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What they do, not say: Pass-rush edition

First the news: ILB Rashad Jeanty signed a contract today with the Philadelphia Eagles. He went with the Eagles even though the Dolphins and the Jets also offered him similar one-year deals.

The reason the South Florida native went north?

A source tells me he was simply more comfortable with the situation in Philadelphia over that with the Dolphins and Jets. He felt he had a better chance to start there than in Miami or New York.

On another front:

If you are a Dolphins In Depth reader with any standing or memory, you know I've told you to be wary of what the club and its personnel say but always accept what those folks do as gospel.

We remember this lesson from the Gibril Wilson lovefest of last offseason that led to his departure. We learned it when Cam Cameron loved on Daunte Culpepper publicly while I told you the kid was on the outs -- and months later he was cut. We learned this when Dave Wannstedt went on and on about how valuable Dan Marino was and how he could write his own ticket in the waning years of his career and, meanwhile, the Dolphins had him come to their offices to void his contract and usher him out.

It is not always about what they say. It is about what they do.

Well, the Dolphins last year where seemingly thrilled with Cameron Wake exploding onto the NFL scene with 14 sacks. They repeated time and again how pleased they were with rookie Koa Misi's development as a pass-rusher even though he showed good-not-great ability and good-not-great results with 4.5 sacks.

(For the record, I think Misi will be fine as a pass-rusher. He's more an effort guy, a high-motor guy. He's not the most gifted guy on the field, but he'll get his stats because he never quits and works hard. And he'll probably be a bit better when he learns the game and techniques better.)

So the Dolphins seemed quite pleased with their pass-rush and obviously the 39 team sacks for the season was good enough to tie them for 10th in the NFL.

But ...

While the Dolphins seemed satisfied in what they said about their pass-rush, their deeds yelled otherwise.

Even as many folks were hoping GM Jeff Ireland would improve the offense during the season any way he could -- perhaps putting in a waiver claim on Randy Moss -- he instead went with a waiver claim on outside linebacker Shawne Merriman when San Diego cut him loose.

Obviously, Ireland and the Dolphins saw a need to improve the pass rush at the time even as Wake was going nuts on offensive tackles.

Recently, The Miami Herald reported, the club interviewed former linebacker Bryan Cox for a defensive line coaching position. Although the club has yet to finalize anything on that front, a club source says part of the intrigue with Cox would be getting him to 1.) help defenders upgrade their pass-rush skills 2.) bring a more aggressive and perhaps even emotional approach to the front seven.

So, again, pass-rushing is on the club's mind.

What does that mean?

Obviously, the team is not afraid of improving an area of the team that is already fairly stout. It's a good idea because, after all, the New York Giants long ago wrote the recipe for defeating Tom Brady and the Patriots and that was hurry him, rush him, sack him, and hit him time after time.

This also suggests we should not lose sight of available pass-rushers in the coming draft and eventual free agency. I won't go into names here. It's too early for that. Or you can do it in the comments section. But, I tell you, do not sleep on additions to the pass-rush this offseason even as everyone is focused on offense.

Sure, the Dolphins haven't said they want to add a pass-rusher. But remember, it's about what they do, not necessarily what they say.

[NOTE: This will be the last blog update until Feb. 28. The Miami Herald, you see, imposes mandatory furloughs on its employees to reduce salary costs. It does so twice a year, lately. I am on mandatory furlough this week so I will not be working for The Herald thus not allowed to update this blog.

That doesn't mean I'm off this week. I will still be on my morning radio show, Armando and the Amigo, every morning 6-10 from Monday to Friday on 640-Sports in South Florida and streaming live on the web. If anything Dolphins related happens, you can bet I'll be discussing it on the air and taking calls about it, too. So you can tune in or call, if you wish.

I will also be live on my twitter account which is under my name. Please follow me to get my tweets. Later this week I will be sharing information on the NFL scouting combine. I'll hope to be back here with you on Feb. 28.]


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Its better to do nothing at all with your money than too spend it. However if you let it sit and do nothing at all too long inflation will spend it for you.

Dont be afraid too give to charity either. That kind of giving as a great inner reward money cant buy.

if you look at all of the options available on the defensive side in the top 15 smith is the only one that makes sense. i'm not saying it's a smart thing to do, i'm just reiterating what has already been said by some other's about who ireland would be looking at that early in the first rd if he decides to go with defense. he has stated that defense can't be ignored and the team needs a pass rusher opposite wake.
in the final analysis aldon smith is the one guy that he would have to be targeting that early. a bonfide pass rushing freak to put pressure on the passer and create more sacks and turnovers. it is not only my opinion. others have made the same statement.
personally, i don't agree with taking defense in the first round. i would rather see them add speed. however, smith is not a "one trick pony" that you can find in a later round. guys of his talent level are found in the 4th, 5th or 6th rds. sorry.
like i said, don't want him; don't need him. but, he's the only one they can be looking at that high on the board that's a fit for the team.
now, if they trade down then you get into ayers and wilson to possibly replace crowder. but, with ireland talking about pressuring the passer smith has to be the guy they're looking at.

"guys of his talent aren't found in the 4th, 5th or 6th rds." correction


Ive already posted the exact same thoughts about Burress earlier. We definitely see eye to eye on that. I said the exact same as you just posted.

Atogwe cant be signed because as a released vet he is now a fa. Just like Asomogha. He'll sign to the highest bidder.

The difference is when a vet is released during season he goes on waiver wire. When the season is over and he's released he's a free agent. A player must acrue 5yrs of service to become a unrestricted fa and 4yrs to become a restricted free agent.

But I think the same rules apply if a restricted free agent is released during the offseason. Im not sure what waiver rules are if a player has less than 4yrs service if released during the offseason. The same rules may still apply either way.

But I do know for certain Atogwe is now an unrestricted fa because the season is over, he has the neccessary length of service, and his contract has been terminated. He cant be signed until a new cba is reached.

Still once being a very sought after fs that was often injured and the Rams now releasing him does draw red flags for me. I would be very wary unless he comes on the cheap.


It really isnt smart to draft a one trick pony at #15. That's far to high and too great a demand on the payroll(#15 pick) to have to pay 2 guys to play the same position.

Remember that a 2nd rd pick($) is already playing the position(Misi). Think about that a little more. You would now have a 1st and a 2nd rd pick splitting the same position.

I know Ireland said you cant "totally ignore" defense but I guarantee it wasnt splitting playing time at rolb with both a 1st and 2nd rd pick.


I actually dont think the waiver wire is in effect at all during the offseason.

don't tell me, tell ireland.


A couple of things. The NEW season doesn't start until March 3rd, so we're still working on the previous season. I would think the same rules would apply to the LB who was signed by the Eagles over the weekend. I don't know for certain but I would think the fact he was just released would make him in play for everybody. the problem becomes teams don't know what the rules are and what the cap is going to become. Might be a bit of a risk to make a move on a guy now. Especially if there are guarantees involved and there's no season.

Glad we see eye to eye on most of this stuff. What do you think of what I argued on Young versus Newton? I personally don't want either but I do agree that Henne needs competition and there needs to be a plan B. I don't think Young will come to Miami unless he gets a guarantee he will start and I would give him that. He needs to earn that and I don't believe he would be OK with being the backup, should he be beaten out. I think a team like the Cardinals or Vikings will guarantee him being a starter.

anyway, smith is not just a one trick pony. 64 tackles, 19 for loss and 11.5 sacks is hardly a one trick pony.

Aloco - Banking off DB's illuminating comments on making money and specifically not being afraid to make it...I'd like to add to the misconception society has about failure. Every single scientific and medical breakthrough has come only after many years of 'trial and error', not 'trial and failure'. Failing has to be put into conext...Failure is giving up, quitting permanently.

Thomas Edison didn't fail 1000 times before inventing the light bulb, he just first found 1000 ways not to do it.

Therefore to err is simply the most natural process in learning. Learning naturally comes before success, so even if you start out making mistakes (not to be confused with failure), you are on the path to winning in the end.


Under no circumstances do I personally advocate trading up. We need to give ourselves the best chance possible of gaining at least two "legit" day one starters on offense.

What those advocating trading up to get Newton dont fully comprehend is: One, he has only one starting season at a major college. Two, most college qb's arent ready to be day one pro starters even after 4yrs as a starter on a major college level.

Three, that's an astronomically huge gamble on a 1yr major college starter when you have so many offensive starter positions needing huge upgrade and you dont even have a 2nd rd pick to boot. So if he cant start his first season you theorectically have passed on 2 golden opportunities to add legit starters to the offense in 2011.

I just dont see the body of work from Newton over an entire collegiate career to sanely justify considering it. Based on his one season of greatness there's huge risk of panning fool's gold. If he doesnt pan out its a HUGE "I told you so"!


Just a follow-up to my earlier comments...I'm reading that Bob Sanders is free to sign with any team before March 3rd, after which his signing will depend on when the CBA gets settled. Obviously the same would apply to Atogwe. Part of the reason Atogwe was released by the Rams was because he was due an $8 million bonus before March 1st. The team obviously had no interest in paying that. The guy is still a good player and would uprade our secondary. I would sign him before March 3rd and send a message to the league that we mean business this year. Just my opinion....


Jerry Hughes could not even get on the playing field for Indy as a rookie. Smith's overall collegiate numbers hugely pale in comparison.

Dont think you fully comprehend how difficult rolb is to learn as a rookie. It's astronomically stupid to walk away from Misi right now. Like I said, if we went defense Patrick Peterson or Nick Fairly would have to fall. Bank on it.

You mean the left hand DOES know what the right hand is doing? It's just not telling? Lol!
Speculation is moot until the CBA is done. Then, we'll see what's up with Free Agency. We've got a lot of holes and not enough good soil to fill them!
Draft class sucks for QBs and RBs once you get past the first few. And, we're picking at 15. No one's gonna let us move down cause they all know that's what we want to do. We don't have enough picks as it is to even think of moving u.
It is what it is...for better or worse. We gonna dance with whomever we take to the dance!


Thanks for the heads up! Atogwe would be a welcome addition, just depends heavily on the asking price and his "preferred" destination. Its totally up to him if Miami's on that list.



Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully Miami's on Atogwe's destination list and the price is right. He would be a welcomed addition.


Another guy I think the dolphins should look to add, simply for depth purposes and I know I'll get blasted for this is the soon to be released Vernon Gholston. e has done NOTHING since he's come into the league but he's still young and I think he's be a good rotational guy on not a big contract.

"Not enough draft picks to move up, down, or sideways!"
Sounds like parental units running the show! "Don't do as I do, do as I tell ya!" "Don't listen to what I say, but watch what I do!" Full of themselves and always thinking they know better, even when they're wrong which they'll never admit! It's a sitcom!


Trading completely out of the 1st rd with a team that has 2 2nd rd picks is a nice option right now too. Thier are two teams currently with two 2nd rd picks. The Pats are one of them.

Two 2nd rd picks also allows us to add 2 legit day one starters on offense also. It's still great value that fits our needs.


I wouldnt mind giving Gholston a looksee in camp. But problem is I dont even think that he can beat out Quentin Moses at this donward spiraling point in his career. I guess a looksee wouldnt hurt though. LOL...........


The Pats may even be willing to give up both 2nd rd picks for our #15 pick. Sometimes you gotta make a deal with devil when you wanna dance. LOL..............

ok db,
now you're talking nonsense. smith's numbers pale in comparison to hughes? don't think so. 142 tackles for hughes vs 108 for smith and smith only played two years. get real. hughes had 27 sacks in college with smith having 17 and smith played only nine games last year due to a broken fibula.
secondly, don't patronize me about how difficult it is to play rolb in this league as a rookie. misi played defensive end at utah. so does smith. at their size, with their experience at de in college it is easier transition for them to line up as rolb than you think. besides, smith's upside is his versatility. he wasn't always lined up in the right de position. sometimes they moved him inside which makes him more valuable because miami could bring him from different areas instead of just the right side. they can't do that with misi.
again, if they are taking defense at 15 he's the guy. no if's, and's or but's.

At least if we made a deal for both the Pats 2nd rd'ers we dont have to worry about them trying to block any of our 2nd rd moves. LOL..............

if miami were to trade their #15 either team that has 2 2nd's this year they would get their first plus both 2nd's based on the value of the trade.

I love the smell and taste of nuts especially when my mouth is full of a hot salami.


Sounds like you're a little hot under the collar. Can we just agree to disagree and move on?

This blog is screwing up. Some of my posts arent posting until I have already double posted. LOL...............

Touch my wombat.


You make a strong arguement. There are a bunch of variables and moving parts so radar locking on a DEF guy based on what a GM says prior to the draft can be treacherous.

The one thing anyone wants to be careful of is speaking in absolutes prior to draft time. I know us fans can as our jobs and strategy are not being dissected by every other team. The comments Ireland "let float out there" may have been by design.

What I mean is, he is the main man responsible for any type of draft manuevering. By stating out loud that we can't ignore the DEF he "MAY" be letting other teams know that Miami can and still may draft "their DEF guy". Other teams may be eye balling A.Smith, Cameron, A. Clayborn or whomever from the DEF side of the ball. He may be trying to drum up a trade back partner.

Again, it could be straight forward and he means it as well which is why it makes for good debate and great theatre.

As with A. Smith he definitely has some good credentials as a pass rusher. As DB pointed out they have 2nd rounder Misi there and spliting time may not be in the cards.

They could move Misi and grab Smith and play him opposite Wake.

When I was suggesting pass rush it was to improve it from a DE standpoint. Cameron or Clayborn I could envison them having more than 3 sacks as both our top DE's have now.

If a more pass rush oriented DE came and got 7-9 sacks + a gob of pressures we would have increased our pass rush ability pretty substantially. Seeing as how last years 39 was 10th all time for the Fins that would be pretty good.

I am assuming they believe if they left Misi at OLB that he would have had his year to learn and get NFL strong and thus he would be able to get a few more sacks as well.

* Just to be clear, I am not HUGE on going DEF. I am saying that I like the DEF talent much better at 15 than the OFF talent in general. I am big on keeping options open and drafting the better player that has the best chance to be an a Pro Bowler. Just my opinion.



Great post @ 1:37 PM. Could nt have been articulated better. LOL............

Craig M and DB,

Gholston?? Kick the tires? I would say "Heck fire NO!".

That guy has averaged 14 tackles PER SEASON since being in the league. He is what is known as a buster. Like Ryan Leaf epic bust.

I wouldn't let him bring his loser Jet stench into our Fins locker room.

You old Rex said "Son, you can't play your way out of a wet paper sack but, if the Fins or Pats pick you up we may be able to pay you for intel." LOL

My vote would be no on Gholston

My vote would be maybe on Atogwe (at the right price)

My vote would be for sure on Plax. I have always liked his tough guy nature and length. After thinking the Vick was not gonna be killer coming back from the trip to the pokey I won't make that mistake again. When taken away from some it makes them more hungry. Plus if Henne is the starter it will be pretty obvious if he overthrows Plax.


Thanks DB!

I know you are all over this board and I am glad cause you love to chat all things Fins football.

I am glad you are on and even if we don't agree on everything (which I am not looking for anyways) I can appreciate the points you make bud.


I have a feeling that by Feb. 28th, this blog will hit well over 1500 comments. A third of which will make little sense.

From what crack-in-the-wall do these instigators creep? I think somebody here labeled them, "trolls".

Gholston? Total bust Gholston? If Rex Ryan couldn't do anything with him nobody can. His stock rose greatly because of his impressive workout routine, not as an impressive football player. The pre-draft hype got so feverish that it suddenly elevated his draft position. The Jet's took the bait and are left only with the hook. Don't even look, you may be seduced by the same poison that fooled the Jets.

Just curious why some folks are so quick to want drop solid football players like Crowder and Carey for example and create more holes. Not every player in the Packer's starting lineup is a pro bowler and they won the superbowl. We need a few of our recent draft picks who did at least make the team to become playmakers (ie Odrick, Misi, Henne, Jones, Hartline, Shuler, Davis, Smith).

Also, A lot of folks feel it will be a stretch to trade down from the 15th spot and add a 2nd rounder but what about another 3rd rounder?? Maybe get the o-lineman you want and a QB and possibly a Wr like Hankerson in the 3rd round.

As far as Bob Sanders, If he could be had semi inexspensive I don't see a problem with him being insurance and a veteran mentor to our young safeties.

I don't comment often but i enjoy all your post.

Sorry guys I'm going to disagre with you on Gholston. He's still young and while think may have been disasterous for him in New York, you take away from the pressures of being a top 6 pick and all the money that went with it and give the guy a change of scenery then good things might happen. I'm not suggesting we give this guy a starting job or large money but it's hard to turn your back on that football pedigree. Rex Ryan only had him for two years and likely had his mind mae up on him before he even go there and I'd be prepared to see what Mike Nolan could do with him on a rotational basis. Nolan doesn't have to take a backseat to anyone as a DC.

One of the guys I was really hoping would be there for the Dolphins in FA just got franchised today, Chad Greenway. I think he would have been a great replacement for Crowder. He's a tackling machine and unlike Crowder he stays on the field.

blamning a players failures on pressures of a high pick doesn't make sense to me. what about all the other players drafted in the top 10, are they flat out busts for the first 3 years? hardly, top 10 picks deliver from the get go..gholston is playing like a 6th rounder. i seriously doubt rex ryan is bowing down to his dc. they can't even find a position for him, de, lb....1 sack in 3 seasons = bust. who wants to rely on that guy for late game defensive stop...not worth wasting a roster spot for a guy that requires more prayer than training.

Hell, I don't know what to write here anymore. I can't talk football all the time, nobody wants to discuss Religion or Politics, and People get mad about wombats and salamis. What am I to do? I guess keep on being a lips lapper.

Why are guys so afraid to give players second chances. It's the same crap I hear about a 25 year old Chad Henne. The thinking goes if a guy can't cut it after 3 years he doesn't have it. That's BS!!

My point on Gholston is that New York is not an easy place to play as a top 6 pick making millions of dollars. Ask Mark Sanchez. If we can offer an invite to a guy, who can stick it to the team that drafted him twice a year and he's motivated to get better why would we not add him. Take a look at how the Pats do it folks! It would have been very easy for Belichik to not even look at Randy Moss or Junior Seau. He did and they were good decisions. We have to get smarter on this kind of stuff.

Oscar, try getting off with your left hand, that will occupy your time.

How about a couple of other guys with the Pats. Sammy Morris who wan't a great player with us but has been great for the Pats. Rodney Harrison was great with the Pats too. Charles Woodson has been great for the Pack. All guys who were considered on the downsides with their teams. I'd be in favour of giving Nolan another weapon to work with in Gholston and if he can't do anything with him you cut him. Where' the risk? I'd much rather see Gholston than Merriman.


Already stated in a reply post to CraigM Ggolston is doubtful to beat out Moses for even a backup position. Kicking the tires in the offseason with very limited reps wouldnt hurt.

Very limited reps places the onus on him to shine like never before or be cut within two weeks. If he cant beat out Moses in a hurry we have ZERO use for him.

Craig M - can't see comparing Randy Moss and Junior Seau, two of the best players at their position from the beginning, or other players who have shown they can play at a high level even if on their downside, to a guy like Gholston who has shown a big zero in his first three years. I can see giving second chances to players who have shown something, not someone who hasn't. This regime already has more leftovers than an old maids refrigerator, why continue down that road of mediocrity? I'm saying, merely 'hoping' a 3rd year bust type player will suddenly become good is a reach, unecessary gamble for a team in such a tough division. Lets not forget NE and NY are improving too, why take their underperforming castoffs while they replace them with better players? That to me sounds like a perfect plan to finish #3 in the division again.


Totally agree with your comments on Gholston. I'm not trying to say he's the saviour but I think we all expect the team to go heavy on the offence this off-season and you have to look under every rock for gems. If we hadn't we wouldn't have found Cameron Wake who lead the CFL in sacks for two straight years. WE have to be uncoventional in our approach to adding more talent. Our pass rush is good but not good enough. If a 25 year Vernon Gholston, who struggled from day one in New York can make any contributions to this team then great. If not, then you cut him and move on.


I think youre using very bad examples to make your case regarding Gholston. Every player mentioned had great impact on other teams at some point in thier careers.

Gholston's only been a 4-5yr lump on a log. Under no circumstances does a 6th overall pick sit 3rd on your depth chart. You can pay a helluva lot less keeping a undrafted fa 3rd on your depth chart.

Problem with Gholston is he seemed to have peaked at 3rd team backup. He would have to clearly beat out Moses(our 2nd team depth) to deserve a roster spot. He's definitely not replacing Wake.


I posted earlier I believe 39 sacks isnt a real pass rush problem. We could easily have 5-8 sacks more with better COVERAGE. I also believe we could have had at least 5 more sacks by Wake alone on holding and missed holding calls.

So the problem isnt hugely more pass rush but greater pass coverage. Y-Bell was a great liability in coverage and so was Sapp. Thier guys got open early and often. Not allowing quite long enough for pressure to get to qb's.

I believe Will Allen in the slot and if Reshad Jones can overtake Y-Bell as a better coverage ss. At least 45 sacks next season will be a mere formality.

Better coverage really does equal more qb pressures and sacks. Especially if Odricks and Edds can become key contributors in 2011.

" If we get a defensive line stud and there are just not that many 1st round caliber running backs or quarterbacks available at 15, more power to us."

Exactly. Was kind of more thinking Lb or saftey though. But i personally think we cant lack on our defense. Losing a piece or 2 could cripple us if we dont keep it primed.


First of all Moss was considered a distraction and a guy who was going through the motions in Oakland. He was considered a waste of talent. There probably wasn't another team out there who would have given Oakland a fourth round pick. Seau was considered DONE when he went to Oakland and yet he played for another 2-3 years. Woodson was considered washed up, yet won a defensive player of the year award a few years ago with the Packers. Morris was never anything special in Buffalo or Miami but has been a nice player for New England. Harrison was considered not to be the same player he was in San Diego but still went on to being a big contributor for the Pats for 5 years.

My only point is, whether you and I think Gholston is a bust or not isn't important. What is important is that the team pan for talent in lots of different ways. Relying only on the draft and big name free agents isn't going to get it done. To bring a guy in on a small contract with the potential for a decent return is worth the risk.

It also seemed on the most critical passing downs. Opposition qb's looked to target Y-Bell and Sapps coverage responsibilities more often than not.

The rpvious post should have said 'Seau was considered DONE when he went to the Pats'.

Sorry....got distracted....


You can bring upto 80 players to camp when it first begins. That's where you do your mining. Im sure if out of work a player like Gholston would get an invite to a camp of 80 players.

He just better not be amongst the numbers that quickly get weeded out! LOL..................

The Herald may get around to reporting one of these days, but Bryan Cox was hired today as a defensive assistant.

(wouldn't mind seeing him flipping off Bills fans one more time!)


So maybe the examples I gave weren't the best...I'll give you that. The point I was trying to make was teams take chances. These were all low risk moves. But they all improved their teams.

Gholston doesn't turn 25 years old until June. He's worth the risk, under the right conditions. We all want competition at all the positions. In a year where we should be drafting offence this would be a way to add a potential pass rusher. No way was I trying to suggest he'd be taking time away from Wake but one thing we have to worry about is where the sacks will come from should teams be able to shut Wake down. You can never have enough weapons on defence.

You guys are kidding about Gholston, right?

The guy is a worthless tub of lard. No thanks.

Also the thing about a player already labeled bust is he may get a shorter look than an undrafted fa. He has to impress greatly early and often to keep moving up the food chain.

The onus is on that player to prove to the new coaching staff he isnt a perrenial bust. It's not on that coaching staff to prove he's not a perrenial bust.

Guys, what's the issue with INVITING a guy to try and make the team next year. Why do so many of you guys have your mind made up on a guy after only three years? It's the same problem I have with guys making their mind up on Henne after three years. It just doesn't happen for some guys after three years.

What the team should be trying to do is find talent under every possible stone. If someone had told you guys that the team was going to bring a guy from the CFL to the team two years ago and he would be one of our starting LBers a year later you would probably have said they were nuts. Guess what guys.....we have that guy in Cam Wake. This is also a guy who was a bust his first go around in the NFL. I'm not saying Vernon Gholston is going to be the next Cameron Wake, I'm only saying he would be worth the risk under the right circumstances. I don't know why guys get their backs up concerning that.

Will Allen as the slot defender is an interesting idea. I would like to see Nolan Carrol improve so that he can be played on the outside in nickel packages. Moving VD inside. Speed is not the biggest neccessity to playing nickel corner. The slot recievers aren't usually the fastest guys, but the most sound route runners. Moving your best cover guy inside on some sitations gives the defense the best chance at shutting the slot reciever down.

This cannot happen if the replacemant cannot cover, and will not allow us the luxury of this option. The Packers did this throughout the playoffs moving Woodson into the slot and using another corner(I can't remember his name, He was undrafted. Had a huge game agaisnt Chicago..help) Anyway, this is a blueprint that I think will be followed. It makes all the sense in the world. It is dependant on finding another guy that can play on the "Island". Easier said then done...

Matt Millen is salivating all over Blaine Gabbert. To me thats a HUGE red flag to stay away from this guy! LOL............

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