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The things we learned from this Super Bowl winner

ARLINGTON -- So what did we learn from the Super Bowl winner?

As I wrote in my column from Arlington, the Green Bay Packers are a deep team, a team that showed a lot of preserverance, a team that went the long route on the road the entire length of the playoffs and played the NFL's most successful franchise and still won it all.

What else did we learn?

You can win the Super Bowl with virtually no running game. The Packers found their starting running back off the deepest part of the depth chart to playoff starter James Starks. Green Bay called 11 rushing plays while throwing 39 times.

A team can be flawed in small ways in other areas. Those can be patched. But you cannot patch QB.

You cannot win the Super Bowl without a great QB, fellas. Simple as that.

Aaron Rodgers was the MVP this game. He completed 24 of 39 passes for 304 yards with 3 TDs and no interceptions. The man who once bore the burden of replacing legend Brett Favre is now writing his own legacy.

"I’ve never felt like there’s been a monkey on my back," Rodgers said. "The organization stood behind me, believed in me. That’s what I did on the podium; I thanked Ted (Thompson) and Mark (Murphy) and Mike (McCarthy) really for believing in me and giving me an opportunity. I told Ted back in 2005 he wouldn’t be sorry with this pick. I told him in ’08 that I was going to repay their trust and get us this opportunity."

Let's be serious here, folks. To win the brass ring -- or the Lombardi Trophy -- a team really does need a franchise QB. The last franchise to win the biggest game of all without a franchise QB?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2003, who had such a stifling defense, having solid QB play was good enough. Some of you will also bring up Trent Dilfer. Really? Let's see that was a decade ago and the game has changed since then. Stop living in the past.

Also, the 2001 Ravens were perhaps the greatest NFL defense of all time. All time! So I guess, perhaps, maybe, if you put the greatest defense of all time together, you can win a title. Once. But compete for one year after year after year?

You need a great QB.

Since the Ravens won, the Mannings, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger and Drew Brees have won the Super Bowl. Now we add Rodgers.

You need a great QB.

You need a great QB.

You need a great QB.

Are you getting the message I'm sending and why?


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0x80, FYI, I've had this convo with CraigM, and he's not very far off from my (and sounds like your) thinking on Henne. He's just more optimistic about things.

Elite Qb play being all that matters in the NFL today. Hmmm, wonder where I heard that before? 1st round Qb talent being all that matters in making an NFL franchise. What an original idea. It's only been bantered about on this blog for the last 6 months.

Yet, it's what we learned only after watching the Super Bowl yesterday?



LOL! Im the real DB! Please take a look at this Stanzi highlights reel and pay careful attention to the kids footwork and pocket presence. His footwork seems so flawless and natural for the position.

He seems to a 6th sense of knowing where to go and move in the pocket. That cant be taught.


I agree with greg z in regards to the BP mentality that you can win in the NFL without a great QB. Yes, not any more. The cards are stacked that way.

LOL Mark. I want us to draft a 1st-round QB if for nothing else but to prevent you from having a nervous breakdown.

Yeah, its been proven you can still win a championship without a great qb. But you better have an absolute stifling defense. The Bucs, Ravens, and yes BP had one with the Giants.

Its just so tough to build an absolute stifling defense. So teams with a franchise qb will always have a better chance at winning a championship.


Its insanity to draft a qb 1st rd this year. All of the qb's with 1st rd grades look like average nfl starters at best for thier careers.

However I do believe if Jake Locker can be allowed to sit and learn for 3 seasons as did Rodgers he might can be special. Problem is in todays nfl if a #1 drafted qb isnt a starter by year 2 fans consider him a bust and so do most fo's.

And you guys really think that Ireland, even if he's reading this Blog, would be disuaded by your comments in selecting players? Please apply at Scouts Department at Dolphins.com.

DC, personally, every day I get closer to the point where it's not even worth following a team unless they have someone of that talent at the Qb position.

The only thing that keeps me coming here or watching the games is a blind allegiance brodering on insanity that I feel for the franchise. I'm following the team solely based on teh ghosts of yester year.

We need a talented Qb badly so what is the team thinking of doing? Trading down so they can probably get another guard or safety. Pshaw! The Steelers outside of Roethlisberger are no more talented than the Dolphins. I'd measure our roster against theirs position by position any day of the week except for Qb - there's a wide gulf there and it's the difference between 7-9 and AFC champions and coming within 6 points of the 3rd super bowl of this decade.

You don't draft a QB in the 1st round to eb your starter next year, DB, it's about the long term future - it's about 2013-2023!!

You keep just building for next year and you get sweet f-all!

I remember a time when rookie qb's didnt get a chance to start until thier 4th season. But in today's "I want it now" society theyre being pressed into service too early and many wont make the grade.

Confidence is everything. When some have it shattered too early they never recover. A qb has to be really be something special to respond greatly too starting within the first 2 years.

Mark, what do you say to DB, who says Stanzi is the best out of the bunch, but is scheduled to be a 3rd-round pick?

If the team thinks he's the best one, do they go ahead and draft him 1st-round? Do they wait and get him when the prognosticators say he'll go?

Is there any reason you wouldn't draft a 1st-round QB (say if you could upgrade elsewhere, or the class is weak, etc.)?

Just asking you questions I get asked all the time to see how you answer them.

DB, checking out that clip now.

DB, why isn't Stanzi rated higher if he is as good as you think? One thing I've noticed, his release is kind of slow, its a wind up motion.

It is obvious that the Rules are stifling the Defence and of course to the Offence's advantage. You don't see it? Look closer.


I say no to drafting a qb 1st rd only because there isnt enough separation between the 1st rd qb's and say a 4th rd qb. Gabbert has moved to head of the class and all he's been a "checkdown charlie" in his career. We already have that in Henne.

Ricky Stanzi is projected like 4th rd and his pocket presence is head and shoulders above the rest of this draft class. His primary problem with national recognition is Iowa is more well known for running the football not passing it.

Yes, we have heard you DB, so has the FO, and everybody else.

I'll say to anyone, yes Stanzi has a quirk or two to iron out. But what he does have that head and shoulders above the rest of this qb draft class is pocket presence. That cant be taught. A nfl qb cant survive for long without it.

Stanzi just has the misfortune of going to a predominantly run first school. That's why he doesnt have the great national notariety.

A pro qb coach could turn Stanzi into a monster. He already has great pocket presence!

Actually, because Stanzi can be had without a 1st rd pick, Im more in favor of using a trade down pick(to gain a 2nd rd'er) to grab either Titus Young or Hankerson.

We need a #2 wr that can place the fear of god into DC's. There's no better way to do that than to draft a #2 wr that has a #1 wr draft grade on him.

You guys say we need a more explosive passing attack. This how we get it!

That kid Nelson is rather inconsistent, but with the amount of time that Rodgers had(and he doesn't need much), he looked allright.

DB, saw the clip. You're right, the guy has good elusiveness. I like how he moves in the pocket. Seems like he has ok speed (compared to Henne he's Desean Jackson). Pretty good arm. Not a bad looking prospect all in all.

DC, the odds of DB knowing Stanzi is the best QB in this class is somewhere between slim and none. Could you imagine, DB is spotting the next Tom Brady, sees it ahead of 32 NFL teams, but yet doesn't earn his paycheck in the league?

I don't know who the best Qb is in thi class - but the odds are definitely higher that it will be one of the 5-6 guys rated ahead of him. I want the #1 rated guy, whoever that is. If it means mortgaging some of the draft and players on teh roster, that's what I want. For once, I want the best in the only position that matters in this league.

If you keep promoting Stanzi he will go up to #1, much to our detriment, DB.

DB has been brain washed by the FO.....he's selling you guys "acorns" LOL

i dont think anyone can say that sitting for a few years and learning behind a good QB is a problem anymore Aaron Rodgers is the perfect example for that arguement... that being said Henne is no Brett Favre and if drafted a QB 1st rd and he didnt beat out Henne than that'd be a bust

Mark.....thanks for being the voice of reason @ 3:24 PM.....Geesh....

I guess if you say it enough...it has to be true.....

I feel like this blog is being hyptnoyized by DB....





DB just gets enthused...in the last 5 weeks he has gone from must have Ingram, to must have Cam Newton, to must have on Kaep, and now its Stanzi. Give him a week and he will have a new one...nothing wrong with changing your mind though, not ever changing it is often worse.

Guys when we drafted Marino, that day I told my best friend that, "We Just Stoled The Draft"!

I havent had this feeling since the day we drafted Marino. Call it sixth sense or whatever. Stanzi is going to be a very special nfl talent!

I didnt evemn end that statement in LOL. Im deadly serious!

Mark, the fact that Randy Mueller STILL has a job in this league makes me say yes to you. I can imagine DB (or a "fan") spotting talent that paid GMs cannot.

I don't put much faith in a majority of GMs in the NFL, they're about as knowledgeable as I am (which is to say not much).

With that said, after seeing the tape, not sure Stanzi is better than Cam Newton or one of the other higher-rated QBs out there.

Good point 0x80.....

and even better one on the not ever changing yor mind....

Dalton or Stanzi in the 4th rd would be welcomed but a non existant 2nd or our 3rd would be preposterous assuming they'd pass on one in the 1st they need to rebuild for Henne or Draft a new QB w. the 15th overall

Cam Newton is going to be a Vince Young type. Running qb's dont neccessarily make great passing nfl qb's.

Because they've learn to rely so heavily on thier running abilities they never quite ever fully get up to speed as far as needed pocket presence skills. Vick still fully doesnt have it.

Kris, acorns - tell me about it. Pin teh franchise hopes on Stanzi - it's only what we've done for 15 years.

Locker or Newton at # 15 or I'd trade down late in 1st if Mallet or Gabbert were going to be available

Damn you guys are such blog nazi's thinking a guy doesnt have the right to change his mind.

Geesh, thats what usually happens to one when he does more thorough and concise research. I hope you guys dont run your personal lives like that.

Thopugh I have great gratitude to the guy that invented the wheel. I have an even more special gratitude to the guy that invented the brake! LOL.............

Great, so DB has a 6th sense now, the clairvoyant prognasticator of the mighty fins is in the house. Man, I was up way too late with a strippers last night to hear any more of this - I'm out. Good day boys!

DB, who said you don't have the right to change your mind? I clearly stated just the opposite. I merely made an observation.

DB.....while I will disagree with you about Stanzi....

I think everyone on this blog would agree that you have the best OLS SCHOOL sayings....that last one was classic....

Some on here refer to Soiled Bottom as "Uncle" Soiled...

Can I call you "GRANDPA DB"...it just feels right.....

Guy just says he was up way to late with a stripper and he thinks he has some real credibility! LOL...........

ols=old...old school

kris, what do you disagree about Stanzi? Just asking, cause I don't know much about the kid (just saw the clip). But, I can show you awesome clips of Henne too in college, so don't ever believe the tape (alone).

But, what's your take kris, what do you or don't you like about the kid?

Whether we draft Stanzi or not I truly dont care. I already witnessed a perfect championship team(72 dolphins). Its you newbie fans who do the most crybaby b*itchinb and wouldnt know real talent if it was a black ring around your right eye.

Though I would love to see the Dolphins in championship mode again. Im not obssessed with it. The early 70's Dolphins have given me championship memories that will last a life time. Can you newbie fans say this?

DC...i'm gonna have to look at the tape....I have said it many times on here....I don't anything about about College ball....Losing my Sunday's for 6 months a year is a hard enough sell....NO WAY my wife is buying off on me losing saturday's to......

SO my college football to samll to measure...I have to defer to the draft experts....and actual game watchers to tell me what to think...If a player catches fire (like newton) mid-way thu the season...I will try to catch some games but thats it for me....

I reserve judgement till they get to the pros.....

Even if I did look at the Clip DB put up it woudn't prove very much....everyone looks like a superstar in their own edited highlight film....

I would need more "real time" game footage to see for myself

Starting to see a few mock drafts now that have only Gabbert going in the 1st...Mallett, Locker, & Newton all going in the 2nd. I believe there may be some 2nd thoughts on this QB draft class.

Have you newbie fans ever witness an opponent pay the "perfect" omage to Dolphin team? I did. After a SB victory an intervied opponent once stated, " Its an absolute honor to come in 2nd place to that team.

That team you ask? In stating "that team" the opponent was referring to the 73-74 SB champs Miami Dolphins! LOL..................

DB.....is that a "no" at 3:47 PM...

or was it a "HELL NO"!.......

I wasn't sure wich......

See DB, that's where you and I part ways. You're content with the Perfect Season team, which, most NFL fans today couldn't even probably name 1 guy from.

I have lots of friends who were Steelers fans. They were upset today, but not suicidal. Why? Because most of them know they'll be back playing in the SB in the next few years.

That's what I want from my team. I don't want a "lifetime of memories" once and that's it. I want to go back again and again. So, no, I can't say I have a lifetime of memories from a SB win almost 40 years ago, but I CAN say I'd give that up in a heartbeat for 4-5 SB appearances in 10-20 years. That's what this newbie fan is looking for. That one and done philosophy is a joke if you ask me.


Ive been saying all alone these supposed 1st rd grade qb's will be average nfl starters at best.

Once "checkdown Charlie" Blaine Gabbert declared for the draft he immediately went to head of the class. So many here to blind to see it.

That's why Im going with the guy that clearly has the best pocket draft of any qb in this entire class. You have to have lived underneath a rock not to know that "pocket presence is evrything in the nfl and there isnt one great nfl passer that doesnt have it!

I wish I had that kind of credibility, DC!


Since its been nearly 40yrs since we last won a SB. What other choice is there but to be thus far content. Content in no ways mean SATISFIED!

I would be happier than a pig in s*hit if we had won a little under 40 SB's in a row by now. Dont confuse content with satisfied when it comes to ole' DB! LOL..............

Mark in Toronto,

I know you may be gone but I think you got it dead right when you said the calibre of personnel on the DOlphins and Steelers isn't that different. I was just saying the same thing to some one yesterday. Obviously at this stage Big Ben has a big advantage over Henne but the rosters talent-wise aren't that different. The other areas the Steelers have us is in coaching, preparation, mental toughness and execution. It's been like that for YEARS with this organization. Pretty remarkable that they have only ever had three head coaches in their existence. The teams that are there at the end every year are the ones that are 'all in', that do things as a team. To be successful you can't have too many Brndon Marshalls or Channing Crowders. You've got to have guys that are commited to the program and committed to each other. If you listen to what Rodgers said yesterday he said that he was very blessed to have the continual backing of the organzition and his team mates from the very beginning and through the whole Brett Favre mess. It would have been very easy to have a split team after that whole thing but McCarthy and Thompson did a nice job keeping everyone together. This team needs to get behind their quarterback, beit Henne or somebody else and commit to him for an extended period of time. This wavering in confidence does nothing for the team.

I got the message Mando, back about midway through the season, while you posted blogs out here supporting Henne. Give me a break, are you only NOW realizing what just about everybody out here already knew

it's gonna be a loooooooooooooooooong offseason.lol

DB - Yeah, I've been preaching that QBs from this class would go before they should based on supply/demand. It'll be interesting come draft day to see if teams "reach" for a QB out of desperation or if we see these guys actually fall.

Personally, don't know what the love affair with Gabbert is all about. He's from a spread system and rarely has played under center. I'm baffled because generally these types of QBs catch a lot of flack from draft nicks and scouts. The only thing I can think of to explain it is his prototypical size and a decent set of tools in the box. Still, the guy is going to take a couple years IMO to learn to play under center in the NFL. How that could be top 10 I have no idea.

I like Stanzi as well, and it's nice that he's played in a pro-system. That would certainly help with the learning curve. Still, I would categorize him as a project type guy needing a few years on the bench...preferebly behind a good veteran.

At any rate, I believe the Dolphins will take a QB at some point in this draft..probably 3 or 4 round. I actually like the depth of this QB class at the 2nd tiere.

Craig M- !!!


I agree with your 3:59 pm post. That's what I want from my team too. I want to be in the running with a chance to win it all every year too. I want to get to the big dance every few years. I want to be like the Steelers or the Patriots or the Colts. 27 years without a Super Bowl appearance is just WAY too long!

I don't want to be wearing my Dolphins shirt to Super Bowl parties and get ridculed by Bills fans for God's sake! Where's the pride in this franchise? Where's the strive for excellence?

Oh, ok DB. I feel better now about that. I took content to mean satisfied. That's for the clarification.

DC...say it again....a thousand times...and history has shown that even if we do get there...with out a top notch QB we won't be back....for a long..long time.....

DC, DB, I don't know who's who anymore. I'm going to sleep. See you, In the Evening.


I'm not familiar enough with Stanzi. Who would you compare him to, either present day QB in the NFL or QB from the past?

I haven't seen enough of the kids coming out yet at QB but I haven't been overly impressed by what I've seen. The guy that made me take notice the most was Gabbert but I have no idea if he's going to be any good in the NFL. I liked his competitiveness and arm strength but I would likely have to look at him some more before I signed off on him.


I think Stanzi will shock. I do agre there are things he needs to work but if you could end up with a franchise qb drafting him in 3rd-4th rd you have to pull the the trigger on that.

What I absolutely love most about Stanzi right now is GREAT pocket presence. There hasnt been a franchise qb that didnt have it. But there has been qb's with all of the tools and could make all of the throws and still bust out.

You cant learn to to consistently read defenses when you cant seem to get correctly settled in the pocket. No pocket presence and the rest doesnt matter.

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