk and lose the center piece of the Defence....not now....not this year.....

We can always pick up Sean Rogers (since we're becoming the AFCEast Cleveland Browns).

They'll get a deal done for him.

Let's face it - they can't afford not to have him.

This is a make or break year for Sporano so unless he has something else in mind he won't take the chance of letting him go. The fact they have made multiple offers is evidence to that I believe.

Say no to Rogers.......

This sounds like some saber rattling from Soliais agent.."If the Phins don't pay him another team will" Really. What else is Soliais agent supposed to say?

If Armandos sources are correct, and Soliai wants 6 mil a year. There is no way the Dolphins can afford to pay that much. That would make Soliai one of the top earners on the team. He was good, and did what he needed to do in his contract year to warrant this discussion. But 6 mil a year for a contract year breakout is bad buisness.

I know that Soliai has filled a gap that was a huge question mark going into last year. But you cannot pay a guy that sort of cabbage for a 1 year performance, especially since it wasn't awe inspiring. Soliai played well. but is he a top 5 NT??? I say no. I undestand this route would be cheaper then the franchise tag( a few players ruined the curve with outlandish contracts).

Where Soliai has some leverage, is he knows that the Phins would look horrible if they were to let him go, and he blossomed into a 6 million dollar a year player. But if I'm Miami, I take that gamble. I understand that 3-4 nt's are the most important piece to the 3-4 puzzle. If you don't have a guy plugging the middle, the defense suffers. But how much true 3-4 did we play last year? How many plays are we talking about for 6 mil a year. Are we being duped, or is Soliai a player that we must have to move forward?

DC.....just read the Brian Cox story....now I see your reference to Browns East....

I just got one question....

Has Sparano lost his mind....

I loved that Cox hated the Bills as much as the fans did....

I hated watching Cox bounce of of Therman Thomas (among other RBs) as he would launch himself (arms at his side) like a missle at anything that came his way....

Big hit or Big Whiff....there was no in between with Brian Cox....

Hope he coaches better technique than he used....

And maybe he can bring some fire and passion should he get the job......I am sure he will bring player accountability...

i think you have to franchise him or lose him!he's worth the one year big contract!no big bonus,another year to prove himself,let's the fins wait and see if he's worth the investment.also allows them to move on in free-agency and the draft knowing he's locked up.what are they waiting for?

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