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The things we learned from this Super Bowl winner

ARLINGTON -- So what did we learn from the Super Bowl winner?

As I wrote in my column from Arlington, the Green Bay Packers are a deep team, a team that showed a lot of preserverance, a team that went the long route on the road the entire length of the playoffs and played the NFL's most successful franchise and still won it all.

What else did we learn?

You can win the Super Bowl with virtually no running game. The Packers found their starting running back off the deepest part of the depth chart to playoff starter James Starks. Green Bay called 11 rushing plays while throwing 39 times.

A team can be flawed in small ways in other areas. Those can be patched. But you cannot patch QB.

You cannot win the Super Bowl without a great QB, fellas. Simple as that.

Aaron Rodgers was the MVP this game. He completed 24 of 39 passes for 304 yards with 3 TDs and no interceptions. The man who once bore the burden of replacing legend Brett Favre is now writing his own legacy.

"I’ve never felt like there’s been a monkey on my back," Rodgers said. "The organization stood behind me, believed in me. That’s what I did on the podium; I thanked Ted (Thompson) and Mark (Murphy) and Mike (McCarthy) really for believing in me and giving me an opportunity. I told Ted back in 2005 he wouldn’t be sorry with this pick. I told him in ’08 that I was going to repay their trust and get us this opportunity."

Let's be serious here, folks. To win the brass ring -- or the Lombardi Trophy -- a team really does need a franchise QB. The last franchise to win the biggest game of all without a franchise QB?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2003, who had such a stifling defense, having solid QB play was good enough. Some of you will also bring up Trent Dilfer. Really? Let's see that was a decade ago and the game has changed since then. Stop living in the past.

Also, the 2001 Ravens were perhaps the greatest NFL defense of all time. All time! So I guess, perhaps, maybe, if you put the greatest defense of all time together, you can win a title. Once. But compete for one year after year after year?

You need a great QB.

Since the Ravens won, the Mannings, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger and Drew Brees have won the Super Bowl. Now we add Rodgers.

You need a great QB.

You need a great QB.

You need a great QB.

Are you getting the message I'm sending and why?


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"And you cannot win the Super Bowl without a great QB, fellas. Simple as that"

What about the ravens? Trent Dilfer? Defense wins championships. Thats a fact.



K didy,
My thoughts exacttly,,, and you were on a roll, dude!

For all the pessimistic naysayers spouting loath on this blog-bandwagon, go change your sh!tty diapers. And change that flat tire for gods sake.

My team for life.


Tell Dan Marino a great QB is all a team needs

Let me be clear about my Marino vs Dilfer/Johnson riff.

Yes -- we're talking about outliers (of the top 10 QBs in NFL history Dan is the only one without a Super Bowl Ring & Dilfer had a history making defence behind him etc). By

But as always -- outliers serve to correct unecessarily universal assumpptions. While QB is the most important position on the field -- it is also one of the positions most dependent on the efforts of others (particularly the offensive line and wide receiver core).

Is Chad Henne Chad Henne because he sucks -- or is he Chad Henne because his interior OL play was abyssmal -- and his backs and receives underperformed for large stretches of the season.

Miami is not simply a star QB away from winning. With that said -- I won't be complaining if they sign one.

Mando, am I mistaken, or do you block certain posts that don't charm you?

I still got your back, but if you keep my GulfDolphin out of print due too plagerizm (or whatever your scury), I promise to read another's wonder-lust...

I write better than you, sand chigger.

Like most imformed that writes here.
Gotta go, take a-dump.

Some observations (questions):

1) If an American League baseball team, for whatever reason, chooses to have its pitcher bat, rather than use a designated hitter, and then it pinch hits for that pitcher, can that pitcher still remain in the game to pitch? I would think not. Am I wrong?

2) We hear all the time how football is the ultimate team game. Yet, do you think Drew Bledsoe wears his Super Bowl ring from the 2001 season? If you'll recall, that was the season Bledsoe was injured, and was replaced by Tom Brady who ended up leading the Patriots to a Super Bowl victory over the St. Louis Rams. Even though Bledsoe started for the Pats in a victory in the AFC Championship Game (because Brady was injured), Brady is the guy that people remember. Now, this is only speculation, but I suspect that a third string linebacker from that Pats team proudly wears his Super Bowl ring, yet Bledsoe probably doesn't. Why? Because, "team" sometimes takes a back seat based upon history and position.

3) My wife and I had FiOS installed in our home on Saturday, just in time for the Super Bowl on Sunday. I know we're late to the game, but MAN high definition TV is fantastic for watching football. I can't go back to regular TV. I WON'T go back! Okay, Aloco?

4) Being initially from Canada, and now living in the U.S. (as a proud American citizen, I might add), I pronounce "drama" and "pasta" different from you Americans. You pronounce it "drawma" and "pawsta," wheras those born in Canada pronounce it "drama" and "pasta." Also, Americans say "saw-ree," whereas Canadians say "sore-ree." I like the parts of America that still say "pop" as opposed to "soda." "Pop" people are salt-of-the-earth people. They are independent and resilient. They made America what it is today. "Soda" people are overly-secular and crave big government in their lives.

But I like to generalize ...

5) In Armando's column about Don Shula, Shula incorrectly stated that Marino made his first start in game 5 of the 1983 season. It was actually game 6. I remember it well. The Dolphins were playing the Bills in Miami, and that was Mark Duper's first start as well. Marino ironically threw an intereception on his first pass, which I believe was returned for a TD by Buffalo, but he had a great game after that. The Dolphins ultimately lost 38-35 in OT and fell to 3-3, but Shula smiled after because he knew he had the real deal at QB.

6) If Vince Lombardi were alive today, what do you think he'd be doing?

a) Congratulating Mike McCarthy on his team's fine Super Bowl performance? or,

b) Mediating between the owners and the players to try to avoid a strike/lockout? or,

c) Furiously pounding on the inside of his coffin?

Gary Stevens.....those are good assesments and very reasonable arguments @12:29....give me good reason to pause and re-assess Mr. Henne.....

Maybe he rises from the ashes and becomes the talent they drafted him to be with better peices in place.....

But he has to work hard to become that guy......he is gonna have to prove to the team that is is worthy to be followed.....especially to Marshall.....I think a few wins and more TD passes will heal all....

All in all...good post

Nathaniel Dodsworth....good post...but I have to dispute point #5.....

You said after a Marino loss and only one game that Shula knew he had his quarterback.....I'm calling BS....it takes 3 YEARS IF PLAYING EVERY DOWN OF EVERY GAME TO EVALUATE A QB.....don't you read this blog.....every one that does KNOWS THAT!!!!

LOL....just joking...good post though...refreshing....





Keep in mind that Henne is a project in the ruff.

I still say he needs to enter a fight club this off-season, and get real bloody nose, and knock the snot out of a runt, and take that attitude with him to the locker room.

Until then, he's gonna a be momma's boy, with a cannon arm.

I am willing to be his punching bag, and so might you.

I'ddo whatever ut takesto see this team win again!

Please ignore the typos. Gotta make sure Mando has job security.

Gotta go. fish are biting.

FYI bloggers Dodsworth has proven in previous posts overtime that he is an ultra right wing 'only christians are right' racist slandering ignorant blind silly church boy. Seriously. He'd gladly vote in Bush for life, or the Pope to rule the world.

Great in depth article showing excellent expertise & knowledge-I suppose now you can regale us with you can't win a World Series without great pitching-You are indeed a Master of the Obvious

no sense pounding that into our heads, mando. we're all aware its the most important position. Unfortunately, it not like you can just pick em' off the street like other positions.

Another thing I learned from the Super Bowl is you can't win it unless you have EVERYONE rowing in the same direction. The Packers were 8-6 at one point this season and very easily could have thrown in the towel on their season. Something happened to them and the light went on. They won their very last game of the regular season, in a hard fought, if unconvincing victory over the Bears to end the season. It think the score was something like 10-3. I don't remember anyone saying at that point, 'It's all on Rodgers. He's the star of this team. Can't win without him'.

The Packers won their last SIX games of the season, almost everyone on the road (sound like anyone we know?). The only reason they pulled a mediocre season into a spectacular one is because EVERYONE got on board. We don't have that. We have guys like Crowder and Fassano and Marshall and even V Davis taking off occassional games or plays. If there's a lesson to be learned it's that your season is NEVER over until it is ACTUALLY over. Give me a team of Dansby's and Long's and I'l beat you every time!

Actually, Observer, despite my inexplicably ultra-gentile surname, I am of the Hebrew pursuasion. And, yes, I am right wing, and I believe that Judeo-Christian values (which make this country absolutely unique and superior to Europe) are always right. I was an admirer and critic of President Bush (good on taxes and killing terrorists; bad on government spending), and likewise agree with the Pope on the sacred rights of the unborn, but disagree with him on his opposition to capital punishment. For you see, I do not wish to live in a society that says to criminals: no matter how many children or women you murder, you will never have to pay the ultimate price. To me, paradoxically, the absence of a death penalty cheapens life.

But, c'mon, isn't this a football blog? You people can never stay on topic.


you make a valid point armando,you must have solid qb play to win championships but lets not forget about a player who was drafted high,expectations were high and he utterly failed for four seasons, ultimately being benched for a rookie qb,the fans and the media were beyond harsh to this player.this player is 4 time super bowl winner terry bradshaw

Put Faith In Henne
Trade Down once or twice 1st round acquire more picks, draft best O line man in round 1, fix oline, draft Titus Young or Jerel Jernigan in 2nd rd. draft Chg of pace back, draft speedy tight end, air the ball out have better route combos, stop being so predictable, i remember in 08 the fans were calling for Drew Brees's head they drafted Phillip Rivers Brees came around and now hoist up a SB trophy I'm tellin you the fans Henne is special if you take all the restrictions off of him when he played last year you can see he was hesitant not instinctive let him free SPARANO let him Free like they did in the Jets games in 09, 10, even in alose to the steelers in 09-10 season you see the potential with that bomb to Ted Ginn, he's an aggresive passer if you watch his highlight against the gators in his last college football game you'll see what he can do it's not henne it's the team philosphy that's hurting him they need speed and to spread out the field and i wouldn't be shocked to see this guy pass for 4,000 yds 25-30 TD in a season if you look at all the elite teams with elite QB's they all throw the ball down field the fins played last season in a 15 yd radius, I'm gonna start the CAMPAIGN SPARANO LET HENNE LOSE ON THE LEAGUE, THROW THE BALL DOWN FIELD AND USE HIS STRENGHT NOT HIS WEAKNESS

Armando, who do you pick in the draft for QB if you were GM or is there a FA u think is great?

There have been a fair amount of arguments both pro-Henne and anti-Henne. Both sides have made some valid points. The real question now regarding Henne seems to be - How much more time do we give him before making the final judgement? I think he needs to show substantial improvement within the first 4 games. Does this seem reasonable or do some of think no judgment should be made until the end of next season?

Dod, Amen,

Topic aside, the logic here sometimes takes a leap or bound. Careening off a cliff, depending.

Kisk some ass Dolphins! Please, next year KICK SOME ASSSS, and knock the snot out of your opponets...

And vote for Brian Cox's return, (glorifying the Bills fans with a single finger salute as he run through the tunnel)

Again, Kris, thanks for reminding me of that special moment, nearly 20 years ago...

Armando's tone sounds as if the Dolphins are just a good QB away from being a solid team.

This could not be further from the truth.

Henne Rodgers comparisons are just silly. The Packers are loaded with quality WR's, a line that can make a pocket, and a OC who actually wants to throw the ball downfield.

Henne is a product of Mr FG. Henne is captain check-down because that is what is demanded of him. Henne has a crap O-line, Zero deep threat WR and a clueless OC/HC who is too afraid to take a chance and be aggressive.

What we saw last night is what I predicted. The aggressive offense won.

To bad Mr FG is the polar opposite of an aggressive coach.

This team is going nowhere with Tony.

The Dolphins are in need of an entire change of philosophy and approach to how to play football.

Who is the next Don Coryell? And how do we get him to be the next Dolphins HC.

Why don't we draft about 3 Qbs a year and see if we can find our next Tom Brady


Ive read most of your posts, if not all. Please listen to my retort, regarding Henne.

The young man has evident skills. He has records at Mich. that might never be broken. Perhaps he can not take that with him to the NFL, perhaps he can.

Give that dude another 2 seconds in the scheme of offense (a better blocking line for gods sake; minus Henning) and you will see us 3 and 1 next year in the first four games.

And 10-8 with a playoffbirth.

I justhope the CBA gets resolved quicker than anticipated.

It's not like we don't waste them anyway

Henne sucks man..get that through your skull. He is not an NFL caliper QB. Stop beating the dead Henne Horse. We need to bring in and draft QB's to compete to start..yes your Henne will be involved...but he will be riding the pine I. 2011

While I generally agree that drafting a QB in the 1st round improves the odds of landing a franchise guy, I am not sold on this years 1st round class. IMHO, these guys are going to go much earlier than they should due simply to the laws of supply and demand.

Personally I don't see a true top 10 QB here.

Gabbert....mid first rounder at best but will probably go top 10.

Mallett....2nd round project guy in reality but will go in the first round. Some mocks I've seen have him going top 10 as well.

Newton....1st rounder simply based on athletic ability alone. Someone is always going to take a chance on that kind of ability, but he is NOT an NFL ready QB and may never be.

Locker...mid 2nd round project but again will most likely go in the 1st...probably late to a team like Seattle. Very athletically gifted guy but has a lot of difficulty making the throws out of the pocket and has major accuracy issues. So again, a project...couple years on the bench kind of guy.

So we get a QB and suddenly our team goes to the SB? You're crazy and the more you write, the more I realize that you have no clue about football. If you did you would realize that A) Players need to make plays. Recievers, DB's, LINEMEN, running backs--- EVERYONE. And you have to at least understand that the Giants won with an efficient QB with recievers coming up big time. Remember the "helmet catch"? And remember Plaxico was UNSTOPPABLE that year. Not to mention a great running game and offense of line that made blocks. Oh and not to mention that they had the one thing that kills Brady-- a PASS RUSH. And Peyton Manning only won when he had two HOF receivers to throw to-- AND an offensive line that could block. And Remember their defense showed up HUGE at the end of the year. Rothlesberger was also surrounded with some amazing vets-- and a defense that could put points on the board. Every super bowl winner seems to have a defense that scores points. Didn't Brad Johnson win a SB? Was he great. Didn't Grossman lead the Bears to the Superbowl. How come Marino never won a Superbowl? Oh yeah-- because he could not do it all himself. The TEAM needs to do it. And the coaching must be good too.

Screw Draft picks... You need to take chances and trade up at times (Jets/Sanchez) there are 2-3 good QB's in this draft, do whatever you have to do to be in position to take tone of them. (Gabbert, Cam, ect.) Dont settel for the Nevada QB or Stanzi, (whats a Stanzi ?) That guy raving about him must be related to him. I follow College FB and I never heard him mentioned on ESPN's highlights ? TAKE CHANCES, either way, OUR draft picks dont mean anything as long as Ireland is drafting...
(Pat White in the 2nd) ? RIDICULOUS !!

Gulf - read your posts too, at least when I'm here, I don't often go back and read through posts I missed while being away.

Some bloggers here who had watched him in college say he was just as erratic, looking awesome one minute and terrible the next, often playing 'down' to the level of the competition. Henne has showed some flash since being our QB, but I'm hard pressed to think of a game he played well for more than one quarter. I realize there can be many variables involved with that.

Now back to my original question, how long do you give him to show you something? 3 games? 2 more seasons? Shula said only this weekend if he has something to show he should be showing it by now. My concerns have been in his seeming lack of fire, attitude, leadership, and don't believe those things can be taught. Maybe he has it and I can't see it, that is a possibility, but I don't believe any QB coach is going to teach that too him. I don't like the way he stands on the sidelines aloof, not rallying the troops, no dialog with the receivers. His demeanor has been too 'punch clock' for me. Now I can see all the reasons for not giving up on him yet, he has an arm, so how long do you give him to convince you he IS a long term starter? And when do you pull the plug if all is status quo?

If Miami drafts Ricky Stanzi the football gods will divorce thier long time petitional curse against the Dolphins and reward us with a 2012 SB upset over the GB Packers. LOL............


You just totally contradicted yourself. First of all you said 'take chances. Do whatever you have to do to be in position to get one of this years QB's'. Then you ridiculed the team for taking a 'chance' by drafting Pat White, saying it was 'ridiculous'.

Do you ever read what you post? Which is it you want the team to do? Take a chance or not take a chance? Maybe this year's Pat White is Cam Newton. Ever think of that?

Forget the QB for a minute. The packers were DECIMATED by injuries. Yet, no matter who they plugged in, it worked. Either they have a great system or they have great talent evaluators. either way, Miami lacks in BOTH those areas.

The difference between the Packers & Dolphins isn't about the QB. It's about the talent. Sad fact is, after 3 rebuilding years, Miami doesn't have allot of talented players.

The argument for keeping Henne is because he has an arm?

I once had a chair with 2 really great arms. But everytime I sat in it, it bit my a*ss. Though I loved that chair I eventually threw it out. LOL....................

Geez DyingBreed... How many more STanzi posts are uyou gonna post ? enough already... Stanzi AINT THAT GOOD ! What are you... his agent ?


When you said that Henne is 'too punch clock for me', were you trying to imply that he's not a hard worker?

Just trying to get you guys an early famialiarization with the household nfl name that will be RICKY STANZI.

BTW, there were many who also thought that a kid named DAN MARINO wasnt that good coming into the 1983 draft. He really wasnt! LOL.........

DB, the argument is simply how long do you stay with Henne, and that is a question I am posing to the Henne supporters, how much more time are they willing to give him to show beyond doubt he is a bonafide starter. Maybe they are much closer to my line of thinking than I realize, and maybe not...

Ricky Stanzi is 6'4 230lbs. Even right now his pocket presence is eons ahead of Henne. Idont care what kind of hype a qb has coming out of college, if he doesnt have great pocket presence his success will be very limited.

Stanzi has that "all natural" pocket presence ability just like Marino. When a qb as natural pocket presence the sky is the limit in terms of potential success.

0x80, regardless what anyone will tell you, to the people that matter (within the organization) Henne has 1 year (and maybe not that long). He better show and prove quick, otherwise he'll be wearing another team's jersey in 2012. He doesn't have to go to the Playoffs (IMO), he just needs to run the offense the way a good QB runs an offense. If no one's getting open, we'll see that. If he's not getting help from the RBs, we'll see that too. That's why I don't say he needs to go to the Playoffs (that's hard for 1 person to do alone). But we'll know one way or the other if Henne is the QB we're sticking with long-term by end of 2011 season.


I agree that Henne doesn't have to make the playoffs to keep his job for 2012 but does Sparano have to make the playoffs to keep his job? If the team were to go 10-6 and miss the playoffs again would Ross consider that improvement and invite everyone back for another kick at the can?


I actually believe Stanzi maybe the only qb in this draft that can actually be ready to start by mid season. I say this because of his great pocket presence alone.

Of course he needs to become adept at learning to read nfl defenses and will make some rookie errors. But with great pocket presence the kid will also make a slew of great plays too.

There has NEVER been a successful nfl qb who didnt also have great pocket presence. Thats why Henne will never be more than an average starter at best. Pocket presence cant be taught. A guy either has it or he doesnt.

Henne doesnt!...........................

Craig M, I wasn't trying to imply that. We can only assume he is a hard worker because that is what consistently has been reported in the local papers, of course I am not there to see it. What I mean by 'punch clock', too company line, well I did what they told me to do, game over, punch out. He doesn't ever seem to pick his team up, show fire, get in peoples faces, take the reins in his own hand, screw the damn play call if he sees something better. A few times this season he ran on 3rd down and then hook slides 1 yard before the 1st down marker...geez...get the damn 1st down, but nope, the boss told him don't take a hit, so that is what he does. I'm not saying be a wild west gunslinger and not follow the system, but dang, you are the guy in the heat of the battle, you need to trust yourself to step out of the game plan at times and take the matter in your own hands. He doesn't seem to be that type of player, he seems too eager to do exactly what the boss told him to and not ever deviate.

Stanzi's Highlights. Pay very close attention to his "POCKET PRESENCE":



What 0x80 is stating is just another way of describing how "ROBOTIC" Henne is. "Punch clock" just like a computer program, means both do exactly as told or programmed. Nothing more, nothing less. LOL.........

DC...I'm on the same page. I was just trying to get some clarity between the pro-Henne and anti-Henne bloggers. Maybe both sides are closer than we realize. Maybe the majority of the pro-Henne crowd is really only saying he needs a little more time, half season or so, and not much more than that, in which case we are not so far apart as some of the heated arguments imply.

It was an effort in diplomacy, nothing more...

A computer program does not have the ability to think outside of its programmed parameters and it seems neither does Henne. LOL..........

Ok, thanks for the clairification guys...

Here's a thought...why not draft a QB in the first round when the draft is loaded with good quarterbacks? Like in '83? Seems to me that's when it's best to spend your first pick on a QB! Not so good an idea when the class is mediocre.

DB, thanks for clarifying my post. I may ask you to ghost write for me since you can say what I mean in half the words!

Im neither for nor hotly against Henne right now. But Im very pro find another permanent solution. Henne isnt it. At times Henne seems to be totally and mentally lost in the pocket. You cant trust a qb like that to get you to the promised land.


This draft isnt loaded with good qb's. Its loaded with guys with the potential to be average starters or backups at best. Ricky Stanzi, because his pocket presence is head and shoulders above the rest, has the greatest potential of all to be a legit nfl star.

Remember that name(Ricky Stanzi) because he'll be the next we'll b*itch about missing on here if this fo doesnt draft him! LOL..........

I will try to be one of those fans w/out seats for next SB. Seems like a good deal.

Craig, good question. I think it depends. 10-6 can look 2 ways. If we had Playoff talent and Sparano could only do 10-6, then I think he should be kicked to the curb. If we have pretty much the talent we have today, with the CBA issue, and go 10-6 next year, to me that's a pretty good record (obviously an improvement).

I think the "feel" at the end of next year will determine if Sparano stays. We all FELT like the team really regressed this year (Sparano supporters and haters alike). Everyone saw that. The season before, though we were 7-9, Henne was a new QB, we still were "rebuilding" from 1-15, so Sparano got a boost from that I think (so no one was really calling for his head that year).

But I get what you're getting at. It's gonna be extremely hard to determine what's "good enough" to keep Sparano if he improves, but not so much as to make the Playoffs. I think this year it's harder still because of the CBA.

If you ask me today, right now, I say if Sparano goes 10-6 next year, he deserves another chance the year after, since he'll have a winning record 2 out of 4 years coaching. To me that deserves continuity.

Is this a fake DB posting? Cause I'm agreeing with pretty much everything you're saying (except Stanzi, not that I disagree, just don't know enough about the kid). But I don't ever recall agreeing with you so much DB, so just asking, are you the real DB or not?

DC's love to blitz young qb's. This is where a young qb like Stanzi can be great. Pocket presence is everything when being blitzed.

If your qb, young or old, doesnt have great pocket presence. Your offense play is virtually dead everytime DC's decide to blitz. That's why I say Stanzi comes into the nfl ahead of the curve on great pocket presence alone.

That's also why Dan Marino was so great so early.

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