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What they do, not say: Pass-rush edition

First the news: ILB Rashad Jeanty signed a contract today with the Philadelphia Eagles. He went with the Eagles even though the Dolphins and the Jets also offered him similar one-year deals.

The reason the South Florida native went north?

A source tells me he was simply more comfortable with the situation in Philadelphia over that with the Dolphins and Jets. He felt he had a better chance to start there than in Miami or New York.

On another front:

If you are a Dolphins In Depth reader with any standing or memory, you know I've told you to be wary of what the club and its personnel say but always accept what those folks do as gospel.

We remember this lesson from the Gibril Wilson lovefest of last offseason that led to his departure. We learned it when Cam Cameron loved on Daunte Culpepper publicly while I told you the kid was on the outs -- and months later he was cut. We learned this when Dave Wannstedt went on and on about how valuable Dan Marino was and how he could write his own ticket in the waning years of his career and, meanwhile, the Dolphins had him come to their offices to void his contract and usher him out.

It is not always about what they say. It is about what they do.

Well, the Dolphins last year where seemingly thrilled with Cameron Wake exploding onto the NFL scene with 14 sacks. They repeated time and again how pleased they were with rookie Koa Misi's development as a pass-rusher even though he showed good-not-great ability and good-not-great results with 4.5 sacks.

(For the record, I think Misi will be fine as a pass-rusher. He's more an effort guy, a high-motor guy. He's not the most gifted guy on the field, but he'll get his stats because he never quits and works hard. And he'll probably be a bit better when he learns the game and techniques better.)

So the Dolphins seemed quite pleased with their pass-rush and obviously the 39 team sacks for the season was good enough to tie them for 10th in the NFL.

But ...

While the Dolphins seemed satisfied in what they said about their pass-rush, their deeds yelled otherwise.

Even as many folks were hoping GM Jeff Ireland would improve the offense during the season any way he could -- perhaps putting in a waiver claim on Randy Moss -- he instead went with a waiver claim on outside linebacker Shawne Merriman when San Diego cut him loose.

Obviously, Ireland and the Dolphins saw a need to improve the pass rush at the time even as Wake was going nuts on offensive tackles.

Recently, The Miami Herald reported, the club interviewed former linebacker Bryan Cox for a defensive line coaching position. Although the club has yet to finalize anything on that front, a club source says part of the intrigue with Cox would be getting him to 1.) help defenders upgrade their pass-rush skills 2.) bring a more aggressive and perhaps even emotional approach to the front seven.

So, again, pass-rushing is on the club's mind.

What does that mean?

Obviously, the team is not afraid of improving an area of the team that is already fairly stout. It's a good idea because, after all, the New York Giants long ago wrote the recipe for defeating Tom Brady and the Patriots and that was hurry him, rush him, sack him, and hit him time after time.

This also suggests we should not lose sight of available pass-rushers in the coming draft and eventual free agency. I won't go into names here. It's too early for that. Or you can do it in the comments section. But, I tell you, do not sleep on additions to the pass-rush this offseason even as everyone is focused on offense.

Sure, the Dolphins haven't said they want to add a pass-rusher. But remember, it's about what they do, not necessarily what they say.

[NOTE: This will be the last blog update until Feb. 28. The Miami Herald, you see, imposes mandatory furloughs on its employees to reduce salary costs. It does so twice a year, lately. I am on mandatory furlough this week so I will not be working for The Herald thus not allowed to update this blog.

That doesn't mean I'm off this week. I will still be on my morning radio show, Armando and the Amigo, every morning 6-10 from Monday to Friday on 640-Sports in South Florida and streaming live on the web. If anything Dolphins related happens, you can bet I'll be discussing it on the air and taking calls about it, too. So you can tune in or call, if you wish.

I will also be live on my twitter account which is under my name. Please follow me to get my tweets. Later this week I will be sharing information on the NFL scouting combine. I'll hope to be back here with you on Feb. 28.]


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I am not going to pretend to know all these collage players.

Dave Hyde has run an interesting series called Draft Winds profiling a number of players the Dolphins are potentially looking at.

Jerrel Jernigan – WR – Troy

sounds like the sort of speed player the Dolphins so desperately need.

WR-KR, they ran him at wild-cat at Troy too.

Jernigan could go 2nd round.

Glad to hear that Ireland has realized finally that the team needs speed.

I really do not understand why it took so long though.

Can someone explain to me what the staff was thinking last year in not having any speed/deep threat WR in the lineup?

I totally do not get that.



Man, Armando, how are you going to survive in these drought days? Put some music on. I'm sure people will like it.

Let's see, who remembers Jimmy Smith, Stanley Turrentine, Wes Montgomery. Now, Poncho Sanchez, Astor Piazzola, Chucho Valdes. C'mon , help me People.

Shockey is due $5million, he'll also be 31yrs old in 2011. The Saints are penciling in the very athletic Jimmy Graham as the starter for 2011. Add in that no one wants to pay a 31yr old TE $5million eliminating trade and you see exactly why he was released.

So it's very farfetched thinking to think the Saints released Shockey because he's washed up. It's Jimmy Graham(former Cane) is ready to start, and they cant trade Shockey because of the price($5million) and his age(30yrs old).

I dont think we would give Shockey $5million either but if he can keep his demands in the #3.5million range. Something might be worked out with him. Hopefully he gives us a hometown(UM) discount.

No to Jeremy Shockey. He's a player who is past his prime and can't stay healthy enough to stay on the field. I'm tired of his team going with stop gaps. Find a stud TE and invest in himm through the draft.

Ah Jimmy Smith....Very good, Very good... I have Jimmy Smith live at the Chicken Shack Theater on my Juxebox at the bar. My favorite jazz organ player of all time. Very funky!

Oscar do listen to Cal Tjader?

"Hahaha, Frank Sinatra? He's dead. Suck my dic-, lick my as-." That's some kind of some song my nephew let slip into my I-pod. When I heard it I said, "what the hell"! But it may be valid, too.


No way we can fill all of our needs this offseason. Shockey also buys us next season to have the luxury of investing a 1st or 2nd rd pick in a LEGIT TE in the 2012 draft.

Even if we could draft a TE in 2011 I really dont see it happening before 3rd rd at the earliest. Remember what happened last time we drafted a TE in the later rds.

We definitely really cant afford to use a late 1st or a 2nd rd pick on Kyle Rudolph. Not this year and we know exactly what we're getting with Shockey even if he only played 11-12 gms next season.

Oh, DD, you mean Guachi Guara, Man Blues, Key Largo. Of course I do, enjoy him specially when I am cooking.

When I first started listening to CJ.I didn't know Tjader was anglo...Always assumed he was latin...

Lately injury proned or not, with Shockey you know you'll get 110% and a guy that leaves it all on the field when healthy enough to play. He'll never slack!

Guess IM out. Ive never even heard of these musicians you guys are mentioning. THX for the boot guys! LOL................

No, no, DD, many superlative Latin Jazz artists were not Latin. CT, I think was of Swedish origin, Herbie Mann was, I think, of Jewish descent, Larry Harlow, etc. All radicated in N.Y.

Sorry DB, we don't see shockey in the same light. I see a guy who can't stay healthy any more and who has lost a step or two. New Orleans is getting rid of him for a reason....that reason? He can't get it done any more. I'm saying we take TE late first or early second. The only exception to that might be D J Williams, who I think could be a good pro. I think if we bring Shockey in he's not really an upgrade over Fasano and he's another guy who will be keeping Crowder company on the sidelines.




Oscar..wow Wes, tops, Piazzola the man..how about 'Trane and Mingus too...

Those musicians are not dumb gangers, they are more sophisticated and knowledgable at what they do than most doctors. Geniouses.

Anyone think keeping Clemons over Atogwe a good idea?

Posted by: beerphin | February 22, 2011 at 03:08 PM


Here is the way I see it. It looked as if Clemons faded down the stretch last year. We now know that Chris was playing with a painful Groin pull. He had surgery as soon as the season ended. Much can be said of a guy who was injured yet continued to play. Groin pulls friggin hurt.

Atogwe would not come cheap. Someone would have to go. You have Jones, Clemons & Culver. Two 5th rounders just drafted and a FA in his 5th season(Culver)who did not do a whole lot of positive things this past year.

Culver is the guy who stands out as Cannon fodder. Yet I feel like safety is a secondary concern over more demanding needs at this point. How do you justify sidetracking the progress of our 2 5th round picks who have shown they are capable of playing at a high level? What message are we sending our developmental players by bringing in a 29 year old High Dollar free agent when the 2 drafted players have had such a very short time to allow the lights and bells to turn on?

I would rather see a TE or a WR with some speed or a OLB pass rusher or one of the several RB's who are now cut loose brought in rather then piling another FS on the stack. I just think Miami has throw two picks and a free agent at the S spot and now they need to allow time and development do their jobs with these players.

While a team needs to always continue to build talent however it can, it also can't just chase every single top FA that comes on the market. You need to create stability and as well give the younger players a fair chance to develop. I see some bloggers ready to consider some players duds after one or two seasons, which is totally unrealistic. If they've shown at least the normal development for a 1st or 2nd round player, sometimes its just best to stick with what you got. While some FA's go to a new team and shine as expected, many fail to meet expectations, whether its due to a different scheme, lack of chemistry with the new players or simply not much drive after a fat new contract.

Jeremey Shockey released. Sign him now, then draft Hankerson. We need playmakers. All we have is Bess & #19. We spent all that FA money on Bumbs thats not on the Team. Sign real talent and get your Money worth.

I second Joc

Please do not jump on the Shocky bandwagon. I just spent ten minutes comparing 26 yr old Fasano's performance last year to 30 yr old Shocks. I wanted to confirm my recollection before I posted this synopsis.

In 2010, Shock had 41 receptions; 408 yards - 10 yrd avg., and 3 TD's. His best game was 8 receptions for 78 yards in a losing effort against Atl. Not knocking that.

In 2010, Fasano had 39 receptions; 528 yards - 13.5 avg., and 4 TD's. His best game was 5 receptions for 107 yards in a 29 - 17 win against Tenn. Where was VY?

VY stunk! Went 9 of 18 for 92 yards; 2 rushes, and an interception, with a QB rating of 60.4. That's another bandwagon you might refrain from jumping on.

Do not knock every player we have, just because we didn't win our division. Do not discredit Fasano. He is a workhorse. And I watched him catch Henne's fastest bullets over the middle for 30 yard gains only to see a holding call negate it. He caught a 55 yard TD pass, again, a win.

His TD against GB helped sealed that win against the Champions. He almost did the Lambo Leap into the stands....hehe. I saw rage in the fans, and Fasano taunted them good. Reminded me a little of Brian Cox.

Trust me, Shocky ain't got squat on this youngin. Not tomorrow anyway. N.O. had a remedy in the mix, and the last thing Miami needs to do is foster the witch doctor, and drink that elixer.

Let's get back to football and stop posting music stuff like the idiots you are. Now come on we can do it....

1st rd Tyron Smith USC OT/OG
3rd rd Terrance Toliver LSU WR
4th rd Cecil Shorts III Mount Union WR
5th rd Pat Devlin Delaware QB
6th rd John Clay Wisconsin RB
7th rd Alex Linnenkohl Oregon State C

here's the deal, it doesn't matter anymore, the Dolphins have sunk to a joke, a joke owner who cares about hollywood types as minority owners, who cares about jeff ireland, to the point of not signing Bill Cowher becuase Cowher wanted to bring his own team in. Dolphins are now like the Lions, a joke, doesnt matter who they sign, doesn't matter who they trade, DOLPHINS HAVE OFFICALLY HIT COMEDY STATUS> and this is from a fan who spends thousands of dollars each year coming back to Miami to watch them play. Bye bye and good luck and most importantly if at all possible, would be great to have new ownership and a new coach.

Shockey would be a #2 TE behind Fasano i think Shockey has a lot left to give and he is a champion/ veteran... immediate short term fix

watch some interview tapes of Hankerson his immaturity is very worrisome. I am a cane fan and i know he is a good athlete but I don't see him beating Hartline out for those reasons

totally agree with you there. I'm all for letting a guy who earned his job with a good 1st year of play keep it. Clemons will only get better imo, and he is supposedly elite fast as far a safety position goes... If Atogwe came cheap then it might be a different story

I think Fasano is great for the starter and could be even better with Shockey another receiving TE like with what they had with David Martin but taller and a def target that has to be covered... Fasano is the better athlete at this point in their respective careers and I bet Shockey would even admit that

Hartline is fast n the few plays they went deep to him Henne overthrew him or it was a bad pass... They got rid of Ginn jr. becuz Hartline is fast. I'm not sold on anyone of these small receivers coming out and being better or beating Bess out besides Torrey Smith at a slot position. Green and Jones seem like sure #1 WR but there is alot of talent that will be def contributors as solid 2s I like Terrance Toliver in rd 3 reminds me of Chris
Chambers but a lil bigger same speed and athleticism. His run after catch ability is really impressive for a guy thats 6'4 kinda like Marshall... Kiper has Cecil Shorts III going 3rd rd no later as his 5th wr but coming out of a small school like mt union i think he will fall to the fourth and would be a steal as an all purpose WR really fast runs like Jackson

UFA list
Zane Taylor C Utah
Damien Berry RB UM
Vai Taua RB Nevada
Buster Skrine DB Chattanooga
Alex Wujciak ILB Maryland
Stephen Skelton TE Fordham
Julian Vandervelde LG Iowa

The NFLPA and the NFL seem to be playing in the same sandbox for a few days in a row all nice...maybe they will take pity on the working stiffs of the world coming home to some MNF next season!

Get VY as a talented, young, proven commodity. He is on his second chance so I would think he should wisen up if he truly wants to chase the HoF like he said.

Tony S and crew have had a decent go of cleaning up/growing up troubled players...

VD (Little bad rep coming out of college)
Incognito (Didn't see him fight all year)
BM (the few tantrums he threw were tinsy compared to Denver days)

Snag RB DeAngelo Williams as a nice all purpose speedy back.

I would be for the trade back but if we have to stay...

1st rd Cameron Jordan Cal DE (Talent merits 15, heat on QB always a plus, can trade other DE when CBA works out)
3rd rd Jerrel Jernigan Troy WR/KR
4th rd TE Julius Thomas Portland State
5th rd TE Schuylar Oordt Northern Iowa
6th rd RB John Clay Wisconsin
7th rd G Chris Stewart Notre Dame

I would much prefer a trade back...

1st rd WR Titus Young Boise State
2nd rd QB Colin Kaepernick Nevada
3rd rd NT Phil Taylor Baylor
4rth rd RB Derrick Locke Kentucky
5th rd TE Schuylar Oordt Northern Iowa
6th rd RB John Clay Wisconsin
7th rd G Chris Stewart Notre Dame

I REALLY like WR Jernigan and think he is tough enough with the killer jukes n rocket speed to be a super WR/KR/KR.

I like Kaepernick as a QB with huge upside worth taking a chance on. He can make ALL the throws with velocity and is accurate. Ideal height and movement skills to avoid rush while extending plays. Needs work on reads, footwork, drops...like most every rook.

Can't fix every hole with one draft but this would cover a ton of ground, add mass speed and increase exciting plays.


Weird cryptic update that Armando left... is he gonna have a job? Seems eerie time during draft combine week to "furlough" the guy??? Come on back if you can Armando... maybe log in as an alias screen name and just offer conversational contribution?

Bizzarro World

Hey Rob,

The 'Mediation' is apparently a Federal Mandate.

When I last heard details the two sides were still about a Billion apart...

Some say that the Union will cave by October cause the average Player just doesn't have enough money put away to last for a whole season.

Guys like Jerry Jones want the Players to chip in for the new mega-stadiums. (as if the Players ever asked to build them!)
Like since when do Factory Workers pay for part of the Factory ??

Whatever happens should be interesting cause there is a theory, going around, that says
PROFESSIONAL SPORTS are a snapshot of American society...

If the owners get everything that they want, then White Collar Employees, in other Sectors, might eventually lose some of their benefits as well.

I hope that they reach a compromise.

Chances are that I'll probably get tired of watching Dan Marino videos on YouTube for an entire season!


I if your gonna spend on TE I like
4th rd Jordan Cameron USC or Rob Housler FAU

Hey Yazzi,

Good ta see you on man!

If they could only see and actually feel what football means to zillions of fans, fanstasy leagues and how embedded in Americana the game has become...they'd get r done.

Positives signs lately when it was almost a fer sure "No" before the mediator joined both sides.

I will be hoping to hear they move the deadline back for extra negotiating room.

You are right, pro sports could be a micro view into main stream societies ails.

I think the owners need to carve out a stadium fund out of their side and I am sure that is where part of that billion extra is going. Gotta keep the grandest stages for the NFL to stay ahead of sporting curve.



Time will tell my friend.

Your two TE selections...

Rob Housler weighed 215 lbs during the season? That is simply too light in the keister for TE in the NFL imho. Maybe he could be a tall possession receiver?

Jordan Cameron weighed a little better 235lbs but still a tad light for NFL standards. His total contribution for his entire career at USC 16 total receptions for 126 yards and 1 TD.

I am not belittling your choices either as I know your guess is just like mine...a guess. I hope I am not coming off as holier than thou, cause I am not all.

Hell, my TE Julius Thomas pick has a similar stat line to your Jordan Cameron choice...29 receptions for 453 yards and 2 TDs. Ain't he the picture of epic numbers...lol Honestly, he has that basketball background and I just see that fluidity of movement that Gates type players have. I think his best football lies ahead. I think I will move him to the 5th rd.

As for Oordt... much better triangle numbers. tall 6'7 and right close to 250lbs. Has speed at 4.55+. He had 66 career receptions for nearly 1,200 yards. Soft hands with a nifty 17.7 yards per catch average. If he fills out his body some and gets stronger he could be a poor mans NO TE Jimmy Graham. (A guy I wish Miami would have looked at harder,... JG will be a stud this coming year!)


Jordan Cameron is around 255 now and is a former basketball star as well. Housler is at 249 6'6 runs a 4.50 you must be reading their 2009- stats

I have never even heard of Thomas or Oordt til now and I see they project around 7th rd w 14 other TEs ahead of em

thia team is so bad its hard to even get excited

I predict Cobbs will return 8 kicks this year for a td.

over/under week for Tony Sparano resigning, game 12.

Mando, You block again...stinker!

I'd like to get people's thoughts on the possibility of Willie Colon being our RT next year. He's coming off a torn achilles but he's only 28 years old. Not sure what kind of money he's going to want but the feeling is he won't be back in Pittsburgh. Is he worth the risk with the idea being to move Carey to guard? There's a lot of talk that we should be drafting RT Smith too and I wouldn't be opposed to doing something like that either.

Thoughts on this guys?.....

Oh I see, you can cuss like a drunken sailor, but you can't type the word doG (backwards). Like doG forbid...?

Gee whiz, why are some of you adament on using a draft pick (OR TWO) on TE, when we have a good one in Fasano?

Ain't saying he's a Pro-bowler yet, but picking another TE when so many OTHER areas of this team need a critical addressing seems short-sighted.

I question: some of you just throw around a half dozen draft choices like it ain't crap, answers everything...specifically the latest post rehashing.

Use your head. We already know for a fact that this FO is committed to certain players, (mostly our signed) and have made no commitments to the others. Not Solli, Ronny, Ricky...notta dime!

Our QB, our Oline, and special teams need the most concentrated attention this FO can ever muster. And their hands are tied with limits - like total draft picks altogether, and a bunch of outcast, has-beens, in the forth-coming FA.

Nobody in their right mind would squander the pencil thin arena of availability with a TE this year, unless it was handed to us on a silver platter. Same with QB, WR, CB, another DE...

Let me clue you in: This new FO and staff is not clueless. Unlike us, they live and die football. They might not reach their objective, but they will die trying.

Do not think for one second they are sitting around wringing their hands about which ten TE's to choose from when more important positions need attention.

Fasano has that spot, and I am glad the FO has one less worry.


Sorry bud I've got to disagree with you....Fasano is average at best. He gets zero separation from the defenders and he dropped way too many iportant passes last year. Look at any successful team in the NFL and they have a TE who can bail there QB at any time. Look at some of the TE performances against us last year. Fasano is not the man and we need to get production out of the TE spot.

I was totally against Ingram at 15, rather spending that pick for guard, Pouncey.

But now, after greater reflection, (R&R Express) we need another Heisman Trophy RB.

And keep Heisman Trophy awarded Williams if possible. And get what you can for Ronny when that CBA door opens.

The next priority remains Jernigan from U Troy... Speedster on special teams WR, KR.

I'll throw out a couple of other names for guys to consider. Please mull then over before you say no. How would a backfield of Reggie Bush and Ronnie Brown play out next season? Ronnie could be the wear you down pounding back and Bush could be the finesse guy, in on third downs, pass-catching out of the backfield and even return kicks. And he may even not cost that much. Thoughts?....

Another interesting guy that is going to be available is cornerback Johnathan Joseph from the Bengals. I think out defensive backfield is pretty solid but this guy is one of the elite cornerbacks in the league. He's probably going to command big money but if we signed him it might allow us to move a guy like Smith for a second round pick.

Just thinking out loud....


You're not going to be able to get anything for ronnie when the CBA gets settled. He'll be an unrestricted free agent. Why would he agree to go anywhere when he can go to whatever team he wants once the CBA is settled. They'll be no compensation coming back.


I said he was not pro-bowler material. I also made the point that he was not our weakest link. If you can not fix everything in one off season, you at least fix the most glaring holes.

Spending a fourth of your draft fixing the TE at the expense of more obvious flaws is retarded.

Mind you, please check my posting on this page at 11:31 PM. It addresses this delimma.

Or do you just wake up and post without wiping the sand from your eyes?

henne in 2011 = luck in 2012.


Easier there bud...no need to be hostile.

We obviously disagree on the value of Fasano to this team and the value of what a good TE can mean to a young QB. All you have to do is look at Manning and how things went in some of his games without Dallas Clark. No Fasano is NOWHERE close to being a pro bowler. He's in the bottom third of TE's in the draft. this poistion needs to be upgraded this season and perhaps that is done by adding a vet to team with Fasano, I don't know. Some guys like Shockey. I think he's pretty much done. Perhaps for one season, in a year that doesn't have a strong draft class, the team signs a guy like Shockey as a stopgap. But I'm tired of this position being neglected by the brass. A top tier TE can be a very effective weapon in an offence and a good safety valve for a young QB.

That should have said 'Fasano is in the bottom third of TE's in the league'......apologies.

2 watt output

A brilliant observation...A defetist attitude before the season even begins. Please change your burnt out thinking cap.

Don't teams normally carry at least two tight ends? Fasano is average give or take, but what if he goes down? We are left with 7th round Mickey Shuler we got off waivers. I agree we have few picks and many needs that all can't be filled with them, but if a good TE is available where we are picking, certainly worth consideration.

Now considering we have few picks, maybe Shockey is worth it for one season to buy us time if the price is right, avoid using a pick on te this year. He has lots of experience and wouldn't have to carry the full load. Bellicheck routinely makes stars out of veterans that others assumed were washed up. Its a matter of using them selectively, and with Fasano and Shockey splitting time, may be an option for 2011.

Rob in OC...I'm wondering if Julius Thomas is this years version of Jimmy Graham? Is this why you are giving him a fifth round grade? I like him a lot too. But I was thinking he would be around in round 6 or seven. I have had the opportunity to see him play in persona. He didn't have a good game, but it was agaist Montana(so he gets a pass). I also saw him(tv) against the State Junior Varsity(Montana State) and he tore it up. This was actually when the buzz about him started.

I like that he was a hoops start. The one year of College experience at the level he played is the reason I think he stays in the last two rounds.

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