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Henne's meeting with Daboll, Dorrell apparently violates CBA contact rules

The NFL has warned "several teams" that players are not to meet with coaches and receive playbooks during this time in the offseason, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported over the weekend. The league has sent the Dolphins no such warning.

But perhaps it should.

That's because Chad Henne, Miami's presumed starting quarterback, told The Miami Herald today he's been meeting with new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll for the last month in preparation for player-organized workouts that would replace any offseason workouts or minicamps lost to a possible lockout or other circumstance related to the uncertain and unresolved collective bargaining contract.

Henne, apparently comfortable with the new playbook, would presumably run the offensive portion of the workouts. To be equiped for that task, Henne had to learn portions of the playbook, or at least significant portions of it. And to do that, he likely had to study the darn thing.

Regardless, even meeting with Daboll to discuss strategy and plays is apparently out of bounds, according to the Plain Dealer. And that definitely happened.

"I took some vacation time, maybe a week or two here or there, but once we signed Coach Brian Daboll, I tried to get into there as quick as I could to learn the offense," Henne told the Herald's David J. Neal. "I've been meeting with him for the last month now. I feel pretty comfortable with what he's teaching and what the offense is going to be about just in case -- who knows what's going to happen this Thursday? -- that I can pass it on to the guys and help the guys out."

Henne is quoted extensively in the story talking about the new offense and how it is quarterback friendly and a mix of the New England and New York Jets offense. The story does not make the conclusion that Henne violated any rules. It does not even consider the topic.

But I do.

According to the Plain Dealer, coaches and GMs at the NFL Scouting Combine were told by league officials that existing rules forbid meetings with coaches and the dispensing of playbooks until the official start of offseason conditioning programs on March 15. The league is saying the offseason rules were a concession to the wishes of the players union, which did not want coaches pressuring players to meet with coaches until the off-season programs kicked off, the Plain Dealer reported.

The Plain Dealer report specifically addressed meetings relative to strategy. Players and coaches are allowed to meet to discuss other matters, such as contract issues and to simply handle introductions and other business until March 3, it has been reported. 

An NFL spokesman could not immediately be reached on this matter. A message left with a Dolphins spokesman has not yet been returned.

Update: A Dolphins spokesman declined comment and added he would not even confirm that Henne had indeed met with Daboll -- although the spokesman was present today when Henne said he met with Daboll. I find that amusing for some reason.

Update 2: Whatever advantage the Dolphins gained (if any) is done because the league year ends March 3rd anyway and everyone knows and understands there is to be no contact between players and their teams after March 3rd.

Update 3: Veteran St. Louis scribe and radio host Howard Balzer passed along the portion of the NFL's clarification of the Collective Bargaining Agreement that shows the contact between Henne and Daboll to be out of bounds.

The current collective bargaining agreement, which doesn’t expire until midnight March 3, has strict rules regarding what players can do before the beginning of offseason programs. The NFL has made this clear to clubs by way of written clarification. That clarification reads:

 "Prior to the start of off-season programs, players are permitted to use the Club’s facilities on a voluntary basis subject to the following rules: (i) such players may not receive per diem payments or workout bonuses of any kind and may not be paid or reimbursed expenses for travel, board or lodging during this period; (ii) such players are not permitted to participate in organized workouts, practices or meetings of any kind; (iii) the Club’s strength and conditioning coaches may not direct such players’ individual workouts, but may supervise use of the weight room to prevent injury, correct misuse of equipment, etc.; and (iv) such players may not be directed or supervised by position coaches during this period."

Obviously, the quarterback meeting with the offensive coordinator is a meeting of some kind when the CBA clearly states meetings of any kind are out of bounds.

Balzer also tells me via e-mail that in St. Louis, quarterback Sam Bradford has not met with his new offensive coordinator for this reason.

Update 4: Henne didn't just meet with Brian Daboll. Quarterback coach Karl Dorrell was in the room also at Dolphins training camp. That is similarly a violation of the CBA. And this is not just speculation. This is straight from Henne's mouth.

Watch the video:


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So what? I am sure many other teams have had similar violations..I consider this a non-issue..

It's also good to hear this is a QB's offense, instead of a PK's offense.

You're a douche, Armando!


Do I sense you're getting on the Henne bandwagon? Lots of room, my friend....LOL.

Happy to hear and see Bill Parcells. Looking good.

Why are you guys bashing Armando....its Henne isn't smart enough to STFU

Armando could blog that he yawned and still get thousands of blog hits.

WTH is this major periquero being talked about in Football news. GTHOOH!

Bwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Who was it that was arguing with me that Armando was a Dolphins fan? Where are you now? What a fan he is! This blog is ridiculous. Way to go Mando! Screw that home team over to further your career agenda!! Whoot, whoot!

Hey Kris you realize the worst that is going to come out of this is a small fine for the Dolphins and/or Sparano right? This is such a non issue and Armando just got all excited about breaking a story he thought was going to snowball. Little did he know spring is coming and his snowball just melted.

Who cares. Henne needs more time to prep up for next season.

This blog is starting to stink.

Yeah right on Kris! Poor Armando. Guy flies all over the country for free, hangs out with celebrities, and makes a very nice living. How dare anyone question his motives, he's so downtrodden. Listen putz, we're Dolphins fans and this guy does everything in his power to point out nationally any little hiccup the Dolphins have. This latest thing just shows his true hate of everything and anything Miami Dolphins. He is a divisive personality who hangs around the team and it's players. Before Mando did this WATERGATE style article this would have flown under the NFLs radar. NOW,, the NFL will have to react or they will look like they don't enforce their own rules. So now expect a fine for the team.

But go back and read Armandos article. Does it look like the Phins might be fined from what he says or does it look like he assumes the full wrath of God will be reigning down blows upon the Dolphins head quarters?! This is why people are coming down on your hero Armando. And by the the way, Kris? Are you a Miami Dolphins fan first or an Armando fan first? Because if you're a fan of both you must realize your man just did everything in his power to tear down your beloved team. Sure Henne made a mistake in talking, he's got reporters following him around everywhere looking for quotes, people make mistakes. But in magnifying it the way Armando did he threw the Dolphins under the bus. And guess what, this isn't the first time and wont be the last because you see it's like I've been saying for years. Armando hates the Miami Dolphins and always will.

CraigM, I've tried to be consistent (hopefully have been). While I've always said I'd rather upgrade from Henne, I also said as long as he's on the team anything that gets him better is a good thing. And lastly, come Sept. (hopefully), whenever the 1st game is, I'm solidly in the corner of all 53 Dolphins players especially when they hit the field.

So if Henne is using this offseason wisely, I'm completely and 100% behind that effort. If it turns him into a good QB in this league, that can't be seen as anything but fantastic news for the team.

And to Kris, who blames Henne for talking, I just want to point out there was a ProBowl QB (Donovan McNabb) who didn't even know OT rules, so I think Henne can be forgiven for not understanding the CBA rules. I think Kris might be a little too hard on the kid.

Lastly Craig, one thing I KNOW Henne needs, is confidence. While he won't get any (right now) from me or others, I do hope he can get it from somewhere, because it will help him play better. And if the new offense, Daboll, Marshall, ANYONE will help Henne get more confidence in what he's doing, then I'm in full support of that.

So, I'm not on the Henne bandwagon, per say, as of yet, but I am on the 'Henne-should-be-trying-to-get-better-by-any-means-necessary' wagon, lol.

whistleblowers aka the miami herald...let them do what they need to do...it's not like they're stealing film like the patriots or tripping players during a game like the jets..once again this is useless information to me.


Well said at 10:17 am.....

y'all sound like a bunch of women bickering over the color of nail polish. unreal. must have some pretty empty lives.

phins 78....I don't doubt anything you say.....

but the story would have broke anyway....how mad would you have been if you had to read it somewhere else.....

Miami isn't the first team and they won't be the last to get caught.....but they may be the first to get caught in such a DUMB MANNER....

49ers were caught as well...and they mad ESPN

Damn Mando!!!..did taking ur vacation turn u into a candy @#$%# Jets fan so freakin what he met with Daboll its not March 3rd yet...what a tool! u have become

In three years, Gholston played in 45 games, including five starts, producing only 32 total tackles. He made $21 million in guarantees from his rookie contract, which breaks down to $636,000 per tackle.

Gholston had a $9 million escalator clause in his contract for one sack or forced fumble or fumble recovery, but never got it.







Phin fan 78.....before I can even respond you call me a PUTZ....

WTF.....are you a part time WWE wrestler or something? who uses that word....

Anyway....since you insult has totally taken away from the issue.....either address me with a relevant argument regarding this issue (if you can call it that)....or I will see you at the next blog were maybe you can be more civil....

and for the record....looks like


wrote the colum for the Herald.....

maybe you should have actually read the article and not just Armando'd Blog.....

Reading is fundamental....

DC.....your commett at 10:17....thats apples and oranges....

do you really believe that IGNORANCE is a defence?

I have been reading your post for far too long to believe that you do.....

and your straw man argument...the one when you refernce D.McNabb as a "Pro-Bowl" QB to bolster your argument holds no water.....

Every time I bring him up you shoot him down and write very articulate postings stating why he doesn't have "it" anymore....

You can't play both sides of that fence.....

Let's face it, for a lot of guys on this blog, it wouldn't matter what Henne did he would still be the whipping boy. The guy could go out and cure cancer tomorrow and people would still criticize him.

It's the same pattern with a lot of you guys. You're not happy unless you have a whipping boy. It's been Wannstedt, Cameron, Ginn, Gibril Wilson, Pat White, Turner, Jason Allen, Joey Porter, and now Chad Henne. Oh yeah, I forgot about Ireland and Sparano. For most of you it won't be over until Henne is run out of town, like the others.

It's the same pattern. And then you guys justify it and say you're just as big a fan of this team as anyone else. You've got a funny way of showing it. It's a blase fan base and the players know it. To think anything else is denying the truth.

Craig M...I need you to clarify your post....

Let me be as clear as possible....

I think HENNE was DUMB to talk to anybody about about his meeting with Daboll....

In my mind in the grand scheme of things...its really not that big a deal...just a boneheaded move....perhaps Henne wants the fan base and the Owner to see how eager he is to learn, grow, and succeed.....

weather that is the case or not....words are useless...his progress will be judged ON THE FEILD...not by some teachers pet quote in the news paper....

BTW....You are not the standard by which all fans should be judged....and I take exception to your blanket accusations....

If there are "fans" on here that you feel that way about then post directly to them or at least put their name in your post......

I know this will sound jacked up....put your post at 11:12 sounds alot like McCarthyism....

Your either agree with me or your a communist....and thats not fair to the Dolphins fan on this blog or in genral.....

This is an OPEN FORUM...and everybody should be able to express their opinion openly and honestly....

And you or I or anyone else should be free to disagree....but that doesn't make our opinions right or superior....it just makes them ours....


You're wound up again for no reason. The comments weren't directed at you in particular but the many people who will take shots at Henne or management, REGARDLESS of what they do. I think that's completely unfair. Not sure how that makes someone a FAN of the team.

Henne was wrong to open his mouth. Sometimes less is more. Having said that, he made a mistake, not commited any crime. It's interesting that very few people gave him credit for working hard and wanting to learn the playbook early in the process. Everyone talks about him being a 'robot' and the first time he shows some excitement and emotion people still criticize him. Remember he's a 25 year old kid. He's excited about what the changes might mean to him going forward. But like I said, a large percentage of the fan base has their mind made up on this guy and it won't matter what he does. People won't rest until he and Sparano and Ireland are gone. New guys will come in and the hating will continue. It's a vicious cycle!

Craig M, I'd say you are missing the point. Most of us are not looking for whipping boys, they do not make us happy. We are looking for a winning team and are not as content with simply having a mediocre team as you seem to be.

So when the FO spends 3 years building an oline, endlessly plays musical chairs with those players, and going into the 4th season we still don't have a complete oline, well, yes...many of us are motivated to address the issue.

When the FO goes into a season not realizing they don't even have a viable second string QB, that is sheer irresponsibility, so many of us are motivated to address the issue.

When the FO, after two back to back 7-9 seasons finds themselves with only one single questionalbe QB on the roster, and ZERO proven starting calibur RB's on the roster, many of us are motivated to address the issue.

When the FO routinely brings in free agents with a history of being injury prone(Smiley, Grove), or over pay for players who can't perform (WIlford), or waste high round draft picks on playeres like White and Turner, yes...many of us are motivated to address the issue.

Kris, yes, if you're saying it was stupid for Henne to talk, you're right. I was just qualifying that to say with all the craziness going on with the CBA, I don't really blame him for being ignorant. No, it's not the best defense, but this is a totally out-of-the-ordinary, probably once-in-a-lifetime situation, and I don't expect every NFL player to be steeped in the arcane union rules the NFL is putting out there. If I were to blame anyone (and really I don't, because like others have said, I'm sure 31 other teams are doing this too), but if I were, I'd blame the coaches, they should have told players not to speak to anyone about anything going on this offseason.

And the McNabb reference was just added qualification, because you'd think veterans like McNabb would at least understand the OT rules (since they probably go over those really every season, maybe not, but I'd be amazed if they didn't, especially a QB). And just because I don't want McNabb here doesn't mean I can't ever bring up his name to make a valid point, which is we'd probably all be amazed what players do and don't know, and how much they need to be "coached" on and off the field (even though they all LOOK like adults, many ACT like children).

But that's fine if you think it was boneheaded for Henne to talk, since it could have gotten the team in trouble, it was. But more important to me is that Henne SPOKE with Daboll, seems to have gotten at least SOME of the playbook, and the team (offense specifically) will be practicing this offseason. That's the most important news I took from this post.

So, Whats the big deal. The Dolphins need all the help they can get. Violation or not.
And when did you become an NFL cop? I thought you were a Dolphin fan?

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This earthquake was not a coincidence.
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So how does a simple mistake by Henne allow for it to be open season on everyone to start going off on him? It's not Henne's fault we haven't been to a Super Bowl in almost 40 years or to the playoffs once in 10. I'm all for putting blame for where blame belongs and I'm not a fan of mediocrity either. But just really tired every time one of our guys does something wrong how it turns into a bashing session. I wouldn't take it from Jets or Patriots fans and I'm not going to take it from Dolphins fans either. I'm happy the kid is excited about things and making progress and nothing would make me happier than to shut his critics up!


You are right there are a lot of holes on this team. But take a look around the league and tell me a team that doesn't have holes. Even the belated Patriots have holes. How'd you like to be a fan of the 49ers, Bengals or Titans right now. Not only do they not have a 2nd string QB, they don't even have a starter (Palmer wants no part of the Cinci team). The fact we have holes isn't all on this regime. It's years of incompetence. We have very few draft picks left from the mess previous regimes have made. So rest assured, many of those holes will addressed before next season, hopefully adequately.

Kris, Why are you attacking DC? He brought up a really good point. CBA rules were not clear on this at all. There have been contact between coaches and players plenty of times. Was it not the best thing for Henne to talk, No, it also is not anything that will break the dolphins.

your hatred to Henne is known and obvious, you dont have to jump on a non-issue and make it sound a lot worse because you hate him...

Dude, take some Zanex or something.

DC....to the last paragraph in your post.....that to me is of was of little to no importance....Shoot...I expect it...just like I expect Henne to be doing everything possible if he wants to have a contract in 2012.....this isn't even news to me....

While in my opinion Henne is responsible (Daboll isn't being quoted)...life will still continue....and Henne will have to show his progress on the feild....not in the press

Craig, don't tell anybody, but I've made even dumber mistakes then Henne. I thought the odd thing about this story is that a local writer would want to bring the whole worlds attention (Goodall) to it.

I've seen it reported several times that players have consistenly said Henne has been a really hard worker since he got here. Him having a chat with Dabol, against the rules or not, is just not going to be enough to cheer anybody up. Seeing Henne perform well for more than one quarter per game just might help cheer some of us up. Seeing him hit the open deep reciever, seeing him not throw it into double coverage while another receiver is wide open, not seeing him get so many passes batted away, not seeing him casually drift right into the heart of the blitz, things like that will cheer us up.

Kris the putz reference was said with mutual respect. I know it sounds crazy but my friends and I call each other putzs all of the time. It's an inside joke and I let it slip on you by mistake, sorry about that. But my other points stand. I don't care about the Henne argument in all of this. Just sick of seeing a Miami reporter constantly tear down, criticize, and over dramatize everything that goes on in thge organization. I'm a Dolphins fan, not a Miami Herald or Armando Salguero fan.


You're right on. Let's judge Henne by what he does on the field. He made a mistake yesterday but people need to admit it is nice to see a little exuberance and excitement from the guy.

Wow Armando, this is a HUGE (ahem....cycnical) story! Must be a darn slow time of the year for you. Maybe another furlough is in the offing if this sell out job is the best that you got?

"Seems Henne has been meeting daily with new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll in order to learn the Dolphins’ new offense in advance of an upcoming lockout. Depending on your interpretation of those meetings, this could be a violation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and that could result in a hefty fine against the Dolphins and/or coach Tony Sparano.


All Henne wanted a hypercritical fan base to know was that (perhaps unlike last spring) he was working hard to get ahead amidst repeated public votes of no-confidence from his coaches and general manager. And where does that seemingly innocent tidbit get him?

In the NFL’s interrogation room, overhead lamp shining in his eyes, while his bail-posting bosses wait outside, shaking their heads in frustrated amazement." Sun Sent


Please post where I attacked DC.....and the post when I have attacked Henne since "my hatred for him is know and obvious"...lol

It was a bone headed move by Henne....its not the end of the world....I am sure by this point Even Henne would wish he didn't speak.....

If the NWO is causing earthquakes.....then this is a speck of dust......

thats what I have been saying post after post....

reading comprehension

As a self imposed punishment, we should fire/cut all three of them....we would like be a much better team as a result.;-)

Kris you're right, it's not the end of the world. But the funny thing is if you weren't a Dolphins fan and you read Armandos piece you would think it was. What an overly dramatic piece of garbage and it seems like he was just trying to get the scoop before it blew up. But the blow up was merely a puff of smoke and now Armando looks like a pot stirrer more than he looks like a reporter.

Remember Armando was one of the first reporters to write about the outrage perpetrated on Ricky Williams with the sticky note thing. He wrote as if the Dolphins perpetrated this great injustice on Ricky even after the Dolphins privately made a deal to let go of some of the money that was owed to them AFTER dealing with Rickys abandoning the team and failing numerous drug tests that hurt our playoff chances. So the team got roasted as he stuck up for Ricky. So what does that say about where Armandos priorities are at?

Phin Fan 78....its cool...i've heard worse....

and to your other points....I am a Dolphins fan FIRST AND FOREMOST....I have posted that many times....mostly in conversations like this....involving (Henne).....

All of this stuff is archived.....you can watch me and DC or Bill Connors do battle in the pre-season....when I defended Henne and the team to the death....you can watch my faith in the team waiver when Sparano called that FAKE PUNT on his own 30 yard line....and I began to question his coaching smarts.....and you can find where I typed "we are watching the end of the Henne Era"....when the WILDCAT was re-born in when we played Clevland after Henne threw his 3rd pick I think.....

All if this stuff is archived and I have nothing to hide....

I love this team as much as YOU or any other contributor to this blog....after all...were all DOLPHINS NERDS....

But I also love free speech...and freedom of press...so having said that...Armando is free to print what the Herald see's fit and WE are free to comment on them without being communist or Dolphin haters...or whatever....

I just read that 6 of the Raiders top 9 offensive linemen are FA's. Realizing there is no CBA in place very shortly and trades won't be allowed until the new CBA is signed, could we use this to our advantage. Now I know the OL isn't our strength but what if we could ship Carey to Oakland for a second or third (likely next year), would you guys do that? I think we could get a RT in the draft (make it look like we're moving Carey inside) and pick up some pieces in FA. The Raiders are going to be in salary cap Hell very shortly and I know Carey doesn't have a small contract but it's not exorbitant. What do you think guys? Far-fetched?

If this is a real violation, then why after two days has the NFL not done anything about it OR other sports writers picking it up?

Phin fan 78....

Armando might be trying to stir the pot....but even if he is I don't think he is very good at it....

Even tyhe stuff with Ricky was a true non-story...at least the part he quoted Ricky as saying was....and I do think Armando tried to mae that story bigger than it was.....but there was nothing disrepectful or inflamatory about what Ricky said....

He basically said his boss was a Micro manager...i doubt he is the 1st employee to make that assertion about his supervisor

By th way, to all the Henne haters and Vince Young lovers.....don't think for one minute that Vince Young would be cuddled up learning the playbook with the OC and all the nuisances of a new offence. He has a reputation as someone who doesn't work hard or study his craft. He's a guy who mostly gets buy on his God given gifts. He's never been considered a leader and he's been late for team meetings many times. Think of Michael Vick from his Atlanta days. It's been reported by others that Henne appears stand-offish with his teammates and doesn't have great chemistry with them. That's what Vince Young has shown to date. So I'm all for bringing this guy in to compete for the job but understand if it's about who will work harder to be the starter on this team, Henne has him beat hands down. I'm not dissing Young, just saying let's be aware of who he really is.

Extra Extra!

The thing that bothered me most about the story is how it was presented. The media can twist a story without lying to grab attention good or bad. It seems to me this was kind of done that way.

A FICTIONAL EXAMPLE of this would be something like this.

Say Henne pats a young boy on the head in apreciation on his way to the locker room. A writer can say "Henne says thank you to his fans" or the writer can say "Henne likes to touch young boys" Both are true in there own way but they can be percieved in the wrong way.

Again - I'm saying that Henne and the Dolphins didn't mess up because they probably did, but I find it funny a fan/writer would be the one to highlight it.

Craig M....I am all for getting rid of Carey by anymeans necessary....from what I saw last year he is the equvilent of Crowder on our Offense...dead weight.....Some series he didn't even look like he was trying....

I meant to say that Miami and Henne DID mess up


The Patriots picked up Marcus Stroud today. Another nice pickup by these guys. I'm thinking the Pats will go heavy on their defensive line in the draft but they also have holes at RB and WR. They're going to be awfully tough again next season.


Agreed. I'd like to see them both gone. Guess we'll have to wait until after the new CBA is signed. Just add them to the list of holes we have to fill.

Does anyone know if A J Hawk was let go yet by the Packers? He's be a nice replacement for Crowder but only if he doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Hennes been working hard, studying since he got here and is still a knucklehead. It's going to take an awful lot for me to forget his last several games of 2010. Glad he is still studying and being a good boyscout. When will he be a good QB?

Craig M.....we agreed and thr blog froze...lol

Kris, saying Mando has freedom of speech to report this crap missed the point IMO.

Sure, he can report this, but does he NOT realize the situation everyone's in right now? People not knowing what's going on and how it will end. Teams making decisions, players making decisions about an uncertain future.

And in case it wasn't hard enough, with a team stuck in mediocrity, the offseason coaching drama, QB problems, RB problems, ALL OF THAT, and Mando chooses to add 1 more piece of fuel to the fire.

WHY? Now, you say Neal wrote the article, and I guess we don't know if Mando wrote his blog first (and maybe said something on Twitter), or if the Neal article came out first. Either way, I think both of them are stupid.

This isn't the White House press core, or some other opposition journalism team. Home paper sports journalists are usually partisan to the HOME TEAM. Sure, if there's good reason to oppose the team in an article (like if a player gets in trouble with the law, or if the Coach does/says something detrimental to the team, etc.) then by all means the home reporters have a duty to report to us fans the news, but to me this is needless friendly fire.

Like we all said, ALL THE TEAMS are probably doing this. I don't see any other reporters taking down their teams like this. So why do it? Just keep your mouth shut, let the NFL worry about it's silly rules, and report on things fans SHOULD BE HEARING ABOUT (like draft analysis, coaching changes, changes in strategy, etc.).

My analysis, EVERYONE (from Henne to Mando to Neal) should have kept their mouth shut.

This just in.... Channing(Duh)Crowder has been signed as a spokesman for Nordictract Staionary bike company.............Mr. Dave Wilson(Of Nordic.com) states "Mr.Crowder is a natural endorser for our company having rode the bike throughout training camp and 60% of his football carreer, We Welcome Mr.Crowder to our family"....


Every other team int he NFL is doing this. Its just they dont have reporters trying to out the team the report on to the entire world. Way to go Armando! You are as valuable to our team as John Beck was.

This is being blown out of proportion....if a quarterback volunteers to meet with a coach to get a head start its not the same as the team holding meetings. That being said, I am a little sad that Armando is making a point of this. So you want to bring negative attention to the team you supposedly cover and love? Get real man. How bout some more combine reports?

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