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The things we learned from this Super Bowl winner

ARLINGTON -- So what did we learn from the Super Bowl winner?

As I wrote in my column from Arlington, the Green Bay Packers are a deep team, a team that showed a lot of preserverance, a team that went the long route on the road the entire length of the playoffs and played the NFL's most successful franchise and still won it all.

What else did we learn?

You can win the Super Bowl with virtually no running game. The Packers found their starting running back off the deepest part of the depth chart to playoff starter James Starks. Green Bay called 11 rushing plays while throwing 39 times.

A team can be flawed in small ways in other areas. Those can be patched. But you cannot patch QB.

You cannot win the Super Bowl without a great QB, fellas. Simple as that.

Aaron Rodgers was the MVP this game. He completed 24 of 39 passes for 304 yards with 3 TDs and no interceptions. The man who once bore the burden of replacing legend Brett Favre is now writing his own legacy.

"I’ve never felt like there’s been a monkey on my back," Rodgers said. "The organization stood behind me, believed in me. That’s what I did on the podium; I thanked Ted (Thompson) and Mark (Murphy) and Mike (McCarthy) really for believing in me and giving me an opportunity. I told Ted back in 2005 he wouldn’t be sorry with this pick. I told him in ’08 that I was going to repay their trust and get us this opportunity."

Let's be serious here, folks. To win the brass ring -- or the Lombardi Trophy -- a team really does need a franchise QB. The last franchise to win the biggest game of all without a franchise QB?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2003, who had such a stifling defense, having solid QB play was good enough. Some of you will also bring up Trent Dilfer. Really? Let's see that was a decade ago and the game has changed since then. Stop living in the past.

Also, the 2001 Ravens were perhaps the greatest NFL defense of all time. All time! So I guess, perhaps, maybe, if you put the greatest defense of all time together, you can win a title. Once. But compete for one year after year after year?

You need a great QB.

Since the Ravens won, the Mannings, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger and Drew Brees have won the Super Bowl. Now we add Rodgers.

You need a great QB.

You need a great QB.

You need a great QB.

Are you getting the message I'm sending and why?


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So, this is now two straight QBs that Nick Saban passed on that won Super Bowls....Brees and Rodgers. Nice going, Satan.

We learned that the QB for the Packers was one of a short but telling list of franchise caliber Quarterbacks that the Dolphins could have acquired since Marino's retirement, which includes:

Drew Breese
Matt Ryan
Aaron Rogers

I'm sure there are more, but this list is enough to get the picture.

We also learned that the coach of the Steelers could have been coaching the Dolphins instead for the last few years, but the Dolphins went another direction after the interview, and the coach they selected instead of Tomlin is no longer on the team...or in the league.

That's what we learned.

Wow. Just logged on and see ya'll remain interesting. Still agree and disagree. But hell, who doesn't.

Mando sensors some of my posts. The man has rules. I always write my mind, and I ALWAYS SAVE THE PRINT, in case I am blog-blocked.

Enter the word later... got a lung full in this hard-drive which discusses more than a little. I think I'll email it directly to Mando's bio blurb.

Naw, that's a waste of time...

Oh Aloco, when you cook horse steak, (to answer a 3 day question) rub the meat generously with ginger and Land o' Lakes salted Butter. Cook over night in a crock-pot. Eat with raw onion and cucumber, viniger if you must...

Gotta go. Fish are biting

Why did you state that you can't win the super bowl without a great qb, fellas and then in the same piece, state two super bowl wins by QBs who are aot great. Your firat statement didn't come with a disclaimer saying- unless you have a great defense within the last 10 years. Gosh, I don't like you.

Ok Armando point taken but please stop saying that the NFL has "evolved" into a passing league because that is nonsense. The NFL changed the rules to help QB's out by not allowing defensive backs to touch receivers after five yards so it has allowed the passing game to become a much bigger part of the league then it was before. That is not evolution that is just manipulating the rules to get a desired result which is more offense. Bottom line if the NFL wanted to they could revert to the rules pre-2003 and the league would once again become more balanced in terms of running and passing. Either way we do need a franchise QB but those don't grow on trees and with the decision makers we have now I doubt they will be able to identify the right guy but as long suffering Fins Fans all we can do is hope and pray that these guys are smarter then we think or just get lucky.

That the Dolphins beat both of these teams and the Jets tells me not that the Dolphins were good, but rather how much parity there is in the NFL. I really don't think that either of the Super Bowl teams were all that good, (They certainly weren't dominant!), and to talk about modeling the Dolphins after them makes little sense. What does the winner tell the Dolphins? I think absolutely nothing. All that you have to do is evaluate what you've already got and clearly see that there are gaping holes at QB, O-line, RB and WR. We need another LB on defense too. So the front office needs to go get these people.

Trent Dilfer was a first round pick !

Might want to get in on the trade for Vince Young, at least until Luck comes out.

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