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Henne's meeting with Daboll, Dorrell apparently violates CBA contact rules

The NFL has warned "several teams" that players are not to meet with coaches and receive playbooks during this time in the offseason, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported over the weekend. The league has sent the Dolphins no such warning.

But perhaps it should.

That's because Chad Henne, Miami's presumed starting quarterback, told The Miami Herald today he's been meeting with new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll for the last month in preparation for player-organized workouts that would replace any offseason workouts or minicamps lost to a possible lockout or other circumstance related to the uncertain and unresolved collective bargaining contract.

Henne, apparently comfortable with the new playbook, would presumably run the offensive portion of the workouts. To be equiped for that task, Henne had to learn portions of the playbook, or at least significant portions of it. And to do that, he likely had to study the darn thing.

Regardless, even meeting with Daboll to discuss strategy and plays is apparently out of bounds, according to the Plain Dealer. And that definitely happened.

"I took some vacation time, maybe a week or two here or there, but once we signed Coach Brian Daboll, I tried to get into there as quick as I could to learn the offense," Henne told the Herald's David J. Neal. "I've been meeting with him for the last month now. I feel pretty comfortable with what he's teaching and what the offense is going to be about just in case -- who knows what's going to happen this Thursday? -- that I can pass it on to the guys and help the guys out."

Henne is quoted extensively in the story talking about the new offense and how it is quarterback friendly and a mix of the New England and New York Jets offense. The story does not make the conclusion that Henne violated any rules. It does not even consider the topic.

But I do.

According to the Plain Dealer, coaches and GMs at the NFL Scouting Combine were told by league officials that existing rules forbid meetings with coaches and the dispensing of playbooks until the official start of offseason conditioning programs on March 15. The league is saying the offseason rules were a concession to the wishes of the players union, which did not want coaches pressuring players to meet with coaches until the off-season programs kicked off, the Plain Dealer reported.

The Plain Dealer report specifically addressed meetings relative to strategy. Players and coaches are allowed to meet to discuss other matters, such as contract issues and to simply handle introductions and other business until March 3, it has been reported. 

An NFL spokesman could not immediately be reached on this matter. A message left with a Dolphins spokesman has not yet been returned.

Update: A Dolphins spokesman declined comment and added he would not even confirm that Henne had indeed met with Daboll -- although the spokesman was present today when Henne said he met with Daboll. I find that amusing for some reason.

Update 2: Whatever advantage the Dolphins gained (if any) is done because the league year ends March 3rd anyway and everyone knows and understands there is to be no contact between players and their teams after March 3rd.

Update 3: Veteran St. Louis scribe and radio host Howard Balzer passed along the portion of the NFL's clarification of the Collective Bargaining Agreement that shows the contact between Henne and Daboll to be out of bounds.

The current collective bargaining agreement, which doesn’t expire until midnight March 3, has strict rules regarding what players can do before the beginning of offseason programs. The NFL has made this clear to clubs by way of written clarification. That clarification reads:

 "Prior to the start of off-season programs, players are permitted to use the Club’s facilities on a voluntary basis subject to the following rules: (i) such players may not receive per diem payments or workout bonuses of any kind and may not be paid or reimbursed expenses for travel, board or lodging during this period; (ii) such players are not permitted to participate in organized workouts, practices or meetings of any kind; (iii) the Club’s strength and conditioning coaches may not direct such players’ individual workouts, but may supervise use of the weight room to prevent injury, correct misuse of equipment, etc.; and (iv) such players may not be directed or supervised by position coaches during this period."

Obviously, the quarterback meeting with the offensive coordinator is a meeting of some kind when the CBA clearly states meetings of any kind are out of bounds.

Balzer also tells me via e-mail that in St. Louis, quarterback Sam Bradford has not met with his new offensive coordinator for this reason.

Update 4: Henne didn't just meet with Brian Daboll. Quarterback coach Karl Dorrell was in the room also at Dolphins training camp. That is similarly a violation of the CBA. And this is not just speculation. This is straight from Henne's mouth.

Watch the video:


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Why all the Mando hate? Don't believe it's a state secret, is it? I assume at least several thousand people read the article in the Cleveland newspaper and probably spread from there. Jeeze.

I hate this iPhone app... It never works right... I want my money back hearld... Lol


Wow, we had an ulucky #13 at qb who was our greatest statistical qb of all.

Now we have the supposed lucky #7 qb whose slowly proving to be unluckiest of all. Geesh! LOL..............

Now I understand ALoco's butchery of the english language here. After all day on that dish machine he's typing with water logged fingers. LOL............

Espn reporting Sidney Rice from viks.. Is testing free agency... Hum... Get him!!!!

Damn the people of this Earth! Damn them all to hell!!


Since you spend so much of your time in water. Maybe you change your screen name to "FLIPPER".

Flipper isnt dead, ALoco's scared! LOL.........

Mando I would never boycott you. Your blog is like a drug I have to take daily and when you're out for a week then its not a good picture.

But really this story is not a good showing after being off for a week

Amazing that guys take the opportunity to take the time to criticize Henne for putting in extra time to learn the new OC's playbook. We'll see how you guys like it when Vince Young and Shockey are on the team and the only way you can get them anywhere near a team function is if it's mandatory.

I'll say one thing....you guys are consistent.

Craig I can't speak for others but I'm not criticizing him for putting in extra work... I'm making fun of him for being dumb enough to tell the world that he was doing it... (cause it's illegal)

yes 5 starts, look who our coach is

And that's cause unlike henne they really don't need the extra work they are actually good at football

Hey I figured it out henne is our starter cause mr fist pump doesn't want his starting qb to be smarter than he is... Is mr fist pump from jersey??? Cause that would explain the fist pump...

Ohhh no the QB meet with OC, Ohhh nooo, what are we going to do now?? I sure hope some coach LOST his new PlayBook and some player found it in the parking lot and copied to all the team mates, ha ha

henne will study the playbook when he is standing on the sideline watching a real qb run the offense. so he definitely has plenty of time to look it over.

why does it matter if he sees the playbook. the rest of the league already knows our playbook

Marmaduke, Doesnt matter if fat neck meets with his Future OD, Iam looking at a 4 and 12 season...... Its sad but it's IMHO...

New OC new playbook.... Thank god!!!! Hopefully it doesn't involve any check downs we all know henne is the master of that!!!

That would put us in the running for Andrew Luck. So its not a bad thing.

I can agree menace... The only way I'll disagree is if the season is shortened...

Actuallya 4 and 12 season is a big expectation...

Boulder... Damn man don't get my hopes up... Luck new coaching staff... I'm smiling already

DB...What's up man? Glad you could laugh about my little hitler jab last night. The bar seats about 120. We can legaly have 230 but at that point it is overflow.....

What do you guys think about the possibility of AJ Hawk? It looks like the Pack may release him. If you could sign 2 big time FA's who would they be? That seems about the limit considering we will have to take a look at some other less known position players to fill voids we may need? This wouldn't include Ronnnie and Bong Pipe. You only get 2, who would they be?

Meh, much ado aboot nuttin - finds something better, like what did Chad learn?

Hopefully that there is more to professional football then checkdowns

Mando, over time, you seem to have soured on the Dolphins and with your reports today, it sure will not be any easier for you to continue to work that beat...Good luck

If you go exactly as written it says organized workouts, organized practices, organized meetings. Those three words refer back to organized. Check your english books people! If the players can't write a correct English sentence then it's not our fault. To me its clear you can't have organized meetings. Of course players can practice during this time with team members at high schools, with other NFL players etc. That is why it says organized before workouts, practices, and meetings. They can use the field on their own, the weight room w just safety people there and casual meetings with the coaches. To me it reads very clearly so media can quit stirring the pot to get us in trouble. If they meant they can't even practice in their backyards they should not have used the word organized. Obviously being college educated we know sentence structure and spoke out how me had met with the coach. We didn't have anything to hide.

But I think they mean organized by having a coach there...

if those losers even hand suck boy henne the job again i don't think there will be any fans left.

4 And 12........................................:(

draft mikel leshoure damn it this guys a star, draft mallet if he is there at 15 damn it, use mallet and henne as trade bait, wheel and deal damn it, make moves to get future 1st 2nd and 3rd rounders , be aggressive , be smart. that will make miami a championship team year in and year out , look at the patriotcheats they accumulate picks year in year out, they use players they dont need as trade bait , and sucker old cenial owners like al davis for players that are over the hill and get 1st round picks out of them, aka semour.damn it wake up smell whats going on if you want to win a championship damn it.


I just hope next year we're really good or really bad. None of this 7-9 bulls$$t

Aloco,"Super Bowels"?????????, You gotta be sh!tting me..........

Armando dueshbag!

You should be banned from the Dolphins Facility for being a snitch!

the jets just cut JT and Woody

I'm not new been posting for almost a year now but thanks for the shout out

I'm thinking that Armando is trying to screw over Henne so bad because Henne rejected some man love overtures Armando made towards him.

Jason Cole please, please come back!

If the objective of this veto is that the players union, did not want coaches pressuring players to meet with coaches until the off-season programs kicked off; Henne stated clearly he has been meeting VOLUNTARILY...so no harm done...

Dolphan 77...

A quick question for you my friend. If there is no CBA signed until late in the Summer... There will not a FA season like there normally is. Miami will still almost certainly take a QB in the draft, he will need at least 6 months to a year to be ready to play. If the CBA is not signed by the time of the draft, The Picks are "Locked" which means there is no trading up or down. They is no "Lets make a dope deal". Miami will pick at #15 and WILL NOT have a 2nd round pick.

That means that Miami either A) places their newly drafted rookie on the field and allow his head to become a bucket of Marshmallows within about three weeks of getting picked off and beat up (AKA Pat White). Destroying his confidence and the pick forever. OR... They place Tom Brandstater on the field... The guy has never has so much as a start. OR... they place Chad Henne, I guy who had a really bad season. However, is a starter who has won games unlike Thigpen. An argument can be made that Henne was in an antiquated and obsolete system distend to fail and told (Or threatened) to be conservative. It can also easily be said that when you stack up Henne's stats... he does not look that bad. Don't get me twisted, I'm no Henne band wagoner... But I would bet my front teeth he plays better this year in Daboll's system then in Dan Henning's. I would also bet he will out play the new rookie and Brandstater hands down.
So.. unless you want to be one of that stupid "Suck for Luck" bunch... What do you want Miami to do? Fact is, you start the guy who gives you the best chance to win... Henne will be that guy unless something miraculous happens. Don't be pissed about it, NONE of the teams can do a damn thing about it including the Dolphins.
Take this to the bank and go ahead and prepare yourselves for it. If there is no Free Agent QB brought into the teams roster who is a proven starter. Chad Henne will start for the Miami Dolphins.
I will say you are wrong about one guy... I will continue to be a fan and pull my ass off for them if they place a damn cheerleader out there throwing the ball. I never, ever hold my love for the team or my wife or my employees as a weapon to take away from them. I give it because I want to... not because they earned it.
Doing crap like that is a petri dish full of bad karma....

BTW... Not real happy that Armando would print this piece. Seems he is using his big story while throwing Chad and Brian under the bus... No wonder they box his ass out of Meeting rooms and make him listen on the Conference call box!!! Screw whatever stupid paper wrote what in Ohio... ya know?

Heres the thing Armando, you said the NFLPA pushed this rule so players are not pressured. Well in this case the player approached the coach. So where is the pressure? There are a lot more players that are doing this. Do you think the NFLPA wants a team to be fined for one of the players actions (who by the way they represent)? Do you think the owners want them to enforce this rule? If anything you have to like the initiative Henne has taken. At least the guy is putting up an effort.

Derek, having a bad day? Seems like some major attitude and hostility over a trivial matter on a football blog?


"Armando, I'm sure the entire Fin's organization appreciates you making the whole world aware that they may have broken a league rule."

I totally agree. Armando, who's f..ing side are you on? Why don't you spend your time investigating possible rules violations from the Jets and Pats?! Jeez, this kid Henne needs all the help he can get and he is doing the right thing by putting in extra effort. What does he get for that? The local scribe busting his balls! Armando, why are you being the whistleblower? Is it to help "your" Dolphins?

(ps)Also have one other question: Why are you so fired up to draft (or get a veteran free agent) runnung back? We have a couple of good ones on the team (Ricky being the best). What we really need is O-Line help! Tight-end help!ILB help! We are ok at running back if they could get some decent blocking. Hell, good blocking makes mediocre running backs look like Pro Bowlers. C'mon man!!!!!!!

derek, i would rather throw a rookie in there or thigpen or brandstater. your telling me henne gives them the best chance to win. did you watch for the past two seasons. henne gives them the best chance to lose!

if they do reach an agreement and the dolphins do bring in a fa qb, i would bet everything i own, not my front teeth, that henne would not win the starting job! period.

Armando hates Henne.
Armando reports Henne and Dolphins break rule.
Everybody joins Armando in hating Henne.
Armando's blog lots of entries on first day back.
Armando's boss very happy.
Armando very happy. By the way what is the NFL's definition of "organized". Why have other teams already been contacted and Dolphins have not?
Armando just likes to waste our time!

Problem I have is this. Were the other QB's meeting with the Double D's? I guess thats it then. They will force Henne to be the future no matter what. Even if this dumb rock head is too stupid to keep stuff on the down low.

YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS of let down to come guys. Well, at least 2 years.

Really? I understand you say, "No Subject is Taboo", you just don't seem much like a "Dolfan" kind of guy. I'm sorry, but I don't see ANY reason, other than you don't have ANYTHING else you could POSSIBLY write about, instead you want to shoot another hole in the already dead and washed up body that was once the Miami Dolphins. Come on brother, if you can't write something worth reading, DON'T!! Who knows, we MIGHT have gotten away with one....you sucker punch guys that have already been knocked down, don't you?


Welcome back. We thought the break might do you some good in creating a positive atmosphere with the Fins. Unfortunately it didn't take you long for you to try to call the Fins out on Henne's use of free time with Daboll. Anybody who reads Peter King and was aware of the Henne interviews would have figured it out. It's interesting and sad that after a week off you are still full of your negative vibe. You couldn't even call them out on it while praising Henne for being so dedicated to bettering himself at the same time. Just the negative. Sad.

You are better than that. Come on. Take a look from 20,000 feet of altitude and you can see the Fins are on the path and aren't far away. Have the Fins treated you bad or something because your stuff as I've said before is all negative. Check the facts. You have a steady stream of negativity even if it's backdoor. Bummer. The Fins fans everywhere deserve better from you and you certainly are capable!
Wishing you much happiness,

los lobos either way after 2012 season henne and sparano are gone. would be gone after this season but there wont be a season

Tank you Armando for this info, the check is in the MAIL.

I like potatoes.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I really do try, (and have tried ) to respect the intent of your editorial/blog writing, but frankly the tone of your sarcasm becomes tiring. I realize you have a duty to write what you believe is necessary regarding your observations of the Miami Dolphins, but sometimes I just think you get too caught up with your own obsessions, perceptions and presumed Dolphin mis-deeds than anything concrete worth writing about. This is not to say I trust in the current coaching and/or management of the Dolphins, just simply that posts such as this are rather petty and lack any merit. And if I may, I would suggest that you curtail the self-promotion of your radio show within your editorial ruminations. Take care, best

W H Y. . .

are we being critical of the Team's Quarterback (the only one that they have at the moment..) trying to give himself and the rest of the Offense a Competitive Advantage.

Obviously our 'Gracious Host' has created an experiment to see how many of us condone cheating....as long as its being done by our team!

(So I'll play along)

Which of these is worse?
Henne deciding to steal some time to learn a new Offensive system.... or Rex Ryan and Bill Bellicheck making a 'Human Wall' on the sideline to disrupt (and injure) their Opponents' Special Teams?

Where (in the world)...is Soiled Bottom ??

let's be clear about few facts;;;;;;;;







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