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The things we learned from this Super Bowl winner

ARLINGTON -- So what did we learn from the Super Bowl winner?

As I wrote in my column from Arlington, the Green Bay Packers are a deep team, a team that showed a lot of preserverance, a team that went the long route on the road the entire length of the playoffs and played the NFL's most successful franchise and still won it all.

What else did we learn?

You can win the Super Bowl with virtually no running game. The Packers found their starting running back off the deepest part of the depth chart to playoff starter James Starks. Green Bay called 11 rushing plays while throwing 39 times.

A team can be flawed in small ways in other areas. Those can be patched. But you cannot patch QB.

You cannot win the Super Bowl without a great QB, fellas. Simple as that.

Aaron Rodgers was the MVP this game. He completed 24 of 39 passes for 304 yards with 3 TDs and no interceptions. The man who once bore the burden of replacing legend Brett Favre is now writing his own legacy.

"I’ve never felt like there’s been a monkey on my back," Rodgers said. "The organization stood behind me, believed in me. That’s what I did on the podium; I thanked Ted (Thompson) and Mark (Murphy) and Mike (McCarthy) really for believing in me and giving me an opportunity. I told Ted back in 2005 he wouldn’t be sorry with this pick. I told him in ’08 that I was going to repay their trust and get us this opportunity."

Let's be serious here, folks. To win the brass ring -- or the Lombardi Trophy -- a team really does need a franchise QB. The last franchise to win the biggest game of all without a franchise QB?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2003, who had such a stifling defense, having solid QB play was good enough. Some of you will also bring up Trent Dilfer. Really? Let's see that was a decade ago and the game has changed since then. Stop living in the past.

Also, the 2001 Ravens were perhaps the greatest NFL defense of all time. All time! So I guess, perhaps, maybe, if you put the greatest defense of all time together, you can win a title. Once. But compete for one year after year after year?

You need a great QB.

Since the Ravens won, the Mannings, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger and Drew Brees have won the Super Bowl. Now we add Rodgers.

You need a great QB.

You need a great QB.

You need a great QB.

Are you getting the message I'm sending and why?


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Stanzi had twice the interceptions than Henne did in college, Mallot was Henne's back-up at Michigan, Newton stole, and cheating his way to the top. Doesn't look to much better than Henne to me!

The first step in SHEDDING MEDIOCRITY is NOT ACCEPTING MEDIOCRITY!!! Someday, the fans will get that.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 07, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Dam DC....thats like poetry.....I wish I had come up with that....it would be my new signature line.....I need one for the off- season and that is perfect.....e-mail that to Sparano and Ireland.....

You need a great QB.

You need a great QB.

You need a great QB.

Not my words....Armando's......

But it's nice to see he has come around.....now if only we can get Ireland on the same page.....

Kris, I'd be happy if the leprechaun would be reading the same book.....


I'm all for not switching players in and out all the time too. You mention Walden and how he helped the Packers win a Super Bowl but I hardly think he's the reason they won. He didn't even play last night. He would have been nothing more than a spare part here in Miami or maybe a ST guy. But I get your point and I agree...

I still have an argument on the QB stuff. Almost every team passed on Aaron Rodgers the year he was drafted and every team did pass on Drew Brees the year he was drafted. The year Rodgers was drafted, Alex Smith went number one. In the last few years we've drafted three QB's in the second round....John Beck, Pat White and Chad Henne. The year we drafted Henne we got what was regarded as the THIRD best QB in the draft. The problem I have with taking a first round QB is, what makes us think it will be any different this year? We've got it wrong time after time. So my argument is that QBs are developed and not drafted and we're not good at doing that for some reason. Aaron Rodgers has been developed. They've taken their time with him and not rushed him. They've given him weapons to play with and put systems in place that work to his strengths. They've committed to him and shown him complete confidence. We don't do any of that stuff with our guys. It's why guys like Rodgers make it, while guys like Brady Quinn and Claussen don't.

kris, lol. I just don't get it. We haven't been a threat to anyone in decades, and you still have "fans" (I guess that's what they call themselves) here saying the FO is being bashed too much, the mediocre players are just fine, the mediocre coach is just fine.

Look, I'm not saying get rid of everyone and start again. I'm not saying don't develop your guys.

I'm simply saying what we've done hasn't been good enough, and we need to do more. And EVERYTHING should be on the table. EVERY way to win should be analyzed. EVERY person in the organization should be critiqued. Things can't go on, humdrum, the same way as every other year. Make changes, adjust strategies, add different players, take chances. Don't just try to get better, TRY TO WIN IT ALL!!!

Hawk.....i read your post and I see what your saying....but what you got to understand is that in TODAY'S NFL if you don't find a QB that can put points on the board and keep the fans excited and the teammates believing in him.....

the coach won't be around to draft a QB by the time the REST of the team is set....this is a win yesterday league....when I first started watching football it was all about the 5 year plan.....now a new coach only gets a 4 year contract....and is expected to produce in 3.....

Those are the facts of the new NFL....

Owners want guys with high IQ's who figure it out faster than the average joe.....


armando is our football teacher when it comes to QB'S WHEN IT BECOMES CLEAR THAT WE NEED A QB.LOL


Dying Breed...enuf already.
Take one of the top QB's if they fall to 15. I like Mallet or Newton. If not, get Pouncey, a true center. Make Carey lose 30 lbs (or else)and move Incognito to left guard. Its not only players stepping up but its the system that they stepping up to and that has something to do with coaching. And yes, it would be nice if we spread the field with some 4 AND 5 wide sets. That destroys the 3-4 defense.

Craig, I get your point (about drafting QBs). It's well taken. I'm not as insistent about drafting 1st-round QBs. But, look at your list dude: Beck, White, Henne. Miami wasn't serious with Beck and White, and if they were, they didn't do their due diligence, because, I'm not a scout and could have told you (as I did when they were drafted) Beck and White would be busts.

But, taking your point, I don't care WHEN we draft a QB, but we need to understand that's the most important position on the team, and we need to seriously find a franchise QB. If that's developing a guy from the 7th-round, fine. If that's moving up for the best QB in a draft, fine. I don't care how, but Miami needs to continue to search until they find one. We can't go (what was it, 9 years?) between drafting QBs and think we can get by with someone else's trash (free agent). That's fine as a band-aid, but it's not a long-term answer.

If Henne isn't the guy, I don't want our FO to then go out and draft some guy, I'd rather that guy on the team already developing, that's how it needs to be done.

Armando....another thing I learned was waching the Pitt Center play...he got blown up at least once.....(Ben was in the Shotgun)....but over all he held his own and I don't think made a play tha cost his team the game.....

So I hope that puts to bed any infatuation with the Pouncey brother that was building.....If we teach technique,,,,and demand that its executed correctly EVERY TIME....we will be fine on the line......

Aloco....i'm a slogan kinda guy....Slogans keep it simple while at the same point keeping you focused....

I think DC hit the nail on the head with that one


Good post at 10:30....I agree with what your saying. I just don't want a first round pick spent on a QB this season. I know I'm a broken record on this but based on our history that's just how I feel. DB's suggestion that we take a guy like Stanzi or some of the other lower ranked QB's in this draft is more along the lines of what I want us to do.

DC...i know its a crap shoot...and I know picking a 1st RD QB will not solve all the problems....Heck....we may miss badly......

But here is a fact....

75 percent of all playoff QB's this year were 1st rd QB.....

100% of all Championship game participant...NFC and AFC were 1st RD QBs

100% of Suberbowl Participants (yesterday) were 1st RD QBs

Super Bowl Winner......You guessed it 1st RD QB

last 21 years 63% of SB winners...1st RD QBs

last 21 years 3-4 1ST RD QB has repeated.....

brady the only exception

SO if you wanna go back...you NEED the 1st RD QB.......


That is what you call a trend.....

We might want to see if this stategy works for us.....just saying

The Saints proved that you can go all the way with a free agent QB.
I say we get serious and grab the top ranked QB in FA (assuming the CBA is inked).
Then draft a talented QB with our #15 pick.
Between Henne, the FA pick up and our #15 stud we will have a lively QB competition in camp.


Miami Had a GREAT QB for over 15 seasons. You may have heard of him -- Dan Marino.

In fact, Dan was not just a GREAT QB -- he was arguably the GREATEST QB OF ALL TIME.

How many Super Bowls did Miami win with this Great QB?

...on the other hand -- over the past 12 years we have seen legendary talents like Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson win Super Bowls.

...so...no...it's not quite that simple.

Can anyone think of a HC/OC pair in the league that appears less competent than Sparano/Dabol?

K-Dog...agree.....that is the best stradgy......if Henne wins...they the TEAM is all the better for it....

Gary Stevens.....you can't be that simple....because I haven't used those words...

I'm talking percentages...mathematics....giving yourself the best chance to win.....

But nice shot at trying to OVER SIMPLIFY things.....I think they call that a straw man.....but I could be wrong....its been a while since I took that class

Listen all... History repeats itself and the Dolphin history will continue...

We will NOT draft a QB in the first round and that mentality as well as all the BS that we need to trade our 1 for a 2, blah, blah, blah crap is exactly why the Dolphins have been a team built for continued failure.

As long as we keep on the Parcells, ireland Sparano mentality we will never and I mean NEVER return to a Superbowl.

Mark it down... we will NEVER return as long as we have this bunch.

If you want change you need to wipe all of that crap out beginning with the GM, the head coach and all his peps.

Keep the DC as he is proven and a winner.

ROSS needs to sell the dolphins to an owner who comprehends that winning means winning and in order to win we need a GM, Coach and staff that knows football. Football is not about having the circus side show with all the entertainment crap. Football is football and if we want to see a side show of singers we can do that at some other venue.

As a life long Fin fan the best days for being competitive were over once number 13 retired. We had a great run up to that point and it's been all downhill, rebuilding, blah, blah, blah.

No QB drafting in the first round, just a bunch of flunkies. Now we have another year of Chad who simply cant get it done.

Guaranteed that if by chance a 1st round QB falls into our laps, it will be a QB that wont work for us because the GM and company will choose a "value pick" vs picking a potential franchise QB.

The end.

Gary Stevens,

kris spouts this stuff all the time....like it's the ONLY way to have success in this league. Ask the Browns how they are doing having drafted a couple of first round QB's or the Bengals with all their first round QB's. I'll ay again, drafting a first round QB guarantess NOTHING.

kris states that 'over the last 21 years first round QBs have won a Super Bowl 63 per cent of time'. The reverse of that is that 37 per cent of the time the QB hasn't been a first round QB. So this stat is hardly an idictment of taking a first round QB, considering so many are taken in the first round and so many of them don't pan out.

Let's look at our history.....when we was the last time we DVELOPED a QB?....and it has nothing to do with when we drafted them. We've wasted picks on Beck and White and some will say Henne. The problem is we can't develop, not that we can't draft.

I think DyingBreed IS Ricky Stanzi.

NY "G"....you sound very frustrated......I think we will get this thing turned around.....I'm not programmed to think otherwise


Ireland & Sparano will always be from the "Parcels" coaching tree.
Parcels strategy on drafting a QB is the following:
1. Must be a 4 year starter
2. Must have good character

That rules out just about most of the good talent in this upcoming draft....just saying.

I'm getting the message you are sending Armando loud and clear.

The Fins have to do everything and anything they can to find a Great QB.

Out of the box thinking - collect a bunch of QB's out of College and create a QB training camp, intentionally lose every game in 2011 so as to draft Andrew Luck #1, OR trade every 2012 draft pick to get the #1 pick for Andrew Luck, fly to Mars to look for QB talent there, visit a psychic in Jamiaca to find out which mid to low round QB will become a star QB.

This is exactly what the fans have been saying since Marino retired, you are not going anywhere without a great QB. Teams like Tampa Bay of 2003 and Baltimore of 2000 are the exception not the rule! You get a great QB and you win, the Dolphins have been trying to do it with the Fiedler's & Henne's of the world, IT'S NOT GOING TO GET IT DONE! How far are the Dolphins from contending? 1 great QB away but I doubt Sparano & Ireland can find him, their still coaching and gathering talent to win with the exception.

Armando....just read your article....good stuff.....You make a good point when you talk about how deep the Pack were.....all season long it was" next man up" mentality......

We embarrassed ourselves on MNF against the bears and readily used the "injury bug" as the reason why.....theres something wrong with that mentality.....not only that but at least half the FAN BASE was rooting for THIGGY to fail....just so they could be right....Theres something horribly wrong with that......

Until the FO figures it out a Management...the followers of the team will continue to be led blindly.....and thats not a good thing....

We all want a great QB.. but it's not necessary...

Trent Dilfer anyone?

Mark Rypien anyone?

What I learned last night was this. To beat the Pittsburgh Steelers convert their turnovers into touchdowns instead of field goals.

DC @ 9:14... Henne needs to work on his fundementals. His footwork when under diress is like watching fat people doing the electric slide. I don't know if pocket saviness is a skill you can develop, or if it is just a gift. Better, more sound footwork will not only help his accuracy, it may help him with move some so he can extend plays.


I AM extremely frustrated. Here this POS owner passes on hiring Bill COWHER and opts for rewarding these two bozos with back to back losing seasons with contract extensions.

This new owner ROSS is not in it to win. All of us fans will continue to suffer with these losers.

At least if they brought in COWHER, who is a winning coach I could sit back and let him do what he does best.

The Dolphins would see an immediate turnaround under COWHER.

Now, we will see more of the same under these clowns.

Look at our competition such as the Jets. They were aggressive in the draft and picked a first rounder. They went after talent in FA and all of that paid off with back to back AFC championship visits.

WHY? Because they have a Coach, GM and owner who are winners and will do whatever it takes to get there.

As compared to what WE have. A loser coach who is scared to call plays, a coach who plays it safe and has zero idea how to use talent such as the beast.

Plane and simple.. We are destine for failure regardless who we draft as the teachers will screw anyone up we draft.

Preach Manny.....

but it will fall on deaf ears.....

DC Dofan has summed it all up with something about medicority....here it is cut and pasted from DC Dofan...

"The first step in SHEDDING MEDIOCRITY is NOT ACCEPTING MEDIOCRITY!!! Someday, the fans will get that".

Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 07, 2011 at 10:00 AM

I would like to add that Maybe the FO will get it too.......mabe they surprise us this year.....and man can hope....right

I'm hoping that some of these clowns called coaches like Sparano, ireland and perhaps ROSS secretary occasionally takes a peak at these blogs. Perhaps they will get pissed off at what they read and perhaps they may start to see what us fans feel.

Sometimes people in high places actually can learn from the people that pay their salary which are fans who purchase Dolphin tickets, merchandise, etc.

Perhaps ROSS will blow his stack and sell the team back to Wayne. Wishful thinking...




Best thing that can happen now is the CBA gets worked out, and we can at least attempt some FA acquisitions before the draft. We need too much to get it in the draft alone.

NY "G".....I feel your frustration.....please believe that....

I would agree with your post....every word....except that I think Ross does want to build a winner.....the problem is Harbaugh used the hell out of him and i'm not sure he is used to the word "NO".....

Like you.....I felt he should have fired Sparano anyway...just out of principal....but for some reason he gave him a Contract extension....only delaying the inevitable....

But if we look at this thing thru a glass half full scenario....

we lost some close games....maybe we win them this year....

No way do we go 1-7 qt Hime again....but the other side is

No way we go 7-1 on the Road either.....

All roads point to 7-9.....but as a fan when kickoff comes...I will be dreaming of 16-0 and give Sparano....and whoever the QB is my full support......

With good QB plat we definelty get to 10-6...maybe 11-5

2012 - Sparano accepts oline coach at Dallas
2013 - Ireland leaves NFL to be Parcells official caddy.
2015 - Chad Henne now working as tour guide for the Statue of Liberty.
2020 - After a decade of losing, Ross trades Sun Life Stadium for the Hollywood Bowl.
2099 - NFL plays its final game, the Miami Dolphins only team to not win a championship in this century.

Ryan Mallett.... nuff said.

Aloco....I would say Green Bay had ZERO luck this year....they just built a team that will win for years to come.....being in a week division won't hurt any either.....they could become like the 49's of the late 80's early 90's.....wrapp up their division by December...if they play their cards right......

The biggest lie being told is that the Dolphins are really close to being a very good team because they beat Green Bay and almost beat Pittsburg. Anyone who believes that is smoking weed. If we played either team in a game that mattered, we would lose.

Gary Stevens is wrong... Dan Marino didn't win a Super bowl but he made a team with no great RB, no physical defense and questionable talent on the OL, into a playoff team year after year after year.

Marino was the reason those Dolphins represent the good old days to us.

Trent Dilfer is not the rule for winning super bowls, he's the rare, rare exception. Anyone who brings him up doesn't know anything about the NFL. He played with the NFL's most dominant defense of all-time over a one-season span. That's the reason he won a Super Bowl.

So if you go that direction, your choice is add a great QB like Armando says. Or you put together the greatest defense in the history of the NFL, one that allows something like 125 points in an entire season. That is the choice.

I don't know much about Kevin Kolb. I'm just going to throw this out there to see what you guys think. Say the Dolphins decide they are going to draft a quarterback in the first round. (now this isn't an argument that they should, but for the intention of this point. Pretend thats what we do) The Eagles offer up Kolb for that first round pick this year. Wouldn't it make sense to make that trade then draft any of these possible first rounders?

I don't know if Kolb is going to be any good. But what I do know is he has been coached by Andy Ried. Maybe on of the best, or most knowledgeable quarterbacks coach in the league. What we also know is that Kolb has been in the league for awhile. Learning his craft. He is much closer, and a much safer bet then any of those first round options. Would he be the savior here? If the Dolphins end up in this situation I think it makes way more sense to take the more proven player.

Not a lot of wildcat in that game huh Mando?

QB drafting is hit or miss. As years go on its begining to be more miss than hit. Defenses are faster and more complex.

... But it shouldn't take 15+ years, 15 starting QB, and several coaching regimes to figure it out.

And this is everyone's frustration.

Tomlin should have pulled Ben in 3 or 4 series and run the wildcat; that would have helped Ben play a sharper game.

Alex in Hialeah.....outstanding post!!!!

I coudn't make a better argument myself....and thanks to you and many others on here...I don't have to......

Pricemaster...Great point.The Wildcat????? Bury that formation.

aloco. no qb = no playoffs = again.



Some day when a great QB comes along and wins the SB for us then Marino will become even less relevant than he is now.

Whats funny is that two years ago when Henne took over in the Chargers game the fans were extatic he showed poise and a strong arm, when he played the jets that same year he had Dolphin fans and Steve Young salivating after that performance, you know what has changed since then is the playcalling got conservative and the lost of Ted Ginn, Henne is a deep ball thrower if you go back to his days in Mich he had braylon edwards and then super marion this team messed up when they got rid of the speed and the playcalling became conservative, let Henne throw and I know he can become something special, and someone earlier in this blog was talking about Qb's need to extend plays, henne is no mike vick but against the panthers two years ago he extended alot of plays, the dolhins need to draft speed, so in the first round they should draft one of the bookend tackles, move carey to right guard, sign logan mankins, and that will fix the O line ine the second round they should draft Titus young and evolve the their formations to empty sets or four wide, they should draft a speedy tigt end that strike fear in linebackers and safeties, i'm resign ronnie brown and draft a change of pacce back, i'm telling you the fans this team is not far away two years in a row weve played the eventual superbowl contestants and we gave them all a run for their money, the dolphins should get behind Henne and put some faith in him this team is not far away at all just some faith better play calling and staying injury free, do not be shocked to see this team in the Big Game next year

Dying breed sounds like he has a serious man crush problem he needs taken care of. LOL.


Daryl.....I would be more inclined to agree with your thinking if Reid hadn't already burned us once with....we gave up a second rounder......and Reid laughed all the way to the draft......so I don't think that Reid being involved with the tuteledge is a factor....

Micheal Vick imo...just turned back in to Micheal Vick......and Reid Benifitted from it....Rember...Kolb was the Day 1 starter...Not Vick....I think that call in to question Reids Judgement.....

The fact that Kolb never got his job back after Multiple chances (injuries to Vick) speaks volumes to me and it screams...stay away...stay away....

But thats just my take

I just like how everyone says you need a good QB to win a SB. No S$$T. You don't need to be a football guru to know that.

How do you find a QB is the question. that is the one thing about pro footabal that sucks. One player is sooooo much more important than any other player on a footbal team. If you have a good QB you can win 14 games with 5 ft danny woodhead.

Dying Breed is a steelers fan .

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