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Two troubling possibilities associated to the franchise tag

The NFL and it's players are disagreeing over practically everything these days and the latest such point of contention is the franchise tag so many teams use on their most valuable players to keep them locked to their rosters during free agency.

The NFL sent all 32 teams a letter recently informing them the franchise tag can be employed beginning Feb. 10. The NFL Players Association is countering with a letter to agents telling them the union would go to court to challenge any franchise tag being used prior to the signing of a new labor agreement -- an agreement that is not close to happening.

How does this affect the Dolphins?

Well, it seems unlikely the Dolphins would tag any of their pending veteran free agents. That's bad news for fans because it means Miami probably doesn't have a veteran player so valuable he would merit an enormous franchise tag type guaranteed salary by the  Dolphins in exchange to keep him.

It is likely, however, other teams would tag their quality players. And that is bad news for the Dolphins.

Remember I've been telling you for months the Dolphins would be very interested in New England Patriots Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins if he hits free agency? Chances are good he would not hit free agency because the Patriots would likely use the franchise tag on him.

The same would happen with other quality players around the league. Come to think of it, even if the NFLPA goes to court and gets a favorable ruling and teams aren't allowed to use the tag now, eventually some form of the tag is expected to be part of the new collective bargaining agreement. So we have to cool our jets about  Mankins, folks, considering the Pats might still use that tag regardless of whether its on Feb. 10 or later.

On the other hand, I've got an unsettled feeling about the Jets.

There are reports the Raiders are going to use their franchise tag on Richard Seymour. That's because they cannot use it on outstanding and soon-to-be free agent cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. You remember Aomugha, right?

Last year there were rumors he might be traded to the, wait for it, New York Jets.

He wasn't. But now he's able to go to any team he wants and has a want for him.

The Jets initially are acting coy about the possibility. They have their own players to re-sign first. But guys, I think I've seen that team operate from afar in such a manner that they do the audacious things to try to get better -- at least they have the past three years.

Yes, Antonio Cromartie is one of those players the Jets would like to re-sign to continue competing for AFC titles. But if they can sign Asomugha and team him with Darrelle Revis instead, that would be an enormous upgrade. So that is a possibility that cannot be dismissed.

The Eagles, possibly the 49ers, and other teams might also be players for Asomugha. But he has already expressed an interest in playing alongside Revis. That is troubling to me.

Very troubling.


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Oh no Mando! The sky is falling! The sky is falling! The Jets and Patriots screw the 'Fins again!

"Well, it seems unlikely the Dolphins would tag any of their pending veteran free agents. That's bad news for fans because it means Miami probably doesn't have a veteran player so valuable he would merit an enormous franchise tag type guaranteed salary by the Dolphins in exchange to keep him"

Or it means our big name vets are already signed and aren't free agents. I dont think that's bad news and if anything it means we dont have to worry about loose ends

I agree with Corners, I think one of the reasons to still remain excited it the team is young AND signed with the most important pieces. I think outside of Solai, we are ok letting every other free agent walk. We sign D. Williams and draft another back in the middle rounds and sign an O-Line man along with a draft pick we have shored up our offense outside QB.

well why dot WE try to sign asomugha????????? sean smith "cant stop a nose bleed"!!!!

Corners, you're the guy that gets raped in prison and is thankful he wasn't forced to perform oral sex, too.

Bottom line is the Jets have so many good players not under contract, it wasn't wise for them to sign everyone. That's call having an abundance of talent.

The dolphins free agents, outise of ronnie brown and ricky williams, are just guys. No big names. No big talent. If you think it's good that Miami doesn't have big talent, you go right ahead and convince yourself of that. But you are what your record says you are.

You are also what your post says you are. You're a douche corners.

The Pats aren't going to let Mankins go anywhere.

I hate the Jets.

Good post, Mando

Troubling? WHY is that troubling?

What should be troubling is the fact that Miami wont be a contender for the next 10 years with this joke of an owner who kept the two jokes called ireland and Sparano.

What's also troubling is that this owner HAD an opportunity to change the entire makeup of the team into contenders IMMEDIATLY.

All they had to do was FIRE Iraland and FIRE Sparino and HIRE Coach COWHER and had over the keys.

COWHER would have brought in all his peps and turned this team into the champions we once were.

Ross would see his seats filled and he would have his pockets filled with loot. But we are now stuck with more of the same.

I hope the Jets get that dude. I hope they get everyone they seek to make the Jets better. i hope the Jets kick our butts all over the field and do you want to know why?

Because the Dolphin owner ROSS deserves it for what he has done. We the fans don't deserve it but the only way to change this owners mentality is to lose and lose badly to everyone which at this juncture is not that hard to accomplish.

No good player will want to play or come to the Dolphins. We will NOT draft anybody good and we wont draft a QB in the first round. If we happen to draft a QB in the first round most likely we will draft the wrong one. Pat White anyone?

That is troubling. But I still think that the Jets Offense is a lot further away from being elite than the Dolphins is.

NY G = douche

The Miami Dolphins have in in order:

The highest paid Offensive Lineman in football (Jake Long)

The highest paid middle linebacker in football (Karlos Dansby)

The highest paid Wide Receiver in football (Brandon Marshall)

So YES the Dolphins do have players "so valuable he would merit an enormous franchise tag type guaranteed salary"

Its just that -- as opposed to using the franchise tag -- the Dolphins gurantee that big salary a different way with...you know...an actual contract.

HP in PA,
Not a bad idea however at this rate there will be no cba before the draft. Therefore we will be drafting first and then filling holes with FA which is has no guarantee.

Scott Alderson,
I agree 100%, why don't we get in the mix for Asomugha. Except he probably would rather play else where. Can't blame him after seeing the circus the Ross regime conducted. Maybe we should consult Al Davis to see how he still manages to bring in players.

I leave you with one thought. Imagine what it would be like to be in NYJ or NE's position and have picks if not multiple picks in the first few rounds as well as FA's and Players to trade for talent. We are quite a ways away from the rest and unfortunately during the Perfect Storm known as the NFL labor negotiations. It's going to be few years gang. settle in.

Confirm there is a season next year and then I will care about any of this.

NY G - which of Cowher's people would of come over?

The head coach of Arizona? Russ Grim who is also with Arizona (I believe?)
The CURRENT defensive coordinator of the Steelers who is coaching in the SUPER BOWL this weekend?

If you thought Cowher was the solution, you are absolutely delusional.

Aside from the fact that it took him a LONG TIME to win one, the NFL is all about players, which Miami is currently lacking. You need a legit QB which Miami does not have, a good running game which Miami does not have, good special teams which Miami does not have.

Get the players and your average coach can make it work and make it successful.

If you want a coaches league, watch college ball where its all about the system.

F**k Mankins...we'll find an "acorn" in the 6th round and he'll lead us to the promised land.
But wait, we also need:
.....ah, never mind.

we could finish 4th in the afc east unless ireland/sparano have some kind of "awakening". the pats and jets have excellent talent evaluators and are aggressive in pursuing playmakers. they both "play to win" and have several pieces in place. their QB's are aggressive with short memories and who can take their team down the field with quick strike capabilities. my biggest fear is that we haven't learned our lessons yet and the bad decisions will continue. we may have to suffer for another year till ross cleans house. hope i'm wrong.

greg z....let's give caboll the benefit of the doubt and see what his offensive scheme is before we toss the 2011 season in the trash.

He seems very energetic and I like what he did with Colt McCoy in Cleveland at the QB position.

...but I hear ya, NE & NYJ are built to last and we better get going.

the oline should be a priority in which ireland/sparano have failed miserably. dallas rejects are not the way to go. vernon carey(with monster contract) cant move and john jerry is terrible. special teams has been a joke for 3 years. draft day blunders and free agent misses have put us back 3 years. we still don't have an answer at QB in a QB driven league. after 3 full years ireland now realizes lack of team speed is a big issue. if it wasnt for mike nolan the dolphins would be a full blown disaster.

Greg z....nice summary.
The second Parcels packed up and left last Aug. I knew we were doomed.
He saw the writing on the wall and split to avoid blame...nobody leaves a winner!

Come on, we all know that the Dolphins will draft a defensive player or an offensive lineman in the first round. We'll get a receiver to pair up with Marshall in the 5th - 7th round.

There is a reason Miami's offense is not dynamic outside of the quarterback play.

It's the fact that since 1994, Miami has drafted only four wide receivers in Rounds 1 - 3.

KBfinBoston Why would we sign a corner for a max deal when we have two up and coming young corners. Sean smith gets a lot of hate but he was pretty close to Davis after he came back from his benching

Freezin... How the heck did you come up with that? You think our O is closer to elite than the stinkin planes??? I almost choked on my cinnamon toast crunch when I read your post man...come on, get real

And even when we draft WR in the first round they are duds...Yatil Green ring a bell? I wonder how much we can really spend since we have three of the highest paid players on our team. The best thing the Dolphins did last year was bring in Mike Nolan. Otherwise, we may be on the clock for the number 1 pick again. I'm hoping things get better but it may take longer to see the Dolphins back in the Super Bowl.

K-Dog...that's the truth about the tuna..I felt and saw the same thing man. Some people were saying this doesn't mean much...I was thinking, well he's running for a reason..and we all saw what happened. I mean he even said Henne wasn't the guy, no one believed it because instead of winning here in Miami the FO is obsessed with acorns and the infamous Tony line..."we like where our WR group is at"....pathetic...we are now part of the bottom feeders in the NFL.

Sparano = least qualified HC in the NFL
Ireland = still a trainee
Ross = Clown focused on nonsense, not on football

NT G and greg z. = common sense

tee @ 9:39 = resident blog psycho bobbdy in hiding

One the new CBA is signed there will be a salary cap and signing Asomugha would cause them to have to cut other players. You can not have your two most expensive player play the same position under a cap. This year there was no cap so the Jests spent like drunken sailors but that will not be the case once a new CBA is signed. So in order to even field a team next year they will not be able to afford both Revis and Asomugha and sign any of their other priority players.

LoL @ Management...
That's the truth...I just wish some people on here would get real...with some of those thoughts I read over the last few weeks just baffles me. Some want to give Henne yet another chance, some think we are so close to elite that three players would make the difference, some think we've drafted well, some think Thiggy is our man, some love Sparano.... I mean the list goes on and on. All you have to see is our record and zero playoff appearances over the last 15 years. And don't say nothing about 2008, we all know that was a farce too....

We need to sign and draft playmakers! Irelands "acorn" think makes me want to puke...amongst a ton of stuff we need to clear up before we will even reach a wildcard..

That isn't "the sky is falling" either, those are facts about our team that the tuna and Ross has successfully destroyed over the last few years. If any team signs Parcells on they are doomed...

Who cares if the Jets get Nmandi? If they sign him, they lose Cromartie & likely a couple of other guys like Edwards, Holmes, etc.. You don't think he'd come to NY & play for the min do you? He is gonna come in and take up MEGA cap space.

On a team with Revis already, do you think they'd be dumb enough to have all that money tied into 2 cb's.

They tried that strategy with Cromartie this year. You can have the best DB's in the world. If you can't get a rush without sending a max blitz, it doesn't matter. Haven't they learned that the last 2 years?

2 years ago it was Lito Sheppard. This year, Cromartie. Until they get a rush & don't need to blitz to get it, it won't matter who they sign.

if you guys wanna get really depressed about the team,meet me in training camp in davie and we'll share a few laughs. the practices are long and hot in the sun with little to cheer for. since we dont have a qb who can "open it up" and throw downfield (even in practice) it can get very boring. checkdowns and kills are the order of the day. you will also notice we have very few weapons and we choose not to use them more than 8 yds downfield. the playcalling will remind you of the 1950's. lastly, the team has size but no team speed nor playmakers nor god ole veteran leaders. they say; "you play as you practice". how true!

Armando, Ive been saying go after Asomugha ever since I heard his contract allowed him to become a free agent ( he didnt hit the incentive mark on purpous so he could get out of Oakland). If you have the ear of anyone in a position of power over there please tell them to go after him.

Who cares if teams designate players with the franchise tag? Once the current CBA expires in March (since we all have to understand that the chances of the league and the players agreeing to any sort of agreement between now and then "ain't gonna happen"), so will the designation.


I loved Sean Smith after his rookie campaign.
However as soon as T - Ginn left for SF he developed himself some patented T-Ginn Rock hands. Actually our whole secondary can't catch worth a damn.

It would be nice if Mando did a report on the players we need to have a huge off season training session: S. Smith, edds, odrick etc.

I think we have a great Def that could be even better. So why stop improving it.

With that said I would also like FA attempts at Zach Miller or Owen Daniels, and one of the many FA WR's. The list is huge (V-jax, Syd rice, Santanio, Malcom Floyd, TO, Moss, Ocho)

Draft O-line and rb's

When there is a Labor Agreement then I'll worry more about whats going to happen. Unless there is a CBA agreement, we are just stuck with our picks. What team will want to trade up for our 15th pick if we can only trade picks back without getting players in return for those picks? Under the rules any free agent can't be signed (Deangelo Williams) until there is a CBA in place. No one can change teams, even if their contract has already expired with their respected team. And I believe Franchise tags will be put on players the Dolphins would want to sign on Restricted Free Agents when there is a CBA.. So why play fortune teller now with no CBA in place? We are all in "wait and see" mode and hopefully a new CBA will get done. I Really Hope this Regime has learned from Parcel's mistakes and becomes aggressive with finding us Talent when the new CBA kicks in. I do agree with finding speed and maybe a better than good QB FA to compete with Henne when training camp begins. I'm not comfortable handing Henne the starting job after this years performance and Hopefully Daboll can bring out the best in Henne in this Offense. Still have some hope for the guy, just a little, but until we find a QB that can drive us down the field like how Manning, Rothlesburger, or Brady can, then we just have to make sure we put some talent around the QB so he doesn't have to do too much. IMO anyways..


Yousa have jussa manies typos asa Omar articles.

Well said greg z. I agree 100%.

It's simple folks. Since we have to produce this year; the following players should be kept and added: Defense/added- Jason Taylor Offense/kept - Ronnie & Ricky; they were not the problem in the run game. The problem was quarterback and all defenses knew it and thus, they keyed in on Ronnie and Ricky. We need two speedsters; one for returns and kickoffs; the other to stretch the field. Something that Ted Ginn could have done had simple logic prevailed. The dolphins keep trading players for other players less talented then the dropped player. Let's hope that they don't make the same mistake with Ronnie and Ricky!

Jason Taylor?.....JASON TAYLOR?......

When will get over our fascination with this traitor who left you NOT ONCE...BUT TWICE!!!!!

He didn't bring any deep playoff runs...0 Super Bowls....

Yes...lets get Jason Taylor and return to the days of upper mediocrity.....9-7....

Who cares what the Jets do? They went out and got all those free agents this year to get them to the SB. Well that did not work so now they will be just like the rest of us this year in a CAP year (if we play) and there is no way they can keep all of their own free agents and then spend big money on other free agents. Trying to buy a SB does not work all the time, just thing about Washington, and even the Dolphins when Shula took on all those high priced free agents that year. It blew up on him.

I suppose a miracle could happen. Ireland suddenly becomes a draft guru and hits on all pics. Proves to the world it was Parcells fault and not his.

Sparano turns his back on 60s philosophy and transforms himself into a modern Shula. Finally understands how to evaluate O-line talent

Daboll turns out to be a genious at calling plays and transforms Henne into better QB than Marino.

Nah, nevermind.

The Jets have alot of resigning and contract corrections, before they look at a CB worth more than 25MM year.

And not to mention that Revis wants a contract similar to his. Signing Asomugha is a slap in the face for Revis, and He will holdout again for a bigger contract.

I hope Antonio Cromartie is out of the Jets. I can't stand him, and his S*** talking.

cocoajoe, sounds like we feel the same way about the fins. to answer you from yesterday; i didnt like the way vernon carey practices or plays; he's overweight to the point that he cant move(not in shape to play),he whiffs on blocks and doesnt ever get to 2nd level on runs. i dont think he could pull as a guard. theres got to be better guys in the draft for alot less money. we really need someone who can evaluate talent(or lack of it).

greg z.....yes we do. I can't for the life of me see how people think Carey could be a guard. I might be wrong, I was never a lineman but don't guards have to be a little more athelectic than tackles? Or has something changed since I played?

What's more disturbing is this idea didn't materialize out of thin air. Meaning one of the coaches leaked this idea.

As far as his weight goes...Sparano is letting himslide under the old bigger is better theory. If I remember the CBA says $400 per pound overweight.

Typos....athletic and letting him slide

Personally I hope the Jets do sign him and put that much cash into their CB position. Less resources for all the other areas of need for them and as coaches know pass defense starts with pressuring the QB.


well, you can look at it from the point of view that going into the draft and FA the team will need to have a number of different strategy's; meaning they have to account for all of the possibilities.
if a trade can't happen before the draft and they aren't able to get a 2nd rd pick and they aren't able to trade down to get one they need to have a contingency plan. in that case, they may end up going top shelf OL in the first and then go best available in the third. if that happens to be on the OL again then, so be it. they are addressing a need. it would be nice to try and fix everything that is wrong with the offense in one draft and FA period but its not probable it will happen. what we have all posted in the past about getting help thru FA and getting certain picks in the draft is best case scenario. if the team's hands are tied due to "franchise tags" or the CBA not being done they will need to do the best they can in the draft to correct as many areas as possible. getting two really good quality OL in the first and third would go along way to help this team and if they can maybe get a rb like locke later that would be three out of seven players at a minimum that could help the offense. if they get lucky and have some other players on the board that can help the team all the better.
we'll just have to wait and see how things go with the CBA and who gets the franchise tags on other teams. then, take a deep breath and hope they make the right choices come draft time.

parcells knew when to flee. too bad we had to keep his guys in place. we really needed a fresh start. mike nolan is the only real coach we have!

Hey greg, you got to wonder if Ross took Nolan aside and had a little 'unofficial' talk with him. I really figured another team would have snapped him up by now.

i think the jets are in a worse situation due to the number of players they have this year that are free agents and david harris who, despite being a restricted free agent, could end up being a problem for them.
if you look at the list of FA's the jets need to sign this year you notice that most of them helped the jets get to the afc championship. if the CBA becomes a done deal there is no doubt these guys are going to go out and look for a bigger pay check. shaun ellis will most likely get the franchise tag and then a good portion of the remaining players could be gone and so will the jets.
jt and lt aren't getting any younger and their productivity is falling off. so, from a stability point of view the jets have a lot of scrambling to do themselves this offseason or face ending up at the bottom of the east again.

Here's how I imagine it went like:

(Ross) Mike, I'm sure you know the situation here.

(Nolan) About Harbaugh and Sparano?

(Ross) Yes and I've decided to give Tony 4 games to show me something. I don't think he'll make it.

(Nolan) That mean I'm in?

(Ross) You read my mind

Any chance we could require a simple IQ test before allowing someone to post? The number of complete morons who post on this board is getting ridiculous!

Well horror of horrors, we can't do diddly squat about what the Jets and Pats do, now can we. I have been dumping on my team but there are a lot of upsides.
Youth is one and it is a big upside. We need a few guys on offense. Nothing that can't be upgraded or and extra hand. A couple of lineman, definitely a running back and a tight end.
I dumped on Henne during the season. But the fact is this. Not all his fault. Our backs were not a danger because they were basically slow and slower. They are both toast, done and we need speed and power in the backfield. It was a reverse of 2009 when we needed receivers.
1-15 and we needed a new team. A whole new team. Call us a new franchise and after contemplating on this, we are well on the way.


I doubt Asamougha ends up with the Jets next year. They were very happy with Cromartie last year and also used him to run back kicks. Yes, he's a FA but I think they would be happy to bring him back. On top of all that, Sanchez is set to make $14 million whcih will hurt against the cap next year. Keep that in mind guys when you decide to run Henne down with his $850,000 contract. Also, keep in mind that Sanchez has 29 TDs and 30 picks in his career, not great numbers.

The Jets aint won crap since 69.
Why any different with Asmoguah??? Lol
Eventually Cornerbacks will begin to catch the mexican's passes


Also tell 'em to keep in mind Henne is 3-1 lifetime against the Jets.

I know I'm one who's been doggin' the kid, but that's a fantastic record to have against our biggest rival (I gotta give him props for that).

DC Dolphin, actually Henne is 1-1 because it wasn't Henne who beat the jets in the other two games, it was Ted Ginn.

Sorry bond,

Henne gets credit for those wins.

And Ireland/Mr FG get credit for keeping the Dolphins out of games by failing to have a decent KR and special teams and speed WR and good O-line.

Looks like those two just suck.

Sure glad the team signed and offensive coordinator from the only team with a worse offense than the Dolphins.


Amazing that now guys are taking wins away from Henne when he wins a game but blaming him when the TEAM loses a game. This guy just can't win....

Thanks for the heads up on that one DC. Yeah, he's done alright in his games against the Jets, the really bad game in New York this year notwithstanding.

You DC, the dolphins avoid logic. We had our speedster in Ted Ginn. He did not have to catch the ball all the time, just speeding down field would have opened up all kinds of possibilities for Marshall,Ronnie and Ricky. Now we have to look for something we already had. We should keep Ronnie and Ricky because there is no one else who is going to be any better than they are. We also should sign JT. He and Cam Wake would reak havic on all opposing qbs. Of course this is not likely to happen though because it makes way too much sence!

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