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The latest on the Paul Soliai contract situation

Last week I promised to get a comment from agent David Canter on Paul Soliai's contract situation and pending free agency bid. I failed.

Until today.

Today, you see, Canter did his weekly guest spot on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo and that is typically when I can corner the busy guy. Well, today he came on the show and the picture of the Soliai negotiations he painted was not necessarily grim, but certainly steeped in the possibility this isn't going to necessarily end how the Dolphins planned.

"Let me tell you this and take it however way you want," Canter said, "If the Dolphins don't pay Paul Soliai, there will be plenty of other teams lining up to sign him as a free agent, I know that ..."

Alrightie then.

That sentiment came within the context of productive, professional talks with the Dolphins, according to Canter, who was quite complimentary of Miami general manager Jeff Ireland. In fact, Canter said he spoke with Ireland earlier this week and the two plan to talk again in Indianapolis during the NFL combine late next week.

Canter did not discuss numbers or specifics of the negotiation with me. I know, however, through a Soliai family source that Miami has made the nose tackle several contract offers. The latest, interestingly, about 10 days ago was a one-year offer.

That obviously was declined as the sides don't have a deal today.

As to numbers involved in this matter, it is pretty clear the Soliai family is looking for a big payday. The numbers floated to me were $6 million per year average with (obviously) a large guaranteed bonus factoring into the math. I have no idea if that number is a starting point or the point where Soliai wants to be at.

I would not be too concerned this deal is currently not done. Frankly, the 30 percent rule limits how a deal can be written unless it includes a huge signing bonus. And the Dolphins have told Canter they aren't eager to do a deal without really knowing what the league's cap rules will be going forward.

That obviously is a reference to the uncertain labor situation between owners and players that is hovering like a fog around all 32 NFL teams now.

One thing is certain: Once the rules are agreed to and free agency begins, Soliai will be on the market to the Dolphins and everyone else. And either the Dolphins will pay or, if you agree with Canter, someone else will.

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Pleasant Dreams.

We need a little leverage to get Canter and Solia in line.

I think we should start off the "next round" of negotiations by signing Shaun Rogers.

With a healthy Odrick, Starks "experimental experience" at NT and a resurgent Shaun Rogers, Solia's barganing position drops faster than his weight.

Almost forgot.................


I am hearing both sides of the coin in this Solai argument.

The enigmatic Solai is a riddle wrapped in a ton of flapjacks to be sure...

Ireland's mantra (handed down to him by BP himself) of bigger is better definitely bites the bigguns in the arse more than the fleet footed types.

The pickle is, that last year they were so worried about the NT position they trained their Pro-Bowl caliber performing DE Starks to be a NT. They also signed old creaky, injured Ferguson even after he got popped for substance violation. Personally I believe Ferguson used steroids of one kind or another specifically to heal faster and get stronger in a rush to contribute late season.

I am sure that Dan Williams name was bantied about in the Fins War Room on draft day last year. He was taken a few picks in front of Odrick.

Solai steps up in 2010 and now wants to get paid. He had a much better season than in prior years. NT is suppose to be one of the hardest to master and have the shear heart for. The 100 Million Man Albert Haynesworth doesn't even want to do it AFTER he got paid.

Besides filling the position with a guy like Rogers (which has his very own baggage of major heft) there is simply no one on the roster that can admirably man the spot. (This is also taking in my good friend Darryl Dunphy's admonition that he is only just a two down, obvous run plug guy).

I feel that everytime a player play/works hard (other guys in the locker room see it)and when that player gets rewarded; there has to be many others on the team saying..."That is gonna be me next year! I am gonna work hard and then reap the benefits after good results on the field." I love the idea of promoting from within when it is merited.

Solai can regress with weight or motor issues. (as other big guys have before and after he stops playing). The thing is so can NT Rogers or Jenkins or any others.

In my last mock I included a partial answer in drafting NT Phil Taylor from Baylor. At 340lbs he is right in that perfect range to handle the rigors on NT life in the trenches.

In the end, I hope Solai accepts his past and signs a deal fair for both. In the NFL sometimes fair gets skewed and some players make bank. It's the law of the land.


good ta see you in odin!

Hope all is well in Valhalla my friend.

As that was my high school I know that must be our kindred link... RAGNOROK!


Hopefully we don't do more of the same and not sign Paul S., and then pickup some Dallas Cowboy reject.. That would upset me...and I believe Ireland and Fisty could do it still...

I guess we will see of they were serious about "change"

does solia WANT TO PLAY NOSE?It could shorten his career.??????

Heres what I want: I want Paul gone. Not because he's a bad player, but because he did what selfish players do all across the league every year and no one acknowledges it...he stepped up and actually put forth effort in his contract year, which he had to do anyway because he lost his Job in the beginning of the season. I'd rather have the six million and the draft pick. I like him, but I like the dolphins better. And this has more cost than it's worth....
After getting a crap oc and having bad draft year after bad year, let's see the right decision here.

I honestly don't think another team will pay him 6 million a year with 12-18 mill bonus. He played "well" for one season. And it's true. He didn't play hard until it was a contract year. I say let him test the market.

Guys I think you're making a mistake if you want this guy gone. While he may not be the be all and all, as many have discussed NT is a tough position to play and he played it well last year. How long can he play it for? Who knows? I still think they offer him a fair deal and if he flinched you transition him for the year for around $7 million. Is he worth that? Who knows. But it's only for one more year and it's not a huge commitment.

Craig, if you were any more right you'd be that computer that just won Jeopardy.

People keep saying Soliai had "one good year." Geez, he's a 4th-rd pick (meaning: developmental player) in his 4th-yr. First year was 2007, and I don't blame any player that was on that horrible team for not doing much (who'd he have to learn from, Cam Cameron?). Next two years he was a back-up to Ferguson. The Trifecta's STATED plan was to develop Soliai to take over. They said he was fat, was immature and needed to learn how to be a professional. I guess Ferguson did a good job. Because when this year started, we moved Starks over (thinking Soliai still needed work). Come to find out, he didn't, he finally came into his own.

I see that as a success story. Successful coaching (by Nolan), successful mentorship (from Ferguson) and successful development (from Sparano, giving Soliai the chance to grow into a good starter). Out of all the mistakes and bad news from last year, here's one place where things SEEM TO have gone right. Yet, people still want to complain. I guess it's so rare, no one wants to accept success (they have to think the worst about people).

In the end, Sparano shouldn't listen to me, or Craig, or anyone else on here. The only person he should listen to is Nolan. It's HIS guy, HE'S the DC, HE knows what he needs to keep the defense strong, if he says let Soliai dangle, then I'll take it to mean he doesn't think he's all that important to the success of the defense. If he does get re-signed, I'll take it to mean he does.

But I'm getting tired of hearing about Miami trying to scrimp and save with personnel. It's fine, to a point. And I don't want the team to overpay players, but I want the money to be secondary to the product on the field.

PFW is saying that we pick Ryan Mallet at #15 and NE gets M. Ingram two picks later. Hmm.. What do you People think?

I think the DOLPHINS should ONLY be worry about who the DOLPHINS need....and stop playing KEEP AWAY from NE.....

Agree with DC.

NE scares me, kris. They have a lot of draft picks and if they hit on half of them, we'll never win this Division.

Oscar...I know NE seems like the big bad wolf.....but in reality the JETS have been in the AFC championship for the past 2 years....so we can remove the fluke label....

I think Miami is at a point where they need to compete with themselves....do what they need to do fill their holes....put on blinder's like Horse's and plow staight ahead.....

We can't afford to be chasing Ghost.....




I understand, kris.

Just one comment... Do you all think that Camero Wake would have had such a productive year without Soliai demanding double & sometimes 3 offensive linemen on him?

I don't think so. I hope that we re-sign this guy because he is young and his best years are ahead of him.

I know what I am, ALoca, just not sure about "the Others".

Why not just franchise him and see if he can play at a high level for another year? If he does then sign him to a long term deal. If not, then worst case scenario you are going to probably pay him 10-12 million, which is minor compared to the cost of signing him to a long term deal (assuming he gets paid like a top-flight nose tackle, which is clearly what he wants). He is going to demand, and in my opinion get (or at least come close to getting), top-five money for his position anyways. So why not see if he can string together two good years before signing him long term.




Even if they sign him to a long term deal the deal won't be for more than 5-6million per year and 10-12 million guranteed. So why not sign him to long term? If it pans out then you get him for less money per year if he doesn't you're still only out the same amount as the franchize tag

All I know is the Fins have to hit on ALL of their Draft picks and free agents in order to remain competitive in this Division.




kris hit the nail on the head folks. We can't keep taking players so NE doesn't get them. What works in NE might not work here (even though I can't see how either of those TEs wouldn't have been beasts for us too).

We need Miami players. We got talent scouts, we got Ireland who should know what the coaches are looking for. Do your analysis, interviews, check the tape, then make your decision based on YOUR needs. Forget Belichick, he's got his own problems with his own team.

Dolphins don't need any more areas of need, they need to sign him to maybe a 5 year deal around 35 mil, there is a high demand for a 3-4 NT right now, you won't find anyone cheaper. And it takes a couple years for a draft pick to become a good 3-4 NT.

Soliai isnt worth 6mill a yr plus a large bonus, unless tied to strict performance clause. And I mean strict. One yr doesnt make a great NT. Where's Soliai been the past three yrs when he couldn't break the second string? The draft has good NT's.

Come'on man.

4 million base + weight, games played, tackles incentives.

He'd look better in a JET uniform and be a winner!

I say pay him he played really well last year

We´ve been developing the guy, the least he could do is play ball or be tagged...

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