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Did Ingram kill himself by running slow? No Did it help? No

The Dolphins are in the market for a running back in the NFL draft.

The Dolphins are also in the market for speed on offense and the NFL draft is expected to deliver that as well.

So it stands to reason if general manager Jeff Ireland can find a running back who is fast, he can meet two needs for the price of one pick. That's the reason Alabama running back Mark Ingram was such a popular guess as the Dolphins first round pick (15th overall) according to many draft gurus with opinions. The marriage just seemed to fit.

And then Ingram ran the 40-yard dash as the NFL Combine on Sunday. And his time was a pedestrian 4.62 in one clocking, which raised some red flags and eyebrows because, well, it's never great news when a smallish back cannot run away from bigger defenders.

So is Ingram, the 2009 Heisman Tropy winner from Alabama, thus eliminated from Miami's list of possible draft day targets?

Former NFL defensive back Corey Chavous, a draft guru in his own right and founder of nfldraftnasty.com, doesn't think so. In fact, Chavous now thinks Ingram has joined some very good company.

"A lot of running backs that are the greatest of all time that haven't had the greatest of 40 times," Chavous said today on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo. "Emmitt Smith ran high 4.5s and low 4.6s. Walter Payton was also 4.5 type guy. And that's kind of what [Ingram] has got to be compared to now if you're saying he's going to be an elite running back. You look at some of the better running backs that have played with that same build and stature that haven't had great 40-yard dash times."

You can listen to the complete Armando and the Amigo interview yourself on the podcast right here. Chavous also discusses the quarterback that most impressed him during the combine.

One thing that Chavous did point out is that Ingram was not supposed to run slow. It was indeed a surprise -- obviously not a pleasant one.

"I was surprised because Ingram ran 10.7 in the 100 meters in high school so him running a 4.6 surprised me," Chavous said. "It seems he got into a stride too early and didn't stay in his explosion phase long enough."

That suggests Ingram can rehabilitate that time when he has a pro day at Alabama or a personal workout for various teams -- including the Dolphins. But even then, the 40-time is not a tolling bell of doom.

I do repeat, it is a red flag. Remember that Ingram spent parts of the 2010 season battling injury concerns. So teams will want to know if the 40 time is an outgrowth of lingering injury issues.

But will it erase him from Miami's radar? Probably not.

My take? I personally believe the Dolphins are in trade down mode already. I believe they want to add a second round pick and the only real way to accomplish that is trade out of No. 15 to lower in the first round and add a low second rounder to boot.

But you obviously need a partner to participate in that scenario. Barring that scenario presenting itself, the Dolphins will obviously still consider Ingram -- although it is hardly a certainty they will take him.


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it is very importent that tyhey intervew these players and find they are CHRISTIANS and heed the WORD OF GOD AND JESUS. I have see many players have the moslem names now and that is very bad and they are not american peopel who are allways CHRISTIAN! Pastor Pfitzer at out church have warn us about these peopel and they are sports also.

cocoa...yeah, got it the first time. Tell me if you get this...the Miami Dolphins have no starting rb on the roster. Waiting until the 3rd round is a gamble, all of the few top rb's could be gone by then. Then what? Sign oft injured Ronnie Brown, almost 30, certainly his best days are behind him. Every situation every season for every team is different. The fins desperately need at least one starting calibur rb. Got it?


Bottom line, in giving up two 2nd rd'ers you now have 2 1st rd picks and one of those are at #15 overall. If both 2nd rd picks were middle of the pack or lower, you've done yourself a TREMONDOUS favor cashing both in for a #15 1st rd pick.

Especially if that team has a glaring need that a #15 pick much better addresses. It all depends on glaring need and best possible answer to that need.

Every team's glaring need isnt the same as ours. They may not need to take a Ingram At #15, but someone else. It could be defense or oline and the best available player for them could sit at the #15 spot.

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Ok, Ok, I can't spell spaghetti. Am I drunk yet?




Our most glaring offensive need of all is at wr(deepthreat) and TE(deepthreat; seam).

I say this because until we can began forcing DC's away from consistent 7-8 in the run box. It's not going to hugely matter who we have at rb anyway.

I dont know enough about Kyle Rudolph(TE) to know if he accomodates as a true nfl deep or seam threat TE. If he truly grades out this way make him a late 1st rd pick after trading back. If a wr grades higher take him instead.

Guys our running game suffered most because Hartline nor Fasano were those threats. Thus making it far too easy for nfl DC's to put the brakes to our run game in 2010.

But I guess many of you saw it has a very inadequate run blocking oline. 7-8 men consistently in the run box just has a way of making even great run blocking lines look average.

Not saying our oline is great but I still think its a little better than average. The true fish bone in our throats is "zero" true vertical threats to make DC's play us honestly.

If you have these threats and still cant run then without question you know your oline is terrible because you cant run with limited defenders in the run box. We didnt have the luxury of fully determining this in 2010.


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I won't argue with anything from your last post.

I will say that I believe it all starts up front in the trenches.

You can have Marino throwing to Rice, with Sharpe and Walter Payton too. It won't do you any good if you're not getting AT LEAST solid offensive line play.

Last season our LG played C better than BOTH of our centers. John Jerry and the RG position in general were basically non-existent. At RT Vernon Carey was highest paid turnstyle I've ever witnessed. When we started experiencing injuries, we had to turn to Dallas rejects and cast-offs.

I'm not arguing with you, I'm just saying, I can't see the best of the best doing any good behind the line supposed guru Sporano put on the field last year.

Ingram might be the BPA at 15 and if that's the case I'm all for the BPA. I myself would much rather see a bonafide blue chip starting RT or a trade down scenario in which we land a starting RT/RG and recoup a pick.

I know nobody wants to hear this kind of talk considering what we've invested in the O-line since the trifecta arrived, but to me it's a glaring weakness. QB, WR and RB are the more popular and romantic picks, but for me, it all starts up front in the trenches. Until we get the O-line even SOMEWHAT solidified, everything else is a moot point.



logico, this regime has made so many blunders that no matter what they chose to do, it won't be enough. So, damn if you do and damn if you don't. But the best plan at this point is to get a chance at at more players and that means 2nd round.

And what's more of a gamble, betting on 1st round RB and no 2nd round pic or going with what the last 10 years tells us?

The thing is, we have so many needs. We CAN'T fix all of them in one year so there will have to be compromises based on how much one position can help another. Rb just isn't one of those positions. If we can sure up the line, get some speed on the outside and a TE that can help open the field for Marshall and Bess, then the RB (whoever it is) has just gotten MUCH better.


in 2010 we avg 102yds per game rushing. That isnt horrible consistently facing 7-8 in the run box.

The oline had only one truly horrible against the Bears. But no oline could have overcome so many injuries as we had that day. Then zero vertical threats to boot. We didnt have a snowball's chance in hell that day.

Odin, I'm with you on O-line. What worries me is the acorn pickers.



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Anyone have an idea if Roberto Wallace could be effective at TE?

6'4" / 225
40 - 4.48

If you wanna see "TRUE" ineptness at run blocking look back to the Marino days. The oline couldnt run block 4-5 men in the run box.

DC's began putting in multiple db's and having 7-8 guys in coverage, ALL because the run blocking was so inept we could run against 3 downlinemen and maybe 1 lb in the box.

Now thats sorry run blocking folks! LOL........

That Bears game was one where I felt criticism of the offense/gameplan was completely unwarranted.

As you said, there was absolutely NOTHING the Dolphins could have done that night. Far too many injuries along the OL--to literally an absurd extent---a 3rd-string QB taking snaps, and your best offensive threat going out with injury early. Against a VERY good Bears defense.

You could have put Vince Lombardi on the sideline with Houdini calling the plays and they couldn't have done a damn thing.

Plenty of other times the criticism was valid but after that game I pretty much defined posters IQ levels by whether or not they recognized the futility and hopeless situation of that particular game.

I know that our brain trust will be smarter than to pick Ingram with #15. They know we need to create an O-line to be feared. There is an abundance of defensive linemen this year which means that O-lines had better have their game faces on. Create that monster front and the rest of the offense will start to take shape. Depth is also important. Trading out of 15 will be difficult unless a team is targeting a specific player and are willing to trade with us. There will be some steals in later rounds for RB's and linemen both on offense and defense. Ireland...make our team GREAT! GO DOLPHINS!!!

Odin, that sounds good with the ricotta. My X used to say I put too much in lasagna I made every so often but like it.


Lasat years line had similarities to the line Marino played behind.

Last year we could run block(somewhat-until all the injuries), but we couldn't pass block worth a shyt. I remember watching Carey wave at the pass rushers as they blew by him.

Marino's line couldn't run block to save their lives, but they were dam fine pass blockers-LOL!

Gary Jason Allen went to Tennessee he was not a product of Saban tard.

Dying breed you are exactly right about the 8 in the box. It's how teams stop the wildcat. If you have no deep threat teams will not respect you and dare you to throw it down field. I completely agree and that's what killed us this year.

Carey may be flawed (and I'd certainly like to see an upgrade there) but the level of criticism he gets seems a tad overwrought to me. Precious few RT's are dominating. Carey is an average NFL guy at that position. Not great by any stretch but also not the 'awful' player some believe him to be.

That point should have been made ABUNDANTLY clear last season when Carey went down. The dropoff in play at that position was staggering--with Lydon Murtha performing at an almost comically inept level.

Odin and Dying, we got to do something about the O-line. I keep getting flashbacks from the line collapsing. No gaps and I keep hearing pretty good pass protection. Sorry but I didn't see it. Not a Henne guy but Marino would have had a problem getting the ball out.

If nothing else a pulling guard. Not too much to ask for, is it?

Big is right.

Saban did draft Allen though, because I remember him saying, "Allen will be a shutdown corner for us for years to come".



dan = db

I just think the phins can sign ronnie and another free agent or 3rd rounder on a solid running back. If you have to pick at 15 you have to get it right and there's too much talent going to be available to waste that pick.

But Dying you're right, no vertical threat was a part of it. And that's the thing. O-line, QB, slow RBs, no tight end sets, the list is long.

Hey, that's not a bad idea, trading our 2nd rounders from this and next year for another first round pick this year.

Sargo = wrong.

I have to prepare my fried chicken and mashed potatoes(nothing worst than those pre-prepared potatoes).

Excuse me, but in between my cooking I managed to read this entry by Armando. You mean to tell me that Ingram ran a 10.7 100m. somewhere, then ran a 4.58 40 yds in the Combine? Get out of here! HHMMM... See, you got me thinking, Armando.

we really have become the worst franchise in the nfl. cant believe im glad there wont be a season

bill probably one of the worst franchises in sports. don't see it getting better with ross red carpet at the helm.

From an NFL scout leading up to why the Titans will draft Blaine Gabbert:

The Titans still seem to be moving on without Vince Young. This is a good thing because Young is a headcase who will never win a Super Bowl. He doesn’t have what it takes between the ears to be a truly elite quarterback in the NFL.


I think that the Redskins are going to take aserious look at Ingram. If they take him who knows. But I believe he fits into Shanahans system much better then ours(although I don't know what ours will look like) We do not have the right personel right now on the offensive line to run a zone block scheme. This to me is the kind of system Ingram should flourish in. Quicker lineman, that use speed, and leverage, along with movement. It requires a patient, smart back to find the cut back lanes. Something Ingram is very, very good at..

0x80...I read where you thought that trading down to pick a second and a third would be a bad trade? Does this mean totally trading out of the first? Or is it trade down and aquire the 2nd and third for the compensation? The second scenario, to me would be a steal. I think there will have to be some other teams making moves for us to get into the second round. The only 2 teams with 2 second rounders are New England, and San Diego. Lots of team with multiple 3rd, and 4th round picks.

course pats make another solid move signing stroud

Hey Odin...Thought you may enjoy this. My buddy aquired a nitrous tank for tonights enjoyment. Forgive me if my posts get a little wobbly later. I have a big red balloon.

skins wont take ingram, he drafts rbs later. ingram should no way be a first rd pick.

The Pats make decisive moves in Free Agency while they still can....

We...well we insult and dangle proven vets on a string until they want to sign somewhere else.....

Shanahan has not had success since Elway .retired. Washington takes a QB.

seriously kris, other than fantasy football, im glad this season wont happen

bill_You may be right about Ingram. It makes sense to me seeing they just cut Portis, and Ingram is a perfect fit for them. Off the top of my head I don't know what other teams run the zone block scheme that are in need of a runnng back?

no smart team evers drafts a rb in the first rd. they are a dime a dozen. trade down, pick up as many picks as possible. but even if we do ireland is still drafting. im so sick of the garbage from this organization. still amazed ross was so dumb to just give up after harbaugh declined and kept garbage ireland and spranao. and he had cowher if he would of fired ireland

any word on why we didnt sign shockey???

i can imagine so many things, all sorts of things. my imagination is vivid and wild. two things i can't imagine?

henne winning a playoff game
sparano winning a playoff game

sparano will be a line coach from 2012 until he retires. henne will be second string qb for about 5 teams before retiring.

Darryl, what I was saying basically is that I don't think Ireland will get a good enough offer to trade down. If he does, great. I just can't see a team giving 2 two's for this years 15. Now if he gets the 2 two's, more power to him. My money is on we will be picking at 15.

winning?? no way henne or sparano will ever see another playoff game

not a chance in hell we pick at 18. they will trade down to say 28 and pick up a 2nd rd pick with it


What's up fellas?

I am a big Mark Ingram fan and I expected him to be around the mid 4.5's. The 40 isn't official because there are so many "HAND HELD" stop watches timing these players.

I am not sure if anyone mentioned the leading rusher in the NFL Arian Foster's time because I haven't been on the blog. But Arian Foster ran a 4.73 in the 40 and that was why he wasn't drafted.

The 40 isn't a big deal to me. I go by a guy's game speed and I have seen enough of Ingram to know he is fast enough. And he is built thick with big shoulder and big lower body too. So Armando you say he is "smallish" as opposed to what? A 230 lb RB that is slow and dances like a ballerina. I think that guy's name is Ronnie Brown and he ran 4.4 and never has he displayed that ability as a home run hitter.

Us not signing Shockey is yet another indicator that our FO and Coach are going in the same direction as before, the wrong direction.
I mean did you guys expect anything different from these clowns? Ireland and Tony aren't going to change the way they do things even though Ross and Ireland promised different...I still don't believe these guys...and what indication have I seen that they will make the correct draft and FA decisions...NOTHING at all. Ross re-signed these clowns to run our team and expect more of the same stuff of the last few years...

Bill....there was a time I would be disagreeing to the highest degree with you....

Now I have to take a wait and see approach....

0x80 Got it.. I agree. I don't know what scenario gets us into the second round. I'm sure there are a million out there. But that's why I'm here typing away, because I can't figure it out. To me, if we could get 2 second round picks for our first. I would be happy. It would definitley broaden our choices. We will see. There is still so much evaluation before the draft that I have no feel, or clue as to who we may take at 15(If this is where we stay)

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