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What they do, not say: Pass-rush edition

First the news: ILB Rashad Jeanty signed a contract today with the Philadelphia Eagles. He went with the Eagles even though the Dolphins and the Jets also offered him similar one-year deals.

The reason the South Florida native went north?

A source tells me he was simply more comfortable with the situation in Philadelphia over that with the Dolphins and Jets. He felt he had a better chance to start there than in Miami or New York.

On another front:

If you are a Dolphins In Depth reader with any standing or memory, you know I've told you to be wary of what the club and its personnel say but always accept what those folks do as gospel.

We remember this lesson from the Gibril Wilson lovefest of last offseason that led to his departure. We learned it when Cam Cameron loved on Daunte Culpepper publicly while I told you the kid was on the outs -- and months later he was cut. We learned this when Dave Wannstedt went on and on about how valuable Dan Marino was and how he could write his own ticket in the waning years of his career and, meanwhile, the Dolphins had him come to their offices to void his contract and usher him out.

It is not always about what they say. It is about what they do.

Well, the Dolphins last year where seemingly thrilled with Cameron Wake exploding onto the NFL scene with 14 sacks. They repeated time and again how pleased they were with rookie Koa Misi's development as a pass-rusher even though he showed good-not-great ability and good-not-great results with 4.5 sacks.

(For the record, I think Misi will be fine as a pass-rusher. He's more an effort guy, a high-motor guy. He's not the most gifted guy on the field, but he'll get his stats because he never quits and works hard. And he'll probably be a bit better when he learns the game and techniques better.)

So the Dolphins seemed quite pleased with their pass-rush and obviously the 39 team sacks for the season was good enough to tie them for 10th in the NFL.

But ...

While the Dolphins seemed satisfied in what they said about their pass-rush, their deeds yelled otherwise.

Even as many folks were hoping GM Jeff Ireland would improve the offense during the season any way he could -- perhaps putting in a waiver claim on Randy Moss -- he instead went with a waiver claim on outside linebacker Shawne Merriman when San Diego cut him loose.

Obviously, Ireland and the Dolphins saw a need to improve the pass rush at the time even as Wake was going nuts on offensive tackles.

Recently, The Miami Herald reported, the club interviewed former linebacker Bryan Cox for a defensive line coaching position. Although the club has yet to finalize anything on that front, a club source says part of the intrigue with Cox would be getting him to 1.) help defenders upgrade their pass-rush skills 2.) bring a more aggressive and perhaps even emotional approach to the front seven.

So, again, pass-rushing is on the club's mind.

What does that mean?

Obviously, the team is not afraid of improving an area of the team that is already fairly stout. It's a good idea because, after all, the New York Giants long ago wrote the recipe for defeating Tom Brady and the Patriots and that was hurry him, rush him, sack him, and hit him time after time.

This also suggests we should not lose sight of available pass-rushers in the coming draft and eventual free agency. I won't go into names here. It's too early for that. Or you can do it in the comments section. But, I tell you, do not sleep on additions to the pass-rush this offseason even as everyone is focused on offense.

Sure, the Dolphins haven't said they want to add a pass-rusher. But remember, it's about what they do, not necessarily what they say.

[NOTE: This will be the last blog update until Feb. 28. The Miami Herald, you see, imposes mandatory furloughs on its employees to reduce salary costs. It does so twice a year, lately. I am on mandatory furlough this week so I will not be working for The Herald thus not allowed to update this blog.

That doesn't mean I'm off this week. I will still be on my morning radio show, Armando and the Amigo, every morning 6-10 from Monday to Friday on 640-Sports in South Florida and streaming live on the web. If anything Dolphins related happens, you can bet I'll be discussing it on the air and taking calls about it, too. So you can tune in or call, if you wish.

I will also be live on my twitter account which is under my name. Please follow me to get my tweets. Later this week I will be sharing information on the NFL scouting combine. I'll hope to be back here with you on Feb. 28.]


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Players Union preparing to DECERTIFY......and thats not a good thing....link below


Maybe Ireland can make a package deal, all of our picks this year for their 1,2,3 next year.

I just read Peter Kings latest update on the CBA (on si.com). Things are way off. General thinking is the players union will give in right before the season is in jeapordy. Well, even that is still questionable. Could very well have a shortened season or no season in 2011?

Our goal is to win a Superbowl, period. I don't see any realistic shot at that happening in 2011. Let's trade our picks now and have a surpluss later, its a way to get a leg up on NE who have 6 picks in the top three rounds this year, plus we should have a better selection and more options with the cba settled next year.

Paul Soliai richest Dolphins defender ever.
INDIANAPOLIS -- If money is the best way to measure the worth of a player, then nose tackle Paul Soliai is better than Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, Sam Madison and Nick Buoniconti in Miami Dolphins history.

I think Kaepernick ousted Mallet in Big 4 with the media all over him about cocaine and marijuana usage reported

0x80....the problem with that thinking is that NO coach....embattled or otherwise will admit defeat and put their succesor in a better postion to win they they were given.....even nice guy Coach Tony isn't that accomodating......

In his mind he has to believe that he is a player or two away from getting this thing .....if he doesn't...then he should resign.....period....

Like you I am only concerned with Super Bowl(s).......and history tells US that in the last 21 years only a 1ST RD QB has won multiple SBs....with the lone exception being that ANOMOLY 6th rd draft pick tom brady......

Beerphin.....Mallet @ 6'7 is becomming my 2nd favorite qb....and before the draft he may over take my man-crush on Newton....

QBs today on NFL network.....

Kapernick 4.53 40

locker 4.52

kris... I realize is very unrealistic a team would trade all its picks away, however I think that is more of a decision for the GM, not the HC. I rather like my argument for doing it, I think its smarter for the future. Teams are in a crazy spot right now having to draft players with no certainty of a season happening.

0x80....I see your reasoning...but i don't agree with the logic.....

kris, I don't think Ireland or any other GM would agree with the logic either.

Cam Newton 10 ft 3 inch broad jump

I know a lot of people love Henne for his strong arm and thats the reason alot of people want him to get this hallowed 3RD YEAR....

Well strong arm lovers....if you love Henne's arm.....you'll blow your load every FINS game if we draft Mallet...

and because he is 6'7 he has a down hill throwning motion.....no more batted down balls

i heard Mallet walked off the podium becuz he couldn't handle the medias questions Mallet isnt a franchise QB. As far as velocity or down hill motions go you might as well go w Jerrod Johnson or anyone over 6'4 Mallet looks like an addict

Mallett = Ryan Leaf in high heels

Beephi...I would remind you that the great DAN MARINO was accussed of the sam charges and rumors.....would you rather they drafted another QB in 1983.....

The lessons for me are....don't believe everything you hear...and even ifts its true.....some guys learn from there mistakes.....

These are KIDS....kids due dumb sh*t......

link below about Marino

Lat but not least.....i'm sure you or I woudn't want our lives to be an open book for any money hungry sell-out to make a buck off of......



Beerphin....a quote from a differnt link....this stuff is all over Google.....

...Which implies that the early image of Marino wasn't so good. Indeed, image might be the reason Marino was taken so late in the 1983 draft, No. 27 overall, after five other quarterbacks. Says Dolphins' head coach Don Shula, "You heard things about him, rumors from college"—of terminal cockiness, for instance, and possible drug use. "But the first thing I did when I got him down here was sit him in that chair"—Shula points across his desk—"and tell him what I'd heard and that I was going to accept him for what he did for me, that he'd be judged by that. He said, 'Coach, all I want is to be the best quarterback in the NFL and I'll do whatever you want me to do to be that.' He has."


Cam Newton 4:58 forty time

From the Draft Board Insider site, report on Ingram, for what its worth:

Scouting Report:
Prepare to read the most glowing scouting report on the interwebs about the Alabama Crimson Tide RB Mark Ingram. I love this kid's pro potential. I always do my best to remain objective about players, but for whatever reason, I can't do it with Ingram. I think he's going to be a dominant back in the NFL. Why? First he's got great size. Not so tall he can't get his pads low, but he's thick as a brick and can take some punishment. He's durable and has been incredibly productive while playing against top flight competition.

Looking at him with a more analytical eye, two parts of his game stand out to me. First is his patience. It takes a special back to be able to allow his line to set up and make their blocks and Ingram is the best in the country. He never rushes and uses his exceptional vision to find the crease, make the cut and get up field. Second is his speed. Not just his short burst which is impressive, but his straightline speed is deceptive. Sometimes you see this stocky, low pad kind of player and figure even if he gets outside he isn't going to run away from anyone, but I've seen it happen.

Draft Status: The 2011 draft could be looked at in ten years as the year of the running back with a dozen guys who could start in the NFL soon. But Ingram is the best. Running backs are always grossly undervalued in the draft, but you always see a couple that teams take a chance on in the first because of the things they bring to the table. I expect Ingram to be one of those guys, probably somewhere between picks 12-20.

Final Analysis: It's hard to find anything to truly dislike about Ingram's game. Aside from everything mentioned already, he's an adequate blocker in pass protection and quite an accomplished pass receiver out of the backfied. I suppose if you had a criticism of him, he's not a great goal line/short yardage player, and compared to a guy like Chris Johnson he's not a breakaway threat. But are those really big beefs to have on a guy who can do as much as he can? In a zone blocking scheme where he's asked to stretch the play, wait for it to develop, make a cut, get up field, make a man miss and then turn it on, Ingram is a 1,500 yard a season back.

The speed deficiency is transparent. It is needed to shatter the celing that bedevils franchise Miami, division AFC East.

Recall the origins in the REBEL LEAGUE with Bedouin tribesman JOE ROBBIE setting forth on desert plain a NEW VISION forged in sentient and experimental times.

Brought forth a CONCEPT team of men gathered in a UNITED PURPPOSE to scissor and hacksaw through the mealy bread and cookies of the old NFL with valor and purpose.

Zum Zum was the food product in the Orange Bowl as the elders gathered to witness. Empty suitcase pigeons flew off in terror from their previously unoccupied perches now filled with chasms of noise crescendo up and down echo across to Little Havana and onwards to Coral Gables and Sea Monkey Estates waves of aqua, waves of aqua, waves of aqua unrelenting.

0x80....I don't Ingram will be around at 15. I see him going to Washington at 10. Think about it. Washington's system is made for a running back like Ingram. Plus they just released Portis. I'm not sure who they have left. Ryan Torain? Shanahan, is a weasel and looks like a rat. but he knows the running game.

DD, I'm thinking there is a 50/50 chance he'll be there. Actually I see Washington taking a QB. Belicheck could still leap frog over us though. If Ingram is there, I'd much rather take him at 15 than trade down. Let's focus on quality over quantity this time.

Packers to release AJ Hawk if they can't rework contract. We all know Crowder is among our weakest links. If Hawk made his way down to Miami, that would instantly solve a lot of problems.

An observation and an honest question:

I see the same names here day after day, going on and on about the same things over and over.

Are some of you shut-ins? Incapacitated physically in some way? I can't imagine why else anyone would spend such an ungodly amount of time on the computer and posting so obsessively. Jobless? Something else?

Kris...I brought up the decertification possibility yesterday. Nobody responded, so I am happy you brought it up. A few questions I have, and maybe you understand what is going on different then I do.

What I read, decertifying was the closest , and easiest way for the football season to carry on. That there is precedent for courts to rule in favor of the individual players. Not the teams. If the judge rules in favor of discertification, all of the anti-trust stuff goes to court, and the season continues. By laww the owners would not be able to lock players out, because in essance there is no union, and the CBA only pertains to Union players.

Where it gets tricky, and the players making the big risk. Is if the judge rules against the PFPAA.(remeber it isn't the union doing this it's the players assn.)Then the players appear to be up a creek without a paddle.

I don't know what happens if the judge rules in favor of the owners. What would be the consequences? I do know the players have been waiting to play this card since October, where all of the individual teams voted to ok this.
Kris, if you have a different take on this I would love to hear it.

Well Trey, I'll tell ya a little bit about myself. I'm an attorney. A busy one. Got a few dogs. Played ball at Southern illinois. And I do a TV show that shoots in the summer. Not quite a shut-in. And I love the Phins. Typing this on my phone, btw. Cool?

Dishpan ....."We all know Crowder is among our weakest links"

Dishpan.....there are some on here that believe that Crowder is a "Shut-down LB....lol....you know....teams run away from him so thats why he doesn't show up on the stat sheet....or out TV screens for that matter......

I know DB was one that thinks/thought that......snd the other guy was either DD, or Mark in Toronto....my apologies to the guy who I wrongly names....

but DB for sure.......if you ever go back thru the archives....it would be a good read.....

Kris, interesting comment about crowder. I watch a lot of ball. That he is a shutdown linebacker is an absolute farce.

Trey - sounds like your the one with absolutely nothing to do if you are watchng the same posters day after day and not even contributing, that is doing less....of course maybe you are posting and trey is not your normal signon name since nobody has every seen that name before.


post like yours are always funny to me...especially since you can't see the IRONY in them....

It makes me laugh......

After you look up the word Irony...you would laugh at you too.....


Trey... I'm going to answer your question. I can't speak for anyone else but here this is the reason I'm on here everyday. No I'm not unemployed, no I'm not incapacitated..In fact I hiked and skied close to 5000 vertical feet yesterday. I'm loacated in a small mountain town in the southern part of Montana. We average close to 400 inches of snow(in town, not the mountains above it) In the winter there isn't much to do.I have a buisness that employs 12 people. The most in town, and I am proud of that. The number goes up to 20 in the summer. Not bad for a restaraunt, bar. As I am there overseeing things most days. I frequently sneek upstairs to my office to get away, and post on the blog. It is how I relax.The people here aren't freeks, or in a cult, just folks that enjoy talking football, and sometimes the best beer...No harm no foul. You are welcome to add your opinion to the topics.

Trey why do you care about any body else being on the computer and posting what ever we want??? It doesn't affect your daily way of living!!! It's a free country thats why America is the best country in the world...
Don't judge so you won't be judge!! The words of our lord Jesuschrist, stop hating!

Gentlemen.....don't you realize that we have all made "trey's day....he already stated he reads this blog day after day....now for the rest of the week he can read the blog..and have 5 responses directly to him.....

We may have just saved a life.....

I just became a huge fan of Darryl Dunphy

Daryl Dunphy...on the matter of the decertification....I see much the same you you do...at first I was excited because I thought that the players union was firing Demorris Smith...

But after I looked up to see what it meant...I came to the same conclusion and the Owners could still screw this up.....if chose too.....if the owners block this...then imo it will mean they aren't interested in having a season....

Thanks dishpan...

Dishpan....there is NO WAY i think Crowder is a shut-down LB.......i've called him a lot of names during games...but for some reason shut-down LB never came out of my lips.....

Kris, I hear ya. Anyone ho cares to watch the games can see that he is lacking. I wanna like him, but he's just not effective. Funny that Erik Walden is making the release of AJ Hawk seem viable, yet we're stuck with crowder. Honestly, our luck has got to change.

Build a great line and you could get a poodle to rush for 1200 yards.

RB is the most overrated position in the game except in the VERY rare circumstance where a Payton, Dickerson, etc. Hall-of-Fame type back comes along with overwhelming ability.

Ingram is good, but nothing extraordinary and certainly not of that caliber. All this talk about his "vision" bla bla bla could be said of virtually any college back good enough to be drafted.

Miami has a need for a new back, yes, but the greater need remains the OL itself. Ingram is not good enough to overcome mediocre line play.

What kind of treats shall we prepare for Betty? Whatever shall Betty eat?

Candy and cupcakes? Butterscotch cookies?

What kind of treats shall Betty eat?


I'm a big fan of some of your posts, largely because I agree with a lot of what you say. But I have to take you to task for some of your recent posts. You were all over Ricky Stanzi as 'the guy' in this draft that's going to be the guy to draft. Now you're on to Hunter the RB. I'm not seeing it in Stanzi at all and Hunter I have question marks on.

Like I said, I'm not calling you out on here but I am saying I think you're looking for that 'jewel' and fortunately for you there are no consequences if you're wrong. Unfortunately, for Ireland, he's not in that book. I believe if he were to invest in Stanzi and Hunter it's going to get hi butt fired. Not saying one of them won't work out but I think it's highly doubtful both will. If he can't trade back, he will go with safer picks like Ingram and I'm on record as saying Kaepernick is the guy. I just think teams are going to jump on him early.

Pete, very well said. Outstanding post, imo

The labor situation is getting worse. I'm starting to believe we won't even have a full 16 game schedule this year.

After March 4th, there won't even be any free agency to talk about anymore. It's going to be the draft---and then a whole lot of nothing.

CAn we FINALLY put the Ryan Mallett to Miami at 15 talk to rest!! Seriously!! Somebody said it on here this weekend, this guy is looking more and more like the second coming of that other 'Ryan', Ryan Leaf. Let some other team make a mistake on this guy. I wasn't bad enough that there were on-field questions on this guy. Now there are off-field questions on this guy. I'll be shocked if he hasn't blwon his chances of being a first round pick.

Also, what's with the NFL Network and Sterling Sharpe with regards to Ricky Stanzi. His accuracy was horrible in drills and all Sharpe could keep saying was, 'he's throwing to a spot'. That's great but how about throwing to a spot that the WR has a chance of catching the ball. Talk about a bunch of apologists!

I am tiny Mexican woman name Tina and I make tiny tacos for all my amigos! You come and I make tiny taco for you! ok!


Jets have one of the best olines in the league.

2010 stats

LT 914 yards
Shonne Green 766 yards.

Neither broke 1000 yards.


I think a badly fading LT getting that many yards splitting a huge amount of carries with another back kind of makes my point, actually.

The owners have guaranteed money from the TV deals season or not. Also, the owners refuse to open there books to substantiate their claims about losing money.

Plus they want more games.

It appears to me the owners are comfortable not having a season unless the players capitulate entirely.

The things is that the owners might just be making a major error.

The climate in public perception is not great for being more millionaires acting greedy.

If the owners lock out the game then fans may just decide to spend their money and time elsewhere.

Is that not what happened to baseball?

Pete, I'm half way with your argument, not all the way. I think a team needs at least one back that can carry the load, and do some pounding when necessary.

LT may be fading, but Shonne Greene isn't and a bit better than a poodle, and he only got 766.

Ingram may not be there at 15 anyway, but if he is, I'd like to get someone on the offense that can help this team win games starting with game one. Besides, we currently don't even have one starting calibur RB, he is one that can be that for years to come, its a safe pick and fills a huge need.


Kris--- I never said Crowder was a shutdown lb. I did state that teams may choose to run directly at Dansby to try and nullify his laterall speed. That's how you attack those kind of lb's.

I also stated that when Crowder's out(injury) then teams choose to run at his replacement rather than Dansby because they consider crowder's replacement the weak link.

Crowder isnt a shutdown lb because he doesnt have laterall speed but he may be a a top 5 run stopper at the point of attack. But he lacks laterall speed running away from him. We all know he isnt a great pass rusher and only adequate in coverage at best.

Yes, you got it wrong with me buddy. Crowder is far from shutdown lb. Butn he is a top lb in how he plays point of attack. He will make plays if you try and run right at him.


The reason I havent been mentioning Stanzi, if noticed, lately my post have been about forced #15 draft scenario and trade down scenario. Stanzi's to far out to figure into those posts.

I like Hunter because of his explosivesness and college production. However yesterday I saw him rated 5th rd by some idiot evaluator. I think because of size Hunter maybe the most underevaluated rb in the draft.

I still like Ingram if forced to use the #15. If we couldnt get Ingram I like Hunter next. IMO, Hunter could have a CJ-like impact. I think both Ingram and Hunter are future top 5 nfl rb's.

You: Bon Jovi and Air Supply
Me: Velvet Underground and XTC
You: Bud Light and Corona
Me: Belgian Abbey Duvel and Dogfish Head Chicory Stout.
You: Wendy's double cheeseburger and fries
Me: Petit filet with wild mushroom risotto
You: Toyota 4-Runner
Me: 1963 Vette

I simply have much better taste than you.

Seriously? Crowder has made no plays. He hasn't made any plays. He's made zero plays. Not sure how else to say it. He has never made a play. He doesn't make plays. He's not a playmaker.

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