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The tale of the drafts that piled bad atop terrible

There was a depressing statistic Dolphins people once used in order to explain the troubled state of the franchise.

During the makeover years of 2005-2007, folks that took the Dolphins' reins were confident they would give direction to a lost franchise. But they noted it would take time because they looked at what they had to work with and were horrified the shelves were bare. They looked back at the drafts from 2000 to the dates when they took over and lamented the failure of those drafts.

People like Nick Saban and Randy Mueller noted the lack of talent on hand because of bad drafting from 2000-2004. 

The statistic they cited was that between 2000 and 2004 the Dolphins had managed to select only six players that were still on the roster, with only two of those players, Chris Chambers and Randy McMichael, becoming starters at that time.

So five years of drafting produced only two starters. Eventually a third starter would be added when Yeremiah Bell broke into the starting lineup, but the statistics were still sobering. Five drafts. Three starters.

Those folks running things from 2005-2007 blamed the struggles they were having, in part, on the drafts of 2000-2004. It was a fair criticism because for Saban and later Cam Cameron, the number of players that should have been coming into their primes as third, fourth, and fifth-year players were practically non-existant on the Dolphins.

That kept the Dolphins from competing with teams which had drafted well and did have a core of young veteran contributors.

Well, the problem with all of that is that neither Saban nor Mueller and Cameron were able to avoid the issues that plagued their predecessors. Saban and Mueller suffered from previous bad drafts. But then they also drafted poorly, leaving a new legacy of draft stinkage to the new administration

Neither Saban nor Mueller/Cameron could do excellent work although they had the second overall selection and high picks in rounds thereafter in 2005. They didn't do good work although they had three picks in the first two round in 2007.

And so today's Dolphins, a team that should be ripe with talent from the 2005, 2006, and 2007 drafts, are bereft of that core of young starters and contributors. Why?

Because the 2005, 2006, and 2007 drafts pretty much picked up where the 2000-2004 drafts left off. Consider:

The 2005 draft: Saban's first draft included Ronnie Brown, Matt Roth, Channing Crowder, Travis Daniels, Anthony Alabi and Kevin Vickerson. The Dolphins didn't have a sixth-round pick that year because that went to San Diego in exchange for David Boston. Well, only Brown, Crowder and Roth became starters and all of them showed flaws early and often. Brown couldn't stay healthy and although he's been able to do that recently, he is by no means a star -- something you expect from the draft's second overall pick. Brown is solid. And he's a free agent. There is absolutely no certainty his Dolphins career isn't over. Crowder? Ordinary. He gets his share of tackles, but as an inside linebacker always around the action, he rarely finds interceptions, or forces fumbles, or recovers fumbles or makes game-defining tackles. He's just ... there. Roth? He earned a starting job with the Dolphins in 2008 after languishing his first three seasons. And it seemed to be working, but then something crazy happened in 2009 and the Dolphins simply cut him. I'm sorry, but I don't blame Roth on that one. He lied to coach Tony Sparano about a groin injury. That was weird. Guess what? Other players have said and done worse and are still on the team. The strange thing is the Dolphins got zero for Roth, who was cut and immediately scooped up by Cleveland where he became a starter the past season-and-a-half.

So sum total of players still on the team: Crowder, with Brown a looming free agent. Sum total of starters: Two. Sum total of stars: 0.

The 2006 draft: Jason Allen was picked 16th overall, followed by Derek Hagan in the third round, Joe Toledo in the fourth, Manny Wright (via the supplemental draft) in the fifth, Fred Evans in the seventh, Rodrique Wright in the seventh and Devin Aromashodu in the seventh. The second round pick went to Minnesota for Daunte Culpepper, but that's another story. Allen was a bust from the beginning and the constant change of coaching staffs hurt him because everyone moved him from safety to corner and back again at least twice. It happened seven times in total. The most successful of those moves came in 2010 when Allen won a starting job at the dawn of the season. Sorry, that was not a statement of how great Allen was playing. It was a statement of how little choice the Dolphins had. Allen survived for half the season, then was benched, then was cut. He goes down as a first round bust. Hagan? He's still in the league but he never made it work in Miami, where he dropped passes, missed assignments and wasn't dynamic at all. Wright was a joke who cried his first practice. What a waste of talent. Toledo was looking good his first training camp then he broke a foot. Then he started recovering and broke it again getting out of the cold tub. Gone. Fred Evans showed tons of potential but he thought he had arrived when he hadn't. He started going out. He got drunk one night on South Beach. He got into a cab and threw up. He got arrested. Cam Cameron cut him two days later. Wright bounced from practice squad to active roster but never really factored. Aromashodu was cut in training camp.

So sum total of players still on the team: Zero. Sum total of starting players: Zero. Sum total of stars: Zero. 

The 2007 draft: This was Mueller's one and only chance to run the draft. Looking back three years later, it was not good. Ted Ginn Jr was the ninth overall pick, John Beck went in the second round as did Samson Satele. Lorenzo Booker came in the third round, Paul Soliai came in the fourth, Reagan Mauia came in the sixth, Drew Mormino in the sxith, Kelvin Smith in the seventh along with Brandon Fields and Abraham Wright. Where to begin? Ginn was a reach. He is fast but hates contact and has no passion for football, which is problem because football is a contact sport that requires passion. Ginn was constantly seeking the sideline and often shrunk in big moments. He was a good return man, but those usually get drafted in the fourth or fifth rounds or come as undrafted free agents. It speaks volumes that Miami could only get a fifth rounder for Ginn when he was traded last offseason. Beck was like Ginn in the respect that the game seemed bigger than him. He played nervous. He looked overmatched. He was put in a position to fail by the Dolphins coaching staff and he did exactly that. Satele started right away and remained there for two seasons. He continues to start in Oakland. There was talent to work with there, but he wasn't big enough for the current administration. He was not a bad pick. Soliai and Fields are the lone remaining vestiges of that draft still on the roster and Soliai is expected to become a free agent.

So sum total of players still on the team: Two. Sum total of starters: Two. Sum total of stars: 0.

The bottom line?

Amazingly, Nick Saban's second draft was the worst of the bunch.

The 2005-2007 drafts have given today's Dolphins four players on the roster, all of which are starters but none of which are stars. Think about that.

These are guys that are in their fourth through sixth years of experience. These are guys ages 26 to 29. These are the drafts that should be forming the established, experienced, cornerstones of the franchise. These three drafts were supposed to be the ones that laid a new foundation after Dave Wannstedt. Instead they offered nothing in the way of stars and little in the numbers of starters.

Combine that with the 2000-2004 drafts that were a dry bones experience, you start to see why the Dolphins still have so much work to do. You start to see why a quick solution has not been possible.

This franchise went from 2000-2007 drafting in a manner that got people fired or replaced for whatever reason. And their drafts are a testament why that happened.


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We need to draft a qb in the first round. I'm tired of being cute and drafting then in the later rounds

Posted by: mikeoliver1313 | February 08, 2011 at 08:53 AM


There are what, 2, 3 teams in the NFL that have solidified themselves at the Qb position with QBs that were not 1str ound picks, and there are 21 teams out there with 1st round picks at QB and of those 15 or so will be starters for a long time - yet we keep doing what only a small percentage of NFL teams have done - that's a losing proposition if I ever heard one.

Man, I have no problem with our overall roster aside from the QB position right now. We can stack up our roster against anyone but until you get a QB that is at least top 15 in the league - you will be nothing better than average. That's just the way it is.

Boulder your an idiot. Stars on the Pats?
Tom Brady the only star they drafted since 2000? Get your head out of people magazine or whatever pop culture brown paper bag os shaping youre perception of football.

What the hell do you mean by star? Wilfork is the best g.d. nose tackle in the last decade. A.Samuel, R.Seymour, and the offensive line that allowed Brady to count to 10 in the pocket for the last decade. Those are star players on a team.

I have been a fan of the Dolphins since Don Shula joined the franchise, probably the best trade this franchise ever completed.... its best draft selection, obviouly was Dan Marino. So the history of the franchise is not replete with great drafting. One of the biggest blunders was not finding a replacement for Danny, and that reaches all the way back to Don Shula's final years. What happened to the 'great' Jimmy Johnson? He was touted to be a master talent evaluator and a magician on draft day. For his drafts he left his magic in Dallas or perhaps on his fishing boat. How could any franchise and coaching staff possibly pass on a talent like Drew Brees TWICE? They need a QB, a big, quick, tough OG, an ILB with the same qualities as Zack Thomas and a smart, hard hitting SS.

Gracias a Dios que en una hora voy a ser capaz de ver "The Price is Right " y el Drew Carey muy sexy. Espero que cuando lo hace el "Showcase Showdown " el contorno de su pene será visible para que pueda observarla.

I say Ireland goes after Ingram and say hello to the 1990s Cowyboys, Henne reminds me alot of Aikman before Emmet joined. Emmet> Ingram Irvan> Marshall. We already got a steady defence, which will only get better. But idk crazy thinking lol

Dont forget the 90s Oline for the Cowboys. We need emmit and a line for that


Hey what's up fellas? Good morning.

I remember all of these drafts all to well. I remember a friend of mine was had a small sports show at his University. I remember he had me on his show for fun NOT as an expert although I probably thought I was one lol. But pre-draft he asked me who I thought was going to be the biggest bust in 2007 draft and I said Ted Ginn or Brady Quinn. The ironic thing was that many wanted Quinn in Miami and instead got Ted Ginn. Well they both ended up being first round bust.

2006 I didn't even know who Jason Allen was. I remember Mel Kiper trying to even pretend he was familiar with Jason Allen. I'm sure he knew of him but was surprised he was a 1st rounder and Miami got the shortest draft analysis ever after the pick by the long winded Kiper.

I hated 2005 draft too. I didn't like Ronnie Brown and actually liked Cadillac Williams more. I was wrong on Cadillac. They basically both ended up having some talent but both injury prone. I would probably say Brown ended up being the better player but not by much.

The current regime had some hits and misses. I loved the Jake Long pick and yes even over Matt Ryan then and now. I hated the 2nd round Henne pick. I suffered watching that robot 4 years at Michigan (was good as a freshmen but regressed when the stakes got higher and was under pressure to win). The next year I liked Vontae Davis but wanted Clay Matthews. I had no idea Clay would be the beast he is but thought Miami needed a young OLB more then a CB at the time. I wanted them to resign Andre Goodman and draft Matthews. Imagine Wake and Matthews as pass rushers, wow.

I was really disappointed last year when Miami took Odrick and Misi. I originally wanted Brandon Graham at #12 and then once Miami traded back I wanted Sergio Kindle with that 1st round pick and in the second round wanted Kindle again and insteand got Misi. Well as rookies Kindle never played because of a fractured skull. Brandon Graham showed some flashes but also looked overwhelmed by the the size of the NFL. Well the same went for Misi who sucks vs the run and has 1 pass rush move a bull rush that doesn't work because he isn't big or strong enough. I have a bad feeling about Odrick. I hope he ends up contributing but he has an injury history with leg injuries and that's not good for a 300 lb player. Yatil Green of the D-Line all over again.

and these retarded dolphins fans want to fire jeff and tony. the fans booing players is the reason why miami did not make the playoffs this yr. give players time. we have the best coaching staff in the game. miami fans just need to stfu and watch. nothing more. we dont want any of your draft picks because tony and jeff are not going to listen to you.

Waa waa waa - we can just continue to lament the past or bash our FO. SOmetimes there's addition from subtraction and Parcells hitting the pasture is a really good thing for Finnation. Sparano can coach talent and Ireland is going about assembling it. This is a huge difference from the past and any knowledgable fan would give them this year to make further improvements. And Henning is gone - did I mention something about addition/subtraction. I expect to see dramatic improvement in the QB position which requires confidence, something that they destroyed in Henne last year. I see no worse than a 10/6 season with the mergence of several players stepping up (i.e. Smith, Nolan, Odrick, etc. etc.) Go Phins.

Espero que desempeñan "Plinko" hoy y que Drew Carey tiene una erección al explicar el juego. Me gusta observar el pene masculino, mientras que esto sucede!

Armando, very good column this morning. You hit the nail right on the head with a lot of your points. I think people need to take a look at our recent history before they bash away at Ireland and Sparano all the time. What I see is a very frustrated fan base and you can only hold these guys responsible for the last three years. Makes 2008 even more remarkable when you think about how thing the talent base was.

One thing I have to take these guys to task for is the decisions they made to let some of these guys go. Matt Roth would have provided good depth for us last year, when Crowder was out. Instead we had Dobbins playing, who showed he is a human turnstile. Ted Ginn should have remained on the team last year and helped with the return game. I still think there was a place on this team last year for Jason Allen, whether it be on ST's or as a nickel back. This is where I'd like to see these guys get better in their personnel decisions. GB showed that you need to have good depth on your roster to be competitive in this league. We're giving guys away for nothing and they are becoming starters on other teams. Not good enough....


No less then 10-6 without the draft or free agency taking place to shape shows me how dillusional you are. With no legit starting QB on the roster and no Henne is not a starter he had a year to learn and 2 years to play and sucks. Dan Henning wasn't throwing them horrible ints and never seeing or over or under throwing wide open receivers. Miami needs to add at least 1 but up to 3 new starting offensive linemen. Miami doesn't have a RB under contract who can start in the NFL and the starters from last year either are average (Brown) or old (Williams).

You must have a crystal ball or is that crystal meth.

ANDY nj,

playoffs or no playoffs.... forget about numbers,like 10-6 or 11-5 .

I like this team

I remember when the dolphins were underrated back in 71,72,and 73. They even call them the "cheesecake" champions.

Building a team from the inside out is the way to become elite. I have always hated one hit wonders, and think New Orleans, Tampa Bay, and NY Giants are examples of that.
The jury is still out on Greenbay, but we know the Steelers and Ravens are the example we need to follow.


What's up man? Yeah I wanted Kindle as our first round pick last year too. shows you how much we know, as he didn't even play because of injury but was still around in the second. If I'm not mistaken I think we had a shot at him in the second too and passed. I also wanted the guy who went to Indy and had very little impact on their team this year....Jerry Hughes. Jusry is still out on him IMO. I'm not nearly as down on him or Odrick as you are. Let's see what happens with Odrick next year before we right him off.

I've been thinking about the draft and here's a couple of things that struck me recently. If Ingram is there at 15 I could totally see a team like the Saints trading up with us and taking him. To me they've got a team that can win now but they have question marks at running back. I think most people would agree that Ingram is the most complete back in the draft and I think he would fit in perfectly on their team. I could see them trading up with us to get ahead of the Patriots who also need help at running back. The other thought I had is I would not be the least bit surprised to see the Patriots drafting a guy like Mallett. I'm not touting this guy as 'the next big thing' but he could be a guy who sits on their roster for three years until Brady is let's say 36 and then challenges for the job....think similar to what happened with Rodgers and Favre in Green Bay. The Patriots have lots of picks to play with and I think it would be a typical Bellichik move. If they like him enough I caould see it happening.

The post this morning and the model that the Steelers and Packers advocate to is that you can't keep missing on your draft picks and expect to be successful in this league. This is what I've been saying for a long time. It's the reason I don't want a first round QB taken this year. There are just too many question marks on the guys been discussed and we can't keep being wrong on this stuff and expect to improve. We need to get better on this starting now.

aloco. how 'bout make the playoffs and not get clobbered in the 1st rd. the gang of defeat has been right for a while now.lol

Awesome info! A wonder this team hasn't finished 2-14 every year for the past five years. Oh yea, they did go 1-15 once. Mondo you should do a blog tomorrow or Thur. on the player this regime could have had (other than Matt Ryan). The drafts have obviously been better but not great. Who were the players they hit & missed on?

stinkage - your best coined word ever and very apropos!

A very insightful article.

Craig, we can't draft like the Ravens, packers, or Patriots because we don't have a QB. When you have a Qb, you can take the BPA. Until you have a QB, you are not a factor. Anyone thinking we can't afford to miss on the BPA available to take a Qb who may not pan out is missing the point. Until you have a QB, it doesn't matter who you draft. For example, we have the best LT on the planet on our team. A high value position, possibly the 2nd most important position on a football team and it doesn't matter one iota.

Until you have a Qb, you don't have ANYTHING!!

Mark in Toronto,

That's where we disagree. We still don't know if we have a QB or not. Under the conditions we've put Henne in it's impossible to know if he's the guy or not. He's better than he's shown last year and we need to figure out why he hasn't shown better. With everything that's wrong with the offence putting a guy in there this year from the first round, who likely isn't even touted as a first round pick makes no sense. You're going to give a guy like Mallett the keys to the offence and expect different results when the only thing weve changed is the OC. It's a recipe for failure.

By the way, I dodn't have a problem at all with the way the team has drafted over the last 3 years. They've collected 2-3 starters a year through the draft - that's as good a job of drafting as you can do - but it still doesn't matter because we don't have someone to sit in the pocket.

By the way, anyone who says we shouldn't draft a QB because he just plays in the spread really hasn't watched much football lately. Man, I think Aaron Rodgers was in shotgun for most of the game - Tom Brady takes a lot of snaps in shotgun too. I read something the other day and there are about 7 of the top QBs that take over half their snaps in shotgun. Wish I still had the stats I read - very interesting stuff. Bring on Gabbert and Mallett, shotgun WIZARDS!!

Hawk....the NY Giants have won a Super Bowl every decade since the 80's...so that is 4 SBs since 1980...I woudn't call them a one hit wonder be any means....they fall off...but they come back.....

The Saints are only 1 year removed from Being SB Champs...So I would add them to your list "jury is still out"......agree 100% with you on Tampa tho....have they even been to the playoff's since.....i'm not sure.....

In any case..I agree...if we want to be relevant we need to model our franchise after those 2 FOs you mentioned...to be more specific....they way they draft and evaluate talent talent....because guys get in their sytems and grow old.....and we could use more of that....

Like I said in a previous blog they should have let the fans vote for the players they want in the draft. From 2000-2006 we could have done a better job of picking players from the info we get from Kiper & Mayok.

it's rife with talent, not ripe

I think the question has to be asked why was Henne a success in College but not in the pros? What has this regime done to help him his first three years in the league and why has he regressed? Why were both the OC and QB coach fired? Because the offence isn't good enough and the QB isn't getting any better. What have them given him on offence in his two years as a starter? A franchise LT and a top ten WR in the league. That's it!! Is that enough to help a young QB get better. Outside of Marshall he doesn't have a top 20 WR, you'd be hard-pressed to call either Williams or Brown top 20 running backs and Fassano is a bottom thrid TE. Where are the Kenny Britt's, Gronksowkis, Desean Jackson's for this offence? It's the same story for this team....the talent base isn't good enough and the guys that get blamed are the QB and Head Coach. Wrong!!....

Hawk...i take that back....3 SB's since 1980.....4 SB apperance's...they lost the one to the Raven's in embarrasing fashion....

Wrong Craig, a recipe for disaster is thinking Henne is your franchise QB without having a young, very talented guy waiting in the wings to take the reins when/if Henne fails. I don't want to draft a 1str ound QB to take the reins from day 1 of camp next year - I want one to take the reins for 10 years going forward. So far Henne has done nothing to instill confidence that he can do it. The best defense anyone can offer to back Henne is up is there have been a handful of qbs in teh past that managed to turn it around after their first 2 years of starting. Well, guess what - there's been a lot more that have continued to suck the big salcishe! If Henne turns it around, great, but I do not feel good not having a contingency plan for the LONG TERM FUTURE of the club going forward. By not picking a top end QB this year, and then having Henne fail, you ensure that the team will not compete until at least 2014.


we could of drafted Aaron Rogers!!! passed on him though...hmmm. Our draft picks the last 5 years or so have been horrendous. Jake Long has been the best pick. Vontate Davis and Sean Smith have been good too and devone bess. Other than that nothing too good. If we continue to wiff every year, we cant build a contendor. One good thing....i had a dream 2 nights ago that Reshad Jones turned into a beast. In my dream he had 3 int's in one game. haha thats a good sign, right?


Finally someone called a spade a spade. It is easy to blame the current front office for all of this team's faults, they do have a hand in some, but not all. This front office and those making the calls seem to have a better understanding of the talent needed to compete. Yes they have made some personnel mistakes but the draft and free agency is an inexact science. I know it sounds worn out but give them time to finish the job and don't be so quick to jump ship on these guys.


Who are you Mr C?.....LOL

Your plan makes no sense Mark. No second pick this year. A reach to take one of the QBs at 15, outside of Gabbert. A year where all are saying the QB talent is thin. A new OC who won't get to work with the rookie until the CBA is settled. An offence that has no RB under contract, holes on the OL, in need of a pass-catching TE and #2 WR and a head coach who needs success or he'll be gone. And you want to put all your eggs in one basket and draft a QB at 15.

I've said it before, I believe you are blinded by your affection for Mallett.

I am really starting to question the intelligence on this blog.

Do you jokers realize we were one place kicker away from being 8-8? Hell, the Chargers made the Playoffs two years ago at 8-8.

GET A CLUE! We're very close (to upper mediocrity). Let's get a slow RB, a couple more o-linemen that we can dress on gamedays though they'll never see the field, and so as not to waste a draft pick, let's just get us a walk-on QB (he's not starting 1st-year anyway, so I thinking someone in the mold of John Beck, only less athletic). Maybe from a Division 3 school, like City College of Frankfurt, KY.

Get 'er done!


You build around Henne for one more season. Give him a running back who can at least get 100 yards in a game, another WR, improve the line and pass-catching TE. Bring in a vet at QB, maybe someone like Marc Bulger. Draft a guy like Stanzi or one of the other kids in the draft to develop if you like, later in the draft. The holes need to be fixed before we commit to another top-tier College QB, otherwise the results will be the same and the kid will fail.





The Dolphins need to clone Joe Thomas. He drafted the talent that helped win two Superbowls.


If Henne is as bad as you say he is then he fall flat on his face and we'll be picking higher in the draft next year, maybe even a guy like Luck. I feel better about Luck than any of the guys coming out this year.

There's not ONE QB in this year's draft you can say with confidence, 'he could be our QB for the next ten years'.

Where is that quote Aloco....source please.....

this regime does not know how to coach up the talent.see: ninchovich. see: a.armstrong. see:e.waldon. all semi stars for their teams. they are in over their heads.they are meant for high school players and i'm not so sure about that.

ps:.aloco.. see: henne.lol

Aloco....posy of the BNLOG at 11:11...lol


Well in my opinion, if the new CBA includes a Rookie Cap, then I say we take a shot at a QB in the first round. We don't have to pay him Millions of guaranteed money and if he pans out, then we "show him the money." But I think we need continuity on the O-line first. I say resign Incognito, get an O-lineman via free agency (if there will be a free agency period), and a veteran QB to compete in training camp. We signed Tom Brandstater after the season and at 6-5 223lbs, that's a pretty tall QB from Fresno State. So essentially we already have 2 QB's on the roster. If we want, let's trade down, if not, I say draft best available at 15 (Ingram come to mind or even take a shot at a QB since I believe there will be a rookie cap), a speed receiver, ILB, TE, and OL. Hopefully Daboll can mold our Offense to the talent we have and for GOD's Sake when training camp begins, "GET YOUR STARTING 5 O-LINE FIGURED OUT BY THE 2ND PRESEASON GAME!" Last years shuffling really screwed us up by the time the season started.

Win, Loose, or Tie... Dolphins till' I Die!!!

Post of the blog




What about the current regimes drafts? Aside from Vontae and Jake we have sucked again!

Your right Aloco....He did say that.....he has like that jimmy Johnson complex......the weird thing is he signed Mcnabb....but he wants to win with someone else




Don't know how you can say that. Hartline in the fourth was a nice add. Clemons has shown some promise and I like Sean Smith (just got to learn to catch better). Jury is still out of Edds and Odrick but I liked what I saw of Misi last year too. I'd also like to see another year of Jerry before we write him off too. He was sick last year and wasn't the same player when he came back.

With their first pick of the 2011 NFL draft the Miami Dolphins select:
Guard, University of New Hampshire

This stock market never goes down .

I find it humorous when people talk about passing on Brees, etc. Fin fans would have done the same to Brees as they're doing to Henne. I know this because Charger fans did to Brees what Fin fans are doing to Henne. Just a little comparison here.

1st year:
Brees - On the bench
Henne - On the bench

2nd year:
Brees - 76.9 QB rating
Henne - 75.2 QB rating

3rd year:
Brees - 67.5 QB rating
Henne - 75.4 QB rating

Add to that, Brees was benched 11 games into the 2003 season in favor of one Doug Flutie. The Chargers subsequently drafted Rivers believing whole heartedly that Brees was not a franchise guy.

I lived in SD at this time and regularly attended home games and I can tell you there was nothing in Brees' first 3 years that you could look at and say "he's struggling early, but he's a franchise guy in the making". Nothing...absolutely nothing. Nothing in the way he carried himself. The only thing consistent about him was his poor decision making. He looked like a deer in the headlights most of the time, never taking the time to look down field...always looking at the rush and looking to scramble. Look at him now.

My point is that often it takes time to properly groom a QB as well as other players. It is why people say it takes 4-5 years for a full re-build. Young guys don't come into their prime for 4-5 years so you don't really know what you have or don't have in year 1 or 2 or whatever. I'm not at all saying that this will be the case for Henne, I'm just saying that it takes time. So we draft a guy...how long do we give him to shine? A year...two years as a starter? Hmmmmm seem the QB merry-go-round will just continue without some patience.

Mark in Toronto,

Last comment for a while and then I'll leave you....

I actually think there is a good chance you are going to get your wish and get your QB in the first round. I think the owner is going to stick his nose where it doesn't belong in this year's draft and insist they take a QB and I think there's a god chance that QB is going to be Cam Newton. It's a very Al Davis like move and I think he'll do it to appease the fans and try to bring some excitement to the team. I've said it before but I think it can become very dangerous when the owner starts meddling in the the personnel dept. Let your people do what they do best and stay out of it....


Thanks for the good reads Armando. Please keep them coming.

Flipper - I think Reshad Jones is going to be a stud. Things take time. You typically don't know totally what you have in a draft pick fo 4-5 years when these young kids come into their prime. You may have an inclination as to how good they will be, etc...but you don't really know until they hit their prime.






i've got to question whether we are incompetent in the front office with ireland or with team doctors/medical personnell. we cut matt roth because of a groin slow to heal but gave crowder all the time he wanted. we drafted 2 guys with serious broken legs in college(odrick and carroll). we sign al harris who gbay cuts because of a x-serious knee injury yet we wouldnt keep will allen on the active roster. now we are working out a lb (jeanty) who had a serious broken leg and hasnt played in the nfl since 2009. and brandon marshalls hip surgery after we signed him caught us by suprise. we signed justin smiley and jake grove to monster contracts actually knowing their injury history.

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