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The things we learned from this Super Bowl winner

ARLINGTON -- So what did we learn from the Super Bowl winner?

As I wrote in my column from Arlington, the Green Bay Packers are a deep team, a team that showed a lot of preserverance, a team that went the long route on the road the entire length of the playoffs and played the NFL's most successful franchise and still won it all.

What else did we learn?

You can win the Super Bowl with virtually no running game. The Packers found their starting running back off the deepest part of the depth chart to playoff starter James Starks. Green Bay called 11 rushing plays while throwing 39 times.

A team can be flawed in small ways in other areas. Those can be patched. But you cannot patch QB.

You cannot win the Super Bowl without a great QB, fellas. Simple as that.

Aaron Rodgers was the MVP this game. He completed 24 of 39 passes for 304 yards with 3 TDs and no interceptions. The man who once bore the burden of replacing legend Brett Favre is now writing his own legacy.

"I’ve never felt like there’s been a monkey on my back," Rodgers said. "The organization stood behind me, believed in me. That’s what I did on the podium; I thanked Ted (Thompson) and Mark (Murphy) and Mike (McCarthy) really for believing in me and giving me an opportunity. I told Ted back in 2005 he wouldn’t be sorry with this pick. I told him in ’08 that I was going to repay their trust and get us this opportunity."

Let's be serious here, folks. To win the brass ring -- or the Lombardi Trophy -- a team really does need a franchise QB. The last franchise to win the biggest game of all without a franchise QB?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2003, who had such a stifling defense, having solid QB play was good enough. Some of you will also bring up Trent Dilfer. Really? Let's see that was a decade ago and the game has changed since then. Stop living in the past.

Also, the 2001 Ravens were perhaps the greatest NFL defense of all time. All time! So I guess, perhaps, maybe, if you put the greatest defense of all time together, you can win a title. Once. But compete for one year after year after year?

You need a great QB.

Since the Ravens won, the Mannings, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger and Drew Brees have won the Super Bowl. Now we add Rodgers.

You need a great QB.

You need a great QB.

You need a great QB.

Are you getting the message I'm sending and why?


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Sometimes it seems like I want it more than the actual players on the team. Why does Crowder think it's ok to be out? Even 1 game? How come guys are more angry after losses?

I like how Brandon Marshall blew up. No, I think he went about it wrong, but I like his desire to win. I want to see more of that out of this team, ESPECIALLY from the QB.

Also, I'd like to get a 2nd opinion from greg z. (not that I don't trust you buddy). I'd LOVE to hear from another fan who goes to camp (probably not this year since it's probably not gonna happen) on how Henne looks in person. If 2 people have the same observations (as greg did this past camp) then I really have to look to the coaching staff and ask them what the heck they're getting paid for.

Yeah Craig, I would say Big Ben has a big advantage over , he's smarter. Even with all his "off-the-field" antics, Big Ben has been to the SB and won it.

Like I've said Henne isn't a good backup QB in this league. You either have it or you don't.

Granted Marino isn't a good comparison for Henne. Now if and when the CBA takes place we either need a first rate QB through FA or the draft.

Our options are really limited.

I think we need to keep all options on the table including VY and drafting a franchise QB


I know this is going to sound totally crazy but the guy who Stanzi reminds me of the most is a young Marino.

I say this because right away Marino had great pocket presence and awareness. Im not saying he'll be as great a passer as Dan numberswise. But the kid has "IT".

Noone has ever been able to really define "IT" but those type of guys make the whole world notice "IT" everytime they step onto a football field, basketball court, hocket rink, and even in the business and everyday life world. You're either born with "IT" or you're not. "IT" can not be taught.

Dan Marino is famous for his "quick release". But that isnt what made him so special. It was the quick release combined with "IT" that made Marino such a special not only qb but player period!

Whoa, put on the brakes DB @ 4:25... Marino? That is a stretch, had you said Aaron Rodgers, maybe, but in no way does this kid conjure up Marino. He doesn't have the lightening quick release, arm strength, pinpoint accuracy or fierceness. One trait, pocket awareness is not quite enough to compare him to Marino. Let's keep things in perspective now...

Marino made guys wanna play for him. Everyone wants to step up thier game to the next level for that qb that has "IT". This is what I believe Stanzi will bring to our qb position that's been missing ever since the post Marino era.

Guys thats exactly whats been missing in Miami!



Interesting take on Stanzi. That's really going out there to put ANY comparisons to Marino on him. Time will tell....

If this guy is as good as DB says I don't want us reaching for him. There will be other teams in love with this guy, if he's as good as DB say he is but you can't be reaching for a guy like this in the first round. Missing, in a year with no second round pick could be disasterous. One thing about both the Packers and Steelers, they don't REACH for players. The fans may criticize their GMs but they don't miss to often, whether it be in FA or the draft. We need to start hitting far more often to be successful going forward....


That's what will make it so much more enjoyable to say I told you guys so when watch as Stanzi becomes great. It will truly be the prospects that none of you ever saw it coming.

I just hope it happens with him playing as a Miami Dolphin. That's the only way I'll truly enjoy being able to tell you guy, "I Told You So"! LOL.............


DB, didn't say he was Marino. He only said in terms of pocket presence Stanzi reminds him of Marino.

DB, I do like that Stanzi is in a good Conference. The Nevada kid worries me because he has no competition (other than Boise St.). Newton of course comes from the toughest conference in college, so that's why I'm high on him too.

But, from the little I saw, I did like Stanzi's movement.

One thing I want out of any new QB (if Henne isn't the guy), is I want that player to be the smartest person (football-wise) on the offense. They need to understand the game and situational football. Know when to quick-snap, how to run a 2min offense, when NOT to take a timeout.




There are Mocks I've seen have Stanzi 4th rd. Im hoping we can trade down and get a 2nd. If Stanzi is still there in the 3rd we will kick ourselves in the a*ss for not taking him.

He could rise but Im not sure he'll rise above 2nd rd. I think Stanzi's biggest problem being truly reconized nationally is that Iowa has always been a traditional run first type offense.

The last highly thought of qb from Iowa was Chuck Long, who didnt do very well in the nfl. I believe nfl scouts may also be still smarting over that in evaluation of Stanzi. All of this just maybe working in our favor to pull off one of the greatest draft steals in nfl history.

Therefore I say if Stanzi's there in the 3rd that's early enough to pull the trigger.

DB SOUND LIKE A SABATOR NOT A FAN TRYING HArd to screw the dolphins .



Did you also notice how great Stanzi playaction ball fakes were? If you didnt notice take a look at the highlights again and pay close attention. His playaction ball fakes remind me of Peyton Manning.

Henne's playaction ball fakes truly suck and decieves no one.


If he's what you say he is I would be fine with that. I do think we need to get a second round pick some way or we're going to have an awful thin coup of talent from this draft.

Because thats what Dolphin Fans have been reduced to Aloco.....

and yes...its sad......

DB, yes, I did notice that, and you're right, they were far and away better than Henne. Actually, I read in an article how Miami's play-action last 2 years fooled absolutely nobody (because no one on the team really played them through, not Henne, not Ricky, not Ronnie).

No, on first glance, the kid looked really solid. I'll give you that. Seems to be a gamer. We'll have to see if he can do it in the pros or not.


That's why Im not in favor of using the 15th pick. I want a wr #1. If you've read my post then you know I want a #2 wr that grades out to be a #1 wr. We need a real threat on the other side of Marshall, not a generic one.

I believe drafting a late 1st rd wr will give us just that. But Im not sure if the fo will be thinking along those same lines.



"We need to start hitting far more often to be successful moving forward...."

I'll agree with that Craig M clearly that's on The Tuna, Ireland and I'm hoping Sparano has a say in it.

Moving forward no more Pat White and prototype players, but players that actually contribute in one way or another to the success of this team.



I just believe a rookie coming in with great pocket presence puts him way ahead of the performance and learning curve on this level.

I also believe this was CHIEF reason why Marino was so successful so early. Sure he had great tools but the pocket also seemed to be his own personal workshop.

No matter what tools you have, you still need to know your way around the shop. It seems Stanzi does! LOL.............


You seem to always babble and rhetoric your way along the bridge to nowhere. It would be a HUGE dis-service to 2 year olds EVERYWHERE to try and rank you amongst them! LOL..............

DB...how does the next Mario who play fakes like Manning fall all the way to the 3rd round?

This is a serious question.....

What are you evaluating Stanzi on?

His highlight tapes?

Games on TV?

Practices yo have attended?

Have you watched is preperation?

Do you like the wy he studies film?

Of course some of my questions are ridiculous....but so is your can't miss attitude and infatuation with this Stanzi kid.....

If he is what you say...he should be #1 draft pick....and if he isn't worthy of a number on draft pick...why would you want him handling the rock on every possesion for the Miami Dolphins.....

I don't understand this 4th rd gem who may make it up to the 2nd....who isn't worth us taking a 1st rd shot at...but if he's there in the 3rd...you think he is the next DAN MARINO...

I would greatly apperciate you clearing that up for me.....




Don't agree. You need a Good QB not a Great one. What we learned from this SB is that to win, you need a great offensive line. The unsung heroes of this game is Green Bay's line that shored up at the end of the season and didn't allow the Steelers to touch Rodgers despite getting him concussed almost three times prior. The Steelers offensive line was decimated due to injury leading to a lame duck throw and allowing only runs to the right. If the Steeler's had had their offensive line healthy then I think we may be able to say something about learning about QBs. but this year's lesson was about lines. What the dolphins need are a Center, Right Guard, Shutdown Corner, Running Back, and lastly either a Speedy Receiver and a Good QB, or a Great QB.

Ummmmmmmm yeah we got the message. As obvious as that message is, added with the 30 or so times you have brought it up,(each time acting as if this is something new that only you are aware of), it's not as hard to understand for those of us with the mental capacity to understand simple concepts. Also calling the 2001 Ravens the best defense of all time is laughable. Seems like you may not have watched American football before the late 80's.

On Henne, by the time we fill those more pressing needs he could develop into the kind of QB we need so we really just need the Center, RG, Top CB, RB (re-sign Ronnie), and a Speedy Receiver.



Just looked at a couple more mock ups....Gabbert projected at 10-12 in 1st....Mallett early 2nd....Newton Mid 2nd....Locker early to mid 3rd.

Hard to believe Locker has fallen that far after being projected a top 5 last year. Hope Andrew Luck is willing to accept that as a possible fate.

DB, I was actually right once when others doubted me and I told them all 'I told you so'. It just wasn't all that great so don't get your hopes up. If Sparano and Henne take us to the Super Bowl, I'd be glad to listen to 'I told you so's' from several bloggers here for the rest of my life.

Aloco....what's even more weird is that nobody is asking DB to clarify hi postion (beyond some highlight reel)......

and I'm not attacking DB....i'm just asking for some clarification in to his thinking......


Plain and Simple. A qb coming from a predominantly run first college offense can easily get a little lost in the shuffle by pro scout talent evaluators. Iowa has always been thought of as a heavily run first offensive system and having the only qb(Chuck Long) pro scouts were heavy on going bust. Doesnt help your chances either.

Time will tell soon enough. Just hope again we're not on the wrong side of nfl history.



0x80.....most poster's on here have short memories and do not connect names with post anyway.....

"So I told you so's"...have little or no meaning on this blog.....

I have been confused with DC Dolfan among others and had my own words twisted to suit whoever happened to be replying at the time....

So I told you so....would only work if others actually took the time to lern a poster's writing style......other wise its just words on a computer screen.....


If Stanzi had gone to a school noted for producing nfl qb's instead of one more noted for producing nfl rb's. Stanzi would clearly be ranked the top qb prospect of the 2011 draft.

Had Andrew Luck attended Iowa and Stanzi attended Stanford. I almost guarantee they would be looked upon by nfl evaluators in a total reversal of roles.

Hey w need a great QB dude I think we understand that but where are we going to get one? Do you want us to S h I t one!

It's drafting one and hope that you hit on the right one........I personally like Ponder from FSU and all my friends and other people in this app say I'm stupid but I hear the same thing about Dree Brees Joe Montana Tom Brady etc etc etc. I will draft him in the first round if I was the GM but what the HELL I know! But one thing I do know Ponder will be a good QB in the NFL you see next year or maybe this season if there is football!




Just dial 1-800 findaqb

Just thought about this. If the Dolphins need more insight on what Stanzi is they can talk to the same Iowa staff they talked to before drafting AJ Edds.

We drafted Edds last season so Im sure Stanzi is on the fo's draft radar.

Aloco, if you have something to say about me, I really don't think Kris cares a whole lot, just say it to me.

I would recommend though that you actually read and think about what I write before commenting, because I often notice that you miss my point.

No one on the Dolphins would know more about facing Ricky Stanzi than A J Edds. He faced him everyday in practice while at Iowa! LOL...........

Although I don't always agree with Aloco, he certainly has some football insight that some of you fail to see.

That's too bad, Aloco keep posting and we'll keep reading.

Aloco is one of the most knowledgeable football bloggers in the country.

In the famous words of Rhodney King, "can't we all just get along"?

Don't we all want the same thing? A freaking first rate QB and OL that can hold the D and the D we put on the field this year.

DB....I am tired of bein on the wrong side of history.......That we can agree on.....

But I don't think think this "acorn" Stanzi is gonna right the ship....

Lets do it the "old fashioned way"....sure fire 1st RD talent.....

6'6 250 lb Cam Newton....may not be a star day 1...but he will be a sre fire starter and star still in 2020.......


I looked at the Pat White highlight clip on YouTube after they drafted him. Wow! I mean, WOW. He looked amazing, very impressive, running and throwing, hitting targets in stride all over the place. Now I just looked at that Stanzi clip, sure, he looks good, looks like he has 'game'. Yet so did Pat White. So its really hard to tell from the highlight reels how their talent will transfer to the NFL, and whether the team they end up on is really the right type of offense for them to thrive in.


A great running qb has never been a championship passing qb. Good Luck with Newton. I just dont think he'll have the zest to run as much after getting hit by the likes of Ray Lewis' or Harrison's of the nfl.

This aint college, like Ray Lewis says says, "This is the big boy league". If you dont have on your big boy pads you better not step onto the field.

The way DC's caught up with Michael Vick the 2nd half of the season should give you sort of a blueprint of how they'll approach stopping a Cam Newton. Newton's only a bigger version of Vick but not quite as fast.


Huge difference between Pat White and Stanzi. Literally too, as Stanzi goes 6'4 230lbs.

Stanzi also plays in a pro type system and his pocket presence is eons more developed than White could ever dream of having. White is a very poor comparison.

DB, Fair enough on the White comparison, but at the same time, after watching the Stanzi clip, while I agree he's got 'game', worth a look...I don't see your comparison to Marino at all even in terms of pocket presence. Marino would hang in the pocket to the very last second, maybe take one step up or to the side to buy time, Stanzi on the other hand is quick to run completely out of the pocket. I like his foot work, and agree he has pocket presence, yet can't see comparing it to Marino's since their reactions to it are totally different. I actually think Stanzi's pocket presence is much more like Pat Whites than Marinos...laugh if you will.

or maybe even more like Aaron Rodgers. It's a mute point to belabor. We'll see how his stock in the draft goes. Not saying he wouldn't be worth a mid round pick, we'll see what the Acorn Gatherer things.

DB....just like the black QB who coudn't win the SB....just like the Black coach who coudn't win the big game....the running QB myth will fall as well...its only a matter of time....the league is filled with mobile/running QBs...so much so that the line is blurred more and more every season....

After all all first are meant to happen....

Nobody argued that point harder than you when Cowher was the hot topic issue on this blog a month ago.....

I know you know what FIRST he would need to acheive right.....

Dying..Whats up. Recovering from a monster hangover. I'm not going to sit here and talk you of the Stanzi cliff. Who knows, you might be right. Who am I to say Dying Breed is nuts because he believes in this kid. I have spent the last hour researching Stanzi. All of the scouting reports contradict each other.So much like our opinions. It looks like the scouts have very mixed feelings about him. This could explain why he isn't a first round prospect.

So I tried to condense all of scouting reports, and have only included what thoughts were similar in all of them.

The positives..Elite leadership, confidence, experience. Very good play action, good arm strength, throws well on the run, improvement in decision making from Junior year to Senior year.

The negatives..Poor mechanics in the pocket, Footwork and balance poor when taking 5 or 7 step drops, locks onto recievers, Poor deep ball acuracy, forces throws.

Take these however you want. I can see how you have confidence in him. And I appluad you for having conviction in him. Like I said. Every site had varied scouting reports on him. Some had him as a high third round pick, to as low as a 6th rounder. So he probably fits in the middle somewhere.

This notion that a QB can get "lost in the shuffle" because he plays primarily in a running offense is ludicrous in the extreme. Not to mention comical.

This isn't 1956, when some teams quite literally made draft choices based on Street & Smith's reviews or on recommendations from others without ever actually seeing the player himself.

EVERY SINGLE PLAYER in the draft will have been poked, prodded, tested, vetted, and viewed on film a thousand times.

Maybe Stanzi will prove to be dynamite---maybe he'll be a complete flop. But for any fan to seriously think they "see something" that is missed by others (who actually have VASTLY more information at their disposal) is genuinely nutty.

DD ,

I would like at least 2 qb's from this daft and all offense from this draft

kris @ 6:05 well said. Things change, athletes get more well rounded all the time. The pocket passers get better at using their feet and the running QB's get better at throwing. Vick is throwing pretty well these days.

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