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Two troubling possibilities associated to the franchise tag

The NFL and it's players are disagreeing over practically everything these days and the latest such point of contention is the franchise tag so many teams use on their most valuable players to keep them locked to their rosters during free agency.

The NFL sent all 32 teams a letter recently informing them the franchise tag can be employed beginning Feb. 10. The NFL Players Association is countering with a letter to agents telling them the union would go to court to challenge any franchise tag being used prior to the signing of a new labor agreement -- an agreement that is not close to happening.

How does this affect the Dolphins?

Well, it seems unlikely the Dolphins would tag any of their pending veteran free agents. That's bad news for fans because it means Miami probably doesn't have a veteran player so valuable he would merit an enormous franchise tag type guaranteed salary by the  Dolphins in exchange to keep him.

It is likely, however, other teams would tag their quality players. And that is bad news for the Dolphins.

Remember I've been telling you for months the Dolphins would be very interested in New England Patriots Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins if he hits free agency? Chances are good he would not hit free agency because the Patriots would likely use the franchise tag on him.

The same would happen with other quality players around the league. Come to think of it, even if the NFLPA goes to court and gets a favorable ruling and teams aren't allowed to use the tag now, eventually some form of the tag is expected to be part of the new collective bargaining agreement. So we have to cool our jets about  Mankins, folks, considering the Pats might still use that tag regardless of whether its on Feb. 10 or later.

On the other hand, I've got an unsettled feeling about the Jets.

There are reports the Raiders are going to use their franchise tag on Richard Seymour. That's because they cannot use it on outstanding and soon-to-be free agent cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. You remember Aomugha, right?

Last year there were rumors he might be traded to the, wait for it, New York Jets.

He wasn't. But now he's able to go to any team he wants and has a want for him.

The Jets initially are acting coy about the possibility. They have their own players to re-sign first. But guys, I think I've seen that team operate from afar in such a manner that they do the audacious things to try to get better -- at least they have the past three years.

Yes, Antonio Cromartie is one of those players the Jets would like to re-sign to continue competing for AFC titles. But if they can sign Asomugha and team him with Darrelle Revis instead, that would be an enormous upgrade. So that is a possibility that cannot be dismissed.

The Eagles, possibly the 49ers, and other teams might also be players for Asomugha. But he has already expressed an interest in playing alongside Revis. That is troubling to me.

Very troubling.


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I was reading the first of these blogs to this article bashing Ross and the boys, and I may have had an epiphany, or it could be my new meds. Perhaps Ross isn't as clueless as we think he is on the football scene. First thing he does when he buys the Dolphins is to recoup operating capital from public icons while he assesses football operations throughout the year. At years end he realizes the ineptitude of the team, but doesn't know how much blame is on BP. The deception begins with the phony attempt at Harbaugh which make him look like the naive owner trying to get the golden boy for his team. He inevitably know the cards are stacked this year to get talent, with the CBA and the weak draft, plus he tells Moe and Larry that he wants them to turn the zippo into a blow torch. If they can do it, they are the sublime leaders he wants, otherwise next year he makes his real move. You see he hasn't been banging his head on the wall every year watching this debacle in hope of the days of yore to return

You guys are always good for a laugh even in February.

Miamisam, not sure where you've been, but there has been a salary cap for YEARS. This will not CHANGE with a CBA in place.
The rich are gonna get richer, exactly what Goodell wants.

Without improvement at QB, we will be 5-11 with this difficult schedule.


say some thing nIce about DB ,

I just finished seeing The Social Network. Besides the merits of the movie(which are substantial), it shows a bunch of sleazeballs, all preoccupied about $. Is this the United States of America? Either the Founding Fathers were wrong in their conception or we deviated from the Path.


"The Founding Fathers" were not able to imagine the amount of individual wealth that could be accumulated with the invention of modern Communications.

As far as Facebook goes...

Why ANYONE would willfully choose to share all of their
PERSONAL INFORMATION with the ENTIRE WORLD just so they could see their picture on a Website
(and spy on their ex-Girlfriends from high school...)


"Bottom line is the Jets have so many good players not under contract, it wasn't wise for them to sign everyone. That's call having an abundance of talent.

NO that's called buying to many players and your run is coming to an end.

I believed correct English = "The NFL and its players ...", not "it's". Maybe different in the US than in the rest of the English speaking world ?

"No good player will want to play or come to the Dolphins. We will NOT draft anybody good and we wont draft a QB in the first round. If we happen to draft a QB in the first round most likely we will draft the wrong one. Pat White anyone?"

Ummmm second round????

OOOOOO..... The Jests are coming the Jests are coming...

What...? Is this Armando's new off season job...? Telling us every time the Jests fart or even think about Farting...?

He did the same crap last year.... Sorry, I'll pass on the idea of identifying myself as the fan of a team who is obsessed with what a team who has not won a SB since 1969 is doing....

Funny, I can read or listen to material from places and other sources other then the local beat guys and they all do not seem to share the same negative opinions. I feel that what can be considered a unfulfilled relationships with the Dolphins concerning guys like Armando has considerably affected their viewpoint and what they say. I can read an out of town of National source and get an entirely different take and perspective about where they feel Miami stacks up. But I turn on the Armando and the Amigo show and I hear Armando griping about not being placed in some room for a news conference and having to listen to it on a conference call box instead of being given a seat in the news conference room itself because HIS PAPER gave it to another writer... and "The Amigo" dutifully nodding and agreeing "Your Right Armando" after every word he bloviats.

I'm all for being truthful and not towing the company line of the Dolphins... But I ain't towing Armando's views every time either... I strongly suggest to those of you who are sick and tired of all the negative and depressing reports they are getting from brushed off and mad local beat guys, to read and listen to some material that is not locally based and typically locally biased. It has helped me to not being so depressed about the team all of the time by being given a much more balanced perspective on our team... It ain't balanced here in S Florida guys... Don't let "all bad news all the time" keep bringing you down without deciding to at least see if there is not a differing opinion out there. There are many out there who feel Miami is in a better situation then local guys are giving them credit and have good reason and info to back up their positions. They are not saying we are the next Dynasty franchise by a damn site... But they at LEAST give good and and solid positive things about the team and the players on it. Its only fair that it should be done here also... But I'm sorry to say... Its more like 99% Negative with perhaps a Monday Afternoon "Nice uptake" about something or someone... Its tiresome and uncalled for.

Just a suggestion... you don't need to stop reading or listening to local stuff... Just do yourself a favor and get a balanced perspective of matters... It makes for a better and more informed off season.

"All they had to do was FIRE Iraland and FIRE Sparino and HIRE Coach COWHER and had over the keys."

Yeah Cowher has never been the GM dude. But hey just hand it all over anyway

I know this will sound rude but the truth of the matter is that you guys have about as much actual football knowledge as some random ant running across my back porch.

To put it another way, your football savvy would fit into a thimble with room for the Russian Navy left over.

You can fool some of the people and all that...but not EVERYBODY with these nonsensical and comical "assessments" of college players.

Please forgive me if I just sit back and (respectfully) laugh.

"All they had to do was FIRE Iraland and FIRE Sparino and HIRE Coach COWHER and had over the keys."

Yeah Cowher has never been the GM dude. But hey just hand it all over anyway

Posted by: John | February 05, 2011 at 03:41 AM


You should definitely drink more.

A Lame Duck Head Coach and a Staff of Un=known Coaches...OH yay...I want to spend $$$ to see this....NOT...

If we get back to smash mouth football it doesn't who their cornerbacks are we did that very well in 2009 and it still works today even in the pass happy NFL

Thats pretty funny cocojoe and it would be great if all that happened we are definitely due it has been a long time


Taking bets when Miami will get to the SuperBowl. However, the Roman calendar (that we use) doesn't go far enough into the future, so please use the Jewish calendar for your predictions.

Or you can use the Aztec calendar, both go longer than the Roman.

my prediction, 6771 (Jewish calendar)

ALoco, do you ever leave your house?




Erik Walden is a lucky guy. Started the season with Miami, now he's in the SuperBowl. No wonder players love free agency.

I get your tax dollars in the form of welfare.

most think only the poor get welfare, but that's a lie the gov't wants you to believe. The truth is rich people get welfare too (in the form of tax breaks and loopholes in the tax code). If you have a good accountant, you can pretty much have the gov't pay you instead of the other way around.

a lot of mocks have gabbert going to SF at 7. I think we should give up this years first and next years 2nd and move up to clevlands spot and grab him.

Boulder, while I'm with you (on the need for a 1st-round QB) I'm just a little worried about drafting a guy named Blaine? Can a "Blaine" really succeed in the NFL?


Just asking.....

So, ESPN.com is highlighting rookie stars this year in the AFC East. They mentioned Misi and Carroll having strong years (agreed), but they left out Reshad Jones. I think by end of year the guy was coming along. I'm excited to see his progression into 2011.

So, all in all, the 2010 Draft was ok (not great) for Miami. Odrick/Edds are still a ?, Misi did well (but we could have had Gronkowski), Jerry was inconsistent (pretty understandable for a rookie), Carroll/Jones showed a lot of promise.

But Mr. Ireland, you have to be MORE than ok with this draft. This needs to be Miami's best draft is YEARS!

You should watch what you say kris. If you defame either O'Reilley or Dan Snyder on this blog I might have to sue you!

also kris, watch who you engage in road rage with. You might get a fat lip from Fat Albert! "Roll 'em up." - Chevy Chase in "Vacation"

Jim561.....those are without a doubt the funniest post to me....and without fail once a week you change your screen name and post the same gibberish.....lol.....

You call the poster's on here "losers" because they come on here to talk and share ideas about their passion....Miami Dolphins Football....

You on the other hand are the ULTIMATE definiyion of a loser....you come to a site with no other intention than hoping to get some attention....that Jim is pathetic......and funny.....

Well...I hope I made your day.....you can read this post tou YOU....smile, put down the gun...and think SOMEBODY ACKNOWLEDGED MY PRESENCE TODAY....and thats the hole point....right Jim

I must still be asleep....spelling errors worse than usual.....but my intentions are good.....that should count for something

DC...who you got in the "big game" (heard you can get sued for using the other word)...and why

kris, I got the Packers. Defensively, they are athletic enough to get to Big Ben and stay with the WRs. Matthews is a beast, and Steelers being down Pouncey hurts them in the pass game. I don't see the Steelers manhandling them in the run game either.

Offensively, how can you go against the hot QB (especially since we're screaming for one here kris--me louder than you, lol. just kidding)? Don't get me wrong, Big Ben is a great player, very impressive and has gotten it done before, so should really be the favorite. But something about Rodgers this year (reminds me of Drew Brees last yea). He's in the zone, everything he throws is right on the mark. Hasn't been spectacular last 2 games, but he hasn't needed to. I see him running away from blitzes and getting the ball into the WRs hands (probably best duo in the NFL). Jennings is a beast and Driver catches anything and everything. Plus then you have Jones and Nelson. Who needs to run when you have that firepower?

Final answer, I'm jealous kris. That's why I pick the Packers, I'm jealous that they have the team I want to be a fan of, but can't cause it's not my team.

I would tell you to ask ALoco, but he must be out working hard. ALoco, what can you do in Boston for 10 hrs a day?

yea blaine is not a good name for QB. He needs to change it to Rocket or something

Jim561.....those are without a doubt the funniest post to me....and without fail once a week you change your screen name and post the same gibberish.....lol.....

You call the poster's on here "losers" because they come on here to talk and share ideas about their passion....Miami Dolphins Football....

Where, exactly, did I call anyone a "loser?"

Sounds to me like you're making up imagined slights in your quest for martyrdom, Joan of Arc.

Daryll, your comment "And the way the offense played in the preseason should have woken us up." Is right on the money.

I hear it every year 'preseason doesn't mean anything'. Wrong, dead wrong. Oh, the W/L doesn't mean anything BUT the way a team plays in preseason is a pretty good indication of what to expect when it's real.

Jim.....lats one from me...."buddy"....cause I now you need it so bad.....Your quick response is all the proof I need....so take your time reading this and enjoy it because there will won't be any more today....OK.....

Those of us with reasonable reading comprehension skills can interperet and read between the lines....I chose to use the word loser....because from reading your post that is who I identify you with most....as in...MAN WHO EVER TOOK THE TIME OUT OF THEIR DAY TO WRITE THIS IS A REALLY A LOSER....you can see how I would arrive at that conclusion right....sure you can.....you come to the same conclusion every day when you wake up and take that first look in the mirror....

You can say you were implying dumb/stupid/idiots/morons....insert whatever insult you like....theBOTTOM LINE is that your post was meant to OFFEND....and I still think its funny that you chose such a childish manner to get attention.....you don't have to read a single post on this blog.....and you sure a shyt don't have to post anything.....you don't even have to come to this website, visit the internet, or even turn on your computer.....

But you did...you did all of those troll type things for some attention.....

and I gave it to you....

I made this post extra long so it might occupy a little more of your pathetic and bland exsitence....so read slowly....cause play time is over JIM.....(caps....should make you feel important)

DC....I feel you about the Pack.....and i am jealous that they can move the ball with efficiency and deadly accuracy.......

But my money is on Pitt....Both teams have excellent QBs..both 1st RD choices.....either one proves our argument....

Pitt just seems to have that It factor that teams need to have to win it at the end of the year.....down 21-7 to the Ravens and come back

Jump all over the jets....the do enough to hold on.....

Like it or not...Rapistberger is a WINNER....and I think he gets it done again....

The competition in the AFC is tougher than in the NFC and I believe the battle tested Steel men get the job done.....

I made this post extra long so it might occupy a little more of your pathetic and bland exsitence....so read slowly....cause play time is over JIM.....(caps....should make you feel important)

Posted by: kris | February 05, 2011 at 10:04 AM


I think the more accurate answer would be that you made the post so long because you've been up all night and clearly have a drinking problem.

Sweet dreams, Joan of Arc.

Do something today for JAPAN!!

Speed Kills. Remember the 2009 Jet game where "stone handed" Ted Ginn Jr. smoked Revis, not once but twice ? The Dolphins get a real speed WR opposite B Marshall, the Jets secondary will be in some trouble. Nothing stops speed. Now about the sky falling,,,it aint.

Kris always fighting ,why we can all get along .

Jim561= jet scum

DC....I have to give the edge in coaching to Steelers.....I take nothing away from McCarthy.....I believe he knows his X's and O's....but I think when it comes down to getting that "little bit" extra from his team....I thin the Men Of Steel will dig a bit deeper for their coach....

Maybe its because i'm watching NFL network and Tomlinson 08 steelers are on...his 1st SB.....that guy is as intense as you can ask for in a Head Coach without looking like a lunatic.......its like he is the black Bill Cowher in that way.....

"Style Points Don't Matter"-Mike Tomlinson

I like it.....We need some of that thinking around here.....

But we got the "Fist pumping philosophy" what more could we ask fir

DC wolf @ 10:36 = Aloco's 97th name change

NATIVE @ 10:48 = resident psycho bobbyd in hiding

to me Gabbert is the biggest bust outta the big 4 IMO

if Locker or Newton fall then they blow up like their potential shows they will then people are gonna be scratching their heads like klast year with Dez Bryant everyone knew he was a top ten talent and he is now and will be a very good wr for dallas who got him in a draft day steal

Derek, all the beat writers are pessimistic because WE SUCK! If you are satisfied with 7 and 9 next year than you're right all is good.

Way wrong 'The Management'....are you a jet fan?

Even if the SB nowadays is reserved only for the puri$ts, we can analize the Teams. I believe GB has the better WR's but Pittsburgh has the better Coach. I don't think the Steelers will be able to run the ball against GB as they did vs the Jets, but Big Ben is the more stable, consistent QB. Neither QB should be affected by the rush. Ideas, comments?

These two teams are really about even if you ask me. If they played 5 games, it most likely would split 3-2 one way or the other. I give the edge to the Pittsburgh D and SB experience, but this game is a coin toss really. Calling the winner is nothing more than luck here.

It's going to be over by halftime. Green Bay will win this game by at least 21. Good old fashioned Super Bowl rout coming.

Big Ben is doing Fergie right now, he will be loose and ready to whip the cheese wads.

How do you find out the ethnicity of your cat? My cat exhibits tendencies of having both Mediterranean and Eastern European family backgrounds but I want to know more.

Odds have shifted slightly upwards in favor of GB. Loss of Pouncey? Still, it means very little in a game between two very physical football Teams.

I don't know what team has the edge. All of my friends that are Packer fans are worried about the play calling, and time management issues if the game is close. My Steeler friends don't seem to think they will be able to stop the Packers passing game.

I think the Steelers have the advantage IF...they don't fall to far behind. If they can stay close, the Steelers have the ability to run it and control the clock a little better then the Packers. The Packers score quick, so it can put their defense in a spot where they are on the field for a long time. In both the Philly game, and Bear game. That defense was gassed. Yes they got key interceptions, but they were dragging.
If the game is close, I give the edge to Pittsburg. As good as Rodgers has played, he hasn't had to lead his team from behind in the fourth quarter of a playoff game. Not that means he can't. He just hasn't proven he can.
If the game is more then a touchdown. I favor Green Bay. This probably means there are some points being put up. and I like the Pack if it is a shootout.
All of this said. The game probably plays out nothing like I thought. If I was betting(OF course I will be) I think you have to take the points. IMO, this game is a pickum'. So any points I can get I'm taking..Any of you guys have bookies?

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