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Henne's meeting with Daboll, Dorrell apparently violates CBA contact rules

The NFL has warned "several teams" that players are not to meet with coaches and receive playbooks during this time in the offseason, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported over the weekend. The league has sent the Dolphins no such warning.

But perhaps it should.

That's because Chad Henne, Miami's presumed starting quarterback, told The Miami Herald today he's been meeting with new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll for the last month in preparation for player-organized workouts that would replace any offseason workouts or minicamps lost to a possible lockout or other circumstance related to the uncertain and unresolved collective bargaining contract.

Henne, apparently comfortable with the new playbook, would presumably run the offensive portion of the workouts. To be equiped for that task, Henne had to learn portions of the playbook, or at least significant portions of it. And to do that, he likely had to study the darn thing.

Regardless, even meeting with Daboll to discuss strategy and plays is apparently out of bounds, according to the Plain Dealer. And that definitely happened.

"I took some vacation time, maybe a week or two here or there, but once we signed Coach Brian Daboll, I tried to get into there as quick as I could to learn the offense," Henne told the Herald's David J. Neal. "I've been meeting with him for the last month now. I feel pretty comfortable with what he's teaching and what the offense is going to be about just in case -- who knows what's going to happen this Thursday? -- that I can pass it on to the guys and help the guys out."

Henne is quoted extensively in the story talking about the new offense and how it is quarterback friendly and a mix of the New England and New York Jets offense. The story does not make the conclusion that Henne violated any rules. It does not even consider the topic.

But I do.

According to the Plain Dealer, coaches and GMs at the NFL Scouting Combine were told by league officials that existing rules forbid meetings with coaches and the dispensing of playbooks until the official start of offseason conditioning programs on March 15. The league is saying the offseason rules were a concession to the wishes of the players union, which did not want coaches pressuring players to meet with coaches until the off-season programs kicked off, the Plain Dealer reported.

The Plain Dealer report specifically addressed meetings relative to strategy. Players and coaches are allowed to meet to discuss other matters, such as contract issues and to simply handle introductions and other business until March 3, it has been reported. 

An NFL spokesman could not immediately be reached on this matter. A message left with a Dolphins spokesman has not yet been returned.

Update: A Dolphins spokesman declined comment and added he would not even confirm that Henne had indeed met with Daboll -- although the spokesman was present today when Henne said he met with Daboll. I find that amusing for some reason.

Update 2: Whatever advantage the Dolphins gained (if any) is done because the league year ends March 3rd anyway and everyone knows and understands there is to be no contact between players and their teams after March 3rd.

Update 3: Veteran St. Louis scribe and radio host Howard Balzer passed along the portion of the NFL's clarification of the Collective Bargaining Agreement that shows the contact between Henne and Daboll to be out of bounds.

The current collective bargaining agreement, which doesn’t expire until midnight March 3, has strict rules regarding what players can do before the beginning of offseason programs. The NFL has made this clear to clubs by way of written clarification. That clarification reads:

 "Prior to the start of off-season programs, players are permitted to use the Club’s facilities on a voluntary basis subject to the following rules: (i) such players may not receive per diem payments or workout bonuses of any kind and may not be paid or reimbursed expenses for travel, board or lodging during this period; (ii) such players are not permitted to participate in organized workouts, practices or meetings of any kind; (iii) the Club’s strength and conditioning coaches may not direct such players’ individual workouts, but may supervise use of the weight room to prevent injury, correct misuse of equipment, etc.; and (iv) such players may not be directed or supervised by position coaches during this period."

Obviously, the quarterback meeting with the offensive coordinator is a meeting of some kind when the CBA clearly states meetings of any kind are out of bounds.

Balzer also tells me via e-mail that in St. Louis, quarterback Sam Bradford has not met with his new offensive coordinator for this reason.

Update 4: Henne didn't just meet with Brian Daboll. Quarterback coach Karl Dorrell was in the room also at Dolphins training camp. That is similarly a violation of the CBA. And this is not just speculation. This is straight from Henne's mouth.

Watch the video:


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One of the many bad parts to this CBA mess. Will be the inability to bring in undrafted rookie free agents. I know these guys are longshots. But every roster has a few contributing players that were undrafted.

Since there will be no rookie camps, OTA, and even a shortened training camp. Some very good players may be overlooked in the numbers game this year.

cool. you're ok in my book, not afraid of reality.

I'm still not over Henning


Considering your fish. Marlin, swordfish and sailfish are all deep water fish. An aquarium is a representation of a reef or shallow water. They won't survive for long in an aquarium if you were to put them in it (as babies). I don't think you have an aquarium big enough to put adults in. Also marlin and sailfish are considered game fish and they would be illegal to have anyway. Not sure about swordfish but as they can be sold commercially I don't believe they would be illegal, but they would not survive either. Stick with shallow water fish, crabs (hermit), shrimp, brittle stars, live rock, anemones etc. You will have better luck and a cleaner tank. Good luck!


we are another owner away from being relevant. Ross is a joker not focused on football. leadership starts at the top. i'm cool with j lo though. especially doggie.

I prefer not to have any sauce on my meat.


You're seriously a dbag for writing about this whether it's true or not. What makes it even worse is you seemingly enjoyed it...

Agreed 100% Jess. Armando is unbelievable. Fu cking douche

Little swordfish and parasites do well in a confined environment.

Why bother stirring the pot? Most fans regardless of team could care less.

C. Henne and B. Daboll didn't break any rules. We all know that rules are governed by there words. We lost to the Steelers because of a rule and its words. Look at the words in the rule Armando says were broken: Prior to the start of off-season programs, players are permitted to use the Club’s facilities on a voluntary basis subject to the following rules: (ii) such players are not permitted to participate in organized workouts, practices or meetings of any kind; (iv) such players may not be directed or supervised by position coaches during this period.
Unless B Daboll called C.Henne and told him to attend a meeting how was it organized? Did C.Henne look at a playbook ? Not according to the article.
Henne is quoted extensively in the story talking about the new offense and how it is quarterback friendly and a mix of the New England and New York Jets offense. The story does not make the conclusion that Henne violated any rules. It does not even consider the topic.

But I do.

Armando is just trying to fire up the true Dolphins fan so his blog looks like people couldn't wait for his return.

Armando has every right to point out this stupidity as a further example of how incompetetant this regime has become...Henne is not that smart for blurting this out...glad he is working hard...but even Daboll and Sparano must be annoyed at his naivety....
This is another example of poor management and controls.....

ALOCO.....I had a shepherds pie for lunch with fresh vegetables and mushroom sauce

Who gives a sh-t? NOBODY can stop these ongoings.


I am learning a lot of English pronunciation from you, ALoco. I thought it was pronounced pic-shu-res instead of pic-to-res, a-qua-ri- uum instead of a-qua-rum. Much simpler, really. Thankyou.

Henne looks a lil chunky

Never had a chance to take an English phonetics class, everybody too confused at that time. But I HAVE seen many illiterate people recently improve their English spelling through texting, mainly.

welcome back Mando!

commenting from the earlier shockey post, IMO his attitude would make a great addition to this team. He's not polarizing like TO, he just wants to win. But I understand that it's all about $ so we'll see.


Some wise man up there said not to stirr the pot. Yes.

Way to fan the flame JACKWAGON!!!! :(

You're a rat Armando.

What's with the ambivalent play on the morality of the NFL's rules? Come on man... the biggest mistake journalists make is thinking they work for their own morality (i.e. the Cam Newton grumblings over his Heisman) when we all know that its just grandstanding garbage. Mando, seriously, you dont work for that overblown sense of right and wrong you have over (especially over this ridiculous interpretation of a rule meant to prevent an occurrence which is COMPLETELY different in nature) and realize that you work FOR US FANS. No one will appreciate you for this, thanks for stepping in and potentially preventing our team from progressing.


I must say I am not sure the angle you are using for this topic? You want the Fins brass to open up to you and answer your questions???...as we use to say in 8th grade "swift move Ex-Lax".

It seems like what a Pats news reporter would print in their paper. Now Profootball.talk is running with it.

You and I are on the same page in many topics and if we aren't I let you know.

This one is beyond puzzling? Did you get recruited to a Jets rag that has $$ to pay you with no furlough? Did Ireland pull a power play on you and snap his fingers and give you a time out paywise then say what are you gonna do about it lowly wordsmith??

David @ 1:31 above has a valid point... the organization is the one that will get penalized, which leads to the fans suffering as the league trys to squash a draft pick or something.

(virtual facepalm) Are you taking PR lessons from Charlie Sheen?

If you can let us know any insight as to why that paints the move with a different brush I would be all ears.


WOW is Armando gonna report that the team had a Mandatory Baby seal clubing team meeting in Alaska this year?........?lol

LOL!!! That's a funny post @ 2:40 P.A Y.

Good to see ya still haunting the board ol' friend!



I don't want to topic hop. I had a follow up to your Heisman list post on the last thread.

It's all in the eyes of the beholder I spose. No war, just differing points of view.


Rob here almost every night or early am (work)but still love to read the post's so don't stop..TRUE FANS THICK AAAAAAAAND THIN.

Rob just booked the yearly tuna trip for august 3-4-5 out of .......aaaaahhhhhh you guessed it O.C.M.D



That's awesome P.a Y.!!!

I hope you catch a buncha lunkers.

No Fins games around that time or I would say grab a brew at a sports bar and root on the Fins.


crab shack,purple moose,brass balls,Holiday inn on the boardwalk (best ribs),capts table,harbor watch.........any more suggestions?

Tempest in a teapot. If Henne decides to go to work, it makes the NFL better. What are they going to do? Unions and management can be real stupid.

EVERYONE is doing it this year.

I think it's just a case of mando not liking henne, not liking the hiring of daboll, and this just proving another negative aspect of why those two, especially daboll, should not be in the place they are at this given time.
Matt Mullen is thanking god right now for jeff Ireland. He has made horrible move after horrible move. He has hired one of the worst oc's in recent history, he paid soliai ten more million than what he's worth, he helped keep sparano (I put that mostly on Ross), he didn't go after either Braylon Edwards or santonio holmes when both couldve came to us cheap, and he is one of the worst drafters this league has.
I would love to see us get or trade down for mallet if we can't get cam newton, then pick up Ryan Williams or demarco Murray in a later round. Please don't draft like you always do Ireland. Show us you can do something right. Or please trade for shockey when eligible. Four million is a steal, and with him and Marshall we would finally have set up threats besides the deep ball.


Jesus Mando...

Are you so hard up for anything to write about...you try and stir up stuff like this. Whats it to you anyways....

You know...I think we'd all be happier if you decided to cover the Jets instead...go stick a knife in their back once in awhile

Armando= snitch



Update 5:

Two masked men were seen running from a Bank of America early this morning. As I was passing by, I saw those very two men get into a car and drive off. I followed them to South Beach where they pulled into a McDonalds. As they took off their masks, I snapped a photo of them with my cell phone. I was suprised to see they were no other than Henne and Dabol! I have forwarded the photo to the Miami Police Dept. along with a photo of their car and license plate number.

Mando, did you write this while furloughed by the Miami Herald over the last week. Because A. That maybe in breach of your contract or B. Did you come up with it while on Mando and the amigo. If either A or B aren't you in breach of your contract. Come on man, you couldn't come up with something better than this garbage.

Yeah, Mando, I'm with hennething here. Why would the local sports reporter be reporting on INFRACTIONS of the team he supposedly favors? You think Rex Ryan isn't meeting with his players? Bill Bellicheck? Frankly, I hope Henne meets with Daboll AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, even IF it breaks somebody's rule. Who cares?!? This is about winning, and you do that AT ALL COSTS! There's something that supersedes any "rule" the NFL can install, and that's FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Henne can meet with Daboll as acquaintances, friends, co-humans, and they can be instructed not to speak about work, but if that happens, oh well, I won't be mad at 'em.

Actually, to me, this is great news. I was worried about the offseason and what would happen. I'm no Henne fan (as most here know), but he's the only QB on our roster. And he'll more than likely be a Miami QB (maybe not a starter) for at least a few more years. Therefore, anything Henne can do to get a jumpstart or improve his game or gel with his receivers to me is a positive development. I'm glad Miami is making plans to do just that. I HOPE Henne was given the playbook and learned as much of it as possible. To me, this is nothing but good news for Miami.

Who cares!

What is the penalty here, A fine to the team, that the owner would gladly pay. This is the best thing that the coaches can do with Henne. Get started early. They are not penalyzing fraft picks here. It is a team fine, big f'n deal. good for Daboll.

Mando could blog that it rained yesterday and he'd still get pages and pages of blog hits.

I'm not one to normally critisize journalism here, but this to me seems more about Mando getting his name out there on the NFL's version of Watergate than anything else.

He knows this will gain national attention and his name will be bought up regarding breaking the story.

I'm not excusing the action Henne, and the Dolphins took in the first place, just the way it was reported.

Hey Armando why don't you go hang out with that scumbag Jason Taylor and suck up to him more instead of being a snitch.

What a low life you are!

Dear Mr. Salguero

I had thought the Miami Herald mite have canned you to save some money, but from what understand instead they laidoff about 60 workers in the print shop instead.

Anywhoo Wecome back

Soiled :)

Great, so now espn.com has a story by Tim Graham saying Henne's all excited about Miami breaking the rules, and who does he reference? Yup, our very own Benedict Arnold, Armando Salguero. Great Mando, well done.

Anyway, all that happens is you get a cease and desist order. SO WHAT? If I'm Miami, I keep talking and coaching until you get one. By then the cat will already be out of the bag.

If anything this gives me more respect for Henne, not less.

last time i check in with a snitch

Biggest non story in the history of the world!!!!

Mando could blog that there is a cloud in the sky and he'd still get pages and pages of blog hits.

Good job mando . Whistleblowing on our qb ...who wants to workout and improve . Go write for the Jets

Armando = Armandouche

Our 1 and only qb under contract is meeting with our NEW offensive coordinator to get a grip of the offense , in time of potentially LONG lockout -----and THIS STORY is wriiten by hometown writer ?????


This issue is just dumb all the way around.
It's dumb that you draw attention to something that could cost the dolphins.
It's dumb for a QB not to meet with the new O.C.
It's dumb to think other teams won't do what the Dolphins did.
It's a dumb to give other teams a competitive advantage if they retained their O.C.
It's dumb for Henne to say something about the meeting.
It's dumb that the front office didn't tell Henne to be quiet.
It's dumb that the front office didn't know not to meet.
It's dumb that the front office isn't doing damage control.
It's just a dumb rule. PERIOD! And no, I'M NOT DUMB, EITHER. ---I think. LOL.


Why would you even try drawing attention to our team like this? Are you asking for them to be in trouble?? Come on man




Also, I wouldn't put all of it on Henne either. Players don't know the in's and out's of the CBA effects, but the coaches SHOULD.

Someone should have told Henne (Daboll, Sparano) not to say a word about what they're doing. If they didn't, I put more of this on them then Henne opening his big mouth (which it probably would have been wiser to keep it shut, but he seems excited about a new offense where the QB is the key, as am I).

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