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The tale of the drafts that piled bad atop terrible

There was a depressing statistic Dolphins people once used in order to explain the troubled state of the franchise.

During the makeover years of 2005-2007, folks that took the Dolphins' reins were confident they would give direction to a lost franchise. But they noted it would take time because they looked at what they had to work with and were horrified the shelves were bare. They looked back at the drafts from 2000 to the dates when they took over and lamented the failure of those drafts.

People like Nick Saban and Randy Mueller noted the lack of talent on hand because of bad drafting from 2000-2004. 

The statistic they cited was that between 2000 and 2004 the Dolphins had managed to select only six players that were still on the roster, with only two of those players, Chris Chambers and Randy McMichael, becoming starters at that time.

So five years of drafting produced only two starters. Eventually a third starter would be added when Yeremiah Bell broke into the starting lineup, but the statistics were still sobering. Five drafts. Three starters.

Those folks running things from 2005-2007 blamed the struggles they were having, in part, on the drafts of 2000-2004. It was a fair criticism because for Saban and later Cam Cameron, the number of players that should have been coming into their primes as third, fourth, and fifth-year players were practically non-existant on the Dolphins.

That kept the Dolphins from competing with teams which had drafted well and did have a core of young veteran contributors.

Well, the problem with all of that is that neither Saban nor Mueller and Cameron were able to avoid the issues that plagued their predecessors. Saban and Mueller suffered from previous bad drafts. But then they also drafted poorly, leaving a new legacy of draft stinkage to the new administration

Neither Saban nor Mueller/Cameron could do excellent work although they had the second overall selection and high picks in rounds thereafter in 2005. They didn't do good work although they had three picks in the first two round in 2007.

And so today's Dolphins, a team that should be ripe with talent from the 2005, 2006, and 2007 drafts, are bereft of that core of young starters and contributors. Why?

Because the 2005, 2006, and 2007 drafts pretty much picked up where the 2000-2004 drafts left off. Consider:

The 2005 draft: Saban's first draft included Ronnie Brown, Matt Roth, Channing Crowder, Travis Daniels, Anthony Alabi and Kevin Vickerson. The Dolphins didn't have a sixth-round pick that year because that went to San Diego in exchange for David Boston. Well, only Brown, Crowder and Roth became starters and all of them showed flaws early and often. Brown couldn't stay healthy and although he's been able to do that recently, he is by no means a star -- something you expect from the draft's second overall pick. Brown is solid. And he's a free agent. There is absolutely no certainty his Dolphins career isn't over. Crowder? Ordinary. He gets his share of tackles, but as an inside linebacker always around the action, he rarely finds interceptions, or forces fumbles, or recovers fumbles or makes game-defining tackles. He's just ... there. Roth? He earned a starting job with the Dolphins in 2008 after languishing his first three seasons. And it seemed to be working, but then something crazy happened in 2009 and the Dolphins simply cut him. I'm sorry, but I don't blame Roth on that one. He lied to coach Tony Sparano about a groin injury. That was weird. Guess what? Other players have said and done worse and are still on the team. The strange thing is the Dolphins got zero for Roth, who was cut and immediately scooped up by Cleveland where he became a starter the past season-and-a-half.

So sum total of players still on the team: Crowder, with Brown a looming free agent. Sum total of starters: Two. Sum total of stars: 0.

The 2006 draft: Jason Allen was picked 16th overall, followed by Derek Hagan in the third round, Joe Toledo in the fourth, Manny Wright (via the supplemental draft) in the fifth, Fred Evans in the seventh, Rodrique Wright in the seventh and Devin Aromashodu in the seventh. The second round pick went to Minnesota for Daunte Culpepper, but that's another story. Allen was a bust from the beginning and the constant change of coaching staffs hurt him because everyone moved him from safety to corner and back again at least twice. It happened seven times in total. The most successful of those moves came in 2010 when Allen won a starting job at the dawn of the season. Sorry, that was not a statement of how great Allen was playing. It was a statement of how little choice the Dolphins had. Allen survived for half the season, then was benched, then was cut. He goes down as a first round bust. Hagan? He's still in the league but he never made it work in Miami, where he dropped passes, missed assignments and wasn't dynamic at all. Wright was a joke who cried his first practice. What a waste of talent. Toledo was looking good his first training camp then he broke a foot. Then he started recovering and broke it again getting out of the cold tub. Gone. Fred Evans showed tons of potential but he thought he had arrived when he hadn't. He started going out. He got drunk one night on South Beach. He got into a cab and threw up. He got arrested. Cam Cameron cut him two days later. Wright bounced from practice squad to active roster but never really factored. Aromashodu was cut in training camp.

So sum total of players still on the team: Zero. Sum total of starting players: Zero. Sum total of stars: Zero. 

The 2007 draft: This was Mueller's one and only chance to run the draft. Looking back three years later, it was not good. Ted Ginn Jr was the ninth overall pick, John Beck went in the second round as did Samson Satele. Lorenzo Booker came in the third round, Paul Soliai came in the fourth, Reagan Mauia came in the sixth, Drew Mormino in the sxith, Kelvin Smith in the seventh along with Brandon Fields and Abraham Wright. Where to begin? Ginn was a reach. He is fast but hates contact and has no passion for football, which is problem because football is a contact sport that requires passion. Ginn was constantly seeking the sideline and often shrunk in big moments. He was a good return man, but those usually get drafted in the fourth or fifth rounds or come as undrafted free agents. It speaks volumes that Miami could only get a fifth rounder for Ginn when he was traded last offseason. Beck was like Ginn in the respect that the game seemed bigger than him. He played nervous. He looked overmatched. He was put in a position to fail by the Dolphins coaching staff and he did exactly that. Satele started right away and remained there for two seasons. He continues to start in Oakland. There was talent to work with there, but he wasn't big enough for the current administration. He was not a bad pick. Soliai and Fields are the lone remaining vestiges of that draft still on the roster and Soliai is expected to become a free agent.

So sum total of players still on the team: Two. Sum total of starters: Two. Sum total of stars: 0.

The bottom line?

Amazingly, Nick Saban's second draft was the worst of the bunch.

The 2005-2007 drafts have given today's Dolphins four players on the roster, all of which are starters but none of which are stars. Think about that.

These are guys that are in their fourth through sixth years of experience. These are guys ages 26 to 29. These are the drafts that should be forming the established, experienced, cornerstones of the franchise. These three drafts were supposed to be the ones that laid a new foundation after Dave Wannstedt. Instead they offered nothing in the way of stars and little in the numbers of starters.

Combine that with the 2000-2004 drafts that were a dry bones experience, you start to see why the Dolphins still have so much work to do. You start to see why a quick solution has not been possible.

This franchise went from 2000-2007 drafting in a manner that got people fired or replaced for whatever reason. And their drafts are a testament why that happened.


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I will say this about Locker...he did have a down year after staying, and he didn't shine during Senior Bowl week. With that being said, even some of the best qb's in the NFL have down years.

From top 5 pick to possible 2nd round????? I guess the combine and workouts will move him up/down/stay put.

Could be Beck, could be Rodgers.

How's that for a crapshoot?

exactly DC....get the player YOU want...and do what it takes to get him.....

The problem with that statement is that I think our FO of the past did just that....Ginn-RD 1.....Turner, White-RD 2

I just don't think they did all the homework....the devil is in the details....

and for the record....while I can understand how you can miss on QBs.....how in the heck did we find ways to keep a 6-4 WR off the feild....or refuse to find a spot for arguably the fastest WR in the game.....

Thats what we need to fix

Kris @ 2:00 - If not a first now then when? I wish I knew the answer to that question. '08 was prime for the Fins to pick a QB. They could have taken Ryan obviously...they could have traded back or traded up from the 2nd to pick up Flacco. I was pretty high on both of those QBs that year and while there is no such thing as a "sure fire" guy in the draft, I didn't have the reservations about those two that I have with this class.

I have the same feeling in my gut about this QB class that I did with the '07. I was actually very pleased that the Fins passed on Quinn in '07...not so happy about who they picked alternatively though. I just don't see anyone in this class being a day one starter....maybe Gabbertt...maybe. Certainly if he fell to 15 I would say jump on that because I believe he is certainly a top 15 guy. The others.....not so sure.

I think Mallett is a reach at 15 though I could see him being a late first round prospect given supply and demand.

Locker IMHO really did himself a disservice by going back to school. I watch quite a bit of Huskie football and he really regressed...again, I think he will probably go in the 2nd but some draft nicks out there have him dropping to the 3rd.....I'm just thinking that's a bit of a stretch for a guy that was slated a top 5 last year. I just hope Luck has better....luck than Locker. It would be a shame to see that guy crash and burn.

Newton is the wildcard in my book. His athletic ability alone will probably make him a first round pick. He really has the potential to completely turn a franchise around or be a collasal bust.

All things being equal, I would be willing to endure a crappy season in 2011 to get Luck next year...probably with a new coach and FO.

I'm betting my money fins make it 11 straight seasons with no play off win.

The Dolphins Suck

Now how bout that New World Order working feverishly in Egypt?

Had enuff snow?

have a HARRPy day :(

Congrats to Aaron Rodgers

have a HARRPy day :(

i agree with you Kris I think it is the training staff f'n up these kids Sparano is supposed to get the most of his players. find situations where they'd be useful not once was Turner given a shot to be a red zone threat and we hardly used Ginn as a PR even though that was his specialty, Sparano is as stubborn as a mule and he's a downer

Utdolfan...well said....and hopefully the Locker will be there when we pick.....if Newton is gone....

You wonder, DC? Take the Wes Welker trade(a good player) TO A DIVISION RIVAL! You still wondering $, DC?

I did not realize it was this bad.

I'm betting my money fins make it 11 straight seasons with no play off win. Sad.

It's not that easy anymore, Home.

IMO Locker will have to have a spectacular combine and individual workouts to move back up the board.

Yeah Beerphin....This staff has got to do a better job of getting these kids on the feild....especilly a WR...and RBs.....

Those are instinct postions.....

sparano cut erik walden for a ST mis-step. hesat cam wake to play big mouth porter because "cam wasnt good against the run". yeah,like porter was? we cant afford all these silly personell moves by goofy. we give guys away; anthony armstrong,jt,camarillo,roth,jason allen, erik walden,smiley,thomas,grove,sperry,andrew gardner just to name a few off the top of my head. will allen is next.

Kris - all that said, this staff may be under immense pressure to draft a QB in the 1st round being that they have gone longer than any other NFL team in RE to drafting a 1st round QB.

Interestingly, they went 16 years between drafting 1st round QBs last time around with Griese being drafted in the 1st in '68 and Marino in '83. That span could have gone on longer had Marino not dropped into Shula's lap.

The Menace Has Zero,AND THE CUBAN MEANS zero confidence in Mr.Hollywood,The Fist pumper,The Leprechaun and Dabull.........just saying that they can have 4 first round picks and they'd screw that up......

I miss the Jay Fiedler days when we were guaranteed to win 9-10 games a season.

agreed cuban 100%! i too have zero confidence in their decisions.

after watching training camp in august parcells fled. the only problem was that he didnt take his guys with him. we must suffer until ross wakes up and brings in an NFL GM.

I miss the Cleo Lemon / John Beck days when we would wait in anticipation each week to see which one would complete a pass.


I miss the A.J. Feeley days when we would wait in anticipation each week to see if, in deed, he would be the next Marino.

Very interesting article and a perfect explanation as to why the dolphins have been irrelevant for the last 9 years.

Sad thing is two years from now we will be missing the Sparano 'these types a things' days.

Jeff George? Now he was a 'great quarterback' that took his teams nowhere. Trent Dilfer? Average quarterback. His team won super bowl. Proving its FO, coaching and whole team talent that wins not JUST the QB.

Ireland seems to be handcuffed or too loyal to Tony to make changes. I think 'small ball' is not winning ball for AFC EAST. Close games can turn on bad calls (Pittsburgh game). 3 games in 2010 were lost on one play or bad calls.

I think Henne is 'serviceable' in the Dilfer model but its going to take good coaching to make small-ball win. Given the recent coaching changes this does not bode well for near term for Dolphins. The OC is clearly a small-ball model coach. BIG BALL, aka Colts/Pats/Packers ball is the winning formula---Ravens 2000 is the exception. Even the Bears recognize that with Martz/Cutler almost carrying them to the SB.

Folks there are always exceptions to the normal. Yes there have been average quarterbacks that have helped their teams win
Super Bowls. But these squads had insane defensive teams. The Bears, the Ravens, The Bucs to name a few all took the cup with marginal quarterback play. We don't have a defense in the same conversation as those teams. We have the foundation of a defense that can be very very good, and even the heart and soul of the team. But not all time great. Finding a quarterback that is not a liability increases our odds to be a contender. It makes your team relevant now. If you are average at quarterback, a lot of things must go right to be good team.


I agree with your last post. But isn't part of the problem with this team that they ask Henne to throw the ball 40-45 times a game because they can't get a sustained running game going? Seems to me the more times you ask your QB to thrown the better the chance of there being a turnover, especially when the defence knows what's coming. Henne had too many INTs last year but I bet you a good many of them were either the fault of the receiver or a defence that knew exactly what was coming. Make the defence have to worry about the run game and you open up the passing game. I would think a good number for Henne would be something along the lines of 25-30 times a game. They could even get less conservative with the passing game to keep the defence honest.

DD, right on, it's easier to be relevant with an average roster and a very good qb than to have a very good roster and an average QB.

(Nice, playing Live Wire by Motley Crue on the Orlando A show on AM640 - love that original Crue stuff)

Heard a nice story earlier this week. Sam Shields tried out for the Dolphins but once Morono asked Shields who the Dolphins' secondary coach was and he couldn't name Todd Bowles, he yelled at the kid and declared the tryout to be over. Great roster management. Doesn't matter if he could play, mattered if he knew peoples' names.

Craig, Rodgers threw 39 times against the Steelers and ran only 9 times - no turnovers. Balance only matters when your QB stinks.

Mark in Toronto,

I will give you that one. I actually worried that it would be a problem for the Packers to be successful on Sunday. Obviously not. I just don't see that we have the personnel on this team to be successful running that type of offence and I also wonder if that type of offence can be successful long term. I look at the Saints this year and it looks to me like you live and die by the sword, as their game with Seattle showed.

Guys, as bad as our QB play was last year, you still have to realize that we beat three of the four best teams in the NFL last year. This includs both teams who played in the superbowl and three of the four teams in the AFC and NFC championship games. I am counting the Pittsburgh game as a win given that we were robbed by the refs at the end. If we can get any consistentcy at all from the QB, we could be pretty good next year.

Craig, you're right Henne was asked to pass too much last year.

But that leads to the type of strategy you have. Sparano's small ball is the same as having a serviceable QB (so many things need to go right to score). If you can't take it to the house in a few plays, then the whole offense needs to be almost perfect for whatever (10,11,12) play drive. That's fine, unless you're playing a team that can score in a blink (see Indy/NO games last year). And, problem is, NFL is turning into a league where scores come fast and furious.

So asking Miami's offense to be great for a 10-12 play drive is MUCH harder IMO than getting a QB that can ACCURATELY air it out (or else have a RB that can take it to the house).

But, folks here are talking about drafting Ingram. That guy will never take it to the house (mark my words). Also, you get a good-great QB, and instantly whatever RB you have becomes better. Instantly whatever TE you have becomes better. Instantly whatever WRs you have become better.

And it doesn't really work the other way around. Henne had all day to throw in '09, with a Top 5 run game, still wasn't that great (I know, it was his first year, I'm not expecting him to be Peyton in his SB year). But look what Peyton can do with friggin' Austin Collie and whatever TE came in for Dallas Clark. Those guys were ok, but Peyton made them terrific.

There's just no getting around it. Your best chance of getting to the top (and STAYING at the top) is to get a good-great QB. We shouldn't even be TALKING about an ok QB. The goal should be to get a great QB, and keep trying until we do. There shouldn't be any argument against that.

Because all this "if" talk is silly. Don't waste a draft pick on a QB, "if" Miami drafts better, they can be elite. Look, once is an anomaly. Twice is a coincidence. But 10+ years of poor drafting is a CHARACTERISTIC. And that's Miami. No one in the NFL is saying, "look at Miami, they can draft very well." NO ONE! So to think it's all of a sudden gonna happen this year or the next is wishful thinking. Yes, since '08, we've drafted BETTER, but by no means at the top of the league. By no means EXCELLENT. So instead of hoping this goofy bunch drafts 10-12 GREAT players, isn't it easier to try to draft ONE! ONE PLAYER! ONE GREAT QB! Get that guy, let him sit on the bench 5 years if you want. But you know, once he's ready, you're good for the next decade, don't have to worry about that position until then. Then see what a great QB can do with Fasano (look what Penne did with him in '08).

There really is no "other" way anymore. You guys can bring up teams from 1950 on, but sometimes the elephant in the room IS the answer. The elephant in the room is the QB position. Until that's solved, we're just a cute sideshow to the heavyweights in Pittsburgh, New England, Green Bay, etc.

And I'd love to talk to the guys who wrote "Freakonomics," but I'd bet my Culpepper vintage jersey that there's a direct correlation between our Playoff record this past decade and the fact that Miami hasn't drafted a first-round QB longer than any other team.

I understand Miami thinks their the smartest guys in the room and know what no one else does, sorry to bust their bubble, they don't. The blueprint is right there. All we need is for some genius GM to follow it.

Craig, yes, but the Saints lost because their defense sucked, offense still played well.

Does anyone know how to remove your sign in name? I just wrote another post that wasn't put up. That makes 4 in 3 weeks so I'm done with this blog. I don't even want my sign in name registered in here. Anyone know how I can do that? Help me out if you hate my posts, you will be permanently getting rid of me and can rejoice! Someone help me out with this.

And, the response to my above post is, "but this isn't the draft to take a 1st-rounder, it's a weak class."

So, following logic, if it's a weak class, what sense does it make to take the 4th,5th,6th best QB? Especially if you're not looking for a backup, you're looking for a starter. And, if you think there's a better QB who's not ranked high, then take him earlier so you're SURE you get him. Don't play games with the most important position you have.

That's our point (Mark, kris, etc.), every other year, the focus was somewhere else. Last year, it was BPA (by the way, how'd that work year 1). Year before, it was CB. Year before, it was a DEFINITE pick, and LT, supposedly the most important position. When does QB take priority? EVER?


There's a lot of good points in your last post and I sense your frustration.....as we all are.

I just believe we're not that far away. Last year was a complete let down but they had us believing right up until we were 7-6. Keep in mind, we went one way and the Packers went the other way. We threw in the towel and they buckled down and won their last SIX games. The reasons we caved? Don't know but without question the QB play and how the team felt about the QB and the offence were part of it. That's can't happen.

I disagree with you, in that I think you can make a QB better by giving him a running game and weapons around him. Cassel was better this year with Charles and Thomas in the backfield and Flacco and Sanchez are better with the guys they have running the ball. That's what I hope to see next season. A couple of competent running backs (maybe Brown is one of them, another year healed from his injury) and some creativity on offence.

Armando, I read this article this morning and I thought at the time it was interesting, to say the least. After thinking about these issues from time to time since then, I now feel that this article has helped sooth my own doubts concerning the abilities of our coaches and front office. Given the poor past draft performances you described above, it may be that Sporano and Ireland deserve praise, not criticism, when one considers what they had to work with. I knew the rebuilding process would take some time, but now I know that the process hasn't necessarily stalled, but that this young team needs seasoning of players from competent drafts. Hopefully, Henne won't need to be replaced, but I don't think he was entirely the problem with the offense. It could be that Henne suffered from the poor draft years as much as our coaching did this year. Thanks again for this very timely analysis, Armando.

Forget it, was able to cancel in my account. Have fun people.

Mark in TO,

I think the Saints might have had more success in that playoff game if they could have run the ball more and better and kept a very hot Hasselbeck off the field but you're right their defence sucked!!

In a post earlier today I have the Saints trading up with us to take Ingram (ahead of the Patriots) and the Patriots taking Mallett, as a guy to build on for 3-4 yrears down the road. How much would you hate that Mark, to have Mallett plays us every year in that system in New England and to give you the chance to say 'I told you so'?.....LOL.

DC, looks like you may join me in the padded room come April if we don't see one of Gabbert, Newton, or Mallett donning a Dolphin jersey during the draft.

Craig, I don't need to say I told you so to anyone ... it's not my style.

I just am sick and tired of teams by passing us because they invest 1st picks on QBs, groom them, harness their talent and become relevant.

2 years ago a lot of the "experts" were ripping the Bucs for taking Josh Freeman, however, he seems to be the real deal, entrenched there for the next 10 years, and made the Bucs from a team picking 2nd in the draft to becoming a 10 win team in a very difficult division and promises of doing much more. In addition, they already are in the position to take the BPA. So sad.

I wonder if things would have turned out differently for Henne if Chad P. haddn't gone down in 2009. I think the Fins plan for Henne was to ride the pine at least 2 years if not 3. Big fan of Chad P....I thought we would have at least a few good years with him before going to Henne.

Who knows, that time on the pine could have been very valuable to Henne. I think he's totally screwed in the head now but I guess we'll see if he can overcome it.

Agreed DC, couldn't have said it better myself.

Craig, I agree that good people around a QB can make them somewhat better. But I disagree that Miami had us (at least not me) believing up until 7-6. We hadn't won 2 games in a row. I believed when we were 2-0. But when we went 2-2, I was like, "oh, hi Miami that I know." And, did you SERIOUSLY believe we'd do anything more than sneak into the Playoffs if we did get there? No way you thought this team could go all the way, I respect you too much to accept that you believed that.

KC, did a good job, Cassel was better. See what happened in the Playoffs? They got clobbered. Flacco/Sanchez, did their thing. Wasn't good enough (these are pretty good QBs on great teams).

But, just to point out, all the teams you mentioned. They were acquiring good players. They weren't in the mix though until they got a good QB (or potentially good). The QB was the catalyst in each of those situations.

And all I'm saying is fine, let's see if Henne can be that guy. I'll know by game 2 or 3, but even willing to give him longer (especially this CBA year). But we MUST have someone behind him, grooming, just in case Henne isn't able to hold it down. We MUST have a fall-back position. Henne played so poorly at the end of last year that we can't let him try to work it out all year if he doesn't improve greatly very quickly.

And unless you get a "Cassel"-type, young, upcoming vet, then you have to have someone for the future. That's where Shula screwed up. And we're still paying for it. We need a future here. Better to have 2 great QBs on your roster than none.

Henne is a major 'tease' of a QB. One minute he surprises you with great throws and the next he looks totally incompetent. Forgetting about the OC, the OLINE, the RB's...judging only the plays where he has time to throw, he screws up too often with batted balls, overthrows, underthrows, or throws to a well covered guy while someone else is wide open. Not sure why some here try so desperately hard to defend him.

If he can beat out whoever his competition is in the preseason, I say you give him max until mid season to show real improvement. As he is now, he is a coaches nightmare, teases you just enough to keep him in until you lose.

I'd be happy if he can step it up a couple of notches and gave us confidence he could be a long term starter. My gut instinct tells me that isn't going to happen. TS can't afford to ride Henne much longer unless the guy starts performing significantly better. Most likely Henne and TS will be riding out of town on the same bus.

Mark in Toronto,

I don't remember anyone ripping the Bucs for taking Freeman. I remember him as being highly thought of coming out. I also think their success this year was the result of an EXCELLENT draft and the landing of guys like Williams in the FOURTH and the signing of Blount as a free agent. They had an exceptional offseason adding personnel. We need something like that this offseason, which admittedly will be tough with no CBA in place on time.

wolf, Henne's career didn't go as it should, but look, cream rises to the top. We need to stop making excuses for the kid (no one around him, being asked to do to much, thrown in the fire too soon, poorly coached, etc.). He is what he is. I highly doubt a great QB can't make lemonade from lemons. Henne's young, so it's not etched in stone, he can overcome. But if he doesn't, don't count on me as the guy who's gonna believe someone else did it to him.

I've watching Henne too long in college (being a Michigan fan) and I can tell you Route 66 has him down to a tee. He's a cubic zirconium. Looks great, just like a diamond. But, take a closer look, and you see he's not at all what he seems. That's what he was in Michigan, that's what he's showing to be in the NFL.

freeman has a running game. Henne looked like the real deal last year when we were ranked 4th in rushing. A good defense and running game makes freeman, ryan, flaco, sanchez, rapistberger look like all pros.

DC - I hear you...but you have to admit that certain draft classes have QBs that one can feel strongly about...feel like that guy can be a franchise guy, etc. Other classes are more of a crap shoot with teams taking a QB just hoping and praying that they work out....when it's a desparation move IMO it's not a good move. If drafting or finding a franchise QB were that easy, everyone would have one.

That said, I think the fins have missed some opportunities (namely Matt Ryan). I was of the opinion that year that you take the QB...you can still find a very good quality LT later on...if not later in the draft then the next year. Matt Ryans and Joe Flaccos don't grow on trees.

I personally don't see a Ryan of Flacco in this class. There's a lot on the line taking a QB 1st round...lots of $$$$$....lots of headache if they don't work out. It can take teams at least as long to recover from a bad 1st round QB selection as it has taken the Dolphins without selecting a first rounder.

You're right though....at some point you just have to take the plunge.


Good post at 5:13pm. I agree with a lot of what you are saying....scary, eh?.....LOL.

No, I didn't honestly believe that were going to do anything if we had snuck into the playoffs but I have to admit when we were sitting at 2-0 with the Jets and Pats coming to town I thought we were really on to something. For us to win our first two games and on the road, I thought we were poised to make a statement and then we let the Jets come in on Primetime and push us around and let the Pats take it to us in the second half of the 4th game of the season. That's when I knew we weren't good enough. But the Packers were DECIMATED with injuries this year and still played convincingly in their last SIX games. Just goes to show what depth on the roster can mean and yes.....I will concede what a top tier ?QB can do for you also.

DC @ 5:20 - My expectation would have been higher for Henne in that regard had he been a 1st round selection. I personally don't think he's the guy, but I just wonder....being a 2nd round pick...which is usually in the developmental QB department....I can't help but wonder if he could have been better with some proper grooming and development.

One QB away from what????

Listen... We need more then a QB.. We need a coach who has a set of nuts. Sparano plays it safe and has no killer instinct. The GM drafts value picks. How about drafting raw talent. We passed on Dez aka is your mother a hooker. Dez up until he got injured did good for his rookie year at the boyz.

We NEED a coaching and development staff to DEVOLOPE all these kids. What we have is a bunch of Developing diaper coaches in training.

Hence is exactly why the Fins are destined for failure. No experienced HC, no experienced GM and a loser owner ROSS who rewarded Sparano and Ireland with contract extensions for back to back 7-9 record.

Here we have the Jets who went to the AFC championship back to back. WHY??? Because THEY drafted a number 1 QB and went after the talent in FA and most of all... They knew how to develop the talent.

2012 season will be 5-11

Like to see the last three years of drafts and free agents in the same type of article. We STILL need an O-line. In training camp pick five guys and let them work together instead of shuffling every other day until the last preseason game. DRIVES ME CRAZY. We need a real head coach.

Nice piece of work Mando and no mention of the radio show..I'm so proud our Mando is growing up :)

Fact is that Parcells, Ireland and Sparano built a great defense with an above average coordinator. Pretty good draft picks save for a couple.
This year is all about offense. Hopefully they can get a great back, a good lineman or two and a second tight end. The less pressure lets Henne perform better. 100 yard rushing games means winning most of the time because on those plays of an average of 5 yards means you have 20-23 plays that take 40-50 seconds each. That is at least 1.25-1.5 quarters of plays on the team running the ball. They can't score and defense is rested.
Add a few passes in there and you are over 2 quarters of football with you owning the clock.
To run you need blockers and a back. Our backs were slow last year. They did not hit holes well. The oline was also weak.
So the draft has to be focused there. Add to this the second year jinx for Henne and I think we see a great team this year if we catch a couple of good people on offense.

Facts: This FO has put more quality players on the field then the past 7 drafts.
1. Jake Long
2. Vonte Davis
3. Sean Smith
4. Brian Hartline
5. Chris Clemons
6. Lex Hilliard
7. Philip Merling
8. Chad Henne
9. Kendall Langford
10. Nalbone

All players that have played. Now we can argue that the jury is still out on some of them, but the fact is this FO has gotten more young talent in here then the past 4 administrations combined. Re-read the article and understand what Aramado wrote

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