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Two troubling possibilities associated to the franchise tag

The NFL and it's players are disagreeing over practically everything these days and the latest such point of contention is the franchise tag so many teams use on their most valuable players to keep them locked to their rosters during free agency.

The NFL sent all 32 teams a letter recently informing them the franchise tag can be employed beginning Feb. 10. The NFL Players Association is countering with a letter to agents telling them the union would go to court to challenge any franchise tag being used prior to the signing of a new labor agreement -- an agreement that is not close to happening.

How does this affect the Dolphins?

Well, it seems unlikely the Dolphins would tag any of their pending veteran free agents. That's bad news for fans because it means Miami probably doesn't have a veteran player so valuable he would merit an enormous franchise tag type guaranteed salary by the  Dolphins in exchange to keep him.

It is likely, however, other teams would tag their quality players. And that is bad news for the Dolphins.

Remember I've been telling you for months the Dolphins would be very interested in New England Patriots Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins if he hits free agency? Chances are good he would not hit free agency because the Patriots would likely use the franchise tag on him.

The same would happen with other quality players around the league. Come to think of it, even if the NFLPA goes to court and gets a favorable ruling and teams aren't allowed to use the tag now, eventually some form of the tag is expected to be part of the new collective bargaining agreement. So we have to cool our jets about  Mankins, folks, considering the Pats might still use that tag regardless of whether its on Feb. 10 or later.

On the other hand, I've got an unsettled feeling about the Jets.

There are reports the Raiders are going to use their franchise tag on Richard Seymour. That's because they cannot use it on outstanding and soon-to-be free agent cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. You remember Aomugha, right?

Last year there were rumors he might be traded to the, wait for it, New York Jets.

He wasn't. But now he's able to go to any team he wants and has a want for him.

The Jets initially are acting coy about the possibility. They have their own players to re-sign first. But guys, I think I've seen that team operate from afar in such a manner that they do the audacious things to try to get better -- at least they have the past three years.

Yes, Antonio Cromartie is one of those players the Jets would like to re-sign to continue competing for AFC titles. But if they can sign Asomugha and team him with Darrelle Revis instead, that would be an enormous upgrade. So that is a possibility that cannot be dismissed.

The Eagles, possibly the 49ers, and other teams might also be players for Asomugha. But he has already expressed an interest in playing alongside Revis. That is troubling to me.

Very troubling.


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I'am with "G"... Testify my Brother(Stuck up here in the Greatest city in the world).....

Dying Breed at 5:59.

Listen kid.. unless your 21 years old and have the next 49 years to wait for the next SB appearance.. We elder Dolphin fans don't want a coach in diapers. We don't want a coach in training. We want a coach who is a proven winner like Bill COWHER.

A coach like COWHER is my only chance to see my Dolphins play like champions as we were.

Again, if you got the time the current GM, HC and owner is right up your alley.


'There were a myriad of things that produced 7-9 records for 2 consecutive seasons. At least 85% of those things were not under Sparano's direct control.'

I like alot of what you have to say and feel you are knowledgeable but this statement I have to totally disagree with.

Sparano is to blame for countless losses for the Dolphins over the last two years. Sparano coaches scared. Scared to make a mistake, scared to put the D in a difficult place, scared to throw the ball downfield, scared to let his QB make plays.

The complete failure to bring an aggressive style to the Dolphins is the main culprit for the fact that this team is totally mediocre, does not scare anyone and will never compete with the high scoring successful teams the in league.

On top of that The O-line has been abysmal and Mr FG is supposed to be the O-line guru. The guy is a clown.


The greatest problem faced drafting wise is being in the 25th draft slot 1 full season after being 1-15.

I didnt see any of these just say no fans complaining about the afc east crown that year. 2nd to going 1-15 or worse for consecutive seasons, 1-5 and a afc east crown was the worst thing that could happen to a team one season fresh of 1-15.

Im sure Parcells himself didnt even want that much improvement in 2008. A lot of quirky things contributed to that. But believe that it wasnt a result in drastic improvement in talent.

2008's "smoke and mirors" success was more of a step back than a step forward. Because there's absolutely no way a team 1 season short of 1-15 is suddenly and that quickly at a level to where it can afford to draft 25th the immediate following season.

Even in 2010 we may have still been paying that price. The 2008 afc east title was one helluva expensive one dolphans!

And on top of all that the staff appears poised to foul up another draft by drafting a QB early when the pool is weak and target a RB early when the doing so is proven to equal poor value.

Oregon Dolphin fan.

100% right on. As I posted earlier. The HC is the problem and he failed to intervene with Hennaing on the play calling. hence is why Soprano is not HC material and we will all be stuck with 7-9 and even 5 -11 under this group.

Like it or not guys, it is what it is. B*itching isnt going to change it. None of have a clue what the offseason brings as far as talent infusion yet.

Until then you're just like the big bad wolf trying to huff and puff and blow the brick house down. None of have a better guage on that until after the draft and free agency at earliest.

So if you just love making yourselves feel absolutely horrible right now be my guest! ALoco called it the "gang of defeat".

But right now you guys are more resembling the league of doom and gloom.


Cuban, I live up here in Cocoa Beach now but the beer (Becks) taste just fine. All the locals were out and the chicks seemed like they had spring fever early this year.
Hey, you wouldn't have believed the fog coming off the ocean at 2:00 in the afternoon today. You know because you lived here but fog even in the AM is rare...this was at 2PM...weird-o-rama

I am admittedly totally biased against Sparano. I have seen enough of his Bull Sh*t approach. the guy is totally incompetent IMO and the team will never be what I want to see with Mr FG at the helm.

Also the more I understand what the Dolphins could have done personnel wise I am equally unimpressed with Ireland.

Why did the Dolphins dump Roth? The DE from Penn Sate was a total luxury pick and a blunder when the team team could have added Dez bryant.

The lack of a speed WR going into last season to balance the field for BM just blows my mind.

I could see that problem coming from Oregon!

Disrespecting JT then having to spend another early pick to fill that spot also leaves me wondering why.

And I could go on. This is the Parcells legacy. BP brought his flunkies in to make a ton of cash and F up the Dolphins.

DB, ALoco,

You can count me in the gang of defeat all you want. Fine by me.

I want a dynamic aggressive offense again in Miami just like Ross and that will never happen with Mr FG at the helm.

Also, I would love to be shocked and proven wrong. However, track record typically tells the tale.

Coco, You sure it wasn't "Chem-Trails" ???? Home I'm sure is investigating at this very moment...

Dying, point taken on the 25th position. Look Dying, I know you're a good guy and like any true fan you want our Miami Dolphins to suceed.
But I lost faith not long after Parcells took over. The tip off? Never held a position like it, in other words a rookie. Brought Sparano also a rookie and Ireland ditto. He immediately started bringing in Cowboy rejects. Showed me he was going for safe and comfortable not bold and in command.

I have not seen anything to convinced me Ireland or Sparano have progressed from their rookie year. BTW, I was in Sparano's corner thinking that Parcells was holding him back. But it seems I was wrong.

Cuban, never thought about that. Home, where are you? Nevermind

Psycology 101:

Fans with the highest degree of expectations will display the greatest degree of disappointment.

Prior to the beginning of the season maybe 5-10% of the fans in these blogs had the Dolphins finishing below 10-6. If you were amongst that percentile there's no need to be greatly upset.

If you were amongst those with expectations of 10-6 and higher. Then you should also blame half of 2010's disappointments so hard on having your heads buried too far up your own a*sses. I count myself in this fraternity too.

I Saw 6 and 10 myself, So going 7 and 9 again was a treat......

I think in the last 2 years they went 2 and 8 in there last 2 years after week 11, though I might be wrong but thats not good.....

Aloco..Harris??? Not a chance...he couldn't even do great things in college and you think he will be good in the NFL? Are you smoking those fake chemtrails again man?

Hey Dying, for me it's not just W/L record, it's what you see on the field Sunday afternoon. Some call it the eyeball test. But more than that, is the team going in the right direction? Are we gaining ground on NE or even the jets?

I don't see it.

Coco, I believe they've lost ground against those teams and think they've lost ground to Buffalo...........

Wasn't it the Parcell's Plan to rebuild the Dolphins through the Draft?

Im extremely concerned about Sparanos apacity as a HC...I noticed this during his clock management problems and also in allowinh Henning to stall plays....add the fact that he should have intervened with LEE over HENNE and the way he was bieng managed and it tells the story...Ireland is also a big windbag...says nothing..but his performance so far in DRAFTS is mediocre at best...The OLine is putrid after 3 long years??....Sparano thats your department...??

I dont think this guy is any good...I really dont...a whole bunch...I dont think he can get this thing done..a whole bunch...I really dont..

By the way...we're underwater here in Melb Australia...floods...remnants of cyclone YASI...anyone got a canoe I can borrow?

Peace Out Finfans, Gotta go.............

By the way, Mr. Salguero, you start this blog as follows: "The NFL and it's players..." The grammar of the sentence is wrong. "It's" is the contraction of the pronoun "it" and the verb "is". What you need for your sentence is the personal adjective "its", a modifier of the noun "players". I have told you before, but you continue to make the same mistake.


After 1-15, we all wanted so hard to believe in Parcells. My deal was it's hard to assess until seeing what we have in year 3.

There have been some helluva bumps in the road along the way. But was also the 1st time I ever witnessed "all rookies" taking over the direction of a franchise.( Ireland, Sparano&Staff, even Parcells having 100% final say so over everything)

Believe it or not Dan Henning was the greatest object of stability represented by this entire incoming regime. At least in tenure position-wise. But after the supposedly miracle season of 2008(afc east crown) it seemed these guys were ready to walk on water and the fan base was far too far on the side of false hopes.

So hopefully, the 2010 season has placed both regime and fan base back into the realms true reality. There's still lots of work to be done on both the overall talent base and this regime to grow and mature itself.

We've started over for an entire decade now. That hasnt really worked yet either. At least in all of the starting overs, this has been the closest we've come to being a complete team.

We've won 11, 7, and 7 games over the last 3 seasons. That's slightly above 8 wins a year. Though not great, it's still shocking things havent been worse considering what should have been a perfect recipe for it too occur.


You are welcome depict yourself as having your head up your ass. I am not of that fraternity.

I have a realistic view of my life long favorite team.

I see a team that could have been 10=6 last year or better.

Pro football is a parody league. The any given Sunday adage is true.

That said bringing a conservative predictable approach places the Dolphins at an extreme disadvantage.

Sparano plays to not lose instead of playing to win. That fearful approach resulted in numerous losses that could have been wins.

You can like Mr FG all you want I do not have to.

That said,

It is always interesting to hear where other fans are at and I never fail to learn something while reading this blog.

Thanks for reading my rants. I am frustrated with the direction of my favorite team, but hey that has been the case for many years.

Time to make my way to Happy Hour. Have a great SB weekend Dolphin fans!

Go Dolphins!


I wanted Cowher this offseason. We didnt get him and until we see what happens this season we have no toher choice but to swing with Sparano and Ireland. Like it or not.

I know its tough to pallatt but there's the reality of where we are. Guess we may as well wish the best of it. LOL.........

A Chinese baby?

What guarantees that Mr. Luck will not turn into the Locker of this year? Draft for now.

Even with all of our problems. If we were more stable at quarterback. I think some of the end of the world hysteria would be much less. Last offseason the franchise, and fan base all believed Henne was going to take giant leaps to becoming this teams quarterback of the future. We were only a few pieces away. Once we signed Marshal, and Dansby. Even writers had us penned in as playoff contenders. Some so far as labeling the Dolphins favorites. We all had real hope.

Well it didn't work out the way we all thought it would. Sure some of us didn't buy into it. And the way the offense played in the preseason should have woken us up. But hey we started out 2-0. We should have felt good. But nobody could have seen the car wreck that was coming. Yes we had a few nice wins. But the loses were frustrating, and the team as a whole seemed to get worse as the season dragged on. This goes back to the quarterback situation. If Henne would have showed ANYTHING in the last 5 games. Maybe the tone would be more upbeat. But he looked more like a little boy playing with his ding a ling. Then an NFL quarterback ready to move forward. If only Henne could have lead us to a win or two.Perhaps folks here would have the same hope for next season. As it sits, we have to reconstruct the offense, find a new quarterback, and put our faith in a head coach that the owner wanted so badly to replace. I understand the synical nature of some.

Dyingbreed I agree with you to a certain extent, I don't think we are close on offense what so ever!

First...... Have to get good players in two very important positions QB AND O/L running back also but with a good To great offensive line don't need great probowl type backs, and on top of all that there is going to be a new offense to learn and installed.

Second special teams are one of the worst in the NFL. But one thing I'm sure that's going to get Better even more and that's a big deal because it keeps you in games, and you know the old saying defense wins championships!!!

Dying, I smelled a rat in Parcells right off. I honestly believe a new coach, GM whatever has to embrace their new city and it's history. I knew Parcells didn't give a flip about Miami and our proud history. That and his history shouted, I'm here for the money.

Sparano seemed to appreciate Miami and his enthusiasm had me wanting to see him succeed. I rooted for him right up until it was clear to me he was not going to take the next step. To say, the hell with Parcells way of doing things, this is my team and I'm going to lead it now. It never did happen I'm sorry to say.

Looking at things from a different perspective, there is a lot more parity in this league than most people realize. The best players in a country of 3 billion get filtered into only 32 teams. In any given season, there are a few really good teams and a few really bad teams. I'd say 80% of the teams are in that parity zone, while 10% are clearly better and 10% are clearly worse.

In a nutshell, saying you are close to being a playoff contender is not much different than saying you could very well be a losing team next season. You either are a playoff caliber team (a team that at least WINS a playoff game), or you are not. If you are in parity zone or loser zone, its all the same. Thats right where this team has been for a decade, nowhere. We will remain nowhere until PROVEN otherwise. Any kind of worthwhile success can only be measured by playoff wins, anything less is failure.

Just got off work, and read the first page of posts.

Got to the 12:45pm section of posts regarding Henne, and just wanted to point out that the kid has more than some of you give him credit for. Some do see potential, and for $850,000, he's a steal, and I truely believe with a good Oline and a fierce RB with good hands, (and smart coaching calls) will make all the difference in him becoming a great QB.

I have spent a great deal of time studying this boys tenure at Michigan, and see a gifted athlete. When he had that pass protection, his leg work was identical to Payton Mannings.

Bouncing around on tip-toes, with 2 or 3 seconds in the pocket (and step up accordinly) to scan his receiving corp...and then throw a bullet, bomb, and butter pass with record breaking frequency. And, Henne's arm strenght is profoundly stronger. Not to knock Payton, of course.

If you don't think Henne - behind Green Bays Oline (and coaching staff) - wouldn't have looked really good this past year, you have your head buried in sand.

Miami should get another QB, for the future, but they had better get both guys better pass protection.

Because Big Ben or Rodgers wouldn't have done crap last year playing for Miami. Nor will Henne, Cam Newton and the rest.

Gotta go, the tides on a rise...

0x80 Good post...You are right on the money.

Well, he'd better perform, GulfD; he's going to have somebody looking over his shoulder.

Except we are not a country of 3 billion. Even China 1.4 billion, India 1.225 billion, combined dont have 3 billion citizens.

Out of a world population estimated at just over 7 billion, America comes in at 335 million, last I researched, nearly a year ago.

One too many Bill Parcells if you ask me...


You would have to be either a non-football fan period or have been abducted by aliens the last decade to not know the sad state of Dolphin football.

Still its of very little consolation to anyone to state that right now we seem to be headed in the best direction of at anytime during post Shula era under this regime. Hell, we won our only afc east crown in over a decade with them.

Sure, I would have loved having a guy like Cowher come in too. But fact is, and too this regimes credit, Cowher never had to build a Steeler team from 1-15 ashes. Right now this team is about where Pittsburgh was when Cowher 1st took over.

Whose to say with 100% certainty, starting at the exact point of progress where we currently are now. That this present regime cant do as good a job as Cowher would taking over from this exact point?

I understand that from this point on, beginning with the draft because a cba doesnt look to be coming and preventing fa coming 1st. I fully understand the criticalness of this present offseason. We have to hit with the right players in both draft and free agency if we are to get to next level of being the kind of football team all fin fans can enjoy and love.

Unfortunately we dont get this sneak preview until after draft and free agency. I know its very difficult to remain patient. Just trust me, there will be plenty of time for us all to b*itch once we see the lack there of that draft, free agency, and or offseason trades bring.

Love it or not, right now everything is what it is. Right now we do know for sure what isnt going to change, at least not until midseason at its earliest following a complete disaster.

All that we can do now is keep each and every move under the tiniest of microscopic scrutiny and try and be optimistic until we see the earliest in talent acquisitions that hint in 2011 we're not going in the needed direction.

Reasonable comments, DB.

People used the excuse that he was coming off an injury but we've always tore Asomougha a new a hole come gametime. Ginn did it Hartline did it Bess did it. Revis and Asomougha both excel against the bigger corners not the "undersized" ones so we straight. Plus we got Daboll running the show now. And we're getting another speedster equipped with hands to make Revis and his island look dumb again. Asomougha can go to the jets but we have a defense to match em now. If he's smart and comes here though we should switch Smith to FS like we've been doin with nickel then I would dare QBs to throw to those twin towers or Vontae

Gulf Dolphin..I get the point you are trying to make. And yes The O-line needs improving. But Rodgers, and Ben were both sacked more times then Henne. Heck Jay Cutler was sacked over 50 freakin times....Almost, but not quite twice as many times as Henne. Take in to consideration Ben missed the first 4 games of the year, and his total could have been higher. I would go as far as to point the finger in a couple of directions.

1 Henne of course. He needs to get better at movement in the pocket. For as many panicky checkdowns, he holds the ball to long like statue. He needs someone to help him with his footwork. It might help with his accuracy to.

2 our inability to get the ball deep. This created a congested middle of the field. Safties, and corners gave us the stuff over the top because they knew we wouldn't, or couldn't execute. This made it much more difficult for the recievers to get open. I think that there is no coincidence that the second half of the season Henne was pressured much more then the first half. By the second half of the year, guys that were on the practice squad, or not getting much playing time were forced into the lineup because of injury. There was a reason these guys couldn't get on the field. They struggled to get open,

we dont have a defense as good as the jets.

Bill we finished 6th in defense for a young team first learning a new defense with guys who haven't played together this is a scary defense...like the Jets

Asomugha to the Jets doesn't scare me. The Dolphins are working on stadium changes plus they have orange uniforms. The Jets can't compete with that.

Darryl I kno the numbers say different but I'm not convinced henne is our problem. More ints than tds would suggest otherwise but hes been playin scared the whole season. When Pennington got injured he came in and played like a tiger free from captivity making smart but daring throws not afraid of being benched. But he does have a footwork problem. Majority of blitzes against came thru the middle and it's not because of our interior oline defenses know he only moves out if the play calls for it plus he needs to stop staring down receivers like they're hotties on south beach. Maybe he should invest in a visor


That's why I keep saying draft a wr with a traded back 1st rd pick. We potentially get #1 wr quality to use at #2 wr position. Until we can get that kind of quality of play from the #2 wr position, DC's around the league wont feel the urgency to back any defenders out of the run box or to blitz.

Whether it Hankerson or Titus Young I dont care. But I do know that we need a #1 wr type guy with speed playing next to Marshall to take heat off of Marshall, the pass and running game.

Next draft concern should be a quality og. I believe Wisc John Moffitt fits that bill in the 2nd rd. Even if we draft 64th 2nd rd, we need to trade up to get Moffitt. The guy has the speed to be a great pulling guard too.

Some say move Carey to guard but that's not a guarantee to work out. He's played tackle his entire career. After we do these 2 things, I dont specifically care in which order we do any of the rest of the draft.

But we do have to approach the draft like we're not going to be able to get our most sought after pieces in free agency. I know most wont agree with me but of all the offensive priorities I believe TE is last on the list. I would ignore it during the draft and throw the kitchen sink at Zack miller in free agency.

I still dont believe Mankins will leave the Pats. That I will have to see to believe!

Bill_I disagree. The 2 edges the jets have on the Phins are in the secondary, and their scheme. Their linebackers are below average, and they have no pass rush unless it comes from some exotic bliz package. In their base defense they don't have much. People are going to be up in arms that I said their scheme is better then our own Mike Nolans. But Rex Ryan is one of the top, if not the top defensive minds in the game. This is no slight on Mike Nolan. He did a great job last year. Not yet in the same class as Ryan.


Before you get to far carried away with our defense. You need to remember we faced some pretty terrible offenses and offenses missing key perfermors at the time we played them.

There still exists critical issues with thie defense. Chief most at nickel cb and a d'line pass rusher to apply consistent pressure not named Cam Wake.

Sooner or later you can get into really big trouble having to blitz to get consistent pass pressure. Also, Clemmons needs to really step up his play as playmaker at the safety position. He neither enough passes defensed nor picks you would like to see as a starter.


The greatest weakness I see on the Jets defense is no dominant pass rusher. Nothing totally makes up for not being able to get pressure on opposing qb's with 3-4 d'linemen. That means everyone else keeping the field pretty conjested with numbers in coverage to go along with 2 shutdown calibre corners.

Even with shutdown corners and blitzing you're still one big play or missed tackle away from losing a game.

Dying... I think we are on the same page as far a grabbing a player that can make the defense turn their focus away from Brandon Marshall. Bess is a vey good slot reciever, but does nothing to strech the field. If we can get another player that defenses have to key on. Bess could easily grab 100 catches.

The only place we differ is what position is more vital. I have been arguing tight end. But I think I'm coming around to your strategy. Especially since we need to take care of our holes Via the draft, because free agency offers no absolutes. This said reciever is much deeper then the tight end class. So fiding that reciever is easier then the 1-2 tight ends that may not be available anyway.

I would also love to see Jones beat out Y Bell for the ss position. Y Bell totally sucks guarding TE. If Jones can prove to be adept guarding TE's and can do a solid job in the run game. In 2011 the ss job should be his.


If we can have a #2 wr that can force double teams or teams to play cover 2. That will naturally open the field more for even a TE of Fasano's quality. I still wanna see what this kid Mickey Shuler can can do. he was a rookie we picked up late last season.

His dad played for the Jets(Mickey too) and though he wasnt a hof TE, Shuler was one of the most solid TE's to play the game. If we can get at least that from his son I'll be pleased.

Jayp.. Another reason we struggled to protect in the second half was our problem at center. Incognito filled in admirably. But what gets missed. Is the center is responsible for making all of the line calls. When you have revolving centers you havce problems. I'm sure a lot of those missed pickups were communication orientated.

DB..Yup. the jets couldn't get a rush at all. That is why I think their scheme is so amazing. I would of thought Brady would have picked them apart. But he was totaly confused as to where the free rusher was coming. It is almost a guessing game. It puts a ton of pressure on the secondary. That is how Ben killed them. Once he escaped the rush, he had a ton of open space to run....Screw the jets!

Plus there is only one, 2 max and 3's stretching it, TE's in the entire nfl that can have a wr type impact in an offense. So dont hold your breath finding that type of TE in this draft. That's why I say drafting a #1 wr quality guy to play our #2 wr position should be our top priority.

He can have a lot more offensive big play impact than any TE we can get in the draft and loosen up the defenses to extent needed.

The top rated TE of the draft is Rudolph and who's to say he can even immediately be a top 10 nfl TE. I would rather have a high impact potential wr.


Dont know how much blitz scheme as to what is a known fact when you hit Brady early he becomes easily rattled. I noticed by thier 3rd offensive possession Brady began looking for the rushers even when they werent there.

The Pats game is all about quick timing. When Brady becomes moere engaged in looking for the rushers I believe it threw timing off between he and his recievers just enough to make a difference.

Brady is a wuss, he hates being hit.

Another reason to add a tight end is so we can run 2 tight end sets. This formation definitley keeps defenses guessing. It is a run first formation, that you can get good play action, roll the pocket, or screen from. I love this formation just because of all of the options it gives you. This is a good formation to run play action and get a linebacker one on one V. the tight end up the seem.

But like I said before. I'm coming around to your idea. There just aren't any tight ends that are better then the group of WR's coming out of this draft. We missed that boat last year.

Alright I'm out..Have a good night fellas. DB.Thanks for the good convo. Gotta go check on the bar.



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