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Two troubling possibilities associated to the franchise tag

The NFL and it's players are disagreeing over practically everything these days and the latest such point of contention is the franchise tag so many teams use on their most valuable players to keep them locked to their rosters during free agency.

The NFL sent all 32 teams a letter recently informing them the franchise tag can be employed beginning Feb. 10. The NFL Players Association is countering with a letter to agents telling them the union would go to court to challenge any franchise tag being used prior to the signing of a new labor agreement -- an agreement that is not close to happening.

How does this affect the Dolphins?

Well, it seems unlikely the Dolphins would tag any of their pending veteran free agents. That's bad news for fans because it means Miami probably doesn't have a veteran player so valuable he would merit an enormous franchise tag type guaranteed salary by the  Dolphins in exchange to keep him.

It is likely, however, other teams would tag their quality players. And that is bad news for the Dolphins.

Remember I've been telling you for months the Dolphins would be very interested in New England Patriots Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins if he hits free agency? Chances are good he would not hit free agency because the Patriots would likely use the franchise tag on him.

The same would happen with other quality players around the league. Come to think of it, even if the NFLPA goes to court and gets a favorable ruling and teams aren't allowed to use the tag now, eventually some form of the tag is expected to be part of the new collective bargaining agreement. So we have to cool our jets about  Mankins, folks, considering the Pats might still use that tag regardless of whether its on Feb. 10 or later.

On the other hand, I've got an unsettled feeling about the Jets.

There are reports the Raiders are going to use their franchise tag on Richard Seymour. That's because they cannot use it on outstanding and soon-to-be free agent cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. You remember Aomugha, right?

Last year there were rumors he might be traded to the, wait for it, New York Jets.

He wasn't. But now he's able to go to any team he wants and has a want for him.

The Jets initially are acting coy about the possibility. They have their own players to re-sign first. But guys, I think I've seen that team operate from afar in such a manner that they do the audacious things to try to get better -- at least they have the past three years.

Yes, Antonio Cromartie is one of those players the Jets would like to re-sign to continue competing for AFC titles. But if they can sign Asomugha and team him with Darrelle Revis instead, that would be an enormous upgrade. So that is a possibility that cannot be dismissed.

The Eagles, possibly the 49ers, and other teams might also be players for Asomugha. But he has already expressed an interest in playing alongside Revis. That is troubling to me.

Very troubling.


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we need to get a FA QB WR and RB like vince young darren sproles and maybe TO or Breaston then we can use the draft to get some good Oline guys a rookie QB who daboll can train a TE and another rookie RB if we end up being able to trade down for a second id look at pouncy in the first kaepernick in the second another oline guy in the 3rd and then a rook RB in the 4th a TE in the 5th then another oline guy and a LB in the last 2 crowder should stay because he motivates the team and they did improve after he came in

This, more and more, seems to be like a protracted lockout(NFL and players seem to have valid points). One of the ways this could benefit the Dolphins is to draft one(or two) promising QB's and develop them while this thing lasts.

bond, I was all for Ginn leaving, but, yes, he left a hole that needs to be filled (speed guy). I'd rather someone who's not a track star, but an actual football player who doesn't mind getting hit.

But, the larger point is Henne has a terrific record against our most hated opponent. Whatever he did (or didn't do) during those games, the numbers don't lie. And this is what makes this such a hotly debated topic. If Henne flat out sucked, there'd be no "other" side (like Craig and others), they'd acknowledge the guy sucks and let's move on. But Henne has shown flashes, he has played well in some games, and he has proven that he CAN win in the NFL (inconsistently as it has been).

So it's a tough call. He's a young QB, still developing, and it's not an open-shut case against Henne. I'm not changing my stripes, I still want competition, I still am doubtful about Henne being the franchise QB we need, but we all need to be accurate with the facts, which are Henne has done some good things AND some awful things during his tenure here. That's my United Nations, diplomatic answer.

Jets have too many pending free agents, and too little salary cap room to sign Asomugha. If they did sign him, it would likely mean they parted ways with Cro, Brad Smith, Greg Ellis, and either Edwards or Holmes. The one LB that's a starter (can't think of his name) is a free agent too. He'll be looking for big money as well. Not to mention they do have one of the oldest rosters in the league, and not a lot of young talent giving all the draft picks they have dealt over the past 3 years. So, if that is their approach, I would say good luck.

mallet and locker's stock has fallen. draft cam newton and sign a top fa qb.

I just read a mock cdsdraft where Mallet does't go until round three. Those guys lit him up. Questioned his leadership, maturity, and lack of pocket awarness. This will infuriate Mallet guys. But it gets better. Locker dropped all of the way into the 4th round. They called his Senior Bowl "Inept" and felt sorry for him that he did not come out a year earlier. I would have felt sorry for that team! I know these are subjective, and in the end don't mean much. But if Ryan Mallet was a sure thing first rounder. No way, even on a hack site. Would he fall into the third round. I tend to agree with everything cdsdraft sports said about Mallet. Except I doubt he will drop into the third round. If he falls to the second it wouldn't be a shock.

Sorry it wasn't cdsdraft...Walterfootball.com.My bad

let me get this straight you think the jets will pay north of 25 million per year for their 2 corners? So what about all their other players? I mean there is still going to be salary cap right? You're dreaming Jets can't afford Asomugha

I really consider Roger Goodell. Not only does he have to be an Arbitrator but also a Meteorologist. Poor Man.


You're going to laugh at me for saying this but we're not as far away on our thoughts about Henne as you or anyone else might think. I have NEVER annointed him as the 'franchise' QB, I have only stuck up for him under the conditions he's had to play under the last two years, when everyone wanted to throw him under the bus. I see everything that's wrong with the team and I've always argued how can Henne be properly assessed under those conditions. In this league it can be very damagin if you are wrong about a guy and there teams out there who have been wrong about a guy before and it's come back to bite them. I simplay want to give the guy one more year, with more help before we change direction. If the results aren't any better next year then I'll agree we need to move one.

DD, not surprised some of those guys are being shown out of the first round. It's not unlike what happened with Quinn, Rodgers and Claussen. Are the QBs this year really first round picks? Probably not but teams will overdraft in an effort to find 'the next QB', something a lot of fans on here want this regime to do. It's a tough call where some of those QBs will evenytually go. My gut feeling is that Gabbert will be first to go and Newton will probably be a first round pick too. I think Mallett will go in the first just because of the number of teams that need a first round QB but I think in reality he's not really a first round pick. Locker I would be surprised to see drop to the second. IMO, there are some other equally appealing QBs available in the 3rd and 4th. If we're taking a QB, I would rather it be there.

DC, on the topic of Ted Ginn, does anyone know if he is now a FA? I'm sure I'll get lambasted for this on here but I'd love to see him back, almost exclusively for ST's. No one on the team last year could do what he can do on STs, with Carroll being the closest.


Ginn is signed through 2011 (he's a FA in 2012). I wouldn't mind seeing him back as a returner, but not for the money he's making now (about a mil). But you're right, we need more speed on kick/punt returns. Bess and Carroll aren't doing it for me.

I meant to say I wouldn't be surpised if Locker fell out of the first round but fourth round soounds a bit too severe. This guy had accuarcy problems in College and I'm not sure that can be corrected in the pros.


Agreed about Bess and Carroll. I don't know what we're going to do to solve this but this has been a problem for this team for as long as I can remember. Perhaps there are some guys in FA that can help us in this regard. I'd like to see this being treated as more of a priority with this team.

Didn't we sign a return ace and cut him 2 weeks later to make room for some 7th string Guard or TE?

This Front office is clueless...

Craig, don't tell anyone we think similarly, ok? Just kidding man. Come Sept., God willing, we'll ALL be thinking the exact same thing, win Dolphins!

Marc, good call. I was just gonna bring that up. Clifton dude. I didn't think he got enough touches (even though he didn't really do anything with what he got).

But Craig, you're right. ST has been ignored by Sparano (and probably one of his worst mistakes, as it probably led directly to 2 losses). We need core ST players. We NEED a speedy kick/punt returner. We NEED better field position.

DD mentioned a strategy yesterday (drafting the best player available even if it's a defender, and kind of making this a 2-year process). That's really why we should have dumped Sparano this year. A new Coach would have had that leeway to make it a 2-year process before showing marked improvement. Sparano is really under pressure to make it happen this year, and I hope that doesn't cause more problems in the future for us.

Oh common their going for the bomb of this up coming season so that would guarantee luck as our qb... Either that or they r just plain retarded... Watch luck is gonna do nothing next year n watch his draft stock fall like a few others just recently... Lol

Look For the Fins to Franchise Dan Carpenter while the fist pumper is the Head coach........

He should have come out this year...

Hello? Why should we go after "Awesome Wah" when we already have a top 5 defense with good young corners. The money he would command is ridiculous. We need to spend that money on nearly every position on offense. I'm okay with giving Henne another chance with a great offensive line and RB. We need at least 1, if not 2 O-Linemen, RB, fast WR, and a deep threat TE. There are a few question marks as to what linemen we need. Can Incognito the answer at Center? Is Jerry going to be a starter? Will Carey be moved to Guard? In a perfect world, the answer to all of those is YES. Then we can draft a stud RT, RB, TE, and fast WR. Of course, I think we still need another pass rusher at OLB or a replacement for Crowder.

Such boorish and pedantic commentary. It is like the mindless chattering of baboons.

Who cares about mankins. Our line was fine until that idiot Ireland decided to cut grove, smiley and Thomas just before the season. Anyone remember them. We were 4th in rushing and considered an up and coming line. If we signed mankins these idiots would cut long and move mankins to tackle. Lmao!

MiaFan, I Have ZERO Confidence in The Fins Management...........

Amen menace amen!

Cuban anyone with half a brain has no confidence in those bozos... I have more faith in the posters on this site being our gm... N that is saying something.... Lol

I hate this I phone app

If you have a franchise tag, you might as well use it. Tag soliai and be done with it, nt.'s don't grow on trees. Better to overpay than go without.

I thought the Patriots used their franchise tag last year on Vince Wilfork. You can't use it two years in a row.

Unless your Jeff Ireland. He will probably allow soliai to walk and trade for barbie carpentef again.


Totally agree with you on the idea of having core ST players. I've being saying that for a while.

Yes, I will keep the similar thinking thing quiet....you'l become outlawed on here...LOL.

Btw, I'm not so worried about Sparano and the one year/two year thing. This guy coaches each game like it's last game as it is and he doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who coaches just to keep his job. Has he made mistakes over the last three years?...of course. I'm not convinced he can't adjust.

trouble with our whole front office is no one can/will talk about the team. everything is a big secret for no apparent reason. from ross to ireland,parcells,sparano,peterson;all must think of the fans as enemies not to be trusted with the smallest bit of news. coach cant even talk about the game until he watches film all night. their silence brings in alot of questions and doubts. the regime needs a public relations person to explain all the bone-headed decisions.

Cuban anyone with half a brain has no confidence in those bozos... I have more faith in the posters on this site being our gm... N that is saying something.... Lol

Posted by: grrreatdane | February 04, 2011 at 04:41 PM


No offense, but I'll pass on both.

Greg Z, It's a big Secrete cause they dont know what there doing, Look for a 4 and 12 season........

Exactly why I say trade down and get a 2nd rd pick. Just got a feeling Mankins will be a Pat one way or the other and we need a 2nd rd pick to take a guard like John Moffitt from Wisconsin.

We cant jerk around about getting a legit #2 speed wr neither. Either Titus Young or Leonard Hankerson with a late 1st rd pick.

Maybe a rb 3rd rd or get to developing a real center that can be a quality starter by yr 2. Jake Kirkpatrick, TCU qualifies.

Fix the damn nickel cb position. Kendric Burney would be a gold mine in 4th rd. Was dominant in senior bowl game an practice at nickel. He wont be available past 4th rd. Believe that!

Pray Ricky Stanzi's still available 5th rd as projected. Just have a strange feeling in 5-4yrs he'll be unquestionably the best qb of this draft class. The guy definitely has that "it" factor and only needs to develop other areas of his game. He's going to make some gm look like a real genius in 3-4yrs, I hope it's us.

If Noel Devine slips thru the cracks all the way down to our 6th rd pick. Then he's an absolute no-brainer. Just like a multiple choice test that f*ucks up and omits the 3 wrong answers. Leaving you only the correct answer to choose from.

There's a great chance Noel Devine slips to 6th rd, though not guaranteed. His size is what may make him slip so far, but he has Ginn-like speed.

Greatest thing about that is is unlike Ginn, Devine played rb his entire career so he shouldnt be as afraid of contact. He can be a change of pace rb and work in the return game.


I'm fine with your plan...I realy am. The problem with this whole CBA thing is that FA's won't be able to be signed until likely long after the draft. Can this team really afford to go through the draft without taking a TE at some point and pin their hopes to being able to lure Zach Miller or Owen Daniels to this team through FA, when there will be a lot of teams competing for these guys. To me lack of a quality TE is one of the gaping holes on this team. Fasano is just not a guy we can count on to bail out the QB.

Look at the players these idiots have cut. Erik walden, smiley, grove, Thomas, ninkovich, Micah Johnson was solid, don't believe me go back and watch the preseason games. Anthony Armstrong, jt on the decline was still better than koa misi. Anybody see a pattern here?

The greatest thing about spending a late 1st rd pick on a wr. Is that we get a guy capable of being a really good #1 wr, so we know that we have a gret #2 wr.

Since the possibility could exist the Jets may have Asomugha and Revis, the more valid is the reason to have 2 great wr starters. Bess is still one of the top 3 slot wr in the nfl. So even if catches are far and few inbetween against Revis and Asomagha, Bess may still dominate his man in the slot.

grrreatdane, almost anyone could draft better just by going with the ratings. But that's PART of the problem, this regime has thought from jump they were smarter than the rest when they're clearly not.

Craig M,

It's very difficult to get a TE that'll be dominant right away. Next best thing is get a #2 wr that can possibly be dominant right away. Even say we use a late 1st rd pick on Kyle Rudolph. There's still nothing in his game to suggest he'll be a dominant TE right away.

By dominant from the TE position I mean a top 5 nfl TE. We still have a rookie TE we picked up mid to late season. Mikey Shuler Jr. Obviously he wasnt around long enough to fully digest the playbook, therefore that maybe the only reason he wasnt inserted into the lineup in 2010.

Shuler comes from good TE pedigree. His father Mickey Sr. wasnt a bad nfl TE. So who knows, the sought after TE may already be on the roster. He may just need this offseason and training camp to fully digest the offense to become what we've been looking for.

Just throwing that out there. I like the chances of a guy who has a father that that was no slouch at the position developing as a legit nfl TE himself. Im sure he gets lots of pointers from his father that could help to quicken his learning curve.

I've witnessed numerous times Mickey Shuler Sr. burning our defense as a NY Jets TE! LOL............

Looks like we are fu@ked.

To D > Posted by: D | February 04, 2011 at 09:50 AM

YES.. By ALL means COWHER is 100% better then our garbage Head Coach and all his assistants and fill In's, the GM and the owner. The ONLY one who has a clue is the DC.

If COWHER were hired he would bring in his peps. His peps would be whoever COWHER deemed fit. And whoever that may be is 1000000% bette then all the bozos that were hired by Sparano.

We would see an IMMEDIATE improvement with COWHER. Players WANT to work under a HC who is a winner and is proven.

In Cowher’s 15 seasons, the Steelers captured eight division titles, earned ten post season playoff berths, played in 21 playoff games, advanced to six AFC Championship games and made two Super Bowl appearances. He is one of only six coaches in NFL history to claim at least seven division titles...

Cowher's record as a head coach is 149-90-1 (161-99-1 including playoff games).

I'll take all the above ANYTIME over ANY COACH ALIVE. The numbers above on COWHERS accomplishments are what Dolphins would droll over having just 1/4 of all that.

Who do you want as your Head Coach? COWHER or Sparano and company?

I apologize but if you don't see that there IS a humongous difference my friend.. You are the one who is delusional.


This regime actually hasnt been that awful drafting since they've been here. Every regime has misses. Thier biggest achilles heel up until signing Dansby/Marshall has been fa signings.

When you look at that combined with the draft misses it makes them look even more awfull than they really are. Though not overly spectacular, theyve been very solid in the draft department.

NY "G",

Get over it! We didnt get Cowher, time to move on.

Sparano has his little quirks that need working on. However, no matter who your HC is you better have great talent to work with too. The infusion of the right offseason talent additions can go a long way with making this a better team.

I hardly believe Bill Cowher coaches last season 2010 team to any better record. Ok, ok, maybe Cowher coaches 2010's team to 8-8 instead of 7-9! LOL...........

Agree with "G" Here, Last time the fins won a playoff game???? 1999 against Seattle, Thats almost 13 years ago people(Or as home would call you "Sheeple").......

Breed, Surly you cant say that coaching didn't cost Miami at least 5 games last year, It's Horrendous at best, They lost to the Bills Lions and Browns for Chri$t sakes... At home non the less.....Time to go "Ole Yellow" on the fist pumper ASAP, as it is we'll be waiting around next year for a new head coach, Don't see the fist pumper making it past the bye-week IMHO........

I am confident that Mr FG/Ireland will F up this draft and potential FA.

And by F up I mean not do what i think they ought to.

1st off IMO the team desperately needs a good WR with speed to balance the field with BM.

To this day I can not understand how the staff was not able to see that glaring weakness prior to the start of last season.

With zero deep threat opponents were able to bracket BM and cheat up to stuff the run game.

Pathetic coaching on the staff's part.

I feel a quality WR is imperative and am hopeful Julio Jones falls to the Dolphins at the 15th pick.

Dying Breed...

The ONLY infusion of the right off season talent acquisitions would be worthless. Just look at the off season when we got the beast. How did that work out for us all? As the old saying goes.. Good leaders surround themselves with people that will make them look god and who can get the job done.

Even the beast with all his talent seen that he was being coached by someone who isn't even worthy of coaching a Pop Warner Mighty Mights.

Soprano is the HC and he should have told Hennaing to handle the beast different. ALL the blame comes on the HC and GM and lastly the owner who hired these bozos.

Just like the old Jets owner said on his death bed.. I'm 96 years old and I want to win. Poor guy never seen that happen. WE, the fans will have to wait just like he waited for as long as he could.

Again, as i said in other blogs... The GM and Soprano will NOT draft a QB in the first round. Even if a miracle happened and they did draft a QB in the first... That choice for QB will be the wrong choice.

Pat White anyone???

As a life long Fin fan I want to win just like all of us. That wont happen until we hire a real Coach like COwher and that wont happen until the Fins draft a quality QB in the first. All this BS that we need a second round and that we should trade away our first round just to get a second round is exactly the SAME mentality that got us WHO last draft????

How's that working out for us?

COWHER in 2012... PLEASE!!!

Oh Yeah They also got blown out by the Pats in the season Finale when the coaches job is on the line.., This shows you what's in store for the coming season, Sorry but it's just my opinion, I might be wrong.....

Cuban Menace..

I'm with you. The last time the number 13 worked in our favor was when it was on Marinos Jersey.

Quality RB's can be found in later rounds and frankly Ronnie is way better than most feel he is.

Belicheat would kill with Ronnie. The MAIN problem with the Dolphins running game was the crap O-line play last year.

The O-line needs a pulling G. Incognito I feel is a total keeper but he does not excel at pulling. I am hopeful he moves to center.

Help has to be found in FA.

Dying, I agree the drafts have not been awful...no question. The problem is it's been mediocre. And it reflects their philosophy of playing it safe. Not only that but they reach (thinking they know better) and then over pay them.

In order to improve, you have to make some bold moves. Something that the jets have done and it seems Ireland doesn't have it in him. Looking for acorns should tell you something and looking for acorns ain't gonna get it in this league.

So, I hope both Ireland and Sparano have learned but I ain't betting the farm on it.

"G" Welcome to G.O.D (Gang of defeat), Welcome aboard...........


Did Sparano get to choose to choose his own staff upon coming to the Dolphins? Most of Sparano's staff were Parcells recommendations.

Sparano wasnt even even a an experience coordinator before coming here. Is that his fault too? You have to be brain dead to not expect some faults would come with that. Inspite of it all I dont think Sparano was a horrendous HC, hell he has a learning curve too.

Cam Cameron, and Dave Wannstadt had previous nfl HC or coordinator experience and were far worse. Saban had national championship HC experience, didnt do any better, and the pressure made him quit.

There were a myriad of things that produced 7-9 records for 2 consecutive seasons. At least 85% of those things were not under Sparano's direct control.

Part of the Sparano extension contract states he will be given "more control". Once he falls flat on face then, that's when more blame can be pushed more his way. The time will come soon enough for "all eyes" to be placed soley on him.

Right now is not that time.

Have you ever stopped and talked to a Chinese baby? I mean REALLY talk to one, not the "koochy koochy koo" nonsense but a GENUINE discussion of the issues that drive our times.

I recommend finding a Chinese baby and having a frank discussion with them.

Coco, How's the beer flowing in So. Fla?????

Sign Ronnie, draft Jacquizz Rodgers. He is small, but the kid is a gamer.

Dying Breed...

I'm sorry but unless your 21 years old and have the next 50 years to wait for a Superbowl appearance.. That "learning curve" is not an option for us older Fin fans.

I want to WIN NOW. I don't want a head coach in training. I want a coach with experience and that coach is COWHER.

Sorry for being recitative but I already spent my years as a fan waiting for the next win.

Breed, Like I said, Look for a coaching change come the Bye week...., Though Hollywood Ross might be to stupid to pull the trigger which brings up the question, how did the moron make all his money????... LOL

Actually, I should amend that to "most" of you guys. I've seen one or two smart and honest enough to admit they have no idea how these college guys will work out.

The rest, though, are nitwits.

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