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What they do, not say: Pass-rush edition

First the news: ILB Rashad Jeanty signed a contract today with the Philadelphia Eagles. He went with the Eagles even though the Dolphins and the Jets also offered him similar one-year deals.

The reason the South Florida native went north?

A source tells me he was simply more comfortable with the situation in Philadelphia over that with the Dolphins and Jets. He felt he had a better chance to start there than in Miami or New York.

On another front:

If you are a Dolphins In Depth reader with any standing or memory, you know I've told you to be wary of what the club and its personnel say but always accept what those folks do as gospel.

We remember this lesson from the Gibril Wilson lovefest of last offseason that led to his departure. We learned it when Cam Cameron loved on Daunte Culpepper publicly while I told you the kid was on the outs -- and months later he was cut. We learned this when Dave Wannstedt went on and on about how valuable Dan Marino was and how he could write his own ticket in the waning years of his career and, meanwhile, the Dolphins had him come to their offices to void his contract and usher him out.

It is not always about what they say. It is about what they do.

Well, the Dolphins last year where seemingly thrilled with Cameron Wake exploding onto the NFL scene with 14 sacks. They repeated time and again how pleased they were with rookie Koa Misi's development as a pass-rusher even though he showed good-not-great ability and good-not-great results with 4.5 sacks.

(For the record, I think Misi will be fine as a pass-rusher. He's more an effort guy, a high-motor guy. He's not the most gifted guy on the field, but he'll get his stats because he never quits and works hard. And he'll probably be a bit better when he learns the game and techniques better.)

So the Dolphins seemed quite pleased with their pass-rush and obviously the 39 team sacks for the season was good enough to tie them for 10th in the NFL.

But ...

While the Dolphins seemed satisfied in what they said about their pass-rush, their deeds yelled otherwise.

Even as many folks were hoping GM Jeff Ireland would improve the offense during the season any way he could -- perhaps putting in a waiver claim on Randy Moss -- he instead went with a waiver claim on outside linebacker Shawne Merriman when San Diego cut him loose.

Obviously, Ireland and the Dolphins saw a need to improve the pass rush at the time even as Wake was going nuts on offensive tackles.

Recently, The Miami Herald reported, the club interviewed former linebacker Bryan Cox for a defensive line coaching position. Although the club has yet to finalize anything on that front, a club source says part of the intrigue with Cox would be getting him to 1.) help defenders upgrade their pass-rush skills 2.) bring a more aggressive and perhaps even emotional approach to the front seven.

So, again, pass-rushing is on the club's mind.

What does that mean?

Obviously, the team is not afraid of improving an area of the team that is already fairly stout. It's a good idea because, after all, the New York Giants long ago wrote the recipe for defeating Tom Brady and the Patriots and that was hurry him, rush him, sack him, and hit him time after time.

This also suggests we should not lose sight of available pass-rushers in the coming draft and eventual free agency. I won't go into names here. It's too early for that. Or you can do it in the comments section. But, I tell you, do not sleep on additions to the pass-rush this offseason even as everyone is focused on offense.

Sure, the Dolphins haven't said they want to add a pass-rusher. But remember, it's about what they do, not necessarily what they say.

[NOTE: This will be the last blog update until Feb. 28. The Miami Herald, you see, imposes mandatory furloughs on its employees to reduce salary costs. It does so twice a year, lately. I am on mandatory furlough this week so I will not be working for The Herald thus not allowed to update this blog.

That doesn't mean I'm off this week. I will still be on my morning radio show, Armando and the Amigo, every morning 6-10 from Monday to Friday on 640-Sports in South Florida and streaming live on the web. If anything Dolphins related happens, you can bet I'll be discussing it on the air and taking calls about it, too. So you can tune in or call, if you wish.

I will also be live on my twitter account which is under my name. Please follow me to get my tweets. Later this week I will be sharing information on the NFL scouting combine. I'll hope to be back here with you on Feb. 28.]


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Coco,the one good thing about the "Mob" is that they have a good understanding about the garbage buissness... At least up here in the northeast..... Wasnt Wayne Huzinger a garbage guy??????

Ok so ingram is 5-10 ish 210 only benched 21 times he doesn't stand out as an athlete that will blow it up in the NFL. his latest combine 40 is 4.62 and it isn't like he's Blounts size. Yea the 40 yrd dash isn't huge but if a guy runs that low a 40 at RB position u gotta look at the other tangible measurables which are just avg as well


While I agree you need to have a god O-line, you're not going to be able to run the ball without a good back. The reality is Williams is 34 and Brown is approaching 30. There are no running backs under contract for next year. If you think running back is a very low prioroty and has very little impact on the team you are being short-sighted. Tell me Adrian Peterson doesn't have a big impact on his team or that LT and CJ didn't have big impacts on their teams, LT when he was in SD. The fact that LT started the year well but faded badly down the stretch with the Jets shows you that a top OL only has so much impact on the team. At the end of the day you've got to have a young back that can get the job done. It's not my first choice but I wouldn't be overly disappointed if Ingram is our lead back next year, having been picked at 15.

i'm not advocating breaking the bank for him but let's say he falls past 10 then moving up wouldn't take that much maybe a 3rd rd pick and a 4th to move up... Give next years picks away whatever If Newton is the franchise QB then he'd be more than worth it in my opinion... QB = MVP


I see things that could be liked about LeShoure. But when I look at his game to game carreer stats. He had super games against inferior teams. But was only average at best when facing better defenses. Thats a huge red flag for me but doesnt bother beerphins at all.

The SEC is well none for sending great defenders to the nfl. Ingram has had great games against great college defender. Nowhere can you say that about LeShoure.

Im not saying LeShoure cant be a good nfl back. But I cant find anything but him trucking inferior college defenses to support it.


You are putting WAY too much iportance on the measureables. At the end of the day teams will look at whether this guy is a football player. By your estimations you expect Ingram will drop in the rankings based on the Combine. Let's see if you're right.

now you're comparing Larry Csonka to Mark Ingram LMFAO are u serious?

Csonka 6'3 240 Ingram 5-10 210 no where even close in stature or style of back.


I don't believe Newton will make it past Washington at 10. You look at the teams and Buffalo, Arizona, Tennessee, SF and Minnesota need a QB. If these guys are sold on Newton and think h's the franchise QB you think he is, no way you'll be able to move up simply by giving up a 3rd or 4th. He'll be gone before we pick and I'm fine with that. Not sold on this guy at all. How come you're not putting the importance of HIS Combine in the same importance that you are putting Ingram's in?

Craig you are right but Newton's combine he blew it up great intangibles in interviews and he is obviously the top athlete at his position he ran a 4.57 better than Ingram at 6'6 250 I'd rather have Newton as our RB lol jk

gonna go watch the Heat game later...

OK guys, this is the way I see it. We do need to upgrade at several positions, there's no argument esp at QB.

BUT the simple fact is, there's been bad mgmt, bad decisions, bad coaching from jump courtesy of Mr. Bill Parcells. Did I mention bad decisions?

We can only hope 'ball boy' Ireland has seen the light. Ditto Sparano.


I doubt Ingram's stock drops. If he had ran a 4.4 40 time his stock would have risen into top 10. No one expected a great 40 time.

Had a great 40 time been expected of Ingram and he disappointed only then would his stock have dropped. His 40 time is where most expected it to be.

Hell if Ingram were a 4.4 40 time back the guy would be unreachable for us. Because he would easily be a projected top 10 2011 pick.


Where did DB compare Ingram to Csonka? He simplay said if it was all about SPEED, which you claim Ingram is without, John Avery would be in the HOF.

You're not reading, man....


Thats what I meant by some here dont seek the truth they only make farfetched reaches to support water weak cases. Beerphin missed a great calling as a lead prosecuting attorney.

Agree Coco, I dont see the "Ball boy" or the "Fist pumper" making it past the Bye-week(unless it's in the 1st month of the season) but then again, Mr. Hollywood is the Al Davis of the east....


How can you say 'Newton blew up the Combine'? A veteran scout said he looked 'terrible' and both Newton and his coach said he 'struggled'. the talk is he's going to need a great pro day to stay in the top 10.


If we were to draft Newton, the same guys on here who are touting him as the saviour would be condemning the choice two years down the road. It's the same pattern all the time. Unbelievable!!


Exactly! What Ireland actually does in April will give all better headway to seeing where we're headed as a team. A preview of that comes right before this coming Wedsday(March 3 cba deadline).

If Shockey isnt signed before then we're off to a very bad start. Believe that!

Cam Newton = Jason Campbell

Great athletic ability but unable to read opposing defences or make split second decisions in the NFL. Newton will be on a new team in four years or less.....watch!!

Peace Out guys, Have a "PHINTASTIC" Nite........


Why do you think they are waiting on Shockey? He obviously passed his physical. What's the problem? Are all teams taking this stance do you think?

Cuban, you know he was. Think he was some northerner that came south...like that's a surprise...lol. Anyway, you know and I know the mob was into garbage. Wayne? Maybe mob connections...wouldn't surprise me. Did seem to get rich in a hurry.

About Lex Hiliard...I have let it be known that I have a complete bias toward him because of my love for all things Montana Grizzlies. Here is the thing. I cannot argue that Lex has proven himself to be worthy of any quality playing time in the backfield. I would just like to see him get a chance here with the Dolphins. He is a free agent. IMO his best chance to get some PT is here as a Dolphin. I'm sure that in whatever negotiation that goes on between him and the team will include any chances he has to carry the ball. He doesn't complain, he does whatever is asked, and when he has had opportunities he has done well.

Rumors around the campfire are that a few teams have shown interest in him. These are from sources in Missoula where they live and die Maroon and Silver, and the few alumni in the NFL. If you don't think Lex has any ability, I'm not going to try and argue. He may not have any upside. I would just hate to see him go elsewhere and contribute. Yes he has had 3 years to prove he can play. But how many backs would really get a fair shake behind Ronnie $ Pipe?


Regardless of what a physical freak Newton can be at the qb position. He is undeniably beginning to show mental kinks in his armor during and leading up to the combine.

He's really beginning to let "dumb things" come from his lips. That's a sign of red flags concerning will he be able to lead "grown men" on the next level.

He should have also answered the tough questions posed to him by the press at the podium. Instead of answering, "I will not entertain any questions about my past".

It was a great opportunity for him to show maturity and accept full responsibilty for his past actions even if negative. Either he has questionable decision making issues or bad handlers.

LOL Ronnie $ Pipe I think your right he deserves a chance. They should still draft a RB at some point though if they are letting 1 of the backs go. I still see them resigning Brown to a 3 yr

Yes Dying. We were all screaming for Gronk, Feranadez or Graham last year....well some of us. Some of us saw the importance of the new TE in the NFL. NE saw it, not us. Just the myoptic...we need defense a 3rd grader could see.

OK, through ranting


As far as not having Shockey signed by now I believe its a combination of Ireland being Ireland and Reaching agreement on the numbers.

I think Ireland should get it done asap or run the risk of another gm calling Shockey's agent then swooping in to steal him right when Irelands ego has led him astray.

Like I said earlier, IMO not getting Shockey signed is a huge sign we're off to wrong start in 2011. It also increases the probabilty both Ireland and Sparano will be out in 2012. Fans will scream very loudly about not getting a Shockey deal done.

That's the one question is whether he is honest about the money that was taken or not during the interviews. Nobody knows the truth besides him and his Dad. Either way that doesn't bother me if he took money or he didn't. Reggie Bush is doing just fine.


I was screaming for Jimmy Graham. Even Armando told me he didnt want Graham for us. Now Graham gives the Saints luxury to let Shockey go and will be the Saints starter a TE in 2011.

BeerPhin...I'm with you. We need help at running back. I'm also by no means saying that Lex is the whole solution. But a part to the answer. I see him more in a role like Kevin Faulk. A reliable backup, that can catch some balls out of the backfield. And maybe spell our number one, even two guy for a few carries each game. If he works out, great. Just a chance here with Miami, not another team.


Reggie Bush doing fine? Did you reports are flying Bush may be released. I guess you would want us to pick him too.

Lets forget about Ingram for a sec and just talk RB. Let's forget for a sec that every draft pundit, not some, every single one rates Ingram as the #1 back in THIS years draft.

Now then, we can't say for sure who will be available after 15, we can't say for sure if we trade down that one of the other appealing backs will still be available. If we are picking at 15, who do you take? Ignoring not taking the top RB in the draft when you do not have one single proven starting calibur back on the roster in my mind is simply irresponsible, and even more so for a team that is at this stage of the game build more for the run.

Ok, not through ranting.

Q1- How many LBs were drafted last year?
Q2-How many LBs were signed after the draft?

Q1 + Q2 = They don't know what they're doing


If we could stretch defenses, it could give a guy like Lex Hilliard a better opportunity to shine. There would be more running room to know what we really have with a guy like Lex.

Lex isnt a speed, power, or make them miss guy. He needs open spaces. He's a downhill runner.

Being able to stretch defenses would open up those spaces more.


I've got to admit you've been making a lot of sense lately. Totally agree with your 8:47pm post. To pass on a running back at 15, makes it a wing and a prayer that there is someone good there when we pick in thr third round. Oregon has gone on record as saying that it doesn't matter and he may not even draft a running back in this draft. I just don't get that type of thinking.


Exactly! Its not that I rave to take Ingram if we have to use the #15. Its the exact reason you just stated.

Over 6 seasons Brown hasnt definitively proven we can go forward with him. Ricky has 1 season left at best. It isnt a multiple choice question.

Yeah Dying, I remember Mando didn't like Graham and I didn't know why. But as the draft got into the short rows, it became obvious it was a strong TE draft.

Yeah, we all know we needed D but you don't pass up the players who are winners. You just don't.

U really believe Ingram is an upgrade over Ronnie Brown?

If we had to use #15 I would take Ingram. With no 2nd rd pick, if Kendall Hunter were available I would still hedge my Ingram bet with Hunter.

Then in the 4th rd go best available speed wr. Some say Titus Young may still be there.

This offseason would still be pretty darn good if Shockey is signed and we added VY.

Now if we had Kendall Hunter and Ingram, IMO it would rival Csonka and Mercury Morris. We would have Mr. Tough to bring down and Mr Run right by you.

With a Titus Young and Shockey we have adequate deep and seam threats. With VY theres the pass or run threat. If Henne can beat out VY, IMO he would have "EARNED" the right to be our 2011 starter.

Fix the OLine first then QB RBs are deep in this draft IMO it is not hard to believe there is going to be a guy worth drafting in the 3rd or 4th rd. I just don't see how Ingram is going to get outside with his speed and there is no chance that he's going to have a better year than ronnie and ricky between the tackles it just physically not possible. Fix the OLINE then worry about fielding a RB... From what Ireland has said about Lex hell he may even be the starter next year. It won't matter if they fix the line. IF Newton and Jones are gone at 15 then Nate Solder + Tyron Smith should be looked at for RT. Trade back if they are all gone then... to 20-25 if possible and take a chance on one of the QBS like Locker or Mallet even though im against Mallet in the 1st QB must be addressed.


If Roonie Brown even ever dreams he's a better rb than Ingram. He had better wake up and appologize! LOL..........


A 21 year old Mark Ingram is definitely an upgrade over an almost 30 year old Ronnie Brown. Ronnie showed no reason last year to believe he can be trusted to be productive going forward. But I'm also for getting a young stud running back and resigning Brown for another year. We haven't used a high pick on a running back since we drafted Brown six years ago. It's time to invest in another one.

Virgil Green impressed a lot of people he is solid 3rd rd projection at TE this year

beerphin....you're talking nonsense now....from your post at 9:03pm.

I'm off to watch some of the Oscars guys....ciao!


OK, you redeemed yourself somewhat at 9:05pm. I also am very impressed with Virgil Green. I need to take a look at him a little more but he appears to have all the tools you look for from a TE.

Dying, VY might be the only hope this regime has. It's a risk but they simply do not have the time to develope a QB.

There's almost a zero (0) chance of a Newton or Gabbert....which we have no chance at anyway of saving their bacon.

Guys keep saying fix the oline but are not proposing how. if anything needs doint its on the interior. Experts projecting its not a great interior oline draft.

Now if we need to use premium picks at the skill offensive positions. Its means later pick we'll be seeing bottom of barrel interior oline choices.

Dont know what you guys see but our offensive skill positions are far worse than the interior oline positions. Yes the interior of the oline can use upgrading but the skill positions are of "ACUTE" priority!

You guys dont fully understanding you're proposing trying to make chicken salad out of chicken s*hit!-Gary Stevens(former dolphins OC)

RB available after 2nd rd
D. Murray
D. Thomas
J. Rodgers
D. Carter
J. Todman
S. Vereen

All most likey available round 3 maybe 4

Dying, what does it matter that no one is proposing how to remedy the oline? Of what consequence would our opinions be?


If a Newton or Gabbert gets Sparano/Ireland fired. Again we'll be looking back at a former regime who completely bungled a very high draft pick.

The guys advocating these guys in this blog will be in hiding or using entirely new screenames. LOL.................

Another thing to keep in mind, we get conditioned into thinking every player either has to be a pro bowler or a bust, when the reality is there is a great chance they will be at least a good utility player, and still have some trade value if we decide to go in another direction later. So even if they don't meet your highest expections, they most likely still have some value, it isn't a total waste.


Even though Logan Mankins has been franchised. He nor is agent is happy about how he's being treated by the Pats fo. I said that to say this:

If Belichik, assuming a new cba is reached before the draft, was willing to trade Mankins and give us a 2nd rd'er for our #15. Ireland would have to be nuts not to jump all over that one. Mankins is a well proven pro bowl calibre LG.

Bellichik could afford to use our #15 to draft a guard at #15 or his #17 pick too.

We would get Mankins and have a 2nd rd pick. Not a bad deal. But of course there would have to be a new cba in place to even realistically dream of such a deal.

I think Daniel Thomas is the next big power back in the NFL i would like to see him as our 3rd rd pick or DeMarco Murray... Hunter (if he falls to 3rd rd.)Carter, Todman, and Vereen would be excellent small backs as well possibly getting one of them in the 4th if they were to go TE in the 3rd rd Virgil Green

DeMarco Murray would be a 1st rd pick if it weren't for injuries

I'm all for bringing in VY. He has a lot of game left in him, can always get something for him later if he doesn't pan out, but he IS a weapon.

Dying, it's going to take a miracle for this bunch not to get run off in 2012. Their best bet is to take a risk on a castoff like VY. It just may save their jobs.

Point being, they're on a short leash. They have to at least 10-6 but probably wild card or better. I think they know that.

They can't depend on Henne....hell we all know that by now. They're in a tough spot for sure.

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