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What they do, not say: Pass-rush edition

First the news: ILB Rashad Jeanty signed a contract today with the Philadelphia Eagles. He went with the Eagles even though the Dolphins and the Jets also offered him similar one-year deals.

The reason the South Florida native went north?

A source tells me he was simply more comfortable with the situation in Philadelphia over that with the Dolphins and Jets. He felt he had a better chance to start there than in Miami or New York.

On another front:

If you are a Dolphins In Depth reader with any standing or memory, you know I've told you to be wary of what the club and its personnel say but always accept what those folks do as gospel.

We remember this lesson from the Gibril Wilson lovefest of last offseason that led to his departure. We learned it when Cam Cameron loved on Daunte Culpepper publicly while I told you the kid was on the outs -- and months later he was cut. We learned this when Dave Wannstedt went on and on about how valuable Dan Marino was and how he could write his own ticket in the waning years of his career and, meanwhile, the Dolphins had him come to their offices to void his contract and usher him out.

It is not always about what they say. It is about what they do.

Well, the Dolphins last year where seemingly thrilled with Cameron Wake exploding onto the NFL scene with 14 sacks. They repeated time and again how pleased they were with rookie Koa Misi's development as a pass-rusher even though he showed good-not-great ability and good-not-great results with 4.5 sacks.

(For the record, I think Misi will be fine as a pass-rusher. He's more an effort guy, a high-motor guy. He's not the most gifted guy on the field, but he'll get his stats because he never quits and works hard. And he'll probably be a bit better when he learns the game and techniques better.)

So the Dolphins seemed quite pleased with their pass-rush and obviously the 39 team sacks for the season was good enough to tie them for 10th in the NFL.

But ...

While the Dolphins seemed satisfied in what they said about their pass-rush, their deeds yelled otherwise.

Even as many folks were hoping GM Jeff Ireland would improve the offense during the season any way he could -- perhaps putting in a waiver claim on Randy Moss -- he instead went with a waiver claim on outside linebacker Shawne Merriman when San Diego cut him loose.

Obviously, Ireland and the Dolphins saw a need to improve the pass rush at the time even as Wake was going nuts on offensive tackles.

Recently, The Miami Herald reported, the club interviewed former linebacker Bryan Cox for a defensive line coaching position. Although the club has yet to finalize anything on that front, a club source says part of the intrigue with Cox would be getting him to 1.) help defenders upgrade their pass-rush skills 2.) bring a more aggressive and perhaps even emotional approach to the front seven.

So, again, pass-rushing is on the club's mind.

What does that mean?

Obviously, the team is not afraid of improving an area of the team that is already fairly stout. It's a good idea because, after all, the New York Giants long ago wrote the recipe for defeating Tom Brady and the Patriots and that was hurry him, rush him, sack him, and hit him time after time.

This also suggests we should not lose sight of available pass-rushers in the coming draft and eventual free agency. I won't go into names here. It's too early for that. Or you can do it in the comments section. But, I tell you, do not sleep on additions to the pass-rush this offseason even as everyone is focused on offense.

Sure, the Dolphins haven't said they want to add a pass-rusher. But remember, it's about what they do, not necessarily what they say.

[NOTE: This will be the last blog update until Feb. 28. The Miami Herald, you see, imposes mandatory furloughs on its employees to reduce salary costs. It does so twice a year, lately. I am on mandatory furlough this week so I will not be working for The Herald thus not allowed to update this blog.

That doesn't mean I'm off this week. I will still be on my morning radio show, Armando and the Amigo, every morning 6-10 from Monday to Friday on 640-Sports in South Florida and streaming live on the web. If anything Dolphins related happens, you can bet I'll be discussing it on the air and taking calls about it, too. So you can tune in or call, if you wish.

I will also be live on my twitter account which is under my name. Please follow me to get my tweets. Later this week I will be sharing information on the NFL scouting combine. I'll hope to be back here with you on Feb. 28.]


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Everyone who thinks a 40 time is the most important thing for a RB is sadly misinformed. I'm not for or against M. Ingram as the Dolphins #1 pick, but if you dig a little deeper you would find out that his 10 yard split in the 40 (and the first 10 yards are the most important for any RB)was 1.53. This was one of the fastest split for any position, and a .10 faster than the avg for RB over the past 5 years. So 4.6 may not sound fast, but after 10 yards he is already 2 yards past the defender, and with his vision and power you have a legit All-Star.

Actually forcasting what we would like to see on our new teams during the offseason has been far less stressful than actually watching them play. At least for the last couple regular seasons.

What we banter around on this blog is far less permanent! LOL............

Gulf, I've made the bold suggestion we simply trade all of this years picks for next years picks. We have a lame duck coach and quite possible a lame duck season, or shortened season. Why not let the next regime start off with a full deck of picks?

Nah, it won't remotely happen, but with no chance to win the trophy next season, why not sacrifice today in order to take a big leap forward next year?


Your a man after my own heart. You know what to look for and how to do your homework. What youve mentioned is gereat acceleration. Speed is an open field superlative and nothing to do with how quickly a guy gets to and thru the hole.

I keep using John Avery as a prime example of this. He was one of the fastest rb's in nfl history to never get past the line of scrimmage. LOL..............


That idea soundes good in principal but we cant do that. LOL.........

That would send a message to every player on roster to mail it in for the 2011 season. We would guarantee ourselves of finishing 0-16. LOL.............

On 2nd thoughts, #1 overall pick would be Andrew Luck and we would have a 2nd 1st rd pick to boot.

But even if Ross forced them to do this we would have to look for a new gm and HC before the season even begins both may quit in outrage. LOL............

I can see it now. Ross and Petersen in the draft day war room trading away all of our 2011 draft picks. That would be too funny! LOL...................

Experts projecting its not a great interior oline draft.

Posted by: DyingBreed | February 27, 2011 at 09:13 PM

If Belichik, assuming a new cba is reached before the draft, was willing to trade Mankins and give us a 2nd rd'er for our #15. Ireland would have to be nuts not to jump all over that one. Mankins is a well proven pro bowl calibre LG.

Posted by: DyingBreed | February 27, 2011 at 09:23 PM

Bellichik could afford to use our #15 to draft a guard at #15 or his #17 pick too.

Posted by: DyingBreed | February 27, 2011 at 09:24 PM

So the master drafter Belicheck is going to give us his already tagged pro bowl guard Mankins and a second for our 15th pick.

.....and he will do this so he can use our 15th or his 17th to crapshoot for another guard in a draft that you(and your quoted experts) have stated is weak at the interior line position.

Anybody see anything really wrong with this scenario? I want some of what he's smoking.


Aleister I think Belichick will draft Murray out from under us




Big Nasty,

I'm not a hardcore numbers guy, but I like what you posted about Ingram.

I guess his split time is PROOF that he has an awesome burst in addition to instincts, power and GREAT vision.

I usually wouldn't advocate taking a RB in the first, but Ingram sounds more tempting everyday.

ALoco quit impersonating 12:43AM

DB.. I read yor response on page 26..You are right about Lex not having breakaway speed. But what he does well is explode through the line. He posseses quickness at the point of attack. When he gets to the second level. He has power. You tube Pitt v Miami 2009. He looks pretty powerful in the Pitt secondary, and pretty quick beating Harrison out of the backfield for a touchdown catch. I know that his college stuff means nothing now. But at any level, if you can run away from guys going 70 plus yards youre not slow. Like you said about Ingram. Line up against Lex and run with him. You will see how slow he is.

The other thing to. I know his combine stats are along time ago. But they match up favorably to Peyton Hillis. Thier 10 yard split was exactly the same. Hillis had a little better 40 time. But Hilliard had the 3rd fastest time in the shuttle(for rbs) and the 8th fastest time in the 3 cone drill. Both are measurements in agility and quickness. So as far as his overall speed. youre right. But as far as power, or quickness..not so much.

People would have laughed in your face if you were to say Peyton Hillis would be the leading rusher on the Cleveland Browns last year. Nobody outside of Denver, or fantasy geeks had heard of him. Hilliard may never amount to anything, and I could be wasting everyones time. I just think he is much better then he gets credit for. He just needs a chance(you would think this dude is my cousin, or I was an agent...have I gone mad???)


I think DB took a breather after Aloco Crowley showed up.

I think Daboll will try to create a Hillis roll for Hilliard, regardless of how the draft shakes out.

I have to agree with you. Hilliard looks like he runs with as much power as Ricky used too back in his "Hazy Daze".

Aloco's impersonating.

Darryl's STILL going on and on about Hilliard.

Beerphin called DB Little Hitler and I'm Drunkerin Sheet!

God I love this place!!!!

Odin.... It's good to have you back!!!

I'm going to stop with the Lex stuff. Anyone that has read this blog once in the last year or so is probably well aware of my opinion....

I picture Dying Breed much taller then hitler, and without the silly little landing strip moustache.


Don't stop the Lex stuff on my account.

I'm right there with you. I'm envisioning Hilliard having his best year to date.

The guy just needs a chance!

I read your post about trading our total package draft. I still assume you were joking, because this wont happen. You know it, and so does everyone here. Worth a thought though. I'd do it too, if I could escape the noose.

Especially with this years nutty way of thinking, as a whole. Two years down the road, we'd be very special in late Jan. and the pride and joy in Feb.

But realism takes me back to the now and present...

I absolutely love this place. Most of us can kid around with eachother without being seriously offended. LOL......

DD- Yes I am taller than Hitler, about 6'3(I love cheating up an inch)215lbs. No doubts I believe Hilliard can be very effective given room to run.

There nothing fancy smancy or overly powerful. He's just flatout downhill. He could be a tiring beast against nfl defenses if we can just get the right weapons to force them out of 7-8 in box. Then we get more effective run blocking.


Oh yeah and I dont wear a small c*unt patch mustache either. LOL..........

Guys we can talk all we want. But until we get a seam TE, legit speed wr, or both. We're not going to improve as an offense in 2011. Even if we had 5 pro bowl offensive lineman.

Let me know when offensive linemen start consistently putting points on the scoreboard. They're just a big help. LOL...........

The year after Csonka, Warfield, and Kiick defected to thw WFL. We still had a great oline but offensive production still fell off drastically. 2yrs after thier defection we had a losing record(1976).


I dissaude all the, "progressive thinkers" posting thoughts on, multi-dymo-posistion-players... WR turned TE, or QB turned into RB.

It will never work. Sure, Mike Ditka ran Refridgerator Perry off center for a couple yards and a TD for Chicago in 1985, (the year Marino blemished their perfect record on MNF). But you will never see this practice become norm, even remotely.

Maybe in a sand-lot situation, but not in the NFL.

Amusing to some. Can only imagine what your fantasy draft looks like... really rather not -

Craig m, I'm answering you late bit the answer is simple: let him go to another team. Everyone is saying he had a great year, I do not like to see a player step up in contract year that was so mediocre he was sent to second string at the start of the season. He finished the year strong he gets 12.5.
Aloco, you're saying that shockey isn't worth a third of him? I have to respectfully disagree. I could just be hurricane biased, but even with injury look at his numbers and his presence. He doesn't get hurt because he's flimsy, he gets hurt because he puts it all out there on the field for his team, diving catches and fighting for first downs. But I could be hurricane biased lol
The soliai move is going to turn into one of the last great mistakes for a horrible general manager.
About what I said about Ingram, I like him more than I let on. I just really want us to get a qb, and I think Ryan mallet has the goods. I've watched him since Michigan, and he has learned so quickly and developed over just two full years starting it's ridiculous. Or even cam newton, who anyone who watched him in the hardest conference week in and out be perfect knows he's got nothing but upside.
I just hear names like Kirkpatrick or Orton being tossed around and it makes my head hurt. These past laughing stocks have become one hit wonders for teams but even with the numbers they don't win games. Why not go after the king of numbers but not winning games in Phillip rivers then? We need a qb, and we need a winner.

Ohh and I like Ryan Williams and demarco Murray as later steals. Just saying. Lex ain't it.

Well opne thing is for sure, the Combine coverage sucked this year compared to years past.

They would cut over to Cam Newtons live broad jump in the middle of someones 40 being timed. They only had the names posted for the players about a 1/3 of the time. I had to keep rewinding to make sure who was doing what. I thought it was TERRIBAD!! They would give decent insite but at the expense of the fans getting to see most all of every players workouts.

Sad as that is why we are suppose to be tuning in. To see with our eyes the competition and every player executing the drills.

Anyone else have thoughts?

In watching the coverage which was dominated by Cam Newton, Ingram, Locker, Green and JJ.

I saw RB Ingram come in with his Bellicheck like hoodie and a slimmed down weight of 212 lbs. He hauls off and turns in a 4.61 or 4.62 official time... pedestrian. When he ran the original 5.8 there was actual silence from Mayock and the crew for a second as they couldn't really heap praise on him. Then they say, oh that's about what we expected for him.

It later got adjusted up (that still freaks me out adjusting digital timing equipment of Billionaires?) to 4.62.

He was even getting credit for grunting a lot stating oh, he is an angry runner.

I am one of the ones that is still off his bandwagon and would not want the Fins to take him at 15. I still feel he will be outrushed by at least 5 drafted or UFA RBs.

A lot of people on the blog DB, Craig M (although you seem flexible on him), 0X80 are all over him and I understand. The enchanting 10 yard burst arguement and big school product has your vote...I get it.

He was injured, and looks to back to his 4.6+ self. I wonder what he would have run if he didn't drop a bunch of weight? Emmitt, Jerry Rice, Steve Largent are all guys that had suspect speed and got it done. I simply don't think he will be the stud in the pros he was in college and therefore would not spend a 15 on him.

beerphin and I seem to be the main Ingram detractors. I think it's great as it will be real easy to see who's wrong on the judgement call/eductaed guess.

Get your popcorn ready...whenever they figure out the CBA!


Guys I thought did well at the combine (from what I could glean through the crappy coverage)

WR Randall Cobb- (who got the Value pick of the day by Eisen and crew) I like the guy, versatile, quick, well rounded.

WR Jerrel Jernigan- The WR I wish we would get. He looked VERY smooth in the guantlet. Sudden, Wiggles, 4.4+ speed, smooth, 50+ college games tough. Both he and Cobb didn't break the 4.3 threshold but, both have great WR/ST ability. Mayock said he thinks they both go 2nd round. =(

The FB Maercic- Good looking all around 2 way athlete playing LB and FB. Looks like he can catch and they say his blocking is on point. Great stamina.

RB Dion Lewis- That guy is SUPER quick!!! Top notch lateral acceleration. As I put in one of my recent mock posts, this guy could help out team a bunch. I would rather have him over Jaquizz. Good mid round pick up.

RB Derrick Locke- Looked about like I thought. Showed well at the Senior bowl and should make some team happy in the mid rounds.

RB DeMarco Murray- For a little bigger guy really moves out. I like his game and as beerphin stated injuries are his biggest knock. I think the guy is quite a weapon when healthy, hands, speed, wiggle, desire (especially in goal line up and over like Walter Payton uses to do).

RB Johnny White- This guy has some skills! He will be a late round, try hard guy and will turn heads with his tough running and smashmouth style. Made some nice catches. Would make a great Phin and allow us to let Ricky go find a final team to play for.

WR Julio Jones- He was a triangle number fiend...smoked it so many of the drills! I think he will be gone before the Phins pick anyways. Had a MUCH better combine than WR AJ Green.

WR Schanzanbacher- He is no freak athletically but looks smooth in drills. He always seems to be on time and catch the ball. He won't be a Fin but will be a nice complimentary piece for some team.

The NFLN coverage was crappy so QB Colin Kaepernick wasn't shown much. He is still high on my list but I think he goes in the second round to Minn. QB Jake Locker acquited himself very well. Ran fast, through well and was very articulate. The stage didn't seem to awe him.

Kaepernick and Ponder would be my two top QB groomers. If you can get over the Vanilla Ice image Mallet has a live arm and accuracy. I think Cam Newton goes early but if he got to #15 they would have to consider him.

TE Julius Thomas- looked relaxed catching the ball. Had a nice gauntlet. Could be a nice later round sleeper.

TE Housler- looked like a really nice athlete. He was fast.


rob IN OC,





Looks like Ingram looked good at the Combine. Ugh! He could have made my life easier and messed up so he'd be a sure no-pick, but that's not the case. Looks like we're all set to make the next big draft mistake of our long and storied franchise's history of making horrible draft decisions.

I liked Julio Jones personally, I think he looked great. Great athlete, possesses the skills, he'll be a good NFL player. Ingram might too, if we get him I hope he doesn't turn into another Ronnie Brown, but I'm not really on board going in that direction.

DB @ 12:14 - Heck your response only makes me like my idea more!

Gulf # 12:42 - Yeah, let's say half joking. Actually, I was serious, but I know there is know way that would ever happen.

Theses days everyone looks for someone who can 'think outside the box', but the moment you do people think you are nuts!

I thought the TE Virgil Green looked awfully good at the Combine. I don't know an awful lot about this guy but he appeared to have all the tools to me. He looked god catching the ball and his speed appeared to be good too. I would like to think this is a guy they look at in the third. I didn't see a lot of D J Williams but he's another guy I hope they are tracking.

I have never blogged so single-mindedly on one single player, and seeing how Armando is back to work today and a new blog is forth-coming, let me just close out with the final comment.

The Miami Dolphins DO NOT have ONE SINGLE proven starting calibur RB on the roster. While some of you imply (right or wrong) that RB is not nearly as important as in the past, who could possibly argue the absolute need for at least one solid, verstaile RB that can play the full game? Ingram may not be Emmitt, he may not be LT, he may not be AP. What he will be is better than any RB in our division. He will stabilze the RB position for the next 5+ years minimum. He is not slow, he just isn't super fast, yet he does have excellent burst, first 10 yards, where he only becomes that much more difficult to tackle in the open field. He is tougher than any other back in the draft, can run up the middle or get outside. He is patient and excellent at reading the blocks. He has great hands out of the back field. He can block. Just because he isn't as fast as Chris Johnson, does that negate everything else? If so, then you are waiting for the next Walter Payton and you are going to wait another 30 years.

For those of you who like another RB, well there is no guarantee we can get any of them if we trade out of 15. At 15, we are guaranteed to get one of the top 3 backs in this years draft. I agree with those that say the pundits are not reliable, that they are wrong as often as they are correct. However in this case, every single one has Ingram rated as the top back in this draft. Regardless of which RB you like in this draft, it just seems to me that it would be irresonsible to leave this draft without one of the top 3 backs. (I'm saying this with the assumption none of the QB's we would want will be available at 15). Unless we get a high #2 pick in a trade back, there is no guarantee we any of the other top backs will still be available. Bringing back Ronnie or Ricky will not cause any defense worry. A solid RB is a major need, let's go with the best we can get instead of a retread FA.

Out of breath.... Ok, I promise to get off this subject now (or I'll try to at least)






Agree with most of your last post. As someone born just outside of Chicago I grew up on W. Payton (best RB ever bar none), the only thing you have wrong is Ingram might be faster than Payton. If Walter had L.T. speed he would have gone for 20,000 yards. Ingram and Payton have alot of the same traits (not saying Ingram will have same kind of career), but if he has 1/2 the career as Payton he would be all time leader for the Dolphins.

Any of you tweeters heard from Mando?

Everyone is forgetting about KS State RB Daniel Thomas. He is a huge running back that can be very productive and be around the 3rd rd area. I didnt see his combine times though

Cam Newton didn't do himself any favors at the combine.....not when it came to throwing the ball....

However Mallet looked like the best QB when it came down to pure throwing


I think Thomas will be gone before the third round. Mayock has him as his second rated back. I think it's hard to believe that through the first two rounds and the first 14 picks of the third round there will only be one or two back taken. Someone will bite.

For those of you bashing Ireland and company and who will ultimately bash Ireland if he takes Ingram at 15, think about what his options actually ARE. You're asking him to ignore probably our biggest need on the team until the third round. We don't have a single running back under contract for next season and just think of how that will play out with FA running backs should that be the case. They will have us over a barrell. So before you get ready to jump and criticize, think about what the prudent thing to do actually is. If Ingram DOESN'T prove to be success, think about what he SHOULD have done before you criticize.

As I've said many times, the EASIEST thing to do is play Monday morning QB. Let's hear the smart options NOW, instead of AFTER the fact, as many of you like to do.

New blog up!!!!

I want to hear from the Newton LOVERS this morning. Where are you? How he's the 'answer' and he's the 'saviour' and 'trade up and get him, no matter the price' and he's the next 'franchise QB'.

Still feel that way guys? My God on the simplest of drills, on the stuff that everybody thought he would be good at, he looked horrible. Keep in mind....this is the aeasy stuff. Even his coach and Newton himself admitted he 'struggled'.

So let me hear it again brave ones....'Newton is the franshise'.....come on, whos' brave enough?

Keep in mind when it comes to Newton, the hard stuff is going to be when he's playing under centre, with defences disguising their looks, when the game is faster than the College game, when he's got to make split-second decisions, with the game on the line. That's when we'll really see what he's made of. When he needs to LEAD his team and big them up when they are struggling. Let's see how he does under tough circumstances.

Craig M and 0x80,

I don't get it. We finally start getting Ireland thinking he needs to add team to acknowledge we need team speed and you both (along with others) want to draft a RB in the 1st round because he can block and is fast for 10 yards?

I get it, you are dug in along with most of the world drinking the koolaid. I am admitting that I may be wrong about him but, just believe strongly that 5 other backs will out rush the guy. If that happens that means we could have picked up a RB later and filled other hole or holes with the early picks. Taking a chance on a QB or getting a much needed OL or even taking one of the stud DEs.

I am definitely NOT looking fir the safest pick and I don't think safe will save Sparano and Ireland. They need to target and draft for true gamebreakers, not well rounded, jack of all trades master of none types. Remember Ingram is not the #1 RB because his production in college was so overwhelming, it is because he does a lot of things well. How many 100 yard games as a Senior? Split time due to injury? 4.62. I say there are things he can be knocked on.

You guys are right, rather than have massive blog entries I will try to table the debate or others will revolt from redundancy. Trust me when I say I completely understand I am in the minority thinking here.


Newton looking bad may be a blessing otherwise we'd never have a chance at grabbing him.

I predicted 4 days in advance that this blog would get 1500 posts. I was close. It now has 1667?

Thanks, I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

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